Surprise! Democrat VP candidate vows to keep Castro regime happy

Yeah, some surprise, sure… Shocking…. we should all be as shocked as Captain Renault in the film “Casablanca”… shocked, shocked….

Tim Kaine, the Democratic party’s vice-presidential candidate, regurgitated all of the Cuba rhetoric of the Obama administration yesterday, blah, blah, blah….

Loving the Castro regime and helping the Castro dynasty stay in power is the best way to deal with Latin America, he said.

And the changes initiated by the current occupant of the White House are irreversible, he added.

So, vote for Nihillary, hermanos y hermanas, if you want the U.S. to shower the Castro dynasty with gifts.

Oh, you can vote for Trump or the other two bozos if you prefer, but that won’t make a lick of difference.

The Trumpinator has worked very, very hard to ensure that Nihillary will win by a landslide.

And when she is president, the Trumpinator will build hotels, casinos, golf courses, and marinas in Castrogonia.

From Fox News Lateeeeeeeeeeen-oh:

Kaine: Progress with Cuba may go fast or slow, “but will never go back”

The Democratic candidate for vice president, Sen. Tim Kaine, said Saturday in an interview with EFE that relations with Cuba, resumed under the Barack Obama government, may progress faster or slower but “never go back” to what they were. “The process will go forward, never backwards, but we need to work with Cuba on matters of importance, especially on human rights issues,” said the Spanish-speaking senator from Virginia, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“So we may have a fast or slow process, but we’re not going back,” Kaine said in a telephone interview with EFE when asked about possible Republican obstacles to lifting the embargo on the island.

The senator, who has special ties with Latin America and the Hispanic community, spoke of the benefits that the new diplomacy with Havana means for the United States.

Our process with Cuba is helping the United States in its relations with every country in the Americas – normalizing relations with Cuba is opening doors with other countries in the Americas, and Hillary (Clinton) and I want to work with all the nations of the continent,” the vice-presidential hopeful said.

“From the Yukon to Patagonia” we want to “work in a different, special way with the nations of the Americas,” the senator said in his fluent Spanish.

Obama, who announced the renewal of relations with Cuba in December 2014, recently issued an executive order to make the process of normalizing relations with Cuba “irreversible.”

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Surprise! Castro regime stifles reports on Hurricane Matthew damage

State secret

As if more proof were needed, here is another instance of the kind of behavior that has earned the Castro regime a ranking as one of the most oppressive in the world.

The damage inflicted by Hurricane Matthew has become a state secret, as is usually the case with any disaster.

Those who dare to report on the situation are arrested.

And, alongside this particular bout of repression, the Castro regime continues to step up its harassment of independent journalists.

Off limits

From Reporters Without Borders:

Crackdown on media includes ban on Hurricane Matthew coverage

Cuba is ranked 171st out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2016 World Press Freedom Index – the lowest position in Latin America.

The arrests of journalists trying to inform fellow citizens about the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Matthew’s passage over eastern Cuba on 4 October are the latest example of how the Cuban government continues its harassment of independent journalism. Their reporting clearly did not please the authorities

Maykel González Vivero, a journalist working for the Diario de Cuba news website, was arrested in the eastern city of Baracoa on 10 October while interviewing people about hurricane damage and was held for three days. He had just been fired from state-owned Radio Sagua for working for independent media.

On 11 October, it was the turn of six members of the Havana-based Periodismo de Barrio news website, include its director, Elaine Díaz, to be arrested while visiting Baracoa to cover the aftermath of the hurricane. Their equipment was confiscated for several hours.

According to the authorities, the journalists were arrested under the state of emergency proclaimed by President Raúl Castro on 4 October, which supposedly prohibited journalistic reporting without special authorization. But for the state of emergency to be valid, it should have been accompanied by a resolution defining how and in what regions of the country it was to be applied. No such resolution was ever formally issued by the authorities.

There is no shortage of subjects that are off-limits for unauthorized media outlets. Reinaldo Escobar, a journalist with the 14ymedio website, was unable to cover the inauguration of the first regular flight between the United States and Cuba. He was arrested in Santa Clara on 31 august for doing “enemy journalism” and was forcibly escorted back to Havana.

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White House grants Castro regime permission to buy on credit, tries to make this illegal act “irreversible”

Obamanoid gothic

Midwestern farmers, shout for joy!  Hallelujah!

Hey, Mildred, take a look at this wonderful piece of news!

Finally, we’ll be able to sell our wheat, corn, soybeans, cheese, and pork bellies to Cuba on credit!  Yee-haw!

We’ll be rich, Mildred, I tell ya, richer than Trump!

And those Cubans will buy our stuff on credit, get fat, and never, ever pay a cent for what we sell ’em.

Yep, Mildred, we’ll be richer than the Facebook guy and the Microsoft guy, richer than the Amazon guy –Bezos — who has a Cuban stepfather,  richer than the Clintons too!

And those cigar ladies in Cuba –you know, those mammy-type black women who pose for photos — they’ll get fat too, and look just like Aunt Jemima!

Yep, yep, God bless America, Mildred, when the Cubans refuse to pay us for the stuff we sold them on credit, the U.S. government will step in and cover the Cuban debt.

Thank you, Obama!  Thanks for ignoring U.S. law, Obama.  Thanks for makin’ sure that it will be okay to break the law forever, and to make U.S. taxpayers pay us for the stuff we sell to Cuba on credit!

And oh, Mildred, my sweet, sweet Mildred, thanks be to God that Hillary will be our next president.

She’ll be even better for us Midwestern farmers than Obama!

From Wisconsin Ag Connection:

White House Loosens Regulations on Cuba Exports of Agricultural Products

Last Friday, the Obama Administration announced the next steps in further loosening the U.S. sanctions against Cuba, continuing the process of normalization that the Administration hopes to make permanent before leaving office. Americans have been authorized to bring back rum and cigars from Cuba, for personal use. However, for agriculture, the excitement is in an expansion of exports for goods such as farm equipment and pesticides.

According to the National Association of Wheat Growers, these new amendments allow exporters to avoid cash-in-advance requirements for transactions involving agricultural commodities that have caused significant barriers. The loosening of restrictions in trade with Cuba provides an opportunity for American wheat growers to take advantage of the available Caribbean market, in the face of declining prices and market surplus.

With foreign competitors taking advantage of the Cuban wheat import market, American growers welcome this announcement that will help decrease financial barriers and regulations that have restricted US wheat access for decades. NAWG President Gordon Stoner said that ‘one of the solutions to boosting the sagging farm economy is increased trade.’

The group supports efforts to liberalize trade with Cuba by loosening regulations on products exported out of the country and encourages Congress and the Obama Administration to continue on the path towards ending the embargo.

Winners of Normalization Circus lottery

Castro customs officials caught stealing items from American luggage

Castronoid airport thieves were caught red-handed (no pun intended), and filmed by American tourists.

And when the Eastern Airlines pilots complained, the Castronoid authorities responded by harassing and threatening the pilots and their passengers with imprisonment.

Once again, Obama’s “legacy” circus is unmasked as a cruel and dangerous joke.

Good luck finding any major news outlet that will pay attention to this story.

And good luck securing your valuables when you travel to Castrogonia, for the next president of the U.S.A. is going to try very hard to outdo her predecessor when it comes to establishing a Cuba policy “legacy.”

So, get ready for more concessions under Nihillary and expect an escalation in Castronoid shenanigans after she wins the upcoming presidential election by a landslide.

From Capitol Hill Cubans

How Obama’s Cuba Flights Jeopardize U.S. Security

For months, U.S. lawmakers have expressed serious concerns over the Obama Administration’s haste in restoring commercial flights to Cuba, despite the serious security risks they pose.

These security risks are explained here and here.

To distract from these risks, the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) has misled Congress, while bipartisan delegations from the House Homeland Security and Transportation Committees have been denied visas by the Cuban regime to independently investigate.

As a result, the Cuban Airport Security Act of 2016 was introduced in the House and Senate, and recently marked-up by the House Homeland Security Committee.

This week, we have Exhibit A about why U.S. lawmakers and the American public are right to be concerned.

On October 15th, an Eastern Airlines charter flight at the gate in Havana Airport witnessed how Cuban Customs officials were rummaging and stealing merchandise from luggage being boarded onto a plane in the neighboring gate.

Passengers on the Eastern flight, which was preparing to depart from Havana to Miami, captured cell phone footage of these illicit activities. (Click here to watch or click image below) — courtesy of Diario de Cuba.)

The Eastern pilots denounced these illicit activities to the Havana Airport authorities.

But clearly, the Havana Airport authorities were part of the conspiracy. Rather than take corrective actions, they threatened the Eastern pilots who denounced the illicit activities, grounded the plane, sought to confiscate the cell phones with the evidence and tried to force the passengers to disembark.

The passengers feared they would be arrested by the Cuban authorities. However, the Eastern pilots told the passengers to remain on the plane, where they were protected by U.S. law.

Thanks to the wisdom of these Eastern pilots, the Cuban authorities eventually relented and after a 3-hour standoff allowed the plane to depart for Miami.

One of the main concerns posed by U.S. lawmakers is precisely that there are no independent airline or U.S. security personnel and Cuba’s airports. Everyone is an employee and subordinate of Castro’s regime. In other words, the Obama Administration is outsourcing U.S. flight security to the Castro regime.

This week’s events show how such utter lack of transparency and collusion clearly threaten U.S. security.

As Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin wisely wrote this month: “The security situation at Cuban airports is an open invitation for any bad actor who wishes to do harm to the United States to try to board a flight to the United States with whatever dangerous contraband they can carry. If that’s the price of Obama securing his Cuba legacy, it’s not worth it.

Add to this concern, corrupt Cuban Customs and airport officials that can do so.

It’s time Obama placed the security interests of the United States over his Cuba “legacy.”

Bad News Alert: Obama Adminstration to announce new “Presidential Directive” on Cuba

Susan Rice

This news conference will take place at 10 a.m. today.

Although it will be webcast live, registration is needed and that is now impossible.  Closed due to the high number of people who have already registered.

Could it be that the Castro “embassy” has flooded the registration?

Anyway, it’s bound to be bad news, and we will all know soon enough exactly how bad it will be.

Bad news for sure

Announcement from the Wilson Center:

President Obama’s National Security Advisor, Ambassador Susan E. Rice, will announce a new Presidential Directive guiding the Obama Administration’s approach to Cuba. Ambassador Rice will recount what the President and his team have accomplished since announcing a policy shift towards Cuba in December 2014, and describe how the new Directive will guide the Administration’s approach as it continues to normalize relations with the Cuban Government and people.


Sagrado pavo de San Giben: recipe for a post-election Cuban Thanksgiving


Ay, Dios mio!

Never let it be said that a vegetarian can’t pass on recipes for dishes he would never eat under any circumstances.

This arrived in my email last night.  Its “cubanidad” struck me as worthy of passing on.

Sagrado pavo de los pilgrines de Masachusma … November is just around the corner.

And this recipe is far superior to the one that voters are sure to choose in a few weeks….

God help us all.

Pavo Asado con Congri (Cuban Stuffed Turkey)

Serves 8
1 turkey (8 lbs.)
3 cloves garlic for marinating
2 tsp. salt for marinating turkey
1/2 lb. black beans
4 cups water
2 slices bacon cut in pieces (for base)
6 slices bacon whole (for turkey while baking)
1/2 onion chopped
1 onion cut in rings
1/2 green pepper chopped for base
1/2 green pepper in strips for cooking with beans
1 1/2 cups white rice
2 cloves crushed garlic for black beans
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp Cumin
1 tsp. oregano
1/2 cup sour orange juice
1 large green pepper
1 tsp. for black beans
1 bay leaf
1/8 tsp. oregano
1/2 cup dry white wine.


Clean turkey. Crush garlic with salt, pepper, cumin and oregano. Add orange juice and rub turkey inside and out with this mixture. Place onion rings on top and allow to marinate for at least 2 hours and if possible overnight. Wash beans and soak for a couple of hours. Cook in the same water until soft. together with the green pepper. Fry the two slices of bacon and in the same fat saute the chopped onion, crush- ed garlic and chopped green pepper. Add to the softened beans. Add washed rice, salt, spices and bacon. Cook over medium heat until rice is dry but not quite done. It will finish cooking inside the turkey. Stuff turkey and sew up well. Pour wine over the turkey and place the 6 slices of bacon on top. Roast for 3 hours in a 3250 F oven. Serves 8. This recipe may also be used for chicken. Use 4 (l 112 – 2 lbs.) chickens and roast for 1 hour at 325°F.

Hey! We don’t allow such delicacies in my kingdom!

Castro Kingdom rapidly turning into exclusive “luxury” tourist destination

Apartheid tourism at its best

Add this bizarre act to the long list of attractions provided by the Normalization Circus.

American tourists are now demanding luxurious amenities in a country where 99.99 percent of the population is poor and where the government intentionally prevents anyone from climbing out of that poverty.

Worse yet, the same government that has created that endemic poverty on purpose is eager to cater to these morbidly unethical Americans who demand “exclusive” treatment, such as top-notch spas, gourmet dining, and private butlers.

Of course, these well-heeled tourists also find Castrogonia perfect for “exclusive” tourism because it is a unique relic, a Jurasic Park of sorts, unlike any other place on earth.

Noble savages, at your service

And –naturally–these ghouls are flocking to Castrogonia so they can be among the select few who see its full-blown squalor now, “before it changes.”

Oh, but don’t expect these elite travelers to get too close to the squalor.  Check out the luxury villas for rent (all of which were stolen from their owners).  Or check out this article: “Cuba to be Next Super Yacht Destination.” Or check out some luxury “people to people” tour packages here, here, and here.   Or just google “luxury Cuba,” and see what you get.

Question of the day.  In this situation, who is more evil and loathsome: the government that creates luxury tourism so it can fund itself in order to keep all of its citizens dirt poor, or the morally bankrupt Americans who insist on slumming in ultimate comfort?

Pa’l carajo….mal rayo los parta….. Le rrrrrrrrrrronca!

Castronoid luxury

From Luxury Daily (who else?):

Interest in visiting Cuba jumps, with affluent US travelers craving exclusivity

With the United States government’s travel ban to Cuba lifted, the island nation has quickly climbed into the top 15 of desired destinations among affluent American travelers, according to a luxury survey conducted by Travel Leaders Group.

The Caribbean country is a destination unseen by many U.S. travelers due to the past travel restrictions imposed by the government, but many affluent travelers have Cuba high on their bucket lists now due to the exclusivity. However, Europe, and more precisely Italy, is still being hailed as the premiere destination amongst affluent U.S. travelers.

“What is most surprising is that, in a relatively short amount of time, Cuba has jumped into the top 15 for luxury travel destinations,” said Ninan Chacko, CEO of Travel Leaders Group. “Since luxury often translates to enjoying experiences that are not readily available to the mass market, it is clear that there is pent up demand, particularly among affluent American travelers, to see and experience Cuba as soon as possible….

…Since luxury travelers want to immerse themselves in their destinations, their expectations include details that simplify and personalize aspects of their trip, allowing them to fully relax and enjoy the overall experience.

Gourmet paradise

That includes having access to personalized or private check-in, private concierge-level access, fine dining and a spa for their resort vacations. But also trending high was having the services of a personal butler at their disposal.”
The more exclusive and personalized an experience is for affluent consumers the better. This is especially true for travel, with many consumers spending top dollar to ensure the best service that caters to their individual needs.

Cuba’s popularity with affluent U.S. travelers makes sense, as those who travel there will be included in a small group of individuals.

French atelier Chanel, for example, presented its cruise 2017 collection in Havana, Cuba on May 3. Chanel’s selection of Cuba as the setting for its annual cruise presentation aligns with the brand’s practice of traveling to a different destination each year.

Continue reading HERE.

De Luxe accommodations for natives

Breaking News: Fidel claims to have seen UFO


Fidel Castro, described by the U.K.’s Express as “one of the 20th century’s most prominent figures” has joined the ranks of celebrity UFO spotters.

This must make former U.S. president Jimmy Carter very happy.  Mr. Jimmy — a close friend and great admirer of Nosferatu — is another “prominent figure” who has reported seeing  a UFO.

Other “prominent figures”in this select club include Mick Jagger, John Lennon, David Bowie, William Shatner, and Dennis Kucinich.

Nosferatu, however, must be very upset that his new club also includes his arch-enemy Ronald Reagan.

What can the world expect after such a shocking revelation?

After all, Nosferatu has never, ever told a single lie during his entire life, which now spans ninety years. He is widely respected as the most truthful man in the world.

The most truthful man in the world

Expect the producers of “Ancient Aliens” to hurry down to Castrogonia.

Who knows? Maybe they will finally lift the lid on one of the best-kept secrets in human history: the fact that Nosferatu is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by beings from another galaxy.

Hurry up, Giorgio Tsoukalos, don’t let anyone else beat you to this story!

From The Express:

Did Fidel Castro spot a UFO? Cuban rebel saw ‘round and ENORMOUS’ object among the stars

In an interview that has caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts worldwide, the former prime minister of Cuba described seeing a “round and enormous” light from an extra terrestrial spaceship.

The astounding claims, made by one of the 20th century’s most prominent figures, have been heralded by the UFO community as proof that extra terrestrials exist.

Fidel Castro said: “There we were, in the middle of the night with out rifles on our knees. Then we suddenly saw a light darting among the stars.

“The light approached the group of commanders and poured over us like a bucket.”

He told researcher Jose Luis Gil: “It was round and enormous. The countryside and the mountains became illuminated as though it was daylight.”

Castro’s sighting occurred in 1958 or 1959, according to the revolutionary’s account.

The interview was published in a book titled For Your Eyes Only by UFO researcher and journalist Juan Jose Benitez – who has been tracking UFO sightings since 1972.

Benitez has published the book, which contains interviews with 300 people who have spotted UFOs, to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Enthusiasts believe that Castro’s sighting matches that of the bright glowing object witnesses saw hovering above the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2011.

Footage of the throbbing circular ball of light slowly descending over Islamic holy building, the Dome of the Rock, attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

According to videos on YouTube, the shape-shifting UFO was seen again in China and Siberia earlier this year.

Would I lie to you?

Despot summit in Istanbul: Czar Vladimir meets with Maduro and Erdogan

Puppet and Czar

Czar Vladimir keeps stepping up his efforts to gain the friendship of all despots and enemies of the U.S.A.

His latest venture involves meeting with Turkish autocrat Sultan Recep Erdogan and Venezuelan puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro needs a Sugar Daddy or two due to the fact that his Castronoid colonial masters have bled his country dry.

So, be on the lookout for more news on the rising influence of Grand Putinia over the League of Despots, especially over members Syria, Turkey, Castrogonia, Venezuela, and Iran.

Czar Vlad and Sultan Erdogan

From the Mother of all Granmas (Tass):

Russian President Vladimir Putin will on Monday visit Istanbul, where he will take part in the 23rd World Energy Congress, as well as meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro, the Kremlin reported.

This is the first visit by the Russian leader to Turkey since the process of normalization of relations with that country started. Last time Putin visited the Turkish Republic in November last year, when he attended the G20 summit in Antalya.

The key aspect at the talks between Putin and Erdogan on the sidelines of the energy forum will be discussion of urgent issues of the Russian-Turkish relations, the regional and international agenda, the Kremlin said. Bilateral documents are to be signed following the talks.

For a report on Maduro’s role in this Despot Summit, go HERE (ABC Spain, in Spanish)

Puppet and Sultan
Czar Vladimir arriving in Istanbul


Surprise! Dictator Maduro awards Hugo Chavez Peace Prize to fellow despot Vladimir Putin

Maduro and prize statuette of Hugo Chavez


Forget about the Trumpinator’s “grab ’em by their privates” video, which might turn out to be the death blow to his candidacy.

Here is the best political joke of the week, maybe of the whole month of October.

The dictator of Venezuela creates a peace prize in honor of his predecessor Hugo Chavez and then awards it to Czar Vlad the New Impaler.

Will this be a cause for celebrations in Grand Putinia?

Who knows?  But Czar Vlad will at least get to display his statuette of the great Hugo Chavez on some mantelpiece somewhere, maybe in one of his Siberian hunting lodges.

Awww. Poor Trumpinator.  No statuettes for him.  All he gets this week is a nasty surprise dragged out from his vault of many skeletons.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton basks in his plenary indulgence for all past, present, and future woman-groping, along with his lovely enabling spouse.


From The Guardian (U.K.), stalwart defender of leftist principles

And Venezuela’s prize for peace and sovereignty goes to … Vladimir Putin

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, on Friday announced the creation of a peace prize in honor of the late socialist leader Hugo Chávez, and said he was awarding it to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The announcement comes on the same day that the Nobel committee awarded its annual peace prize to Juan Manuel Santos, president of neighbouring Colombia, for his role in negotiating a peace agreement with Marxist FARC rebels.

The US has accused Putin’s government of war crimes regarding its bombing of Aleppo, in the Syrian civil war in which it supports the Assad regime.

On Friday, the US formally accused Russia of being behind the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee, and of seeking to influence and undermine the US presidential election.

“I’ve decided to create the Hugo Chávez prize for peace and sovereignty,” Maduro said, during a televised broadcast to unveil a statue of Chávez designed by a Russian artist.

“I think President Vladimir Putin deserves this Hugo Chávez award,” he said, describing Putin as a “fighter for peace”.

Maduro said winners of the prize would receive a miniature replica of the statue.

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Winner !!!
Loser !!!
Winner !!!

Uh, oh, Cold War II: Russia’s plans for military bases in Cuba

As we have been reporting here for quite some time, Russia has big plans for Cuba.

Up until now, the moves made by Russia have been somewhat stealthy, but now it seems the stealthiness is being phased out.

The Empire of Grand Putinia is now admitting the “possibility” of re-establishing its military bases in the Castro Kingdom.

Russia’s coded language needs some decoding: it is highly likely that “possibility” really means “certainty.”

With Hillary in the White House, get ready again for Russian nuclear missiles  in Cuba.   This time — in contrast to 1962– Russia will be joined by Iran, and the missiles will have a far larger range.

And with Hillary in the White House get ready for total capitulation to Russia/Iran/Cuba.

So, start building that fallout shelter in the back yard….or at least start thinking about it….

This Cold War might not be too cold, and that difference will not be due to global warming.

Can you do this, Hillary?

From PanArmenian Net:

Kremlin comments on possibility to restore bases in Vietnam, Cuba

Russia is considering plans to restore military bases in Vietnam and Cuba that had served as pivots of Soviet global military power during the Cold War, Russian news agencies quoted Russian Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov as saying on Friday, October 7, according to Reuters.

Nikolai Pankov

“We are dealing with this issue,” the agencies quoted Pankov as saying in Russia’s parliament.

Russia lowered its flag at the Lourdes signals intelligence base in Cuba and the deepwater Cam Rahn naval base in Vietnam in the early 2000s as part of a drawing down of Russia’s military presence around the world after the demise of the Soviet Union.

But since then, Moscow’s foreign policy has become more assertive, leading to tensions with the United States and its allies over, among other issues, the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, and the presence of NATO troops in eastern Europe.

Pankov said the Defence Ministry was currently “rethinking” past decisions on closure of the bases, but declined to go into detail. Vietnam’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment and Cuban officials were not available.

The United States is in the process of reviving its relations with Cuba, which in Soviet times had offered Moscow its closest military installation to U.S. territory, less than 60 kilometers from the Florida Keys.

“The global situation is not static, it is in flux, and the last two years have made significant changes to international affairs and security,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters, according to Reuters.

“Therefore, it’s quite natural that all countries assess these changes in line with their national interests and take certain steps in the way they consider appropriate.”

Mohammad Javad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran

Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Two Hollywood actors visit dictator Maduro, shower him with praise

Idiots in paradise

Move over Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, and company.

Add two more names to the list of horrifically torpid American actors who love to hobnob with Latrine dictators: Jamie Foxx and Luke Haas.

This pair of idiots showed up in Caracas to lend their support to embattled dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Surely, they must be itching to hop over to Havana to visit Nosferatu, the King Emeritus of all Latrine dictators.

Oh, if only they could get into a time machine and visit Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot,  Saddam Hussein, and others of the same ilk.

Wait… wait… why not go to North Korea to visit Kim Jung Un?  After all, basketball star Dennis Rodman has already made him cool among the glitterati.

From Fox News Lateeeeeeeeeeeen-oh

In surprising role, Jaime Foxx visits with President Maduro in crumbling Venezuela

Amid widespread unrest, massive shortages of food and basic supplies and a crumbling economy, on Tuesday Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro took the time to rub shoulders with two visiting Hollywood luminaries.

Jamie Foxx and actor/musician Lukas Haas paid a visit to the embattled head of state at the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas. Maduro reportedly invited the pair so they could visit the government-funded film and TV studio, Fundación Villa del Cine, and other tourist attractions in the socialist nation.

Neither Foxx nor Haas spoke to the media during their visit, but Venezuelan media reported that the movie stars were in the country to “show support for the policies of the Bolivarian Government, in particular its social missions,” and “to learn about Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission,” a project which has purportedly built more than a million government-funded homes.

The actors were also invited by Maduro to attend the signing of an agreement between Venezuela and Jordan, Dubai and Italy for the construction of 13,912 homes in the central state of Aragua.

“We have given a warm welcome to two actors who are very admired by our people … Thank you for supporting this project, and its vision to add housing as a benefit for the people of the world,” Maduro said on state-owned VTV.

Continue reading HERE


Normalization Circus update: Cubans keep fleeing in record numbers



As “normalization” rolls along and repression increases, more and more Cubans desperate for real change keep fleeing in “crude” or “makeshift” vessels.

The numbers tell the story.

“Makeshift vessel” intercepted by U.S. Coast Guard

From Granma Lite (Associated Press):

Coast Guard: Number of Cubans Caught at Sea Surges Higher

The Coast Guard says the number of Cubans intercepted at sea while trying to reach U.S. shores has risen even higher amid Washington’s increasing contact with Havana.

According to a Coast Guard statement , authorities encountered 7,358 Cubans risking sea crossings to U.S. soil in the fiscal year ending Friday. That’s a 65 percent increase from 4,473 tallied in the previous year.

A surge of Cubans has been fleeing the island over the last two years. Migrants fear the end of a policy allowing Cubans reaching U.S. soil to stay. Those found at sea generally are returned to Cuba.

The Coast Guard says 232 Cubans have been repatriated since Sept. 22.

Authorities say Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean has magnified the danger for migrants attempting the journey in makeshift vessels.

Shocking! Castro Kingdom denounces “hostile” U.S. “interference”

Bofetada Castronoide (Castronoid face slap)

Awwww.  Poor King Raul.

The evil U.S. government is still trying to put a very, very slight dent in his repressive machinery.

These are lame attempts, mind you, but for King Raul, any such attempt, no matter how lame, is an act of “hostility”….

This latest denouncement of U.S. “interventionist” policies could very well force Raul to claim at least another twenty billion dollars in reparations.

And, by the way, keep your eyes peeled for a massive Iran-style money delivery to Castrogonia some time between now and the day that the current occupant of the White House has to vacate the premises for Queen Hillary.

Aaah, the wonders of the Normalization Circus….

How dare you! This will cost another 20 billion in reparations!

From McClatchy D.C.:

Cuba lashes out against U.S. funding for ‘subversive’ projects

A day before the fourth round of bilateral diplomatic talks is scheduled to take place in Washington, the state-controlled Cuban media lambasted some U.S.-funded programs to organizations with ties to the island.

The official media website Cubadebate reproduced a list — originally published by Along the Malecón blog — of organizations that receive funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a Washington-based private, nonprofit foundation with a global mission to advance democracy.

Cubadebate referred to the NED as a “governmental organization” financing “subversive” programs totaling almost $4 million. Most of the projects are aimed at Cuban youth, human rights activists, independent media and others in the communities across the island, the article states.

“The programs not only run covertly in Cuba, where these operations are illegal, but includes the recruitment of staff in third countries,” Cubadebate reported.
Cuba is in the midst of a media campaign against the scholarship program of World Learning, a summer initiative for young Cubans, which ended in August and included a four-week exchange program in the United States. Scholarship recipients were able to travel with all their expenses covered, including airfare, lodging, meals and educational materials.
The official Cuban press has listed the program as “hostile” and “interventionist,” and Communist youth organizations on the island also have expressed their rejection to the program.
Continue reading HERE
Cara dura (chutzpah)