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  • Humberto Fontova: Hate to say it, but Lopez was dumb to meekly surrender in a show of “good faith.” There is no such thing...

  • asombra: Yes, Carlos, the world is full of shit, and Cubans would be entitled to hold most of it in contempt–if only so many Cubans...

  • asombra: Kerry’s face is dysmorphic, like he’s got a medical syndrome. But facial weirdness aside, I have no problem with him...

  • Honey: Castro Si, Israel No! It’s chickenshit for Israel and praise for Castro. So what else is new with this administration? And...

  • Rayarena: As I always say, we Cuban Americans have really dropped the ball. We can’t expect our adversaries, our enemies to have...

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Unhappy Halloween: Very Scary Stuff From the Castro Colony of Caracastan

From ABC Spain (full story in Spanish HERE) Castro-style torture in Venenozuela Venezuela’s imprisoned dissidents are being subjected to a new and more extreme form of torture. According to Lilian Tintori, wife of dissident Leopoldo López, her husband and other prominent political prisoners at the military prison of Ramo Verde are enduring a savage barrage […]

Happy Halloween: Scary stuff from the first page of Google News

Awoooooooooo! Be scared.  Be really scared.  This is worse than anything a ghost or ghoul could come up with.   And far scarier than the Halloween decorations at the Eire household, on display in this post as a point of comparison. Here is a sampling of some of the items that can be found by […]

Why do Cubans refuse to procreate? And why do so many kill themselves?

Okay.  The Castro Kingdom has the highest suicide rate in Latrine America and also the lowest birth rate. In other words, Cubans kill themselves in record numbers and refuse to procreate. Could these two statistical benchmarks be related to the political repression endured by those who live in that Caribbean island prison? Could it be […]

Member of Cuban Ebola-fighting team in Guinea dies a mere three weeks after his arrival

It didn't take very long for Jorge Juan Guerra Rodriguez to become deathly ill in Guinea. Did he die from Ebola?  Maybe.  His symptoms were very similar to those of Ebola patients.  But then again, maybe not. Since the only news available on this man's death come from the Castro Ministry of Truth,  it is impossible […]

Dispatch from home: thank God for exile and injuries.

Fifty years ago, when I was living with my uncle Amado in Bloomington, Illinois, I routinely helped him proofread the letters he  sent to the local newspaper, The Bloomington Pantagraph. My uncle, who was born in 1900, two years before Cuba became an independent nation,  had learned English as a child in the 1910's.   […]

At last!: German news bureau dares to expose the $inister $ide of Castro regime’s medical export racket

Ever since the first Cuban medical workers were sent to West Africa to deal with the Ebola plague some weeks ago, the world's news media has devoted a lot of attention this story.  Journalists and world leaders alike have  heaped a lot of praise on the Castro regime for its "altruism." The number of laudatory […]

Surprise, surprise, surprise: guess which country has the highest suicide rates in the Western hemisphere?

According to Castro regime statistics, the rate of suicide in Cuba is extremely high: 16.3 per 100,000. Imagine how much higher the rate must really be. Everyone who has lived in Castrogonia knows that lying about statistics is one of the government's greatest talents.  Whatever the statistics, they can't ever be trusted, for the Ministry […]

Religious persecution disguised by Castro regime as a crackdown on “criminal” activities

Religious persecution is on the rise in the Castro Kingdom. But you won't find that piece of news featured in any English language mainstream media outlets. No.  Instead, you have to dig, dig, dig, until you find it in some small, virtually unknown publication. Then, when you read the details, you can clearly see that […]

Quote of the day: “I have loved justice and hated iniquity; therefore I die in exile.”

Today is a rare day for Cubans: a saint's feast day that involves an Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba. It's the feast day of St. Antonio Maria Claret, a 19th-century Spanish missionary priest  who is known as the "spiritual father of Cuba." Claret was born  in Sallent, Catalonia, near Barcelona.  Much to his surprise, however, […]

Down and out in Caracastan: Maduro’s government forced to import oil

Talk about bringing coals to Newcastle! Other nations are now selling oil to Venezuela, the one nation on earth with the largest oil reserves. The reason for this is that Venezuela is not able to produce enough light oil to mix with its very thick crude reserves. This is a most unnerving sign for Emperor […]

European double standard redux: Che si, Hitler no!

Hoooo weeeee!  Hot diggetty dawg, what the blazes is goin' on over there in the Old World?  Or as some of 'em might say:   Was ist los? Europeans are incensed over the marketing of coffee cream packets that contain an image of Adolf Hitler! It's a "sick joke...absolutely evil and outrageous," said one German. […]

Worst news of the day: Canadian cold-blooded murderer and his victim identified

*&^%$#@!  Can't print what I'd like to say, even though I could use my brain injury as an excuse........ Here we go again.  The monster who shot dead a Canadian soldier in Ottowa today has been identified by Reuters as 32-year-old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a recent convert to Islam. A Twitter account linked to ISIS apparently tweeted a […]

Count Floyd’s Halloween countdown riddle: Fidel versus Adolf

Count Floyd bids you a good morning. Time for some reeeeally scaaaary Halloween fun, boys and girls! Aaawoooooooooo! Here's a super-super-scary riddle, inspired by the Miss Hitler contest in Russia. This is scarier than my favorite bedtime story "Blood sucking monkeys from West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, " and far more relevant to world affairs than any […]

Miss Hitler versus Miss Che: Which beauty pageant would be best for the world?

Sponsor a Miss Hitler beauty contest and chances are you will get lots and lots of attention, all of it negative See the evidence for yourself, in this article from Vocativ: Who Will Be Miss Hitler 2014? Who is the most beautiful anti-Semitic of them all? A Russian pro-Hitler online group wants to find out […]

Clueless as ever, or more unscrupulous than ever?: Associated Press peddles Castronoid propaganda as news once again

Here we go again. The incomparable Michael Weissenstein of the Associated Press continues to play the Castro fiddle with genuine virtuosity. Call him the "maestro" of stealth propaganda, that is, of Castronoid propaganda disguised as real news. This time the lying concerns an "independent" group  that has supposedly challenged Castronoid orthodoxy. This "independent" group  is […]