Ah, mon Dieu, but he probably loves Jerry Lewis and leetle girrls

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Zut alors! Eet seems zat ze most famous acteur in France has a leetle beet of trouble distinguishing between ze monstrous and ze holy.

Gerard Depardieu said yesterday zat he doesn’t like dictateurs and to prove it he proclaimed his love for Fidel Castro. And in ze same breath he added “and John Paul II too.”

Ze great acteur who recently unzipped his trousers on a plane and peed into a bottle, spilling his urine all over ze seats also added zat he didn’t like Dominique Strauss-Kahn because ze sex-crazed maniac is “arrogant” and “self-satisfied.”

Ze great Depardieu, who has appeared in every single French film since 1968, has just announced he will play the role of Strauss-Kahn in an upcoming film. “Yes, because I don’t like him I’m going to do it.”

So, zere you have eet: Fidel ees not a dictateur. And he ees not arrogant or self-satisfied.

Unfortunatelee, no one asked ze great acteur to ponder hees own arrogance and smugness, or any resemblances between hees attitude towards women and that of le monster Strauss-Kahn. And no one brought up zees quote from a previous interview weeth ze great acteur, in which he said::

“My eye will roam with equal pleasure over the face of a beautiful woman as it will over the cuts of meat displayed in a butcher’s shop window.”

For zee whole deesgusteeng thing see:http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/15/entertainment-us-france-politics-depardi-idUSBRE82E13K20120315

and: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-17397494

Pope Denounced as Intolerant Racist by Very Important Cubans


How utterly sad and disappointing. Santeros in Cuba are upset that Pope Benedict XVI will not devote any time to them during his two-day visit to the island. Imagine that.  How can this be possible?  After all, in the human zoo of Castrolandia, these specimens of the noble savage are among the most popular attractions.  How could the pope ignore them?

Imagine also being a journalist and spending time on something so utterly trivial rather than on  the dissidents who want to meet with the pope.   Imagine also seeking to “balance” this very long report by quoting ignoramuses who view Santeria–a polytheistic African religion that the Catholic Church officially considers to be demonic — as just another version of Catholicism.  Of course, the ignoramuses are cited as “Church experts.” I suppose this is further proof of the fact that when it comes to “experts” quoted by the mainstream media their top guiding principle is  to gloss over all important distinctions and to make anyone who points out these facts look unreasonable.

HAVANA (AP) — They cast snail shells to read their fortunes, proudly wear colorful necklaces to ward off illness, dress all in white and dance in “bata” drum ceremonies.
But although their Afro-Cuban Santeria religion owes much to Roman Catholicism, many are decidedly unenthusiastic about Pope Benedict XVI’s March 26-28 tour of Cuba, even if it is being hailed as a watershed moment for a church seeking to boost its influence on this Communist-run island.
Santero priests still remember the last time a pontiff came to town — and flatly refused to meet with them. They are expecting no better treatment this time, and some are openly disappointed.
Their religion is by far the most popular on the island, with adherents outnumbering practicing mainstream Catholics 8-1. Yet as far as the Catholic church is concerned, “we live in the basement, where nobody sees us,” said Lazaro Cuesta, a Santero high priest with a strong grip and a penetrating gaze.
“We have already seen one pope visit … and at no moment did he see fit to talk to us.”….

Santeros nevertheless took it as just another sign that on an island with a white majority, some still see it as a slave-barracks faith, an idea that goes against Cuban ideals of respect for diversity.

Santeros nevertheless took it as just another sign that on an island with a white majority, some still see it as a slave-barracks faith, an idea that goes against Cuban ideals of respect for diversity.
John Paul’s decision to ignore the Santeros, Cuesta said, was a decision “to deny our national patrimony … brought to us by men in chains who arrived as slaves in this country.”

Read the whole sad story here.

Hugo Chavez Hypnotized by Fidel



A daring photographer snuck into the Castro palace this morning, hid behind a tall stack of gold bullion bars brought there by the Venezuelan president, and captured this image of Hugo Chavez being hypnotized by Fidel Castro. Now that the cat is out of the bag, it remains to be seen what kind of spin the two humanitarians put on these revelations.
The photographer also recorded some of the session. Here is a partial transcript:

Fidel: Oye, gordo, presta atención, y cierra los ojos, coño.
Hugo: Ya me pusistes tieso con esa injección, Fidel, ahora que? Me vas a robar el oro?
Fidel: No, chico, tranquilito, ese oro no me interesa a mí.
Hugo: Y pa’ que tengo que cerrar los ojos, entonces?
Fidel: No te preocupes, gordo, el tratamiento requiere que los cierres.
Hugo: Pero pa’ que?
Fidel: Pa’ que te pueda hypnotizar. Sabes que fuí discípulo de Mandrake el mago?
Hugo: No me digas!
Fidel: Si, cierralos bien, coño, y empieza a contar al revés.
Hugo: 100, 99, 98, …….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Fidel: Y ahora, te despertarás cuando yo te meta un dedo en la nariz y te saque un moco.
Fidel: Oye, Raúl, trae la rastra, que hay que sacar el oro de aquí antes de que se despierte el bobo. Y llama a la embajada suiza, rápido, y diles que nos hace falta una bóveda en Zurich!

English translation:

Fidel: Hey, fatty, pay attention, and close your eyes, damn it.
Hugo: You’ve already made me all stiff with that injection; now what? Are you going to steal my gold?
Fidel: No, man, I’m not interested in your gold.
Hugo: And why do I have to close my eyes, then?
Fidel: Don’t worry, fatty, this treatment requires it.
Hugo: But why?
Fidel: So I can hypnotize you. Don’t you know that I was taught by Mandrake the Magician?
Hugo: You don’t say!
Fidel: Yeah, close those eyes real tight, damn it, and begin to count backwards.
Hugo: 100, 99, 98, …….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Fidel: And now, you will wake up when I stick my finger up your nose and pull out a booger.
Fidel: Hey, Raul, bring the eighteen-wheeler, we need to get this gold out of here before the jerk wakes up. And , quick, call the Swiss embassy and tell them we need a vault in Zurich!

Even Kafka Would Have Trouble Coming Up With Such a Story



No kidding. If there is anything beyond absurdity or beyond hypocrisy, this must be it. There is no name for it, but here it is: a megalomaniac who once filled his kingdom with Soviet nuclear missiles aimed at the United States, and who also itched so much to push the button that his Soviet overlords were compelled to take them away – lest they, too, be annihilated in retaliation for the megalomaniac’s wanton murder of millions of Americans – is now promoting himself as an apostle of peace and an anti-nuke prophet.

There he was today, hosting a group of 770 “activists” whose “Cruise for Peace” had docked in Havana harbor. Among them were a few survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who eagerly shook hands with the megalomaniac and one-time trigger-happy nuclear warrior, mistaking him for a Ghandi-like pacifist.

Now, ask yourself, why would any anti-nuke cruise visit the only nation on earth that has ever really and truly brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation, and why would these “activists” visit the only man on earth who has ever come close to actually pushing THE button?

The Spanish press reports that it was an “emotional encounter”  capped off by a speech from the colostomy-bag laden and Japanese-jacket-wearing megalomaniac – who was described as “desmejorado” or “unwell” or “sickly” by some brave journalist – in which he said, among other things, that “the world needs to defend the most important cause of all, which is the survival of the species.”

Yeah, he sort of made an allusion to Darwin… sort of…. but none to the fact that, as far as he is concerned, the species needs to survive so he and others like him have someone to enslave, or to blow up with nuclear bombs.  He does still itch to push the button, you know, and rues the day he let Nikita take his toys away from him.

Damn. How does he pull it off? Must be that deal with the Devil, long ago. It does seem to work for him, though.  Look at him: he looks as guileless as  Topol in “Fiddler on the Roof, ” or like a Gallego Santa Claus, if ever such a being could exist: a Gallego who gave stuff away instead of hoarding it.   (Hey, don’t accuse me of stereotyping, I’m half Gallego and entitled to make fun of myself and my people).

Look at him and at the two men with him: the bodyguard to his right, scowling in his halfway-pressed guayabera, scanning the crowd for “gusanos” and CIA agents, and the sheepish robot-like “activist” whose wrist he has grabbed with his left hand, and ask yourself, does this man look the least bit troubled by all the suffering he has caused, or his consummate hypocrisy?  Then, go read Psalm 73.  It will make you feel better.

Full report here in Spanish. It’s so sickening I can’t bring myself to translate it:


A modest petition to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Today, I mailed this letter to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican does not accept email, so it’s making its way across the Atlantic Ocean the way that all correspondence did before the advent of the internet. Whether or not it will reach the Pope is anyone’s guess. But it seems worth trying.   At least I had a few old Air Mail envelopes stuck in a drawer, the kind with blue and red stripes along the edge — the kind I used to send to Cuba aeons ago, when I still had relatives there.  Who knows?  It might catch the eye of some Vatican postal worker.

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI 27 February 2012
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City

Most Holy Father:

I’m writing to thank you for your upcoming visit to Cuba. It is very heartening to know that you will be visiting eleven million prisoners. After all, that whole island is a prison, and all of its inhabitants prisoners.

I write not only as a Cuban but as one of your flock and as a scholar. The professorship I hold here at Yale University – named after Yale’s first Catholic chaplain – is the chair in Catholic studies. Oddly enough, many at this very secular university think that I am your nuncio and in constant contact with you, simply because I hold the Catholic chair.

So, I am now finally doing what they think I often do, writing to you.

All of the imprisoned in Cuba need your visit, desperately. Your physical presence will do much to uplift their spirits, and give them a glimpse of the world beyond their salt-water prison walls, perhaps even a glimmer of The Kingdom of Heaven itself, especially when you celebrate the holy sacrifice of the Mass and Christ is made present among them.

You will have to meet with the tyrants, jailers, and executioners, of course. That is inevitable. Not much has changed since Our Lord said “See, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves,” The tyrants and their henchmen will probably attend Mass, as they did when your predecessor the Venerable John Paul II visited the island some years ago.

These men need you too, in their own twisted way. They hope your visit will lend them an aura of legitimacy, fatten their coffers, and fool the world into thinking that they are not tyrants after all.

Many of your predecessors have dealt with such men, under worse circumstances. We Cubans know that those will not be easy moments for you. But our prayers will accompany every step you take, and every handshake too. And we are confident that the Holy Spirit will help you deal with these wolves as Our Lord Jesus Christ advised nearly two thousand years ago, when he told his disciples to be “as cunning as serpents yet as innocent as doves.”

I have but one request: please meet with the Ladies in White while you are in Cuba. They have asked for this themselves, through your nuncio Monsignor Bruno Musaro, with whom they met a few weeks ago. Bless them with your presence, please, Most Holy Father. They are brave beyond belief; but, subjected as they are to constant physical and mental abuse, and to the constant threat of imprisonment or death, they are in dire need of your blessing.

As you well know, they are often attacked and beaten and prevented from attending church; sometimes they’ve even been attacked inside churches. They are living out the gospel, at a high cost, laying their lives down for their brethren. Like the Canaanite woman who cried out to Jesus, ‘Lord, help me!’ or the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’s robe in hope of a cure, they are reaching out, full of faith, begging against all odds. In an island where everyone has been turned into a beggar, they beg for the rarest and most precious gift of all: your presence.

And, oh, what a sight that would be for all the world to see! You and the Ladies in White together. What a jolt to the senses: an image so unexpected, it might restore sight to those blinded by hate, perhaps, or stem the flow of blood that has stained that beautiful prison island for far too long. It might even make demons flee, too.

Your power as Vicar of Christ is unique. You command the world’s attention. You serve as the world’s conscience. Your public acknowledgment of the Ladies in White could change the course of history. They pray for that; we all pray for it too, along with them. I, a beggar, driven from my homeland fifty years ago, join the bold Ladies in begging. We beg like the blind man who would not stop crying out to Jesus and yelled all the louder when told to shut up.

And we beg in the name of Jesus, hoping you will hear our voices above the din made by those who want us not to be seen or heard.

Humbly yours, in Christ,

Carlos M. N. Eire
T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies

Here is a PDF of the actual letter: pope letter LIW

…. and below the fold is a version in the ancestral tongue still spoken in Cuba and certain parts of Spain and Latin America:  (Mil gracias to Fausta Rodríguez Wertz, the translator)

Another Human Zoo Sparks Outrage!


Here we go again: another self-righteous uproar in the European press about “human safaris” and “human zoos.” This time, it’s an Amazonian tribe that is being unfairly stalked by voyeuristic tourists.

New concerns about “human safaris” are now being raised in Peru, where tour operators are profiting from the exploitation of indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle.

An increase in economic activity and tourism in the Manú region has led to a dramatic rise in the number of reported sightings of the Mashco-Piro – one of around 15 indigenous groups in Peru who have no regular contact with outsiders, and one of only 100 or so such tribes left in the world.

Fenamad, the local indigenous rights organisation, has criticised tour operators who have taken advantage of the sightings to take tourists “close to where” the tribespeople were seen. There is growing evidence that travellers and tourists are attempting to make contact. “Uncontacted Indians are not a tourist attraction,” said Rebecca Spooner of Survival International, which aims to protect tribal peoples. “So-called tour guides should already know better.”

images (26)

So, where is the indignation about the human safaris to Cuba, that giant human zoo that hosted 2.7 million gawking tourists last year, all eager to snap photos of the primitives in their giant antiquated cage?

It’s enough to make one’s blood boil…#@$#@!&^%$*!.    Complete story here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/26/human-safari-threat-amazon-tribe

Ambassador Spicoli’s Good Will Tour


Our dear friend Sean Penn is at it again, spreading his socialist good cheer all over Latin America. We all have Haiti to thank for this. They love him so much that they’ve made him an ambassador-at-large, and sent him to visit all anti-imperialist heads of state. Or maybe it was Penn himself who suggested the diplomatic tour, once he was given his laminated ambassador-at-large card.

In Argentina, he expressed support for Cristina Fernández Kirchner’s saber-rattling over the Falkland Islands, and denounced the “ongoing colonialism” of the British. In Venezuela, he invited Hugo Chavez to visit the United States and sing at a concert. In Bolivia he dressed as a deranged muppet and praised Evo Morales.  Evo shot right back with high praise for Sean’s “socialist willpower.”

Let’s see what he does next. Perhaps we’ll see him in Havana, marching down the street with the Ladies in White? Sure…. It’s much more likely we’ll see him hugging Fidel and Raul while he visits Che’s tomb.

Party on, Spicoli……. Wait a minute…. Spic -oli???  Hell??!!   Spic – oli???  Has anyone complained?  Could it have been that name that drove him mad for Latin American dictators? Is he trying to atone for the racial slur he embodied in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” ???   Or is he simply rubbing that epithet in all our faces?


Party on dude…  and please admit in real life that you really don’t know what you’re talking about or why you do the things you do.  Spic -oli at least had the clueless decency to do that:

Mr. Hand: Mr. Spicoli? Why do you shamelessly waste my time like this?
Jeff Spicoli: [long pause, but then with complete truth in his answer] I don’t know.
Mr. Hand: [Mr. Hand goes to blackboard and writes the words ‘I Don’t Know’, then underlines them]
Mr. Hand: I like that. ‘I Don’t Know.’ That’s nice.

See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLwADyVdVK8

The Ministry of Nothing New


Cuban dictator Raúl Castro has promoted one of his youngest cronies, the man who runs  the Cuban economy: Adel Yzquierdo Rodriguez, a  mere 66 years old.  Mr. Yzquierdo is now a vice-president, one of eight who serve under the  visionary Castro brothers as potential scapegoats for any disaster that may befall their island nation.

Mr. Yzquierdo has a a tough job.  Imagine running the Cuban economy, under the present circumstances, with so many “reforms” to implement.   No wonder Raúlzilla  went for a young man, full of vim and vigor.  But he does have the perfect surname, after all: Yzquierdo, or Mr. Left; known as  “El Zurdito,” or “Lefty” to those close to him.  That should count for something, especially with the odd spelling that replaces the traditional “I” with a “Y”, a radical move redolent of revolutionary musk.  It will be Lefty’s job to ensure that button-sewers, dog groomers, and mattress re-stuffers stick to their assigned trades and do not engage in any other activities for personal gain. He must also ensure that they all pay their pound of flesh to the Revolution by turning over two thirds of their meager income in taxes.   Some job: quite a challenge in a country where the verbs “robar” (to steal), “engañar” (to hoodwink), and “trampear” (to cheat) have been replaced by the all-purpose catchprhase “resolví mi problema” (I solved my problem).

Buena suerte, Mr. Left.

ABC, the Spanish newspaper, passed on the news as reported by Cuba’s Ministry of Truth. (See below)

No mention was made of ministers outside this eight-man vice-presidential team, nor of the ages of the men on that team.

It is hoped that future reports will make mention of the other old white men in the power elite.  As the world knows, only old white men can belong to the power elite in Cuba.   Cubanologists and Cuba Experts everywhere eagerly await further news about these other old white geezers, the  little-known vice-vice-presidents:

the Minister of Repression, the Minister of So-called Cultural Exchanges, the Minister of Spying, the Minister of Clandestine Terrorist Support, the Minister of Censorship, the Minister of Fake Statistics, the Minister of Fatuous Slogans, the Minister of Prostitution, the Minister of Dirty Pictures and Blackmail, the Minister of Cuba Experts in the United States, the Minister of the President’s Expensive Suits, the Minister of Fidel’s Colostomy Bag, the Minister of Cardinal Ortega’s Conscience, and the Minister of  Swiss Bank Accounts and Foreign Real Estate Investments for all Vice-Presidents.

The world also eagerly awaits more information on the Vice-Minister of Phil Peters and the Lexington Institute, and the Vice-Vice Minister of Julia Sweig and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Here is my translation of the ABC puff piece.
For the Spanish original see: http://www.abc.es/20120220/internacional/abci-raul-castro-nombra-ministro-201202201730.html

Cuban president Raúl Castro has appointed Adel Yzquierdo Rodriguez as his new vice-president. He will continue to to run the Ministry of Economy and Planification, coordinating the process of reform, according to Monday’s report in the official newspaper “Granma.”

Yzquierdo Rodriguez, a 66-year-old engineer, will be the eighth vice-president in the Council of Ministers, which is headed by Castro, and which is composed of individuals who have had close ties with the Cuban revolution since its inception in 1959.

“Adel will continue to serve in his role as Minister of Economy and Planification, a post he has held since March 2011,” said the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC único) in a communiqué.

The other vice-presidents in the Council of Ministers are: José Ramón Machado Ventura -first vice-president, Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, José Ramón Fernández Álvarez, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruíz, Ulises Rosales del Toro, Antonio Lussón Batlle y Marino Murillo Jorge.

Yzquierdo Rodríguez and Murillo Jorge are in charge of implementing the bundle of  over 300 reform measures that were approved last April by the PCC, which includes the unprecedented opening of the private sector.

Nothing Is Over Until We Decide It Is

images (22)

In the immortal words of Bluto Blutarsky, upon learning that all of the members of Delta House had been expelled from Faber College by Dean Wormer: “Hey, what’s with this lying-around s**t?  Over? Did you say it’s over? Well, nothing is over, until we decide it is.”    See:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7vtWB4owdE

Time for a futile or seemingly futile gesture: why let Wikitravel pollute the internet with Castrobabble of the worst sort?   Time for us to fight back.  Time to do a deed on their porch.  Time to change the narrative, to challenge the bastards.

Tonight I somehow ended up in Wikitravel, on its Cuba page. What I read made my blood boil, not just as a Cuban, but as a professional historian. They have hijacked the narrative, and we do not have to put up with it.

Here is what Wikitravel had as its first two paragraphs:   http://wikitravel.org/en/Cuba

Before the 1959 Revolution, Cuba was a popular tourist destination for United States citizens, mainly due to the large number of casinos catering to gamblers put up by the American mafia. Revolutionaries claim the Batista dictatorship was a government that neglected many of its own citizens health and welfare in order to maintain itself in power. Many Americans had beach homes during the summer and rich American companies owned large factories and land with the cooperation of Fulgenicio Batista, the ruling military dictator. Since the Revolution, Cuba has been subjected to a trade and economic embargo by the United States. Since 2009, US citizens with relatives living in Cuba have been allowed to visit Cuba.

After 1959, Cuban tourism was mostly for Cubans only, and the facilities were not renewed until the 1990s, when Cuba lost financial backing from the defunct Soviet Union and opened its doors to foreign tourism. Now many European, Canadian, and even American visitors come to the island. In the typical tourist regions like Varadero and Holguin a lot of modern 3-star to 5-star hotels are available, while in less popular tourist regions visitors are still able to rent rooms in many Cuban homes (called casas particulares).

Here is the new version, which I submitted just a few minutes ago. Let’s see if it sticks:

Before the 1959 Revolution, Cuba was a popular tourist destination for United States citizens, as well as for Europeans and other Latin Americans. Although there were a few casinos in Havana with connections to the American Mafia, they played a very small role in the Cuban tourist industry. Revolutionaries claim the Batista dictatorship was a government that neglected many of its own citizens health and welfare in order to maintain itself in power, but the Revolutionaries themselves can be accused of treating their own people even more shabbily by setting up a tourist industry in which apartheid is practiced: setting up facilities for foreigners that are inaccessible to Cubans and unaffordable in a country where everyone earns about 20 dollars a month.

Though a very small number of Americans owned property in Cuba before Fidel Castro came to power, nearly all tourist facilities in Cuba nowadays are funded by foreign hotel companies –mostly European– and the profits go straight into the Ministry of Tourism, which is operated by Cuba’s military forces. . Since the Revolution, Cuba has been subjected to a trade and economic embargo by the United States, but that so-called embargo no longer exists, in practice. The United States is currently Cuba’s second or third trading partner, and it supplies much of the food and medicine available in Cuba. Since 2009, US citizens with relatives living in Cuba have been allowed to visit Cuba.

After 1959, Cuban tourism was mostly for Cubans who were officials of the Communist Party, and the facilities were not renewed until the 1990s, when Cuba lost financial backing from the defunct Soviet Union and opened its doors to foreign tourism through foreign investment. Now many European, Canadian, and even American visitors come to the island. In the typical tourist regions like Varadero and Holguin a lot of modern 3-star to 5-star hotels are available, while in less popular tourist regions visitors are still able to rent rooms in many Cuban homes (called casas particulares). All of the hotel and resort facilities are off-limits to the vast majority of Cubans, due to their seclusion, and the fact that Cubans cannot afford them, or gain access to transportation.

Many human rights activists in Cuba and abroad have called for a boycott of tourism to Cuba, due to the fact that it perpetuates an apartheid system very similar to that of the old South Africa, and also because of the Castro regime’s innumerable human rights violations, which continue to oppress the Cuban people 53 years after Fidel Castro came to power.

This is just the frost on the tip of the iceberg, brothers and sisters. The article itself is much longer and full of disturbing “facts.” Go to it… Bluto’s right, “we’ve got to take these bastards… and we’re just the guys to do it… Let’s do it…Go, Go, Go…”  Search all Wiki sites, relentlessly, search every Wiki subject on Cuba and set it straight, and when the bastards complain or erase our stuff, let’s keep putting the truth back up, over and over and over, until we — and the truth — have the final word.

Carnival Is Whatever We Say It Is


While Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans revel in Carnival/Mardi Gras, nothing of the sort is happening in Cuba.

Over fifty years ago, before it turned into Castrolandia, the island had a very lively “Carnaval” tradition, but since it was too much fun, too unfocused on the creation of a Revolutionary paradise, and too closely linked to the calendar of the Catholic Church, the tradition was abolished for many years. In 1998, a tame and austere version was officially revived for the sake of tourism, but instead of holding the celebrations in their rightful place on the calendar – the week before the beginning of Lent, in February or March — the Orwellian authorities insisted on celebrating this new Carnaval in summertime.

Now, Carnaval is held for the tourists, as yet another attraction in the Human Zoo. But you’d never know that from reading their propaganda:

Cuba’s tourist offer, in addition to good beaches, summer heat and the people’s hospitality, is integrated into traditions transmitted from generation to generation for several centuries, being this the case of Havana’s Carnival.

Every year, thousands of Cubans look forward to the traditional carnival festivities, a colorful and explosive show of allegoric floats and dancers.

As one might expect, the web sites run by Castrolandia twist the history of Cuba’s Carnaval beyond recognition. First, they make no mention of the fact that it was abolished for many years by the Castro regime. Second, they conflate various times of feasting in pre-Castro Cuba and call them all “Carnaval”, to prove that there was never a fixed date in February/March. This allows them to gloss over the fact that the real Carnaval was always celebrated according to the Church Calendar. Third, they also turn Carnaval into an African celebration, linked to slavery, and make no mention at all of its European origins.

Another web site scores an “F” on its history exam for saying:

The carnival is held in memory of the slaves who would recreate the songs and dances of their homeland on the feast of CorpusChrist which was celebrated annually on the 6th of January. This is one of the few holidays that the slaves were allowed by their Spanish masters.

Not so. The 6th of January is Epiphany. And yes, the slaves observed a carnivalesque feast on that day, but it was not “Carnaval.”   The real Carnaval was always that last gasp of self-indulgence, just before Ash Wednesday. Also wrong: The feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated in June.  It was celebrated with religious processions, and some feasting, but it was not a Carnaval.

Of course, facts are there to be used as the Ministry of Truth deems necessary.  And feasts can only be celebrated when the men in charge say it’s OK.   God forbid the people celebrate their ancient traditions spontaneously, without permission.   How ironic: when future historians write the history of present-day Cuba, they’ll be able to use a sentence from a Ministry of Truth web site to describe Carnaval in Cuba right now.  They’ll only need to switch one word to avoid charges of plagiarism:

This is one of the few holidays that the slaves were allowed by their Spanish Castroite masters.

To see Cuba’s Ministry of Truth at work, go here and here. And if you need a good purging of your digestive system, go here.

Apúrate, que viene el Papa (Hurry up, the Pope’s on his way).


The Spanish newspaper ABC reports that the Cuban authorities are building a house in El Cobre, across the street from the shrine of Our Lady of Charity. The house is being built for the pope, so he has a place to stay for one night, when he visits the shrine on the 26th of March.

The house will also accommodate five members of the pope’s eleven-person entourage.

Whether the house will be up to papal standards remains to be seen. Swiss guards have been sent ahead, to inspect the site, and they are insisting that some safety barriers must be erected. Fausto Veloz, the Cuban in charge of this construction project, said the pope’s one-day house will be tightly wedged between an existing wall and the St. Basil the Great Monastery, where the other six members of the papal entourage will be housed.

It wasn’t clear whether Fausto Veloz was complaining or bragging.   It also wasn’t clear whether he had gotten the job because his surname was “Veloz” (Quick or Fast).

What is eminently clear from the photo accompanying the article is that the construction equipment is cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, 21st century stuff. Just take a look at that high-tech hand-held laser-guided instant-concrete-mix-and-pour device cleverly disguised as a crooked  pole (known in Cuba as “el palo mágico“). Also notice the three other workers who by sheer act of  Revolutionary will can erect walls  by merely staring at the ground.   Notice, too, the carbon nanotube reinforcing bars being held in place by President Obama’s long-lost twin brother .  This rebar,  known in Cuba as “las cabillas requetemágicas,” will instantly multiply a thousandfold and make the pope’s house bullet and bomb proof. That’s where the belt being worn by President Obama’s twin brother comes into play. All he has to do is to aim the buckle at the nanotube rebar, and it will replicate itself.

Now, aren’t you jealous of the progress made down there, just a mere ninety miles from Key West?

Full story here: http://www.abc.es/20120215/internacional/abci-cuba-prepara-santuario-cobre-201202151949.html

Hugo Chavez Is Already Making the U.S. Republican Primaries Look Like a Kindergarten Time-Out

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Castroite lackey Hugo Chavez has begun his campaign against opposition leader Henrique Capriles with all of the tactics provided for him by his Cuban advisers. Oddly enough, it is Reuters that has broken the news of the smear campaign under way — the same European news agency that never dares to report on what is really going on in Cuba. Thus far, as of midnight Eastern time, not a single American newspaper had picked up the story. Only the leftist Guardian in the UK is running the Reuters piece right now.

Notice that among the accusations already being made against Capriles two stand out: that he is gay, and that he is a “Zionist” with Jewish grandparents. As despicable as one would expect, these attacks are only likely to get worse, perhaps even to the point of turning into the “discovery” of some “crime” that makes him ineligible to stand for election. Keep an eye on this one, as Chavezilla wrestles with his cancer.

CARACAS, Feb 14 (Reuters) – President Hugo Chavez’s allies are bombarding Venezuela’s newly anointed opposition leader with attacks casting doubt on the legitimacy of the primary vote, questioning his sexuality and disparaging his Jewish roots.

Auguring a rough campaign ahead of the Oct. 7 presidential election, the torrent of accusations against Henrique Capriles began just minutes after his landslide win at the Democratic Unity coalition’s primary on Sunday.

With Chavez himself uncharacteristically quiet, senior officials and state media have led the attack, denouncing Capriles – a 39-year-old state governor who wants to be Venezuela’s youngest leader – as “bourgeois” and “fascist.”

“Now we know who is the candidate of imperialism, of capitalism and the right wing,” said Congress leader Diosdado Cabello, a former military comrade and longtime staunch supporter of the socialist president. “The anti-patriotic candidate has a face. He won’t have an easy election campaign.”

Capriles – the grandson of Jews who survived the World War Two Holocaust in Poland – defines himself as a center-left “progressive” who admires Brazil’s “modern left” model of free-market economics with a strong social conscience.

The attacks against him foreshadow a tough election battle in the polarized South American OPEC member nation, where Chavez has strong support among the poor and denounces opponents as representatives of a discredited, super-rich elite.

The most furious accusations have come from state media commentator Mario Silva, who often targets Chavez’s foes on his late night TV show, “The Razorblade.”

Silva insulted opposition leaders and then read out a purported police document reporting Capriles was caught in a car having sex with another man in 2000.

Capriles denied the allegation and said the document was falsified. Police have not commented.

Another state radio commentator, Adal Hernandez, wrote a vitriolic profile of Capriles, highlighting his Jewish family background and titled: “The Enemy is Zionism.” Capriles, a practicing Catholic, has not responded to the profile.

One cartoon, retweeted on Wednesday by a senior Chavez aide, showed Capriles in pink shorts with a Swastika on his arm, squaring up to a much larger, muscular Chavez. He often talks emotionally of his grandparents’ escape from Nazi repression.

For more see: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/15/venezuela-election-idUSL2E8DEFWV20120215

“Human Zoo” Tourism Sparks International Outrage

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“Human Zoo” Tourism Sparks International Outrage.

At last, human rights groups have called for a boycott of “human zoo” tourism. The press reports are absolutely shocking, and so are the headlines.

Here are a few quotes from two press reports,  one from The Daily Mail (UK), the other from the Herald Sun (Australia):

“Shame! Human safaris! Tourists treat natives like animals in a zoo!”

“Natives of one of the world’s poorest countries are being humiliated on a daily basis – by tourists who pay to go on human safaris and treat them like animals in a zoo. Millions of visitors to this tropical island queue up each day to gawk at the half-naked natives and toss scraps of food at them.”

“Human rights campaigners and politicians have condemned a video showing women from this island dancing for tourists reportedly in exchange for food.”

“A spokesman for Survival International, which lobbies on behalf of disadvantaged peoples worldwide, said the video showed tourists apparently enjoying “human zoos”. “You cannot treat human beings like beasts for the sake of money,” said the spokesman. “Whatever kind of tourism that is, I totally disapprove of that. It should be banned.”

“In June last year, Survival International accused hundreds of travel companies – including the Smithsonian and National Geographic – of running “human safari tours” so tourists could see and photograph the natives. The London-based group called for tourists to boycott the island.”

“Photojournalist Gethin Chamberlain uncovered the tours, which are not honestly advertised but sold under the pretext of a “cultural exchange.” He joined a tour run by an agency and was told that the tours were ‘very popular’ with the British, Germans, Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, Dutch, French, Swiss, Belgians, Scandinavians, Canadians, and Americans. “We get some Luxenbourgers too, and Andorrans.”

“Shamefully, many of the tourists go there to have sex with the natives. ‘There have even been cases of native women having kids fathered by outsiders – but the babies are not accepted by their families and are sold to foreigners.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2084311/Shame-human-safaris-Tourists-pay-jungle-drive-treats-primitive-tribe-like-animals-zoo.html#ixzz1mDZ9Zs5x


See it for yourself:



OH, SORRY IF YOU THOUGHT THE ISLAND WAS CUBA! Excusezmoi s’il vous plaît,

Very few words were changed or omitted from the articles cited above. And the identity of the location was left out.


JFK, Monster



Is any man’s private life a reflection of his character, or of his ability to lead a nation? In the case of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, we Cubans have known for a long time that something was rotten in the Kingdom of Camelot, and that the king himself was rotten to the core. Now we have further proof of this. His betrayal of Brigade 2506 in April of 1961 was no moral hiccup, but simply another manifestation of his congenital inability to discern the difference between right and wrong. New revelations made by Mimi Alford, a former White House intern who became JFK’s sex toy, have shocked even the most hardened cynics this week, including some who are die-hard liberals. Yet, even when shocked, the acolytes strain to argue that private sins of the worst sort –even cruelty — can be excused.

In this New Republic piece by Timothy Noah, we see slicing and dicing worthy of a De Luxe vegamatic. We also get a few of the sordid details:  http://www.tnr.com/blog/timothy-noah/100566/jfk-monster

If you want more sordid details, without excuses, go here: http://thelasttradition.blogspot.com/2012/02/mimi-alford-youve-read-secondhand.html

Warning: these pieces are not suitable for young children or recovering perverts.

Accommodations, Apples, and Oranges



So now they’re backing down, just an inch. Maybe an inch and a quarter.

But at this point, all one can see is smoke and mirrors.

About an hour ago, the White House announced that it had made an “accommodation” to the new federal mandate that would require all employers –including Catholic hosptitals and social service agencies — to provide insurance coverage for birth control and abortions. White House spokespeople stressed that this was a mere “accomodation,” and definitely NOT a “compromise.”

God forbid they ever compromise. As they see it, no compromise is possible with idiots who are not only stupid but evil.

And that’s the crux of the matter. This policy was set in place because the Obama administration is guided by a certain logic, and according to that logic, anyone who disagrees with their take on anything is not only a moron but mean-spirited, selfish, bigoted, mysoginistic, and perhaps even a crypto-Nazi.

It’s the logic of the left. Each and every one of the tenets they hold dear is not an opinion, but actually a fact, verifiable through empirical science. Disagreeing with their facts is the same as insisting that the earth is flat or that two plus two equals seven and a half. You have to be either really dumb or extremely perverse to insist. Maybe even insane. Or maybe all three, rolled into one nasty package.

It’s the logic of the extremist, whether to the far left or the far right. If I think this way, so must everyone else.

This is why Newsweek could have a banner headline that asks “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb?”

In this case, the logic that was applied to Catholic moral teachings on the sanctity of life is simple enough: anyone opposed to birth control and abortion on religious grounds is no different from an Amish farmer who refuses to put a reflective triangle on the back of his horse-drawn buggy. In both of these cases, a very “peculiar,” “archaic,” or “ridiculous” belief gets in the way of what is eminently reasonable and of benefit to individuals and the community as a whole.

Of course, that kind of logic seems sound. Amish buggies without a reflecting triangle cause highway accidents in which both Amish and non-Amish citizens are hurt.

But the logic does not apply to the case of the recent health care mandate. It’s a category mistake, or in layman’s term, a mixing of apples and oranges. There is one hell of a big difference between an inanimate plastic triangle and a human fetus. And there is also a huge difference between asking someone to comply with the rules of the road when they decide to use the road and forcing someone to pay for something that they consider sinful or wrong.

The left continually denounces all “hegemonic discourse” as evil. To the left, anything imposed by the strong and powerful is an act of violence. This is why “hate speech” is a crime, and why the world we live in needs to be described as “post-colonial.” Our own time is to be defined by the fact that the “hegemony” of white people is not only defunct, but officially identified as a very evil thing. Unfortunately, the left’s “hegemony” is only a one-way street. When they are the ones with all the power, their speech is never “hegemonic” – it’s just the opposite: it’s all about diversity and respect for the dignity of the individual. There is something very Orwellian in this power play: an attempt to foreclose discussion or disagreement through the use of coded language. Newspeak is used for control in many different ways, but no matter how it’s used, it’s always the same. It’s a verbal weapon of mass oppression. Those of us who lived in Castrolandia know all about this, first hand.

So, there you have it: forcing Catholic institutions to pay for abortions is not wrong at all, and neither is it a violation of religious liberty. It’s all about “basic fairness,” as president Obama explained today.

Go tell that to the fetus in the garbage can, or to the faithful Catholic who believes that the fetus, no matter how small, is a human being.