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  • Humberto Fontova: Indeed, Asombra…Flake just: Creeps. Me. Out. “Slime” hardly does justice to him. Leahy, on the other...

  • asombra: If I had to choose between kicking Leahy or Flake out of politics forever, I think I’d dump Flake. Leahy is a total SOB,...

  • asombra: Morrissey doesn’t quite get it. Of course this situation is deeply humiliating–for the US, but that’s NOT a...

  • asombra: Carlos, it will look good for these assholes ON PAPER. They can throw numbers around and look sharp. Who actually winds up...

  • asombra: And what are “normal” relations with Castro, Inc. worth to the US? NOTHING.

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Surprise! North Korea wins gold medal, Cuba takes silver in Repression Olympics

In case anyone needs a reminder during these darkest of times for Cubans everywhere...... (this one comes from the You-Knew-This-Was-Coming department, which is now engaged in a fierce competition with the upstart You-Could-Have-Never-Predicted-This-One department across the hall). From Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuba Remains World's Second Least-Free Economy According to the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom, […]

Surprise! (For real): Venezuelan tourisim advertisement defies rules of logic

Never mind our stellar You-Knew-This-Was-Coming department. Right across the hall from that news desk, here at the luxurious Babalu headquarters (a huge mansion previously owned by the Vanderbilts), the You-Could-Have-Never-Predicted-This-One department can come up with really big surprises. Take this shocker from Venezuela, for instance.   Please allow the author of the piece to explain […]

U.S. Agriculture Secretary really excited about being screwed by the Castro regime

The rush to "normalize" relations with the Castro regime is a lot like a mindless stampede. Those doing the rushing seem desperate, much like bargain hunters rushing into a Wal-Mart on Black Friday eve. No, wait, that's too tame a stampede, since only a few people are ever injured during such events. This rush is […]

Fugitive criminals: Another item not on the U.S. “negotiation” list, another win for the Castro regime

By now it has become crystal clear that the  "normalization" talks between the U.S. and the Castro regime are nothing more than an unconditional surrender ceremony. Raul Castro has nothing but demands,  including some huge  items not mentioned in the infamous December 17th announcement. No concessions of any sort from him, no sir. Here is […]

Images of the day: Typical entrepreneur in Havana’s booming “private” business sector

The current occupant of the White House claims that the "normalization" of relations with the Castro regime will bring about a resurgence of free enterprise on the island. He's not alone.  Nearly everyone who tries to defend the new U.S. policy of engagement with the Castro regime cites the "fact" that there are now private […]

Thank you so very much, New York Times, for putting the “big” in “bigotry.”

Here we go again. Favoring the Castro regime and denigrating Cuban exiles seems to be a hard habit to break for the New York Times. The addiction is evident, and so is the giddiness with which that newspaper enjoys this peculiar habit. Unfortunately, there is no rehab for this addiction, and if there were, the […]

King Raul: “Made it, Ma! Top o’ the world! Yee-hah! Gimme, gimme, gimme, an’ git the hell outta Gitmo.”

King Raul let it rip at the CELAC Summit in Costa Rica yesterday. Emboldened by his recent total victory over the United States -- and apparently inspired by a rare combination of George Orwell's "1984" and  the final scene in the film "White Heat"-- the Cuban monarch gave a long rambling speech full of Orwellian doublethink […]

Really scary nearly-dead tyrant breaks his silence on Obama-Castro romance

Yes, you guessed right: he has risen from the grave, just like his mentor, Dracula. It's none other than Fifo, La Bestia, El Caballo, El Barbudo, El Coma-Andante, La Momia de Punto Cero, The Toast of Manhattan ....El *&^%$#!,,,, former "president" of his own kingdom. The ugly troll didn't show his face --after months in […]

Update: More information on Castro-Venezuelan narcotrafficking cartel

For anyone who still believes in the "normalization" of relations with the Castro regime. Here are some more details on Cartel Castro, Inc. and its drug business. From ABC Spain via Inter American Security Watch: Diosdado Cabello’s head of security defects to the U.S. and accuses him of narcotrafficking With the arrival yesterday in Washington, […]

Why “normalization” of relations with the Castro regime is impossible: Reason number 1,874,392

All this talk about "normalization" is gosh-darn funny, when you think about it. How can relations with an abnormally criminal regime ever become "normal"? "Normalizing" relations with the Castro regime is akin to you or me "normalizing" relations with Charles Manson or any other sociopath. If "normalization" is redefined in the way preferred by the […]

Photo of the week: Another day in paradise

From the Exile-Can-Be-So-Beautiful department: Eat your heart out, Floridians! This is heaven on earth.  Paradise.  How can you live without this white stuff?

After the “biggest snowstorm in human history”: the biggest debate in human history

Ay! Ready. Aim. Fire!  (Preparen. Apunten. Fuego!) When you hail from a country where thousands have been shot by firing squads, signing up for a "Firing Line" debate evokes all sorts of images. And it's in situations of this sort that brain injuries and partial amnesia turn out to be a blessing. One of "those […]

As “normalization” talks with U.S. bog down, repression continues to increase in Castro Kingdom

 “No one can expect that Cuba, to improve relations, renounce its principles,” -- Josefina Vidal, chief negotiator for the Castro regime, quoted in The Los Angeles Times Want a close-up  look at the "principles" that the Castro regime refuses to renounce? Read the article below. The sad truth is that the U.S. negotiators babble a lot about […]

No concessions for you! Obama-Castro romance turning icy cold

Surprise!   What a re-enactment of the sinking of the Titanic, with the Castro regime playing the role of the iceberg and the U.S. negotiating team taking on the tragic role of the giant sinking ship. The so-called "negotiations" between the U.S. and the Castro regime are turning out to be very frustrating for the […]

Nice “forbidden” breakfast is the only good thing for dissidents at meeting with American negotiators

Martha Beatriz Roque has just sent out a long email in which she describes the breakfast meeting that she and six other dissidents had with two members of the U.S. delegation: Roberta Jacobson and Edward Alex Lee. The dissidents who attended this meeting were Antonio G-Rodiles, Guillermo (Coco) Fariñas, José Daniel Ferrer, Elizardo Sánchez, Héctor Maseda, Miriam […]