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  • Honey: Antonio2009, yes Netanyahu says a lot of things that perplex me, like how wonderful the relationship is with Obama and the U.S....

  • Honey: I would like someone to explain to me why the U.N. remains in NYC, in America. Please send this monstrosity to Cuba or Gaza or...

  • antonio2009: Israel applies its doublespeak to Cuba. Netanyahu was praising Fidel Castro in 2010 https://romancatholicworld....

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Castrogonian life: What happens when the government owns everything

A painful history lesson Cuban dissident Martha Beatriz Roque has launched a photo campaign to expose the many failures and abuses of the Castrogonian state. Many of her photos feature the dangerous deterioration of the country's housing. Here is a photo received today.  She entitled it "Life hanging by a little thread."  As she explains […]

NBC at it again, parroting lies about the Pedro Pan airlift…lies that reveal deep-seated prejudices

Yeah, yeah...of course, the Pedro Pan airlift was caused by the nefarious CIA through propaganda that fooled Cuban parents into unnecessarily thinking that the future of their children's lives was at serious risk. Yeah... sure.  Cuban parents were -- and still are -- as moronic and gullible as all Lateeen-ohs. Get ready to see more […]

North Korea and Castrogonia playing hide-the-weapons again?

Forget Gangnam Style.  How about Chong Chon Gang Style?  Or how about Mu Du Bong Style? Switch the  fancy footwork magnetic pole from South to North Korea, and down to Castrogonia too. The Kim dynasty and the Castro dynasty won't give up, just because one of their many illegal shipments got bushwhacked at the Panama […]

Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour a huge success….. for Putin

As the United States continues its free fall into the pit of irrelevance, sinking lower and lower every day, the leader of Grand Putinia continues to lay his claim on the Western hemisphere. After visiting the Castro brothers, he flew to Nicarrrrrrrrrrrrrrragua (that's how American liberals have been pronouncing the name of that country since […]

From Puttanesca to Putin Asco

Bad sauce, any way you look at it.  Thank God for Italian food. It's one of the finest cuisines on earth.  And one of their greatest sauces is puttanesca, which contains the basic ingredients of tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers, and garlic.  There are variations, but the basic recipe comes from southern Italy, and -- […]

El Putín, el Putón, y el Cabrón: Images of Putin’s inglorious visit to Castrogonia

In that land formerly known as Cuba, before the Castro demons showed up and turned the place into a living hell, magazines and newspapers used to print many caption-free or wordless cartoons, and for some reason usually felt compelled to label them  "sin palabras" (without words), as if that fact were not obvious. Anyway, here […]

Putin to meet with Fidel Castro tomorrow

Yikes!  It's a set up for a new series of  Marvel Comics, but what should the new characters be called? Vlad the Impaler and Nosferatu?  or The Hulk and the Mummy?  or The Terminator and the Crypt Keeper?  or, for a Spanish-language version:  El Putín y el Putón? or El Putín y el Cabrón? Rumor has it […]

Another open letter, to everyone: Some of you out there don’t realize that we are fighting a war

I had a wonderful day today, as nice as they come in this painful world. Amidst myriad distractions, some not too pleasant, I had the chance to fret over the illustrations for my history of the Reformation era. I found some marvelous images that opened entirely new vistas for me.  If all goes well, they […]

Dancing one’s way through hell

Another upbeat travelogue from the nether regions If I remember correctly, Dante didn't dance at all in The Divine Comedy, especially when he toured hell.   And he certainly was not the least bit upbeat about that part of his journey to the great beyond. Maybe he could have taken a few tips from Carrie […]

Useful idiots on parade… along with savvy handlers from the Ministry of Truth in Havana

It's bad enough that Pastors for Peace has been campaigning in favor of the Castro regime and singing its praises for many years. I have met some of these characters.  They have a habit of showing up at my talks on Cuba,  and during the question-and-answer segment they have no questions for me, but use […]

Cartoon image surprise of the day

While doing a Google search for images of Luther and the devil, this cartoon came up. Mere coincidence?   Or foreordained? You be the judge. How many Cubans on earth search for images of Martin Luther and the devil that they intend to use in their next book on the Reformation?  And how many of […]

Media bias reaches new depths in reports on Castrogonian vehicle sales

Four motorcycles sold in Cuba, in addition to those fifty cars. The shame of it! In order to make the Castro regime look less wonderful than it really is, the news media of the so-called free world failed to report this week that a sum total of four motorcycles were sold in Cuba since the […]

Tourism news flash: Hypocritical bigots and racists still flocking to Castrogonia

"So what if the people who live there are miserable?" "So what if everything we enjoy is off limits to the natives?" "It's so cheap, and soooo  cool!  Let's go and enjoy ourselves!" "Mow-hee-tow time!" .... No exaggeration involved.  Here is a quote from one tourist's blog: "During this vacation, I did learn how to dance […]

French bank that laundered money for Castro Mafia pleads “guilty as charged”

When there is money to be made, ethics often take a back seat.  More often than not, ethics take the ejection seat. Money-hungry Europeans and Canadians have been enabling the Castro Kingdom's top oligarchs for five and a half decades in myriad ways, ignoring their repressive ways and their colossal hypocrisy concerning "social justice." Every […]

And the next domino to fall in Latrine America is….

.... suspense..... no, really..... no suspense at all. It really doesn't matter who is next because the entire southern half of the Western hemisphere is well on its way to becoming a communist empire. But if you want to keep track of the order in which the dominoes are falling, then here's the answer: El […]