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Castro Kingdom takes so-called Cuban “exiles” as potential hostages

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A 20-year-old Cuban "exile" from the Miami area and a female companion have been accused of drug smuggling by Cuban authorities and thrown into prison.

Will this mentally-challenged young woman and her travel companion join the hapless Alan Gross in the hostage category?  Probably not.  Drug smuggling and phone smuggling are two very different crimes.  Besides, the women are not full-fledged "Americans" like Alan Gross.

Come to think of it, they're not  full-fledged exiles either.  They're not exiles at all.

The most amazing detail in their story is this:  they were on their THIRD trip to Castrogonia within the past month.  And they were involved with a business that ships goods to the island for profit.

Exiles don't go back and forth to the place from which they fled.  And they don't serve as mules for businesses that funnel goods and money to the dictatorship in question.  She is not an exile, she is the very definition of a genuine "migrant."  And so are all of those other Cubans who travel back and forth from Castrogonia.

This story has more tragic angles than a finely-cut diamond lost down a sewer grate.

From CBS Miami:

S. Florida Woman Jailed In Cuba After Airport Smuggling Accusation

A South Florida woman is being held in a Cuban prison according to family members, after she was accused of trying to smuggle drugs through a Havana airport.

Melissa Acosta, 20, and a woman she was traveling with were taken into custody on Saturday, according to Acosta’s mother Jenny Valdes.

” I just feel like I failed her because I let her go,” she told CBS4’s Gaby Flesichman in tears. “I shouldn’t have let her go, I made a bad judgment call.”

The West Kendall mother says she is terrified for her daughter who flew to Havana with her 5-month-old niece, the baby’s mother and grandmother. She says this was their third trip to Cuba within the past month.

“I haven’t slept, I mean I’m scared, I want my daughter home. She’s a good girl she’s never been in any trouble and I’m just scared for her…”

Continue reading HERE.

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