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  • asombra: Veiga looks like Saladrigas, and the other stooge has a Joe García air. Imagine that.

  • asombra: The NYT is not vying to be Granma North–it already is, and even I am somewhat surprised at how overtly it’s been...

  • asombra: I’m afraid depriving Colombia of Ernesto Londoño’s services is “brain drain.” Send him back–ASAP.

  • asombra: Can you even conceive of the NYT getting behind a “less confrontational” or “less bitterly divided”...

  • asombra: The male fish is a zángano or drone, which is a kind of parasite, but it still serves an essential purpose, even though it...

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Political prisoner in Cuba denied food for refusing to wear prison uniform

More magnificent reforms by Cuba's apartheid dictator. Via Uncommon Sense: Prison guards deny food to political prisoner after he refuses to wear inmate uniform Osvaldo Rodriguez Acosta Officials at the Quivicán prison in Artesmia province have cut political prisoner Osvaldo Rodriguez Acosta from access to food because he refuses to wear the uniform of a common […]

Reports from Cuba: Where is the anomaly?

By Rebeca Monzo in Translating Cuba: Where Is the Anomaly? After reading an article, “Not Very Anomalous Anomalies,” published in Granma on November 7 and written by journalist Pedro de la Hoz about Halloween, cheerleading and those little stars-and-stripes flags, I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop to respond and refresh Mr. de la Hoz’s […]

Tweet of the day – ‘Conformity made us slaves – #Cuba’

By Cuban dissident journalist Yusnaby Perez: El conformismo nos hizo esclavos. #Cuba — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) November 15, 2014

Castroneirics: Is there Cuban literature after the Revolution?

By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Post Revolution Mondays: Castroneirics: Is there Cuban literature after the Revolution? This story started long before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 1st1959. In the beginning it was not the Word, but the War. And in the war Fidel-ity is the utmost value, its betrayal usually paid with […]

Anniversary recalls Congo rescue by Miami Cubans

By Glenn Garvin in The Miami Herald: Anniversary recalls Congo rescue by Miami Cubans Fifty years later, the Congo jungle now receding into the mists of memory as he sits in a Miami living room, Juan Tamayo is looking forward to meeting the little blond girl who sat so silent and still in his lap […]

Fidel rides (and beats) the Alan Gross horse

Garrincha in El Nuevo Herald:

What would Cuba’s apartheid Castro dictatorship do if the emgargo were lifted?

Hint: Nothing even remotely close to what the "Cuba Experts," pro-Castro propagandists, and so-called Libertarians here in the U.S. say the regime would do. Dr. Jose Azel in PanAm Post: With No Embargo, What Would Castro Do? The Blindspot of Sympathizers and Free-Trade Dogmatists The recent editorials arguing for or against the continuation of the […]

Cuba: Three pro-democracy dissidents sentenced to 2-4 years of prison for ‘public disorder’

Via EFE in Fox News Latino: Cuban dissident group denounces public disorder sentences for 3 activists The Patriotic Union of Cuba, or Unpacu, opposition group on Thursday told Efe that three of its members were sentenced to between two and four years in prison for public disorder. Yoelkis Rosabal, Ricardo Pelier and Ernesto Darian Dufo […]

Reports from Cuba: Defections by Cuban doctors in Venezuela double

By 14yMedio via Translating Cuba: Defections by Cuban Doctors in Venezuela Double Some 700 Cuban health professionals defected from Venezuela between September 2013 and September 2014, according to data published Sunday in Caracas by the daily El Universal. The majority went to the United States and reported the deterioration of their work conditions. This figure […]

Quote of the Day – Cuba in America and America in Cuba

By Cuban author and photo journalist Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on Facebook (my translation): "All of Cuba's Cubans are here now. The United States is the true university for revolutionaries. Over in Cuba all you will find is academics from the United States."  

Why the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico hits close to home for Cubans

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Why the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico hits close to home for Cubans Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. - Martin Luther King Jr. The apparent murder of 43 Mexican students taken by criminal gangs in collusion with the local authorities on […]

Oregon city councilman proudly displays his adoration for Cuba’s murderous dictatorship and communism

You can't make this stuff up. Via EAGnews: Oregon city councilman posts Cuban flag at public meeting, praises Che Guevara CORVALLIS, Ore. – To listen to Covallis, Oregon city councilman Mike Beilstein, murderous Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara was “a real idealist.” A citizen got up at a city council meeting Monday to voice his concerns […]

Cuban American priest ‘walks the walk’ and speaks the truth about Cuba

Via Cuban priest 'walks the walk,' including in visit to Shamokin church SHAMOKIN - Father Julio Martinez, who fled to America from communist Cuba as a child more than 50 years ago, has certainly learned to "walk the walk," and he preaches the same message. The 60-year-old Franciscan priest is serving as the guest […]

Call me when you get to Miami…

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "Mom, I scored an assignment to Venezuela." "That's great news, my son. Call me when you get to Miami."

Myths of Cuban Socialism: Part I

By Antón Toursinov in the PanAmPost: Myths of Cuban Socialism: Part I Introducing the Land of Lies and Broken Promises Since January 1, 1959, when Fidel Castro walked into Havana with his “revolutionary gestures” and seized power, the illegitimate government of Cuba has not tired of lying and creating myths. The great media campaign of […]