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  • Humberto Fontova: “The Don is slipping.” Looks like it might be true this time?

  • asombra: There’s a misspelling on that plaque. It should have read “Esta es tu caca, Fidel.”

  • asombra: Don’t worry. Castro, Inc. knows what it’s doing, and it knows its public.

  • asombra: Either these people are pitiful idiots or they think everyone else is.

  • asombra: Because, you know, Reuters cares SO much about Cubans, so it really “feels their pain.” Just like Clinton did.

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Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: There is too much money to be made in the Bolivarian Revolution I: The Gasoline Racket

Via The Devil's Excrement: There Is Too Much Money To Be Made In The Bolivarian Revolution I: The Gasoline Racket. “You will never win this war when there is so much money to be made. Never” Jhon Popeye Velasquez alias “Marino” in an interview before he was released. To those that watched Escobar, El Patron del […]

Cuba: religious freedom violations continue to rise

Frank Calzon in Democracy Digest: Cuba: religious freedom violations continue to rise The Cuban government continues to repress religious believers and its Office of Religious Affairs, responsible for official permits to worship, continues to monitors and harasses churches, according to a new report from the widely-respected, UK-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide. The well-documented report, which covers […]

Havana: Beaten up and sad

A video on the sad state of Cuba's capital, Havana, from dissident blogger and photographer Yusnaby Perez. Watch it HERE.

Tourism to Cuba’s island slave plantation down, sale of slave labor remains top revenue source for Castro slave masters

International tourism to Cuba, the Caribbean's island slave plantation, is down for 2014. This keeps the illegal sale of slave labor to foreign countries and companies as the top source of revenue for the Castro slave masters in Havana. Via EFE in Fox News Latino: Slowdown Of Tourist Arrivals To Cuba Continued In July Havana […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Chavismo promoting CITGO sale tells us more than what we care to know

Via Venezuela News & Views: Chavismo promoting CITGO sale tells us more than what we care to know Of course, I could regale you with further tales of corruption and economic failure. But this blog is not that much about information these days, rather about the wonderment of being the deer in the headlights while […]

Reports from Cuba: You can’t come in

By Rosa Lopez in Translating Cuba: You Can’t Come In “You can’t come in,” a young doorkeeper emphatically tells a young man, while gesturing for him to move away from the door. When the target protests, he receives the explanation that in this crowded Havana club, “you can’t enter wearing shorts.” A sign posted at […]

Cuba’s princess Mariela Castro speaks again, this time in Uruguay

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "The UMAP* camps were just camping trips." *UMAP concentration camps were used by the Castro dictatorship to hold and reeducate gay Cubans rounded up by the regime for their "counterrevolutionary" orientation. The victims were forced to do hard labor and reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, signs were placed at the entrances […]

Providing internet access in Cuba without helping the repressive Castro dictatorship

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Internet for Cubans vs. Helping Castro's Censorship A centerpiece of recent lobbying efforts by Cuba sanctions foes is for U.S. companies to be allowed to invest in the Castro regime's telecom monopoly ("ETECSA"). Pursuant to the 1992 Cuba Democracy Act -- and subsequent regulations -- there's nothing in U.S. law that […]

A message of grave concern from opposition leader before her return to Cuba

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera returns to Cuba tomorrow and leaves a message of concern Stay vigilant and watch over activists in Cuba. Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera is worried about her husband's life and safety. Yris is a human rights defender and president of the Rosa Parks […]

More on Vatican Nuncio to Cuba’s searing criticism of repressive apartheid Castro dictatorship

Via The Miami Herald: Catholic archbishop in Cuba criticizes government In an unusual gesture for a member high in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy in Cuba, the Apostolic nuncio Bruno Musaro spoke openly about Cuba’s “extreme poverty and human and civil degradation.” Musaro made his controversial remarks while on vacation in Italy after holding a Mass […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Venezuela is becoming a crude importer. Discuss.

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: Venezuela is becoming a crude importer. Discuss. Our friend Marianna Párraga of Reuters published a major scoop yesterday: Venezuela is exploring the idea of importing crude oil for the first time in its history. Read it here. Now, I’m no oil expert, but a few questions pop into my head: The […]

Reports from Cuba: In the end, how much is my money worth?

By Anddy Sierra Alvarez in Translating Cuba: In the End, How Much is My Money Worth? The Cuban population has no idea of the real worth of a Cuban peso. So many private taxi drivers, like the pioneers of money devaluation–the state snack bars–never stop annoying people with measures outside any legal range. If the […]

Tweet of the Day – Why work in Cuba?

By dissident blogger and photographer, Yusnaby Perez: ¿Para qué trabajar? Vendiendo 3 aguacates al día se gana más. #Cuba — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) August 27, 2014 Why work? I can make more money just selling three avocados a day.

Photo of the Day – Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez found alive, now a woman!

Before his alleged death last year, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez visited Cuba several times to undergo multiple surgeries, all of which were shrouded in mystery. Now we know the purpose behind all those surgeries, and it was not about cancer. Instead, it appears obvious it was a sex change operation. While conventional wisdom at the […]

Should the U.S. follow the EU’s fickle lead on Cuba?

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Should the U.S. Follow Europe's Fickle Lead? In its latest edition, Americas Quarterly debates: "Will warming Cuba-EU ties open up U.S.-Cuba relations?" On one side, Sarah Stephens, Executive Director of the Castro-friendly, Center for Democracy in the Americas, argues that the U.S. should follow Europe's lead. (You can read her ir-rationale […]