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  • asombra: Carlos, you’ve got the wrong match-up. While it’s highly unlikely Fidel ever read through Marx’s Das Kapital...

  • asombra: Yes, the parasite that is Castro, Inc. must have providers to live off. MUST. It can always count on Cubans abroad, but it can...

  • asombra: Carlos, get ready for a nasty letter from Mariela for desecrating the image of St. Ernesto. She already did that when a gay...

  • antonio2009: It seems that you have recuperated back to your usual self. Felicidades.

  • Gusano: ¡que comebola!

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Reports from Cuba: Constitutional Consensus makes noise

By Lilianne Ruiz in Translating Cuba: Constitutional Consensus Makes Noise Constitutional Consensus advances from below, from those who know the least. Deep within the Island citizens, or rather those who aspire to be, join the project with misspellings, in the midst of smoke and sweat, fixing old bikes that deserve to be abandoned, and plowing […]

Cuba’s version of ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "I just got a foreign medical mission opportunity, I'll be right back."

The legacy of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship: ‘Untold thousands of watery graves’

Walter Russell Mead in The American Interest: The Castro Legacy: Untold Thousands of Watery Graves More than half a century of building socialism; billions of dollars in aid, first from the Soviet Union and later Venezuela; decades of repression in the name of socialist idealism. Yet Cuba is still such a mess that tens of […]

Eight independent journalists arrested in latest crackdown by Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

More of those reforms they keep telling us about. Via Uncommon Sense: 8 Cuban independent journalists arrested in recent days Ignacio Luis González Vida Eight Cuban independent journalists have been arrested in recent days while trying to report on the reality of life in Cuba, proving the danger of their work in Cuba and the […]

Reports from Cuba: Blessed be filtered water

By Elvira Fernandez in Translating Cuba: Blessed be filtered water “This water will satisfy you for today. Jesus will satisfy you for eternity, do you accept him?” it reads above the two taps, in one of the most useful and widely appreciated places in Ciego de Avila today. It is the people’s filtered water service […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Miami Venezuelans vs. Mary Landrieu

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: Miami Venezuelans vs. Mary Landrieu Ah, Miami Venezuelans. In their free time, when they are not dodging accusations of being participants in devious acts, they are actually … doing their job. Going to vote. Organizing rallies. And yes, protesting against that chavista tool, Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. You’re probably […]

You never know who you’ll find vacationing in Castro’s Cuba


Tweet of the Day – Castro dictatorship gushes over expertness of American ‘Cuba Expert’ Phil Peters

¡Disimula coño, disimula! Another accomplishment for "Cuba Expert" extraordinaire Phil Peters to reluctantly add to his dubious resume. Phil Peters:There are different prospects that #Cuba could develop in with the end of blockade like oil exploration, — Cuba MINREX (@CubaMINREX) October 8, 2014

Spanish witness to Castro regime’s murder of opposition leader in Cuba visits Miami

Via The Miami Herald: Spanish man convicted in Cuba in death of activist Oswaldo Paya recounts ordeal in visit to Miami Angel Carromero was emphatic during his visit to Miami on Friday: “What happened on July 22 wasn’t an accident, it was an assault,” he said. The young Spanish lawyer was sentenced to four years […]

Reports from Cuba: Well-being in Cuba hides behind a visa

By Ivan Garcia: Well-Being in Cuba Hides Behind a Visa Although Cecilio, an intensive care doctor, knows it will be hard spending two years in a desolate corner of Africa — a continent now synonymous with Ebola and death — there is no other option at hand for remodeling his dilapidated home in a poor […]

Chinese food in Castro’s Cuba

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: "I was invited to a private Chinese restaurant and there wasn't any fried rice, no pork with bamboo shoots, nor Chinese mushrooms... But I did get to eat some 'Congri a la Pekingese' and fried plantains with sweet and sour sauce."

Mia Farrow’s dirty profits—a hidden payoff in corrupt Ecuador trial

Via the New York Post: Mia Farrow’s dirty profits—a hidden payoff in corrupt Ecuador trial The Broadway critics are raving over “Love Letters,” starring Mia Farrow and Brian Dennehy — particularly over Farrow. The New York Times says her “remarkable performance . . . casts a heartbreaking spell.” Several thousand miles away, however, people in Ecuador […]

To be [unfortunately] continued…

From our friends at Guamá:

Reports from Cuba: The little box or the hospital?

By Rebeca Monzo in Translating Cuba: The Little Box or the Hospital? The little box or the hospital? A friend, whose name I withhold in order not to harm him, tells me of a neighbor “partner” of his who works in the Ministry of the Interior and who became, what we call here a “super salary,” […]

Repression unleashed in Cuba while the world looks elsewhere

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Repression unleashed in Cuba while the world looks elsewhere While the world focuses on events in Hong Kong and in the Middle East the dictatorship in Cuba heightens its repression and carries out political show trials with relative impunity. According to Diario de Cuba the trial […]