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  • asombra: About a month before the forcible seizure, Gabriel García Márquez wrote a substantial piece from Havana on the Elián situation,...

  • asombra: She’s just a fascist, so who cares? Move along.

  • asombra: “It is difficult but it is not oppressive. It is not to minimize the human rights challenges, but there have been changes...

  • asombra: A couple of excellent pieces (in Spanish) on García Márquez: e/index.php?option=com_cont...

  • asombra: Don’t blame Castro, Inc. for trying what’s previously worked. Blame those who’ve let it get away with it.

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Dozens of Cuba’s Ladies in White suffer brutal beatings and arrests for 41st Sunday in a row

What do you get for peacefully practicing your faith on Easter Sunday in the reformed Cuba of the benevolent apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family? The same thing you got for the 40 Sundays before that: A brutal beat down and jail. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: 41st Sunday in a Row: Ladies in White Beaten, […]

Reports from Cuba: A law with dark corners

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: A Law with Dark Corners The Foreign Investment Law, debated and approved by the National Assembly in extraordinary session, has some worrisome aspects, both for foreign investors as well as for Cuban citizens. It seems that Cubans living in other countries are not covered under the law since the […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Incitatii Bolivariani

By Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez in Caracas Chronicles: Incitatii Bolivariani … or a modest proposal for Venezuela (A guest post by friend-of-the-blog Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez) The Emperor Gaius Caligula Caesar enjoys a hallowed a place within popular imagination. With the possible exception of Nero, whose alleged stint at fighting fire with music has historically received mixed reviews, it is […]

The ‘Peace’ of Cuba’s ’21st Century Socialism’ in Venezuela

By Jorge Cruz:

Reinaldo Arenas on Gabo: Gabriel García Márquez: ¿Esbirro o es burro? (Tool or fool?)

The following is a translation by Asombra of a text by the highly acclaimed Cuban author Reinaldo Arenas. It was initially written in 1981 in New York City and published in Mexico (Kosmos; 1986) and in Miami (Ediciones Universal; 2001) as part of the book Necesidad de libertad--Grito luego existo. A special thanks to our […]

We must never forget: ‘My father died at the Bay of Pigs Invasion’

A letter written to The Miami Herald by Ceci Sanchez, whose father was martyred during the Bay of Pigs: My father died at the Bay of Pigs Invasion This Easter Sunday is especially sad for me. My father died this weekend 53 years ago at the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. My dad, Jose Ignacio […]

Easter Sunday in Venezuela: Pro-democracy protestors demonstrate against Cuba-backed dictatorship

Yesterday on Easter Sunday, pro-democracy activists and student protestors came together in a massive demonstration against the Cuban puppet dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. Photos via Maduradas: See more HERE.

Easter No. 3 for a Prisoner of Castro

Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Wall Street Journal: Easter No. 3 for a Prisoner of Castro Bearing witness to Cuba's political persecution costs Sonia Garro her freedom. Christians the world over celebrated the resurrection of their savior on Sunday with worship services and family gatherings. Thirty-eight-year-old Sonia Garro shares the faith too, but she spent […]

Cuba’s Castro regime says: ‘Those condoms aren’t expired, the expiration date is wrong…’

Of course, the date printed on the condom packets indicating they are expired is just a typo according to Cuba's Castro regime. Those condoms are still good and there is no shortage of prophylactics on the island. Just like there is no shortage of food, medicine, clothing, freedom, or anything else in Cuba either. So […]

Reports from Cuba: Another Sweeping Law

By Rosa Maria Rodriguez in Translating Cuba: Another Sweeping Law The National Assembly or Cuban parliament approved with no problems — not a rare thing for this organ where although it’s not divine it “comes from above” — the new foreign investment law. You don’t need a crystal ball to know that new legislation, like […]

Brazil’s embrace of dictatorships like Cuba’s has left it marginalized on the world stage

Brazil is learning the hard way that when you embrace and assist the most vile and murderous dictatorships in the world, it is impossible to wash off the stench of death. Via the Financial Times: Brazil’s foreign policy stance leaves it in wings on global stage This month, Brazil marks a particularly grim moment in […]

Happy Easter! – He is risen!

Matthew 28:7: And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead, and indeed He is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him. Behold, I have told you.”

Reports from Cuba: Descriptive Hardship

By Rosa Maria Rodriguez in Translating Cuba: Descriptive Hardship An acquaintance of mine traded his one-and-a-half-room apartment for an even smaller one and a little cash, to ease his alcoholism and misery. I never entered his house and so I was unaware of his poverty. His furniture looked like shabby junk, which was probably — […]

Photos of the Day – Holy Week and the protests against Venezuela’s Cuba-backed dictatorship

Via Maduradas:

Slave labor in Cuba: The truth behind the Mariel Development Zone

No matter how the Castro dictatorship, its sycophants here in the U.S., and "Cuba Experts" try to sugarcoat it, slave labor is slave labor is slave labor. Via the Havana Times: Cuba’s Mariel Development Zone Unmasked HAVANA TIMES — Ana Teresa Igarza, director general of the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) Regulations Office, recently announced […]