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Absolute surrender to insanity: Boy Scouts of America ban squirt guns and water balloons

Okay.  This is it.  No further proof is needed to confirm the absolute collapse of Western Civilization. Those of us who live in what used to be Western Civilization are now living in a weak and extremely pathetic insane asylum. If you want to understand the larger context of the humiliating surrender to the Castro […]

U.S. news media in love with latest “historic” display of shameless Castro Chutzpah

It's hard to find the right word in any language for what happened yesterday at a White House news briefing. In Spanish, one could speak of this event as a display of "desvergüenza" (insolence, temerity), but that would be insufficient.  Even the Yiddish word "chutzpah" falls short. The Castro regime sent some of its "journalists" […]

Reuters showers praise on pro-Castro Cuban exiles, denigrates “crazy right-wing” Cuban exiles in Miami

Let's play a game. Spot  all instances of bias and/or bigotry in the article below. (And this is only an excerpt, so if you like the game, take a look at the whole piece HERE.) From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters): Obama’s Miami connections helped smooth path to meeting with Castro Obama has been taking the temperature […]

Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Castro Colony Goes for Cocaine Trafficking and Money-Laundering

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The colony does as the colonizer demands or teaches. Old Castro, Inc. trick, now being performed by Maduro & Cabello, LLC. From The Wall Street Journal via InterAmerican Security Watch Venezuelan Officials Suspected of Turning Country into Global Cocaine Hub U.S. prosecutors are investigating several high-ranking Venezuelan […]

Aaah! North Korea, tourist paradise, just like Cuba!

Wow!  Double Wow!  Triple Wow! It looks as if dictatorships have become immensely popular lately. And it also seems that King Raul has inspired fellow dictator Kim-Jong Un to attract tourists, and to play up the "forbidden location" angle. Get a load of this vacation deal being offered by the communist tour agency Young Pioneer Tours, […]

Surprise! Slaves in Castro Kingdom don’t know what insurance is and can’t afford it

Wow! From our Ignorance-Is-Not-Bliss department: a perfect example of the idiotic expectations set loose by the current occupant of the White House last December. Six months later, it seems that there are still far too many fools who think that the "normalization" of relations between the U.S. and the Castro regime will automatically turn the […]

More shameful antics from news media giants and “Cuba expert” Lopez-(Calleja) “Levy”

Good luck finding any exposé such as this one anywhere but a Cuban exile news outlet. The mere fact that Castro spy Arturo Lopez-Levy (really Lopez Calleja)  is taken so seriously by so many is enough to drive any reasonable person insane with rage. To see him spewing his Castronoid propaganda continually in major news […]

San Fidel? Could be, given the way things are going…

From El Mundo (Spain): "So, I promised the pope that if he canonizes you we will release twenty political prisoners." It seems the cartoonist fails to understand Raul's bargaining strategy.  He gets everything, but gives nothing in return.  No concessions.

Kim Jong Un and Raul Castro: Sociopaths, Best Friends Forever

"Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are." No one knows how long this adage has been around or how many cultures employ it, but few dispute its wisdom and insight. In most cases, one's friends are indeed a reflection of oneself. North Korea and the Castro Kingdom have been […]

King Raul’s complaints: U.S. helping Cuban dissidents way too much

It seems King Raul has been hyper-emboldened by his recent meetings with world leaders. He has let the world know that he is angry with the U.S. for its meddling in his kingdom. As he sees it , the U.S. is not only training independent journalists, but paying them to subvert his regime. So, he […]

Oil Slick: Update on Hollande’s Bogus Caribbean Adventure

More details have emerged about Hollande's visit to Castrogonia. The visit was not just  some cosmetic pat on the back for the Castro dynasty, though initial reports focused on that symbolic aspect. This "historic" visit was mainly about business, and about drilling for oil. It seems that slick Raul has suckered the French  into drilling […]

Crapocalypse in full swing: French President Hollande’s Bogus Caribbean Adventure

Yeowwww!  The ordure will not stop flowing. It just keeps piling higher and deeper. It's apocalyptic, a veritable crapocalypse! Good thing I've lost my sense of smell as a result of my head injury.  What a blessing, this silver lining. Grand bouffon Hollande has bestowed France's most prestigious prize --The Legion of Honor -- on Cardinal […]

Some advice for insufferable boor Mark Halperin

By now you're probably familiar with Mark Halperin's disgustingly condescending interview of presidential candidate Ted Cruz. As disturbing as Halperin's attitude might be, he has done us all a service, by "all" I don't mean Cubans, I mean absolutely everyone. He's been caught spewing the latent contempt that many liberals have toward "Lateeeen-ohs," especially those […]

King Raul : “If the pope stays on the same path, I might join the Catholic Church!”

Aaaaaaay! These are hard times.  Difficult times.  Among the most difficult of all in the fairly long life of this Catholic. Pope Pancho had such a nice time with King Raul that he extended more time to him than to most of his visitors. Yes, the Vicar of Christ is supposed to embody forgiveness, and […]

Photo gallery: King Raul’s Excellent Adventure

King Raul had a busy week, hobnobbing with all sorts of top dogs. As Bill and Ted might say, it was an excellent adventure, dude. Unfortunately, nothing about it was bogus, except for his selection of capitalist Brooks Brothers neckties.  Aaaarrgh....Whoa.... Too bad he missed the chance to meet with this top dog, dude: