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  • Paxety: Who blew whom? obama or raul? It’s interesting how obama is so quick to switch from being a Muslim to being a Commie.

  • asombra: This is not really a shock, but my disappointment and disgust with the Vatican is now complete. I expect Obama was going to go...

  • asombra: Ray, I confess I allowed myself a small, fleeting hope that Francis would be different, but even before today’s...

  • asombra: Question: What did Cuban-American congresspersons, particularly Senator Menéndez, know about this and when did they know it? The...

  • asombra: It clearly appears that the job of the New York Times was to prepare the way (the timing was certainly perfect) and provide...

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Reports from Cuba: The privilege of living in Cuba

By Cederistin Dominguez in Translating Cuba: The Privilege of Living in Cuba 14ymedio, CEDERISTIN DOMINGUEZ, 10 December 2014 — The independent press that usually criticizes the Cuban government using human rights as a pretext should come out into the street today, December 10. Our children, especially those in primary school, will be playing, jumping and […]

If the New York Times really cared about the Cuban people…

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: If The New York Times Really Cared About Cuban "Entrepreneurs" and "Reformists"... Yesterday, The New York Times published its seventh editorial criticizing U.S. policy, while whitewashing Cuba's totalitarian dictatorship. As we noted, this latest editorial was particularly discombobulated. Amid his trademark contradictions, misrepresentations and omissions, NYT editorial writer Ernesto Londoño argues […]

Fidel Castro’s Perfect Peace Prize

Our good friend Jay Nordlinger in National Review: Fidel Castro’s Perfect Peace Prize The Chinese Communists have something in common with the Nazis and the Soviets. Well, many things, but I’m thinking of one in particular: Piqued at the Norwegian Nobel Committee, they created a peace prize of their own. In 1936, the Nobel committee […]

Reports from Cuba: Choreography of an interrogation

By Victor Ariel Gonzalez in Translating Cuba: Choreography of an Interrogation “Sit down!” ordered ‘Number One.’ “I’m comfortable like this, thanks,” I responded. 14ymedio, VICTOR ARIEL GONZALEZ, Havana, 12 December 2014 — “But you didn’t come here to be comfortable,” he concluded, and for once we were in agreement on something, Number One and I: […]

Cuba’s Alan Gross Stew

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "This stew has gotten a bit sour. Do we have anything else we can add in? "We have some USAID rappers blood sausages." "Throw it in!"

Cuba’s largest export is the sale of enslaved doctors – but ‘slave’ is such a harsh word

Although it walks and quacks like a duck, Newsweek just can't bring itself to admit it is a duck. Mountains of evidence detailed in this article prove Cuba's apartheid Castro dictatorship is engaged in the slave trade, selling enslaved doctors to the highest bidder. Nevertheless, they just can't bring themselves to admit and call it […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: The Phantom of Miraflores

Via Venezuela News & Views: The Phantom of Miraflores There is no doubt about it, not only Maduro is in denial but he has a plan. That the plan is written by Cubans willing to gamble on outright repression is inconsequential. That the plan has any chance of success is beyond the point. That chavismo […]

Tweet of the Day – CIA agents in Cuba

By Cuban dissident and independent journalist Yusnaby Perez: Aquí un agente de la CIA confundiendo ideológicamente al noble niño. #Cuba — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) December 15, 2014 Here you have a CIA agent pushing ideological confusion on this helpless noble child.

Reports from Cuba: The counterrevolutionary activities of the Associated Press

By Reinaldo Escobar in Translating Cuba: The Counterrevolutionary Activities of the Associated Press 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 11 December 2014 — After reading the latest investigation published by the Associated Press involving Cuban musicians, I no longer have the least doubt that the AP is developing the most subtle and treacherous counterrevolutionary campaign of all […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: A threat, but only in theory

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: A threat, but only in theory The US Congress has passed a law asking for sanctions against Venezuelan human rights violators. President Obama is expected to sign it. So you will hear a lot in the coming days about “imperialism,” about how the US is looking to overthrow the Venezuelan revolution, […]

The Floridambia Straits


In this Info-War, the problem is not only Russia

An excellent and revealing article by my good friend Nathalie Vogel on the info wars being waged in Europe, which if you examine carefully, use almost the exact same tactics employed by Cuba's apartheid Castro dictatorship. Via The Interpreter: In This Info-War, The Problem Is Not Only Russia Much has been written in recent weeks […]

Fidel Castro: ‘The greatest Adonis’

By Enrique del Risco in Enrisco (my translation): The Greatest Adonis Future historians will have difficulty in determining the exact moment when Cuba passed from being a totalitarian communist state to simply a very poor and repressive capitalist country (or in other words, from being  the "Caribbean North Korea" to the "Other Haiti in the […]

Human Rights Day in apartheid Cuba: 240 human rights activists arrested by Castro State Security

Report from Capitol Hill Cubans: Final Tally: 240 Dissidents Arrested in Cuba During Human Rights Day Last Wednesday, December 10th was Human Rights Day. In Cuba, it was commemorated with widespread arrests against peaceful opposition activists. According to the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights, at least 240 known political arrests took place throughout the island […]

Ecuador’s dictator Rafael Correa thinks he can be a dictator in the U.S. as well

Cuba's little protege in Ecuador, dictator Rafael Correa, thinks just because he wields dictatorial power over the press and the judiciary in his country, he can do the same in the U.S. Lachlan Markay in The Washington Free Beacon: Ecuador Moves to Block Disclosure of U.S. Propaganda Activities Government attempts to prevent court discovery of […]