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  • asombra: So you think Cardinal Ortega, who called us “gusanera,” got the message when he heard that psalm at mass? I...

  • asombra: Carlos, that psalm is too perfect to be a coincidence; thanks for sharing it. May God hear those Cubans who see themselves in it...

  • Rayarena: There are no dissidents in Cuba. As Jaime Ortega with the South American Pope’s blessing says: cosas de la gusaneria de...

  • asombra: Fidel cheese should be like blue cheese, but with black mold in it, and called “Bola de Churre.”

  • asombra: Are Cubans ever going to be duly ashamed of how seriously, INCREDIBLY badly they fucked up? Don’t bet on it.

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Response from Representatives Ros-Lehtinen and Diaz-Balart on Castro regime’s brutal beating of dissident leader in Cuba

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): Obama Administration Willing to Overlook Castro Regime Transgressions, Says Ros-Lehtinen (Washington, DC) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa, made the following statement after several activists, including Antonio Rodiles, were brutally beaten yesterday by Cuba’s repressive apparatus. Statement by Ros-Lehtinen: “Once […]

Reports from Cuba: Hitler, Stalin, and Fidel

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: Hitler, Stalin and Fidel Angel Santiesteban-Prats, 14 May 2015 — Like in an old historical museum of the horror of the Cuban Revolution, the visit of the most powerful rulers to Fidel Castro’s lair is expected. It’s like visiting a living mummy, still able to continue to do harm to […]

Los Pichy Boys question Obama on restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Los Pichy Boys: Trending Topic Embajadas Cuba Y Estados Unidos, Los PichyBoys Dale Like , Share y Comenta , Que crees de las Nuevas relaciones entre Cuba y Estados Unidos , Estas de Acuerdo con Las Embajadas? Crees que algo va a Cambiar ? Déjanos tu comentario. #ELTT #ELTrendingTopic Posted by Los Pichy Boys on […]

Cuba and Conscience

Our good friend Jay Nordlinger in National Review: Cuba and Conscience In Impromptus, I have the usual potpourri: Hillary Clinton, Iran, music, and so on. But I don’t have any Cuba. And I might make a brief note here. Today, the Obama administration and the Castro dictatorship will formalize their pact: There will be an […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Another Sunday of violent arrests, dissident leader brutally beaten by State Security

When President Obama unveiled his new policy of Hope and Change in Cuba back in December, he assured us that befriending Cuba's apartheid Castro regime and surrendering to all their demands would somehow break the shackles of slavery and end tyranny on the island. The reality, however, is that ever since Obama began his unilateral […]

Reports from Cuba: Living off others

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: Living Off Others The five spies, transformed by decree into “heroes,” have proved quite expensive, both to the Cuban people and the American taxpayers. First, it cost to train, relocate, and “plant” them” in the United States to carry out their espionage work. Second, it cost to discover, prosecute, and […]

‘Hey Obama, how about declaring Hialeah the headquarters for Cuba’s July 26 movement?’

Garrincha in Martí Noticias:

Examining Cuba and North Korea healthcare claims

Like North Korea, Cuba's Castro dictatorship has made some very lofty claims when it comes to medicine and healthcare. And like North Korea, those magnificent claims are basically bullsh*t. John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Examining Cuba and North Korea healthcare claims  "Communist political violence flowed from a utopian vision of the […]

Cuba’s Havana Archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, threatens and attacks dissidents again

For the umpteenth time, Cuba's Cardinal Jaime Ortega shows his corruption and iniquity. And for the corresponding umpteenth time, the Vatican and the Pope (current and past) will do absolutely nothing about it. May God have mercy on them. Via Diario Las Americas (my translation): 'You all get your information from worm-infested Miami' A group […]

Reports from Cuba: The lives of opposition leaders have their names on the government’s blacklist

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: The Lives Of Opposition Leaders Have Their Names On The Government’s Blacklist Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, 3 June 2015If the Cuban dictatorship has an enemy, it is themselves, as an institution of evil. After committing their outrages, the injustices and atrocities carried out by their henchmen who commit the atrocities they are […]

Human Rights in Cuba not invited to the Obama-Castro cocktail party

Morin in The Miami Herald: H/T Reganista

Interview with Rosa Maria Paya: The U.S. is negotiating with Cuba’s ruling caste

In Spain's El Pais (translation via Post Revolution Mondays): “The United States is negotiating with the Cuban caste.” Cuban regime opponent, daughter of Oswaldo Para, speaks of the shortcomings of the thaw. To Rosa Maria Paya (b. January 1989, Havana), daughter of the late Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya and a member of the Christian Liberation […]

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to the freest country on earth!

While some are trying to extinguish our country's beacon of freedom and erase the notion of  liberty we represent, America will emerge victorious and tyranny will once again be defeated. Happy Birthday, America!

Ana Belen Montes, the spy unknown in Cuba

By Ivan Garcia: Ana Belen Montes, The Spy Unknown in Cuba In a maximum-security prison in Texas, more than 900 miles from Cuba, Ana Belén Montes, former Pentagon military-intelligence analyst, is serving 12 years, incarcerated with some of the most dangerous women in the United States. She shares a cell with a disturbed housewife who […]

Embassies in Cuba, the U.S., and Turkey

Lauzán: - Cuba reopens its embassy in the U.S.A. - The U.S.A. reopens its embassy in Cuba - Antonio Castro opens an "Interests Section" in Turkey