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  • asombra: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fidel look so Latrine as in this photo. Instant classic.

  • asombra: Another good piece on “Gabo” (in Spanish): 14/04/cien-anos-de-imbecilidad .html

  • asombra: About a month before the forcible seizure, Gabriel García Márquez wrote a substantial piece from Havana on the Elián situation,...

  • asombra: She’s just a fascist, so who cares? Move along.

  • asombra: “It is difficult but it is not oppressive. It is not to minimize the human rights challenges, but there have been changes...

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Castro dictatorship rounding up dissidents in Cuba before CELAC Summit in Havana

Cuba's violently repressive Castro dictatorship is furiously rounding up dissidents to ensure there are no embarrassing disruptions to the CELAC summit they are hosting this week. The last thing the apartheid Cuban dictatorship wants is human rights and democracy activists meeting with foreign dignitaries or publicly protesting while international press cameras are recording. On Twitter, […]

Cuba: Castro State Security violently raids homes of dissidents and confiscates toys destined for underprivileged children

For the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, even the collection of toys for donation to underprivileged children by the island's dissidents is a counterrevolutionary act worthy of a police raid and arrest. Yesterday, homes of dissidents in Cuba were violently raided by Cuban State Security where they confiscated toys and several opposition leaders were arrested. All because […]

Reports from Cuba: The Human Rights Party in Cuba

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: The Human Rights Party in Cuba The great specialty of Cuban journalists is to inflate balloons, darken with dust clouds the reality of what happens in the archipelago, and, in passing, to lick the feet of the dictators. The most outstanding in this work are those who write for […]

President Obama should extend a hand to brave Cubans

The Editorial Board of the Washington Post: President Obama should extend a hand to brave Cubans PRESIDENT OBAMA’S homage to Nelson Mandela on Tuesday was moving and heartfelt. He celebrated a “great liberator” who demonstrated the power of words, ideals and actions to change history. But the president added an awkward footnote to his tribute […]

Cuba: Castro State Security releases dissident leader Berta Soler after arrest at airport

Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba's peaceful dissident organization the Ladies in White, was finally released last night after Cuban State Security agents violently arrested her when she arrived at the Havana airport on her return to the island. Translating Cuba has the report: Cuban State Security Agents Arrest Berta Soler at the Airport This […]

Berta Soler, leader of peaceful dissident group in Cuba arrested upon her return to Havana today

Reports coming out of Cuba this evening indicate that Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba's peaceful dissident organziation the Ladies in White, was arrested by Cuban State Security upon her return to Havana today. Her whereabouts and her condition are currently unknown. Her husband Angel Moya, a former political prisoner who was at the airport […]

Castro dictatorship arrests 23 democracy activists in Eastern Cuba

The list of victims assailed by the  "reforms" of Cuban dictator Raul Castro continues to grow day by day... Via Capitol Hill Cubans: 23 Democracy Activists Arrested in Eastern Cuba Yesterday, 23 democracy activists from the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) were arrested in the eastern Cuban city of Palma Soriano. The arrests were pursuant to […]

Violent repression in Cuba: Sunday, bloody Sunday Part 13

Yesterday was the 13th Sunday in a row in Cuba where the State Security apparatus of the apartheid Castro dictatorship led mobs of thugs on viciously violent attacks against Cuba's peaceful dissidents and opposition members trying to attend church services. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Sunday Repression Against Cuban Democracy Activists Intensifies For the 13th Sunday […]

Excellent questions for uncivil rights activist

From Capitol Hill Cubans: Questions for Jesse Jackson on Cuba Trip During a speech last week, Reverend Jesse Jackson made the following important observation: "We in the US don’t fully appreciate that there are more Africans in South, Central and Latin America, than in the USA. The slave trade started through this region; the US […]

12th Straight Sunday of Repression in Cuba-Updated

As we know, Sunday is beat and arrest activists day in Cuba, and this, the 12th continuous Sunday of increased repression in Cuba is no exception. So far this morning, @yoanisanchez, @Arq31, @marcmasferrer, @JFRangelCuba, and others report the arrest of several Las Damas de Blanco, Guillermo "Coco" Farinas, Angel Juan Moya, J. Francisco Rangel, and […]

Arrests and violent repression mark another Sunday in Cuba

It is amazing that only ninety miles from American shores, there is a country where the simple act of a group joining together to attend church services on a Sunday is met by violent repression and arrests. That is what is happening in Cuba almost every single Sunday for several years now, and that is […]

Violence and repression dominates another Sunday in Cuba (Photos)

In Cuba, Sundays have long ceased to be days for worship and time with family. Instead, the Castro dictatorship and its violent mobs have transformed this day into one of bloody repression. Reports coming from the island yesterday indicate several arrests of peaceful human rights activists were made. Along with with members of the Ladies […]

Another Sunday of violent repression in Cuba

This Monday morning once again brings news of another Sunday in Cuba rife with violent repression. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Attacks Against The Ladies in White Intensify The Castro regime's repression against the peaceful democracy group, The Ladies in White, intensified this weekend. And so did the courageous female activist's peaceful defiance. Over 200 of […]

Reports from Cuba: An Interview with Berta Soler, Leader of the Ladies in White

By Ivan Garcia: An Interview with Berta Soler, Leader of the Ladies in White   (Exclusive, Iván García in Havana) If you want confirmation that socialism does not work, do yourself a favor and visit Alamar. This community, twenty minutes east of Havana, is an example of real urban chaos. A place without rhyme or reason, ugly, […]

Another bloody Sunday in Cuba

Via Pedazos de la Isla: Another bloody Sunday in Cuba, but the opposition continues defying the dictatorship State Security and other police sectors of the Cuban regime repeated their violent actions against a number of Ladies in White and male dissidents in the province of Matanzas this Sunday, July 21st, mainly in the cities of Colon […]