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  • asombra: She knows all about the murderous tendencies of Castro, Inc., alright, but that’s not what I was talking about or getting...

  • joelima: Excuse me, Asombra, but…”babe”? I think Rosa Maria Paya, who I would remind you knows a thing or two about the...

  • asombra: If you were Castro Inc., and somebody like Obama sent you somebody like Jacobson to “deal,” would you be licking...

  • asombra: Jacobson looks half asleep. At least Ana Belen Montes would have looked tougher and might have faked it better. Vamos bien.

  • asombra: Even if I weren’t Cuban, I’d be ashamed of Obama and this disgraceful Cuba business. The US doesn’t need Cuba;...

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Reports from Cuba: A question for Roberta Jacobson

By Clive Rudd Fernandez in Translating Cuba: A Question for Roberta Jacobson In July of last year, when I talked to some of the victims of the “Marzo de 13” Tugboat massacre in the Bay of Havana, I found a list of horrifying statistics. Two of them would make any halfway decent human being shudder: […]

Argentina’s Kirchner knows what’s really important…

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: "Four 'Likes'!"

U.S. officials must accept nothing less than free elections in Cuba and justice for murdered human rights acvisits

Rosa Maria Paya in PanAmPost: US Officials Must Keep Their Eyes on the Prize in Cuba Nothing Less: Free Elections, Accountability for Murdered Activists At the time of writing, I’ve been in Washington, DC, for 12 hours: just enough to accept Senator Marco Rubio’s kind invitation to attend President Barack Obama’s State of the Union […]

In first round of ‘talks’ in Havana, Cuba’s spy-run negotiating team scores big win over Obama’s delegation

By retired spy-catcher Lt. Col. Chris Simmons in Cuba Confidential: Havana’s Spies Seen as Big Winner in New US-Cuban Relations Havana long ago earned the nickname “Intelligence Trafficker to the World” for its sale and barter of stolen US secrets. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union and the loss of Moscow’s $3 billion annual […]

Obama’s ‘Art of the Bad Deal’: Cuba’s apartheid Castro regime rolls right over U.S. negotiators in Havana

If making a horrible deal where you give up everything in return for nothing could ever be considered an art form, President Obama would be the Donald Trump of bad deals. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: U.S.-Cuba Talks Recap: Castro Coerces, Obama Acquiesces This week's "normalization" talks between the United States and Cuba were akin to […]

Reports from Cuba: White flag to the regime in Havana?

By Jeovany Jimenez Vega in Translating Cuba: White Flag to the Regime in Havana? Those who advocate the elimination of the mechanisms of political pressure to which the Cuban government remains subject — I mean basically the United States Embargo and the Common European Position — often wield as a fundamental argument the alleged climate […]

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship finds it’s easy to negotiate with Obama

Garrincha in El Nuevo Herald: "This is what we're demanding from Obama." "And what are they asking of Raul?" "That he wear more Guayabera shirts."

Historic meeting between American and Cuban human rights defenders

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Historic meeting between American and Cuban human rights defenders January 22nd, 2014: Today Mario Diaz-Balart tweeted the image of American civil rights icon Representative John Lewis seated at a table with Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez and  Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera remarking "What a historic […]

Obama Interview Question of the Day – How do you justify dealing with Cuba’s ‘dick-tatorship’?

During an interview with President Obama, Green-lipped YouTube personality GloZell asks how the president can justify dealing with the Castros, a repressive regime that "puts the 'Dick' in dictatorship." Via Real Clear Politics: YouTube Star GloZell Green to Obama: Castro Puts the "Dick" In Dictatorship "I grew up in Florida and I have a lot […]

The Obama State Dept’s one-sided ‘talks’ with Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship: All for Castros, nothing in return

What a surprise. The Obama State Department sends officials to Havana to have "talks" with thugs from Cuba's apartheid Castro dictatorship and all they got was a laundry list of demands from the regime with nothing offered in return. Via the AP in The Boston Globe: US, Cuba talks fail to yield movement toward normal […]

Prosecutor in Argentina assassinated Cuba-style: Who killed Nisman?

An Argentine prosecutor who discovered evidence of a cover up by President Kirchner to protect Iranian terrorists who carried out the worst terrorist attack in Argentina is suddenly murdered the night before he was to testify before lawmakers. The attempt by his assassins to make it look like a suicide was quite transparent and reminiscent […]

When will Cuba belong to Cubans?


Why Cuba’s ‘Nelson Mandela’ didn’t wave at Obama during State of the Union address

By Michelle O'Berg-Figueroa in Fusion: Why Cuba’s ‘Nelson Mandela’ didn’t wave at Obama during last night’s State of the Union address Former U.S. contractor Alan Gross got a standing ovation during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last night, but he wasn’t the only former Cuban prisoner in attendance. Sitting quietly on the non-clapping […]

Obama’s SOTU misstep on Cuba

Capitol Hill Cubans' Mauricio Claver-Carone on MSNBC with Jose Diaz-Balart:

Dissident artist ‘El Sexto,’ imprisoned in Cuba for ‘insulting’ Castro brothers falls ill

Obama's unilateral concessions and appeasement of Cuba's vicious apartheid regime is paying off in spades. Via Uncommon Sense: Cuban artist falls ill while in jail on charges he 'insulted' Castro brother-dictators El Sexto Despite the recent giddiness by some about Cuba, there remain in the Castro gulag numerous political prisoners, including at least one -- Danilo […]