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  • asombra: Love the witch hovering over Nosferatu, but she REALLY shouldn’t wear red. As for the spies, they belong with Fidel;...

  • asombra: She has a far lower profile than Mariela, so it seems odd she’d take part in this kind of flashy BS, and she’s...

  • Rayarena: When I heard of this new article on the culture of poverty debacle in communist Cuba, I thought it would be a rehash of Prof....

  • Humberto Fontova: Exactly, Asombra, Raul’s daughter Deborah: ijo-de-fidel-castro-de-fies...

  • asombra: I wonder if the woman behind Paris and Dopey in the last photo is Mariela’s sister Deborah. It doesn’t really...

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Reports from Cuba: Notes about a polemic

By Antonio Rodiles in Translating Cuba: Notes About a Polemic My article published this Wednesday on the site Diario de Cuba has provoked a criticism from blogger Miriam Celaya that motivates me to touch on various points I consider important. In order to mainly refer to the political themes, I will avoid personal attacks; yet without […]

Reports from Cuba: The official press: ‘Made to conceal, not to publicize’

By Luis Cino in Cubanet via Translating Cuba: The official press: “Made to conceal, not to publicize” “Cubans are seeking a new conception of the press within socialism. All that can be predicted, without a doubt, is that it will be a democratic press, lively and original,” wrote Gabriel García Márquez in 1975. That Gabo […]

Dissident artist ‘El Sexto,’ imprisoned in Cuba for ‘insulting’ Castro brothers falls ill

Obama's unilateral concessions and appeasement of Cuba's vicious apartheid regime is paying off in spades. Via Uncommon Sense: Cuban artist falls ill while in jail on charges he 'insulted' Castro brother-dictators El Sexto Despite the recent giddiness by some about Cuba, there remain in the Castro gulag numerous political prisoners, including at least one -- Danilo […]

Breaking news: Report on the meeting between Cuban dissidents and visiting American congressional delegation

"It is wrong to think that the gerontocracy [that rules Cuba] will change its internal policies, especially its laws, in order to please the Americans, because to do so would cause them to lose their power...." From Martha Beatriz Roque; (A loose , hurried, and abridged  translation of a two-page report emailed less than an […]

Cubans have the right to live in truth and liberty

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Timely words we Americans should act on as we commemorate Dr. King this holiday weekend. U.S. citizens have a long history of standing in solidarity with those oppressed […]

Reports from Cuba: Political repression increases in Cuba during the month of December

14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Political repression increases in Cuba during the month of December, according to CCHRNC 14ymedio, Havana, 5 January 2015 — According to its monthly report, during the month of December the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and reconciliation (CCDHRN) registered at least 489 arbitrary arrests for political reasons, closing out 2014 with […]

Where are Cuba’s political prisoners?: Obama acquiesces to another despotic tantrum by the apartheid Castro regime

Mary O'Grady in The Wall Street Journal: Where Are Cuba’s Political Prisoners? Fifty-three of those jailed by the Castros were supposed to have been freed in the Obama deal. Who and where are the 53 Cuban political prisoners that President Obama promised would be freed by Havana as part of a deal to liberate three […]

Only one winner in Obama-Castro deal: Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship

In order for someone to win, someone else has to lose. In the recent deal struck between President Obama and Cuba's apartheid dictatorship, the Castro regime is the hands-down winner and as it has seemingly been the case for more than five decades, the Cuban people were once again the losers. Alvaro Vargas Llosa in […]

Hopelessnes And Change For The Worse

I haven’t been paying too much attention to current events these past few weeks. Frankly, The Obama administration’s decision to "normalize" relations with Cuba left me with the desire to crawl into a cave with a few bottles and hibernate. So as I start to come out of my temporary exile in the blissful cave of ignorance, […]

Castro regime’s massive fail: It can’t even pretend to have free speech

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Castro regime's massive fail: It can't even pretend to have free speech Test results are coming in for #YoTambienExijo performance art piece and Castro regime's performance is a massive fail for free speech in Cuba. The totalitarian apparatus of the Castro regime on occasion reveals […]

With no consequences in sight, Cuba continues to crack down on free speech

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: With no consequences in sight, Cuba continues to crack down on free speech A CUBAN performance artist named Tania Bruguera planned a simple event for Tuesday: She would set up a microphone in Havana’s Revolution Square and invite anyone who wished to step up and talk about the […]

Obama’s weakness towards Cuba’s brutal regime gives Castros green light for more crackdowns

The Editorial Board of Investors Business Daily: For World's Democracy Campaigners, Obama's Cuba Move Means Crackdowns Diplomacy: President Obama claimed his move to normalize relations with Cuba was a means of nudging the military dictatorship toward democracy. He was wrong. The regime is cracking down on dissent harder than ever. In what ought to be […]

Cuban artist arrested for planning free speech protest released, re-arrested, then released again

Even though Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera does not consider herself a "dissident" and claims to be part of a Castro "revolutionary" family, the apartheid Castro regime in Cuba had zero patience for her shenanigans. The artist organized a free speech demonstration right smack in the middle of the Castro dictatorship's Revolutionary Plaza in Havana […]

Reports from Cuba: Several activists and Reinaldo Escobar, editor-in-chief of ’14ymedio,’ arrested

14yMedio reporting via Translating Cuba: Several activists and Reinaldo Escobar, editor-in-chief of ’14ymedio’, arrested The director of this newspaper, Yoani Sánchez, is under house arrest 14ymedio, Havana, 30 December 2014 – Contacted by phone at her home, the director of 14ymedio, Yoani Sánchez, explained the circumstances of the arrest of her husband, Reinaldo Escobar, and […]

#YoTambienExijo: I also demand…

A guest post by Alain Castillo: Yo Tambien Exijo An afternoon billed for nonviolent performance art in Havana using nothing, but an opinion and a microphone was met with a heavy hand. Once again, the Cuban State Security apparatus slammed and shutdown the voices of Cuba’s oppressed population by arresting dissidents and preventing other activists […]