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Tourism news flash: Hypocritical bigots and racists still flocking to Castrogonia

Heidi's Camera Cuba 2008 (307)

Cuba for tourists

"So what if the people who live there are miserable?"

"So what if everything we enjoy is off limits to the natives?"

"It's so cheap, and soooo  cool!  Let's go and enjoy ourselves!"

"Mow-hee-tow time!"

.... No exaggeration involved.  Here is a quote from one tourist's blog:

"During this vacation, I did learn how to dance the merengue on the beach (which was very entertaining).  I enjoyed trying the dancing as much as the frozen mojito drinks (fresh mint, rum, sugar, lime and club soda) of which I had waited all week before trying...what the?!  Both were about as dangerous and fun as the thousands of Cuban cigars I puffed on all week long."

Imagine what would have happened to any of these *&^%$@! tourists if they had expressed similar sentiments about travel to South Africa two decades ago....

Miserable hypocrites. Bigots.  Racists.  Scum of the earth.


Cuba for Cubans

From Fox News Lateeeen-oh:

Tourism grows 4.6 pct in Castro Kingdom

Cuba welcomed 1.67 million foreign tourists during the first six months of this year, a 4.6 percent increase over the same period in 2013, according to figures released by the Tourism Ministry.

"For this sector to continue contributing to the country's economic development we must increase the quality," Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero told a National Assembly committee.

Lawmakers said that the country needed to diversify its tourist offerings, although quality in the sector was already high, state television said in a report on the hearing.

In May, nearly 196,000 international tourists traveled to the island, compared with 191,213 in the same month in 2013, according to a report by the National Statistics and Information Office.

Canada remained the main tourist-sending nation to the island, followed by Britain, Germany, France and Argentina.

Last year, 2.85 million travelers came to the island and, of those, more than 1 million were Canadians, and although the government's target of 3 million visitors was not reached, it did register a modest increase of 0.5 percent.

International tourism provided Cuba with some $1.8 billion in earnings in 2013, according to official figures.

3 comments to Tourism news flash: Hypocritical bigots and racists still flocking to Castrogonia

  • Honey

    Jeff Flake, are you there?

  • asombra

    Yes, Carlos, you're quite right. But. Human nature, alas, is corrupt, so that anything pleasurable and/or profitable that is condoned and enabled, however wrong or perverse, WILL be seized upon and taken advantage of--it's virtually automatic. Yes, these tourists are disgusting and contemptible, but what about Cubans themselves, the ones responsible for Castro, Inc., both then and now? What about THEM? And people talk about "reconciliation." The whole matter is too repugnant for words.

  • antonio2009

    What? No blogging about hooking up with Cuban teenage girls and trading sandwiches for sex?

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