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Castro Kingdom scouring Europe for new investors les digan na' que sea verdad a esos comemierdas sobre sus "inversiones".... (Don't tell those suckers the real truth about their investments...) les digan na' que sea verdad a esos comemierdas sobre sus "inversiones".... (Don't tell those suckers the real truth about their investments...)

Yeah... It's a "high level" delegation and they are on a tour of European capitals.

You know they won't be staying at fleabag hostels or pensions.  These oligarchs will live it up while touring the Old World, for sure.

Their mission is to drum up business.  In other words, they are searching for suckers who will believe their lies about a change in investment laws.  As they've been doing since the collapse of the Soviet Union, these "socialism-or-death" elites are seeking out foreigners who will inject cash into the island's economy and  avail themselves of slave labor.  Good luck to those who invest.   There are a million trap doors waiting for them.  Ask all those Canadians accused of "corruption"  and all the foreign investors still waiting for the billions owed to them by the Castro Mafia.

And never mind the ultimate trap door: the one that leads to the eternal flames of  hell for all those who exploit slave labor and support oppression.


From Fox News Lateeeeen-oh:

Castrogonian delegation looking for suckers in Europe

Cuba's deputy foreign trade minister explained here Thursday the opportunities available to foreign companies under the Communist-ruled island's new investment law.

Ileana Nuñez Mordoche, who is heading a high-level Cuban delegation, arrived in Madrid as part of a tour of European capitals.

In Madrid, she spoke to dozens of business leaders at the headquarters of the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Spain.

Spain is one of Cuba's main trading partners and a key source country for foreign direct investment, or FDI, Nuñez noted, pointing out that her country is looking to attract foreign capital as part of efforts to "update" its socialist economic model.

The goal of the new legislation, approved by Cuba's National Assembly in March, is to reduce Cuban imports, promote exports and bolster industry through infrastructure build-outs and technology inflows, the deputy minister said.

More details HERE.

1 comment to Castro Kingdom scouring Europe for new investors

  • asombra

    What a cheap, vulgar little man. The old fraud should really go whole hog and wear as many fake stars as he has liver spots. He's exactly like a guy with a micro-penis who runs around in tight jeans flashing a huge but bogus bulge. Yet there he is, lord and master, albeit of a shabby shithole, and officially treated as quite legit by all and sundry, even the Vatican. Lord, the nausea.