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  • asombra: One of pre-Castro Cuba’s big problems is that it didn’t appreciate how good it had it, or how much progress it had...

  • asombra: If you want to know what a camaján looks like, look at Lula.

  • asombra: Ah, the Latrine Castro lovers, each more contemptible than the next. It’d be justice indeed if Castro, Inc. fell and...

  • asombra: Sometimes the faux general looks almost convincing. Still, I prefer his Marjorie Stoneman Douglas mode, which is more honest.

  • asombra: Just another bad Negro unworthy of Massah Castro. Move along.

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Cuba: Amnesty Int’l designated Prisoner of Conscience brutally beaten, confined to torture cell

This is the kinder, gentler Castro dictatorship the "Cuba Experts" and Castro sycophants here in the U.S. keep telling us about. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Amnesty "Prisoner of Conscience" Brutally Beaten Cuban political prisoner Ivan Fernandez Depestre has been brutally beaten and placed in a small, inhumane punishment cell (known as a "tapeada") in the […]

Reports from Cuba: Police Sharks

By Tania Diaz Castro in Translating Cuba: Police Sharks HAVANA, Cuba, April – Osvaldo Esteban Brito Amat is another of the many Cubans, mostly youngsters, who every day jump into the sea looking for a better future. “And the sharks? Aren’t you afraid of them?” I asked him while he told me about what happened […]

Reports from Venezuela: Two views of the ‘Dialogue’

Francisco Toro in Caracas Chronicles: A Night of Epistemic Closure First, a confession: I did not watch last night’s misnamed “dialogue”. I didn’t need to. Nor did anyone else. There was no point. We all knew exactly how it would go. Reading the accounts this morning, that’s exactly how it went. Last night’s parallel-monologue (which is way […]

Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela sends its official representative to the peace talks

Lauzan in Yahoo Noticias:

Cuba launches disinformation war in Venezuela

Cuba's criminal Castro dictatorship is without a doubt the master of using disinformation to not only maintain power and control but to gain more of it. On their own and with the generous aid of both useful idiots and willing accomplices, the brutally repressive and murderous apartheid regime of the Castro brothers has managed to […]

Photo of the Day – Daughter of imprisoned opposition leader in Venezuela: ‘Daddy, are you never coming home?’

The photo below is of the wife and children of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez holding up a sign of support for the imprisoned father and husband (translation: "Daddy, we support you. Strength and Faith"). Yesterday, during a visit to the prison where Lopez is being held, their four-year-old daughter Manuela asked her father: "Daddy, […]

Families of American pilots murdered by Cuba’s Castro regime: No Spies for Gross Exchange

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Families of Shootdown Victims: No Spies for Gross Exchange Shoot Down Victims’ Families Opposed to Cuba’s Proposed Exchange of US-Convicted Cuban Spies for Alan Gross We the families of the three American citizens and one American resident shot down over international waters by the Cuban government on February 24, 1996, strongly […]

Hope fading for peace talks in Venezuela

Christopher Snyder in Fox News: Hope fades for Venezuela crisis talks Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and opposition leaders are meeting this week for formal talks to end weeks of protests. Critics of Venezuela’s government believe no deal can be achieved because Maduro is not willing to give in to their demands. Fox News National Security […]

American aid work held hostage in Cuba suspends hunger strike

Oh well... On to the next brilliant plan. Via USA Today: American prisoner in Cuba ends hunger strike He was arrested for importing, distributing communication equipment to Jewish community. MIAMI - An American contractor being held in a Cuban prison ended a hunger strike on Friday after his 92-year-old mother asked him to stop. Alan […]

Reports from Cuba: Zunzuneo: Subversion or Breaking Censorship

By Odelin Alfonso Torna in Translating Cuba: Zunzuneo: Subversion or Breaking Censorship HAVANA, Cuba — The Cuba-United States confrontation increased its pitch with the publication by the daily Granma of the article, Zunzuneo: The Noise of Subversion, commenting on a report by the AP news agency about ZunZuneo and Piramideo, two text message services (SMS) accused […]

Reports from Venezuela: On a wing and a prayer

By Juan Cristobal Nagel in Caracas Chronicles: On a wing and a prayer The ongoing saga between international airlines and the Venezuelan government continues. Just when you thought airlines were going to get their money, the government is now suggesting they will only get paid in part, and at a much higher rate than previously thought. […]

Don’t come back without the Cuban spies…

Garrincha in El Nuevo Herald: "Hey... listen... be careful with Alan Gross... And don't come back without the three remaining spies..."

26 other countries where the U.S. funds internet freedom efforts

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: 26 Other Countries Where U.S. Funds Internet Freedom Efforts One would think that the AP and U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy -- prior to their fake outrage over the "Cuban Twitter" program -- would have read the very public State Department reports explaining U.S. efforts to promote Internet freedom in closed societies. […]

The Socialist Life: Hungry and Miserable in Cuba? Don’t blame the dictatorship, blame the USA

From our friends at Guamá, The Socialist Life in Cuba under the marvelous and munificent reforms of the apartheid Castro dictatorship: - Don't you have a "Cuban 5" piñata? - Girl, the Miami Mafia won't let us - When are you going to get a bigger mirror? - Washington doesn't let me get one, dude […]

Venezuela: Hundreds of detained protesters subjected to inhumane treatment and torture by Cuba-backed dictatorship

Via Maduradas (my translation): 300 detained protestors have been victims of cruel and inhumane treatment During his visit to the state of Zulia, human rights activist Rafael Narvaez stated that out of the more than 2,000 protestors detained, 300 throughout the country received cruel treatment in detention centers and another 60 have been victims of […]