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  • Humberto Fontova: They knew I was anti-embargo, Asombra. That’s why they invited me. But they expected me to chant the typical...

  • asombra: Well, you know, contempt for Mexico is not exactly groundless…

  • asombra: Why do they have you on these shows only to wind up editing you out? Do they not vet ahead of time?

  • asombra: The bodyguard behind him, who looks aptly goonish, is his grandson (protecting the family business).

  • I R A Darth Aggie: Mexican flag & Che? I guess they’ve never read what he wrote about Mexicans and his…disdain? no,...

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Posters of the day

On the eve of its second round of talks with the Castro regime, the U.S. negotiating team led by Roberta Jacobson has just revealed its motivational poster  At the very same time -- as happened with the historic speeches on December 17 -- the Ministry of  Truth in Havana released the Castro team's motivational poster […]

Photos of the day: Castroism at work in Venezuela

Young Venezuelans are paying the ultimate price for defying the Castro puppets who have enslaved and ruined their country. In the past week alone, six students have been killed by Nicolas Maduro's Cuban-trained riot police. They are: 18 Feb.--  José Daniel Frías Pinto & Julio Alejandro Adonis García 19 Feb --  Jhon Barreto Ramírez 23 […]

Castro dictatorship boasts of its total control of “normalization” talks with U.S.

The're calling the shots, and they want the world to know that. Aware of the fact that the U.S. negotiators will agree to just about any terms, Castro officials boasted yesterday of their all-or-nothing-at-all strategy. So, get ready for that total Castro victory over the U.S.  It seems inevitable. Read it and laugh (or weep, […]

Swastikas: big problem. Images of Che: hey, no problem

A neighborhood in Sacramento, California,  is in turmoil over one pro-Palestinian resident who has bedecked his property with swastikas. Even worse, this story actually makes it to the tabloids.  It will soon enough surface in the major news media too. The response to these swastikas calls attention to the selective nature of American indignation. Back […]

Babalusian on Al-Jazzera tonight at 10:30

From our Guess-Who's-On-TV-Tonight department: If you have a chance, catch "Real Money With Ali Velshi" tonight, Feb 25, on Al-Jazeera America. The show airs at 10:30 pm Eastern Time.   Most major cable providers include Al Jazeera America in their lineup. A certain Babalusian will be on the show, discussing the subject of the billions […]

Advice for those negotiating the U.S. surrender to the Castro regime

From The Heritage Foundation (abridged): Six Issues the U.S. Should Not Concede to Cuba During Normalization Talks By Ana Quintana The U.S. and Cuba will hold the second round of normalization talks on February 27 in Washington, DC. This follows the U.S.’s attempt in late January to negotiate the terms of reestablishing diplomatic relations with […]

New York Times pro-Castro bias skewered by a non-Cuban!

I saw this NYT piece this morning and decided not to post it. Too much of the same thing.  Too depressing. The NYT is at it again, lamenting the fact that all of the colossal reforms of Raul Castro are destroying the equality achieved by the so-called Revolution. Yes, the NYT has found a way […]

Venezuela headed for bankruptcy in 2015 ?

From our new Boring-But-Important department: Major lenders are now disagreeing on Venezuela's ability to pay back what it owes. Some see rising oil prices as the country's escape hatch.  Some see China coming to the rescue. But others, especially Deutsche Bank, see default as inevitable. Not paying your debts: Another page straight out of the […]

Cuban athlete seeking asylum in Netherlands says “I’m tired of being a slave”

The Castro regime's slave labor export business has suffered yet another loss. This particular case -- which involves a defecting track coach-- sheds light on the corrupt system created by the Castro regime, in which labor is exported at bargain rates and in which the laborers receive only a fraction of the money paid for […]

200 dissidents arrested by Castro regime on February 22

Breaking news: email received at 10 pm Eastern Standard time The Castro regime is brazenly stifling all dissent in Cuba, emboldened by the policies of the current occupant of the White House and by the visit of congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democratic Party Castro lovers. Dear Fellow Concerned Citizen, Please take account on this […]

Another dirty deal revealed in Vatican-sponsored Obama/Castro romance

Ha!  Here we go. It seems that Alan Gross was not the only hostage involved in the recent jump-start of the Obama/Castro romance. As it turns out, Armenian-Canadian businessman Cy Tokmakjian was also part of the deal brokered with the Castro regime by the Vatican and the White House. What a funny coincidence: Tokmakjian was […]

CNN ignores main reason for Venezuela’s steep decline

Here we go again for the billionth time.... Cable News Network (CNN), the brainchild of Ted Turner, a close friend of the Castro brothers, reports on Venezuela's imminent collapse without making mention of the role played by Cuba in this disaster. Anyone with half a brain -- or  only 5% of a brain or even […]

Aaaaay! Diana Nyad, avatar of insensitivy, final straw of all final straws

Trawl the news stories on Cuba today and you will find nothing but unbearably sweet love notes to the Castro regime. One after the other, piled high, a veritable mountain range of bad news as imposing as the Himalayas. Try it.  Google "Cuba News" and see what you get. The Obama-Castro love affair is in […]

Waiting for MORE snow in Boston

Ha! This is the ultimate in exile. Eighty inches of snow and counting.  Got some more today.  Waiting for even more. This is apocalyptic.  Even the most winter-hardened New England old-timers are impressed. The hotel pool is the cruelest -- or funniest-- joke in the world.  Take your pick. Yes.  This is it.  No doubt […]

ISIS in Libya copies page from Castro playbook, adds sinister twist

The Castro regime has been using migrants as weapons for decades. Remember Camarioca?  Mariel?  The balseros of '94? No one has yet topped the Castro regime when it comes to harassing their enemies with mass migrations. As one study put it, the Castro brothers perfected the art of  "engineered migration as a coercive instrument." Surely, […]