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Photo essay of the day: The glorious legacy of the so-called Revolution

From Martha Beatriz Roque:

A slice of life in Havana.

Forget the hotels for tourists.  This is how Cubans live.  This is where the people-to-people tours never go.

On the corner of Monte and Rastro streets in Havana, a former laundry has stood empty for twenty years.  The building is collapsing bit by bit.  A hand-painted sign next to a hole in the wall says: "Don't throw trash in here.  Look...use the trash bin."  But the well-educated neighbors don't care.  The ruined building has become a garbage dump.

Rain water leaks in and puddles under the garbage.  It stinks to high heaven and is infested with rats and hutias (a large Caribbean rodent).

No one owns it.  No one fixes it.  Some makeshift supports prevent the building from caving in completely.  No one cares about the health and safety risk.

Another sign on the wall reveals the excellence of the Revolution's much-praised educational and health care systems. It reads: "Akí hay un foco de aedes."   (Here is a breeding site for the Aedes mosquito -- "Akí" should be "Aquí").

And this is the country most of Latrine America sees as a role model.

Akí hay un foco. Frente del edificio

Akí hay un foco. Costado del edificio

Akí hay un foco. Interior del edificio_resize

Aki hay un foco. Pasillo del edificio_resize

Akí hay un foco. el anuncio del problema


2 comments to Photo essay of the day: The glorious legacy of the so-called Revolution

  • asombra

    Yes, indeed, Carlos, that "free" education is something else. Misspelling the word "aquí" is the same as misspelling its English equivalent, the word "here." We're hardly talking about a fancy, esoteric term. And btw, the word "tanque" was also misspelled as "tanqe." But hey, I guess you get what you pay for. Appalling.

  • Gallardo

    Nothing but a dystopia. Castro will pass in Cuban history as a cancer. Yet, those that made this pointless and unpardonable egotistical disaster possible, at the expense of their own thriving nation, should pass as nothing more than imbeciles and scumbags, in no way less culprit, if not more. At the end of the day Castro is nothing without the vile and miserable minions that serve him and have inflicted upon Cuba more damage and oppression than any outside force.

    Castro was a fucking crazy from a mile away and such "revolution" was no more than the tantrum of spoiled idiots. Batista may have robbed an election but Cuba didn't need to be put upside down for it, much less be handed to a spoiled thug with crazy eyes, a terrorist record, gang history, communist ties, and a fake military uniform.

    Once the egotistical lunatic is gone all the minions, from the miserable piece of trash snitch to the clapping seals in high spheres, will all pretend to have amnesia. They are simply interested in keeping their position, hoping that once the capricious cult-leader dies they can be in place to cash the big bucks that will come out of a subsequent economic opening. All they deserve is to be imprisoned and executed.

    Reforms or not, a Cuba in the continuing hands of such unpardonable trash is no Cuba I want to be part of nor a Cuba I have much hope for. At one degree or another, the place will continue as an overtly corrupt third world shit-hole.