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  • asombra: Wait, the guy in the photo looks a little brown to me. Isn’t that supposed to be illegal in Argentina? They’re...

  • asombra: Ah, Mariela. Cue the foreign press! The AP is like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

  • asombra: Any Venezuelan who’s not embarrassed by Maduro deserves him. Same goes for any Cuban not seriously ashamed by Castro, Inc.

  • asombra: Waning? Try over. I mean, look at the woman.

  • asombra: They do it because it works for them and there’s no significant disincentive. They’re obviously NOT concerned with...

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Fidel’s renegade daughter Alina leaves Miami, returns to Havana

De la cloaca a la jai de la jai y al revés (From the gutter to the highest of the high and back again) It's all straight out of a poorly written and abysmally acted Univision telenovela, and the story itself deserves as awful a title as the one above. A social-climbing sociopath with megalomaniac tendencies […]

Ailing Cuban sociopath condemns Israel again…. and the press pays attention to his ravings again

The real news in this story is that anyone still pays attention to this disintegrating monster. Why does anyone take him seriously?  Why did anyone ever take him seriously? Why does any publication refer to him as "leader" rather than "dictator" , "tyrant" , "sociopath" or "megalomaniac"? Perhaps Granma will start reporting his burps, too, […]

The blessed bourgeois lives of Fidel’s grandchildren

Ever wonder what the Castro larvae have evolved into?  Ever wonder how well they have lived up to the Castro regime's "Socialism or Death" slogan? Well, no surprise here.  Given the hypocritical proclivities of the Castro dynasty, none of them seem to be hard core revolutionaries, or even quasi-socialists. Unlike the progeny of all Cubans […]

China’s big plans for Latin America

A hundred years ago the United States finished digging the Panama Canal and declared it open for business. France had begun the project, but failed.  President Theodore Roosevelt jumped at the chance of taking over, and in order to do so he bashed a few heads with his "Big Stick," wrenched the isthmus from Colombia, […]

Friday vespers meditation: spitting on Che

The last time I confronted someone who was wearing a Che t-shirt was a few years ago, on the train between New York and New Haven.  I gave up talking to the shirt morons after that.  I realized after my exchange with that particular doofus that there is indeed such a thing as invincible ignorance. […]

Latrine America in lockstep with Castro Kingdom on anti-Israel policy

Here's a clear sign of how deeply wedded the leaders of Latrine America are to the monarchs in Havana. Once upon a time, the Castro Kingdom stood alone among its neighbors in its constant condemnation of Israel. Now, take a look at this. From NaharNet: Latin America Comes out in Force against Israel Latin America's […]

Brain teaser of the day: Ivy League Cuba “expert” interviewed by CNN. Guess how it goes.

Ay! Nothing new here.  This is but another example of the  bias of the vast majority of articles on Cuba and of the  "expert" opinions constantly cited by the mainstream media. The interview appears in Fareed Zakaria's GPS web site and was conducted by one of his interns, Kevin O'Donnell. CNN's interview with Professor Jorge […]

En la fuacata!: Argentina stiffs creditors again

  Every night on the 1950's Cuban radio show "La tremenda corte" the character of Tres Patines would cry out "A la reja!" (Goin' behind bars!) . Tres Patines knew he was guilty as hell and that he deserved imprisonment, and even though he always argued for his innocence, he only did so to irk […]

Sin Palabras


This is news? Hillary Clinton continues to call for an end to the “Embargo”

For all the usual twisted reasons, several news services are once again  featuring Hillary Clinton's views on the "Embargo." Ever notice how "news" of this sort get constant attention? Ever notice how none of these news outlets pay attention to Cuban dissidents who don't want the "Embargo" lifted and instead call for stiffer sanctions against […]

Conclusive proof that humans need to evolve further: Chavez idolatry extends to typography

I give up. Really, truly, verily, the time has come to face the truth. Human beings are only slightly rational. We can outperform our chimpanzee cousins in some areas of endeavor, but our species  still has a long way to go before it can be considered fully rational. That would be a Darwinian perspective on […]

Update on North Korea/ Castrogonia weapon-smuggling deals

It looks as if the Chon Chong Gang incident may not have been so "harmless" after all. So much for those "experts" who identified the armaments seized at the Panama Canal as "obsolete" or as useless junk traded by two hapless bottom-of-the-heap countries. From Capitol Hill Cubans Is North Korea Selling (Cuban) Arms to Hamas? […]

British inventor poses a challenge to Cuban exiles in South Florida

Here's a challenge for Cuban exiles in South Florida. Can you fellow intransigent hardliners down there beat this British inventor who just unloaded a giant burst of artificial flatulence at France? Why not send a giant fart to Castrogonia too?  Maybe from Key West?  Or, if the 90 miles prove too daunting a challenge, how […]

NBC in Castrogonia: Extreme Surrealism

It's so predictable.  It hardly seems worth the effort, pointing out something so obvious. NBC continues to outdo itself in reporting from the enslaved Castro Kingdom, ignoring the fact that it is one of the most repressive --and surreal -- hellholes on earth. This time, its lead story from Havana is a puff piece on […]

Parasitic Raul Castro clings to Chinese dictator during his entire visit

Would it be correct to say that Raul Castro played "host" to chinese strong man Xi Jinping last week? Perhaps not.  After all, in all parasitic relations, the parasite feeds off the host, but in this case Raul was clearly the parasite, never letting go of Xi during the entire visit. Dictator Xi was very […]