Photo of the day: Miss Socialism 2016

Prosperity for all !!!!

Here is the winner of the 2016 Miss Socialism pageant!

Notice, please, the contrast between the present and the past.

This wretched “entrepreneur,” who looks to be about as old as the so-called Revolution, is the “new woman ” promised by the Castro regime.

Miss Socialism –the new woman– is no different from a panhandler (pordiosera) selling crappy goods for pennies.

(And what is she selling, anyway? Hard to tell).

She is standing amidst the ruins of the past: the crumbling and garishly painted remains of what her country used to be able to produce.

The buildings along this avenue, the Paseo del Prado in Havana, are among the very few that the so-called  Revolution maintains in half-decent shape with requisite doses of bad taste.

Try to find anything comparable built by the Castro regime.  All you will find is the Che Guevara mausoleum in Santa Clara, anda handful of crumbling Soviet-era housing developments.

The past was obviously better than the present and the future under the communism/socialism of the so-called Revolution so idolized throughout Latrine America, the Third Word, and European and North American institutions of higher learning.

Miss Socialism summed up her hopes for the future as follows:

“I would like to have a house with a garden and a patio with many trees — even a small house will do, but with a garden, I’m not greedy.”

So it goes….  Change you can believe in.  Pray that this change stays away from your present and your future.


The King Giveth, the King Taketh Away: Update on Castronomics

The Castro regime has been claiming since day one of its existence that “the Revolution” provides Cubans with many “free” services and perks.

It’s always been a lie, of course.

Nothing has ever been “gratis” in Castrogonia.  In fact, the real price paid for all the “free” stuff has always been extremely high, both in economic and socio-political terms.

The lie is getting worse.  Here is an analysis of the worsening situation, from within the island slave plantation.


From Translating Cuba:

The End of Freebies by the Revolution

Cubanet, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 7 September 2016 —

In recent days, the Cuban official media announced the implementation of a tax on personal income for workers in the State’s business sector, as well as an extension of payments called Social Security Special Contribution (CESS) – that workers at the so-called “perfecting entities” were already paying into.

The new measure will take effect on October 1st of this year and will involve over 1.3 million workers who will “benefit” from the Business Improvement System (SPE) along with those receiving payments for results and profits. Such an arrangement “confirms the redistributive function of tax revenues and allows a decreasing participation of the State budget in the financing of public expenditure,” according to officials quoted by the official press.

The payment of taxes will be deducted directly from State company workers’ income by the State company, which will forward it to the State Budget. That is, workers will collect their a salary after deductions are taken by their State employer for payment to the State.

Contrary to what might happen in a moderately democratic country, where workers can join together in free trade unions and make demands against measures that affect their wages and income, in Cuba there have been no demonstrations, strikes or insubordination in the labor groups affected by this arrangement. Nor is this expected to occur. Against the grain of what some imaginative foreign digital media may claim about “over one million angry workers,” to date no event in the Cuban scene justifies such a headline.

Much more… continue reading HERE

And for Miriam Celaya’s full essay in Spanish (entitled “Sistematizando la Miseria” – Systematizing Misery) go HERE

No Revolutionary slogans in this butcher shop? Denounce this worm!


King Raul and his puppet Maduro blame U.S.A. for all their problems

Puppetmaster and his puppet at Despots’ Summit

So, what else is new?

At the Summit of All Despots and Enemies of the United States (Summit of Non-Aligned Nations),  King Raul and his puppet Nicolas Maduro blamed the U.S.A.  for ALL of the problems in Cubazuela.

King Raul denounced the U.S.A. for its “subversive and interventionist” programs and made it clear that the Normalization Circus has changed absolutely nothing, and that his kingdom of Castrogonia will “never renounce even one of its principles” or “make concessions about its sovereignty and independence.”

The Cuban monarch demanded that the U.S. cease its bullying — which, as he put it, “conspires against the normalization of bilateral relations”– and, on top of that, also called once again for the lifting of the “blockade” and the surrender of Guantanamo naval base.

Meanwhile, Venenozuelan Puppet-in-Chief  Maduro attributed the economic meltdown of his failed Castro colony to a U.S.-led “imperialist offensive.”

Ay…..  What about those hope & change stories about “normalization” and the “thaw” and so on, ad nauseam?

Good luck finding any reports or commentary about King Raul’s remarks in English-language news media.

Get the full story in Spanish at Marti Noticias

No normalization for you… you bully!


Apartheid tourism booming in Castro Kingdom

It’s not just the flood of Americans itching to see Cuba “before it changes” that is causing a spike in tourist numbers.

Canadians and Europeans are flocking to the island slave plantation in greater numbers due to the absence of Islamist terrorists in the Castro Kingdom.

In other words, fear of Islamic terrorism in other tourist destinations is enriching King Raul and his cronies.

Knowing how the Castronoid mentality works, then, it’s fair to assume that sponsoring further Islamic terrorism might have crossed King Raul’s mind, or may already be his game plan.

In the meantime, the morally bankrupt continue to flock to apartheid resorts, driving up hotel prices.

And Canadians are very upset that they will have to share their apartheid beaches with equally immoral and racist Americans.


Lord have mercy.

Noble Cuban savage waits on superior Canadian tourists

From the Winnipeg Free Press:

Canadians today — and in the near future — are likely to continue to deliver the greatest number of visitors to Cuba on an annual basis. But with more announcements that seem to be coming through regularly about new flights and ships being allowed by the U.S. government to travel to and from Cuba, it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Americans. Twice as many U.S. citizens visited Cuba in the last year as the year before, and those numbers are expected to increase exponentially.

 But equally noteworthy, it is also becoming a new sought after destination for other nations, as well. European tourism to Cuba is reported to be up by 60 per cent. It is believed these increases are in no small part because of security concerns at other destinations, which were once traditional favourites for the European travel market. The Middle East and Africa are two of the regions quoted in travel reports put out by the huge French hospitality company Accor, who operate a number of tourist properties around the world, and in Cuba.
Primitives, doing what they do best, serving their superiors, offering stuff they themselves can’t have

Business to the island is projected to be so good that Air France has announced it will increase its schedule to Cuba from 11 to 28 weekly flights starting in November.

Finding accommodations for all the new and return visitors to stay may become a short-term challenge, as Cuba rushes to make as many deals as possible, as quickly as they can, to increase hotel and resort capacity for the future.

While Americans are not supposed to be staying at resort properties, there are no such restrictions for the French and other European travellers.

One of Accor’s most desired properties in Havana, the Hotel Seville, could be booked for US$120 last year and as of November will be available only for those willing to shell out US$280 per night.

German tourist enjoys his superiority

Trumpinator vows to get tough on Castro Kingdom


Donald Trump is a lot like the weather in New England and Chicago.

You don’t have to wait too long for a change.

If you don’t like what the Trumpinator is saying, just wait a bit, and you’ll hear him say something different.

He’s now saying he will shut down the Normalization Circus if King Raul doesn’t stop his repressive behavior.

Sound great… but… wait…. didn’t he previously say that “the concept” of  “opening” up Cuba was okay?

Wait again… in a week or two he might say that the best way to transform Castrogonia is to build casinos from one end of the island to the other, and golf courses too.

Hold on to your dentures.  This roller coaster ain’t even begun twistin’ ‘n  goin’ up ‘n down yet…

The Trumpinator is just startin’ to get charged up….

From Bloomberg:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump vowed to reverse improved U.S. relations with Cuba unless the island nation meets his demands for more religious and political freedom.

Trump’s comments at a Friday rally in Miami mark a reversal of his previous position. He told the Daily Caller in September 2015 that he was “fine” with “the concept of opening with Cuba.”

President Barack Obama has been moving to normalize diplomatic relations with the island nation that soured more than five decades ago during the Cold War, which effectively ended most forms of American investment. In March, Obama visited Cuba with his family, the first trip by a U.S. president in 88 years.

“All of the concessions that Barack Obama has granted the Castro Regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them –- and that is what I will do, unless the Castro Regime meets our demands,” Trump said at the rally.

Trump said during prepared remarks that his administration would “stand with the Cuban people in their fight against Communist oppression.”

Aaah, but consider the alternative….

God help us all….

Castro regime cleverly tricked Fariñas into ending hunger strike

From ABC Spain:

Dissident Guillermo Fariñas accuses the Castro regime of having tricked him into ending his 54-deay hunger strike by hacking and falsifying a European Parliament web page.

“I believe that many people were fooled, including us.”

The web site in question stated that the European Parliament had added an amendment to its accord with the Castro regime concerning the lifting of economic sanctions, which went into effect in March of this year. The fake web page stated that the new amendment would require the Castro regime to stop its repression of dissidents in order for the lifting of sanctions to remain in effect.

Representatives of the European Union have denied the existence of any such initiative in the EU Parliament.

In other words, the amendment is pure fiction, planted in the Spanish Parliament web page consulted by Fariñas and other Cuban dissidents.

Fariñas accuses the Castro regime of hacking the web site, pointing out that “it has no scruples,” but admitting that he does not have the technical expertise or the resources to prove that Castrogonia is responsible for the hacking.

Apparently, the hackers relied on the fact that Fariñas had been visited by some low-level representatives of the European Union who promised they would try to push the European Parliament to take up the issue of human rights abuses in Castrogonia.

What the EU visitors said to Fariñas during his hunger strike fooled him –and those around him — into thinking that the information on the web site was legitimate.

Add this to the Castro regime’s colossal list of clever tricks and blatant lies.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

Shocking! Leftist ex-president of Brazil charged with corruption


Brazil is on a roll: first Dilma, now Lula.

Castro-loving ex-president Lula has been charged with corruption.

Yesterday he wept openly on camera and claimed that these “false” accusations are a plot to keep him from running for office again.

Of course, of course, Luiz, this is all a right-wing conspiracy.  We all know how selfless and squeaky clean Latrine socialists are.


Yes, all of you are so, so devoted to “social justice” and to ending class distinctions.


Well… if the New York Times refuses to put your spin on this latest misfortune of yours, perhaps you’re right.

What better evidence of your innocence can we have than the NYT’s seemingly cold reporting of this tawdry affair.

Those journalists at the NYT are so ruthlessly partisan, so adamantly opposed to leftism and socialism of any kind….

Yeah.  Next thing you know, the NYT will be endorsing Donald Trump and publishing articles every day about human rights abuses in Castrogonia.


From Granma North (The New York Times)

Lula Charged With Corruption

Federal prosecutors in Brazil filed corruption charges Wednesday against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the former president who has wielded influence across Latin America for decades, portraying him as the mastermind of a sprawling graft scheme intended to maintain his party’s grip on the presidency.

Deltan Dallagnol, a prosecutor, called Mr. da Silva the “ultimate commander” of bribery and kickback schemes that allowed his leftist Workers’ Party to build coalitions in Congress, describing him as “the general” at the helm.

The actual charges against Mr. da Silva, who was president from 2003 to 2010, focus on a much narrower claim: Prosecutors accuse Mr. da Silva and his wife of illegally receiving about $1.1 million in improvements and expenses for a beachfront apartment paid for by a large construction company seeking public contracts.

But beyond the specific charges, which must still be accepted by a judge, the prosecutors said Mr. da Silva had been instrumental in a bigger corruption scheme that has thrown Brazil’s political system into turmoil for more than two years.

In their complaint on Wednesday, prosecutors contended that Mr. da Silva had overseen a far-reaching system of illicit payments, kickbacks and campaign donations in which the construction company O.A.S. paid as much as $26 million to obtain contracts from Brazil’s oil giant, Petrobras.

Continue reading HERE for your daily quota of schadenfreude…

Brazilians celebrate Lula’s predicament

Japan joins Normalization Circus, offers gifts & debt forgiveness to Castro Kingdom


Add Japan to the list of self-harming Castro enablers.

Sending free advanced medical equipment to Castro, Inc., in the hopes of creating a demand for such equipment and future profits is not much different from tossing said equipment into the ocean, but it seems that Japan is itching to join the Normalization Circus at any cost.

Please notice in the report below how one bit of information is tucked in at the very end, maybe in the hopes that no one will notice: Japan is forgiving Castro, Inc. a mountain of debt.

How much debt?  Castro, Inc. owes Japan 180 billion yen ($ 1,748,167,200 dollars) and is 30 years behind on payments.  Japan is forgiving 120 billion yen ($ 1,165,444,800 dollars).

That’s a whopping 66% reduction in debt, amounting to over 1 billion dollars.

And do the Japanese really, really think that erasing so much of Castrogonia’s massive debt will spur sales and profits for Japanese manufacturers?

Holy Kyoto… this is Kamikaze economics… Harakiri diplomacy… Prime Minister Shinzo Abe might as well yell “Banzai!” as the equipment is delivered…and he might as well also don the Super Mario costume he wore at the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics.

Super Mario has no fear of death or insolvency.  Super Mario dies billions of deaths a day….

Aaaah, but the hypnotic effect of the Normalization Circus is truly astonishing, and beyond calculation.


From Nikkei Asian Review

Japan to offer medical equipment to Cuba

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will use a late-September visit to Cuba to present plans for supplying medical equipment as official development assistance.

Abe and Cuban President Raul Castro are also expected to agree on establishing a training facility for specialist physicians. Japanese ODA to Cuba will likely total nearly 1 billion yen ($9.74 million).

This first official visit by a sitting Japanese prime minister to Cuba will symbolize the Asian country’s interest in the Caribbean nation’s growing market. Cuba re-established diplomatic relations with the U.S. last year.

Prime Minister Abe as Super Mario
Prime Minister Abe as Super Mario

Medical needs are growing in Cuba as the population ages. Japan will supply X-ray image-processing equipment for cancer, a leading cause of death, as well as items used in examinations.

Japan hopes to familiarize doctors in Cuba with Japanese offerings, eyeing the nation as a potential export market.

Abe will tell Castro about plans to waive 120 billion yen ($ 1,165,444,800 dollars) of 180 billion yen ($ 1,748,167,200 dollars) in debt that Cuba owes to Japan. Cuba has fallen about 30 years behind on payment. Major creditor countries have waived portions of Cuba’s debt since the restoration of diplomatic ties with the U.S.

Obamesmerism: Normalization hypnotists
Mesmeropapism: Indulgence hypnotists

Iran’s President Rouhani in Cubazuela to visit King Raul, Emperor Emeritus Fidel

The Iran/Castrogonia/Latrine America love fest continues to escalate.

A couple of weeks ago, Iran sent its foreign minister for a triumphal tour of Latrine America.

This week it’s President Hassan Rouhani’s turn.

After attending the Dictator’s Summit in Venenozuela, Rouhani will head straight to the Castro Kingdom, where he will hold “negotiations” about “multiple cooperation agreements” with King Raul.

While in Castrogonia, the Iranian despot will also visit Ex-Maximum Leader Fidel.

Afterwards, Rouhani will travel north, to meet with other enemies of the U.S. at the United Nations.

From Tasnim News Agency:

After attending a Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Venezuela this week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will travel to Cuba for an official visit before heading to New York to take part in an annual session of the UN General Assembly, an Iranian official announced.

Parviz Esmaili, the deputy for communications and information at the president’s office, said on Monday that President Rouhani will leave for Venezuela on September 16 to attend the NAM summit, due to be held on Margarita Island.

Apart from meetings with a number of world leaders on the sidelines of the summit, President Rouhani will hand over Iran’s rotating presidency of the NAM to Venezuela, he added.

Moreover, Iranian officials in the president’s entourage will actively take part in a number of specialized gatherings at the summit, Esmaili noted.

At the conclusion of the Venezuela visit, President Rouhani will travel to Havana at the formal invitation of his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro.

During his stay in the Caribbean island nation, President Rouhani will meet with his Cuban counterpart and also Fidel Castro, while high-ranking delegations from the two countries are expected to hold negotiations and sign multiple cooperation agreements, Esmaili added.

Continue reading HERE

Pope Francis mourns Dilma’s downfall, denounces “exploiters”

Here we go again.

While freedom-loving Brazilians are cheering the impeachment of Castro-loving Dilma Rouseff, Papa Che has referred to her removal from office as a “very sad moment.”

In addition, he asked the Virgin Mary to “protect the discarded people who are in the hands of exploiters of all kinds.”

He also equated the communist/socialist concept of “social justice” with the love of Christ.

In leftist parlance, “social justice” is a euphemism for a Castro-style society, the redistribution of wealth, and the elimination of free enterprise.

Similarly, “exploiter” is a euphemism for private sector employers.

Totalitarian governments who turn all workers into their slaves — such as that of Castrogonia — have yet to be denounced as “exploiters” by Papa Che.

Here’s the full quote from Papa Che: Que la Virgen…”custodie a los descartados puestos en manos de los explotadores de todo tipo. Que salve a su pueblo con la justicia social y con el amor de Jesucristo, su Hijo”.

Papa Che makes no effort to hide his love of liberation theology  or his leftist sympathies, or his support of corrupt and abusive leftist dictators.

In fact, he seems to delight in displaying his “solidarity” with the likes of King Raul and Dilma Roussef.

Ay, Dios mio.  Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

From Merco Press:

Pope Francis sad with Roussesff’s removal and invites to pray for social justice in Brazil

Pope Francis called for people to pray to the Aparecida Virgin to protect “all of Brazil and all of the Brazilian people in this very sad moment”, in reference to the removal of Dilma Rousseff as president and her replacement by vice-president and interim president Michel Temer, which occurred last week.

The Argentine born pope made the statement during the unveiling of a bronze statue dedicated to Brazil’s patron virgin in the Vatican gardens, and explained he was not sure if he would be able to visit Brazil in 2017 as he had promised back in 2013 when the attended the World Youth Day.

“In 2013 I promised I would return next year. I don’t know if it will be possible, but at least I will have Virgin Aparecida here, much closer”, explained Francis.

The pope also invited to pray so that the Aparecida Virgin protects the poorest, the discarded, the abandoned elderly, the street children and all those who fall in the hands of all kind of exploiters, and to save Brazil’s people with social justice and the love of Jesus Christ.

Continue reading HERE


Surprise! Ex-hostage Alan Gross endorses Clinton, parrots Obama’s lies


Yeah, this is a huge surprise, for sure.  Like the sun rising in the east.

Is Gross stupid enough to believe that the U.S. is preventing the creation of private enterprise in Castrogonia, or is he simply perverse?

Or is this some lingering effect of Stockholm syndrome?

Whatever it is, the payoff is the same: Gross likes the fact that Hillary Clinton will continue Obama’s support of the Castro regime.

Former US Secretary of State and Senator from New York Hillary Clinton attends a campaign rally for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul in New York, New York, USA, 23 October 2014. The US will be holding midterm election on 04 November 2014. ANSA/ANDREW GOMBERT

From The Times of Israel

Alan Gross, imprisoned for five years in Cuba for his efforts to assist its Jewish community, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, citing in part her commitment to the Obama administration’s new openness to Cuba.

“I support her commitment to continue and improve our new Cuba policy,” Gross, who was arrested in 2009 for distributing internet equipment to the island’s Jewish community, wrote in an op-ed appearing Friday in the Sun-Sentinel in southern Florida where Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump are expected to battle for the Jewish and Cuban vote.

“It was about time to recognize that if we want the Cuban Government to get out of the way of its private sector and private citizens, we also need to get out of the way,” he said.

Yes, a vote for Hillary is a vote for me!

Canadian tourist assaulted & robbed at apartheid beach resort, charged $3,000 for 4 stitches, threatened with imprisonment

Revolutionary stitching: scarred for life
Revolutionary stitching: scarred for life

Canadian tourist Paul Sampalean was robbed in more ways than one during his most recent trip to the Castro Kingdom.

And who was the worst thief: the guy who split his head open and stole his wallet or Castrogonia’s “wonderful” health care system?

You decide…

But do notice, please, as you read the story below, that the Castro police tried to make it look as if he had been attacked on the street rather than at an apartheid resort.

Now let’s wait for the other shoe to drop: Varadero police will surely find some dissidents to blame for the assault and robbery.

Scene of the crime: Sol Sirenas Coral 4-star apartheid resort, Varadero

From The Toronto Sun:

A violent robbery at a Cuban resort ended Paul Sampalean’s dream vacation before it even started.

The 33-year-old construction worker also had to pay a $3,000 hospital bill before he could return to Toronto with a nasty gash on his head.

“He’s scarred for life,” Antonia Sampalean told the Toronto Sun on Friday — hours before her brother was expected to arrive back in the city.

She said the Toronto resident enjoyed his first visit to Cuba last year and decided to return to the popular vacation destination for Canadians.

“Obviously he won’t be going back there — ever again,” Antonia said.

Paul Sampalean landed in the communist country on Sept. 2 to learn his luggage was lost.

“Air Transit told him to go wait in the lobby of his hotel and his luggage would be dropped off,” Antonia said, recalling her brother’s version of events.

She said Paul remembers chatting with locals in the lobby of Sol Sirenas Coral, a four-star all-inclusive resort in Veradero.

“The locals tried to grab his wallet,” Antonia said. “There were three of them and he was alone, but he fought back.

“I wish he would have given them his wallet, but he’s not like that,” she said, adding her brother is about 5-foot-8 and 135 pounds.

Paul was knocked unconscious, but witnesses later helped him piece together some of the ordeal.

“Hotel security staff intervened,” Antonia said, adding the crooks took off with the $100 or so Paul had in his wallet.

She said her brother thinks he may have fallen and hit his head. His forehead was split open.

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital where medical personnel used a mere four stitches to close his 13-centimetre cut. Antonia said her brother is unsure what other tests were conducted during his two-day stay.


“But the hospital issued him a $3,000 dollar bill and threatened he’d be sent to jail if he refused to pay,” she alleged.

Her brother also told her that the initial police report allegedly stated he was “found wandering in the streets of Varadero.

But Paul alleges that report mysteriously disappeared after four witnesses provided statements noting “the ambulance was called directly to the hotel,” she said.

After the attack, Antonia said her brother was uncomfortable having a large amount of cash on him, so she sought help from Global Affairs Canada.

Antonia sent used her credit card to send the government agency $3,100, which included a $75 special consular fee. The money was forwarded to consular officials in Cuba who then paid the hospital bill.

Paul’s luggage finally arrived at the resort four days after the robbery.

Air Transat, Global Affairs Canada and the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto never responded to the Sun’s request for comment.

That’ll be $3,000, please, or you go to jail

Shocking! Leftist British newspaper focuses on Havana’s squalor, lays blame on…. (guess what?)

blame this on the “blockade”

The leftist British newspaper The Guardian has published an article that focuses on the awful conditions created by the Castro regime….

…Sort of…

It’s a long article. If you read the first few paragraphs — excerpted below — you might be led to think that The Guardian has had some sort of conversion experience and abandoned its leftist principles.

But…no… if you read beyond the segment below, you will find The Guardian deflecting blame from the Castro regime for all of the squalor and indifference.

So, according to this article, what is the real cause of Havana’s ruin?

The “blockade,” of course, as well as the wonderful way in which Cuba’s  meager resources (made meager by the “blockade”) are used for “phenomenal” free education and free medical care.

Then Cubans are to blame too: those ungrateful selfish wretches who fail to develop the proper revolutionary spirit despite their benevolent government’s best efforts to create “new” men and women.

And then there is the additional problem of growing class differences.  Money has corrupted the Revolution: “As more foreign money enters Havana, it seems individualism and the gap between rich and poor will only increase.”

Yes, and all those “self-employed” semi-capitalist Cubans are only making things worse, creating class differences, draining resources from the folks in the poorer sections of town, which grow increasingly poorer.

And, on top of these lame excuses, The Guardian also wants to claim that there is a growing openness to kvetching, or complaining…thanks to King Raul’s meekness and the wisdom of the Great and Wonderful Obama.

As usual, socialists will always blame the infinite failures of socialism and communism on factors other than their abysmally wrongheaded, repressive, and destructive ideology.

So predictable…

And this too….

Havana’s dirty truths: rubbish-strewn streets spark anger at city’s failings

Amid all the stories of Cuba’s new prosperity, residents of its capital are growing frustrated by the daily reality of uncollected rubbish, overflowing sewage and water leaks – and asking: ‘Why did Havana become like this?’

On a street corner in Vedado, Havana’s most affluent suburb, pedestrians have had to manoeuvre around a metre-wide hole in the pavement on Calle 10 for months. Smashed concrete spills on to the road, encircling what has since turned into a pit of rubbish – a pockmark on the face of Havana’s fading grandeur.

This is, according to residents, “the way things are” in the Cuban capital. As the city, its people and its architecture has aged, so too have its public services. While on the face of it, the city is getting a new lift through the easing of Cuban-US relations, municipal support structures are failing badly in many parts of the city. As residents get tired of these inefficiencies, they’re expressing their anger – and pointing to the breakdown of Cuban socialism.

… as well as this…

“When Obama came [in March] they cleaned the whole street; they put the beggars and homeless in a special asylum,” says Hamlet Lavastida, a 33-year-old artist who lives in Havana. “They made new roads, they painted many buildings, just in the areas where Obama was going to be. People joked that now we’re going to have to wait another 50 years for the next US president to come, to make another new road …”

These may just be lighthearted jokes for now, but Lavastida suggests there is a growing discontent among Cubans about the state of public services: the dirty streets, the broken infrastructure.

“Sometimes the telephone company – of course, controlled by the state – dig a hole to put in the wires and cables of the telephone, but they never cover the hole. They leave it like that for months,” he says.

…and this…

Water leaks flow regularly across the streets of Havana’s barrios without being fixed. Waste can overflow public bins for weeks, with residents having no idea when it will be collected. When referring to the lack of cohesion between the various government-run, centralised organisations – the communications company, the water company, the rubbish collectors (communales”) – Lavastida uses the word “anarchy”.

Walking through the city centre with three writers from Havana Times – an English-language blog that describes itself as “open-minded writing from Cuba” – the conversation quickly turns to Havana’s streets. “We have serious environmental problems in the city. Problems with garbage collection, sewage overflowing pits, air pollution,” they say.

Continue reading HERE for the heavy handed anti-American pro-Castro propaganda

…and this…


As Castro colony of Venenozuela disintegrates, King Raul turns to Algeria



The parasite kingdom of Castrogonia is now turning to North Africa for oil.

And you can be sure that if Algeria is selling this oil rather than giving it away for free, the Algerians will never get paid for what they’re sending.


Algeria to send 500.00 barrels of oil to Cuba due to Venezuela’s falling supplies

Algeria is sending crude oil to Cuba for the first time to help offset lower supplies from the island’s closest ally, Venezuela, where low prices have caused the steepest production decline in more than a decade, sources with direct knowledge said on Wednesday.

Algeria’s state-owned Sonatrach plans to ship an 80,000-tonne cargo of crude (some 515,000 barrels) to Cuba in October, the sources said, to supplement Venezuelan crude supplies, which declined 40 percent in the first half of 2016, according to Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA’s internal data.

King Raul and Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika

The cargo would be the OPEC member’s first crude delivery to Cuba, sources who monitor its exports said. There may be another cargo for November or December loading, one said.

Saharan Blend light sweet crude is Algeria’s main export grade.

Cuba and Algeria have maintained a close relationship in recent years. The island annually imports some $200 million to$300 million of oil products from the African country, including some purchases of naphtha.

But Cuba relies almost exclusively on Venezuela, also an OPEC member, for its crude supplies through a 15-year-old assistance programme that Caracas has been struggling to maintain as power cuts, lack of investment and payment delays slash its oil output.

Continue reading HERE.

I love when anyone “sells” me oil….

Dissident Sirley Avila Leon vanishes after arriving in Cuba on AA flight

Oh, the wonders of the Normalization Circus!

The ringmasters of Castro, Inc. who run the Circus have now added a new act: disappearing dissidents

Sirley Avila Leon — who was viciously mutilated by Castronoid goons and had come to the U.S. for medical care — was brave enough to return to Cuba.

But the ringmasters had a role for her to assume upon arrival.

The lady vanished, just like a magician’s assistant.  Except this is no magic show.

This is the horror show of King Raul, the demon “general” in charge of the Normalization Circus.

From Capitol Hill Cubans

Cuban Democracy Leader Disappears From Commercial Flight

Yesterday, Cuban democracy leader Sirley Avila Leon boarded American Airlines flight #1359 from Miami to Holguin.

This was the much-hyped second commercial flight to Cuba — after last week’s JetBlue flight — pursuant to Obama’s new policy.

AA Flight #1359 arrived in Holguin at 4:13 P.M.

Yet, Avila Leon has not been heard from since she boarded the plane in Miami.

She had been in the United States for nearly six months receiving medical treatment.

Those who do not know Avila Leon’s story should click here.

In short, she was former National Assembly member-turned-dissident. As a result, Avila Leon suffered a machete attack by Castro regime operatives, which severed her left hand and left her with life-threatening injuries.

During her stay in the United States, Avila Leon testified before the United States Congress, where she denounced the increased crimes and abuses of the Cuban dictatorship.

It’s presumed that Avila Leon has been arrested upon her arrival in Cuba.

However, it’s difficult to gather any information — for as Senators Rubio and Menendez, and Transportation Security Subcommittee Chairman John Katko warned yesterday — all airport employees (including those of American Airlines) in Cuba are agents and employees of the Castro regime.

In other words, there is no independent personnel in Cuba’s airports. This lack of transparency should be a concern to all of us — not least of which for U.S. security.

Thus, the tragic conundrum that Avila Leon and others like her now face. And the complicity of American Airlines and those that agree to Castro’s conditions for business.