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  • asombra: Peñalver was also blacker than Mandela, just not the right kind of black.

  • asombra: Doesn’t Nosferatu look adorable? Isn’t this what every country should aspire to as its patriarch? Lord, the shame.

  • asombra: Cubans should stop expecting any better than this, because this is perfectly normal, strictly speaking. The longer we keep...

  • asombra: Actually, Batista, who was much more a man of the people than Fidel, tried and worked hard to look and act like a gentleman, and...

  • asombra: It’s not hard to manipulate those who practically beg for it, so if the manipulator’s halfway competent, it’s...

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All in for Marco Rubio

It's a great day in South Florida. This evening, Marco Rubio will announce officially that he is running for president. Here at Babalu Blog we have never been shy about supporting Rubio in his elections and this one will be no different. As former editor I can't speak officially for Babalu but I know that […]

Calling BS on Netflix and their fake Cuba announcement

I've written a piece for PJ Media about Monday's announcement by Netflix that they will be offering streaming TV service to Cubans. Here's a taste: The Netflix/Cuba Announcement: Pure Propaganda The good PR for Netflix feeds the false narrative of progress that ends up harming Cubans. On Monday morning, Netflix put out a press release […]

It’s 2016 already

The calendar says it's January 27, 2015 but there are many other signs that 2016 is upon us. Of course I'm referring to the Presidential election that's still a good 22 months away. Perhaps a little early still but I figure it's fair game since Obama (when he's not busy making decisions to actively harm […]

What to expect when you’re expecting an HDP to die

With rumors once again circulating that fidel "hijo de puta" castro is dead I thought it important to temper our expectations about how the news media will cover it, when in fact it does happen. The first thing people need to understand is that media has never been interested in covering what really happens in […]

Cuba’s dissidents and the new normal

As Professor Carlos Eire recently pointed out to NPR, most of the dissidents in Cuba feel betrayed by President Obama's recent announcement regarding Cuba policy. Truth be told, however, most of these same dissidents, with a few notable exceptions, had previously made statements against the embargo and US non-recognition of Cuba's government. Many of the […]

Polls about policy toward Cuba.

This morning I was greeted by a news story stating that 64% of Americans back the establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba. My first thought was what percentage of those have ever had a spontaneous thought about Cuba much less studied the matter to form an opinion? Over at Hot Air Noah Rothman tackles this […]

My prescience will be proven…

Almost five years ago I wrote a piece for this here blog predicting what would happen if the US unilaterally changed course on Cuba policy. Very soon you will be amazed by my ability to see the future. Am I psychic? Hardly. I'm awake and paying attention. Visions of a post-embargo Cuba By Henry Louis […]

Cuban-Americans, still voting Republican after all these years

As we approach the midterm elections in November and, more importantly, the Presidential election in 2016 there will, as always, be media speculation about which way the Cuban-American vote will break. That's because Cuban-Americans have been a reliably Republican bloc in a swing state. The mostly liberal media has been feeding the public a narrative […]

Cuban rafters rescued…in Guatemala

Central American news outlet is reporting that 23 Cuban rafters were rescued near the northeast of that country. It's reported that there were twenty men and three women ranging in age from 19-50. They were rescued when their raft was damaged after encountering inclement weather. Unfortunately the rafters are being detained by the Guatemalan […]

Quote of the day

From Enrique Del Risco, referring to an email from the recently deposed editors of Cuba's "Espacio Laical" (Lay Space): Al principio me recordó aquella frase de Borges: "Quienes dicen que el arte no debe propagar doctrinas suelen referirse a doctrinas contrarias a las suyas". Pero de atender con cuidado a ese fragmento la Iglesia cubana […]

Gag-inducing Travel Tips from Sarah Hall

Ziva posted an item that was emailed to the staff at Babalu by long-time contributor, Mora. In the email Mora described at gag-inducing and boy was she ever right. This woman, Sarah Hall, describes her decision to go to Cuba as a spur of the moment lark: I like places that are a little hard […]

The age of Tweet Fisking is here.

Longtime readers may be familiar with the expression "fisking". It's basically a point-by-point refutation of a news item or opinion column. Since the mainstream media goes to considerable lengths to sanitize Cuba's castro dictatorship we spend a lot of time refuting their assertions. But the age of Twitter means these "journalists" or "Cuba Experts" are […]

On Rubio’s Resurgence

Recently I was commenting on Facebook about how conservatives have thrown Senator Marco Rubio overboard because he took it upon himself to try to forge an immigration reform compromise. I lamented the fact that he was being called a traitor and RINO despite his having accrued conservative ratings from the American Conservative Union (the people […]

Del Exilio to Rock Calle 8

The New York-based Latin Rock band Del Exilio will be in town for a rare Miami performance on the Telemundo 51 stage at the Calle 8 Festival this Sunday March 9th. These guys are friends of the blog so if you're like me and haven't been to Calle 8 in a few years it's going […]

Food for thought

Consider that the Federal Government has more intelligence on you than it does on the Castro Brothers.