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  • Carolinasympatica: I believe that there is something to this, and this started a long time ago, around 1973 to be exact.

  • Humberto Fontova: I’m hearing his illness developed very shortly after visiting Spain…

  • Rayarena: You’re right Prof. Eire, people who are inconvenient to castro die convenient deaths all of the time. They either...

  • Humberto Fontova: Thanks for the link, Professor! Oye pero mira que aqui en Babalu se aprenden cosas (often historical) interesantes!

  • Carlos Eire: Ñoooooooooo !!!! Coulter has surpassed the greatest insult-meister of all time. No, not Don Rickles, but Martin Luther. Here...

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Reports from Cuba: Welcome Hollande, Goodbye Hollande

By Yoani Sanchez: Welcome Hollande, Goodbye Hollande The official reception at the airport, the photo shaking hands with the host, the wreath laid at the statue of José Martí and the expected lecture at the University of Havana. How many foreign politicians have followed this script in recent months? So many that we have lost count. A true shower of […]

Reports from Cuba: My minutes with the Pope

By Jeovany Jimenez Vega in Translating Cuba: My Minutes With the Pope What would I say to Pope Francis if I could speak with him minutes before his meeting with Raúl Castro?*  If Jesus came into the world to save the impure, to sit also at the table of the Pharisees (those with souls most contaminated […]

But remember: “Castro secretly favors the embargo–it’s his best friend…it provides him an excuse blah…blah…last thing he wants is more Americans traveling to Cuba…blah…blah”

Long outed Cuban agent-of-influence Julia Sweig of the Council on Foreign Realtions gave a talk last week where she disclosed the terms of the Obama-Castro Deal. (And who hereabouts can doubt that she was privy to all the inside stuff--from both sides?) "That deal was signed by the two presidents on December 17, 2014," she […]

Reports from Cuba: Obama tries to put a new collar on the same dog

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: Obama Tries to Put a New Collar on the Same Dog Angel Satiesteban,16 April 2015 — The biggest problem confronting the Castro brothers’ government is to accept the new challenges posed by the 21st century. They thought they would arrive at the Summit in Panama and turn it into […]

No need to puzzle over Time Magazine’s admiration of King Raul Castro

Time Magazine didn't have to search very hard for token Lateen-ohs to include in its list of the world's 100 most influential people. Well, come to think of it, it didn't actually search very hard. As is all too common in the mainstream news media their bigotry prevents them from thinking that any Lateen-ohs could […]

Reports from Cuba: Adventures and misfortunes of a correspondent in Cuba

By Yoani Sanchez in Translating Cuba: Adventures and misfortunes of a correspondent in Cuba Fernando Garcia del Rio was a correspondent in Cuba for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia (Barcelona), from 2007 until his expulsion from Cuba in 2011. He has just published a book,“The Island of the Mills,” where he relates the “adventures and misfortunes of […]

No blogger, no Obama

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Post Revolution Mondays: No blogger, no Obama No blogger, no cry. 1 In the beginning was the Blog. 2 But blogs were formless and empty. 3 Repression was all over the blogosphere. 4 And the citizens saw the blogs were good. 5 So that lacking other channels of expression, the Cuban […]

Reports from Cuba: Suspended or censored?

By Miriam Celaya in Translating Cuba: Suspended or Censored? The members of the Taliban of the Cuban official web Reflejos, offended by the presence of an independent site like 14Ymedio should be celebrating: after a week of putting up with such dangerous neighbors, it withdrew the Yoani Sanchez’s daily from its platform. Authorities have demonstrated […]

Cuban dissidents head to Summit of the Americas in Panama

Via The Miami Herald: Cuban dissidents will head to Summit of the Americas Cuban opposition leaders and activists Manuel Cuesta Morúa, Guillermo Fariñas, and Berta Soler will take part in civil-society events at the Summit of the Americas in Panama, according to the Miami-based Cuban Soul Foundation. The foundation — which promotes independent Cuban artists […]

Reports from Cuba: By secret and direct ballot

By Yoani Sanchez in Translating Cuba: By Secret and Direct Ballot A few years ago I asked a friend why he had voted for a candidate he barely knew during the election of delegates to the municipal assemblies. His response at the time was simple and full of wisdom. “I don’t want to get into trouble, […]

Reports from Cuba: Reentry to Cuba includes a conversation with State Security

By Eliecer Avila in Translating Cuba: Reentry to Cuba Includes a Conversation with State Security After having “conversations” like these, I always ask myself is it is worth the trouble to publish an account of them or not. I do not like even giving these people the impression that I have blabbed about everything. But […]

Reports from Cuba: Notes about a polemic

By Antonio Rodiles in Translating Cuba: Notes About a Polemic My article published this Wednesday on the site Diario de Cuba has provoked a criticism from blogger Miriam Celaya that motivates me to touch on various points I consider important. In order to mainly refer to the political themes, I will avoid personal attacks; yet without […]

Reports from Cuba: The official press: ‘Made to conceal, not to publicize’

By Luis Cino in Cubanet via Translating Cuba: The official press: “Made to conceal, not to publicize” “Cubans are seeking a new conception of the press within socialism. All that can be predicted, without a doubt, is that it will be a democratic press, lively and original,” wrote Gabriel García Márquez in 1975. That Gabo […]

Dissident artist ‘El Sexto,’ imprisoned in Cuba for ‘insulting’ Castro brothers falls ill

Obama's unilateral concessions and appeasement of Cuba's vicious apartheid regime is paying off in spades. Via Uncommon Sense: Cuban artist falls ill while in jail on charges he 'insulted' Castro brother-dictators El Sexto Despite the recent giddiness by some about Cuba, there remain in the Castro gulag numerous political prisoners, including at least one -- Danilo […]

Breaking news: Report on the meeting between Cuban dissidents and visiting American congressional delegation

"It is wrong to think that the gerontocracy [that rules Cuba] will change its internal policies, especially its laws, in order to please the Americans, because to do so would cause them to lose their power...." From Martha Beatriz Roque; (A loose , hurried, and abridged  translation of a two-page report emailed less than an […]