An internationally recognized Cuban blogger known for her promotion of online freedom of expression is Georgetown University’s new Yahoo! Fellow in International Values, Communications, Technology and the Global Internet. See http://www.georgetown.edu/news/yahoo-fellow-2014.html

Cuba: Yoani Sanchez stumbles upon an important contradiction

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Yoani Stumbles Upon an Important Contradiction Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez has a great op-ed in The New York Times entitled, “The Castros in Their Labyrinth.” She’s spot-on regarding the general premise — that the Castros are quickly headed towards a dead end. Yoani concludes: “Castrismo is losing the battle. Biology is … Read more

Yoani Sanchez launches first independent digital newspaper in Cuba, Castro regime immediately hacks the site

In the words of Cuba’s Apostle José Martí and as the watermark on the Babalú website has stated for years: “Only oppression should fear the full exercise of freedom.” Via the AP on Voxxi:   Yoani Sanchez’s news site is hacked in Cuba on day of launch Cuba’s first major independent general-interest news outlet in five … Read more

Cuba’s Yoani Sanchez and Angel Santiesteban named to Reporters Without Borders’ 100 Information Heroes

Congratulations to Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez and political prisoner Angel Santiesteban for being named to the list of the world’s 100 Information Heroes by Reporters Without Borders: ANGEL SANTIESTEBAN-PRATS Cuba / The Americas His blog is called “Los hijos que nadie quiso” (The children no one wanted). The writer and netizen Ángel Santiesteban-Prats has been … Read more

Yoani Sanchez to team up with Che Guevara hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson

The setting for the Sanchez/Anderson conversation/presentation will be Colombia’s Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias , where the participants are “all writers committed to freedom of expression,” says the flier, and the theme will be “the ethical responsibilities of Latin American writers today.” Specifically Yoani Sanchez will explore with (Che Guevara glorifier) Jon Lee Anderson (who … Read more

Yoani Sanchez: Castro fist shut tight against political reform in Cuba

It is a statement of reality that gives “Cuba Experts” and people like Carlos Saladrigas a bad case of indigestion. After investing so much time, money, and effort in their shameless and immoral attempts to portray Cuba’s vile dictatorship as a kinder, gentler dictatorship that is willing to embrace reform, Yoani Sanchez completely discredits their … Read more

Rep. Kathy Castor quickly obliges Yoani Sanchez, the Cuban diaspora’s latest Inamorata

As I post: Rep. Kathy Castor is in Havana carrying out Yoani Sanchez’ fondest wishes –putting her words and wishes to actions. Washington, D.C., Mar 19 – Today, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL) met with Cuban dissident Yoani Sanchez to discuss human rights, lifting the embargo and improving engagement between the American people … Read more