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  • asombra: It never ceases to strike me how these two bastards who were NEVER real soldiers and NEVER risked their own necks spent DECADES...

  • asombra: Such classy people, our dictators. As classy as they look.

  • asombra: That’s OK. Nobody seriously expects them to; it’s just a useful dodge.

  • asombra: Cuba’s dictator doesn’t expect to get all he’s “demanding;” that’s not the point. His game...

  • asombra: Yes, Humberto. Leahy is a familiar and conventional sort of slimeball, but Flake is downright queer, in the original sense (and...

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As “normalization” talks with U.S. bog down, repression continues to increase in Castro Kingdom

 “No one can expect that Cuba, to improve relations, renounce its principles,” -- Josefina Vidal, chief negotiator for the Castro regime, quoted in The Los Angeles Times Want a close-up  look at the "principles" that the Castro regime refuses to renounce? Read the article below. The sad truth is that the U.S. negotiators babble a lot about […]

No concessions for you! Obama-Castro romance turning icy cold

Surprise!   What a re-enactment of the sinking of the Titanic, with the Castro regime playing the role of the iceberg and the U.S. negotiating team taking on the tragic role of the giant sinking ship. The so-called "negotiations" between the U.S. and the Castro regime are turning out to be very frustrating for the […]

Nice “forbidden” breakfast is the only good thing for dissidents at meeting with American negotiators

Martha Beatriz Roque has just sent out a long email in which she describes the breakfast meeting that she and six other dissidents had with two members of the U.S. delegation: Roberta Jacobson and Edward Alex Lee. The dissidents who attended this meeting were Antonio G-Rodiles, Guillermo (Coco) Fariñas, José Daniel Ferrer, Elizardo Sánchez, Héctor Maseda, Miriam […]

Cretin of the week: Avatar of the banality of evil featured in New York Times puff piece

It seems the New York Times is done gloating about its victory over the evil Cuban exiles who don't love the Castro dictatorship. Their game now is to sugarcoat the banality of evil, to revive its own outworn dirge about the evils of the "U.S.-backed Batista regime" and to rewrite Cuban history to make it […]

Can Castro admirer Cristina from Argentina survive the Nisman murder scandal?

The recent murder of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman, first dismissed as a suicide by Castro confidant Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, is now quickly developing into a great threat to her authority, maybe even her survival too Now that it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nisman did not kill himself, all eyes […]

Meanwhile, back at the Diana Nyad Wharf in Havana….

Ay! It looks as if many Cubans can read between the lines in the Obama-Castro pact more astutely than the U.S. news media. Is the U.S. ready for another Mariel-like emigration bomb as the one-sided "normalization" talks in Havana continue to unwind? From KeysInfoNet: Cuban migrant numbers spike The number of "inadmissible" Cubans arriving in […]

Oh, you lovely continent! Castro puppet Maduro goes Bolivian, invokes God as savior of Chavist socialism

Never mind whatever is going on in the world. It's all  too grim, and way too depressing. Take a brief look at the former Spanish empire if you pine for colorful costumes and hearty laughs. While visiting his dear socialist friend Evo Morales, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro prophesied that  "God will provide" Venezuelans everything they […]

While the Obama-Castro romance blossoms, back in the Castro colony of Caracastan everything is falling apart

Just about every news piece on Cuba published since December 17 contains some blathering on the so-called "embargo." Many of these reports --possibly most of them -- assume that Cuba's misery is a direct result of the so-called "embargo", and that its abolition will change Cuba instantly, presto-change-o, bingo, goo-goo-ga-joob! How can such idiotic nonsense […]

Update on the Obama-Castro romance: King Raul says courtship requires more unilateral concessions

This romance would make a great reality show on American television, with fireworks galore. Sparks of the wrong sort are already flying on the first date between the U.S. and Castrogonia, and not just because of the Russian spy ship docked in Havana harbor. Castrogonian officials are making it clear in interviews with foreign journalists […]

Obama-Castro romance off to a rocky start as ex-spouse crashes first date

Bringing your Russian ex-spouse to your first date takes ginormous chutzpah. Or as Cubans might say, tremenda cara dura. Raul Castro must be laughing his head off. No more comment necessary. From The Guardian (UK), avatar of leftist fervor Russian intelligence ship docks in Havana day before US-Cuba talks A Russian intelligence warship docked in […]

Breaking news: Report on the meeting between Cuban dissidents and visiting American congressional delegation

"It is wrong to think that the gerontocracy [that rules Cuba] will change its internal policies, especially its laws, in order to please the Americans, because to do so would cause them to lose their power...." From Martha Beatriz Roque; (A loose , hurried, and abridged  translation of a two-page report emailed less than an […]

Hall of shame: 78 bigwigs — some of them Cuban “exiles”– write love letter to present occupant of the White House, ask for more concessions to Castrogonia

Ay!  The  colossal Christmas gift given to Raul Castro by the present occupant of the White House was apparently not colossal enough for some people. Seventy-eight prominent politicians and leading business heavyweights have written said occupant a thank-you letter for his December 17 capitulation to the Castro regime in which they actually beg for more […]

Let the bells ring! First date in Obama-Castro romance about to take place

What have we here, from the new romance department at Babalu? News no tabloid would ever touch.  Here's the scoop: The Obama-Castro romance is now about to be tested on a first date, and three key features of this crucial encounter have been revealed. 1. An admission by a White House official that the first […]

Surprise! Maduro announces further Cubanization of Venezuela

After a disastrous tour of oil-exporting countries, during which he failed to secure any deals that would reduce the production of crude oil and stem the decline of oil prices, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has announced a new set of  Cubanizing laws for his nation.  According to Maduro, these new measures will increase government involvement […]

Alan Gross to accompany current First Lady to most awesome speech of all time

Damn, our new You-Knew-This-Was-Coming department is awfully busy. It may have to be scrapped, for it's so hard for Babalu to keep up with the surging tsunami of predictable news concerning the Castro-Obama romance. Here's one of the latest developments. When you fail miserably at foreign and domestic policy and betray two nations, why not […]