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  • Honey: When Cruz does an interview,. he handles himself very well and he would do just as well in debates. He didn’t win so many...

  • asombra: Alberto, your translation was fine. It’s a matter of nuance which doesn’t really translate. The point is that the...

  • asombra: If Ortega were sharper and more cunning, as opposed to a second-rate and relatively clumsy stooge, he’d feign a sober,...

  • Alberto de la Cruz: Asombra, that was the best translation I could come up with in my quick and dirty translation. If you have a better...

  • asombra: The actual wording he used was “la gusanera de Miami,” which is worse. He doesn’t even have the minimal...

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Machete in the back

Yesterday Obama visited the Our Lady of Charity shrine in Miami, a VERY symbolic and SACRED place for the Cuban Exile community. Now because of this visit many are calling this a “symbolic” visit or an “olive branch” extended out to the Cuban Exile community because of Obama’s move to normalize relations with the dictatorship […]

Feast of the patroness of Cuba, Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre

Russian Spy Ship docked in Havana

Russian spy ship docked in Havana? Apparently most journalist or experts can't figure it out, even though Inspector Clouseau would have no problem figuring it out. Well, let's see, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS are out in the streets in Venezuela, and maybe could it be that the dictator of Cuba is preparing for civil disobedience in […]

Stay out of Venezuela Jimmy Carter!!

Jimmy " Peanuts" Carter wants to plan a trip to Venezuela to dialog. Please do the FREEDOM fighters in Venezuela a favor: STAY OUT OF VENEZUELA!!!!!!

Merry Christmas….Meri Crisma

Meaning of Christmas? I am still learning and yearning for the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Yes, our Lord savior was born for us, but over the years myself and many need to be reminded of this message. True sacrifice for others, how many have died or are in prison standing up for FREEDOM and for […]

a whole lot of handshaking going on….

Oh Alfredo it was just a handshake?.....meanwhile in Cuba on Human Rights day:

Cuba: Rumor Friday….Handshake edition

Maduro's little birdie told me: Cuba: Rumor Friday .......Handshake edition Rumor has it that the "HANDSHAKE OF THE YEAR AWARD"(drum roll please)will be going to Obama and Dictator Castro...........The host for the award ceremony will be Christiane Amanpour Elian Gonzalez is a shoe in for "MOST UNGRATEFUL PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD" according to rumors […]

What about the 54 YEARS of a dictatorship?

"54 years of a dictatorship in Cuba imprisoning my people, denying basic FREEDOMS, and taking everything on the island for myself, but when I don't......I can count on the UN to denounce the embargo and somehow shift the blame of all my atrocities" All the headlines today about Cuba are about the UN denouncing the […]

Cuba News……53hour swim for Diana Nyad!

Just Google the word “Cuba” and all you see is articles about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida. No mentions of those missiles found in Panama or the daily repression in Cuba? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible feat that she performed, but it’s an incredible INSULT to Cubans who have died trying […]

Why Should I be Happy?

Over the years I have known people(non-Cuban) who have gone to Cuba. Now I understand Cubans who go the island to visit their family. Me personally, I will never step foot in Cuba until the Castro dictatorship is gone. I have many reasons that I do not need to validate with anyone. My family suffered […]

10 YEARS fighting for Cuba’s FREEDOM!

10 years has passed and every SINGLE day since, Babalu has posted the TRUTH about Cuba. A HAPPY yet SAD day because Cuba, still after 54 years, is in the grip of an outlaw criminal regime. PLEASE, there is no justification for the revolution and its crimes. Cuba will be FREE one day and GOOD […]

A Cuban Rap for Jay-Z

Jay-Z just came out with his new rap about his Cuba trip: A Cuban Rap for Jay-Z from el cafe Cubano: Hey Jay-Z all we want is Cuba to be FREE Not all ur phony hood and phony tough celebrity You think your so hood and so tough with your new rap and trip to […]

Outside the FREEDOM Tower supporting a FREE Cuba and bloggers inside and outside of Cuba

These are some of the pictures I took outside in front of the FREEDOM Tower while Yoani Sanchez was speaking inside. I simply stood their with my family, with my American and Cuban flag in support for FREEDOM in Cuba and for bloggers inside and outside of Cuba! I also want to say Thanks to […]

Did Chavez arrive from Cuba dead?

During a ceremony for chavez, a general Jacinto Pérez Arcay, slips and says that "chavez arrived from Cuba dead"

“I have the right to retire, don’t you think?”

"I have the right to retire, don't you think?"-Raul Castro "WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE FREE!"-All Cubans