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TV’s first interracial marriage: I Love Lucy


Well, gang, it's official: I Love Lucy featured "TV's first interracial marriage."(Lucille Ball's with Desi Arnaz.) This according to FoxNews last week.

“I Love Lucy” is applauded as the first program to feature an interracial couple on TV, and Lucille Ball has said that executives were hesitant to hire Cuban-born Desi Arnaz.

Here at Babalu we've often commented on this fascinating American cultural curiosity, as reported earlier by the Huffington Post and even The Wall Street Journal.

But why pick on FoxNews? And HuffPo? And TV executives 60 years ago?....After all, my father-in-law always believed his daughter's marriage was interracial too!...("It's OK, Honey, we give you our blessing. We just want you to be happy. Your mother and I are finally starting to like this Hom-Boy-Da fella anyway. He kinda grows on ya...OK, we realize he's Cuban--but he can't help that. He's a credit to his race.")

My dearly departed father-in-law (and WWII hero, including a morning on Omaha beach) was friends with fellow New Orleanian Louis Prima--who although "a Dago" was clearly "white."


6 comments to TV’s first interracial marriage: I Love Lucy

  • asombra

    Humberto, please. You look almost Puerto Rican in that wedding pic, though you've lightened up over time.

  • The hue can also be attributed to how much fishing (hot, in sun) vs hunting ( cold, bundled up) I was doing at the time of the pics, Asombra.

  • antonio2009

    Interracial marriage? My African-American wife became a mulatica aplatanada in my Cuban culture. Those are not politically correct terms in her culture but she doesn't care. She learned to cook Cuban style from the Internet and learned Spanish just by going with me to Miami and to Latin America during the summers.

  • "but she doesn't care." Whooo-boy! We need MUCH more of that sentiment nowadays in this country...

  • My husband and I have experienced this nonsense. Good for you exposing the ignorance. Bravo Humberto!

  • raddoc

    Good job, Humberto! It cracks me up when I meet someone and tell them I am Cuban and they look at me funny and ask how come I'm white? I don't know how many times I have to explain to people that being Cuban is a nationality-there are white, black, mulatto, Chinese, Lebanese--all kinds of Cubans-and we are all proud to be Cubans! Just like all kinds of Americans-of every color, race, and creed!