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  • asombra: And Carlos, Madame Saint Malo is haute bourgeoise, just as I expect she goes for haute couture. But it’s all...

  • asombra: Yes, Castro, Inc. is responsible for this situation, but it’s simply being itself and doing what it’s always done....

  • asombra: If a mere member of “those people” like moi can feel such disdain and contempt for Latrines, imagine what a slick,...

  • asombra: Just Latrines being Latrines. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • asombra: Buitres, eh? Well, Cretina looks like an aura tiñosa herself. Talk about projection. An no, nobody who’d vote for such a...

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More “change” ahead: Raul just can’t stop himself from reforming

More of the same:  phony reforms being touted as the genuine article. The Castro regime announced a plan to gradually privatize all restaurants. Ha. Those familiar with the corrupt nature of Castrogonia will wince at the enormity of this bold deception.  Those who are gullible will think this reform is for real. Who is going to […]

Welcome to Cubazuela, where you can’t poke fun at the tyrant

Cubanization is a painful process, as Venezuelans are finding out. Your freedom and your dignity are corroded away bit by bit, as if some lethal acid is being dripped on your head several times a day, every day of your life. The dripping could turn into a torrent at any moment, to speed up the […]

It’s official: Raul Castro invited to Latrine Summit

Everyone knew this was coming, so it's no surprise. But now it's official.  Raul "The Reformer" will definitely infest the Panama summit. The invitation was formally delivered in person by a lady almost as pretty as Raul: Panama's very bourgeois foreign minister, Isabel Saint Malo. Only death or dismemberment will keep Raul from attending. In […]

Blind Cuban Dissident Exposes Brutality of Castro Regime to UN Human Rights Council

Keeping in mind that Castrogonia has a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council, this speech seems nearly miraculous. I wonder if there is any film available of the Castrogonian delegation squirming in their seats?   Or -- as is more likely -- of their empty seats, since they probably boycotted the speech? Speculations […]

“Embargo” update: China sends U.S.-made spy equipment to Castrogonia

As China continues to cozy up to Castrogonia and its Latrine American cartel, further proof emerges of espionage-related dirty deals. Both China and Russia see Castrogonia as a useful outpost for their expansionism. The latest  Chinese-Castronoid hijinks involve electronic equipment and a violation of the "Embargo." But no one should expect the current U.S. government […]

Hostage Alan Gross Update: $60 million lawsuit against U.S. government back on track?

Long-suffering Castro hostage Alan Gross and his family continue to flail against the great injustice of his imprisonment in Castrogonia. Unable to lash out against those who are really responsible for his plight -- the Castro regime -- they have sued the U.S. government. Their lawsuit was dismissed by one court, but they have appealed […]

Occupy Wall Street movement devolves into grim parody of Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

Yes.  Those of us who lived through the so-called Cuban "Revolution" know how all Marxist-inspired movements end up. We know that those who seek to undo the bourgeois capitalist "tyranny" can never, ever,  escape the gravitational pull of Darwinian dog-eat-dog principles. We also know that the real goal of their leaders is always to do […]

Ay! Yet another sign of Venezuela’s Cubanization

It's not just food and toilet paper that are increasingly hard to find. It's everything. Welcome to Cubazuela. No more Miss Universe titles for a while, or so it seems for now, Venezuela.  Sorry. From the venerable Daily Mail (who else would pay attention to this subject?) Our D-cups runneth out: Venezuela’s economic crisis blamed […]

Victory for free speech at Yale

I feel much better today than I have for the past few months. My faith in real civility has been restored, to some extent.  I call it real civility to distinguish it from the so-called "civility" that is now constantly invoked in order to silence and censor those who dare to challenge the liberal status […]

Quote of the day, from Maduro the Magnanimous

Nicolas Maduro, commenting on the arrest of 66 student demonstrators this past weekend in Caracas: «Ni un milímetro de tolerancia con los manifestantes de la oposición...No me va a temblar el pulso para llevar paz y justicia, que es lo que quiere el pueblo.» "Not even a millimeter of tolerance for opposition protesters...My pulse won't […]

Cuban “migrants” in “unseaworthy vessels” intercepted by U.S. Coast Guard, again….

On Ships of Fools and other unlovely things Is there anyone out there who needs further proof that irrationality governs human affairs as much as -- or even more than rationality? Look no further than the Florida Straits. Wave upon wave of "migrants" continue to flee the island prison of Castrogonia, desperate to escape from […]

Something about Miami’s public libraries written by some very old Cuban exile….

The Miami Herald has been kind enough to publish a letter I wrote concerning the funding crisis faced by Miami's public libraries. I copy it below, for your perusal. If any of you down there have any say in this matter, please do what you can to keep those libraries funded.  And please respond to […]

Venezuelan journalist exposes darkest truths about the Cubanization of her country

«En Venezuela gobierna una neotiranía militar encabezada por los hermanos Castro» (Venezuela is governed by a military neo-tyranny headed by the Castro brothers) This is the devastating summary judgment voiced by Eleonora Bruzual, a Venezuelan journalist, who was just interviewed by Spain's ABC, one of the few publications on earth that dares to expose the […]

Photo of the day: He’s the Maximum Leader in fashion, too

Illinois farmers itching to be fleeced by Castro regime

Here we go again. Someone else is lobbying the Obama administration for a change in Cuba policy. This time it's farmers from the heartland who want to sell more of their soybeans and corn to Castrogonia. Venezuela's Telesur network reports on this effort, but leaves out the most important detail. All this report says is […]