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  • asombra: Brazil and Castro, Inc. are partners in keeping Cuba under totalitarian tyranny and in screwing over the Cuban people....

  • asombra: And I’m sorry, but “Yoaxis” and “Yordanis”? Yikes.

  • asombra: Carlos, you mean some Protestants, because the “official” ones have long been in the regime’s pocket.

  • asombra: Taking the NYT for naive IS naive. The NYT knows exactly what it’s doing–it’s been at it for over 50 years.

  • asombra: The Clintons, in their appalling vulgarity, fakeness and ambition, are just a reflection of sociopolitical degeneracy....

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Reports from Cuba: Of jails in Cuba

By Ivan Garcia: Of Jails In Cuba For Saul prison is like his second home. He celebrated his 63rd birthday behind bars, fabricating cement and gravel blocks for a Cuban state enterprise called Provari, which makes everything from bricks, tiles and mattresses to insecticides and sells them for hard currency. Saul knows the island’s penitentiary […]

One afternoon at the Hugo Chavez Institute for Advanced Studies…

Garrincha in Yahoo Noticias:

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship sends agents to Nebraska to promote its apartheid regime

Chris Simmons in Cuba Confidential: Cuban 5 Activist Lobbies For Spy-Terrorists at Nebraska Peace Conference The leftist newspaper, The Militant, reported on “Free The 5” efforts at a Nebraska Peace Conference in early October. The event reportedly drew over 100 attendees to discuss issues from the war in the Middle East to the environment. When […]

Reports from Cuba: Responding to the NYT editorial ‘End the US Embargo on Cuba’

By Clive Rudd Fernandez in Havana Times: Responding to The NYT editorial “End the US Embargo on Cuba” I was surprised to read the editorial from the New York Times on October 11, 2014, not because of the subject but because of the unconvincing and poor arguments presented. As a Cuban who’s lived in exile […]

Miami increases its export of milk to Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Garrincha in El Nuevo Herald: "U.S. travelers to Cuba increase by 10% during first half of the year."

Remembering and Honoring Laura Inés Pollán Toledo

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Remembering and Honoring Laura Inés Pollán Toledo “I have read somewhere that in a totalitarian system martyrdom does better than thought.” - Václav Havel Three years later and the forces of repression still tremble before the memory of the 65 year old wife, mother and school […]

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro happily endorses New York Times editorial supporting Cuba’s apartheid regime

So how much did Cuban dictator Fidel Castro like the New York Times editorial supporting his apartheid regime? So much so that he reprinted the article almost entirely word for word. The Castro dictatorship may be viciously ruthless, but they ain't stupid; they know you can't buy propaganda like this. More from Capitol Hill Cubans: […]

Gay democracy activist in Cuba awaits sentencing after farce trial conviction

If there is anything the reformed apartheid Castro dictatorship hates more than an opposition activist, is a gay opposition activist. The Cuban regime may despise gay Cubans, but they consider the whole LGBTQ movement a great propaganda tool. And they will be damned if they are going to allow someone from that movement ruin it. […]

Reports from Cuba: The elections we didn’t have

By Reinaldo Escobar in Translating Cuba: The elections we didn’t have This Sunday news agencies around the world, especially in Latin America, awaited the results of the first round elections in Brazil. The question of whether Dilma Rousseff will remain president of that vast country, simply the question, will be one of concern and anxiety to […]

The new Cuban heel

By Rolando Pulido:

A test for Obama on Venezuela at the UN: Cuba’s pawn wants a seat on the Security Council

Mary O'Grady in the Wall Street Journal: A Test for Obama on Venezuela at the U.N. Cuba’s pawn wants a seat on the Security Council. We should work against it, as we did in 2008. Should Venezuela, a pawn of the Cuban military dictatorship, have a seat on the United Nations Security Council? The Obama […]

New York Times channels Herbert Matthews for editorial on Cuba, receives appropriate response

Dedicated to its ever-shrinking audience of morally blind leftists and limousine liberals, the Editorial Board of the New York Times once again tackled the topic of Cuba by feeding their followers what they are always hungry for: ignorance, untruths, and outright fabrications. This is the type of propaganda the apartheid Castro dictatorship relishes, mostly because […]

Reports from Cuba: Constitutional Consensus makes noise

By Lilianne Ruiz in Translating Cuba: Constitutional Consensus Makes Noise Constitutional Consensus advances from below, from those who know the least. Deep within the Island citizens, or rather those who aspire to be, join the project with misspellings, in the midst of smoke and sweat, fixing old bikes that deserve to be abandoned, and plowing […]

Cuba’s version of ‘if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor’

Garrincha in Martí Noticias: "I just got a foreign medical mission opportunity, I'll be right back."

The legacy of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship: ‘Untold thousands of watery graves’

Walter Russell Mead in The American Interest: The Castro Legacy: Untold Thousands of Watery Graves More than half a century of building socialism; billions of dollars in aid, first from the Soviet Union and later Venezuela; decades of repression in the name of socialist idealism. Yet Cuba is still such a mess that tens of […]