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  • Gallardo: “…is bad news for an island trying to improve its economy” Sure, till this day there is no market economy...

  • Griffin: In addition to the high suicide rate and low birthrate, Cuba also has the highest abortion rate in the Western hemisphere. Add...

  • asombra: Cubans on the island procreate just fine. They just abort the consequences in record numbers. I will never forget, a few years...

  • asombra: As for Fidel, nice biceps, no? Sheesh. Talk about delusions of hotness.

  • asombra: Even if (repeat, IF) this clearly wet-behind-the-ears NON-CUBAN “Latino” person is writing in good faith (which is...

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Ros-Lehtinen: UN resolution against U.S. embargo on Cuba’s dictatorship another example of the world-body’s dysfunction

From the offices of U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): UNGA Resolution Against the U.S. Embargo on Cuba is Yet Another Example of the Dysfunction of the World Body, Says Ros-Lehtinen (WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, made the following statement on the United Nations General […]

Reports from Cuba: Has stagnation returned?

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: Has Stagnation Returned? For years, stagnation was a constant of Cuban-style socialism, as it was in the socialism of Eastern Europe. Starting in 2006, with the change at the helm, it seemed as if the country was going to awaken from its long lethargy and start to move forward, […]

If Cuba’s propaganda campaign succeeds, the Castros may just have to reinforce their blockade

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: "You'll see, with this campaign we have going on... they're going to end up lifting the embargo." "We're going to have to reinforce the blockade then."

They write letters… No rewarding Cuba’s Castro regime

Rosa Maria Paya, member of Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement and daughter of slain opposition leader Oswaldo Paya, assassinated by the Castro regime in 2012, writes a letter to the editors of The Washington Post: No rewarding the Cuban regime Conversations with the Cuban government, which have been maintained for decades by U.S. congressmen, lobbies, nongovernmental […]

Money trumps morality: Armenian-Canadian businessmen invest and lose millions in totalitarian Cuba

By Vilen Khlgatyan at the Political Developments Research Center: Money Trumps Morality: Armenian-Canadian Businessmen Invest and Lose Millions in Totalitarian Cuba Late last month the regime of Raúl Castro sentenced a Canadian businessman of Armenian origin, Cy Tokmakjian to 15 years in prison on corruption-related charges. The sentence follows a three-year ordeal which began as part […]

Another enslaved baseball player escapes Cuba’s slave plantation

Via NBC Sports: Cuban second baseman Andy Ibanez defects to sign with MLB team Ben Badler of Baseball America reports that 21-year-old second baseman Andy Ibanez has defected from Cuba with the intention of signing with an MLB team. Ibanez was the youngest player on Cuba’s World Baseball Classic roster last year and Badler rates him […]

Cuba hasn’t earned embargo’s end

The Editorial Board of The Miami Herald: Cuba hasn’t earned embargo’s end In October of 1960, the United States imposed an embargo on exports to Cuba covering all commodities except medical supplies and certain food products. That was the beginning of a trade embargo that still endures and still inspires heated debate. The anniversary of […]

Reports from Cuba: The misery that unites us

By Rebeca Monzo in Translating Cuba: The Misery That Unites Us When the ill-named Special Period began in 1989, three years had passed since I had quit my job with the Cuban National Commission of UNESCO (with all that that implies), where I worked as a secretary. I was making 148 Cuban pesos (CUP) a […]

Tweet of the Day – Building socialism in Cuba

By dissident blogger and photographer Yusnaby Perez: ???? La Habana después de 56 años "construyendo el socialismo". NOTA: No explotó una sola bomba. — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) September 19, 2014 Havana after 56 years of "building socialism." NOTE: Not one bomb has ever gone off here.

Another shameless New York Times editorial in support of Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship

Not much has changed at The New York Times since the days of Castro propagandist Herbert Matthews. More than a half century later, the Times editors are still shamelessly shilling for the murderous Castro dictatorship and their apartheid regime. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Desperate and Shameless: The New York Times' Latest Cuba Editorial Last Sunday, […]

Protests for the freedom of Sonia Garro in Cuba and New York City

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Protests for the freedom of Sonia Garro in Cuba and New York City "Opponents of freedom would like us to believe that our choices when facing conflict are to use violence in which they have superior capacity or do nothing, history shows there is a […]

Reports from Cuba: Misguided opinions

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: Misguided Opinions It comes to my attention that in recent months the World Bank has reported that, according to their evaluation, Cuba has one of the best public education systems in the world, with acceptable teacher pay, and the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) has said something similar […]

Cuba-Venezuela’s Bolivarian plan to combat Ebola

Garrincha in Yahoo Noticias: "We have a Bolivarian plan to combat Ebola." "Blame the United States!"

Cuba and China run to the aid of North Korea’s dictatorship

To paraphrase the old adage, dictatorships of a feather stick together... Via Foreign Policy: North Korea Enlists the Help of Cuba and China in Shielding Kim Jong Un From ICC North Korea has long used ballistic missile tests and underground nuclear explosions to proclaim its intentions to the world. But fearing that the West wants […]

Are Cuba and Brazil partners in human trafficking?

Maria Werlau in Spain's ABC (translation by Capitol Hill Cubans): Paying for The Port of Mariel: Are Cuba and Brazil Partners in Human Trafficking? The Brazilian government has committed huge taxpayer funds —in loans, subsidies, and direct humanitarian assistance— to support infrastructure projects, food exports, and other initiatives in or for Cuba. Brazil has also […]