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  • asombra: Love the photo of Jesse Jackson having a Little Richard moment: “Lucille!…”

  • asombra: I’m sorry, but Putin is a mutant. Normal people do NOT look like that.

  • asombra: This is beyond perfect. It’s the embodiment of Latrine-ness. Instant classic.

  • asombra: If she thinks this is bad, let her try doing her little number in a Muslim country.

  • asombra: And the bigger Allison is taken to be in his field, the less he needs to have or get a clue (assuming he’s on the level...

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Breaking news: Cuban dissident “Antunez” subjected to mob attack

Just in: Here is what the current occupant of the White House has wrought. This is the "future" he has ensured for the Cuban people: Placetas, Villa Clara 14 April 2015. Asamblea de la Resistencia Cubana. Jorge Luís García Perez “Antunez”, reports via telephone that State Security has ordered the residents of Placetas to carry […]

Phony, yet believable photos of the day

"He was before my time." This is what the current occupant of the White House said about Che Guevara at a news conference in Panama on 11 April 2015. Yeah.  Like he doesn't really know anything about Che. He knows.  That's why doctored images of the man smiling at a Che t-shirt are believable. . […]

Shocking! Someone refuses to praise “historic” CastroFest 2015

Needle in a haystack, as the saying goes. A ginormous haystack of  obnoxious praise for the grotesque CastroFest in Panama has left many of us wondering whether any needle of truth could be found within. Well... it seems not everyone was hypnotized, lobotomized,  or possessed by the Castro demon. The metaphorical needle, no matter how […]

CastroFest 2015 Pop Quiz # 2: Which image encapsulates the theme of this photo essay?

First Clue: It's all about context, and being seated. Second Clue: Never mind the facial expressions or body language. Third Clue: Never mind the clothes worn or not worn, or the number of seated figures.  

Pop Quiz: which of these “historic” handshakes didn’t involve the enslavement of entire nations?


Cuban exile artist Rafael Soriano (1920-2015)

From Cafe Fuerte Today, at 11 a.m., a great Cuban artist --Rafael Soriano -- was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Miami, where many other illustrious Cuban exiles are interred. Soriano died at home this past Thursday morning at the age of 94. An abstract painter, Soriano was born in Cidra, Matanzas.  He studied painting at […]

Surprise! NYT Reports: First handshake of CastroFest 2015 was “unplanned”

Here we go....  first handshake of CastroFest 2015 Get ready for even more offensive nonsense. Raul looks very pissed.  Is it because he didn't get a fist bump or a high five from Mr. Cool? Cranky old man.  Viejo encabrona'o.   Maybe his hemorrhoids were acting up? Or is it because the gifts he demanded […]

Breaking news: Castronoid mob attacks Cuban dissidents again at Panama CastroFest 2015

They're at it again. Why not?  The current occupant of the White House has not only legitimized their thuggery, but also rewarded them for it. A violent Castronoid mob has assaulted Cuban dissidents at a Panama City hotel. Telemundo 51 has filmed part of the confrontation.  Go HERE for that. The Castronoids shout ancient insults […]

Surprise! Current American president beloved by Cubans!

Never mind the fact that polls can be easily manipulated to show a desired outcome. And never mind the fact that polling in a totalitarian regime is a lot like squaring a circle. Somehow, someone at Bendixen and Amandi managed to arrive at popularity figures that confirm something sorely needed by the United States. Yes, […]

Some Latrine-oh ex-presidents plan to bring small wet blanket to Panama CastroFest 2015

When all of the leaders of Latrine America meet in Panama this week,  Nicolas Maduro --Viceroy of the Castro colony of Caracastan -- will bitch-slap the current occupant of the White House with ten million signatures from Venezuelans who oppose his sanctions on a few of their oligarchs. That will be a sideshow, however.  The […]

Airbnb in the Castro Kingdom: the latest, hottest scam in the “normalization” circus

In the past few days numerous publications and web sites have reached a fever pitch of excitement over the expansion of Airbnb to Castrogonia. The New York Times was downright ecstatic, and confirmed the correctness of their ecstasy by quoting their ultimate Cuba "expert," Castro-loving Julia Sweig. Airbnb is a website for people to rent out […]

No lawsuit for you! U.S. Supreme Court tosses out Alan Gross appeal

Alan Gross should not have been imprisoned by the Castro regime for five years. But Castro, Inc. couldn't have cared less about Gross himself, or about justice. They knew they had a valuable hostage, and-- like any expert band of pirates -- they knew he'd be ransomed. The Castronoids got what they wanted, but Gross […]

“Widespread outrage” over Mexican apartheid, but no outrage over Cuban apartheid

Does anyone need more proof that there is a double standard at play when it comes to all things Cuban? Well, if you have any doubts about this, here's one news item that can be added to the long list of proofs. A Mexican woman is arrested and fined for going to a beach reserved […]

Panama prevents Rosa Maria Payá from attending Summit of the Americas

Here we go. The so-called Summit of the Americas should really change its name to "CastroFest 2015". It's not just  due to the abject American surrender led by the current unworthy occupant of the White House, or the supportive buzz of most of Latrine America. It's due to the fact that Castro, Inc. seems to […]

Monstrous Lucy: Another insult to Cubans everywhere!

No one can love this Lucy What an insult! It's an indirect insult, but an insult nonetheless. Lucille Ball's hometown in upstate New York has erected a hideous statue of the famous actress. One does have to wonder whether this is their way of getting back at her for having married a Cuban. On top […]