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  • Honey: asombra, that was my point. antonio2009, what have you got against Israel? I don’t want them to take up the American,...

  • asombra: You know what Fidel was thinking in that top photo: “Gabo, you’re such a little bitch.”

  • asombra: Who’s the BS artist? Insulza, or some official Cuban “intellectual”?

  • asombra: In the 2nd photo, that’s Carlos Andrés Pérez at far left, the former president of Venezuela, also a FOF (friend of Fidel)....

  • asombra: If any writer, no matter how great, were to spew this kind of lovestruck bilge about a “fascist” dictator,...

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A Good Friday meditation on original sin

In 2006-- the year Fidel suffered his colonic disaster -- Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote a fawning essay published in The Guardian (UK), in which he praised the worst dictator in all of Latin American history. Gabo didn't care that Fidel was a ruthless dictator. As far as Gabo was concerned, Fidel was a living saint. […]

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Dies: Can Fidel be far behind?

Fidel's chum Gabo kicks the bucket Ding dong the cretin's dead.  Estiró la pata, as Cubans used to say. He was a great novelist, but a despicable human being. Anyone who counts Fidel Castro as a close friend has to be a moral monster, a degenerate, and among the most despicable of human beings. In […]

Is Alan Gross more valuable to Castrogonia because he is Jewish?

The answer to the question raised in this article's title seems to be "yes." Rabbi Abraham Cooper --associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles --suggests that some oligarchs  in Castrogonia definitely think that Jews in the United States have immense clout and are therefore in a better position than most people to […]

Correa at Yale: A Most Shameful Farce

Dispatch from the bowels of the Ivy League: Trapped in a room with a dictator for over one hour. Rafael Correa, ruler of Ecuador, came to Yale University today. In one of the most embarrassing displays of self-aggrandizement ever seen by this professor, Mr. Correa brought the art of patting oneself on the back to […]

Correa at Yale: the prelude

Castronoid tinhorn dictator Rafael Correa is coming to Yale this thursday, and his visit is the most highly-controlled event this professor has ever seen. Whether or not he will be wearing a boa constrictor around his neck -- one of his favorite accessories (see image above) --  is anyone's guess. Secrecy surrounds his visit. When […]

Fifty-two Years Not A Slave

Fifty-two years ago today I ceased to be a slave and began a new life as a free human being. On the sixth of April, 1962, my brother Tony and I boarded a KLM flight in Havana and escaped from the Castro Kingdom.  We left our entire family behind.  And we would never see most […]

Breaking news: Fidel and Raul Castro Dead; Mariela Now In Charge

Fidel and Raul Castro were both killed today while counting all of the gold coins stashed away at Fidel's Punto Cero mansion. The coins were about to be loaded on a truck headed for the port of Mariel, where a North Korean ship waited patiently. The coins were supposed to leave the port of Mariel […]

Meanwhile, in the Old World, Socialists get trounced

Could this be a foreshadowing of the November 2014 midterm elections in the USA? It looks as if a good number of French voters have woken up to the fact that the Socialist party has been ruining their country. Adieu to the leftists, bon jour to the right.  The losses in local elections were so […]

Azuuuucar !!! Chong Chon Gang returns for another load

North Korea has armaments fever.  Castrogonia has money fever.  And the only prescription for both countries  is more sugar for the cargo hold of the Chong Chon Gang! Load her up, boys!  Those "obsolete" weapons are itching for a ride beneath tons of sugar. From NK News North Korean ship heads back to Castro Kingdom […]

Cuban slave doctors reap huge profits for Castro Kingdom

It looks as if the giant slave plantation that goes by the name of Cuba is reaping huge profits from its slave-doctors-for-export program. In the past few days, several news stories on this program have been published.  This can be attributed to the small increase in allowances that the Castro slave plantation is granting their […]

Medical slaves within Castro Kingdom about to get a small raise

Thank you massah!  You are much too kind!  God bless you! Castrogonia's Ministry of Small Raises announced yesterday that it would increase the salaries of its domestic medical professionals by 100 percent and in some cases by as much as 200 percent. This means that their average pay is going up from 30 to 60 […]

Au Revoir Sanctions: France Drumming Up Business in Castrogonia

Mon Dieu!  Sacre extase prématuré!  They're not even waiting for the chaperone to leave the room. France is sending its Foreign Minister to Castrogonia so they can strike some deals with the criminals in Havana before anyone else in Europe does so. They must know which way the vote will go in Brussels concerning sanctions against […]

Documentary “Cubamerican” to be screened in Washington D.C. and New York City

Oliver Stone, beware!  It's a film about those  "embittered exiles" you loathe so much.  Filmmaker José Enrique Pardo's documentary "Cubamerican" -- which has already received wide acclaim after screenings in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Tampa, Key West, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach -- is headed for two major East Coast cities this week: Washington […]

Ladies in White besieged and arrested as they mark Black Spring anniversary

Breaking News from Martha Beatriz Roque 1 pm EST, 18 March 2014: Por el Aniversario de la Primavera Negra las Damas de Blanco se reúnen en la sede de la calle Neptuno, pudieron llegar 54 mujeres y ya se han reportado 10 arrestadas hasta el momento aunque no hay comunicación con todas. Ya el régimen […]

Time Magazine finally admits that Cuban elections are a sham

Happy St. Patrick's Night!  And Happy Continuation of St. Patrick's Feast (which Pope Francis has extended until Palm Sunday)! Get out the Guiness and the Bushmill's, quick! It seems that leprechauns or single malt Irish whiskey have had a strange effect on the editorial staff at Time Magazine, in advance of the great Irish feast […]