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Iran and the Castro Kingdom get cozier than ever

Iran's foreign minister

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister smiles for the cameras

Time to prepare for a Second Cuban Missile Crisis?

Iran is competing with China for the role of Great Patron of Latrine America.  Naturally, the Chinese have a great advantage due to their economic superpower status.  But the oligarchs of Iran have an ideological edge over the Chinese: their profound hatred of the West goes deeper than that of the Chinese, and they work harder at making friends and influencing Latrine affairs.

The Chinese have no need to get desperate.  They have figured out how to shrewdly strip the West of its capital and its factories, and therefore have a lot more patience when it comes to conquering the West.  Conquest rather than destruction is the Chinese goal.

The radical muslim leaders of Iran hate the U.S. so much, they're trigger-happy.  They would love to nuke us all as soon as possible.  And they would probably supply Castrogonia with nuclear missiles as soon as they figure out how to make them.

So, get ready for that Juragua  nuclear power plant to be finished.  That power plant is essential for the manufacture of Cuban-made missiles.   Fidelito, time to get back to work!

Castrogonia's Deputy Foreign Minister asks: "hey, how about including me in the news photo?

Castrogonia's Deputy Foreign Minister asks: "hey, how about including me in the news photo?

From Fars News Agency:

Iran, Cuba Keen to Expand Bilateral Relations

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Morteza Sarmadi and his Cuban counterpart Marcelino Medina Gonzalez in a meeting in Tehran underlined the need for the expansion of mutual cooperation.

During the meeting in the Iranian capital on Thursday, Sarmadi and Gonzalez explored avenues for bolstering and reinvigorating bilateral relations, specially in economic fields.

During the meeting, Sarmadi pointed to the status quo of Iran-Cuba relations, and said, "The enhancement of ties with Latin American states, especially Cuba, is among Iran's top foreign policy priorities."

The Cuban diplomat, for his part, voiced Iran’s preparedness to bolster mutual relations with Iran in different fields, and said, "The two countries should further promote their economic cooperation."

During the meeting, the two officials also exchanged views on other issues of regional and international importance.

In recent years, Iran has been seeking to enhance its relations with Latin American countries within the framework of international organizations such as the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), whose rotating presidency is currently held by Iran.

Official International Monetary Fund (IMF) statistics show that Tehran’s annual trade with the Latin American countries has exceeded USD 3 billion.

Fidelito Castro Diaz-Balart, Castrogonia's top nuclear physicist says, "coño, no me tomen la foto" (%$#@!, don't take my picture.")

Fidelito Castro Diaz-Balart, Castrogonia's top nuclear physicist says, "coño, no me tomen la foto!" (%$#@!, don't take my picture!")

1 comment to Iran and the Castro Kingdom get cozier than ever

  • asombra

    Being a classic case of nepotism is bad enough, but does the retarded-looking asshole have to ape Fidel's facial hair? Sheesh. These people wouldn't know real class from a Che T-shirt.