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  • asombra: Fighting back tears, eh? Have they ever shed a tear for the victims of the regime Tokmakjian helped maintain for over 20 years?...

  • asombra: “There is something very sinister going on in Cuba.” No shit, Sherlock. Truly, there is no shame.

  • asombra: It’s very simple: Obama can’t or won’t do his job, and Gross helped put him in office.

  • asombra: I don’t know, Carlos. Philip IV had decent legs, but he was Louis’s uncle. Louis may have been better endowed, or...

  • asombra: But this is not a gerontocracy or anything. They’re just very, very mature men in military costumes.

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More ‘Top Secret’ plans to invade Cuba unearthed

More "top secret" plans to invade Cuba unearthed by "journalists" who more than a half-century later still don't have their facts straight on the Bay of Pigs invasion. William Burrows in The Miami Herald: Top-secret plan to invade Cuba declassified The most popular analogy used to describe Fidel Castro’s turning Cuba into communism’s only bastion […]

Reports from Cuba: My experience in Coral Park: The Church-Synagogue

By Rev. Mario Lleonart in Translating Cuba: My Experience in Coral Park: The Church-Synagogue It was my Sunday of rest in the United States (July 20), on this voyage that I made, between July 9th and August 6th, leading a small delegation that included my wife and daughters, and four other brothers of our church […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: El Universal fires cartoonist Rayma

By Gustavo Hernandez Acevedo in Caracas Chronicles: El Universal fires cartoonist Rayma Last night, HegemonCorp.-owned newspaper El Universal fired cartoonist Rayma Suprani. Why? Because of this… Her work was already being censored ever since the paper changed owners last July, but this was apparently the last straw. El Universal has wasted no time in finding her replacement […]

Unfortunately, cash, smugglers rule

By Helen Aguirre Ferre in The Miami Herald: Unfortunately, cash, smugglers rule Human trafficking is not new, but smugglers have new clients: Cuban baseball players. That became clear with revelations about Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig’s flight from Cuba through violent smugglers who left a trail of death and deceit along the way. Cuban […]

Apartheid in Castro’s Cuba: Blacks, what for?

By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in Post Revolution Mondays: Blacks, What For? FREEDOM FOR SONIA Y RAMÓN ALEJANDRO…!!! FREEDOM FOR SONIA Y RAMÓN ALEJANDRO…!!! Today, Thursday, 18 September 2014, it has been two-and-a-half years since a black Cuban married couple have been in prison. This hasn’t the least importance, of course. They have never been brought […]

Venezuela doesn’t deserve a seat on the UN Security Council

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: Venezuela doesn’t deserve a seat on the U.N. Security Council THE ODDS that Venezuela, once Latin America’s richest country, will suffer a catastrophic economic collapse shortened significantly this month. Nicolás Maduro, the economically illiterate former bus driver who succeeded Hugo Chávez as president last year, rejected the advice […]

Video from Cuba: Female democracy and human rights activists brutally attacked by Castro State Security

Two female members of the opposition mount a courageous protest against the tyrannical Cuban regime until they are brutally taken down by Castro State Security thugs. Another stellar example of the apartheid Castro dictatorship's "reforms" caught on video. Read more about the incident HERE.

Reports from Cuba: Cuba’s military on the hunt for Chinese tourism

By Fabian Flores in Café Fuerte (translation by Havana Times): Cuba’s Military on the Hunt for Chinese Tourism The Grupo Gaviota, one of the pillars of the commercial chain operated by Cuba’s Armed Forces, has launched an aggressive campaign to attract Chinese tourists to Cuba. The Cuban government is laying its bets on the mid-term […]

‘Good faith? Bad faith!’

Santana in El Nuevo Herald:

Cuban independent journalist fights for press freedoms in Cuba

Cuban independent journalist Roberto de Jesus Guerra Perez in Harvard's Neiman Foundation for Journalism: It’s Good to Talk Hablemos Press is trying to bring freedom of expression to Cuba, one story at a time Members of Cuba’s mass media, which is completely in the hands of the state, cover only what’s convenient for the government. […]

Argentina: Cristina’s Vultures

Via Fausta's Blog: Argentina: Cristina’s vultures Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez has taken time between Botox injections to indulge in more name-calling. No longer satisfied to refer to Argentina’s creditors as vulture funds, she now has vulture airlines: Cristina tilda de ‘buitres con turbinas’ a American Airlines Cristina dubs American Airlines ‘vultures with turbines’ Why? American […]

Reports from Cuba: Pot with missing cord doesn’t come with a guarantee

By Regina Coyula in Translating Cuba: Pot With Missing Cord Doesn’t Come With a Guarantee Tiendas Panamericanas [Panamerican Stores], owned by the CIMEX corporation, has just launched a grand (for Cuban national standards) shopping center. Utilizing the building formerly occupied by the old towel factory, Telva, on the corner of 26th Avenue and Calzada del […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Les fraudeurs

Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: Les fraudeurs Yesterday we learned – via the increasingly indispensable Marianna Párraga – that PDVSA is selling the refinery it owns in the US Virgin Islands. This comes on the heels of the almost certain sale of Citgo, as well as other assets overseas. Whether the reason for these privatizations is a lack of […]

The very long arm of Cuba’s ‘Cultural Exchanges’

Garrincha in El Nuevo Herald:

The Cubanization of Venezuela: Cuba’s puppet dictatorship denies existence of mysterious viral outbreak

The same wondrous and miraculous healthcare system in Cuba that is consistently crippled by third-world epidemics like dengue and cholera is now infecting their colony Venezuela. And just like Cuba, they are denying anything is wrong in Venezuela. Frances Martel in Breitbart: Venezuelan Government Dismisses Existence of Deadly Illness An apparent viral disease causing fever […]