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  • Ziva Sahl: Asombra, exactly. He’s another useful commie loving “lateeno” dictator worshiping idiot strutting and...

  • Carlos Eire: Yes, you’re right, Asombra, on all points. In the past 2,000 years bad popes have been the norm, truly holy popes the...

  • asombra: Look, if practically ANY non-Cuban, no matter how pedestrian and/or utterly full of it, can indulge BIG time in outrageous...

  • asombra: Humberto, for what it’s worth, I once had a somewhat similar experience, albeit in a cultural as opposed to...

  • asombra: Of course it’s not the embargo–it’s the “blockade,” as both Ortega and Eliancito call it.

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Reports from Cuba: ‘I feel like a war reporter’

By Luz Escobar in Translating Cuba: “I feel like a war reporter” 14ymedio, Luz Escobar, Havana, 20 June 2015 — A couple of weeks ago, the neighbors crowded onto the ground floor of a twelve-story building near Tulipan Street. “He committed suicide … They say he hanged himself with his own belt,” ran the rumor among […]

Another Sunday of violent repression in Cuba, Obama remains silent

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: 9th Consecutive Sunday: Over 70 Cuban Dissidents Arrested, Silence From Obama at 10:53 PM Sunday, June 7, 2015 For the ninth consecutive Sunday, over 70 Cuban dissidents have been violently arrested by the Castro regime. Among those arrested were 40 members of the pro-democracy group, The Ladies in White. One of […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Almost 100 dissidents arrested in another Sunday of violent repression

Cuba's viciously oppressive apartheid regime is putting their latest gift from Obama to good use. Just days after the terror sponsoring regime was arbitrarily removed from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terror list, the Castro government unleashed another wave of terror on its own citizens. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: For Eighth Straight Sunday, Nearly 100 […]

Pollona: Castro 200, Obama 0: While talks continue, beatings continue

Elliott Abrams at Council on Foreign Relations: Castro 200, Obama 0: While Talks Continue, Beatings Continue When President Obama junked 60 years of U.S. foreign policy to seek a rapprochement with the Castro regime in Cuba, he was aware that he would be accused of ignoring human rights. After all, the Obama administration got next […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Another Sunday of violence as Obama-backed apartheid regime arrests nearly 200 dissidents

#Cuba momentos arresto @AGRodiles 7mo #DomingodRepresion @DamasdBlanco @diariodecuba @CubanetNoticias @reportacuba — @Ailermaria (@ailermaria) May 24, 2015 Another Sunday of violence in Cuba as the Obama-backed apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family unleashed yet another wave of violent repression on the island. Empowered by the new White House policy of appeasement that ensures the U.S. […]

Surprise! Obama’s Cuba kumbaya hasn’t stopped the beating and arresting of dissidents

It's Sunday, which in Cuba is also harass, beat and arrest members of the Las Damas de Blanco and dissidents day. Apparently the tyrant in Havana understands that Obama's "We will continue to try to lift up concerns around democracy and human rights" statement is just BS. Reports from Cuba via Twitter: #Cuba Régimen lanza […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Castro regime arrests 20 Ladies in White after Palm Sunday services

Obama's Hope and Change policy of supporting and empowering Cuba's apartheid dictatorship continues to roll along and over the island's peaceful democracy and freedom activists. Via Uncommon Sense: 20 Cuban Ladies In White arrested in Havana Cuban Ladies In White march Sunday in Havana. (Photo by Angel Juan Moya via Twenty members of the […]

Reports from Cuba: Two types of dissidence, two policies

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: Two Types of Dissidence, Two Policies For the first time in the history of the violations against the Cuban dissidence by the political police of the totalitarian Regime, there are two lines of thought: one subdued and the other more severe. Those in the opposition who have publicly supported […]

Pro-democracy in leader Cuba pens an open letter to the island’s apartheid dictator

By Antonio Rodiles via Capitol Hill Cubans: Raul Castro, You Fear Being Unmasked Open Letter to Raul Castro by Cuban democracy leader, Antonio Rodiles: Your speech at the extraordinary ALBA summit reconfirms that you and your group are going to try to hold onto power at all costs. It doesn’t matter if the Cuban people […]

Reports from Cuba: Activists present proposals for the next phase of US/Cuba relations

14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Activists present proposals for the next phase of US/Cuba relations This Friday, almost 300 activists, artists, journalists, academics and trade unionists representing diverse groups within the Cuban opposition presented a roadmap of proposals for what the civil society movement hopes to see beyond the reestablishment of US/Cuba diplomatic relations. The statement […]

More first fruits from Obama’s appeasement of Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship: Dissidents arrested, free-speech activist disappeared

The basket of Obama's first fruits after throwing a lifeline to Cuba's notoriously repressive Castro dictatorship is filling up fast. Less than two weeks after the U.S. president decided to unilaterally give concessions to Cuba's apartheid regime, Cuban State Security is beating and arresting dissidents and one prominent Cuban artist/activist, Tania Bruguera, has been disappeared. […]

Cuban dissidents blast Obama’s betrayal

Mark Thiessen in The Washington Post: Cuban dissidents blast Obama’s betrayal President Obama is basking in global adulation for his decision to normalize relations with Cuba. But one group is not impressed with Obama’s rapprochement with the totalitarian regime in Havana: the dissidents on the island who are risking their lives for democracy and human […]

Leaders of Cuba’s dissident movement react to Obama’s unilateral concessions to the apartheid Castro dictatorship

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuban Dissident Leaders React to Obama's Announcement Cuban dissident leaders react to President Obama's announcement to normalize relations with Castro's dictatorship: "Sadly, President Obama made the wrong decision. The freedom and democracy of the Cuban people will not be achieved through these benefits that he's giving -- not to the Cuban […]

Arrests and harassment once again define International Human Rights Day in Cuba

At the 1968 Democratic Party Convention in Chicago, protesters chanted "The whole world is watching!  The whole world is watching!" as they battled with police. The whole world did indeed watch, over and over, and that event turned out to be a defining moment in American politics. Today in Castrogonia many brave men and women […]

Letter to the Minister of Justice of Cuba

Who are Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique, Jorge Olivera Castello, Hector Fernando Maseda Gutierrez, Angel Juan Moya Acosta, Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzalez, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Eduardo Diaz Fleitas, Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, Felix Navarro Rodriguez, Diosdado Gonzalez Marrero, and Librado Ricardo Linares Garcia? They are all members of the group known as the […]