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As U.S. ties with Cuba’s apartheid regime improve, human rights situation on the island worsens

Via the PanAm Post: Activists Warn Cuba’s Human Rights Wane as US Ties Improve Campaigners Report Wave of Arrests to Inter-American Court Human-rights violations against Cuban opposition activists “have continued and increased” since the United States and Cuba began diplomatic talks in December, campaigners from the Caribbean island claimed on Thursday. Sara Martha Fonseca of the […]

‘White Hispanic’: Presidential announcement of Cuban American senator Ted Cruz exposes the left’s inherent racism

Via Instapundit: First time I ever heard NPR use the term "White Hispanic" was George Zimmerman. Second time today. Never for Castro, who's white as snow. — Popehat (@Popehat) March 23, 2015 POPEHAT ON NPR’S TED CRUZ RACISM: “First time I ever heard NPR use the term ‘White Hispanic’ was George Zimmerman. Second time today. Never […]

Pro-democracy in leader Cuba pens an open letter to the island’s apartheid dictator

By Antonio Rodiles via Capitol Hill Cubans: Raul Castro, You Fear Being Unmasked Open Letter to Raul Castro by Cuban democracy leader, Antonio Rodiles: Your speech at the extraordinary ALBA summit reconfirms that you and your group are going to try to hold onto power at all costs. It doesn’t matter if the Cuban people […]

Reports from Cuba: Cuba: Potatoes from the ration book (when available)

By Ivan Garcia: Cuba: Potatoes from the Ration Book (When Available) The dirty, dilapidated produce market — its floor covered with red dirt and its shelving rusty — in Cerro’s crowded El Pilar neighborhood is ten minutes by car from the center of Havana. Sandra, a housewife, has spent two nights in line here waiting […]

Cuba’s Castro regime comes down hard on the island’s egg-traffickers

Garrincha in Martí Noticias:

Cuba: The legacy of Oswaldo Payá and his nonviolent fight for human rights

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: The legacy of Oswaldo Payá and his nonviolent fight for human rights "Two years and eight months since the unexplained deaths of Harold and Oswaldo." - Christian Liberation Movement, over twitter March 22, 2015 Two years and eight months ago on July 22, 2012 Oswaldo José […]

Video of the Day – Women activists in Cuba lead a pro-democracy demonstration in Havana

Unlike Obama's brand of Hope and Change that is squarely aimed at aiding and empowering Cuba's apartheid dictatorship, the Hope and Change these brave and courageous women activists are fighting for is for all Cubans to live in freedom and liberty. Read more about the demonstration HERE.

Iran and Argentina: How Venezuela’s Chavez brokered a cash-for-nuclear technology deal

The incomparable Mary Anastasia O'Grady in The Wall Street Journal: Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale Three former Venezuelan insiders say Hugo Chávez brokered a cash-for-nuclear-technology deal. Did Hugo Chávez act as a bagman for Iran in its effort to get nuclear technology from Argentina? That’s the claim made by three former members of the […]

Reports from Cuba: Nineteen Cubans sentenced for the diversion of eight million eggs

14yMedio via Translating Cuba: Nineteen Cubans sentenced for the diversion of eight million eggs Nineteen citizens who worked for the Havana Base Business Unit for the Collection and Distribution of Eggs and the Provincial Commerce Company were sentenced this week for the diversion of more than eight million eggs. The Prosecutor asked for sentences ranging […]

U.S. and Cuba negotiations: From the sandal to the flip-flop


A lesson from Burma not applied to Cuba: How ‘engagement’ with tyrannical dictatorships only strengthens them

A lesson from President Obama's "engagement" with the repressive and brutal dictatorship in Burma that neither the president nor supporters of his Cuba policy are willing to learn when it comes to dealing with the apartheid Castro regime. By Nikolay Anguelov in Foreign Affairs: Development Before Democracy Why ASEAN Isn't Pressuring Myanmar to Reform Nearly […]

New online campaign demands the release of imprisoned dissident artist in Cuba

While Obama's Hope and Change campaign in Cuba is busy trying to "free" the Cuban people by rewarding and empowering the apartheid Castro regime, others continue the ongoing campaign to bring real freedom and true liberty to the enslaved people of Cuba. Via Uncommon Sense: Online campaign demands Cuba free imprisoned artist El Sexto Cuban […]

Human rights deteriorating in Cuba

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Human rights deteriorating in Cuba "In the single session on Cuba, three activists complained that repression of government opponents and human rights workers in the country has continued and even increased since the announcement of normalization of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations last December." - Latin American Herald […]

And the talks between the U.S. and Cuba continue in Havana…

Garrincha in Yahoo Noticias:

An illusory opening to Cuba: Why Florida shouldn’t walk through the breach

By our good friend Keith Fernandez in The Journal of the James Madison Institute: An Illusory Opening to Cuba: Why Florida Shouldn’t Walk Through the Breach Many have cheered President Obama’s Dec. 17, 2014 announcement calling for changes in our relationship with Cuba as a sort of victory. His administration will unilaterally provide concessions to […]