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Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson in denial he was duped by Cuban agents

On the one hand, it is completely understandable that Tucker Carlson would be reluctant to admit being duped by Cuban intelligence agents when his publication, The Daily Caller, supposedly broke the story of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez hiring underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. No one likes to admit not doing their homework and falling for an old but very salacious ruse. On the other hand, Tucker is not doing himself or his publication any favors by doubling down on his mistakes. It appears he is still in complete denial, which will only make it worse for him and his credibility as the evidence of Cuba's intelligence involvement becomes even more obvious and incontrovertible.

Apparently, Tucker is unfamiliar with the Castro regime's half-century long history of doing this very thing to their enemies abroad and duping journalists into becoming propagandists and attack dogs at their service. There are plenty of people who would have been happy to fill him in, but I guess he is going to have to learn that lesson on his own. Nadie aprende en cabeza ajena.

Via the Columbia Journalism Review:

Daily Caller editor doubles down on Menendez ‘scoop’

Until The Washington Post’s story that it was a Cuban plot is proven true, Tucker Carlson says, there is nothing to correct

When Tucker Carlson launched The Daily Caller in 2010, he told CJR that the site would produce serious journalism without fear or partisan favor—and that if it got something wrong, it would correct the mistake. “Our view is that people want reliable information they’re not getting other places,” he said at the time. “If that’s right-wing, the world has turned upside down. Moreover, you can assess the site by its content. If you think our news stories are inaccurate or unfair, say so and we’ll change it.”

On Tuesday, Carlson’s journalistic scruples were put to the test. The Washington Postreported that the Caller’s 2012 “scoop” about Democratic Senator Robert Menendez allegedly cavorting with Cuban prostitutes—a story that had been largely discredited already (even the New York Postpassed on the rumors)—may actually have been part of a plot by the Cuban government to smear Menendez, a longtime critic of the Castro regime. In other words, the Post story suggested, the Caller had been duped.

Carlson’s response? In a phone interview late Tuesday, the Caller’s editor in chief said that until someone could prove that what the Post reported was true, he would stand by his story. “We make plenty of mistakes and we cop to them,” Carlson said. “If it’s shown that we were wrong, I’d say it right away. It’d save me a lot of time. If [Menendez] can show that we are somehow agents of the Cuban government, then damn it, I’ll apologize.” He added that his reporters had attempted to verify the Cuban-plot claim.

Continue reading HERE.

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