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  • antonio2009: How about the fawning Shimon Peres letter to Fidel Castro in 2010, for starters?

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  • asombra: You know what Fidel was thinking in that top photo: “Gabo, you’re such a little bitch.”

  • asombra: Who’s the BS artist? Insulza, or some official Cuban “intellectual”?

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Reports from Cuba: Niether blacks nor whites, Cubans

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: Neither Blacks Nor Whites, Cubans Neither black nor white, Cuba is mixed, some of the country’s investigators and intellectuals have asserted for some time now. The declaration seems to respond to an eminently political intention: incorporation into the current Latin American mixed ethnicity, so fashionable among our populists. This […]

On Gabo’s Passing

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: On Gabo's Passing Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 87, died last night at his home in Mexico City. Known as "Gabo," he was one of the most popular and talented Latin American novelists of our time.  His writings include the epic 1967 novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Love in the Time […]

Cuba’s UNEAC: The ‘Moncada Barracks’ of Culture

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "UNEAC is the Moncada Barracks of culture!" "That's interesting. Will we be having carnivals now celebrating those who died attacking the UNEAC barracks?"

Venezuela: Inspired by Marx!

Fausta over at Fausta's Blog: Venezuela: Inspired by Marx! Marxist Nicolas Maduro’s making a fashion statement inspired by Marx. Groucho Marx, that is: Nicolás Maduro introduced the new symbol of the revolution: The mustache cap. The Venezuelan president surprised all during at event by showing the new icon of chavismo, by which all his followers […]

Jesus, the most active resister, nonviolence and Venezuela

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Jesus, the most active resister, nonviolence and Venezuela "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." - Edmund Burke, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents (1770) On Holy Thursday […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Where have all the dollars gone?

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: Where have all the dollars gone? Reading the Venezuelan press, it’s easy to forget this is a petro-state, and that the barrel of oil is selling at prices close to its historic high. Just today, we found out that airlines can say goodbye to repatriating their profits at the agreed-upon […]

Reports from Cuba: ‘I only know that I am afraid’

By Tania Diez Castro in Translating Cuba: “I Only Know That I Am Afraid” HAVANA, Cuba — For almost the first three years of his regime, Fidel Castro was not interested in Cuban intellectuals. He did not forgive their passivity during the years of revolutionary insurrection. They had not put bombs in the street, nor […]

There is a shortgage of food, medicine, and shelter in Cuba – Now you can add condoms to the list

Another Advance of the Revolution! Via The Miami Herald: Condom shortage hits Cuba First, potatoes disappeared from Cuban markets. They are back, but police are struggling to keep throngs of frantic buyers in check. And now there are shortages of beer and condoms, with some shops charging up to $1.30 for each prophylactic. Havana blogger […]

Raul Castro, the enemy of unanimity by a unanimous vote

Lauzan in Yahoo Noticias: "By an absolute unanimous vote, I hereby declare myself an absolute enemy of unanimity!"

Desperately Seeking Proof of Cuba’s Role in Venezuela?

Victoria Henderson in PanAm Post: Desperately Seeking Proof of Cuba’s Role in Venezuela? Scholars and Journalists Should Question State's Incentive to Conceal Information Why does the mention of Cuba’s influence in Venezuela throw otherwise reasonable people into a seeming state of incredulity? This week, Moisés Naím (a former minister of trade and industry for Venezuela […]

Image of the Day – Cuba for tourists vs. Cuba for Cubans

See if you can guess which is which... H/T Yusnaby Perez

53 years ago today, the world met Cuba’s greatest generation

For many of us, they are just our parents, grandparents, and in some cases, our great-grandparents. They are humble, hard-working folk who wholly dedicated themselves to providing a life of liberty and freedom for their children. But fifty-three years ago today, more than 1,500 Cuban exiles from that generation embarked on a mission to free […]

Cuba: Jailed independent journalist charged with ‘terrorism’ by Castro dictatorship

Another benevolent act by the munificent, reformed dictatorship of the Castro crime family. Via Reporters Without Borders: Journalist held for past ten days, charged with “terrorism” Reporters Without Borders condemns independent journalist Juliet Michelena Díaz’s detention since 7 April, three days after she wrote a by-lined report for the Miami-based independent news platform Cubanet about […]

Ros-Lehtinen Commemorates Anniversary of Bay of Pigs, Urges Obama to Support Freedom in Cuba

From the offices of U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): Ros-Lehtinen Commemorates Anniversary of Bay of Pigs, Urges the Obama Administration to Support Freedom On the Island (Miami, Florida) – Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) issued the following statement on the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs. Said Ros-Lehtinen: “On this tragic anniversary, we honor the memory […]

Tweet of the Day – ‘Yippee! Communism is so much fun!”

Cuban dissident blogger Yusnaby Perez tweets a photograph of foreign tourists in Cuba having a ball with communism: "Yupiiii... Que divertido el comunismo." ¡Llegaron los turistas! #Cuba — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) April 9, 2014 "Yippeeeee... Communism is so much fun! The tourists have arrived!"