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  • asombra: The New York Times is practically wetting itself over Castro, Inc.’s Ebola PR stunt. Same perverse shit, different day.

  • asombra: Myers looks like a snotty prick who tried to be too clever by half and was merely USED. Foolish tool.

  • asombra: Birnbaum looks like Andy Rooney possessed by the devil. Weiland looked seriously creepy, like some kind of pervert. And I love...

  • asombra: Only someone as vulgar and fraudulent as Fidel would wear such “boots” with a military costume. But maybe I misjudge...

  • asombra: We have a crisis of leadership because a blatantly bad choice was made by those who put Obama in office. TWICE. Lord have mercy.

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483 things to do while visiting Cuba

Trip Advisor lists 483 things for tourists to do in Cuba, and not one of them will help promote a transition to democracy on the island.


A few recommendations followed by a visitor review:

Mausoleo del Che Guevara: “Respect” A place of silence, a place where Cuba shows love and respect to Che, a true idealist... You can feel it on the air...

Museo Nacional de los Comites de Defensa de la Revolucion: “A glimpse into history of the revolution” A chance to see how the revolution is presented in Cuba. Worth a quick visit. Some captions in English. Set in the former presidential palace with the Grandma boat & some military hardware in the former gardens. Tiny cafe does good coffee.

El Morro: “Scenic landscape” Amazing view of Havana, lots of people hang out everyday, and especially on Friday and Saturday you could not walk. People singing flirting, chilling etc. Definitively worth visiting especially in weekends, grab a rum and mix with the locals.

Edificio Focsa: “Mmm.. Lobsters!” Do not miss the La Torre restaurant on the top of the building. There is a private elevator right into it. Take the lobsters with cheese cooked by French chief - they the most awesome on Cuba! The cocktails are also great.

Sierra Maestra: “Wonderful views” Plus the history of these mountains. Travelled through on a small coach lots to see, locals working in the fields using wooden ploughs. The mountains are a sight to behold. We did a gentle trek (it was very warm) through woodland across fields, which I enjoyed .

The only way tourists could help bring democracy to Cuba is if massive numbers of tourists risk arrest and prison, demand to meet with opposition groups, and expose the repression. We know that will never happen.

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