Ileana Ros Lehtinen: Massive Crackdown in Cuba With The Unjust Arrests of Antunez, Yris Perez Aguilera, Berta Soler, Angel Moya, and Dozens More

From the offices of U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): Jun 11, 2014 Massive Crackdown in Cuba With The Unjust Arrests of Antunez, Yris Perez Aguilera, Berta Soler, Angel Moya, and Dozens More, Says Ros-Lehtinen “The only thing that totalitarian thugs in Havana are interested in is prolonging their stay in power and continuing to deny … Read more

Dozens of dissidents arrested in Cuba as island’s Obama-backed regime unleashes another Sunday of violent repression

The Obama-backed apartheid Castro dictatorship in Cuba unleashed another Sunday of violent repression yesterday. As reports filter in from the heavily-censored island, Cuba’s Ladies in White organization is reporting as many as 70 dissidents were violently arrested yesterday. This marks the 32nd consecutive week of violence and oppression against peaceful dissidents and human rights activists … Read more

Forum for Rights and Freedoms in Cuba: Castros using migration crisis to gain more concessions from U.S.

From Cuba’s dissident group the Forum for Rights and Freedoms (translation by Capitol Hill Cubans):   Declaration on the Cuban Migrant Crisis Forum for Rights and Freedoms, 23 November 2015 — In recent weeks we have observed, with deep concern, the development of a new migration crisis. The human drama that thousands of Cubans are … Read more

Reports from Cuba: Cuban State Security warns Berta Soler ‘the end of the opposition’ has arrived

Via 14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Cuban State Security Warns Berta Soler “The End Of Opposition” Has Arrived The leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, was arrested Friday outside Havana’s Fifth Police Station and held for several hours. The regime opponent was there to show her solidarity with the the activist Hugo Damian Prieto, detained … Read more

‘El Sexto’ marched with Cuba’s Ladies in White this past Sunday

14yMedio reporting from Havana (translation by Translating Cuba): ‘El Sexto’ Marches with the Ladies in White This Sunday The artist Danilo Maldonado, ‘El Sexto’ (The Sixth), joined 48 Ladies in White during their traditional walk down Fifth Avenue in Havana this Sunday. Released last week after ten months in prison, the graffiti artist accompanied the women … Read more

Reports from Cuba: Another Sunday of repression of activists throughout the country

14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Another Sunday of Repression of Activists Throughout the Country 14ymedio, Havana, 12 October 2015 – A new round of repression against activists was experienced in Cuba this Sunday. The arrests began in the early morning hours in order to prevent dissidents from participating in the march on Fifth Avenue in Havana, … Read more

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: More than 50 dissidents arrested in another Sunday of violent repression

Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship served up another heaping helping of Obama’s Hope and Change yesterday arresting more than 50 peaceful dissidents on what is now the 24th consecutive Sunday of violent repression on the island. Martí Noticias has the report (my translation): Arrests during the #TodosMarchamos [#WeAllMarch] campaign More than 50 activists were arrested for the … Read more

Leaders of Cuba’s pro-democracy movement write letter to U.S. congress, denounce Obama’s Cuba policy

Letter from Cuban Pro-Democracy Activists To the Congress of the United States It is with profound concern that we implore the Congress of the United States of America to read this letter directed against the strong campaign being waged to unconditionally lift the economic sanctions that weigh upon the Cuban dictatorship. This campaign seeks to … Read more

Reports from Cuba: The Mass and repression in Revolution Square

By Ivan Garcia: The Mass and Repression in Revolution Square Almost everyone in Cuba remembers what they were doing on January 21, 1998. Stephen, who works in a steel factory southeast of the capital, recalls that he walked more than nine miles to attend the Mass of Pope Wojtyla in Revolution Square, the sacred precinct … Read more