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  • Humberto Fontova: “The Don is slipping.” Looks like it might be true this time?

  • asombra: There’s a misspelling on that plaque. It should have read “Esta es tu caca, Fidel.”

  • asombra: Don’t worry. Castro, Inc. knows what it’s doing, and it knows its public.

  • asombra: Either these people are pitiful idiots or they think everyone else is.

  • asombra: Because, you know, Reuters cares SO much about Cubans, so it really “feels their pain.” Just like Clinton did.

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Hillary’s hideous gaffes on Cuba exposed outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto…


The Smartest Woman in the World’ Flunks Her Foreign Policy Exam...worse, the flunkie in this article’s title recently served as secretary of state! Back in the 1990’s when she served as first lady (co-president, some say) Hillary Clinton was widely known as “The Smartest Woman in the World.” Her husband supposedly coined the term, but Rush Limbaugh ran with it, snarking and laughing. Soon it was household.

Ms Clinton, if you claim to speak on behalf of the "hurt-by-the-embargo" Cuban people, why not look at what the Cuban people themselves think of U.S. sanctions against the regime that oppresses them? Or is it better to take them for idiots, as you apparently do the American people?

“Since it has run out of doors to knock on, [the Castro regime] is now focused on the United States,” writes Cuban dissident and three-time Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Rene Gomez Manzanoin in a recent samizdat smuggled from his Communist–occupied homeland. “Lifting the embargo would be a mistake without Cuba first respecting its people’s fundamental human rights…. If the U.S. allows financing towards Cuba, it will be U.S. taxpayers who would be sustaining the Castro regime.”

So here’s a foreign “Hispanic” who, instead of scheming to avail himself of booty courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, is actually warning the U.S. taxpayer against the predatory machinations against his wallet by his own millionaire politicians, their cronies at the Council on Foreign Relations all in cahoots with their friend in Cuba.

And yet “The Smartest Woman in the World” claims the embargo is “Castro’s best friend!”

And oh...Please note: there is no “doing business with Cuba.” There is only doing business with the KGB-trained Stalinist fat-cats who occupy Cuba. Castro’s Stalinist fiefdom allows no genuine private sector, as exists in China, however despicable that regime. The Cuban “constitution” outlaws all private property.

So kindly STIFLE the reflexive and asinine: “But we do business with China! Why not Cuba?!” The comparison isn’t even an apples to oranges. It’s grapes to pumpkins.

Entire article from our friends at The Blaze here.

3 comments to Hillary’s hideous gaffes on Cuba exposed outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto…

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