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“Batista killed 20,000 Cubans! Cuba’s poverty in the 1950′s rivaled that of any 3rd world country!”(gasps latest PBS special on Fidel Castro)


Other educational revelations from the PBS program:

* "Cuba's poverty in the 1950's rivaled that of any 3rd world country."

* It is estimated by his rivals that during Batista's reign more than twenty thousand political dissidents had been killed.

* Fidel Castro attempted to make peace with the U.S.--but the U.S. refused so Castro turned to the Soviet Union for help.

* Despite the U.S. blockade--Cuba's doctors are among the best trained in the world. The quality if Cub's healthcare is very good and also free of charge.

* Cuba's schools are much better than before Castro took power.

In fact, all the Castroite propaganda above is thoroughly refuted with full-documentation here:lrcanada2

Now some "comforting" info from the PBS website:

America’s Largest Classroom
As America’s largest classroom, PBS is available to all of America’s children – including those who can’t attend preschool – and offers educational media that help prepare children for success in school. PBS is the No. 1 source of media content for preschool teachers.

America’s Largest Stage
During the 2012-'13 season, PBS offered more than 480 hours of arts and cultural programming, which was watched by over 104 million people.

A Trusted Window to the World
PBS offers programming for a wide range of ages, interests and genres. Each month, nearly 109 million people through television and over 28 million people online explore the worlds of science, history, culture, great literature and public affairs through PBS’ trusted content.

But in fact, PBS didn't make most of this bullshit up. The bullshit was spread throughout Cuba by the same fine folks (homegrown Cubans all) who invited Herbert Matthews to Cuba and spread his famous bullshit articles throughout the Havana Social Register. From Miguel Angel Quevedo's Bohemia magazine, Cuba's most popular of the time:



Miguel Angel Quevedo (shown above with his erstwhile hero) owned Bohemia magazine, that concocted and spread the 20,000 killed by Batista meme. In 1969 the exiled Quevedo (he escaped his cherished homeland barely ahead of a Castroite lynch-mob) blew his brains out. (exact motive remains in dispute. But some claim remorse and despair for helping Castro to power.)


1 comment to “Batista killed 20,000 Cubans! Cuba’s poverty in the 1950′s rivaled that of any 3rd world country!”(gasps latest PBS special on Fidel Castro)

  • asombra

    Because, you know, Fidel REALLY cared about blacks. Just like he cared about gays--it's just that pretending to be gay-friendly didn't become useful till much later than pretending to care about blacks.