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  • Rayarena: On Friday I was at a huge magazine store in Manhattan and in the Spanish section, I came upon a magazine who’s title...

  • Gallardo: Look at that, the thieves are worried about theft as they open stores while denouncing a market economy for everyone else. That...

  • asombra: For any not up to speed, triple fraud refers to being a faux general, faux president and faux Castro–though both he and...

  • asombra: The New York Times will spearhead a massive worldwide media campaign to condemn this. Or not.

  • asombra: The top photo is a riot. There’s the triple fraud currently in charge, with his little paunch and mousy face, resplendent...

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Reports from Cuba: Ministerial Hustling

By Luzbely Escobar in Translating Cuba: Ministerial Hustling When I was younger and went out looking for something to do in Havana’s evenings or nights, one day I stumbled over Julio. I went out with a girlfriend from Berlin and he was looking to make a living scamming innocent foreigners. He approached us intending to […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: On the brink of Newsprint-geddon

By Gustavo Hernandez Acevedo in Caracas Chronicles: On the brink of Newsprint-geddon Barquisimeto’s main newspaper El Impulso informed its readers via an editorial last week that they would be forced to stop publishing, because their reserves of newsprint were simply insufficient to keep working. Earlier this year they faced the same situation, but got a brief […]

The new wave of refugees from Cuba

Santana in El Nuevo Herald:

Picadillo: The ultimate comfort food for Cuba’s diaspora

Personally, I can say that picadillo is perhaps my very favorite dish from my childhood. Naturally, my mother made the very best picadillo in the world with my grandmother's coming in a close second. And as far as I am concerned, it is not picadillo if it does not have raisins. Furthermore, all those other […]

Venezuela’s dictatorship threatening to strip Maria Conchita Alonso of her citizenship

Cuba's puppet dictatorship in Venezuela is threatening to revoke the citizenship of Maria Conchita Alsono, the outspoken Venezuelan actress who has never minced her words when exposing the tyranny and repression of the Cuban-controlled dictatorship in her country. The Cuban-born actress' family fled communist Cuba and the Castro dictatorship when she was five and settled […]

A town in Cuba mourns those it has lost at sea in their attempt to escape the island prison

Via Reuters: As migrants flee eastern Cuba, a town mourns those lost at sea Eighteen-year-old Miguel Lopez Maldonado boarded a homemade boat last month with 31 others, leaving behind this sleepy fishing town on Cuba's southeast coast to seek a new life in the United States. The motor broke down after a couple days, and […]

Reports from Cuba: Of freebies and schools

By Yoani Sanchez: Of Freebies and Schools The school bell rings and the children enter the classroom followed by their parents. The first day of classes triggers joy, although a few tears are shed by some who miss their homes. That’s what happened to Carla, who just started kindergarten at a school in Cerro. The little […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: S&P downgrade of Venezuela’s debt to add to the noise

Via The Devil's Excrement: S&P Downgrade Of Venezuela’s Debt To Add To The Noise As if there was not enough noise around Venezuela’s and PDVSA’s debt, credit agency S&P downgraded Venezuela to CCC+ this afternoon, citing concerns about the economy, inflation and increasing risk. This announcement will certainly add to the confusion of the last week […]

Photo of the Day – Cuba’s Marxist revolution’s addiction and dependence on American dollars

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This photograph is worth a few thousand words. And yet there are still those who claim that the only way to cure a heroin addict is to give him more heroin...

A Cuban refugee Cookbook

Maria R. Estorino Dooling at the University of Miami's Cuban Heritage Collection: A Refugee Cookbook The Cuban Refugee Program, established by the U.S. government in 1961 and operated from Miami’s Freedom Tower, trained and employed exiled Cubans as social workers to connect refugees to services such as job training, resettlement, and food distribution. One of […]

Ecuador’s dictator Correa paying hefty price for celebrity propaganda endorsements of his Cuba-style corruption

Like his Cuban dictatorial mentors Fidel and Raul Castro, Ecuadorean dictator Rafael Correa loves to spend his country's money on celebrity propaganda endorsements of his Marxist corruption. Lachlan Markay in The Washington Free Beacon: For Ecuador’s PR Firm, Celebrity Backing Carries Hefty Price Tag MCSquared paid more than $500,000 for Mia Farrow, Danny Glover junkets […]

A false choice for Cuba’s enslaved baseball players

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: A False Choice for Cuban Baseball Players There's an article today in Vox, which states: "Because of the US embargo, most Cuban players have to use smugglers to get themselves to the United States. What's more, due to a quirk in Major League Baseball rules around contracts, those Cuban players often […]

A courageous hero for human rights in Cuba speaks before the UN Human Rights Council

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Witnessing a hero in action at the United Nations Human Rights Council: Juan Carlos González Leiva My life is my message. - Mohandas Gandhi Today I was honored and humbled to witness a courageous man in action at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Juan Carlos […]

Reports from Cuba: Accessories and Sandwiches

By Regina Coyula in Translating Cuba: Accessories and Sandwiches The school year has just begun, the first for many children. Filled with enthusiasm and wonder, these little ones are unaware of the disruption their new status as students creates for many Cuban families. Along with the canasta basica,* the school uniform is the last holdout […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Venezuela’s ongoing collapse

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: Venezuela’s ongoing collapse Venezuela is mired in a deep crisis, but you already know that. Each new day brings with it another batch of bad economic news. When it isn’t high inflation that the government desperately tries to hide, or sharply increasing poverty figures, it’s some other story about an […]