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  • asombra: About a month before the forcible seizure, Gabriel García Márquez wrote a substantial piece from Havana on the Elián situation,...

  • asombra: She’s just a fascist, so who cares? Move along.

  • asombra: “It is difficult but it is not oppressive. It is not to minimize the human rights challenges, but there have been changes...

  • asombra: A couple of excellent pieces (in Spanish) on García Márquez: e/index.php?option=com_cont...

  • asombra: Don’t blame Castro, Inc. for trying what’s previously worked. Blame those who’ve let it get away with it.

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The Cuban Show

I was reading the comments on Enrisco's musings that Alberto posted earlier and came to a startling realization.  The commenter talks about the abdication of personal responsibility as the major disgrace of Cuba's "social experiment."  Social experiment.  Hmmm.  That's really what it is. Today 11 million people live in an antiquated laboratory that's been running […]

Carter Center is MIA on Venezuelan Election Fraud – UPDATED

Last week, Jennifer McCoy the Director of the Americas Center for The Carter Center went to Venezuela to observe that country's presidential election. According to lefty website just a day before the election McCoy claimed that Venezuela’s electronic voting system was “the most comprehensive (she’s) seen in the world.” In fact she pre-certified the […]

Wisdom from the peanut gallery: Positivism

The Cuban Adjustment Act? -Anonymous When you realize that the only raison d'être for that which they call Revolution was one man's insatiable appetite for power, everything falls into perspective. -versioncorta Curious that nobody asks such a question (openly) about Hitler's actions. -Realpolitik I've sometimes used a similar analogy. When a Swede once told me: […]

Why we shouldn’t abandon Cuba

Today's quote of the day reminded me to post another quote that caught my attention recently. It's from Yoani Sanchez who has been interviewed constantly since she was permitted to leave Cuba a few weeks ago. The quote an answer to a question from Ian Vasquez of the Cato Institute. The translation is mine. Ian […]


We already had a quote of the day and thought for the day but I wanted to highlight this quote as well... "I am just ecstatic, I’d have never even dreamed about having a Latin American pope! It’s a miracle to me! I am so happy that there is a man of the New World […]

We send letters

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from old friend, author, and Cuba blogger Luis M. Garcia. In he directed me to a column in the Chicago Tribune entitled: "Americans fear Iran, but there is much to learn from Cuba." I sent a letter to the editor but of course it never saw […]

Rubio must take Plouffe Seriously

Hispanics ‘don’t give a damn’ about Marco Rubio Former Senior White House adviser David Plouffe isn’t impressed with Freshman Senator Marco Rubio R-Fla. – recently dubbed the “Republican Savior” by TIME magazine. In an interview with the New York Times, Plouffe – now freed from his White House shackles – was willing to share his […]

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…

For this announcement. Daniel Blatt, the Gay Patriot, plans on hosting a brunch for readers in Miami Beach this Sunday, January 20th. For more information visit his blog and click through to the contact info.

Trade with Cuba is not free trade

The Heritage Foundation has published its annual Index of Economic Freedom. Cuba is ranked 176 out of 177 countries in the index. Only North Korea is less free economically than Cuba. This gets to the crux of my argument against the Libertarian view that free trade frees people. Trade with Cuba is not free trade. […]

Ladies in White

Our friend Gyula Nemeth who is an illustrator has created this image for Babalú to use in our postings about the Ladies in White. Gyula is working on some very interesting projects including a book of 365 movie villains and his sports illustrations are wonderful. In the past he's designed illustrations of Celia Cruz and […]

Why plan B should have been plan C

House Speak Boehner's "plan B" for the fiscal cliff went down in flames because he couldn't get enough members of his own caucus to vote for it. This should, if our congressmen had any sense at all, signal the end of Boehner's speakership but they don't so it won't. Immediately after the election it became […]

Want to stop mass shootings?

This is by no means an original idea, many have written about it extensively, but I want to add my own two cents. When a couple of kids shoot up their high school in Columbine or another kid shoots up his college in Virginia or another guy shoots up a theater in Aurora or another […]

Coming soon: exit taxes for those leaving insolvent states

We Cuban-Americans are often ridiculed when we mention the similarities between the discourses of the modern American left and the revolutionary left of cold war Cuba and the Soviet Union. The truth is that the pie in the sky rhetoric is a little softer in America but the goals are the same.  This should send […]

Weapons for what?

I’m going to ask you all a question. Weapons for what? To fight against whom? Against the Revolutionary Government that is backed by the entire population? Crowd: No! Weapons for what? Is there a dictatorship here? Crowd: No! Are they going to fight against a free government that respects the rights of the citizenry? Crowd: […]

The best of Art Basel

Hipsters descended on Miami last week as the annual Art Basel festival of art exhibits took place. I went to a couple of events but the best piece I saw was this, fidel castro in a Coca-Cola cooler. Nothing would be more appropriate in a post castro Cuba than to have his body on display […]