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  • asombra: Allison’s face looks like a flaccid whoopee cushion. Imagine that.

  • asombra: A tip: Take the whole Cuba situation as an elaborate joke. Treat it as such. Voilà! It all makes sense–especially...

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Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas’s existential and nonviolent threat to the Castro regime

By John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas's existential and nonviolent threat to the Castro regime "Two years and nine months since the unexplained deaths of Harold and Oswaldo. We continue to demand an investigation for justice and an end to impunity."- Christian Liberation Movement over twitter on April 22, […]

Reports from Cuba: Dialogue between the color blind and the cynics

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: Dialogue between the color blind and the cynics If it’s said that a dialogue occurred between two governments that have been opposed for more than a half-century, that they came to the negotiation table, one should first expect that both sides accepted the “errors” in their respective diplomacies, as […]

Tweet of the Day – Governor Cuomo’s ‘Cuba thrill’

Former prisoner of conscience, physician,  and outspoken leader of Cuba's pro-democracy opposition movement, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet: #Cuba La emocion del gobernador #AndrewCuomo se sustenta en el dinero que amasara con el apabullo de los DDHH y la dignidad de los cubanos. — Dr. Oscar Biscet (@OscarBiscet) April 21, 2015 Governor Cuomo's #Cuba thrill comes […]

Cuba: Jail Island Rock

The dictator threw a party on the island jail The slave band was there and they began to wail State Security was jumpin' and the billy clubs began to swing You should've heard that subjugated Obama sing... Lauzán:

A graffiti artist in Cuba is in jail because of two pigs named Fidel and Raul

By Luis Felipe Rojas in Translating Cuba: There is a Cuban graffiti artist, in jail because of two pigs named “Fidel” and “Raul” His name is Danilo Maldonado, but in Cuba he is known as El Sexto (The Sixth). When the five spies were still in jail in the United States, Maldonado used to say […]

New York Assemblywoman blasts Obama and Cuomo for coddling Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship

Kudos to Greek-Cuban-American New York Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for speaking truth to (corrupt and depraved) power. Via The Staten Island Advance: Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis slams Obama, Cuomo on Cuba Having criticized President Barack Obama's December decision to normalize U.S. relations with communist Cuba, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis took to the airwaves Monday to hit the president, and […]

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: Obama’s Cuba policy is enabling a dictator

U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart in Time: Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart: Obama’s Cuba Policy Is Enabling a Dictator All eight Cuban-American senators and congressmen from both sides of the aisle strongly disagree with Obama President Barack Obama continues to appease brutal dictatorships while gaining precious little in return. He conflates the Cuban dictatorship with the Cuban people […]

Cuba and the campaign to end the State Sponsors of Terrorism list

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Cuba and the Campaign to end the State Sponsors of Terrorism List "Iran and Cuba, in cooperation with each other, can bring America to its knees." ... "The U.S. regime is very weak, and we are witnessing this weakness from close up." - Fidel Castro, University […]

Reports from Cuba: Enough with the charades, Cuba deserves free elections

By Roberto Jesus Quiñones in Translating Cuba: Enough with the Charades, Cuba Deserves Free Elections In order to “elect” there must be different political parties to choose from, and only one is legal on the Island: The Communist Party, Roberto Jesus Quinones Haces, Guantanamo, 17 April 2015 – Coming up on April 19 there […]

Obama, the forest, and the ‘New Man’

Lauzán: Panel 1: "Did you see? I took you off the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism." "Yep..." Panel 2: "What's that you got in your basket?" Panel 3: "Clubs, steel rods, and whips"

The worst of all possible Cubas

Mike Gonzalez in The American Interest: The Worst of All Possible Cubas Three distinct patterns of transition out of communist rule exist: Russian, Chinese, and East European. The new American policy dooms Cuba to the worst of the lot. President Barack Obama’s decision to recognize Raúl Castro’s government seems destined to produce exactly the type […]

The laughable duplicity of ‘former’ Cuban spy Arturo Lopez-Levy

Lt. Col. Chris Simmons (Ret.) in Cuba Confidential: The Laughable Duplicity of “Former” Cuban Spy Arturo Lopez-Levy The Huffington Post disgraced itself again yesterday with another propaganda piece by admitted “former” Directorate of Intelligence (DI) officer, Arturo Lopez-Levy. His feature, “Why Senator Rubio’s Lies Matter,” condemned the Senator for a lack of ethics. Lopez-Levy attacked […]

Cuba’s Obama-backed apartheid dictatorship violently arrests over 60 dissidents over the weekend

The Obama-backed apartheid regime of the Castro brothers dole out some more Hope and Change in Cuba. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Over 60 Cuba Dissidents Arrested, No Word From Obama or His Regional "Allies" Yesterday, over 60 members of Cuba's Ladies in White and other democracy activists were arrested in Havana. They were carrying images […]

Reports from Cuba: The ordeal of the independent journalist

By Jorge Olivera Castillo in Translating Cuba: The Ordeal of the Independent Journalist Cubanet, Jorge Olivera Castillo, Havana – The sensation that the Cuban regime is counting on a kind of blank check to carry out its abuses is increasingly apparent. The monthly reports of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), […]

For Obama, the Americans murdered by Cuba’s terrorist regime do not matter

Jason Poblete in DC Dispatches: Americans Murdered By Terrorists, Do Not Matter Americans murdered by a terrorist state, do not matter. The families of Americans seeking justice for murders by terror state, again, do not matter.That is the message that President Obama and his national security team telegraphed to the world yesterday when it recommended […]