Castronoid State Security agents expel dissident women from Cuba’s holiest shrine

Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in El Cobre
Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in El Cobre

If it’s the weekend, then it’s time to beat up some Cuban women.

That’s the way it’s been for Castro State Security ever since the Normalization Circus set up its tents in Castrogonia, and that’s the way it was again this past Saturday.

Members of one of Cuba’s many dissident groups were harassed by Castronoid State Security agents and violently expelled  from the nation’s most sacred Catholic shrine.

Nothing new here.  But can anyone with a conscience just move on and ignore this latest outrage?

Of course you can … if your conscience is progressive/liberal and your religion is leftism.

These women are nothing but despicable ingrates who refuse to appreciate all the marvelous benefits bestowed on Cuba’s noble savages by the Castro dynasty.

Hostel at the shrine of Our Lady of Charity
Hostel at the shrine of Our Lady of Charity

Loosely translated from Martí Noticias

Cuban women belonging to the pro-democracy Movimiento Dignidad (Dignity Movement) were expelled from the island’s holiest Catholic shrine this Saturday..

Several women belonging to Movimiento Dignidad who had walked 17 kilometers to the shrine of Our Lady of Charity were accosted by Castronoid security agents at the shrine’s hostel and prevented from attentding Sunday Mass.

The women claim that they were violently expelled from the hostel and sent home before they could enter the shrine and attend Sunday Mass.

Yoanna Quesada, one of the women chased away from the shrine, told Martí Noticias that a Castronoid State Security agent named “Enrique” or “Enriquito” ordered the hostel to be surrounded and that she and her companions were threatened  and treated roughly (“en forma grosera”) by these agents as they were physically expelled from the hostel.

Quesada also said that the leader of her group, Belkis Cantillo –also a member of the Ladies in White — begged one of the priests at the shrine, Padre Eugenio, to intercede for them, but the priest said that “he couldn’t become responsible for their lives because the repression at work was way too strong.”

Belkis Cantillo in Miami
Belkis Cantillo in Miami

Moraima Díaz Pérez, another democracy activist expelled from the shrine, said that Father Eugenio was visibly shaken, and said that he couldn’t allow them to enter the church or even to remain on its steps because they ran the risk of being “tortured, beaten, and imprisoned.”

Quesada stressed the fact they had only come there to pray (“Solo veníamos a la iglesia a rezar”).

Whole story HERE in Spanish, includes voice recordings from victims of this act of repression.

Get more details HERE from Diario de Cuba, also in Spanish.  And see YouTube video HERE.

Cubans deported upon arrival at Miami airport

Cuban families grieve at Miami Airport
Cuban families grieve at Miami Airport


It seems that Immigration authorities in Miami are interpreting the new rules for Cuban “migrants” very strictly.

Cubans arriving at the airport — NOT Cubans arriving on rafts — are now being sent back to Castrogonia immediately, simply because they requested asylum.

This event could become a test case for the interpretation of the new rules.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Over one hundred Cubans at Miami International Airport are now in limbo.

They are the first arrivals from Castrogonia to be subjected to Obama’s new interpretation of the Cuban Adjustment Act.

According to channel 41 AméricaTeVé,  all of these Cubans arrived legally, with the proper visas.

Trouble surfaced immediately when they asked for asylum in the U.S. under the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Some of these Cubans have been deported and sent back to Castrogonia.  Some who have been allowed to stay remain in a legal twilight zone.

A relative of some of these would-be refugees said to channel 41 that Immigration officials announced that everyone who arrived before 5 pm could stay in the U.S., but anyone who arrived after 5 p.m. would be deported back to Castrogonia immediately.

All Cubans who have arrived in the past two days have been held in a special area at the airport.

Some of those who were waiting for the arrival of their relatives have petitioned the Immigration authorities to allow these newly-arrived Cubans to remain in the U.S.

Whole story HERE, in Spanish (includes video report).


Surprise! Che’s image used to woo right-wing voters in Germany

Daniel Schneider & his icon

Wow.  This one’s a real shocker.

Do you need further proof of how screwed up the world is, or of how stupid people can be?

Do you need further proof of how deeply embedded the false image of Che has become in Western culture?

A “far-right” German political party — Alternative Für Deutschland (AFP) —  has come out with a poster that says “Che would vote AFP.”

Alternative Für Deutschland is one of the growing anti-immigration nationalist parties gaining strength throughout Europe.

By European standards, this party is “center-right,” but for those on the left, of course, it is viewed as “far-right,” xenophobic, dangerous, and downright neo-Nazi.

This new political poster has tweaked the iconic image of the mass-murderer by replacing the red star usually stamped on Che’s beret with the AFP logo.


The poster also borrows the Castronoid slogan “Patria o Muerte” (Fatherland or Death), turning it into “Vaterland oder Tod.”

So, now we’ve come to this.  Che has progressed from an icon for capitalist t-shirt manufacturers to an icon for right-wing European nationalists who are viewed by the Left as Neo-Nazis.

Meditate on this for a while.

You might come to realize that this highly ironic Neo-Nazi use of Che’s icon might actually be quite appropriate.

The report below is from the Castronoid Latrine news network Telesur.

Naturally, they are appalled by this “misuse” of their saint’s image.


‘Che Would Vote AfD!’ German Far-Right Exploit Cuba Revolution

The iconic revolutionary’s message of socialist internationalism is being exploited by one of the most dangerous far-right political parties in Europe.

Che Guevara’s image sporting a beret is one of the 20th century’s most iconic images and has long been synonymous with progressive and socialist movements. But now German’s most powerful far-right group has taken up the Argentine doctor turned Cuban revolutionary hero for their election campaign.

A photo has emerged on social media from political party Alternative Für Deutschland, or Alternative for Germany, using the famous silhouette of Che. The far-right group has replaced the communist star that usually sits on Che’s beret with its own logo.

The caption heading the campaign poster reads “Vaterland oder Tod,” which is German for “Fatherland or Death,” the translation for the phrase “Patria o Muerte” that was popularized by Che’s fellow revolutionary Fidel Castro.

The image is believed to be part of a campaign for the upcoming German federal election by Daniel Schneider, a member of the party, as the group continues its populist and staunchly anti-migrant image.

Despite Germany’s notorious past with far-right nationalist groups and laws preventing extremism, the country along with much of the European continent has seen an upsurge in far-right populism.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under increasing fire for what the far-right have termed an “open” immigration policy, particularly in the midst of recent terrorist attacks in Germany and Europe as well as the influx of millions of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa.

Continue reading HERE

cremated-remains-ashes-compressed (1)

Wet foot, dry foot, wrong foot


My two cents on Obama’s parting gift to King Raul.

Limited to 800 words, I couldn’t bring up all of the complexities of this issue, including the “refugee” Yo-Yo’s who go back to Cuba and bring in billions of dollars for Castro, Inc.

I was very glad to see that the Post chose the photo above, which captures the essence of the Normalization Circus perfectly.

From the Guasintonpó (Washington Post)

Obama has betrayed the Cuban people and set a trap for Donald Trump

On Thursday, when President Obama ended the “wet foot, dry foot” policy allowing any Cuban who reached U.S. shores to be granted resident status as a refu­gee, he merely followed his unconditional support of the Raúl Castro regime to its logical end.

The logic is easy to follow: If relations have been normalized between the United States and Cuba, why should those Cubans who arrive here in rafts be treated any differently from other migrants? Why should Cuban doctors working as indentured servants abroad be allowed to claim refugee status when they manage to reach a U.S. Embassy?

After all, if Obama and Castro can enjoy a baseball game together, laugh and do the wave together, can Cuba be really any different from any other normal country?
For all practical purposes, wet foot, dry foot became an anachronism on Dec. 17, 2014, when Obama announced his new Cuba policy. On that day, regarding Cubans as victims of repression became an anachronism, too. For Obama declared to the world that the Castro government was not so different from those of Canada, France or Andorra.

Oh, yes, there was a wee problem with human rights in Cuba, Obama said, but that was inconsequential, because his new policy of friendship with the most brutal dictatorship in the Western hemisphere would change all that, eventually. Castro would come to see the error of his ways once U.S. tourists began flocking to Cuba. Or maybe one of Castro’s successors would be the one to ease up on the repression. The who and when didn’t really matter to Obama. Eventually was good enough for him.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, Obama’s policy created a panic. Many Cubans were smart enough to grasp the twofold significance of Obama’s embrace of the Castro government: First, how this new support from the United States could prolong the life of the Castro regime indefinitely and allow it to rule despotically; and second, how Cubans would no longer continue to be viewed by the United States as an oppressed people.

Those Cubans were right, of course. Since Dec. 17, 2014, repression has increased in Cuba. Secure in the support of the United States, the government has clamped down on freedom of expression, increased arrests and dismantled much of the “cuentapropista” (self-employed) experiment that was supposed to transform and improve the Cuban economy.

Now comes the second repercussion feared by Cubans: Obama strips them of their refugee status just as he heads out the White House door. The Castro government is normal; no more special treatment for Cubans. Cubans are no different from Haitians, or Mexicans or any other migrants. End of story.

Many of those who saw this change coming hurried out in record numbers. The spike in crude vessels full of Cubans intercepted by the U.S. Coast Guard has been huge, as has the increase in those crossing the border through Mexico.

With strokes of his pen, Obama has not only stripped Cuban boat people of their refugee status but also left behind a radioactive stink bomb as a gift for his successor.

Obama’s undoing of wet foot, dry foot could be quickly reversed by President Trump. Like almost every other aspect of Obama’s Cuba policy, this change in the law has taken place through executive order. Congress has been ignored, and so have some laws, especially the Cuban Democracy Act of 1992 (the Torricelli Law) and the Cuban Liberty and Democracy Solidarity Act of 1996 (the Helms-Burton Act).

But consider the traps Obama has set for Trump. If Trump does nothing, he implicitly condones the notion that Cubans are not the victims of a repressive regime. This could anger many of his supporters. If Trump reverses Obama’s policy, he implicitly links the issues of human rights abuses and immigration. If Cubans can be refugees deserving of special protections, why not Syrians? Why is Trump cherry-picking his victims of repression? This could create a firestorm of controversy and anger some of his supporters, too.

Obama has achieved two ends here. First, he has completed the utter betrayal of the Cuban people — a legacy move set in motion two years ago. Second, he has burdened Trump with a no-win situation with the potential to seriously tarnish or weaken his presidency right from the start.

So this parting shot from Obama should come as no surprise. It’s entirely consistent with both his admiration of the Castro regime and his loathing for the tycoon who is taking his place in the Oval Office.

Second consecutive day of arbitrary arrests in Castro Kingdom

The new  Lord High Executioner
The new Lord High Executioner

Much like any gangster who takes over new territory, Castrogonia’s new Lord High Executioner is wasting no time in showing everyone how tough he is.

After all, the Lord High Executioner is in charge of the Ministry of Fear (Ministry of the Interior).  Making sure people fear you is essential.

For the second day in a row Castronoid security agents arrested several leading dissidents.

This recent spate of arrests — which included Oscar Elias Biscet and Martha Beatriz Roque, among others — most probably has a lot to do with the Obamapocalypse and the arrival of the Trumpinator.

This time around, one of those arrested is Tania Bruguera, the daughter of very prominent Castronoid oligarchs.

News media are not paying much attention to this new wave of repression due to the Big Story regarding Obama’s spiteful last-minute axing of the wet foot/dry foot policy.

Tania Bruguera
Tania Bruguera

From 14 y Medio via Translating Cuba:

Police maintained a strong operation Thursday around the headquarters of the 1010 Academy in the neighborhood of Cerro, in Havana. Activists Joanna Columbié and Georlis Olazabal were arrested while trying to access the site to participate in a conference on constitutional law, said Eliécer Ávila, president of the independent Somos+ (We Are More) movement.

“Since early this morning they have the block surrounded and do not let anyone in or out of the house,” said Avila. “We had organized a talk with the attorney Wilfredo Vallin of the Cuban Law Associatio, but the police did not allow him to leave his home,” in La Vibora, he told 14ymedio .

Meanwhile, scientist Oscar Casanella denounced the arrest of the artist Tania Bruguera “on leaving Havana” when they were traveling in a vehicle with “two mattresses and rice” for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in the eastern part of the country.

In a telephone call, Casanella said the artist had been taken to the Cotorro police station in Havana. However, the officer of the guard there denied that Bruguera was there. “We do not have any Tanya here, the one we have is a Nancy,” the police officer said through the phone line.

This second consecutive day of arrests against activists takes place a few hours after the replacement of the recently deceased Interior Minister, Carlos Fernández Gondín, by Vice Admiral Julio César Gandarilla.

For the whole of 2016, the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) documented a total of 9,940 arbitrary arrests. A figure that “puts the Government of Cuba in first place in all of Latin America,” said the report of the independent organization.

Seven days until I terminate  Obama's deals!
Seven days until I terminate Obama’s deals!

Caracastan Update: Castro puppet Maduro arrests top opponents


Never let it be said that Maduro and his fellow Chavista/Castronoids don’t know how to follow the orders given by their Cuban masters.

As Venezuela implodes and opposition to its criminal ruling class gains strength, the Castronoid puppets at the very top are following the playbook imposed on them by their Cuban overlords.

So, just as King Raul increases repression in Castrogonia, so do the Chavista/Castronoids follow suit in Caracastan.

This past Wednesday Tareck El Aissami, the brand-new vice president of Venezuela, went on television and announced that opposition figure Gilber Caro had been found carrying a rifle and plastic explosives in his car as part of a plot against the socialist government.

Narco-trafficking Jihadist El Aissami said of the arrest, “Who knows how many lives would have been lost if we had not stopped this threat?”

Yeah.  Sure.  How convenient to find all this incriminating evidence being carried around by an opponent in his car….

… Yeah…Straight out of page 173 of the Castro Ministry of Fear’s “Guia de Evidencia Falsa Para Comemierdas.”

VP Tareck "El Narco" & President Podrido
VP Tareck “El Narco” & President Podrido

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Venezuela rounded up a dissident former general and two other regional politicians on Thursday in what the opposition called a wave of repression by socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

With its popularity falling during a brutal economic crisis, Maduro’s government cast the arrests as part of a crackdown against “terrorists” and coup plotters.

Authorities put ex-general Raul Baduel, who was first jailed in 2009 for six years, back behind bars on accusations of breaking parole conditions by conspiring against the government.

Two city councilmen, from Venezuela’s second city Maracaibo and Bolivar state, were also arrested on Thursday, the government and opposition party Popular Will said.

Another Maracaibo councilman was detained on Wednesday

In addition, two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles warned that authorities are about to ban him from holding political office due to alleged irregularities in the Miranda state he governs. Capriles says the charges are trumped up.

“This is a raid against those of us who will not sell our principles,” Capriles said on Thursday, adding he had been fined for the alleged irregularities. “They’re paving the way to later declare us… barred from office.”

Interior Minister Nestor Reverol, who is part of a new “anti-coup” unit set up by Maduro, said authorities were dismantling a new “terrorist” plot by right-wing politicians.

“We wish to announce the detention of General Raul Isaias Baduel,” he said in a speech on state TV. “Important criminal evidence was uncovered in a search of his home.”

Continue reading HERE


Update: Biscet freed after being scolded and threatened


It looks as if the Castronoids just needed to wag their  blood-stained fingers at Dr. Biscet and spit some threats.

By all accounts, ever since the death of Nosferatu they are a bit jittery.

And their threats are looking ever more desperate.

But where are the Congressional Black Caucus and the Black Lives Matter activists when a Cuban “negrito” is abused?

From Inspire America

Doctor Biscet has been released. Thank you to everyone who moved quickly through the appropriate channels and the media who took interest in his story.

I spoke with Doctor Biscet a few minutes ago at his home. While in custody he was told to give up his work and that he was getting old and that he was being watched and would go to prison if he continued. Dr Biscet had recently renewed and increased efforts to promote his trademark Emilia Project and many of his colleagues have said 2017 is a definitive year, making the already failing regime all the more concerned; proof of how a man of peace can threaten one of the world’s fiercest totalitarian state.


King Raul appoints new Lord High Executioner

The new Lord High Executioner
The new Lord High Executioner

It didn’t take long for Castrogonia to get a new Minister of the Interior (Minister of Fear / Lord High Executioner / Verdugo Máximo ): Vice Admiral Julio Cesar Gandarilla Bermejo.

King Raul and his minions can’t afford to leave that post open.

And they also can’t afford to give that job to anyone outside their geriatric military lily-white inner circle either.

Well…let’s qualify that “lily-white” deal: in Cuba they’re lily-white, but in the U.S. they would be considered “persons of colour,” since no Lateeeen-oh or Hiss-panic can ever be considered “white,” no matter how light-skinned or fair-haired.

Anyway….Gandarilla has been part of King Raul’s inner circle for many years, serving in various posts, including that of chief of military counter-espionage, and that of top dog in Castrogonia’s navy.

His immediate predecessor, Carlos Fernández Gondín, now deceased, was described a few years ago as “an extravagant, sadistic kleptomaniac.”

Aaaaah, what a lovely bunch of sociopathic old farts!

It looks as if Castrogonia’s Ministry of Inner Circle Top Dog Funerals is going to be very, very busy over the next few years!

The Inner Circle, 2016
The Inner Circle, soon….

From NationNews Barbados:

Cuba on Monday named Vice Admiral Julio Cesar Gandarilla to the powerful post of Interior Minister, replacing Fernandez Godin, who died on Friday at the age of 78.

Gandarilla had served as head of the department of counter-intelligence for 16 years, becoming the First Deputy Interior Minister in 2015, according to a brief government statement broadcast by state-run television on Monday evening. He is also a member of the Communist Party Central Committee and National Assembly.

The Interior Ministry oversees the police, the state security apparatus and counter-intelligence, among other duties.

For a longer report that includes information on previous Lord High Executioners and other members of Castrogonia’s nobility, go HERE to Marti Noticias (in Spanish)

Lord High Executioner
Su Alteza El Verdugo Máximo


Cuba’s Lord High Executioner joins Fidel in the afterlife

King Raul and his Lord High Executioner
King Raul and his Lord High Executioner

Carlos Fernández Gondín, Castrogonia’s Minister of the Interior died on Saturday, 7 January, but “Granma” has yet to mention his passing.

In contrast, “Juventud Rebelde” (Rebel Youth), another organ of the Castro Ministry of Truth, not only announced his death, but mentioned that he would be buried on Monday 9 January at the Pantheon of Veterans, at the Colón cemetery in Havana.

The Ministry of the Interior is the government agency in charge of all repression on the island.

Minister Fernández Gondín, a sprightly youth, merely 78 years of age,  was one of the chief oligarchs of Castrogonia, and a member of the military junta that has ruled Cuba with an iron fist since 1959.  He joined the “Second Front” of the Castro guerillas  in 1958 and served under Raul Castro’s command.  He also took part in the turkey shoot at the Bay of Pigs as soon as the invaders of Brigade 2506 were abandoned by the U.S. and ran out of ammunition.  In addition, he was a founder of Cuba’s Communist Party and a member of its Central Committee.

Not very long ago, King Raul awarded him the medal of Hero of the Republic.

King Raul pins medal on Minister of the Interior
King Raul pins medal on his Lord High Executioner

In other words, the man was King Raul’s Lord High Executioner and he had quite a list of people to do away with and quite a lot of blood on his hands.

“Juventud Rebelde” praised this monster, saying ” The conduct of general Carlos Fernández Gondín exemplifies loyalty to the Party, the people, and the Revolution.”

Translation from Castrobabble:  the bastard was a cold-blooded thug and murderer whose chief aim in life was to enslave the Cuban people and to imprison, torture, and kill anyone who dared to oppose the Castro dynasty.

None of the usual experts seems to know why “Granma” has remained silent about his death.

Some experts on the Byzantine intrigues within the Castro oligarchy  suspect he could have fallen out of favor with King Raul, especially because he failed to show up this past summer at the 55th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Ministry of the Interior.

Aaaaah, the joys of a gerontocracy, where no one under the age of 75 has any real power, save the children of the gerontocrats!

Aaaaah, the joys of life under a Latrine American military junta.  Augusto Pinochet eat your heart out!

Aaaaah, the joys of running a white-ruled apartheid state in a land where blacks outnumber whites three-to-one!

Aaaaah, the joys of celebrating the creation of the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of Fear) and excluding the Minister himself!

Aaaaah, the splendors, the wonders, the thrills of life at the tippy-top in the extraordinary, incredible, inimitable, exceptional Kingdom of Castrogonia!

Photo below: celebrants at the 55th anniversary party of the Ministry of Fear.

We’re THE Party, so let’s party! To hell with the Minister.


Fidel gets a new neighbor: Iranian revolutionary despot Rafsanjani dies


Add one more name to the list of dead revolutionary despots.

And add that same name to the list of reprehensible human beings who elicit praise and command mandatory mourning at the time of their deaths.

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the leaders of Iran’s “Islamic Revolution” has been whisked away to the afterlife.

Rafsanjani was considered a “moderate” and a “reformer,” so perhaps the way his death is being covered could be a preview of the kind of press King Raul will get when his day comes.

Like many postcolonial despots — including the Castro brothers — Rafsanjani was filthy rich: His net worth was estimated to be around one billion US dollars.

Tributes from his associates are surfacing….

No word yet from Justin Trudeau, Papa Che, François Hollande, or Lame Duck Obama….

Let’s see which of his many key “achievements” are highlighted as the tributes pour in.


From the masters of understatement at the BBC:

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has led tributes to former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who has died at the age of 82.

Ayatollah Khamenei hailed a “companion of struggle” … saying this was a “difficult” loss.

President Hassan Rouhani praised Mr Rafsanjani as a great man of the Islamic revolution.

The government has announced three days of mourning, making Tuesday a public holiday for his funeral in Tehran.

Mr Rafsanjani, who served as president from 1989 to 1997, was pivotal in the 1979 revolution.

Mr Rafsanjani died on Sunday in a hospital in Tehran after suffering a heart attack.

His body was taken to Jamaran prayer hall, the residence of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini, where relatives, politicians and religious figures gathered to pay their last respects.

Read more HERE

Key achievment of Iranian Revolution
Key achievment of Iranian Revolution

Death to America


Caracastan update: Maduro raises minimum wage 50%


For the fifth time in less than a year, Venzuela’s puppet dictator has raised the minimum wage.

Will this help anyone, given the Castro colony’s uncontrollable inflation?

Will this help anyone realize that Castroism destroys nations?

Well…. no need to spell it out… You know the answer to both of those questions.


From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro announced on Sunday a 50 percent hike in the minimum wage and pensions, the fifth increase over the last year, to help shield workers from the world’s highest inflation rate.

The measure puts the minimum monthly salary at 40,683 bolivars – about $60 at the weakest exchange level under the state’s currency controls, or $12 at the black market rate.

“To start the year, I have decided to raise salaries and pensions,” he said on his weekly TV and radio program.

“In times of economic war and mafia attacks … we must protect employment and workers’ income,” added Maduro, who has now increased the minimum wage by a cumulative 322 percent since February 2016.

The 54-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez attributes Venezuela’s three-year recession, soaring prices and product shortages to a plunge in global oil prices since mid-2014 and an “economic war” by political foes and hostile businessmen.

But critics say his incompetence, and 17 years of failed socialist policies, are behind Venezuela’s economic mess.

They say the constant minimum wage hikes symbolize Maduro’s policy failures and fail to keep pace with real on-the-street price rises.

Venezuela’s inflation hit 181 percent in 2015, according to official data, though opponents say the true figure was higher. There is no official data for 2016, but most economists think inflation at least doubled from the previous year and will be worse again in 2017.

Venezuela’s opposition has said inflation was more than 500 percent in 2016, while the economy shrank 12 percent. The government has given no gross domestic product data for last year.


Hypocritical congressman compares Trump to Fidel

Rep. Steve Cohen
Rep. Steve Cohen

A rabidly pro-Castro congressman from Tennessee who accompanied Obama on his trip to Cuba has just raised leftist hysteria over the Trumpinator to a new level of hypocrisy by comparing Trump to Fidel Castro.

Congressman Steve Cohen (D – TN, Memphis) has traveled to Cuba many times and has consistently pushed pro-Castro legislation.

In a rambling fulmination that could win a prize for the densest concentration of Obamababble ever posted on the internet, Cohen has expressed nothing but gushing enthusiasm for the Normalization Circus.

Like many liberal hypocrites, Cohen likes to play up Cuban baseball, as if that were the key to understanding Cuba and to solving all its problems.

He was there with Obama at THE baseball game with Raul Castro.

And he has even showered King Raul and his minions with gifts.

Cohen boasts of being a friend of Cuban baseball legend Minnie Miñoso, and claims that Minnie’s son, Charlie, also gave him hats signed by Minnie to pass on to Obama and King Raul.  Cohen says he gave those to gifts to the State Department to present to Obama and the Cuban dictator and other “officials” of his regime.


Cohen’s statements on human rights abuses in Castrogonia have always been unsurprisingly muted and filled with platitudes and Obamababble.

Like most liberal hypocrites, if he does get around to mentioning repression in Castrogonia, he usually links that issue to the “isolation” created by the U.S. “embargo.”

So, what does he do now that the Obamapocalypse is at hand?

He compares Trump to Fidel in a CNN interview.

So, what is one to make of this comparison?

The answer is simple: In a desperate attempt to fan the flames of liberal hysteria, Cohen is explicitly admitting that Fidel was evil — though he had never done that before.

And this admission lays bare the sheer hypocrisy of the Left: it shows that they know damn well how evil Castrogonia is, and that they simply don’t care about that “evil” down there.

That “evil” down there only affects those inferior beings who live on the island.

The only “evil” that disturbs them is the loss of their hegemony here in the U.S.

You're Terminated !
You’re Terminated !

From CNN via Real Clear Politics:

REP. STEVE COHEN: The scary thing is about his [Trump’s] position with Russia, the last two people I remember in this Western Hemisphere that were so close to Russia were Armand Hammer, who loved oil and money, and Fidel Castro, who loved to talk for long periods of time, hated disloyalty and dissent, and eliminated it and was very much an ego-centric individual…

CNN: You’re comparing Donald Trump to Fidel Castro?

COHEN: Personality traits, indeed… You watch the Netflix program on ‘Cuba Libre,’ Castro needed to be the center of attention at all times. He executed certain of his comrades for trumped up charges because he wanted total control and wanted to put that fear into people. He was very close to his family and he had a multitudinous family. Didn’t trust others, and it was all about him and public speaking. He liked to speak on ad infinitum.

With the exception of the fact that [Castro] was dedicated to a philosophy, and to his country, making alliegence with Russia. There are a lot of personality traits that are similar.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015.  REUTERS/Dominick Reuter      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Caracastan update: Maduro chooses drug trafficking jihadist as vice-president


Never let it be said that Latrine American dictators lack imagination.

Well… (snort)….  at least a certain sort of perverse imagination.

Castro puppet Nicolás Maduro has chosen a rabid Chavista with ties to Muslim jihadists as his new vice president.

As is the case with many in the top inner circle, the new vice president has also been accused of drug trafficking.

Ever the wordsmith, Maduro praised his new number two man by saying that he was the right person to lead the faltering Castro colony with “aggression” and “kung fu.”

No Che for Tareck, just Big Brother
No Che for me, I prefer Big Brother

From El Wostríyuna (Wall Street Journal)

Venezuela Tees Up Its Next Dictator
Maduro elevates Tareck El Aissami in case he loses a recall vote.

Venezuela has become a global symbol of socialist failure, but one thing its government knows how to do is hang on to power. This week the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela began maneuvering to survive a recall election this year by appointing a new vice president.

President Nicolás Maduro is likely to lose a recall that the opposition has been demanding amid runaway inflation, shortages of basic goods, widespread hunger and rampant crime. But under the constitution, new vice president Tareck El Aissami, whom Mr. Maduro appointed Wednesday, would serve out the presidential term through 2019. This means the political opposition will now have to decide which tyrant they’d prefer to live under.

The 42-year-old El Aissami is what Donald Trump would call a “bad hombre.” During his university days he belonged to the left-wing student movement Utopia 78 and in 2002 he was elected to congress as a follower of the late demagogue Hugo Chávez. From 2008 to 2012 he was minister of the interior, where he controlled immigration. A June 2014 paper from the Washington-based Center for a Secure Free Society cites allegations by “regional intelligence officials” that Mr. El Aissami’s office provided passports and national ID cards to suspected Islamic terrorists. The Venezuelan government dismissed the reports as U.S. propaganda.

The puppet and his masters
The puppet and his masters
 Most recently Mr. El Aissami has been governor of the state of Aragua. Our Mary Anastasia O’Grady reported in 2014 that Parchin Chemical Industries and Qods Aviation, companies owned by the Iranian military, had joint ventures in Aragua state with the Venezuelan military. Both companies were sanctioned by the United Nations under Security Council Resolution 1747. In May 2015 The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Justice Department was investigating Mr. El Aissami.

Refrain of the day: Castronoid soldiers have special message for Obama


According to a well-known Cuban-American reporter for an “artisinal” Miami newspaper, this is what Castronoid soldiers chanted during their New Year’s Day parade:

“Commander-in-Chief, command us. Command over this land. We are going to make war if imperialism comes. Obama! Obama! With what fervor we’d like to confront your clumsiness, give you a cleansing with rebels and mortar, and make you a hat out of bullets to the head.”

Wow.  Le zuuuuuumba!

That’s gratitude for you.

Could this be the hat in question?
Could this be the hat in question?
No hat, but plenty of Castronoid bullets
No hat, but plenty of Castronoid bullets

Cuban artist finally gets proper recognition at age 101

Carmen Herrera

After painting for many decades, Cuban artist Carmen Herrera finally sold her first painting at age 89.

Now, at the age of 101, she has become the toast of New York and the art world with a special exhibit at the Whitney Museum of Art.

“Ya era tiempo. ¡Ay por Dios! Esperaron demasiado”  (It’s about time.  Oh God! They waited too long), said the abstract artist.

Asked about her recent ascent to fame, she said: “es agradable, pero nada del otro mundo” (it’s nice, but it’s not something out of this world).

For many years, New York galleries refused to display her work.

At one point, a gallery owner said to her  “I love your paintings, but I’m not going to display them because you’re a woman.”

Whitney exhibit
Whitney exhibit

So, where were all the feminists and social justice police when this “Hispanic” woman artist was being ignored?

Ah, their usual lair…  in the temple of disdain for the “wrong” kind of minorities.

Born in Cuba in 1915, Carmen Herrera studied architecture at the University of Havana, married an American, Jesse Loewenthal, and moved to the U.S.

While living in Paris for a few years (1948-1953)  she developed a unique approach to minimalist abstract art.

Carmen Herrera’s mother, Carmela Nieto y Font was a pioneering writer and journalist in Cuba.  Her father, Antonio Herrera y Lopez de la Torre, was a captain in Cuban Army of Liberation, and fought against Spanish rule.

Carmen Herrera’s paternal grandfather and my paternal great-grandfather were brothers, which means that she and I are cousins of some sort.  We are both descended from Tomás Nieto, who moved to Cuba from Spain in 1820.

Small world, indeed…. Carmen Herrera’s mother, Carmela, always gave my brother and me the best Christmas presents.  Of course, the presents were not “really” from her.  ” Santicló ” (Santa Claus) had dropped them at her house for us to pick up.  I have her to thank for my first Monopoly game.  You can read more about her in Waiting for Snow in Havana. chapter 12.

Anyway, the moral of this story is never give up.  Never.

Her paintings now sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Her work hangs in museums such as MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Whitney in New York, the Tate Modern in London, and the Hirschhorn in Washington D.C.

Asked if she had a secret for living a long life, she said:  “Nada del otro mundo.” Hacer lo que te gusta, y hacerlo diariamente. Es lo que me pasa a mí. Me levanto, desayuno inmediatamente y me pongo a trabajar.” (Nothing out of this world. Do what you like and do it every day.  That’s what I do.  I wake up, I have breakfast immediately, and I start working right away.”

You can read more about her in Marti Noticias (in Spanish).

The usual suspects are turning her into a “Latina” feminist icon.   See the Huffington Post,  The Guardian, and yes, of course, El Niuyortain (New York Times).