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  • asombra: The New York Times is practically wetting itself over Castro, Inc.’s Ebola PR stunt. Same perverse shit, different day.

  • asombra: Myers looks like a snotty prick who tried to be too clever by half and was merely USED. Foolish tool.

  • asombra: Birnbaum looks like Andy Rooney possessed by the devil. Weiland looked seriously creepy, like some kind of pervert. And I love...

  • asombra: Only someone as vulgar and fraudulent as Fidel would wear such “boots” with a military costume. But maybe I misjudge...

  • asombra: We have a crisis of leadership because a blatantly bad choice was made by those who put Obama in office. TWICE. Lord have mercy.

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Count Floyd’s Halloween countdown riddle: Fidel versus Adolf

Count Floyd bids you a good morning. Time for some reeeeally scaaaary Halloween fun, boys and girls! Aaawoooooooooo! Here's a super-super-scary riddle, inspired by the Miss Hitler contest in Russia. This is scarier than my favorite bedtime story "Blood sucking monkeys from West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, " and far more relevant to world affairs than any […]

Miss Hitler versus Miss Che: Which beauty pageant would be best for the world?

Sponsor a Miss Hitler beauty contest and chances are you will get lots and lots of attention, all of it negative See the evidence for yourself, in this article from Vocativ: Who Will Be Miss Hitler 2014? Who is the most beautiful anti-Semitic of them all? A Russian pro-Hitler online group wants to find out […]

Clueless as ever, or more unscrupulous than ever?: Associated Press peddles Castronoid propaganda as news once again

Here we go again. The incomparable Michael Weissenstein of the Associated Press continues to play the Castro fiddle with genuine virtuosity. Call him the "maestro" of stealth propaganda, that is, of Castronoid propaganda disguised as real news. This time the lying concerns an "independent" group  that has supposedly challenged Castronoid orthodoxy. This "independent" group  is […]

Photos of the day: the real Havana

From Marta Beatriz Roque: "Thirty Feet of Garbage" These are very recent photos from the neighborhood of Guanabacoa in Havana. Garbage collection has stopped completely. All complaints filed with government agencies have been ignored. This is nothing new, of course.  But this is what no tourist or any people-to-people tour will ever see. And... if […]

Dispatch from La-La-Land: some side benefits of brain damage

Concussion update on a special feast day Slipping in and out of consciousness repeatedly is a new experience for me. Having the room spin while I am sitting still is not new.  My seminarian housemate in Minnesota once served me a soft drink heavily laced with Everclear grain alcohol as a joke.  Apparently, young men […]

Wham! The surprisingly ever-present thin line between existence and non-existence

Eight days ago I crashed my bike into a car.   O so I'm told.  I have no memory of it. I would later find out that I had fractured my skull in several places, bruised my brain, and filled the inside of my skull with blood.   "Severe concussion" was the diagnosis. The last […]

No Mosque for you! …(But if you slide some cash under the table….maybe we’ll let you have one.)

So much for the kinder, gentler, more spiritually-awakened Castro regime. Muslims in Cuba have received quite a "bofetada" (slap in the face) from the island's ruling elites. As Seinfeld's soup Nazi would say: No mosque for you! Turkey was backing the plan, but that didn't seem to make any difference. The decision-makers in Havana have […]

Growing “rustic vessel” exodus keeps U.S. Coast Guard busy

It looks as if there is no stopping the outflow of rats from the sinking ship. Wait, that's not an appropriate metaphor. The "ship" in question sank a very long time ago. 55 years ago, to be exact.  And it sank all the way down to Hell. These Cubans are not "rats" either.  They are […]

Damn! So close, so close…. but no cigar! U.S.A. considered waging war on Castrogonia in 1976 ???

UPDATE:  A long article on this subject has been published by the New York Times.   Also: Go HERE for direct access to the original documents from the Ford Library that are the source of this news story. Most of the documents are contingency plans, which means that this war with Cuba was never a […]

Breaking News: “Cuban Heels” blamed for disappearance of North Korean dictator

Wow.  Some news story... Now, this is what you call "breaking" news.... Apparently, Kim Jong Un is so short, so overweight and so vain that his use of high heels caused him to break both ankles. Yes, if this story is true, the portly North Korean dictator simply wobbled a bit too unsteadily on his […]

Washington Post highlights infantile Latrine American pro-Castro peer pressure

Awwwwww. President Obama is about to be further  embarrassed at the upcoming Summit of Latrine nations, so says the Washington Post. Since all Latrine Nations support the participation of Castrogonia at the summit --and the U.S. does not -- this obstreperousness will make the U.S. president look like a party pooper. What is the point […]

Arrrrggggh-en-teeeenah continues to emulate Castro Kingdom’s debt strategy

It's totally Latrine behavior, learned from the masters in Havana. They owe money they borrowed. They refuse to pay it back. They dub their creditors "vultures" and reject all claims as a violation of their "national sovereignty." From the unrepentant former imperialists at the BBC Argentina found to be in contempt of court by US […]

Recently-convicted Canadian businessman complains: Castro regime is unjust!

When you do business with criminals, you risk becoming their victim. In one way  -- let's call it "the way of the world"--  you can't really feel too sorry for this Canadian businessman who had no qualms about dealing with the Castro crime syndicate. And you might even say that he got what he deserved. […]

Socialists get trounced in French senate election

While countries south of the U.S. border keep going "Latrine" and electing politicians who espouse "21st century socialism,"  in France the tide seems to be flowing in the opposite direction. Is this a prelude to the November elections here in the U.S.A.? Maybe?  If France turns its back on the left and its abysmal failures, […]

Apparatchik exposes deep corruption in Castro Kingdom

From Translating Cuba, via Capitol Hill Cubans and 14ymedio: Must-Read: Real Corruption in Cuba Stems From the Very Top An official with the Housing Institute denounces corruption and privileges, as well as reprisals taken against his family. 14ymedio, September 24, 2014 – Before leaving Cuba in October, 2013, the author of this accusation occupied an […]