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  • Honey: So what does our press show? Happy Cubans dancing in the street to celebrate the hope they feel now that Obama has decided to...

  • Luis Gonzalez: Twenty, thirty years from now, when the full effect of Obama’s Cuban policy has reached its logical conclusion, the...

  • Rayarena: Excellent interview Humberto! Congratulations for setting the record straight.

  • asombra: It’s worse than a slap in the face, and it’s nothing new, but hey, nothing personal. Just politics as usual, and...

  • asombra: Don’t mind this little asshole, in effect, mocking Cubans in general and the loved ones of the four murdered BTTR pilots...

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Castrogonia suspends talks with European Union due to “disrespect” shown by Europeans

Diplomats from Castrogonia and the European Union have been negotiating  since April for a new deal that would reduce European sanctions on the Castro regime. The first meeting took place in April, in Havana.  The second meeting was held in Brussels, in August. The third scheduled meeting has now been abruptly postponed. The Castro regime, […]

News Flash: “Magical” Havana proclaimed one of the New Seven Wonders of the World

This news flash comes straight from the WTF department. Havana, that crumbling, stifling, repressive labyrinth of ruins is one of the new seven wonders of the world? What? Say that again, please...  I don't think I heard that correctly.  Did you say syphilitic wound of the world? Oh... no?  I see.  What?  Really?  Are you […]

Photos of the day: Visions of Orwellian “equality” in Castrogonia

Yes, Orwell's Animal Farm is indeed alive and well in Castrogonia. Some Cubans are more equal than others. Martha Beatriz Roque has visual proof from the municipality of Artemisa --near Havana-- in the neighborhood of  San Antonio de los Baños, where some privileged individual gets to block an entire street every time he feels like […]

History lesson of the day: the obvious leftist origins of Nazi ideology

No surprise here for anyone who has lived under the Castro dynasty. The young Fidel made no secret of the fact that he idolized Mussolini and Hitler. He also aped Mussolini's gestures in his speeches and loved Hitler's  "Mein Kampf." Our own Humberto Fontova has pointed out these facts more than once. But those on earth […]

Castrogonia gains official invitation to the Americas Summit

No surprise here.  But today it became official. Raul Castro will be representing his despotic criminal regime in person at the upcoming Americas Summit. Will it make any difference?   Most probably not, at least in the real world.  Castrogonia has been playing a key role in the United Nations for nearly 56 years […]

Romancing the Latrines: Russia attends South American summit

China's transoceanic Nicaragua Canal has been eclipsed temporarily by Russia's presence at a pivotal summit of Latrine American nations. Yes.  Russia is wooing Latrine America.  The budding romance seems all rosy at the moment: lots of compliments, lots of promises, lots of posing for photos that capture the magic moment. So, as plans move forward […]

Outrage of the week: Chedolatry taken to a higher level

  From the It-had-to-happen department.... ....or is it the What-took-so-long department... or the Can-it-get-any-worse department...or the Surplus Hypocrisy department.... Never mind the department.....  Take a peek at this news story from Castrogonia after you've swallowed some potent anti-nausea pills, and you'll see why this could come from various departments. Che Guevara's well-fed 49-year-old son, Ernesto […]

Tourist bus crashes in Castrogonia

Forty-one French tourists who were busy enjoying a "sunshine holiday" in the apartheid state of Castrogonia were injured yesterday when their bus crashed. These tourists had just paid a visit to Che Guevara's mausoleum in Santa Clara. The injured were all taken to a nearby hospital.  Since this medical facility is probably not one of […]

Forget Cubazuela: get ready for Chinaragua

Here's a news story that should be attracting more attention. Nicaraguans are finding out what can happen in a communist regime and some of them are not too happy. As always happens in communist states, the have-nots are thrilled when stuff is taken from the haves, but not too thrilled when their turn comes to […]

From the wishful thinking department: images and products for Holiday cheer

"Tis the season to be jolly... Fa la la la la, la la la la Tall order for Cuban exiles. Nothing good ever happens in Castrogonia, and nothing changes, except for the worse. Worser and worser -- as Jed Clampett might say -- following the news from the island prison can leave anyone but a Stalinist […]

Venezuelans subjected to a ballet rendition of Hugo Chávez’s biography

Is the world ready for this? Ay Dios mio..... so many questions..... Why was the research for this ballet carried out by Cuban Castronoid "journalists"? Why the ridiculous title? Why a high-brow ballet rather than a low- or middle-brow play, or a musical, like "Evita"? Could all this be due to the role played by […]

CNN promotes pro-Castro editorials of The New York Times to a wider audience

Yeah.  Of course.  It was written in the stars. CNN aired an interview yesterday in which Christiane Amanpour  pitched all the "correct" questions at NYT editor Ernesto Londoño, allowing him to spout more of his propagandist nonsense about "change" in Castrogonia and change in U.S. policies toward the totalitarian regime. Naturally, CNN lends weight to […]

Actor who played Che to receive “Lifetime Achievement” award at Castronoid film festival

In Spain he won a "Goya" award for his portrayal of Che Guevara in Steven Soderbergh's hagiographical film "Che." In France he won the best actor award at the Cannes Film festival for the same role. Now, a few years later, the Castronoid gnomes at the Ministry of Truth in Havana have decided to shower him […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I thank God and my parents several times each and every day for my escape from Castrogonia. And I thank the generous country that took me in. With nearly 20% of Cubans living in exile, it's highly likely that many of them feel the same way. Today -- a feast my mom used to call […]

Anti-Castro dissidents assaulted and stabbed at the home of Guillermo Fariñas

Disturbing news from Castrogonia. Let's hope this is not the start of some new approach to dissidents. From Capitol Hill Cubans: Castro Regime Operative Stabs Two "Ladies in White" Last night, a Castro regime operative forcefully entered the home of Cuban democracy leader and Sakharov Prize recipient, Guillermo Fariñas, and physically assaulted dissidents gathered there. Jose Alberto […]