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  • asombra: Love the photo of Jesse Jackson having a Little Richard moment: “Lucille!…”

  • asombra: I’m sorry, but Putin is a mutant. Normal people do NOT look like that.

  • asombra: This is beyond perfect. It’s the embodiment of Latrine-ness. Instant classic.

  • asombra: If she thinks this is bad, let her try doing her little number in a Muslim country.

  • asombra: And the bigger Allison is taken to be in his field, the less he needs to have or get a clue (assuming he’s on the level...

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Maduro turns mango thrown at him into propaganda gold

Wow! What a story! A woman throws a mango at Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, it hits him on the head, and then he turns the event into a propaganda extravaganza. Never mind all the horrors unfolding in Cubazuela. This is the kind of news from Latrine America that folks around the world love to read […]

Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Venezuelans are starving

It looks as if the spread of the Castro virus has turned into a full-blown plague in the Cuban colony of Venezuela. Recent research reveals that the Castro virus -- communismus gravis --  is now affecting 80% of the population. Despite the exponential growth of this epidemic in Castrogonia's once-rich colony, neighboring nations are refusing […]

Military cooperation between Russia and Castrogonia intensifies

Russia sure knows how to thumb its nose at the current occupant of the White house. First they dock a giant spy ship in Havana harbor on the very same day  that the American "normalization" delegation arrived in the Castro kingdom. Now, as the U.S. takes Castrogonia off the terror list,  they announce to the […]

More bad news: Congress can’t prevent president from taking Castro regime off terror list

From Foreign Policy: Congress Won’t Block Obama From Delisting Cuba on Terror List In a major victory for the White House, the Republican-controlled Congress will not advance a bill designed to block President Barack Obama’s executive action removing Cuba from the state sponsor of terrorism list. The Republicans aren’t backing down because Obama made a […]

It’s official: Pope Francis will indeed visit demonic realm of Castrogonia

It's no longer a rumor: it's a fact. Pope Francis will make stop in Castrogonia on his way to the United States. Will he bring along Father Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist of Rome? One can only hope that he will.    Father Amorth is quite adept at expelling demons. His expertise might very well  be […]

Shocking!: King Raul Castro misses most important gala event of the year!

Call him Mr. Hard-To-Get, or Your Maximum Missing Majesty. Whatever... Raul Castro failed to show up at the party Time magazine threw for its 100 most influential people on earth. Or...maybe he did show up, but ordered the press not to reveal his presence. Our Babalu spies snuck into the party disguised as Pope Francis […]

Surprise! Top Castro official says Elian Gonzalez is “very happy” and ABC News rejoices

  Well.... we couldn't expect anything other than this, could we? If the U.S. news media clamored for Elian's return to Hell back in 2000, why should they not report on his enslavement as a wonderful turn of events? And, why shouldn't they also continue to speak of the Cuban exile community as the villain […]

Governor Cuomo of NY about to grace Castrogonia with his presence

Trade mission?  Getouttahere. Fuhgedaboudit. Yooze nuts or sumpthin' ? This useless venture by an American governor is getting some attention only because the state involved happens to be New York. God only knows how many such pointless trips have been undertaken up to now by American politicians and how many more have yet to take place. Governor […]

No need to puzzle over Time Magazine’s admiration of King Raul Castro

Time Magazine didn't have to search very hard for token Lateen-ohs to include in its list of the world's 100 most influential people. Well, come to think of it, it didn't actually search very hard. As is all too common in the mainstream news media their bigotry prevents them from thinking that any Lateen-ohs could […]

Sometimes they send emails, yes, indeed, they do….

Aaaaaaaayyyy! I received an email last night that reveals how deep the ignorance of some Americans can be, and how successful the empty rhetoric of the current occupant of the White House has been in swaying public opinion. I don't share this missive in order to humiliate the sender, who seems to be horribly misinformed, […]

Jay Nordlinger calls attention to Castro regime’s crimes, Obama’s complicity

From our stalwart friend at The National Review A Man to Stand With Jay Nordlinger In my column yesterday, I spoke of President Obama and his meeting with Raúl Castro in Panama City. I also spoke of a group of Cuban dissidents who were present in the city — and who were attacked, physically, by […]

Uh oh, get ready for more photos of the Vicar of Christ with Cuba’a top demoniacs: Pope Francis considering trip to Castrogonia

Uh oh....Uh oh... Uh oh... that's all this Catholic Cuban exile can say at the moment. Wait... maybe there's something else that could be said..... Uh oh... Uh oh....Uh oh..... maybe not. Wait... yes... how about this: My, my, oh my gosh,  gosh golly gee, caramba, *&^%$#@!  those Castro brothers do seem to get a […]

Surprise! Not everyone in the U.S. is fooled by White House lies about the Castro regime

Yeah.  Thank God. Some folks are smart enough to question the lies spun at the White House concerning Castrogonia's terrorist links. Now let's hope the legislators from farming states in the Senate and House of Representatives can deny the White House its request to take Castrogonia off the terrorist list and also override its current […]

“Normalization” update: Cuban prisoner of conscience on hunger strike in critical condition

From Martha Beatriz Roque:  Yurié Pedroso González,34, a prisoner of conscience, has been transferred from his jail cell to the Provincial Hospital Arnaldo Milián Castro in Santa Clara. The dissident has been on a hunger strike for forty-four days and is now in critical condition. His "crime" was to distribute unauthorized posters throughout the town […]

Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: New Obama Doctrine emboldens Maduro

Emboldened by the triumphal circus of CastroFest 2015, Castronoid puppet dictator Nicolas Maduro announced that he is going to punish the few entrepreneurs who have been foolish enough to remain in Venezuela. According to Viceroy Maduro, his colony's economic woes are all due to a capitalist right-wing conspiracy orchestrated by Venezuela's business elite. Once again, […]