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  • TWFKAP: We already have leaders like Bob Menendez: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz,...

  • asombra: The condensed EU response: “Get a clue and don’t make us laugh.”

  • asombra: Was Menendez going for a “mature” Saturday Night Fever look? Bad idea.

  • asombra: And look, they even got the guards to dress up for this. Too bad their caps don’t match their uniforms. Clowns.

  • asombra: And isn’t Diana dressed for the occasion? At least that cow in the background put on a “cocktail” outfit....

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Garry Kasparov: “It’s a War, Stupid!”

Garry Kasparov is considered by many to be the greatest chess Grand Master of all time. Of course, we Cubans prefer to assign that distinction to our own José Raúl Capablanca. Kasparov  is now involved in politics and the defense of human rights, and has penned an essay for Time magazine that should be required reading […]

Oh! Oh! Canada: Party girls UPDATE

Some time in the future some Cuban historian might be able to collect and display  photos of all the Canadian tourists who visited Castrogonia and  collaborated in the enslavement of the Cuban people. Maybe a Hall of Shame can be built in a free Cuba, some day, where all these callous bastards do an eternal […]

Oh Canada! Chapter 17,952,366….

Those charming Canadian tourists who keep the Castro regime afloat sometimes can't wait to unleash their inner animal. Sometimes they start partying on the flight to Varadero, whip out the duty-free booze they just bought, and get rowdy. It happened this week when two Canadian twenty-somethings began their Cuba party in their airliner's bathroom. Maybe […]

Fidel, esta es tu casa: Long live the Revolution! Socialism or death!

More visual evidence of Cuban misery from Martha Beatriz Roque. Here is the hovel in which a mother and her four children have lived for the past four years, in the Havana neighborhood of Guanabacoa.  This is not the remote countryside.  This is Havana. The oldest child is seven years old, the second is five, […]

Young Fidel idolater gets lots of attention from Reuters & the usual gang of propaganda recyclers

De gustibus non disputandum You can't argue over questions of taste. Reuters, the Associated Press, CNN, PBS, and their ilk just love to portray Cubans as happy-go-lucky noble savages who are very pleased with their so-called Revolution and its leaders. Quite often, these news agencies simply regurgitate the propaganda spewed by the Castro regime. They […]

Bruno Musarò, the Papal Nuncio to Cuba, excoriates Castro tyranny

Archbishop Bruno Musarò, Apostolic Nuncio to Castrogonia,  blasted the island's rulers recently, and a handful of news organizations are reporting on his comments. Not surprisingly, the news reports thus far are only available in Italian, Spanish, and Polish.  Nothing at all in English.  No word from the AP or Reuters, or CNN, etc.. If the […]

Photos of the day: Havana, vortex of past, present, and future

Martha Beatriz Roque continues to capture incredible images from the hellhole she inhabits. Images that defy logic.  Images that defy time and space.  Images that rape one's memory.  Images that rip out one's heart and consume it. Each and every image is a demonic transverberation of the soul. This is the neighborhood of Guanabacoa in […]

Finally! … almost too good to be true… a museum for victims of communism

Wow. A rare essay on a little-known museum in the making, and on the rottenness of the politics that surround its construction. And the image chosen by The Daily Beast's editors to illustrate the blood lust of communists is as much of an insult to pop culture as the museum project itself (see above). This […]

Bahrain next in line for Cuban doctors?

It looks as if a Castronoid ambassador has managed to dupe another nation into thinking that Castrogonia has excellent health care. Consequently, that nation is thinking of establishing links with Castrogonia's medical experts. This can only mean one thing:  a decline in health care for the people of that country, which in this case happens […]

New “privately-owned” restaurant in Havana celebrates Soviet colonial era

The so-called "Cuban Revolution" led by sociopathic tyrant Fidel Castro loved to employ anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist rhetoric in its propaganda --internally and externally-- but even the most mentally-challenged of Cubans could tell that the so-called Revolution had turned Cuba into a colony of the Soviet empire. Now that there is no more Soviet Union, some […]

Maduro compares Netanyahu to King Herod

Yeah.  One of the smartest men in the world -- Nicolas Maduro, puppet ruler of Caracastan -- has compared King Herod to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Well-coached by his Castronoid handlers, Maduro has also offered to take care of the "victims" of Israel's "genocide." This public relations gimmick comes straight out of the Castronoid […]

Moringapalooza Cretin Summit 2014: Caracastan’s Maduro visits his master Nosferatu in Havana

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's the stuff of nightmares. Nicolas Maduro paid a visit to Fidel Castro in Havana yesterday, to wish him a happy 88th birthday. The puppet ruler of Castrogonia's oil-rich colony of Caracastan proved himself as fawning a sycophant as the world has ever seen. Maduro gushed to reporters about the "energy," "vigor," and "clear […]

Cubanization update from Caracastan: Maduro’s cabinet dissolved again

As Jerry Lee Lewis might say, there's a whole lot of shaking goin' on down in Castrogonia's colony of Caracastan. It's the second time it happens this year: All of Venenozuela's top ministers have been forced to resign. Back in January, when he did exactly the same thing, "President" Maduro claimed that replacing his entire […]

Tourists in love with apartheid keep flocking to one of the worst hell-holes on earth

Why do they do it? Because they have no conscience. Because they are hypocrites. Because they are racists. Because they are sadists. Because --unlike those who nailed Christ to the cross -- they know exactly what they're doing. Because.... because..... because...... *&^%$#@! But, please notice, tourism lags behind "the export of services" as the top […]

Another photo essay: Havana bares its soul

Martha Beatriz Roque continues to document the disintegration of Havana -- a process that is not limited to its physical infrastructure, but also extends to its culture and morals. Is such deterioration reversible? Probably not.  And if by some miracle real change were to take place tomorrow -- the return of free enterprise and democracy […]