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The Cubanization of Venezuela: Meet the Cuban leading the takeover of Venezuela’s government

Via Martí News (my translation):

Former Cuban guerrilla fighter Orlando Borrego to lead the change of government in Venezuela

He will be in charge of leading the "plan to carry out a total and profound revolution in the administration of public services, the administration of the state, and the revolution within the revolution," according to Maduro.

Orlando Borrego junto al Che Guevara.

The profound renovation of Venezuela's government announced by Nicolas Maduro will be led by Orlando Borrego, a Cuban economist and adviser to the Chavista regime. This is according to the country's president who indicated that beginning on July 15, a series of plans will go into motion to make a "revolution within the revolution" with the purpose of "improving socialist efficiency" in public administration.

Borrego, who is a trained economist, is a writer born in Holguin who became a guerrilla fighter under orders of Ernesto Guevara in the 26th of July Movement. During the first years of the Castro regime, he remained one of the leaders of the Military Economic Committee as a judge during the revolutionary trials and held various other posts, including vice-minister of the Ministry of Industry until 1964. He then worked primarily as an adviser: the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers (1973 - 1980); the "Che Guevara" chair of the University of Havana, and of Cuba's Ministry of Transportation.

As a writer he published: The development of the sugar industry in Cuba (1965), The science of management, antecedents and current focus (1987), Che and socialism (1989), Che of the 21st century (1997), and Che: the road of fire (2001).

The Cuban chosen by Maduro holds a doctorate in Economic Science from the Institute of Economic Mathematics of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences (1980).

Continue reading (in Spanish) HERE.


3 comments to The Cubanization of Venezuela: Meet the Cuban leading the takeover of Venezuela’s government

  • Gallardo

    He comes from a country with no market economy and has a doctorate in Economic Science from the former Institute of Economic Mathematics of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences. Boy, that sounds competent. I am amazed Wall Street, JP Morgan, and HSBC Holding haven't offered him a position.

  • asombra

    Doesn't the Argentine dirtbag look hot, in a greasy, unwashed way? Hot as Putin, for sure. Quick, send this pic to Jane Fonda. I expect she could use the "aid."

  • asombra

    This can only make "sense" as "magical realism" (read Latrine dysfunction). What good has Borrero been for Cuba? NONE. What good will he be for a country not his own which he can't possibly "get" as well as Cuba? Do the math. I'm telling you, these Latrines are just, I said, do the fucking math.