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  • Carlos Eire: Wow, Asombra. You’ve tapped into the White House directly! Such accurate information, so true. Amazing!

  • asombra: The private motivational poster for team USA: “Keep calm and do what Obama wants; this is all about him anyway.”

  • asombra: Fidel’s revolution was a classic case of a bait-and-switch. Before 1959, his (public) focus was always on removing Batista...

  • asombra: Wait, Humberto, you’re anti-embargo? I’m confused.

  • Humberto Fontova: They knew I was anti-embargo, Asombra. That’s why they invited me. But they expected me to chant the typical...

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A grim anniversary in Cubazuela

A year has passed since Venezuelans took to the streets to protest against the repression of the Maduro regime. This means that opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has now spent an entire year in prison. He was accused of fomenting violence, arrested and imprisoned as these demonstrations reached their peak. The Maduro regime has yet to […]

Surprise! Yet another Castro propaganda piece from the New York Times

You've got to wonder: could Raul Castro be funneling millions of dollars into the coffers of the New York Times? Could all of the NYT's pro-Castro pieces be purchased advertisements disguised as articles or editorials? Could be.  It's plausible . But it's probably not what's really going on. It's much more likely that the NYT […]

Surprise! Nancy Pelosi goes to Havana!

Some surprise! From our You-Knew-This-Was-Coming department: From The State (South Carolina): Nancy Pelosi leads first official House delegation to Cuba since Obama changed policy House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and a group of fellow House Democrats landed in Cuba today as part of the first official House of Representatives delegation trip to the country since […]

Get ready for the next phase of the U.S. surrender to Castrogonia

It's unpleasant news, like a reminder of upcoming surgery. You know it's coming up --and inevitable -- but the reminder evokes fear and loathing. The U.S. is about to host the next round of surrender talks with the Castro regime. We all know that the current occupant of the White House is hell-bent on ending […]

Belated Valentine: People’s Cube guide to romance with dictators

Sorry to be three days late. But we have a good excuse: Babalu's tabloid journalists have been too busy following the Obama-Castro romance. No problem, however: romance is romance, even when it's three days late. Here is some very important advice from the experts at The People's Cube, abridged for the sake of you who […]

Link between the ideological bias of New York Times and White House exposed

Cubans know that the New York Times has an intense ideological bias, but most non-Cuban readers of that newspaper often have a difficult time spotting that bias. One of the main reasons for that blindness is the fact that many --if not most -- of the readers of the NYT share in its pro-Castro, anti-Cuban-exile […]

Surprise! John F. Kennedy lied to the world

Wow.  This is hard to take: a well-known fact becomes a news headline that will surely shock most Americans. Cubans have known for 54 years that President Kennedy was a duplicitous, calculating liar who cared more about his image than about ethics.  We have also known --from first-hand experience -- that his foreign policy was […]

Dissident savagely attacked by Castro thugs

Smashing someone's skull with a metal pipe is tantamount to attempted murder. (If you've ever sustained severe head trauma, you know why, exactly.) This is what Castro goons did to one brave Cuban today. The eighteen stitches on his scalp are nothing compared to what is going on in his brain right now, and the […]

Valentine’s Day Special: Russia expresses deep love for one of the partners in the Obama-Castro romance

Yes, yes, this is the perfect day for this piece of news about the Obama-Castro romance. Happy Valentine's Day! And three cheers for polyamory !  Why restrict oneself to monogamous love? Is there any better way to promote world peace than to engage in a romance with multiple enemies all at once? Moreover, given the bestial […]

Castro friend Cristina from Argentina in big trouble

Uh, oh.... It looks as if the murder of prosecutor  Alberto Nisman has only intensified Cristina Kirchner's troubles in Argentina. A new prosecutor is pursuing the indictment Nisman was about to bring against Cristina on the day he was shot dead. She's been charged with covering up Iran's role in a synagogue bombing in Buenos […]

Businesses swooning over Obama-Castro romance should take a close look at Venezuela

  From Netflix to American Airlines to the Georgia Farmer's Association, American business people are salivating over the mirage caused by the "normalization" of U.S.-Cuba relations. Businesses rushing to invest in Cuba -- in any way, whether with products or services-- should first take a look at what is going on in Venezuela. This new […]

Luxury niche! Luxury niche! Made it, Ma! Top o’ the World!

Yeah, it's luxury, alright, Castro-style. Luxury horses for the elites of Latrine America. Some Revolution!  Eat your heart out, Scrooge McDuck.  The Castro dynasty and their nobles make you look like a pauper. The Castro regime might as well sell slaves and prostitutes at a discount with every purchase of a luxury horse. So, take […]

Castro’s Cuba achieves yet another remarkable record in health care

Yes!  Another incredible Revolutionary accomplishment worthy of inclusion in the Guiness Book of World Records! Let's see how much coverage this piece of news gets, especially in light of the upcoming avalanche of American tourists that will soon descend on the tropical island paradise. Forget dengue, forget cholera, forget chikungunya, forget all those diseases that the […]

Will anyone pay attention to Castro Kingdom’s slave labor system ?

Yesterday, Senator Robert Menendez raised the issue of slavery and human trafficking in Cuba --once again-- but it remains to be seen whether the current occupant of the White House and his acolytes pay any attention to it. Don't count on his efforts to have much of an effect on current U.S. negotiations with the […]

The Washington Post publishes an open letter to Congress from The Center for a Free Cuba

Former Diplomats, University Professors, Representatives of Cuba’s Democratic Opposition on the Island and in Exile, and Former Corporate Leaders Write to Congress on President Obama’s New Cuba Policy. Fifty-eight former diplomats, university professors, leaders of Cuba's democratic opposition on the island and in exile, and former corporate leaders wrote an open letter to Congress objecting […]