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Update on the NBC Pedro Pan lie


"Proof" of CIA involvement found unconvincing by high court

After my earlier post on NBC's irresponsible approach to the history of the Pedro Pan airlift, I received a wonderful surprise from a reader: access to legal documents that clear the CIA of involvement in the Pedro Pan airlift.

Go HERE if you want to see for yourself how a U.S. District Court ruled on the claims of CIA involvement ostensibly "revealed" in the book "The Lost Apple."

And go HERE to see how the same District Court was convinced that the CIA was not hiding any evidence of involvement in the airlift.  "In sum, " says this ruling, "nothing in this Court's review suggests any inappropriateness in the redactive process that has been followed by CIA, or in the results or effect of those redactions."

The author of "The Lost Apple" sued the CIA, claiming that the agency was lying about its links to the Pedro Pan airlift, and that it was hiding or altering the documents that proved such links.  The court ruled that there was no proof whatsoever of CIA involvement or of CIA attempts to withhold information from the public.  The lawsuit was dismissed and the plaintiff forced to pay all attorney and court costs.

Of course, those who want to believe the CIA was behind everything that  happened during the Cold War will not be convinced of the contrary by this document.  Instead, as usual, it will add fuel to the fire of their conspiratorial paranoia.   But there it is, for all to see: the court's rulings provide ample proof that  the misinformation parroted by NBC today can be successfully challenged.

7 comments to Update on the NBC Pedro Pan lie

  • antonio2009

    The author of "The Lost Apple," Maria de los Angeles Torres Vigil, aka "Nenita," and her sister Alicia, have been pro-Castro activists since 1978, as seen here
    The Torres Vigil sisters participated in the so-called "dialogue" with Fidel Castro that year.
    In 1980, she was a member of the pro-Castro Chicago Cuba Committee and traveled to Cuba that summer as a member of the Antonio Maceo Brigade.
    While in Havana, she declared on June 3, 1980, to Radio Habana that the Cuban refugee children arriving in the U.S. on the Mariel boatlift "will have to confront the catastrophe of the actual world."
    While in Havana she participated in creating the AD HOC COMMITTEE TO END THE U.S. BLOCKADE OF CUBA.
    In July 1983, DGI defector Capt. Jesus Perez Mendez denounced the Torres Vigil sisters as being leaders of the Antonio Maceo Brigade in Chicago who were controlled by the DGI.
    In 1985, she was a sponsor of the pro-Castro Cuban-American Committee.
    The pro-Castro background of "Nenita" Torres Vigil for the last four decades is never mentioned when she is interviewed in the news media.

  • antonio2009

    The signatures of Alicia and Maria de los Angeles Torres Vigil can be seen in the last page of the document
    of the so-called "dialogue" that they signed with Fidel Castro, other regime leaders and 138 "Useful Fools" participants.

  • Le ZZZUMBA! Thanks to both professors!...Oye pero la verdad que aqui en Babalu se aprenden cosas!

  • Carlos Eire

    Thank YOU, Antonio, for revealing all of this significant information.

    You are a master at ferreting out vermin and setting the record straight when it comes to shady characters with connections to the Castrogonian elites.

  • asombra

    Lost apple, indeed. Alas, there was a rotten apple even among Christ's apostles, which was a very small group, far smaller than the "Pedro Pan" contingent. In other words, the only surprise is that there aren't more like this Torres Vigil person. But no, the media is not going to compromise its intended effect by providing full disclosure. After all, what matters is the agenda, not the truth.

  • asombra

    Btw, the actor in the photo, Jeremy Irons, has participated in those cigar convention shindigs in Havana.

  • antonio2009

    Carlos: Thank you for your kind words. My convictions are the reason why those vermin and the "shady characters with connections to the Castrogonian elites" denied me tenure, for lacking "collegiality," even though I had an award-winning book published with an academic press. That hasn't stopped me from publishing, which is my real passion.