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Classic move from Havana playbook employed in Caracastan: Man in charge of political repression receives top journalism award.

The General "reporting" the truth.

The General "reporting" the truth.

George Orwell might have been more of a genuine prophet than Nostradamus, even though he did not claim mystical powers.

This is due to the fact that propaganda ministers in totalitarian states employ his novel "1984" as a playbook, along with Machiavelli's "The Prince."

Twenty-first century socialism --all the rage in Latrine America-- involves disinformation campaigns taken straight from Orwell's grim book.   But Orwell did not invent the playbook: he  observed and summarized what was being done by the communist and fascist states of his day, including the "reds" of Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

The Castro regime in Cuba has relied on Orwell's "1984" for 55 years, and now --thanks to all their Cuban  "advisors" -- the oppressors in Venenozuela are following in their footsteps.

Here is today's Orwellian nightmare story from Caracastan.

The top journalist in Caracastan

The top journalist in Caracastan

General Miguel Rodríguez Torres, Venenozuela's Minister of the Interior -- the man in charge of the crackdown against dissidents -- has been awarded the Anibal Nazoa Prize and proclaimed the most distinguished communicator of the year "for informing in a timely and truthful way about the real situation of the violent events of the past few months." («por informar de manera oportuna y veraz sobre la situación real de los acontecimientos violentos en los últimos meses»).

Upon accepting the prize, General Rodriguez Torres said that he had made every effort to "promote peace and national reconciliation," and that "journalists should dedicate themselves to reporting the truth."  He also said: "No citizen of Planet Earth has the right to be fooled, or to be told lies: citizens have the right to be informed truthfully." («el periodismo debe dedicarse a decir la verdad. Ningún ciudadano del planeta Tierra tiene derecho a ser engañado, a que le digan mentiras, el ciudadano tiene derecho a informarse de manera veraz»).

General Rodriguez Torres is not a journalist, of course.  He is the top goon in Caracastan and the top promoter of "reconciliation" talks.

Full story here, in Spanish, via ABC Spain.


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