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NBC in Castrogonia: Extreme Surrealism

Cuban Surrealism

Heavy Dose of Cuban Surrealism

It's so predictable.  It hardly seems worth the effort, pointing out something so obvious.

NBC continues to outdo itself in reporting from the enslaved Castro Kingdom, ignoring the fact that it is one of the most repressive --and surreal -- hellholes on earth.

This time, its lead story from Havana is a puff piece on a Salvador Dali exhibit.

Extra Heavy Dose of Cuban Surrealism

Extra Heavy Dose of Cuban Surrealism

The Dali prints in the exhibit are all privately owned by New York art appraiser Alex Rosenberg, who has been exploiting Cuban artists for many years, peddling their work as "forbidden fruit."

NBC's Mary Murray fails to mention that if Rosenberg lived in Castrogonia he would not be allowed to collect art or to possess any property whatsoever.

NBC also seems to think that surrealism is limited to art:  its headline proclaims that this exhibit brings Cubans "a dose of surrealism."

Sorry to break the news to NBC, but Cubans live in a Surrealist State.  Talk about bringing coals to Newcastle.  Cubans have more surrealism than they can bear.

Also: NBC says Cubans are thrilled to see this exhibit because so few of them "can afford the luxury of visiting museums in other parts of the world."  Yeah.  Sure.  How about the "luxury" of being free?


Light Dose of Cuban Surrealism

Light Dose of Cuban Surrealism

Cubans Get a Dose of Surrealism at Dali Exhibit
by Mary Murray

HAVANA, CUBA -- Art appraiser Alex Rosenberg has spent decades hanging the forbidden fruit of Cuban art in New York galleries. This week, he opened the minds of Cuban art lovers by exhibiting a collection of the work of the surrealist painter Salvador Dali (1904-1989) in Havana. It is the first time a major collection of the Spanish-born surrealist has been shown on the island.

The exhibit is entitled “Memories of Surrealism” and opened at the National Museum of Fine Arts....

...Wilfredo Benitez, of Cuba’s Ludwig Foundation, an organization that promotes Cuban art, believes this exhibit is a milestone for Cubans drawn to Dali’s work, especially because few people can afford the luxury of visiting museums in other parts of the world.

The whole surreal story HERE.


1 comment to NBC in Castrogonia: Extreme Surrealism

  • asombra

    Surrealism (the art movement) is highly overrated, not to say glorified kitsch. The same could be said of Dali, who wound up as a calculated caricature, albeit a very profitable one--the guy was all about self-promotion. There is a distinct parallel with Pop Art and its chief figure, Andy Warhol, also highly overrated and highly profitable.

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