“Miss me yet, Venezuela?” (In 1968 Luis Posada Carriles helped crush Castro’s first attempt to colonize Venezuela. But then…)

But in 1974 leftist Carlos Andrez Perez won Venezuela’s presidential elections and fired the “Cuban hard-liner” Posada  from his post as chief of operations for Venezuela’s intelligence agency–naturally to the cheers of all “enlightened” and “respectable” Venezuelans. ( Upon his second presidential victory in 1989, Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez welcomes Fidel Castro to Venezuela  … Read more

“I’m Disgusted with the Miami Herald’s Lies!” Luis Posada (4/18/11)

“My position has not changed!….No negotiations are possible with that gang of thieves! (the Castro regime)….I want nothing to do with dialogue. This is a constant fight against that plague (the Castro regime)…LIARS! (The Miami Herald) ” Posada’s “clarifications” aired on Radio Mambi this morning, responding to the Herald’s quoting of him thusly: “Times have … Read more

“Posada a patriot and freedom-fighter” says Bertha Antunez

“Thoughout his entire life Luis Posada has shown he’s a great patriot and freedom-fighter for his homeland. This (his acquittal) is his crowning glory, one he greatly deserved for his tireless battle against Castro’s infamous tyranny. We celebrate his victory because it’s also a great slap in the face to Castro and all his toadies. … Read more

Posada Carriles Post-Trial Update: Pass the Pepto-Bismol

After a jury acquitted Luis Posada Carriles this past Friday of all charges farcically brought against him by the Obama/Holder Justice Department, the reactions from various sources have been numerous and strong. From celebrations to outright indignation, the the verdict reached by a jury of Posada Carriles’ peers after reviewing the evidence and testimony presented … Read more

Posada Carriles Trial Update: No one is above the law, except the Obama/Holder Justice Department

It what can only be described as the height of hypocrisy, prosecutors told the jurors during closing arguments in the Posada Carriles witch hunt case that “no one is above the law.” That is a concept which apparently the Obama/Holder Justice Department does not believe applies to them since they have ignored the law, the … Read more

Posada Carriles Trial Update: Prosecution dips into their tainted well once again

The Obama/Holder Justice Department prosecutors have once again dipped into their tainted well of corrupt and compromised witnesses in the Posada Carriles case. To rebut the testimony of Otto Reich — a respected and honorable former U.S. government official and ambassador — who pointed out the well documented bias against the Cuban exile community harbored … Read more

Posada Carriles Trial Update: The truth will set you free

Ever since the Obama/Holder Justice Department embarked on their witch hunt of Luis Posada Carriles — a travesty of justice they are trying to sell the American people as an “immigration trial” — the truth has continued to expose the prosecution’s nefarious objectives. From employing the testimony of Castro intelligence officials and agents, to quoting … Read more

Posada Carriles Trial Update: Can it get worse for prosecution? Yes.

As if the Obama/Holder department had not been embarrassed enough during their ill-conceived prosecution of Luis Posada Carriles, it only gets worse. It turns out that one of the prosecution’s star witnesses, a Castro intelligence agent, is also known as a torturer for the Castro dictatorship. EL PASO, Texas — A former Cuban intelligence officer … Read more