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  • Gallardo: The level of envy, hate, and vile egocentrism exhibited by these two pieces of communist shit is not something that goes away...

  • Humberto Fontova: Come on, Asombra! It was mid Nov.–I’d been fishing and duck-hunting aplenty. Surely my tan makes me look...

  • asombra: Look at the damn clown. Wearing not just military fatigues but Army boots (!) to go fishing–or at least pose for a photo...

  • asombra: In the best possible scenario, the legacy of Castro, Inc. will be an immense sense of shame that will never go away or die, and...

  • asombra: Tampa and its issues aside, the home of the Cuban sandwich certainly isn’t Cuba, and hasn’t been for ages.

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Cubanization update from Caracastan: Maduro’s cabinet dissolved again

As Jerry Lee Lewis might say, there's a whole lot of shaking goin' on down in Castrogonia's colony of Caracastan. It's the second time it happens this year: All of Venenozuela's top ministers have been forced to resign. Back in January, when he did exactly the same thing, "President" Maduro claimed that replacing his entire […]

Tourists in love with apartheid keep flocking to one of the worst hell-holes on earth

Why do they do it? Because they have no conscience. Because they are hypocrites. Because they are racists. Because they are sadists. Because --unlike those who nailed Christ to the cross -- they know exactly what they're doing. Because.... because..... because...... *&^%$#@! But, please notice, tourism lags behind "the export of services" as the top […]

Another photo essay: Havana bares its soul

Martha Beatriz Roque continues to document the disintegration of Havana -- a process that is not limited to its physical infrastructure, but also extends to its culture and morals. Is such deterioration reversible? Probably not.  And if by some miracle real change were to take place tomorrow -- the return of free enterprise and democracy […]

Tragic news: Canadian beer brewed in Castrogonia in short supply, but racist mascots are not….

Awwwwww.  Visitors to Castrogonia are suffering from beer withdrawal. As usual, the Castro mafia has all sorts of excuses for the beer shortage plaguing their island slave plantation. "Delayed imports of malt barley" --  yeah, that's it!  (Why the delay?  Don't ask.  Someone at the Ministry of Import Monopolies screwed up.  Or maybe the lack […]

Photo essay of the day: The glorious legacy of the so-called Revolution

From Martha Beatriz Roque: A slice of life in Havana. Forget the hotels for tourists.  This is how Cubans live.  This is where the people-to-people tours never go. On the corner of Monte and Rastro streets in Havana, a former laundry has stood empty for twenty years.  The building is collapsing bit by bit.  A […]

Cuban rafters braving the Florida Straits in record numbers

Over 3,000 Cuban "migrants" in "rustic vessels" have been picked up by the US Coast Guard in the past thirty weeks.  That's a rate of 100 per week. Take that in, Diana Nyad!  They do it in "rustic vessels" without escorts or shark-repelling technology. Which wonderful achievement of the Revolution could they be fleeing? Is […]

Brain drain: Shortage of professors in Castrogonia forces retired faculty back into the classroom

The Castro dictatorship and its idolaters around the world love to cite all sorts of hollow figures when they argue that Castroism has provided excellent educational opportunities for Cubans. The praise has always been undeserved, as anyone who has had to suffer through Castroite schools well knows. The only excellent education provided for Cubans is […]

Cubazuela turbocharges its propaganda machine

If Al Jazeera can have an English language television network, why not Cubazuela? Goebbels's well trained disciples in Havana and Caracas could not resist the temptation. So, here we go..... From The International Business Times Watching TeleSUR English, Venezuela's State-Backed News Site For English Speaking Audiences Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan president, set off panic […]

Uruguay’s President Mujica: Avatar of all things Latrine

If you want to know why so many countries in Ibero-America deserve to be called Latrine American rather than Latin American, read this article below. The article tries to explain why one of the vilest of the Castro idolaters in Latrine America has become a "cult figure." The title of the article tries to evoke […]

Circus is back in town: Charlie Crist expresses deep thoughts on Castrogonia

From Fusion: Charlie Crist still wants to go to Cuba Charlie Crist insists he still wants to travel to Cuba, even though his campaign canceled a planned visit earlier this summer. Fusion's Jorge Ramos asked the former Republican governor of Florida, who is now trying to reclaim his old seat on the Democratic ticket, whether […]

Catholic Church in Castro Kingdom obtains insignificant concession from its masters

The BBC is making a big deal out of the fact that the Castro dictatorship has given the green light to a church construction project in Santiago de Cuba. There is no denying that this is a "first" for the dictatorship.  Never before has it approved the building of a new church.  But is it […]

Laugh of the day? Maybe. Maybe not.

Germán Martínez, a Peruvian politician, knows how to get attention, and how to embody the ridiculous state of Latin American politics. Campaigning as Jedi knight  Germán-Wan Kenobi for the mayor's office of the town of Pucallpa, Martinez promises to liberate the town from the Dark Side and to ensure the presence of  The Force at all times. […]

New York Times: all the snobbery that’s fit to print

Take a look at this latest condescending snobbish snort published by The New York Times. The writer -- a Miami native deeply ashamed of her birthplace -- decides to heap scorn on her native land.  She barely disguises her scorn, even as she stoops to offer a few tidbits of  backhanded praise. And, with all […]

Museum enshrines the history of Cuba according to “The Godfather II”

Finally! No other work of fiction has done more to educate the world about Cuban history than Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather II." Now, at last, someone in Las Vegas has paid the proper tribute to Coppola's visionary historiography. At last, everyone who visits Las Vegas will see concrete proof that pre-Castro Cuba was a […]

News from Caracastan: Bird-ghost of the divine Chavez returns

And now for a good dose of Latrine American magical realism Deceased Venenozuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is at it again.  And so is his half-wit successor Nicolás Maduro. At a celebration of ex-dictator Hugo Chavez's 60th birthday Maduro told the crowd that the "little bird" of Chavez's ghost had visited him again and revealed that […]