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  • paul vincent zecchino: asombra - I suspect you are correct in all your assertions. As ever. Thank you for stating truth.

  • Rayarena: First off, I’m enormously proud and grateful of all of the Cubans who have come forward and spoken to the media, our...

  • asombra: I suspect Che may well have been a repressed homosexual, which would explain his virulent homophobia as a compensatory mechanism...

  • asombra: Obama’s fine with this, not just because he’s too narcissistic to see fault in anything he does, but because his...

  • asombra: Yes, the game is rigged and always was. That’s why we MUST stop relying on non-Cubans to do right by us. There are always...

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Brazilian magazine publishes historically correct portrait of current occupant of the White House

Wow.  This is REAL history. Very perceptive.  Utterly accurate.  Totally convincing Score: A + ,  with distinction, a prize, and a medal.  Ultra summa cum laude. You've got to hand it to those Brazilians: first the thong bikini, now this....    

Some French humor: Christmas in Cuba

From Le Monde:

This week’s most repulsive comments from a “Cuba expert”

Yes, of course, the comments can be found in The New York Times. And the comments are inserted as "balance" in an article that focuses on the legitimate grievances of Cuban exiles, and even quotes some of them. Here's the "balanced" view offered to New York Times readers: Did you know that we are full […]

This week’s most offensive and most revealing essay on Cuba

Awwww.  How awful.  You've got to feel sorry for this girl. She's not only assuming that the "embargo" is about to be lifted, and that American businesses will thrive in Castrogonia, but also lamenting the fact that Cubans may soon get to live like Americans. No more squalor, no more deprivation, no more groveling, no […]

Surprise of the week: King Raul vows not to change anything at all

No surprise, really.  Just joking.  You know this already, but here is confirmation. Addressing his puppet National Assembly in Havana -- which consists of hand-picked members of the Communist Party who ran unopposed in a fake "eclection"-- King Raul calmed whatever fears they might have had of losing their privileged position by saying that absolutely […]

Current occupant of the White House imposes sanctions on Venezuela, no one pays attention….

The whole world seems to know that the current occupant of the White House offered Raul Castro an unconditional all-you-can-eat  Christmas smorgasbord of titanic proportions this past Wednesday. Hardly anyone seems to have noticed that on Thursday he  dropped a bag full of coals down Venezuela's presidential chimney. Yes, he called for a loosening of […]

Current occupant of the White House flaunts Cuban cigar

From the You-Knew-This-Was-Coming department: Cuban cigar openly brandished in White House The Castro-enabler-in-chief didn't wait very long to rub salt in the wounds of Cubans everywhere. Just a few hours after capitulating to all the demands of the Castro regime, the current occupant of the White House posed for cameras with a Cuban cigar. Never […]

Quote of the day: “Democratic Cubans have been thoroughly betrayed.”

From dissident and ex-prisoner Guillermo Fariñas Hernández , psychologist, winner of the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize in 2010, survivor of 23 hunger strikes. Quote from Cubanet: "Obama has been inconsiderate with our civil society, which confronts a tyrannical government. In Miami, in November of 2013, Barack Obama promised me and Bertha Soler that he would consult […]

Now that the U.S. is on our side, let the “reforms” begin: Castro regime claims 92% of workers’ salaries

Here we go..... Hold on to your false teeth.  It's going to be a wild ride! This "reform" announced yesterday by the Castro regime --on the same day as the "historic" reversal of U.S./Cuba relations --is probably the first of many to come, all driven by the restoration of full diplomatic relations between the U.S. […]

Here we go: The plundering of Cuba is about to begin…

Geez.  It didn't take very long. Less than twelve hours after the present occupant of the White House announced his deal with Castrogonia, American relic hunters are itching to plunder the island. All of the nifty pre-1959 relics preserved by Cubans are about to be snatched, most probably at a grossly unfair price. Call them […]

As Babalu predicted: Pope Francis is given credit for today’s bad news

We're not clairvoyants or prophets.  We just deal with the facts. Eleven months ago, when Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Vatican, a Babalu post asked: "Will Pope Francis Bring About the Release of Alan Gross?" Here's a quote from that post: How's this for a scenario?:  Pope Francis gets Alan Gross freed in […]

Get ready. This is going to be a hellish day.

The current occupant of the White House will make a major announcement on live television at noon. At the very same time, King Raul I of Castrogonia will make a major announcement of his own in Havana. The Associated Press (Granma Lite) reports: WASHINGTON (AP) — American officials say the U.S. and Cuba will start […]

Sieg Heil, Cristina! Hitler, Stalin, and the dark sources of Latrine American inspiration

Argentine social networks are  ablaze over the recent revelation via Twitter that certain posters of president Cristina Kirchner are remarkably similar to those employed by the propaganda ministries of Hitler and Stalin. Mere coincidence? Don't bet on it. ABC Spain entitled its report on this turn of events "Cristina Kirchner draws inspiration from Hitler." (Whole […]

“Castrogonia” explained

Yesterday, one of our readers asked why I use the name "Castrogonia," so much. This reader -- let's call him Fulano -- was puzzled because the only place he could find the name being used was on this blog. So, I wrote back, explaining why I have stopped using the name "Cuba" and use "Castrogonia" […]

Honeymoon in Cuba spoiled for British couple

What kind of people choose Castrogonia as their honeymoon destination? Why even ask? Only the very best people, of course. The best of the best. From The Sunday Times (Singapore) Briton Mohammed Khelya drank from a bottle of duty-free vodka, and quarrelled with his wife - while they were flying to Cuba for their honeymoon […]