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  • Rayarena: Asombra: “The NYT knows exactly what the score is, as it always has, but it’s simply playing its long-accustomed...

  • asombra: Cuba is doing what suits Castro, Inc., period. But let’s give due credit: the regime could hardly be clearer. It’s...

  • asombra: Che Guevara, for one, was all for the USSR crushing the Hungarian uprising, just as Fidel later kissed Soviet ass by being all...

  • asombra: Carlos, it’s OK. They’re Latrines, which means their concept of shame and disgrace is VERY different from yours, so...

  • asombra: The NYT is simply protecting its creature, its Frankenstein, as it always has and always will. The Herbert Matthews business was...

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Naïve New York Times Fails to Recognize Cuba’s Real Enemy

By Karel Becerra in Panam Post: Naïve New York Times Fails to Recognize Cuba’s Real Enemy If Economic Pressure Forces Reforms, Up the Pressure A few days ago the New York Times asked for an end to the “embargo on Cuba.” However, they should have asked for an end to the embargo on Castro. Cubans […]

Cuba and Ebola: The New York Times goes Duranty

Fausta Wertz on Fausta's Blog: Cuba: NYT goes Duranty on ebola Walter Duranty, arguably the New York Times’s most [in]famous correspondent, earned his reputation as Stalin’s apologist. In keeping with this tradition, the NYT editorial board is touting Cuba’s Impressive Role on Ebola, actually parroting Cuba’s Communist propaganda (from the mouth of José Luis Di […]

Reports from Cuba: What happens if Ebola comes to Cuba?

By Jeovany Jimenez Vega in Translating Cuba: What Happens If Ebola Comes To Cuba? The Ebola outbreak on the world epidemiological scene will obviously involve a huge challenge for every country that is reached by the current epidemic, already registered as the greatest in history and that in recent days has reached about 9000 confirmed […]

Politicizing everything about Cuba

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "Jeez, you people are always politicizing everything!"

Down with the embargo, long live the embargo

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Translating Cuba: Down With the Embargo, Long Live the Embargo Graphics by El Sexto The New York Times is not in favor or against the American embargo of the Cuban government. The New York Times is simply in favor of what in every circumstance is most convenient to the Castro […]

Latin America’s largest hotel company is owned by Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship

Just another among the many pesky facts that contradict the apartheid Castro dictatorship's propaganda narrative as disseminated by its American "Cuba Experts" and their all too willing media accomplices. So tell me again how sending millions of U.S. tourists to vacation in Cuba in one of the Castro mafia's hotels or resorts helps the enslaved […]

The implications of ending the embargo on Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship

The University of Miami's Dr. Jaime Suchlicki in the Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies' Focus on Cuba: Implications of Ending the Cuban Embargo If the U.S. were to end the embargo and lift the travel ban without major reforms in Cuba, there would be significant implications: Money from American tourists would flow into […]

WaPo: Cuba should not be rewarded for denying freedom to its people

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: Cuba should not be rewarded for denying freedom to its people THE OTHER day, Fidel Castro wrote an opinion column for Cuba’s state-run newspaper, Granma, as he has done periodically from retirement. He lavished praise on an editorial in the New York Times that called for an end […]

Reports from Cuba: What isn’t working?

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: What Isn’t Working? Let’s take a look at four different situations. In the case of the national railway, the authorities in charge claim that its problems are due to outdated equipment and the lack of proper maintenance resulting from a lack of spare parts. The system has not been […]

Raul Castro’s desperate offensive

An excerpt from Carlos Alberto Montaner's editorial in Diario de Cuba (translated by Capitol Hill Cubans): Raul Castro's Desperate Offensive Raul Castro fears that Venezuela's subsidies will dry out in the short-term. He sees it coming. The price of oil is falling and the chaos generated by the absolute inefficiency of "chavismo" has Venezuela about […]

Dissident Cuban rapper ‘El Critico’ arrested and held since March 2013 sentenced to 6 years in Castro gulag

Where are Jay-Z and Beyonce when you need them? Via Uncommon Sense: Imprisoned Cuban rap singer 'El Critico' sentenced to 6 years in prison Angel Yunier Remon, "El Critico" Imprisoned Cuban rap singer/political activist Angel Yunier "El Critico" Remon has been sentenced to 6 years in prison. El Critico and several family members had been […]

Reports from Cuba: Of jails in Cuba

By Ivan Garcia: Of Jails In Cuba For Saul prison is like his second home. He celebrated his 63rd birthday behind bars, fabricating cement and gravel blocks for a Cuban state enterprise called Provari, which makes everything from bricks, tiles and mattresses to insecticides and sells them for hard currency. Saul knows the island’s penitentiary […]

One afternoon at the Hugo Chavez Institute for Advanced Studies…

Garrincha in Yahoo Noticias:

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship sends agents to Nebraska to promote its apartheid regime

Chris Simmons in Cuba Confidential: Cuban 5 Activist Lobbies For Spy-Terrorists at Nebraska Peace Conference The leftist newspaper, The Militant, reported on “Free The 5” efforts at a Nebraska Peace Conference in early October. The event reportedly drew over 100 attendees to discuss issues from the war in the Middle East to the environment. When […]

Reports from Cuba: Responding to the NYT editorial ‘End the US Embargo on Cuba’

By Clive Rudd Fernandez in Havana Times: Responding to The NYT editorial “End the US Embargo on Cuba” I was surprised to read the editorial from the New York Times on October 11, 2014, not because of the subject but because of the unconvincing and poor arguments presented. As a Cuban who’s lived in exile […]