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  • Gallardo: Rayarena, what the likes of MSN do is serve the Castro propaganda apparatus out of sympathy and for monetary gain. Castro has...

  • Rayarena: Another brilliant dissection by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo!

  • Rayarena: Asombra, you hit the nail on the head! Elian is no longer useful [poor kid, he's a psychological mess--its obvious even at a...

  • asombra: This is the new Elián, complete with “militant” grandmother; the prior one is no longer cute/young/cuddly enough,...

  • asombra: I think instead of “pest” you meant plague. And yes, it’s surprising that any Hollywood type would get that...

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Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Government paralysis even at the simplest levels in Venezuela

Via The Devil's Excrement: Government Paralysis Even At The Simplest Levels In Venezuela That ideology screws up the implementation of the Venezuelan Government’s plans is obvious. What is incredible is how the belief that the anyone can do anything (Chávez was President, Maduro follows…) has led to the total destruction of the Government. There is no […]

Reports from Cuba: A thief who steals from a thief…

By Miriam Celaya in Translating Cuba: A Thief Who Steals from a Thief… “Beds, furniture, mattresses, heaters”, is the soft cry from a reseller who prowls around the Carlos III Market entranceway. A few steps away, another dealer advertises his wares: “airs,’microgüeys’, washing machines, rice cookers, ‘Reina’ brand pots and pans…” The cries are not too loud, but measured, uttered in a tone just loud enough to reach the […]

A statement from Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement on the EU’s negotiations with the Castro regime

A statement from Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement (translation by Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter): Christian Liberation Movement statement on ongoing EU negotiations with regime in Cuba Real changes are rights based.  Statement of the Christian Liberation Movement The common position maintained by the European Union in its relations with the Cuban government is under […]

I don’t take orders from anyone, except, of course…

Garrincha in Yahoo Noticias: "Those who attack me are quite mistaken, secretly trying to push us towards a social democracy. I don't take orders from advisers, or marketers, or anyone! "But I do take orders you, Commandant Castro! -- Of course, I know you know that but I like to remind you."

Cuba: The transition that is about not to come

By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Post Revolution Mondays: The transition that is about not to come The power of Castro’s dictatorship couldn’t rely only in the annihilation of all kind of opposition, despite the fact that, since January 1959, its governability depended on fear (out of pure terror) to reduce a plural society to […]

Photo of the Day – Communist humiliation in Cuba’s Venezuela

Via Maduradas, Venezuelans standing in line for hours for food are forced to allow themselves to be branded like animals by government officials to mark their spot in the food lines. Those who refuse the humiliation are denied access to the little food that is available in Cuba's Venezuela.

As the EU resumes talks with the repressive Castro dictatorship, human rights NGOs call for inclusion of Cuba’s civil society

The EU continues its scandalous failed policy of asking Cuba's slave masters what would be best for their slaves. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuban and European NGOs: Include Civil Society and Political Opponents in Negotiations This week, representatives of the Castro dictatorship and the European Union are meeting in Brussels to discuss a potential new […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: The ‘R’ word

By Anabella Abadi an Barbara Lira in Caracas Chronicles: The “R” Word Our calendar says it’s 2014, but Venezuela seems to be stuck in the XXth Century: we are dealing with the return of malaria, and shortages. Yes… the country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world is -ironically- filled with empty supermarket […]

Reports from Cuba: Angel Santiesteban transferred to La Lima prison

Via 14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Angel Santiesteban Transferred to La Lima Prison 14YMEDIO, Havana, August 22, 2014 – The writer Angel Santiesteban might have been transferred to La Lima prison, located in the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa. The information was provided to 14ymedio by Lilianne Ruíz, a freelance journalist who visited the police station at […]

France’s socialist economic policies: ‘Cuba without the sun’

The communist economic policies of  the Castro dictatorship have worked so well in Cuba that there is no doubt France's socialist politicians behind the Cuban-style communist policies in that country are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong. Via The Economist: No more Cuban-style policies? IN MANY respects, the new French […]

Postcards from Cuba: Stalin trembles

From our friends at Guamá:

New Pew poll in Venezuela shows Venezuelans prefer U.S. to the hegemony of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Via the Pew Research Center: Despite rocky diplomatic relations, Venezuelan public prefers U.S. to Cuba Venezuela has had a rough year. With inflation topping 60% in May, new talk of raising the country’s incredibly low gas prices and shortages of goods ranging from coffee to toilet paper, the socialist government is reaching out to allies […]

Cuba’s State Media brags about Nation of Islam Farrakhan’s admiration for apartheid dictator Fidel Castro

Sit back and enjoy the irony of a black supremacist who calls white people the "devil" expressing glowing admiration for Fidel Castro, the racist leader of Cuba's white apartheid regime. Via ACN, a state-run propaganda outlet of Cuba's Castro dictatorship: Louis Farrakhan Reiterates Admiration for Fidel Castro HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 26 (acn) The leader of […]

Pierce Brosnan honors Cuba’s Bay of Pigs veterans from the Brigada 2506 in Miami

Click here to watch the video courtesy of our good friend Diana Arteaga.

Internet freedom in Cuba rated as ‘Not Free’; so much for Google Chrome…

Google's recent decision to make its internet browser Chrome available to web surfers in Cuba was met with cheers and high fives by Fidel Castro's three little pigs: Three Cuban-American organizations who under the guise of seeking liberty in Cuba actually spend all their time, money, and resources lobbying for the Castro regime and calling […]