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The strange bed-fellowship of American “libertarians” and Castro’s Agents

The Russian media's "go-to guy," for a soft-soaping of Putin, libertarian Ron Paul.

Libertarian Jeff Flake at Havana's Hotel Nacional as an honored guest of the Castro regime

On right, CFR head (and traditional villain of "paleo-libertarians") David Rockefeller manifesting one of his oldest and most cherished labors of love.

An extremely well-funded campaign to include American taxpayers among P.T Barnum’s cherished customers (i.e. lift the Cuba embargo) is gaining steam in Washington, amigos. Fascinatingly, “libertarians”– those self-described defenders of the U.S. taxpayer, those self-described champions of American sovereignty and pocket books against snooty, sneaky and predatory supranational elites—-these very libertarians now serve as an echo-chamber for David Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, along with The Trilateral Commission, the Davos Groups, the United Nations, The Arca Foundation, Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, The Ford Foundation, a KGB Lieutenant Colonel, The Brookings Institute, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (founded by Soviet spy Alger Hiss).

Today’s “libertarians” chant the anti-Cuba embargo mantra in perfect rhyme and cadence with every socialist elitist and every secretive supranational outfit mentioned above. Bedfellows don’t get much stranger. Let’s stand back and have a look: All of the above clamor for an Imperial Democratic President to further circumvent the U.S. Congress and nullify the work of legendary conservative Republican legislators Dan Burton of Indiana and Jesse Helms of North Carolina.

Another name for the Cuba embargo in its current form, after all, is the Helms-Burton act of 1996, sponsored by these Red-State Republicans and constitutionally voted upon and passed by U.S. legislative branch.

But today’s “libertarian constitutionalists” have signed on to one of David Rockefeller’s longest-running and most cherished labors of love. All the above clamor for a brazenly imperial president and disciple of Saul Alinsky to further trash the congressional work of Jesse Helms and Dan Burton (also a Tea Party stalwart until his recent retirement.) This trashing would enable U.S. taxpayers to subsidize the Communist terror-sponsoring regime that stole $7 billion from U.S. stockholders at Soviet gunpoint and came within a hair of nuking us. This nuking was barely foiled at the last second by the aghast Butcher of Budapest:

Too bad Rod Serling isn’t around. This freak- show of anti-embargo lobbying would make a great episode for The Twilight Zone.

Our friends at Human Events provide yet another example of why libertarians have long been known as "the Marxists of the Right."

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