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Oh Canada! Chapter 17,952,366….


Those charming Canadian tourists who keep the Castro regime afloat sometimes can't wait to unleash their inner animal.

Sometimes they start partying on the flight to Varadero, whip out the duty-free booze they just bought, and get rowdy.

It happened this week when two Canadian twenty-somethings began their Cuba party in their airliner's bathroom.

Maybe it's the excitement caused by the prospect of a vacation among sub-human creatures who will cater to their every whim and perform half-naked for them.

Yes!  Nothing like half-naked Cuban savages to turn a vacation into a real thrill!

Yes! You gotta love those shows that Cuban savages put on for tourists in their native garb!

Maybe it's the prospect of long-delayed unlimited sex with subhuman minors that tips them off balance.

Mr. McTurk, convicted Canadian pedophile

Mr. McTurk, convicted Canadian pedophile tourist

Or maybe it's the subconscious realization that they are going to a place without hockey games.

Who knows?

When anyone is immoral enough to vacation in a slave plantation, it's kind of hard to fully figure out why they do what they do.


Canadians in Castrogonia

Inferior Cubans trying to imitate games played by Canadians on their beaches

Cubans in Castrogonia

From CNN via WAPT News:

Two drunken would-be tourists force Cuba-bound Canadian flight to return to Toronto

(CNN) —Airborne for white, sandy beaches, turquoise Cuban waters and swaying palms, two women apparently broke out their duty-free booze on Wednesday and partied hearty in a passenger jet bathroom.

So terribly hearty, that they got Sunwing Flight 656 a military jet escort back to the Canadian airport from which it departed.

Prosecutors on Thursday charged Melana Muzikante, 26, and Lilia Ratmanski, 25, each with two counts of mischief, one count of smoking on an aircraft, one count of endangering the safety of an aircraft and with uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm, according to Constable Lillian Fitzpatrick of Peel Regional Police.

A judge released them on $2,500 bail each after they spent a night in a Canadian jail, but Fitzpatrick said Muzikante's surety won't arrive until Friday, meaning she'll spend Thursday night behind bars.

Continue reading this hilarious story HERE

Viva Canada!  Cerveza o muerte!  Los serviremos!

Viva Canada! Cerveza o muerte! Los serviremos!


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