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“Ha-ha! It was just another scam!” (About drilling for Cuban oil, finally admit the Russians).. “Really ain’t no oil there!”

("Cuban deepwater exploration projects have a high probability of success!!!") Cuba Oil "Expert" Jorge Pinon,(above left) May 18, 2011.

From just last month:

"The head of the Russian oil drilling consortium Rosneft accompanied Putin on the trip, and Cuban officials announced that the firm would help them explore for oil off the island's northern coast." (CNN, July 12, 2014.)

"Russia's Rosneft to explore for offshore oil in Cuba, Putin says. Shortly before Putin began his six-day trip to Latin America, Rosneft and fellow state oil company Zarubezhneft agreed to help Cupet explore offshore in Cuba," (Reuters, July 11, 2014.)

From today:

"Cuba has shifted its focus away from offshore oil, concentrating on renewable energy and improving output from onshore wells due to a lack of interest by foreign companies for further deepwater exploration. (Reuters, Aug 11, 2014)

So turns out that:

*There's really no offshore Cuban oil worth extracting.

*The Cuban regime is really keeping Alan Gross (until they get the remnants of the Cuban Five.)

*The Cuban regime was really smuggling dangerous weapons to the North Koreans in violation of international law.


One group of Cuba watchers was claiming the "turns out" part from day one. Another group was adamantly denying it. The members of this latter group were always referred to as "experts," and always featured prominently in any mainstream media mention of Cuban matters, where they always got the last word.

Three guesses as to which group the media will continue beseeching for their "expert" prognoses and will get the last word every time Cuban matters hit the news cycle.


1 comment to “Ha-ha! It was just another scam!” (About drilling for Cuban oil, finally admit the Russians).. “Really ain’t no oil there!”

  • asombra

    Putin is hideous--the mutant albino inbred hillbilly look. And I'm pretty sure he's had cosmetic crap done to his face to look younger (not that it's helped significantly). What a ghoul--inside and out.