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Leaders of Cuba’s dissident movement react to Obama’s unilateral concessions to the apartheid Castro dictatorship

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuban Dissident Leaders React to Obama's Announcement Cuban dissident leaders react to President Obama's announcement to normalize relations with Castro's dictatorship: "Sadly, President Obama made the wrong decision. The freedom and democracy of the Cuban people will not be achieved through these benefits that he's giving -- not to the Cuban […]

WaPo: Obama gives the Castro regime in Cuba an undeserved bailout

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: Obama gives the Castro regime in Cuba an undeserved bailout IN RECENT months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker. The modest reforms it adopted in recent years to improve abysmal economic conditions had stalled, due to the regime’s refusal to allow Cubans […]

Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship celebrates Human Rights Day with more than 100 arrests of human rights activists

More of the wonderful and magnanimous reforms of Cuba's apartheid dictatorship. Via PanAm Post: Cuban Regime Arrests Over 100 Activists on Human Rights Day Police Target Dissident Ladies in White, Independent Journalists The Cuban government marked International Human Rights Day on Wednesday, December 10, in a unique way: by arresting over 120 political dissidents from across the […]

Cuba’s dissidents have a bone to pick with the New York Times

Jose Cardenas in Foreign Policy: Cuba’s Dissidents Have a Bone to Pick With the New York Times In recent weeks the New York Times has been on what the BBC has called a “Cuban crusade.” Four editorials and three columns in less than two months that all basically conclude U.S. policy towards the Castro regime needs to change (any need […]

Castrogonia suspends talks with European Union due to “disrespect” shown by Europeans

Diplomats from Castrogonia and the European Union have been negotiating  since April for a new deal that would reduce European sanctions on the Castro regime. The first meeting took place in April, in Havana.  The second meeting was held in Brussels, in August. The third scheduled meeting has now been abruptly postponed. The Castro regime, […]

NYT editorial writer who refused to be interviewed or photographed with dissident journalists in Cuba poses for pictures with Castro officials

The blatant hypocrisy of pro-Castro New York Times editorial writer Ernesto Londoño's decision to sit down with officials of Cuba's apartheid dictatorship to be interviewed and photographed after refusing to allow dissident independent journalists in Cuba the same courtesy is not is not the only disturbing aspect of this event. Just as disturbing is that […]

Five years on, indifference to Cuba still ‘puzzling and painful’?

Via Democracy Digest: Five years on, indifference to Cuba still ‘puzzling and painful’? It’s been exactly five years since US government contractor Alan Gross was arrested in Havana and jailed for 15 years for committing “acts against the integrity of the state” – to build internet access for local communities that bypassed government censorship, bringing […]

After series of pro-Castro editorials, New York Times’ Londoño gets an earful from dissidents in Cuba

Guillermo Martinez in the Sun-Sentinel: Times writer gets Earful from Cuba dissidents Once again Ernesto Londoño, the newest member of The New York Times Editorial Board, writes about Cuba. That makes it four editorials and now three columns in less than two months. This time he writes how U.S. sanctions make it more difficult and […]

Reports from Cuba: Some seven thousand cows ‘disappear’ in Villa Clara province

By Orlando Palma in Translating Cuba: Some Seven Thousand Cows ‘Disappear” in Villa Clara Province 14ymedio, Orlando Palma, Villa Clara, 15 November 2014 – Around 7,000 head of beef cattle were presumed disappeared in the space of a year during a count carried out in ten cattle ranches in the province of Villa Clara, according […]

Che Guevara hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson’s latest The New Yorker article gratefully and gleefully run by Castro’s Granma

Che Guevara hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson just wrote an article for The New Yorker on Castroite human trafficking that Granma highlighted with enormous fanfare. In a time-honored tradition by New York-based publications that cater to the "ultra-educated and ultra-sophisticated," the article is essentially a hand-out from a Stalinist regime's propaganda bureau. As usual, not one […]

Both the Castro regime and its “dissidents” back the same U.S. political party (any more questions?)

The Castro family's (from Mariela's to Fidel's himself) endorsements of Obama need no elaboration hereabouts--I hope. And now famous Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas has endorsed Democrat Joe Garcia against Republican Carlos Curbelo--to the point of headlining in a TV commercial for the Democratic candidate. And why shouldn't he? Farinas is acting perfectly rationally. Simply follow […]

YAF (Young Amerca’s Foundation) Educating about the real Cuba (sin botellita) i.e. genuinely shaking up the educational “establishment.”

"Great! Of course we'll host her!" All of the above events were partly on the dime of the U.S. taxpayer. And blessed by college authorities (i.e. "the establishment"...i.e. Dean Wormer) These are NOT on the U.S. taxpayers dime. Indeed they greatly annoy college faculties/adminstrations (which was traditionally among a healthy college student's favorite pastimes.) Furthermore, […]

Reports from Cuba: Of freebies and schools

By Yoani Sanchez: Of Freebies and Schools The school bell rings and the children enter the classroom followed by their parents. The first day of classes triggers joy, although a few tears are shed by some who miss their homes. That’s what happened to Carla, who just started kindergarten at a school in Cerro. The little […]


An internationally recognized Cuban blogger known for her promotion of online freedom of expression is Georgetown University's new Yahoo! Fellow in International Values, Communications, Technology and the Global Internet. See

Reports from Cuba: Have you tried cyanide… General?

By Yoani Sanchez in Translating Cuba: Have You Tried Cyanide… General? Today is Zero Day, the fateful date, the day the General Customs of the Republic enacts its new restrictions for non-commercial imports. The measure called to mind an old joke that circulated in the nineties and is still heard today. In this humorous story, a foreign journalist […]