Revolutionary behavior: Cubans cheer in Havana as couple copulates in public


Here we go again.

First the world got to see some Cuban school kids twerking lewdly, filmed by a very proud parent.  That video went viral.

But why stop there?

Now the world gets to see two Cubans having sexual intercourse on San Rafael Boulevard, in the heart of Havana, in broad daylight.

More than that, the world also gets to see how a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers urges them on, shouting instructions on how to conduct this open air copulation.

Wow.  So, this is the new Cuba, this is the so-called New Man with his New Woman.  Once again, the grandchildren of the Revolution have shown the world how wonderful it is to be just like Che.

So, forget about that infamous but very tame sex show scene in Godfather II, carefully crafted to illustrate the degeneracy and vulgarity of pre-Castro Cuban culture.  Here’s the real thing.  Explicit hard core pornography, filmed on one of the busiest streets in Havana.

Obviously, chances are that this was no act of love, no fit of passion, but rather a coldly staged performance.  And chances are that someone has made money off this ultimate act of public debauchery.  Someone, no doubt, solved a problem that day, in one way or another.

Funny thing: where are the police?  Why is it that no representative of the Revolution appears on the scene to break up this demonstration of personal freedom.  Maybe they were too busy rounding up the Ladies in White?

Aaah, how lovely, this performance, this reification of the real slogan of the so-called Revolution: P’al carajo con todo, resolví mi problema. (To hell with everything, I solved my problem).

Though part of the image is blurred,  the video clip leaves nothing to the imagination.  Due to its very graphic content, we won’t provide a link to it.


Details begin to emerge about new Archbishop of Havana

The new Archbishop of Havana

Some more information about Cardinal Ortega’s replacement.

His motto is “Go and announce the Gospel.”

Let’s hope he really does so, unlike his shameful predecessor.

From Catholic News Agency

Pope Francis names new archbishop of Havana, Cuba

The Holy See announced Tuesday that Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez of Camagüey to head the Archdiocese of Havana, Cuba. He will be replacing retiring Cardinal Jaime Ortega Almino.

The Archdiocese of Havana expressed in a statement their gratitude for the appointment and announced that the date of the archbishop’s possession of his new see will be announced in due time.

“Along with our feelings of thanksgiving to God and gratitude to our Holy Father Francis for this appointment, we lift up our prayers to the Lord that he may continue to pour out on Archbishop Juan García, our new Pastor, the gifts of the Spirit, that will help him fulfill this new mission that the pope has entrusted to him,” the Archdiocese of Havana said.

The archdiocese noted that the appointment follows “His Holiness Pope Francis’ acceptance of Cardinal Jaime Ortega Almino’s resignation which he presented to His Holiness Benedict XVI on October 18, 2011, as Canon 401 Paragraph 1 of the Code of Canon Law stipulates, that the resignation be presented upon reaching 75 years of age.”…

Worth a trillion words

..Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez was born in Camagüey on July 11, 1948, into a simple family – his father was a railroad worker and his mother a housewife.

He entered Saint Basil the Great Seminary in El Cobre and concluded his theological formation at Saints Charles and Ambrose Seminary in Havana – which is now the Father Felix Varela Cultural Center – as part of the group that completed their entire period of priestly formation in Cuba. He was ordained a priest in 1972 when he was not yet 24 years old.

His first years in priestly ministry were spent with the current Ciego de Ávila Diocese which was erected by Saint John Paul II in 1995.

On March 15, 1997, he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Camagüey and was ordained a bishop in Our Lady of Mercy Church in the city of Camagüey on June 7 the same year, with the laying on of hands by then-Bishop Adolfo Rodríguez Herrera, who had also ordained him as a priest. His episcopal motto is: “Go and announce the Gospel.”

Continue reading HERE

Poetic injustice: Cuban dissident punished for distributing Obama’s lame speech

Egberto Angel Escobedo Morales

Obama’s address to the Cuban people in Havana was one of the worst speeches imaginable, full of platitudes, lies, myth-affirming distortions, and self-aggrandizing bombast. It even contained some praise for the Castro regime.

In other words, it was pure crap.

Yet, the Castro regime considers this speech so “dangerous” and such an affront to Castronoid sensibilities that it has decided to persecute a Cuban dissident who was distributing  it.

Go figure.  When it comes to Castrogonia, nothing needs to make sense.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone’s theater of the absurd department.


A gift from the Castronoid authorities

Email received from the Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Former political prisoner Egberto Angel Escobedo Morales is expelled from his home province 

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces that Egberto Angel Escobedo Morales, former political prisoner and member of the Rights and Freedoms Forum (Foro) and of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front (Frente OZT), was expelled from Camaguey, his home province, by the Revolutionary National Police (PNR) for distributing copies of President Obama’s speech in Cuba.

“I am 300 kilometers away from my home in Camaguey, from where I was taken by the provincial police under the orders of officer “Michel,” who had detained me outside my grandparents’ house because he said that I was not allowed to distribute Obama’s speech and other documents from the [opposition coalition] Forum for Rights and Freedoms, he said that he would not allow it, and for this reason he declared me persona non grata in Camaguey,” stated Egberto Angel Escobedo Morales over the phone to the Cuban Democratic Directorate.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces the repression against Escobedo Morales and the violation of his rights of freedom of expression and of moving freely throughout his country and home province as a Cuban citizen.

Three Cuban criminals caught trying to flee from U.S.

Cream of the crop: Exemplary Revolutionary “migrants”

Here’s a story about three grandchildren of the Revolution.

Question: Why were these petty criminals trying to return to Cuba?

Answer: Because they know that the Normalization Circus has changed nothing in the Castro Kingdom, and that fugitives from U.S. justice will find a safe haven there.

Unfortunately, Cuban sleazebags of this sort are nothing new.  They exemplify the Revolutionary ethic doled out to Cuban children from an early age: “ser como el Che” (to be like Che).

Supreme role model

From The NY Daily News:

Cruise ship rescues 3 U.S. fugitives trying to flee to Cuba

A Disney cruise liner rescued three castaways during its Caribbean Sea trek last week only to learn their new passengers were fugitives fleeing the U.S. for Cuba.

A boat carrying Cuban nationals Luis Rivera-Garcia, 26, Juliet Estrada-Perez, 23, and Enrique Gonzalez-Torres, 23, back to the Communist country capsized last week, stranding the trio after authorities said the suspects skipped bond on federal indictment for credit card fraud.

The suspects were found clinging to a vessel battered by rough seas 40 miles north of Varadero and brought on board the Fantasy on Thursday morning, according to a video obtained by WSVN-TV.

The fugitives were handed over to a U.S. Coast Guard crew, who took their fingerprints and learned that the survivors were wanted in New Orleans in connection to a skimming scheme that pilfered cash from a Louisiana gas station.

Federal investigators believe the three suspects “may have been fleeing to Cuba to avoid prosecution” in the U.S.

The suspects were taken back to Key West, Fla., after their failed flight to freedom.

Lincoln to be replaced on 5-Dollar bill

Unless you have been hiding in a cave for the past two weeks, you probably know that the images on U.S. paper currency are going an extreme politically-correct make-over.

The first dead white male to get the ax is Andrew Jackson, who will be replaced on the twenty-Dollar bill by abolitionist and ex-slave Harriet Tubman.

Jackson was a compromise of sorts.  The original plans were to replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten-Dollar bill, but the popularity of the Broadway play “Hamilton” –which has an all-African-American cast — made that choice too controversial.

None other than the New York Times,  the Sacred Scriptures of the self-anointed thinking class and final arbiter of Pure Correctness, attributes this great change to the current political climate:

The broader remaking of the nation’s paper currency, which President Obama welcomed on Wednesday, may well have captured a historical moment for a multicultural, multiethnic and multiracial nation moving contentiously through the early years of a new century.

Since Pure Correctness demands a total make-over, not some slapdash piecemeal adjustment, all other sorts of changes are being proposed.

Here at Babalu we would like to suggest the most proper make-over for the five-Dollar bill, which currently honors Abe Lincoln, the rail-splitting senator from Illinois.  Naturally, since the replacement of Andrew Jackson has caused great distress to the people of Tennessee –many of whom have had to withdraw into safe spaces in their basements — we are proposing that Lincoln be replaced by another Illinois senator.

In keeping with the principles of Pure Correctness, we are suggesting that the image also convey a strong message of support for the following five honorable causes: respect for Latinos, same-sex marriage, bi-racial unions, the control of all incorrect thinking, and solidarity with communists everywhere.  Five bucks, five causes.  Could there be any poetic justice more appropriate than this?

So, out with old:


In with the new:




Castro Kingdom’s drug shipment to Belgium gets no attention

Once again, a significant news story on the criminal enterprises of the Castro regime has been buried very deeply by the news media.

This is an old syndrome, for sure, but this time around –given all the hoopla surrounding the Normalization Circus — the disappearance of this story seems to signal a new pattern.

That pattern is itself predictable: the press can’t afford to pay attention to anything that derails the dominant Circus narrative or exposes its glaring falsehoods.

So, here is a lucid account of what has already been forgotten:

From The Center for a Free Cuba:

Cuba caught camouflaging cocaine with molasses

By Frank Calzon
The discovery by Panamanian police of more than 400 kilograms of cocaine in a Cuban ship on its way to Belgium received little media coverage in the United States. The drugs, hidden among tanks of sugarcane honey, were found at the Panamanian Caribbean port of Colón by Panamanian Police Intelligence agents.

Just like when in 2013 Panama discovered a large shipment of war materiel on its way from Cuba to North Korea, Havana said that Cuba was not at fault, that the ship only carried a donation of Cuban sugar for the suffering North Korean people. A search proved otherwise. Now Havana insists that the drugs found last week could have been brought on board the ship at the Panamanian port, and some echo the “explanation.”

Panamanian sources point out that the episode resembles the 2013 Cuban shipment of warplanes and missiles under tons of Cuban sugar on a North Korean cargo vessel to Pyongyang.

The interdiction at the Colón Free Trade Zone “has been dubbed Operation Fiery Cane (Caña Brava),” reported the blog Capitol Hill Cubans, adding that “in 2013, the Obama administration allowed Cuba’s regime to get away scot-free, despite clear evidence that it was at the center of a major illegal shipment of arms from its Port of Mariel to North Korea.”

In 1993, an American federal court indicted Gen. Raul Castro for his participation in a conspiracy that smuggled more than 7 tons of cocaine into the United States over a 10-year period. The Clinton administration “squashed the indictment,” according to Capitol Hill Cubans.

The North Korean ship, the Chong Chon Gang, was loaded at Mariel’s port, which Castro says is his most extensive effort to expand the island’s trade. A Washington source said, “It is very probable that the cocaine shipment also originated in the Port of Mariel.” As Mauricio Claver Carone and other experts have pointed out, it is inconceivable that neither the weapons shipment to North Korea nor the cocaine shipment to Belgium could occur without approval at the Cuban government’s highest levels.

All Cuban officials remember vividly the 1989 execution of Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa when he was to become commander of one of Cuba’s three armies. According to Fidel and Raul Castro, Ochoa was sentenced to die due to his role in narco-trafficking, although according to Cuban law the penalty for drug smuggling does not include the death penalty. The regime said that Ochoa had to die because his drug smuggling placed at risk the security of the country; presumably by providing an excuse to enemies of the revolution (the United States) for strong action against it.

The eighth Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party just took place,  but the drug smuggling to Belgium was not part of the discussions, and President Barack Obama is not likely to make an issue of it.

Raul Castro favors the use of maritime shipments for dangerous missions. In 2015, the Colombian navy intercepted yet another ship, the Da Dan Xia, a Chinese vessel bound for the Port of Mariel containing “about 100 tons of gunpowder, almost 3 million detonators and some 3,000 cannon shells.” The weapons were hidden under tons of grain; although Cuba, as a sovereign country, has a right to purchase weapons. The reason for the cover-up was likely that the weapons’ final destination was not in Cuba, but for Colombian rebels, since the Chinese ship was scheduled to dock at Cartagena and Barranquilla, two Colombian ports.

In the case of the three ships’ modus operandi was similar: The shipments were hidden under sugar, honey, or grain. In the case of the North Koran ship, Havana at first lied to the Panamanians, and in the cocaine shipment, it insists the drugs, hidden under Cuban honey, were not placed there in Cuba. A well-documented United Nations report charged that extraordinary measures had been taken to hide the weapons shipment, and that the attempted smuggling was a violation of international sanctions on Pyongyang. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta Jacobson, however, was quoted saying that the weapons shipment was not important enough to threaten Obama’s Cuba initiative.

Cuban Lt. Col. Alejandro Castro Espín, a Cuban intelligence officer and son of Raul Castro, led the Cuban team that obtained the withdrawal of Cuba from the list of supporters of international terrorism. Alejandro Castro met with Obama in Panama and New York in 2015 when the president met with Raul Castro.

Raul Castro’s shipments say much about Havana’s appraisal of how much they can get away with under the present administration. Members of the House Committee on Intelligence are concerned and will likely ask Secretary of State John Kerry what the administration knows about the cocaine shipment and if he intends to raise the issue with his Cuban counterpart.

Frank Calzon is executive director of the Center for a Free Cuba, based in Washington D.C.

Resistance: Cubans are writing “NO” on their currency


Best unconfirmed rumor of the decade (with the usual downside involving repression)

It seems that dissidents in Placetas have taken their peaceful resistance to the Catro regime to a higher level.

Received via email (therefore mere hearsay at this point):

The Castro regime has sent a squad of “inspectors” to the town of Placetas in central Cuba, where hundreds and hundreds of CUC and CUP bills — Cuba’s two forms of paper currency — have begun to circulate with the word “NO” written on them.

The “inspectors” descended on Placetas in two buses and several automobiles and quickly began to search all restaurants, stores, and “cuentapropista” businesses in order to remove all the defaced bills from circulation.

These officials have also given strict orders to everyone not to accept any of this defaced currency.

Since no such challenge to the authority of the Castro regime can go unpunished, two disturbing developments have begun to unfold.

State security agents have surrounded the home of ex-prisoner of conscience Ciro Alexis Casanova Perez,  leader of the Resistance Front (Frente de la Resistencia) in Placetas.

Meanwhile, dissident and ex-prisoner of conscience Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” — a native of Placetas — has been subjected to constant death threats, such as the following:

“Siguan con esa campana del NO, que como sigan echandonos a perder billetes y tengamos que volver tapando esos NO que aparecen por la ciudad el proximo NO te lo vamos a pner en tu tumba luego que te matemos, negro contrarevolucionario.”

(If you continue with this “NO” campaign and keep ruining bills and if we have to come back to hide those “NO”‘s that keep appearing all through the city, we will write the “NO” on your gravestone after we kill you, counter-revolutionary nigger.“)

Don’t wait for any reaction to these repressive racist threats from any liberal in the United States or Canada or Europe, and least of all from the tourists from these affluent nations who flock there to enjoy cheap thrills and a good dose of neocolonialist voyeurism.

Antunez: “negro contrarevolucionario”

Surprise! Cuba’s top “reformer” fired from his university post

Purged “reformer” Omar Everleny Pérez

Anyone who has lived in the Castro Kingdom knows that genuine “reformers” are not allowed to exist.

Foreign journalists, however, continue to hold on to the illusion that there are “reformers” working within the Castro regime, just as they hold on to the delusion that Obama’s visit to Cuba was greeted with  “jubilation”.

Here is one news story that proves what happens to “reformers” — even the most phony of them — in that Orwellian dystopia.

An economist largely responsible for creating Cuba’s ridiculously phony “self-employment” scheme (cuentapropismo) has been fired from his university post.

Chances are that foreign journalists will not follow up on this story, and that it will be difficult to know the ultimate fate of the phony “reformer” Omar Everleny  Pérez.  But anyone who has lived in the Castro Kingdom knows that what lies ahead for anyone charged with “corruption”* or “negligence” or disobedience is never pretty.

(* Castronoid definition of “corruption”: making money and not sharing it with the proper authorities).

No more reforming for you !

From The Guardian (UK), stalwart defender of leftist principles:

Cuban university fires economist over allegedly sharing information with US

One of Cuba’s most renowned advocates of economic reform has been fired from his University of Havana thinktank for alleged violations including sharing information with Americans without authorization.

The dismissal of Omar Everleny Pérez adds to a chillier mood that has settled over much of Cuba as the country’s leaders try to quash the jubilation that greeted Barack Obama’s historic trip to the island last month.

The Cuban Communist party’s twice-a-decade Congress ended Tuesday after four days of officials issuing tough warnings about the need to maintain a defensive stance against what they called the United States’ continuing imperialist aspirations.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described Obama’s visit as an “attack on the foundation of our political ideas, our history, our culture and our symbols”.President Raúl Castro described the US as an “enemy” seeking to seduce vulnerable sectors of society, including intellectuals and members of Cuba’s new private sector.

While that was going on, Cuban academics began sharing the news that Pérez had been dismissed from his post at the Center for Studies of the Cuban Economy on 8 April, less than three weeks after Obama’s visit.

“Reforms” at work: potential cookie tycoon

Pérez is one of the country’s best-known academics, an expert in developing economies who served as a consultant for Castro’s government when it launched a series of market-oriented economic reforms after he took over from his brother Fidel in 2008. Pérez made dozens of trips to universities and conferences in the US with university approval and frequently received foreign visitors researching the Cuban economy.

Reached by the Associated Press on Wednesday, Pérez confirmed his dismissal by center director Humberto Blanco for having unauthorized conversations with foreign institutions and informing “North American representatives” about the internal procedures of the university.

The dismissal letter described Pérez, 56, as “irresponsible” and “negligent” for continuing to engage in unauthorized activity after warnings from his superiors. It also accused him of receiving unauthorized payments for a study of the South Korean economy and said he was barred from returning to work for at least four years.

Pérez said he had appealed his dismissal, and believes Cuban authorities were seeking to make an example of him – not because of the allegations in the letter, but because of his critical writings about the slow pace of economic reforms.

“Sometimes they don’t like what you write or think,” he told the AP.

Cuban government representatives did not respond to request for comment on Pérez’s dismissal.

Continue reading HERE

Surprise! Governor Cuomo’s Cuba trade mission yields big zero for New York.


New Yorkers seem very surprised by the news that the Castro regime isn’t buying any of their products despite their governor’s flashy efforts to drum up business with the bankrupt apartheid communist hell-hole.

Gee-whiz, Mildred, what could have gone wrong?

After all, governor Cuomo went on a trade mission to Cuba last year.  He spent a whole day there, followed everywhere by journalists, posing for photos in antique cars.

And…and… The New York Times promised this trip would not only create all kinds of business deals, but also bring more freedom to Cubans.

Why haven’t Cubans jumped at the chance to improve their lives, now that relations with the U.S. have been normalized?

Why doesn’t Raul Castro want to buy stuff from New York?  Doesn’t he know that his people need stuff, like food and medicines?

And why hasn’t President Castro budged on the issue of human rights?  The New York Times said he would!  And so did President Obama!

Jumpin’ Jehosophat! Gee, Mildred…. This is so incomprehensible! It’s like…like…a Twilight Zone episode, for cripes’ sakes!

trade missionary


Exports lacking one year after Cuomo trip

It was one year ago today that Governor Cuomo was in Cuba for a visit, and you paid for it to the tune of $200,000.

The U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council is calling out the Governor.

“It was a $200,000 24 hour visit to Cuba for a photo op,” says U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council President John Kavulich.

Kavulich contacted representatives of the seven New York-based companies that went on the trip to see how they’ve benefited one year later.

“None of the companies have reported any solid exports or service activities since last year. One company that was involved with agriculture wasn’t able to get anywhere. Sought the help from Governor Cuomo’s staff, didn’t get anywhere,” said Kavulich.

That company, according to Kavulich, is Cayuga Milk Ingredients. He says Chobani Greek Yogurt, Pfizer, and Regeneron also reported no exports to Cuba. And his research found Infor just has an agreement to sell software in Cuba. MasterCard is awaiting some legal clarifications. And Jet Blue has applied to start direct U.S. flights to Cuba and is waiting for a decision.

Continue reading HERE (includes video)

Have I got a deal for you!

White House changes its tune on Cuban-American musician


It looks as if the White House was shamed into re-inviting Paquito D’Rivera.

First Carnival Cruise Lines, now the White House.

Wow.  Two strikes in a row for the Castro regime.  How exceedingly rare.

These sudden back-to-back turn-arounds are shocking.

If only this were to create a trend…. what if?….what if?… what if Castrogonia were to suddenly receive the South Africa treatment?

Naahhh….fuggedabouditt…. this is just a fluke.

White House re-invites Paquito D’Rivera, claims his dis-invitation was due to an “error.”

14-time Grammy Award-winning jazz musician Paquito D’Rivera has been re-invited to the White House’s International Jazz Day celebration after penning a letter objecting to being rejected for the celebration, a move he considered political retribution for his stance against the Cuban communist regime.

D’Rivera wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama last week explaining his situation: The prestigious Thelonius Monk Institute had invited him to perform at the White House – a venue he had played in before – and shortly after receiving the call, he was told by the White House that he was not allowed to attend after “not passing the vetting process.” He was given no reason for his rejection.

The Cuban-American musician then penned the letter: The only logical reason he could think of for not being allowed to perform at the event was his history of anti-communist, pro-freedom political statements, staunchly opposed to the continued reign of the violent Raúl Castro regime….

A week after writing the letter, D’Rivera was informed that he is once again invited to attend the event, and he will do so. “I received a call in my office informing me that there was no veto to my participation and that it had all been an error, so I will be there,” D’Rivera told Telemundo on Wednesday. He said he believed that Cuban government officials had intervened and attempted to have him kicked off the list.

The event will take place on April 29, and include legends like Aretha Franklin, Buddy Guy, Sting, and the Cuba-based artist Chucho Valdés. The Obama White House became the first in decades to host a Castro-friendly Cuban act in October, when Buena Vista Social Club performed there.

D’Rivera has been publicly critical of President Obama’s approach to the Castro government. In an interview in February, he described the normalization process as “cosmetic” and lamented that only minor improvements for Cuba’s wealthy may come out of the President’s diplomacy. “Maybe now, some people, some elites, have the chance to go play with American musicians, like Wynton Marsalis going and playing there… [Cubans] have an opportunity to see a couple of American musicians down there, but that doesn’t change much,” he told the Miami New Times.

Read the whole story HERE

Communist Party guarantees King Raul his crown and throne until 2021

Party on, dudes!

Raul Castro’s Clever Masterstroke

So, do you really believe that King Raul is going to relinquish his throne in 2018 and hand over all of his power to some successor?

The press of the free world certainly thinks so.  Good luck finding any article that calls this assumption into question.

Well…. as usual, King Raul always leaves out a very important footnote when he promises to abdicate in 2018.

That footnote made a brief but significant appearance at this week’s 7th Congress of the Communist Party.

At this Congress, King Raul insisted on ratifying the central significance of Article 5 of the Communist Party’s Constitution, which is Cuba’s de facto and de jure constitution.

Article 5 reads: “The Communist Party of Cuba, which follows the ideologies of Jose Marti and Marxism-Leninism, is the organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, the supreme directing authority of the State and society, and it shapes and directs all communal efforts toward the lofty goals of the establishment of socialism and of progress toward a communist society.”  (“El Partido Comunista de Cuba, martiano y marxista-leninista, vanguardia organizada de la nación cubana, es la fuerza dirigente superior de la sociedad y del Estado, que organiza y orienta los esfuerzos comunes hacia los altos fines de la construcción del socialismo y el avance hacia la sociedad comunista.”)

Quite a mouthful, yes.  And very carefully worded.  Notice please, the phrasing of this sentence, which spells out the essential role of the Cuban Communist Party: “la fuerza dirigente superior de la sociedad y del Estado” (the supreme directing authority of the State and society).

What does this mean?  As Orlando Freire Santana points out in Diario de Cuba,  Article 5 guarantees that the leader of the Communist Party is the ultimate authority in Cuba, above all other State officials, including the country’s president.

Currently, King Raul holds the three top posts in Cuba: he is the leader of the Communist Party, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and President of Cuba.  In other words, he holds all power.

Since the Communist Party has just confirmed his post as its leader until 2021 –despite new age limits it imposed on subsequent leaders — Article 5 guarantees that Raul will be de jure and de facto “the supreme directing authority of the State and society.”

So, forget about all the smoke and mirrors surrounding the 2018 abdication date.

King Raul will keep his crown and throne until at least 2021.  As proven by his brothers Ramon and Fidel, these Castro boys don’t die until they are at least 90 or so.  And an uncle of theirs lived past 100.

Clever old monsters





Meanwhile, back in Brasilia: Dilma Rouseff plays sexism card


Update on the saga of Dizzy Dilma, soon-to-be-impeached president of the supermodel-rich Latrine colossus of Brazil.

Dilma Rouseff,  an ardent Castro lover, is defending herself by casting blame for all her legal and political woes on others.

First and foremost, she is accusing her vice-president Michel Temer of staging a coup through parliamentary chicanery because– as she sees it — he is unable to attract enough votes to become president through an election.

In addition, she is also playing the sexism card.

Brazil’s leading export

“There is an element of prejudice against women mixed in this impeachment,” she said yesterday at a press conference with foreign journalists.  “Some of these attacks against me would never take place against a male president,” she added.

Yeah.  Viva la Revolucion, Dilma.  Maybe Raul and his new kiss-ass lackey Meester Obama can help you out, or maybe some of your supermodels, including the one who broke up Mick Jagger’s marriage.

Want the whole story? Go HERE to ABC Spain  (warning: Cuida’o, hegemonic Castilian dialect needed).

Bésame, bésame mucho….

Normalization trophy found on beach in northern Florida

Normalization flotsam

It’s just a bunch of stuff that can float, tightly bound together.

And someone just found it on a beach near Jacksonville, in the extreme north end of Florida, not too far from the border with the state of Georgia.

Some of the plastic bottles in this bundle of junk have labels of Cuban origin.

So, what is this?

Chances are that this tightly-bound trash is all that’s left of a Cuban raft that disintegrated out at sea.

Where are the Cuban  “migrants”?  Probably dead.  All signs point to one sad possibility: The “migrants” who assembled all this buoyant stuff in the hopes of escaping from slavery have joined innumerable thousands of their fellow countrymen in the largest mass grave in the Western hemisphere.

Someone should send half of this bundle of unfulfilled dreams to the current occupant of the White House and the other half to Diana Nyad.

And someone should send the rubber chancleta (flip-flop) embedded in this trophy of Normalization and hopelessness to King Raul.

Aaah, if only someone at the receiving end of such a package could then force King Raul to wear the flip-flop around his neck for the rest of his sorry days on earth.

Normalization: Best friends forever


Possible part of Cuban refugee raft washes up in Ponte Vedra Beach

A local mother and daughter believe they found part of a Cuban refugee raft washed up in Ponte Vedra Beach.

It’s a mass of foam, plastic water bottles and even a rubber flip-flop.

The bottles have Cuban labels.

“Anything in their mind they deemed could float was thrown in, whether it was a personal artifact or something that was picked up as trash,” said Tobi Myers-Browning, who found the debris in high tide at the Guana Reserve.

“Tee-Boo-Ron”: Official mascot of the Normalization Circus

She and her daughter took a pledge to do daily beach cleanups together for a year. That’s how they stumbled upon the debris Monday.

“Wow, somebody could’ve come across on this and there’s no way to track to see if any of these people made it,” said Myers-Browning.

She called the Coast Guard. A local spokesman tells Action News Jax he is aware of the debris, but can’t confirm it’s from Cuba.

The Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve tells Action News Jax they plan to haul it off the beach on Wednesday so the plastic bottles don’t make their way back into the ocean.

Whole story HERE (includes video)

Collateral damage of Normalization Circus

Fidel delivers his own eulogy at Communist Party Congress

A monster facing his own extinction, babbling away….clapping for himself

Given how many awful dictators Latrine America has produced, it takes a really special dictator to claim the number one spot as worst dictator of all time.

Fidel has no competition.  No one else comes close.

Today, as the monstrous megalomaniac sociopath addressed the Communist Party Congress in Havana, he delivered an auto-eulogy, announcing his imminent death and praising himself and his reign of terror.

What else could one expect from the Coma-Andante?

So predictable.  So true to form.  So utterly disgusting and unjust.

The monster should have been addressing a court of law today, not an auditorium full of ass-kissing henchmen.

He will never stand trial for his crimes.  He will die in his comfortable bed, with the air-conditioning on, surrounded by his top concubine, his equally loathsome brother, and his privileged progeny.

Oh, well….  ultimately, the only justice that matters is that which meted out when monsters shuffle off their mortal coil, as Hamlet would say.

From Granma Lite (Associated Press), via Daily Mail:

Is Fidel Castro on the way out? Cuba’s revolutionary leader, 89, says he will die soon as he bids farewell to the Communist congress

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro delivered a valedictory speech Tuesday to the Communist Party that he put in power a half-century ago, telling party members he will soon die and exhorting them to help his ideas survive.

‘I’ll be 90 years old soon,’ Castro said in his most extensive public appearance in years, adding: ‘Soon I’ll be like all the others.’

He went on: ‘The time will come for all of us, but the ideas of the Cuban Communists will remain as proof on this planet that if they are worked at with fervor and dignity, they can produce the material and cultural goods that human beings need, and we need to fight without a truce to obtain them.’

Castro spoke as the government announced that his brother Raul will retain the Cuban Communist Party’s highest post alongside his hardline second-in-command.

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And… if you’re feeling sadomasochistic…. you can listen to the whole auto-eulogy HERE (in Fidelese Spanish, of course), or watch a brief video clip HERE.

Or… if you need some cleansing after contemplating all this  — a “despojo”— go HERE  and read Psalm 73.

Henchmen applaud the auto-eulogy