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  • antonio2009: Here is what I wrote about the case in an encyclopedia http://www.latinamericanstudie pdf and...

  • asombra: With every anniversary of this outrage, my contempt deepens for those who actively supported it and the subsequent infamy of...

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Time Magazine finally admits that Cuban elections are a sham

Happy St. Patrick's Night!  And Happy Continuation of St. Patrick's Feast (which Pope Francis has extended until Palm Sunday)! Get out the Guiness and the Bushmill's, quick! It seems that leprechauns or single malt Irish whiskey have had a strange effect on the editorial staff at Time Magazine, in advance of the great Irish feast […]

American “intellectuals” rally in support of Cubazuelan dictatorship

Yeah.  They're at it again.  Some leaders of the self-anointed thinking class in the USA have banded together in defense of tyrant Nicolas Maduro and written to Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to help the Cubazuelan tyrant crush the popular uprising that threatens to topple the marvelous Bolivarian "Revolution." Citing the support given […]

Photo of the week

  Caracastan, mid-March 2014 The ultimate legacy of Chavism: an image of the dead tyrant salutes a dead young man, freshly killed by his goons.

Concise summary of the Cubanization of Venezuela

Tweet from Nicolas Carneiro Alcala:  "It took me three hours and 45 minutes to get the stuff in this little bag.... how about you?" Having to spend much of your day waiting in line for everything leaves you with no time to protest or to resist the corrupt regime that creates scarcity deliberately.  

New York Times: if only those volatile Venezuelans could behave more rationally

Yeah.  Nothing new here.  According to William Neuman, Andean region correspondent for the NYT, what is going on in Venenozuela is a predictable Latin American emotional spat in which the main issue is merely a lack of civility. And-- also to be expected -- this "news" piece tries to create the illusion of objectivity by […]

Mass production of cocaine: the cure for the world’s ills according to Evo Morales

Yep, you've got that right. Crank out that cocaine with the aid of state-run slave labor factories and pretty soon no one will be unhappy, anywhere -- not even the slaves in the factories. Blaise Pascal hinted at this redemptive plan back in the 17th century when he said that all of the world's problems […]

Oaf Alert: Diana Nyad takes on “Dancing With the Stars”

It could turn out to be more painful to watch than any stunt on "Jackass."  And, come to think of it, she's much better suited for that show. But "Jackass" has proven itself  too classy, in the long run, and passed up the Z list. Yes, "Dancing With the Stars" is now tapping the Z […]

Castro propaganda and repression in South Africa

Universities are supposed to encourage the free exchange of ideas. This  ideal, however, is ignored -- even intentionally sabotaged -- far too often.   And way too often, those who exercise censorship are on the left side of the political spectrum. Witness the recent uproar at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where students and faculty […]

Castrogonia earns silver medal in “most repressed economy” Olympics

The 2014 Index of Economic Freedom ranks Castrogonia next to last in the world, in 177th place.  Last place - or first place, in terms of most repressive -- goes to North Korea. Venezuela is not far behind, at 175. In the category of "Repressed" the Index lists three other quasi - Castronoid countries in […]

Official U.N. report on Cuban/Korean arms smuggling: guilty as charged

Aaaaaazucar! A long detailed report from the U.N. Security Council concludes that the Castro Kingdom most definitely hid tons of armaments under sacks of sugar on the North Korean ship Chong Chon Gang. The weapons were all in full working order. Will Castrogonia be punished in any way?  Don't count on it.  Will this incident […]

Key step in the Cubanization of Venezuela taken by Maduro

Rationing card to be introduced in Caracastan If you are wondering where protests about shortages in Venezuela will lead (see post below)... you need not speculate any further. Nicolas Maduro is following the Castro playbook to the letter, literally, responding to complaints about shortages with the implementation of strict rationing. And what has he chosen […]

U.S. Travel industry drooling over Castrogonia

Get ready.  The floodgates are about to open on travel to the Castro Kingdom. Yeah.  The betrayal of the Cuban people has already been carefully set in place at the State Department. Much like the rumblings that precede an earthquake, the tremors felt at a travel industry show this week point to a seismic shift […]

Argentine president lashes out against European colonialism, ignores Cuban colonialism

Goodbye Columbus While Lenin statues fall like autumn leaves in Ukraine, a statue of a very different historical can no longer be found  in Buenos Aires. Eight months ago, Argentine president Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, a great admirer of the Castro brothers,  removed  a statue of Christopher Columbus that stood within view of  the Casa Rosada, […]

Keep calm and ignore all obvious signs of danger

Explosive incendiary devices manufactured by student posed no threat whatsoever. Saamer Akhshabi,  A Georgia Tech student from Iran who burned himself very badly while making molotov cocktails died yesterday.  He had spent the past week in agony at a hospital with third-degree burns over 90% of his body. When he was removed from his apartment […]

Bowl-lavarian revolution may save Bolivarian revolution and transform all of Latrine America

Yeah!  Now we're talkin'... This is a real revolution, a rebowlutionary solution to all inequalities and to the banality of all class struggle.  It's the end of the Darwinian scramble for survival. Toilet paper shortages have been threatening to undo all of the wonderful reforms brought forth by Chavismo and Castroismo. Forget toilet paper shortages. […]