Historic Day in Cuba?


The word HISTORIC is being said a thousand times today, but in reality a NON-HISTORIC SAD day for freedom. If you think different than that of the dictatorship in Cuba and that of the Obama regime, you are NOT even considered in regards to Cuba.

I am not a poet, but I have a poem for this NON-HISTORIC day and the continued betrayal of the Cuban people:

56 years of misery,

caused by a diabolical tyranny,

why must the Cuban people continue to suffer?

millions have been oppressed,

yet they get NO press?

My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?

Our faith, endurance, and confidence continually test us!

All we ask is for Cuba to be FREE,

Not those who sell their dignity!!!

Not just the opening of Embassies

Kerry speaking with glee at the embassy


Is that to much of your flock to ask of thee?

Just as Our Lady has asked us to fast and pray,

we come to your arms dear Lord looking for that DAY!!!!!



Letter to the Pope

My fellow FREEDOM loving brethren……Below is a letter that I e-mailed to Pope Francis, I urge all of you to send an email, fax, or call the Vatican to request that the image of Che be removed, or covered during the Holy Mass on September 20, 2015 at 9:00AM

The Pope does not have his personal email listed , but the vatican provides this e-mail:


Your Holiness,

This is a letter to wish you well, that God will bring you many blessings, and to ask your help in regards to Cuba. On September 20 (Havana) the Holy Mass is scheduled for 9am in Havana’s Revolution Square. The first request for help: Please cover the image of Che Guevara, and have the image of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ instead! The image of Jesus Christ beaming to millions on TV and to those in Cuba is more reflective of the sacred mass, than the image of an executioner of the Cuban people.
The second plea for help: Please allow the Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White) to attend the Holy Mass on September 20, 2015!

Thank you and God bless!

El Café Cubano

Machete in the back


Yesterday Obama visited the Our Lady of Charity shrine in Miami, a VERY symbolic and SACRED place for the Cuban Exile community. Now because of this visit many are calling this a “symbolic” visit or an “olive branch” extended out to the Cuban Exile community because of Obama’s move to normalize relations with the dictatorship of Cuba.

On the outside, it seems warm, and fuzzy. The first President to visit the shrine, but a DEEP DOWN feeling that I have is that of a MACHETE piercing through my back.


-Well let’s see…..The US is about to drop Cuba form the State sponsor of terrorism. What a coincidence that TODAY is the last day of the 45 day period that congress could of challenged the President’s decision to remove Cuba form the state sponsored terror list.
– Obama opened the door for the normalization of relations between Cuba and the US.


-Basically the President ignored and left out the Cuban exile community and the people of Cuba.

But….Alfredo, the president visited our shrine and said “hola” to those in the church! Yes, and the dictator Fidel and his revolutionaries came down the mountain all wearing rosaries…..and 56 years later …the nightmare continues!!!

Russian Spy Ship docked in Havana

Russian spy ship docked in Havana? Apparently most journalist or experts can’t figure it out, even though Inspector Clouseau would have no problem figuring it out. Well, let’s see, the FREEDOM FIGHTERS are out in the streets in Venezuela, and maybe could it be that the dictator of Cuba is preparing for civil disobedience in Cuba? Venezuela and Cuba could both tumble down by the hands of it’s own people? Look what happened in the Ukraine!

No… No…NO…Alfredo…it’s strictly about the bases

Merry Christmas….Meri Crisma

Meaning of Christmas? I am still learning and yearning for the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Yes, our Lord savior was born for us, but over the years myself and many need to be reminded of this message. True sacrifice for others, how many have died or are in prison standing up for FREEDOM and for an entire country! You can’t put that in a box or in a Christmas card.

We all are given special gifts! God has blessed me with a beautiful, loving, and most caring(should get bonus points for this!) wife and wonderful children!

What more can I ask for?

I have been blessed with the greatest parents! Always there with a smile and a “how can I help you!” I really don’t know how to thank you. God bless you my dear parents!

What more can I ask for? I have been blessed with special friends WHO always stand behind me with support! God bless you my friends!

God, THANK YOU for ALL the special blessings!

Just one more thing Lord…..A FREE Cuba!!!

Cuba: Rumor Friday….Handshake edition

Maduro’s little birdie told me:

Cuba: Rumor Friday …….Handshake edition

Rumor has it that the “HANDSHAKE OF THE YEAR AWARD”(drum roll please)will be going to Obama and Dictator Castro………..The host for the award ceremony will be Christiane Amanpour

Elian Gonzalez is a shoe in for “MOST UNGRATEFUL PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD” according to rumors

“It’s just a Handshake” t-shirts will be available soon……

Sources say that Cuban exiles are responsible for:

All the problems in Cuba
All the problems in the US
Dictator Castro’s health
Dengue fever in Cuba
Global warming
Not fostering enough handshakes
All the problems in Latin America
The personal problems of everyone on earth
CNN ratings
Ratings on Al Sharpton’s new show
the role out of the healthcare.gov website
obesity in children

What about the 54 YEARS of a dictatorship?

most interesting guy

“54 years of a dictatorship in Cuba imprisoning my people, denying basic FREEDOMS, and taking everything on the island for myself, but when I don’t……I can count on the UN to denounce the embargo and somehow shift the blame of all my atrocities”

All the headlines today about Cuba are about the UN denouncing the Embargo, but where’s the OUTRAGE for the 54 years of a brutal dictatorship?


Cuba News……53hour swim for Diana Nyad!


Just Google the word “Cuba” and all you see is articles about Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida. No mentions of those missiles found in Panama or the daily repression in Cuba? Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible feat that she performed, but it’s an incredible INSULT to Cubans who have died trying to escape Cuba and millions of Cuba waiting for the day that FREEDOM will reign.

Now Diana has given me a INSPIRATION for my ‘Xtreme dream’………..in honor of her grueling 53 hour, 110-mile journey, El Café Cubano for the next 53 hours will dedicate a post on the suffering of the Cuban people.

YES! Every hour on the hour a post referring to Diana Nyad grueling journey will have an enlighten post about the suffering of the Cuban people!

Let the 53 hour journey begin…… PLEASE OTHER BLOGGERS JOIN IN…………..

Why Should I be Happy?

Over the years I have known people(non-Cuban) who have gone to Cuba. Now I understand Cubans who go the island to visit their family. Me personally, I will never step foot in Cuba until the Castro dictatorship is gone. I have many reasons that I do not need to validate with anyone. My family suffered a great deal and lost everything, and also out of respect to my dear Mother and Father. One of these days HOPEFULLY, I can step foot in a FREE Cuba with my parents, my brother and his family, along with my wife and kids……now back to those non-Cubans who visit Cuba…….they are shocked that I am not jumping for joy after they say: “hey I went to Cuba” and they proceed to tell me about all the 1950’s cars, and what a wonderful time they had. I usually respond with a smirk and a serious reply “oh really?” I proceed to tell them my feelings and the “Cuban REALITY” but to no avail because I am speaking Greek to them.

I am sick of seeing photos of clueless visitors people smoking cigars, having pictures taken in the plaza of the revolution with the image of che in the background, and pictures of them drinking mojitos.

sorry…… I can not be happy, while the blood of my brethren has been spilling for the last 54 years!!!