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Oh! Oh! Canada: Party girls UPDATE

image (3)

Party girls Milana Muzikanti and Lila Ratmanski before their flight to Varadero

Some time in the future some Cuban historian might be able to collect and display  photos of all the Canadian tourists who visited Castrogonia and  collaborated in the enslavement of the Cuban people.

Maybe a Hall of Shame can be built in a free Cuba, some day, where all these callous bastards do an eternal walk of shame.

Maybe.  But that day is way off in a hazy distance.

For now, though, Babalu can make a small contribution towards that goal with its own virtual walk of shame.

Party girl dragged from Skywing cabin by Canadian police

Party girl Milana Muzikanti dragged from Skywing cabin by Canadian police

Here you see photos of the Skywing Varadero party girls, featured in an earlier post.

They have ended up in trouble with the law because of their rowdiness, not because they wanted to enjoy themselves in Castrogonia.   That's not the real shame here.

The real shame is that there was an entire jetliner full of Canadians going to Castrogonia, to enjoy their apartheid vacations and to pump money into the pockets of the Castro regime.  You can be sure that all the other passengers ended up in Varadero after this detour, and that they are enjoying their fun in the Cuban apartheid tourist paradise.

In the highest court of law -- that of the Golden Rule -- everyone on that plane and all planes like it should be prosecuted for callousness against humanity and blatant racism.

Bonus item: an update on their legal troubles back home in the Great White North.

image (2)

Lilia Ratmanski (left) and Milana Muzikante (right). looking a bit less glamorous in courtroom sketch.

From CP24 news:

Women charged in Sunwing Airlines disturbance granted bail, but one still in custody

Two women charged with endangering the safety of an aircraft after a Cuba-bound flight had to return to Toronto escorted by fighter jets have been granted bail, but one of the women is still in police custody.
The incident happened on Aug. 27 on a Sunwing Airlines flight en route to Varadero from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Janine Chapman, a Sunwing spokesperson told CP24 that two passengers had “consumed a significant quantity of their duty-free alcohol” in the plane’s lavatory and lit a cigarette setting off the smoke alarm.

“These passengers proceeded to get into a physical altercation with each other and made a threat against the aircraft, which was considered non-credible given their condition,” said Chapman.

A decision was made to turn the plane around and two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets were launched to monitor the situation from the air and escort the plane back to Toronto.

More HERE (includes more photos):

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