What is the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat?

Bernie Sanders — the New Hampshire Socialist running for U.S. president as a Democrat — has forced the skeleton out of the closet and locked its door.

No further comment necessary.

From Hot Air:

Matthews to DWS: What’s the big difference between a Democrat and a socialist?

Answer: Not much at all, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz knows it. When Chris Matthews attempted to press the DNC chair on whether Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, would get a high-profile speaking slot at the Democratic convention even if he loses the nomination, Wasserman Schultz stammered out an affirmative, which amazed Matthews and prompted him to ask Wasserman Schultz if she saw any significant difference between Democrats and Socialists. Wasserman Schultz tried to duck the question, but provided a very telling answer by doing so (via Newsalert and Mediaite):

Matthews asked Wasserman-Schultz if, even if he loses, Sanders would have a place at the DNC convention, seeing as how he’s really popular with the base and could fire up a Democratic audience before the election.

She said he should get to speak, but Matthews kept prodding away to see if he would be allowed to speak in primetime instead of “when nobody’s watching.”

Wasserman-Schultz talked up his “progressive populist message” that people like, when Matthews asked her point-blank, “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a socialist? I used to think there was a big difference. What do you think it is?”

Wasserman-Schultz ducked the question, but Matthews pressed her and said, “You’re the chairman of the Democratic Party. Tell me what’s the difference between you and a socialist.”

Instead of answering, Wasserman Schutlz tells Matthews that there’s a much bigger gulf between Democrats and Republicans than Democrats and Socialists. And that was precisely Matthews’ point. He’s an old-school Democrat, certainly more sympathetic than hostile to Sanders’ socialist bent, but cognizant of the marginalization that will produce in the general electorate. Embracing the avowed socialist Sanders on the Democrats’ biggest national stage will make it impossible for the nominee to argue that Democrats represent the center of the country. It will lose the Midwest, the Rust Belt, and any hope of making inroads in the interior West and especially the South.

Matthews sounds downright plaintive when he says, “I used to think there was a big difference” between Democrats and Socialists. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, because the difference has been narrowing rapidly over the past generation, and has all but disappeared in the past six years.

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Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Maduro steals foreign-owned property


With congressional elections on the horizon, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is getting a little nervous.

To increase popular support for his Bolivarian Revolution, he is following the Castro playbook rather than finding real solution’s for Venezuela’s immense problems.

For those of us who lived through the Castro “Revolution” this all seems very familiar.  Too familiar.

It’s a lot like looking in a rear-view mirror and seeing milicianos (militia men) swarming businesses and seizing them at gunpoint.


And we know what follows.  More misery, more poverty, more disasters, more enslavement, more blame-shifting, and an endless tirade against “evil” capitalists and “imperialists.”

It seems clear that Maduro fears no backlash from the U.S. for this latest crime.  He knows that the current occupant of the White House likes what he is doing.

And it also seems clear that those American firms itching to do business with the Castro regime don’t really understand the nature of that beast and don’t care to pay attention to what is happening in the Castro colony of Venezuela.


From The Wall Street Journal:

Venezuela Takeover Order Riles Companies:
Maduro’s government wants industrial zone to build housing for poor

The Venezuelan government ordered major food companies, including units of Pepisco and Nestlé Inc., to evacuate warehouses in an area where the state plans to expropriate land to build low-cost housing.

Thursday’s order, delivered by National Guard soldiers and housing officials, gives companies 60 days to clear out of the structures in an industrial zone, workers and company officials said.

These people condemned the move as the latest sign of increasingly hostile relations between the private sector and President Nicolás Maduro’s leftist administration.

Mr. Maduro in recent months has ramped up accusations against companies including the Pepsi bottler Empresas Polar SA, the country’s biggest food vendor, that he blames for Venezuela’s galloping inflation and chronic shortages of basic goods ranging from cooking oil to shampoo. Business leaders deny the allegations and say the economic woes stem from rigid state controls and the government’s mismanagement.

“This is all part of the government’s strategy of blaming third parties for the economic crisis,” Henkel García, director of the Caracas consultancy Econometrica, said, noting how the latest move may further disrupt supply networks for the scarcity-prone Caracas area.

Spokesmen at the Information Ministry and the Housing Ministry declined to comment.

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What is the difference between chimps and Cubans?


A court case in New York involving chimpanzees sheds light on the current “normalization” circus set in motion by the current occupant of the White House.

New York judge Barbara Jaffee has ruled that chimps have no human rights, even though they resemble humans in many ways.

Maybe Judge Jaffee has been following the “normalization” circus too closely, and received inspiration from its details?

After all, is there any real, practical difference between her ruling and the Cuba policies of the White House?

No.  The only difference is merely the distinction between de facto and de jure status of Cubans in the eyes of the current administration.

Cubans have not been formally or legally declared to be the property of the Castro regime, but the policies currently governing relations between the U.S. and the Castro regime accept as an unchangeable fact the slavery to which all Cubans are subjected.

Human rights?  Fuhgeddaboudit.  Geddoutaheah.

The issue of human rights has been kept safely locked away in a very secure vault during all negotiations.  Why?  Because in the eyes of the White House and the State Department Cubans are no different from chimps.

Current U.S. policies assume that all eleven million Cubans on the island are owned, de facto, by the Castro regime.  And — as the current fascination with travel to the Castro Kingdom reveals — their island nation is considered an exotic primate zoo of sorts, where Americans can ogle the sub-human natives in their charming primitive habitat, or a giant laboratory where the effects of socialism on Cubans can be observed.

What judge Jaffee said about chimps applies to everything the White House has been saying about Cubans since December 17: “someday they may get legal rights, but courts don’t embrace change quickly.”  Simply substitute “U.S. government” for “courts” and the similarity between Cubans and chimps becomes apparent.


From National Public Radio

New York Court: Chimps Are Still Property, Not People

What has thumbs and no habeas corpus entitlement? Chimpanzees. A Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled Thursday that chimps are still viewed as property, not people, under the law.

The lawsuit was filed by the Nonhuman Rights Project, a group that wanted two research chimps — named Hercules and Leo — out of confinement.

NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang reports “the animal rights group was trying to get them released to a sanctuary by arguing that the chimps have complex cognitive abilities and should be considered legal ‘persons.’ In the ruling, Justice Barbara Jaffe acknowledges that similarities between chimpanzees and humans ‘inspire the empathy for a beloved pet.’ ”

The judge wrote that someday they may get legal rights, but that courts don’t embrace change quickly. The chimps are held by Stony Brook University.

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No elitism implied: The similarity applies to professors too!
No elitism implied: The similarity applies to Cuban professors too

Photos of the day: Some paradise!


Dissident Martha Beatriz Roque emailed some information and photos today.

All one can say in response is “Ahhh.  Long live the Revolution.  Long live equality in income and status!”

Gladys (“Cuca”) Galvez lives in Guira de Melena in the province of Artemisa, near Havana.   She is mentally disabled and her sole income is a monthly government check of 200 pesos ( seven and a half US dollars).

Up until this week, Cuca was living alone in a wooden shack.  She is now homeless, because a rain storm caused her hovel to collapse.

Government officials aren’t helping her find a new home and none of her neighbors feel they have enough resources to take her in, due to her special needs.

All this, after 56 years of egalitarian communism.  Yeah.

And this is the “charming” country that Time magazine calls a “paradise.”

unnamed (1)


Another enemy of the Cuban people pushes for their further enslavement

Rep. Tom Emmer: Uff da!
Rep. Tom Emmer: Uff da!

“Know thy enemy.” It’s an ancient refrain, attributed to Sun Tzu, who lived in the 6th century B.C. and wrote the classic text “The Art of War.”

The entire refrain reads as follows: “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.”

Well… in the past few months we’ve seen this sage advice abandoned and ignored at the highest levels of government in the United States.

Add another name to the long list of collaborators with the Castro regime:  Tom Emmer, a Minnesota Republican who is introducing a bill in Congress to lift the so-called “embargo.”

He admits that he knows himself — or at least that he knows that as “a kid from Minnesota” he can’t really understand the suffering of the Cuban people.

But it certainly seems that Mr. Emmer doesn’t have a clue about his enemy.  He regurgitates the mantra chanted by the White House: lifting the embargo won’t help the Castro regime but it will help “the Cuban people.” Yeah, sure, it will help them remain slaves for a long time to come.

This clodhopper from Minnesota (Uff da!) seems to know nothing about the Castro regime and its modus operandi.

Or, he knows how evil it is, and how it will take advantage of unilateral concessions by the U.S., but he just doesn’t care.  He’s doing what’s fashionable, or what his ignorant farmer constituents want him to do.   Those midwestern farmers –most of whom are oblivious to the perils of selling anything on credit to the Castro regime –are pushing hard for an end to the embargo, so they can sell their foodstuffs to Castro, Inc. on credit.

On the flip side, we Cubans now know the name of another one of our many enemies in the U.S. government: Tom Emmer.

From USA Today:


Republican House member files bill to end U.S. embargo on Cuba

A bill to eliminate the 55-year-old U.S. embargo on Cuba will be introduced Tuesday by an unlikely member of Congress: a Republican in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Tom Emmer, who narrowly lost the Minnesota governor’s race in 2010 before winning a House seat in 2014, is scheduled to file the “Cuba Trade Act of 2015″ that removes the long-standing restrictions on American businesses from trading with Cuba and American citizens from travelling there. Emmer said he decided to pursue a full repeal of the embargo after a trip to Cuba in June, when he met with Cuban government officials and everyday citizens.

“I understand there’s a lot of pain on both sides of this issue that goes back many decades, something that a kid from Minnesota is not going to necessarily be able to understand,” Emmer said. “But I believe this is in the best interests of the Cuban people. This isn’t about the Cuban government — it’s about people on the street looking for more opportunity and to improve their quality of life.”

Continue reading HERE.   And for an additional report with more details go HERE.

Small hidden details of “normalization” deal turn out to be not so small

Tall and rich U.S. Secretary of State celebrates granting all the demands made by a height-challenged slave owner and his super-rich and murderous octagenarian bosses

No comment necessary.

From Capitol Hill Cubans

Details of Bad Cuba Deal Emerge

Buried in a Politico story about the Obama Administration’s unmerited upgrade of Cuba in the trafficking watch list, some details are revealed about the deal cut to establish diplomatic relations with the Castro dictatorship.

As we’d posted before, the details had been shrouded in secrecy.

Now we know why. Because it’s bad — real bad.

Here’s the bottom line:

The deal “negotiated” by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson for the opening of embassies allows for only 4 out of 76 U.S. diplomats in Havana to have unrestricted movement on the island

That’s right — 4 out of 76.  

That is what Jacobson “achieved” in six months of negotiations.

Never mind that it’s in direct contravention of Article 26 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which states that “the receiving State shall ensure to all members of the mission freedom of movement and travel in its territory.”

Not only is this incompetent — allowing restrictions on 95% of our diplomats in Havana — but it’s in violation of international law.

It is also unprecedented in the Western Hemisphere — though not for long, as surely Maduro and Co. are aware of the “sweet deal” given to Castro, and will want a similar one.

And what about the inviolability of the diplomatic pouch, which is also required by international law?

You guessed it — the Obama Administration caved on that as well.

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Castro regime to host “historic” meeting of American oil industry heavy-hitters


“Come and listen to the story of a dictator named Raul.

The tyrant barely kept his people’s bellies full

And then one day …..”

Well, if you’re a certain age, you probably know every word of the rest of that Beverly Hillbillies theme song.  If you don’t, you owe it to yourself to go HERE.

Why bring up that ancient TV show?  Because Raul Castro has been trying to turn into the Jed Clampett of the Caribbean for many years, without any luck.

Unlike Jed,  Raul hasn’t turned up any bubblin’ crude while shootin’ for some food (or shootin’ his own people):  no black gold, no Texas tee  — oil, that is….

He’s talked several foreigners into drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and not one drop has been found.

Oh, but Raul won’t give up easily.  He knows  that many American oil magnates are lusting after all that oil that he claims to be sitting on.

And now that he has a papal blessing — on top of a White House permit to do anything he wants to do — he’s  looking for more suckers who will drill for oil off the coast of his giant slave plantation at their expense.

So, Raul will be hosting a summit of oil industry bigwigs.

In typical Castro fashion, however, Raul and his minions have announced that this upcoming summit is all about environmental concerns, not about finding sugar daddies for oil drilling ventures.


From Bakken.com

Historic oil meeting in Cuba set for October

A first-of-its kind oil summit in Cuba organized by U.S. energy-industry heavy hitters is expected in October.

The meeting, set for Havana from Oct. 18-21, comes amid loosening tensions and expanding diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.

“The symposium is both historic and unique, the first-ever bringing together of high-level experts and leaders from the U.S. to join in discussion with parallel experts and leaders in Cuba and other Gulf and Caribbean nations,” reads the mission statement of the Safe Seas — Clean Seas conference.

It is organized by two former high-ranking executives of the International Association of Drilling Contractors — Lee Hunt and Brian Petty, respectively former president and executive vice president of global government affairs for the trade group.

Read the whole story HERE.

“Gimme Gitmo” song getting louder and louder

Los Viejucos: Saxophonist
Los Viejucos, with Machado Ventura in the middle

Here we go: now that the Cuban flag is flying outside the Castro spy nest in Washington D.C., the time has come for Raul and his band  “El Conjunto De Los Viejucos” to turn up the volume every time they sing their “Gimme Gitmo” song.

They did it yesterday.  They will most certainly do it again, and keep turning up the volume until they get what they want.

They know that the present occupant of the White House really, really wants to give them the naval station but is stymied by ridiculous formalities such as congressional approval.

And they also know that if they play the song loudly enough those ridiculous formalities are bound to fall through the cracks of the “normalization” circus, along with the so-called “blockade.”

Pretty soon we can expect the same American and European useful idiots who pushed for the release of “The Cuban Five” to sing “Gimme Gitmo” even louder than than Raul’s band ….

Get ready for the noise.  And get ready for a spectacular ceremony when the base is handed over.

From Granma Lite (Associated Press) — please notice they’ve changed the name of the barracks attacked by Fidel’s fools from Moncada to Moncado.

King Raul and Minister Machado Ventura
King Raul and Minister Machado Ventura

Cubans call for Guantanamo closure as they remember start of 1953 revolution

SANTIAGO, CUBA – A week after reopening its embassy in Washington, Cuba is marking the anniversary of its 1953 revolution with a celebration and a call for the U.S. to end its embargo and close its naval base at Guantanamo.

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, a leader of the Communist Party, said Sunday that lifting the embargo and returning the military base to Cuba must be part of the “long road” toward normalized relations.

Machado Ventura’s comments came as he sat in front of Raul Castro. The Cuban leader, wearing a military uniform, did not speak to the crowd.

The ceremony marked the 62nd anniversary of the assault on the Moncado barracks, considered the start of the revolution that was led by Raul and Fidel Castro and toppled the government of Fulgencio Batista.


Full-throttle display of bigotry by National Public Radio. Will they get any complaints?

Nostalgic charm
Nostalgic charm

Look at this piece of news!

NPR echoes the lament of millions of heartless tourists who fear the imminent corruption of Cuba’s “nostalgic charm.”

“Nostalgia.”  Jesus H. Weeping Christ.

Le Rrrrrrrronca!

In addition to echoing the complaints of poverty voyeurs, they also parrot Castro propaganda and say that “much” of Cuba is already being refurbished and spruced up.

This kind of “reporting” is what the Castro Ministry of Truth loves.

I had to post a comment.  I hope all of our readers go to the NPR web site and register their own dismay at such an offensive piece.

NPR deserves to be flooded with complaints from Cubans everywhere.  So, please, do your part and jam that web site with expressions of righteous indignation.

The reason that news outlets like NPR keep cranking out stories like this is that we Cubans don’t raise our voices against it often enough or loudly enough.

Here’s part of the story.  You can read the whole thing and POST COMMENTS HERE.

More nostalgic charm
More nostalgic charm

Tourists Worry: How Long Before Cuba Loses Its Nostalgic Charm?

It’s the tourist mantra these days: Get to Cuba before it loses its 1950s nostalgia and turns into a capitalist tourist trap.

This week saw 54 years of Cold War-era hostilities warm up in the Caribbean sun: On Monday, Cuba and the U.S. reopened embassies in each other’s capitals, a major step in the normalization of relations between the long-time foes.

The closer ties over the last few months have prompted a surge in tourism, and a perception that the island is about to undergo a radical transformation…

…French tourist Regis Beuche predicts Cuba’s capitalist embrace is imminent.

“It can’t stay like this anymore,” Beuche says. “There are no more communists in the world, so it’s time to change.”

Keeping with the conventional wisdom these days, Beuche says it will be an American tourist invasion that fans the winds of change hardest.

“American people don’t respect this currently,” he says. “I mean, it’s difficult for an American to think different than an American.”

While it’s not hard to find a Frenchman to take a swipe at an American, it is the common fear among tourists here, that a McDonalds or Starbucks will pop up among the old city’s stunning mix of neoclassical and colonial architecture — much of which is getting a paint job and refurbishing.

"stunning mix of colonial and neoclassic architecture, much of which is being refurbished."
“stunning mix of colonial and neoclassic architecture”

And here is the comment I posted:

“Nostalgic charm?” How shameful and offensive. Did Auschwitz have “nostalgic charm” too? This piece is an absolutely disgusting display of condescending bigotry and racism. Anyone who wants to keep Cuba “free” of contamination with the rest of the developed world obviously thinks that the Cuban people are somehow inferior. At best — if one interprets these sentiments kindly — anyone who bemoans the improvement of the Cuban economy must think that Cubans are noble savages of sorts. What do these heartless bigoted tourists think? Is Cuba some sort of apartheid park or human zoo, where one can go on the equivalent of a safari and watch the primitive natives live out their lives in a soul-crushing environment while tourists get to enjoy privileges and amenities that are off-limits to the natives? How are such sentiments any different from voyeurism or slumming? Worst of all, these bigots think that Castro’s Cuba is going to change. Ignorance is not always bliss. Millions of European and Canadian tourists have not brought any real change to Cuba, except to enhance its apartheid and to create a deeper and wider gulf between Cubans and those from abroad who gawk at them and exploit their labor. Anyone with a conscience should avoid travel to Cuba at this point. Going there to ogle the primitives is no different from traveling to the Old South Africa when apartheid was still practiced. To go there is to support the oppressive Castro regime, to funnel dollars into its coffers, and to ensure the survival of an economic system that resembles serfdom and slavery.

Man-yelling-at-computer (1)

Call him Castrodamus: Amazing “prophecy” attributed to Fidel


According to Pedro Jorge Solans, an Argentine journalist, Fidel Castro made the following “prediction” in 1973, when asked at a press conference if he thought that he would ever enter into a dialogue with the U.S.:

«Estados Unidos vendrá a dialogar con nosotros cuando tenga un presidente negro y haya en el mundo un Papa latinoamericano»

(The U.S. will dialogue with us when it has a black president and the world has a Latin American pope).

According to a Cuban named Eduardo de la Torre, who claims to have witnessed this “prophetic” utterance, the foreign journalists gathered around Fidel on that day thought this was some kind of joke.  Some of them laughed, says Eduardo de la Torre, others smirked.

De la Torre, who has a university education but now makes a living by driving a Havana taxi cab, says: “No one believed el comandante, and the press conference moved on to other topics quickly, as if that had been a stupid question….But why not believe a man who has risen from the grave more times than Jesus Christ?”

Yeah.  Sure. You betcha.  Nosferatu turns out to be a prophet rather than a blood-sucking vampire, and he also rivals Jesus Christ.  Call him Castrodamus from now on.  Or Fidelcristo.  Or use both names: Fidelcristo Castrodamus.

Le zumba al mango…………………. How about  Castrodamus by day and Casferatu by night?  Rumor has it that he never sleeps.

Read about this prophecy nonsense at ABC Spain HERE (in Spanish)


Perfect nominee for U.S. ambassador to Havana discovered by Daily Mail


Leave it to the Daily Mail to discover a U.S. diplomat accused of sex crimes who may still be working for the State Department.

Their article –which features multiple headlines — prompted me to write a letter to the White House.

Dear Current Occupant of the White House:

Perhaps you should thank the Daily Mail for one of their latest stories.

Thanks to what they’ve uncovered, now you don’t need to search any further for an ambassador to send to Havana. 

So, quick, Mr. Occupant, ask John Kerry find the unnamed pervert featured in this article, and, as soon as possible, submit his name to Congress for approval.

He will not only embody the progressive ethical standards of your administration, and match the moral caliber of his Cuban counterparts in Washington, but also find plenty of opportunities to indulge in his harmless hobbies while stationed in Havana.

And, please, Mr. Occupant, make sure that no obtrusive busy-body insists on posting any warning signs outside either embassy. 

Shhhh.  Tell no one.  After all, thanks to you, secrecy, duplicity, and deceit have become the very essence of the new “normalized” relations between our two nations.


US diplomat abused his child while posted abroad, exposed himself to a minor and received nude photos of female colleagues on his email
* Probe reveals sick behavior of diplomat
* He took baths with child and would take pictures of them nude
* Routinely left the child home alone so he could socialize with women
* Was having an affair with a dominatrix he met at an S&M club at the time
* Another minor said he saw the man’s private parts in his consulate home
* Used his government-issued email to receive naked pictures of colleagues
* Agency says his name, where he worked and whether he was fired is secret


These are just the headlines.  Read the whole sordid story HERE.

Depardieu befriends yet another tyrant

Depardieu and Lukashenko
Pals Depardieu et Lukashenko interrupt their afternoon vodka session for a quick scything tutorial

Aaaaah! C’est si bon!

Castro-loving French actor Gerard Depardieu — who professes great affection for communist dictators but has fled France so he wouldn’t have his vast wealth taxed — has struck up a friendship with Alexander Lukashenko, dictator of Belarus.

Depardieu — who considers himself a gourmand and boasts of drinking 14 bottles of wine per day — says he bonded with Fidel Castro because of Fidel’s love of food:

“I met him 1992 when I made him pâté.”

“He loves to eat also, and is very curious about food.”

“He is a friend and I go hunting with him and with Raúl.  They know everything about everything and they are normal people.”


The French newspaper Le Figaro prefers to call Depardieu a “caméléon politique” rather than a “hypocrite.

This latest Depardieu escapade may soon make it impossible to refer to him by any French euphemism other than “cafard” (cockroach).



From the masters of understatement at the BBC:

Gerard Depardieu given hand-scything lesson by Belarus leader

French actor Gerard Depardieu has been given a lesson in hand-scything by Belarus’s President Alexander Lukashenko during a surprise visit.

Mr Depardieu was treated to traditional Belarusian food and home-made vodka, reports say.

Mr Lukashenko, once described by US officials as “Europe’s last dictator”, hosted Mr Depardieu in his residence near the capital Minsk.

The visit comes ahead of Belarus’s presidential elections, which Mr Lukashenko is widely expected to win.

In 2013 Mr Depardieu received a Russian passport from President Vladimir Putin.

The actor had decided to leave France to avoid paying higher taxes.

He has described Russia as “a great democracy”.

Mr Depardieu’s highly publicised tax row began in 2012 after President Francois Hollande said he would raise taxes to 75% for those earning more than €1m (£705,000; $1.1m).

The actor accused the socialist government of punishing “success, creation and talent”, and announced he would move to Belgium.

His decision was described by French officials as “shabby and unpatriotic”.

Victims of Communism organization follows up on Ted Cruz’s address change proposal


Ted Cruz’s proposal to change the address of the Castro “embassy” is the best news of the week, maybe the whole month (and if this effort succeeds, it could turn into the best news of the whole God-forsaken year).

The Victims of Communism organization wasted no time in backing this proposed legislation.

Always ready to go the extra mile, VOC also filed a change of address card for the new “embassy”/spy nest (see above).

Marion Smith, head of VOC, vowed to lobby for the new street name and published the following announcement:

“The opening of the Cuban embassy in Washington is a cruel affront to the thousands of victims of the Castro regime. But we will not let those victims be forgotten or forsaken. Not for a moment.

On Monday, Cuba’s Communist elite celebrated its new embassy. Today, we’re letting them know the party is over. The United States Congress will never confirm an American ambassador to the imprisoned island. It will never ease sanctions on a repressive regime. And now we are going to pursue every avenue to rename the street in front of the embassy for a leading freedom fighter in Cuba, Oswaldo Paya, who three years ago today was killed with all evidence pointing to murder at the hands of the Castro regime.

“This renaming will offer a living reminder to Cubans about their government’s cruelty and barbarism. And it will allow Americans to demonstrate our loyalty to Cuba’s long-suffering dissidents – an allegiance that stems back to the days of Eisenhower and Kennedy.”

Marion Smith
Marion Smith

Human Rights Foundation concludes that Oswaldo Payá was probably murdered by Castro regime

Oswaldo Paya y Harold Cepero grande

From Human Rights Foundation:

Report on Oswaldo Payá’s Death: Evidence Suggests Government May Have Killed Him

To mark the third anniversary of the death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) published a legal report today highlighting the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of the official government investigation following Payá’s death in 2012. HRF has documented numerous due process violations, including damning witness accounts, a grossly inadequate autopsy examination, and other key pieces of evidence that were overlooked by the Cuban judicial system. HRF’s report concludes that the “evidence, which was deliberately ignored, strongly suggests that the events of July 22, 2012 were not an accident, but instead the result of a car crash directly caused by agents of the state.” HRF will present the report today at Georgetown University. Payá’s daughter, Rosa María, will be in attendance.

“Oswaldo Payá was the most prominent Latin American pro-democracy activist of the last twenty five years and he was killed under suspicion of foul play in the Western Hemisphere’s only totalitarian country. Yet, few mainstream politicians, media, and NGOs around the world have cared enough to insist on an independent investigation into Payá’s death,” said HRF president Thor Halvorssen. “With the publication of this thorough report, which brings to light evidence that has been purposefully obscured by Cuba’s repressive apparatus, HRF hopes to fill this vacuum and help the Payá family in their search for truth and justice,” said Halvorssen.


The driver of the vehicle carrying Payá, Spanish national Ángel Carromero, was immediately taken into custody at a hospital, and later transferred to prisons in Bayamo and Havana. On October 15, 2012, he was convicted of vehicular homicide and sentenced to four years in prison. On December 29, 2012, Carromero arrived in Spain under an agreement brokered by his government, and soon after retracted all statements he made under duress in Cuba. Carromero eventually told his full story in a book entitled, “Death Under Suspicion.” After analyzing all the evidence that emerged in the months that followed Payá’s death, HRF’s legal report concludes that Carromero was forced to record a self-incriminating video that was broadcast domestically and internationally, and that the Cuban prosecution ignored the complaints made by the Payá family and barred them from the court proceedings.

Angel Carromero
Angel Carromero

HRF’s report also found that Carromero did not have access to an attorney for several weeks after the accident, and later had no choice but to hire members of the only lawyers guild allowed by the Cuban government. Members of this guild are legally compelled to “defend the Revolution” and perform their duties “inspired by the example set by the Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.” Finally, the report found that the prosecution did not allow Carromero access to the case file or to the evidence on which the accusation was based; his attorneys could not present new evidence; none of the allegations made for each one of these violations was investigated or clarified by the Cuban authorities; and that, “to date, the victims’ next of kin don’t know the full, complete, and public truth as to what happened to their relatives.”

“The best available evidence, which was deliberately ignored by Cuba’s judiciary, strongly suggests direct government responsibility in the deaths of Mr. Payá and Mr. Cepero,” said Javier El-Hage, general counsel of HRF. “Specifically, the evidence suggests that their deaths were the result of a car crash directly caused by agents of the state, acting with the intent to kill Oswaldo Payá and the passengers in the vehicle he was riding, with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm to them, or with reckless or depraved indifference to an unjustifiably high risk to their lives,” said El-Hage.

Prediction: White House preparing to surrender Guantanamo Naval Base to Castro regime

Exterior and interior of Guantanamo prison
Exterior and interior of Guantanamo prison: the nicest, cleanest and most humane such facility in all of Cuba

It doesn’t take a crystal ball, tarot cards, or a Ouija board to figure out what is in store for the Guantanamo Naval Base.

Raul Castro has demanded that he be given the strategic U.S. outpost as part of the “normalization” deal, along with billions of dollars in reparations.

The mere fact that the Castro regime has gone through the charade of opening its “embassy” in Washington DC is an indication that it expects the full “normalization” deal to go through, and for Raul’s siren song  Gimme, gimmie Gitmo to produce positive results.

So, while the current occupant of the White House has been itching to close the terrorist prison in Guantanamo since 2008, by sheer “coincidence” it is only now that the prison is in the process of being dismantled.

Some coincidence.  Yeah.  Just like the “coincidence” of John Kerry’s visit to Pope Francis in January 2014.  No mention was made at the time of the role the Pope was playing in secret negotiations with the Castro regime.  But, as we all know now, that visit had a lot to do with the release of Alan Gross, the release of the Cuban spies in the U.S., and the  “historic” announcement of December 17.

These shady deals take time to unfold.  Connecting the dots requires patience, not clairvoyance.   Here at Babalu, we connected the dots back in January 2014.   And on December 17, when our prediction came true, we reminded our readers of our forecasting skills.

So, mark down the date of this prediction. The Guantanamo give-away is in motion.  And so is the multi-billion-dollar bailout demanded by Raul.

Don’t be surprised when this happens, which may be sooner than anyone expects, but could also take some time.  After all, the current occupant of the White House has until early January 2017 to finally seal his “historic” deal with the murderous regime in Havana.

Future historians may some day uncover that the current occupant of the White House had plans to ditch “The Star Spangled Banner” and to declare “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers  the new national anthem of the U.S.A.

Give it away, give it away, give it away, now...
Give it away, give it away, give it away, now…

How come everybody wanna keep it like the kaiser?

Give it away give it away give it away give it away now. Give it away give it away give it away give it away now. Give it away give it away give it away give it away now

From The Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland)

White House finishing latest plan for closing Guantanamo

The US administration is in the “final stages” of drafting its latest plan to close the prison holding terrorism detainees at Guantanamo Bay, a White House spokesman said.

President Barack Obama’s efforts to shut the prison have been stymied by opponents in Congress for years.

Press secretary Josh Earnest said closing Guantanamo remains a priority and it is a waste to spend more than 100 million dollars per year on a prison holding only 116 detainees. He said terrorists also use Guantanamo Bay as a recruiting tool.

Mr Earnest said the president has decided to veto a defence spending bill now being negotiated in Congress if it includes provisions that would make it harder to close the prison.

Gimme, gimme Gitmo
Gimme, gimme Gitmo