Flood of Cuban “migrants” annoys Latin American neighbors


Cubans arriving in Mexico

Cubans continue to flee their island in record numbers while hordes of tourists pour in to enjoy themselves and gawk at the natives.

Meanwhile, some Latin American nations are trying to stem the flow, in various ways.

Here are two news stories on the growing exodus.

From The Yucatan Times:

Latest rescue brings Cuban rafter total to more than 150 in Yucatan waters

In the latest incident of Cuban rafters in Yucatan waters, on Tuesday Nov. 24 a Mexican Navy vessel came to the aid of six rafters who had been rescued by a fishing vessel about 492 kilometers (266 nautical miles) northwest of ProgresoLatest rescue brings Cuban rafter total to more than 150 in Yucatan waters.

The six Cubans were adrift when they were spotted and rescued by the crew of the fishing boat “Robalo VIII”, which immediately notified the federal authorities.

After providing first aid and verifying that they were in good health, the Navy transferred the rafters to the remote terminal of the Port of Progreso. The Cubans were then sent to the Merida facilities of the National Institute of Migration.

Authorities have reported the arrival in Yucatan of more than 150 Cuban rafters in 2014 and so far in 2015, in what is considered the largest exodus from the island in the past decade. Most are seeking to reach the United States, using Mexico as a stopover on their journey.

However, unlike the Cubans who have in past months arrived to Mexico, the six recent arrivals could never reach the United States due to the Mexico-Cuba repatriation agreement signed Nov. 7 in Merida by President Enrique Peña Nieto and Cuban President Raul Castro. Due to the agreement, the six Cubans would be sent back to the island.

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From  Fusion

Closing the Spigot: Ecuador imposes new visa requirements in attempt to stop flood tide of Cuban migrants

In what appears to be another example of Cuban backchanneling, Ecuador on Thursday announced it will start requiring visas for all Cubans who have been using the South American country as a springboard to emigrate to the United States. The new visa requirements are expected to take effect by the end of next week.

Ecuador’s announcement comes on the heels of Nicaragua’s decision to close its border to northbound Cubans. The move has created a humanitarian and political crisis on Costa Rica’s northern border, where more than 3,000 Cubans are stuck in migratory limbo. And thousands more are on their way.

Since Havana and Washington announced a thawing of diplomatic relations last December, a flood tide of Cubans has left the island in an desperate attempt to make it to U.S. soil before improving ties bring an end to the Cuban Adjustment Act. Most of the Cubans emigrating to the U.S.come by land via Ecuador, whose visa-free immigration policy made it one of the only countries in the hemisphere that allowed Cubans to enter with no questions asked.

As a result, tens of thousands of Cubans saved their remittances and sold their homes to buy a roundtrip ticket to Ecuador to start the long journey to “La Yuma,” as Cubans call the United States.

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Highly weird question of the week: How white can Cubans be?

Highly white but not quite white enough guys

Forget what Chris Matthews said last week  about Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Here’s another weird reaction to Cuban-American presidential candidates.

While liberals are wringing their hands, straining to find some way of classifying Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as non -Hispanic, yet non -white, some conservatives are apparently doing some hand-wringing of their own, straining to figure out if these Cuban-Americans could possibly be white enough.

Aaaah.  Yes.  That question: Can anyone with a Spanish surname really be white, even if they look like white Europeans?

Aaaah. Yes.  That constant comment:  But, but….you don’t look Cuban!

Or, as the German publisher of Waiting for Snow in Havana said to me: “We can’t use your  photo on the book jacket because you don’t look Cuban enough.”

Aaaah.  Yes.  Whiteness of a different color.   As the French love to say: “Africa begins at the Pyrenees” — a sentiment often voiced with empirical conviction.

Marie-Henri Beyle, who wrote under the pen name Stendhal, summed it all up:   ‘Blood, manners, language, way of living and fighting, everything in Spain is African. If the Spaniard were a Muslim he would be a complete African’.

Add real sub-Saharan Africans and Taino natives to the mix, as occurred in the Caribbean, and what you’ve got is nothing but a real threat to whiteness, and to the American way of classifying anyone with a Spanish surname.

So, get ready for more confusion if Ted and Marco stay in the race.  After all, they are “highly white” in ancestry [not completely white] , “relatively high-achievers by Latin American standards” [fairly impressive for any such mongrels], and children of those “affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami “[pushy and uppity].

Cartoon from The Detroit Journal, 1907


From V-Dare:

With Mariel Boatlift II Looming, How White Are the Remaining Cubans Genetically?

One of those events you can see looming on the historic horizon is a Second Mariel Boatlift of Cubans trying to get to Miami before the U.S. wises up and rescinds the wet foot dry foot law that gives all 11 million remaining Cubans near-automatic right of asylum if they can set one foot on American dry land.

Down through history, Cuban have usually been relatively high-achievers by Latin American standards. For example, 90 years ago the world chess champion was a Cuban, Capablanca.

Cuba has some real geographic advantages over the rest of the Caribbean that attracted middle class immigrants rather than just agricultural laborers (as who mostly came to Puerto Rico). Most Caribbean islands have their main port on the south side of the island to give ships shelter from strong winter storms from the north, but Havana is a good enough natural harbor that it can be on the north side of the island and thus be cooler due to northerly breezes. So Cuba was long the favorite destination of Europeans moving to tropical New World.

The affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago are of course highly white in ancestry.

That raises the question, however: how white are the Cubans who are left in Cuba? Clearly, a lot of the whitest Cubans have been skimmed off to Florida over the decades. So, what about the remainder?

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Highly white but not quite white enough gal
Highly white but not quite white enough gal

Reconciliation? Impossible until the Castro dynasty relinquishes power and is tried for its crimes.


The good folks at Cuba Archive have issued a rational plea for “transitional justice.”

In other words, they are pointing out something that has been ignored in the midst of the “normalization” circus set in motion by the current occupant of the White House: the fact that the criminal behavior of the Castro dynasty and its supporters must cease before any genuine talk of “reconciliation” or “justice” can take place and before any genuine transition can occur.

The website of Cuba Archive is the best available source of information on the crimes of the Castro dynasty.

Oswaldo Paya’s funeral

No to impunity: Transitional justice is vital to reconciliation

Lately, we hear talk of the reconciliation of the Cuban people. No doubt that is a desirable goal, particularly in resolving personal quarrels, but for national reconciliation to succeed, the near universal experience of the last half-century across the globe teaches us that “transitional justice” is a vital aspect of that process. And, that can only take place when a true democracy with a rule of law replaces the repressive regime and guarantees a course of action consisting of seeking truth, holding perpetrators accountable, arriving at some form of redress, and putting mechanisms in place to prevent abuses from recurring. Although each society must find its own particular approach, fostering transparency and taking victims into account are essential to the legitimacy of the process as well as to promote societal peace and consolidate the new democracy.

While it’s useful to set the foundations for eventual reconciliation, present-day Cuba does not yet offer the needed conditions. The Cuban regime is embarked on the transformation of a totalitarian system cloaked in orthodox Communism into an authoritarian model with selective elements of capitalism —a hybrid fascist system with amorphous ideological justifications. At the same time, a dynastic succession already set in motion seeks to maintain power in the hands of the same military dictatorship guilty of multiple and systematic crimes against humanity and sustained by a huge repressive apparatus and Stalinist laws.

To help develop responsible views regarding Cuba, please visit Cuba Archive’s website, ; don’t miss their electronic database of documented cases of deaths and disappearances.  Also see their Facebook page.

King Raul demands 13 immediate unilateral concessions from President Obama

Do as I say, now!

They don’t want much do they, these criminals?

Of course, most of the world’s news media don’t consider them criminals.  Quite the opposite: they are heroes of sorts — heroes who have valiantly resisted American aggression.

Awwww.  Such noble heroes.  Such noble leaders of noble savages.

Well, as it turns out, the criminals who run the country called “Cuba” (which should really be called Castrogonia), are also experts on the U.S. Constitution.

Here is their latest list of demands from the United States.

Never mind the fact that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow the President to ignore laws passed by Congress.

Never mind the Supreme Court either.  What King Raul wants is what King Raul should get, no matter what.  No one should ever dare to contradict him, or stand in his way.

So, here is the latest list of demands made by King Raul and his Knights of the Septic Table.

Pay attention, Mr. Obama, pay attention.  Take steps, take steps.  Snap to it.  You want normalization?  You’d better meet all these demands, along with those other two not on this list: surrendering Guantanamo Naval Base and coughing up 11 billion dollars in reparations.

Oh, yeah, and add one more to the list: force Oprah to move her TV network and magazine to Castrogonia.

Hop to it!

From one of the filthy propaganda rags published by the criminals who have ruined Cuba and enslaved its people*:

Despite the fact that Congress must take action to definitively end the blockade, President Obama has broad executive powers to substantially modify its implementation much more than he has thus far. Listed below are a number of steps he could take immediately.

1. Allow Cuba to use the dollar in international transactions.

2. Permit Cuban transactions in USD to be handled within the U.S. banking system.

3. Facilitate the opening of correspondence accounts by Cuban entities in U.S. banks.

4. Instruct U.S. representatives in international financial institutions to refrain from creating obstacles to the granting of credit to Cuba.

5. Halt the levying of fines on international banks for processing Cuban transactions.

6. Authorize Cuban aircraft and ships to transport passengers, cargo and mail between the two countries.

7. Authorize the direct export of U.S. products to Cuba.

8. Allow Cuba to import from other countries products which have more than 10% U.S. made components.

9. Permit imports to the U.S. of high demand Cuban goods and services such as cigars, rum and biotechnology products, including those manufactured in other countries using Cuban raw materials such as sugar and nickel.

10. Authorize U.S. companies to invest in Cuba.

11. End limitations of Cuban products which U.S. visitors to the country wish to import for their personal use.

12. Authorize U.S. citizens to receive medical treatment in Cuba.

13. Permit the granting of credit to Cuba for the purchase of products in the U.S. market, with the exception of agricultural products for which credit is prohibited by law.

*Granma: http://en.granma.cu/mundo/2015-11-13/what-obama-can-do

Cuban exile musings: the fragile blessing of freedom


Great God in Heaven, freedom is wonderful, even at its worst.

Imagine this news story coming out of Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or China, or Castrogonia.

Freedom is a wonderful and very fragile gift, not appreciated by billions of human beings, including many who enjoy total freedom.

Is the woman in this story a symptom of the decline of Western civilization, or its cause?

Will she wear her colander when she goes on a people-to-people trip to Castrogonia?  (She seems a likely candidate for such an adventure).

Would she have used it as a helmet at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, to shield her head from the bullets fired by bloodthirsty followers of a very real religion?

Could any college offer her and other Pastafarians sufficient safe space to shield them from microaggressions or outright aggression?

Aaah.  Tough questions.  Or, as a Pastafarian might say, questions molto al dente.

Here’s another pair of questions:

Could an army of colander-wearing Pastafarians save Western civilization?   Or could they come to the rescue of the Ladies in White today or on any other Sunday?

Judge for yourself.

Pastafarian wins right to wear colander in driver’s license photo because it’s part of her religion

A Pastafarian displayed her allegiance to the Flying Spaghetti Monster in her Massachusetts driver’s license photo.

Lindsay Miller of Lowell, Mass. cited that her religious beliefs as a member of the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” should allow her to wear the metal pasta strainer on her head during the photo.

Miller was previously denied a license renewal in August under Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles policy that does not permit hats or head coverings except for religious reasons.

“They were kind of laughing at me,” Miller told the Boston Globe.

“I thought of other religions and women and thought that this was not fair. I thought, ‘Just because you haven’t heard of this belief system, [the RMV] should not be denying me a license,” she said.

Pastafarians — members of “The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” — use parody to make a point about religion.

“The fact that many see this is as a satirical religion doesn’t change the fact that by any standard one can come up with our religion is as legitimate as any other. And *that* is the point,” according to a posting on the church’s web site.

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Cuban exile musings: What does it take to qualify as a charming “despot” nowadays?


Inquiring minds want to know: why does Kim Jong-un of North Korea rate as a “roly-poly despot” while Raul Castro only rates as a “president”?

Why isn’t Raul a “doddering old despot” or a “mustachioed despot” or a “sissified despot?

What does it take to rate as a despot nowadays, especially one of the charming sort?

And why are the amusing antics of any despot, roly-poly or mustachioed, of interest to tabloids or to anyone?

Aaah.  There’s the rub, as Hamlet might say.  Quite a rub, too.

Because evil is so enchanting.  So thrilling.  So titillating.

Until the evil comes your way and skewers you or your loved ones.

Other people’s despots — especially people who are inferior — can be so charming, precisely because they rule inferior people.

King Raul demands equal time.  Why should roly-poly Kim get all the attention?

How about this headline: “Doddering old mustachioed sissified despot evokes beatific smile from the Vicar of Christ?”


Adolf demands equal time from the grave too.  How about this historical headline: “Antisemitic psychopathic despot loves dogs”?


From the one and only Daily Mail:

Smiling like a kid in a sweet shop! Roly-poly despot Kim Jong-un beams as he tours the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory

Grinning from ear to ear, Kim Jong Un looked like a child in a sweet shop as he inspected treats during a trip to a factory.

The North Korean despot was photographed grinning as he paid a visit to the Pyongyang Children’s Foodstuff Factory.

According to reports from the state-controlled Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the leader toured different parts of the factory to learn about how products are produced.

He told workers that ‘localisation constitutes the core of the Party’s policy on modernisation’ and stressed that the import of goods should be reduced, it has been claimed.

Continue reading about Kim’s great adventure HERE.

Hey, don't forget about me! I'm the cutest despot of all!
Hey, don’t forget about me! I’m the cutest and most charming despot of all!

The awful effect of “normalization” on the Cuban people: a fifteen minute summary

Frank Calzon: Political Prisoners and Human Rights in Cuba

Click on image to watch video.

Frank Calzon (Director of the Center for a Free Cuba) summarized the dismal human rights situation in Cuba at the Center for Security Policy’s 4th Annual Latin America Symposium at the Rayburn House Office Building on October 29, 2015.

This half-day program on Capitol Hill focused on two issues:

1) The domestic repression and foreign adventurism of Cuba’s Castro regime in the wake of President Obama’s normalization of relations with Havana.

2) The rapidly deteriorating political, economic and security situation with regard to the one-time patron, now client of Cuba: Venezuela.

Update on ongoing massive exodus from Castrogonia

6a00d8341bffd953ef017ee82caa5a970dOver 25,000 Cubans entered the U.S. through the Texas border during the first seven months of 2015.

Finding out how many have entered through California, Arizona, and New Mexico is extremely difficult.

Now we learn that 1,000 U.S-bound Cubans are stuck in Costa Rica.  No one seems to have counted how many more are stuck in other Central and South American countries,or how many are flowing in, headed for the U.S.

Ah!   Call ’em DFWW’s (Dry-foot wetback wannabes).  Why does no one seem to be paying attention to this side effect of “normalization”?


From Agence France-Presse via Global Post

Around 1,000 Cubans aiming for US stuck in Costa Rica

About 1,000 desperate Cubans on an exhausting odyssey through South and Central America to the United States are stuck in Costa Rica with many risking deportation, authorities and the migrants said Thursday.

Many of them are too broke to pay farther passage north, having exhausted their funds by flying from Cuba to Ecuador then traveling overland through Colombia, then paying bribes to go by small boast to Panama and then over the land border into Costa Rica.

More than 100 of them are staying in streets close to Costa Rica’s migration office in the capital San Jose, and nearly 1,000 are stuck in a border town unable to pass through passport control because they don’t have a visa.

America has a longstanding policy of accepting Cubans who set foot on its soil.

In an effort to get past the US Coast Guard, which would return them to Cuba if caught on water, many now try to enter via Central America and then Mexico — the same route used by mainland Latino migrants.
But increased security along the southern US border and boosted vigilance in Mexico have made that passage more difficult.

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Aapuuuurate! Hurry up, the door is closing! Cubans flee to U.S. in record numbers

Dry-foot Cubans prevented from becoming “refugees”

Here we go: call it normalization fallout.

Or call it Wet-Back-Fear derangement syndrome.

Without a Wet Foot/ Dry Foot policy, all Cuban “migrants” who try to sneak into the U.S.A. will be no different from Wet Backs.

Cubans are becoming increasingly desperate to flee their normalized utopia, fearing that the whole “refugee” option will soon vanish and they will become no different from Mexicans or Haitians, or other potential migrants to the U.S.A.

Viewed from a humanitarian perspective, it’s all a very pathetic human version of rats leaving a sinking ship.

The fear fueling these attempts to cross the Florida Straits is very real.  “Normalization” means only one thing for Cubans: permanent enslavement, not just for themselves, but also for their progeny, for generations to come.

But viewed from a practical perspective, this situation is no less pathetic: ending the Wet Foot /Dry Foot refugee charade won’t mean an end to the “let’s visit Cuba twice a year loaded with goodies” syndrome for recent pseudo-exiles or for their  “let’s take the whole family to Varadero” syndrome, or their “let’s send two billion dollars in remittances” syndrome.

Many of those “exiles” who have arrived in the U.S.A. since 1992 have been providing the Castro dynasty with more steady income than the Soviets used to shovel into those bottomless Castro pockets.  And “normalization” will allow them to continue to feed the beast.

Any way you look it at, the whole deal is worse than pathetic, and extremely disturbing to anyone who wants genuine freedom and prosperity for Cuba.

"Refugees" hurrying back home loaded with goodies
“Refugees” hurrying back home with lots of goodies

From The Sun-Sentinel

 Number of Cubans intercepted at sea rises to highest level in two decades

More Cubans were stopped at sea while trying to reach the U.S. in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30 than at any time since the chaotic rafter crisis of 1994, according to figures from the U.S. Coast Guard.

The total number of Cubans picked up on the ocean — heading to South Florida in vessels often makeshift and unseaworthy — and returned to the island during those 12 months was 2,924, according to figures released this week.

In October, the first month of the federal government’s fiscal 2016, 433 Cubans were stopped a sea, a figure higher than any month in the previous fiscal year.

“This is a pattern that became noticeable [in recent months] and appears sustainable,” said anthropologist Jorge Duany, who studies Cuban migration at Florida International University.

Experts say that many on the island who want to come to the U.S. fear that America’s renewed relationship with Cuba would make getting a visa more difficult, or end the favorable treatment granted to Cuban immigrants.

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Me encantan estos gusanos!

Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Venezuelan defector reveals dirty details about Bolivarian justice system

Ex-rosecutor Nieves
Ex-rosecutor Franklin Nieves

No surprise here for anyone familiar with the Castro regime, or with its role in the ruin of Venezuela.

Standard operating procedure, Castro-style.  Stifle opposition by any means possible, preferably in a way that makes the repression look justifiable.

The Venezuelan prosecutor who was in charge of proving that opposition leader  Leopoldo López was guilty of inciting violence now claims — from the relative safety of exile — that  the López trial was rigged.

The only real surprise here is that  Maduro & company didn’t order the outright elimination of López in a motor vehicle “accident,” or in some prison clinic or intensive-care unit.

Leopoldo Lopez arrest, 2014
Leopoldo Lopez arrest, 2014

From ABC Spain

Since fleeing to the United States last week, Venezuelan prosecutor Franklin Nieves has been revealing facts about the inner workings of his country’s corrupt government.

One such revelation involves the arrest and trial of opposition leader Leopoldo López.  According to Nieves, the order to arrest López on trumped up charges came from dictator Nicolas Maduro and his inner circle. Even worse, Maduro and his acolytes rigged López’s trial by fabricating “evidence” and planting “witnesses” who told well-orchestrated lies.

López, leader of the opposition party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), was found guilty of inciting violence during the massive demonstrations that took place in February 2014.  He is now serving a 13-year prison sentence.

Nieves, who was the chief prosecutor in the López trial, says that all of the testimony provided by witnesses was false, and that López is not guilty of any crime.

“We had no real evidence against him,” says Nieves.  “All of the so-called evidence used to convict him was totally fabricated.”

Nieves says that he can offer no written proof of his accusations because all of the orders given by Maduro and his inner circle were delivered orally.    “They are very careful not to leave behind any proof of the pressure they exert,” says Nieves.

When asked why he took part in such an unjust trial, Nieves said that he was given a drastic choice: either follow orders and play along with the charade or go directly to jail.

The Maduro regime claims that the United States is paying Nieves to lie.  Nieves denies these charges.

Read the ABC interview with Nieves HERE (in Spanish)


Geriatric Havana Shuffle: Ministry of the Interior Changes Hands

Retiring Minister of the Interior Colome Ibarra with his pal Raul

From ABC Spain:

General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, one of the “historic” leaders of the Castro takeover of Cuba and one of Raúl Castro’s closest associates, has stepped down from his post as Minister of the Interior for “health reasons.” The 76-year-old  general, who was also in charge of the military unit known as «Furry», has been at the top of the island’s super-elite military junta for 26 years and has spent a total of 60 years in service of the Castro brothers.

He climbed to the very top echelon of Cuba’s military junta in 1989, when scapegoat general Jose Abrantes was unceremoniously purged and charged with corruption and drug-trafficking.

The Council of State, which holds ultimate power in the Castro Kingdom has named another general as the new Minister of the Interior:  Carlos Fernández Gondín, who has held the post of Vice-Minister for many years.

Ah! Finally, some room opens at the top for a younger generation!  Oh, wait.  No.  Not so.  Fuggedaboutditt.  The new Minister of the Interior is 77 years old, one year older than the general who is being replaced.

Ah! But surely some  Afro-Cuban will be his successor, for the sake of diversity in the all-white military junta.   Not so.  Fuggedaboutditt.  The new Minister of the Interior is lily white.


Ah! But maybe this new Minister of the Interior will take a more enlightened and benign approach toward dissidents!   Oh, wait.  No.  Not so.  Fuggedaboutditt.  The new Minister  Fernández Gondín, who is a member of the central committee of the Communist Party has been in charge of the Revolutionary Police and the department of State Security for over a quarter of a century.

In other words, General Fernández Gondín has been in charge of a vast network of informers and spies –both at home and abroad — and is the oligarch that dissidents view as most directly responsible for the repression and intimidation that stifle all dissent in the Castro Kingdom. 

Ah!  Change you can believe in!  Yes, change that can be directly attributed to the policies of the current occupant of the White House.  Even Gerard Depardieu and François Hollande can agree on this:   plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (“the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”).

The New Minister
Gotta love that change!
Gotta love that change!

Daily dose of paradise: Ah! Update on Prisons in Castro Kingdom

From The Institute for War & Peace Reporting via Eurasia News

Some sobering facts about crime and punishment in paradise.

None of this is news to Cubans.  But perhaps now that outsiders are revealing the cold, hard facts the rest of the world will notice?

This report even has video testimony from Cubans who have been imprisoned! (Click on image above).

Naaah.  Fuggeddabouditt.  Castrogonia is cool.  They have antique cars!  And cigar ladies!

A vintage car passes a Che Guevara mural in Cuba
Prisons? Who cares?

 Tough Times In Cuba’s Prisons

Official data from 2012 showed Cuba with a prison population of 57,300, or 508 per 100,000 people. A study by the International Centre for Prison Studies at Essex University indicated that Cuba had the world’s sixth highest prison population, based on a 2013 rate of 510 per 100,000 in the world.

The figures are disputed by the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), whose head Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz has been investigating convict numbers. Sánchez estimates the prison population at up to 70,000.

“Cuba is literally a huge penitentiary centre,” the Cuban Human Rights Observatory, headquartered in Madrid, says. “Half a century on, there are around 200 prisons for 11 million citizens. The population has multiplied by two, but prisons have multiplied by a factor of 14.”

Using the government total of 200 prisons – excluding juvenile detention centres – Cuba now has one prison for every 56,000 people, compared with one per 422,000 people in 1959, the year the Cuban Revolution took place….

…. The authorities have increased the number of jails by converting schools. These include a secondary school in the town of Juraguá, Cienfuegos province, and two in a rural area of Motembo, Villa Clara province.

The Juraguá facility now holds 500 inmates from the bigger Ariza prison. They are employed in charcoal production.

Read the entire article HERE

Apartheid-loving tourists have their fun spoiled by an unruly drunk

Aaaah: Cayo Coco apartheid resort
Aaaah: Cayo Coco apartheid resort

Awwww. Poor lambs.

A plane full of British merry-makers who had just spent thousands of pounds on a Cuban holiday had their fun spoiled by an unruly drunken passenger.

The racist merry-makers had no qualms whatsoever about vacationing in an apartheid beach resort –where they enjoyed all sorts of pampering — but they found their unruly fellow passenger intolerable.

The plane turned around shortly after departing and dumped the drunken passenger at the Cayo Coco airport.

Aaaah.  The privilege of being superior.  Something like this happens and not a word needs to be  said about the unruly behavior of the old military men who run an apartheid tourist industry.

Aaaah: Noble savages must be so happy!
Aaaah: Noble savages must be so happy!

Not a word, no.  Instead the privilege of being superior to the natives is promoted by the tour agency as a key feature of Cayo Coco: ” with its soft, sparkling sands and clear blue waters, it’s certainly fit for royalty.”

Yes, your highness: “spend your days drinking cocktails on the white sandy beach, zip through tropical mangroves on a speedboat.”  Never mind that the natives have no cocktails and are forbidden to go near any kind of boat.

Aaaah.  So wonderful.  Imagine using words such as “fun,” “leisure,” and “a wonderful time” in connection with tours to the Third Reich or apartheid South Africa.

Aaaah: fit for royalty, indeed!
Aaaah: fit for savage royalty, indeed!

Drunk British woman is kicked off Thomas Cook flight from Cuba to Manchester after saying ‘I hope you crash’ in abusive runway rant

A drunk British passenger who allegedly shouted that she hoped the plane ‘crashed’ was removed from a flight bound for the UK.

The Thomas Cook flight TCX175 from Cuba ‘s Cayo Coco Airport to Manchester was taxiing to the runway when the pilot decided to return to the terminal and call the police.
It is believed she was then arrested by Cuban authorities.

She allegedly shouted ‘I hope you crash’ to shocked holidaymakers and cabin crew, reports The Manchester Evening News.

Speaking to the paper, one passenger on the flight, David Maddison-Lee, 50, said: ‘We had taken our seats and were just waiting. The plane was full and people were coming back from their family holidays.

‘A woman started cursing immediately, she was continually swearing and being abusive. She was very loud.’…

… A spokesperson for Thomas Cook told MailOnline Travel: ‘Safety is our highest priority and therefore the captain decided that the drunk and disruptive passenger had to leave the aircraft before take off.

We are a leisure airline carrying millions of passengers every year. These are people who have chosen to take their well-earned summer breaks with us and we want them to have a wonderful time. 

‘Therefore, under no circumstances will we allow a disruptive passenger to spoil the fun and experience on board of a Thomas Cook Airlines aircraft for the majority of the customers that fly with us.’

Read more HERE.

“Fidelito” in Kazakhstan: Is the Castro Kingdom about to go nuclear again?

Fidelito and the Canadian Ambassador in Kazakhstan
Fidelito  in Kazakhstan

Uh, oh….  Nothing to worry about?

Yeah, sure.   Nothing at all.  Don’t worry.

It’s merely a coincidence. The Castro dynasty’s eldest prince, Fidelito, who just happens to be a nuclear physicist and a “scientific advisor” to his uncle Raul, visits uranium-rich Kazakhstan as his family is riding high, cozying up with Russia, China, and Iran, confident that the total weakness of the U.S. gives it a carte blanche to do whatever it wants.

Tremenda coincidencia!  Can you hear the siren song, oh beloved Castro clan?

Oh, for the good old days, when nuclear missiles could be pointed at the U.S. from various points in Cuba!

Can you ignore the allure of the ultimate weapon, oh invincible Castro clan?  Can you ignore the all-too-obvious thoughts coursing your collective mind, oh glorious dyansty?

Damn, why live in the past?  Let’s get us some more missiles now.  Why not send our family’s nuclear expert to the one place on earth that has more uranium than any other?

Kazakhstan claims to have ditched all the nuclear missiles it once owned, as a Soviet Socialist Republic, but it still provides the world with a hell of a lot of uranium, and it’s trying hard to restart its own nuclear power industry. Check out what that former Soviet Republic is up to now HERE.

Duck and cover!  Time to re-stock your fallout shelter!

Oh Castro clan, go on: re-write the lyrics to the Randy Newman song “Let’s Drop the Big One,” with all your kin as the “you” and the “me”:

They don’t respect us, so let’s surprise ’em, let’s drop the Big One and pulverize ’em.Boom goes Miami, and boom D.C., more room for you, more room for me!


From The Latin American Herald-Tribune:

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart Wraps Up Visit to Kazakhstan

Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, scientific adviser to the Cuban president and a nuclear physicist, ended on Friday a week-long visit to Kazakhstan, according to Kazakh government sources.

The son of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro visited scientific and technical facilities and laboratories to gauge Kazakhstan’s potential in the fields of nuclear energy and biotechnology.

Diaz-Balart also met with students from leading Kazakh universities and gave a lecture on nanotechnology at the Faculty of Physics at the Eurasian University.

He offered to “share with Kazakhstan the development of nanotechnology underway in Cuba.”

Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University and is affiliated with the Kurchatov Institute, a prestigious Russian atomic energy research institution.

While in Kazakhstan he discussed nuclear energy problems with the nation’s top scientists.

“Cuba also has institutions committed to nuclear physics and nuclear security,” he said, and suggested organizing Cuban-Kazakh cooperation through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

During his visit to Astana, Castro Diaz-Balart was accompanied by the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Canada, accredited concurrently in Cuba, Konstantin Zhigalov.

Although no specific date has been set, government sources said Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is to travel to Cuba on an official visit soon.


Castro regime’s instructions to Venezuelan military: “Shoot to kill ! “

General Abelardo Colome Ibarra, and other senior Cuban military officials pose with their Venezuelan pupils
Castronoid General Abelardo Colome Ibarra, and other senior Cuban military officials pose with their Venezuelan pupils

Surprise?  No way.  No surprise here.  This news story just confirms what is obvious to anyone who knows how the Castro regime operates.

According to Venezuelan journalist Gustavo Azócar The U.S./Castrogonia “normalization” circus has led to an increase in the number of Cuban military advisers in Venezuela rather than a decrease.

Azócar’s new book, «Disparen a matar»,(Shoot to Kill) contains many details about the direct control exerted over Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela by Raul Castro’s kingdom — so many nasty details, in fact, that many Venezuelan publishers were afraid to take on his book.

According to Azócar, Castronoid advisors have taken over the training of the Venezuelan armed forces, especially the militias employed in breaking up demonstrations and seizing private businesses.  The Cubans have “washed and ironed the brain” (lavado y planchado) of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, says Azócar.  Much of his information comes straight out of the manuals and study guides used in the Bolivarian Military University of Venezuela, which is under direct control of Castronoid Cubans.

Details of the content of one chapter of Azócar’s book were published by ABC Spain a couple of weeks ago, in an article entitled “Cubans teach how to kill.”

Get more details HERE, in Spanish.

Cubanization at work
Cubanization at work in Venezuela