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“Migrants” from Castrogonia returned to their generous and benevolent slaveowners

rustic vessels

rustic vessels

Ungrateful malcontents.

How else can you describe these "migrants" who flee a land where the state provides everyone with free healthcare and free education?

Perhaps they should have read the latest issue of  The Nation magazine before fleeing.  Had they read The Nation's article on Castrogonia, they would have realized that they had no need to go elsewhere.

Fortunately, their "rustic vessels" didn't sink, as often happens to these selfish louts.

And, fortunately --for their own sake -- they are now back where they belong and where they are better off than anywhere else on earth.

Isn't it wonderful that those who know what is good for them were able to return them to a life of ease,  in a land overflowing with cultural riches and thrilling sports, where they will have no worries from cradle to grave, thanks to a benevolent and generous government?


From Port News

USCG rescues 97 migrants in the span of a week

The Coast Guard repatriated 97 Cuban migrants that were rescued during a busy week of illegal migration attempts from Cuba. The repatriation was the result of 10 separate groups attempting to illegally enter the United States aboard rustic vessels in the Florida Straits dating back to July 14, 2014, the USCG said in a news release.

Once aboard a Coast Guard cutter all migrants receive food, water, shelter, and basic medical attention.

In the month of July 377 Cuban migrants have been interdicted by the Coast Guard.

...and it's not just the US Coast Guard that has to deal with these oafs.  They also plague neighbors to their south.

Cuba Crisis

From The Cayman Compass

Cuban migrants repatriated

A group of 21 Cuban migrants who were detained at the Immigration Detention Centre have been repatriated to Cuba.

The group was supervised by Immigration and Prison officials and left on a chartered flight from Owen Roberts International Airport on Tuesday.

Six Cuban migrants remain at the center, including two women. Five men who arrived on Cayman Brac on July 20 and requested repatriation will be moved shorty to the Immigration Detention Centre off Fairbanks Road.

The group forms part of hundreds of Cuban migrants who arrive in Cayman on their way to the U.S. every year. Since June, more than 100 Cuban migrants have landed in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac’s coastal waters.

Cuban migrants who enter the Cayman Islands are held at the detention center while they wait for their paperwork to be processed. Detained migrants are transported back to Cuba in line with a memorandum of understanding between Cuba and the Cayman Islands.

During the 2013/14 fiscal year, the cost of housing, feeding and caring for the migrants in Cayman was more than $500,000.

3 comments to “Migrants” from Castrogonia returned to their generous and benevolent slaveowners