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  • asombra: To my mind, Ventura and Franken did for Minnesota what Ted Kennedy did for Massachusetts: I cannot respect either state.

  • asombra: This guy strikes me as the embodiment of the worst political stereotype–just seeing him makes my skin crawl. Talk about...

  • asombra: Cretina and Putin, the Botox twins. Ugh.

  • asombra: That Delia crone is almost too witchy to be true. Perfect casting, though.

  • asombra: Of course, with Latrines, it’s never, EVER their fault. At least Cubans, or some of them, admit their own failures.

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Dispatch from the desk of despair

Calls for investigation of the murder of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero still fall on deaf ears two years after event A Washington Post editorial has just called attention to the extrajudicial execution of two Cuban pacifist dissidents. Will this editorial change the course of history? Dream on: it's reassuring to see the editors of […]

Fidel blames “imperialists” for downing of Malaysian plane

"Former leader" and "father of the Cuban revolution":  choice euphemisms for one of the most brutal dictators of our age. And the press still pays attention to his ravings. That's the real news here, not the fact that he blames "imperialists" for shooting down a plane full of innocent people.  After all, this demoniac has […]

ISIS follows Castro playbook

Forced conversions are nothing new in the history of the world.  Neither are mass expulsions based on religious or ethnic prejudices. Reading about the expulsion strategies of ISIS can make it seem as if this is the 13th century rather than the 21st.  Yes, what they are doing to Christians in Iraq is not new, […]

“Russia Today” correspondent does what all foreign correspondents in Havana should do

Something very unusual happened today: a journalist resigned her post over questions of integrity. Sara Firth, who worked for "Russia Today" refused to parrot the lies fed to her by the Kremlin. Imagine what would happen if all journalists reporting from Castrogonia were to have the same principles. Unfortunately, it seems that the situation is […]

Good questions !

As the remains of a Malaysian jet and its passengers smolder over a nine-mile swath of Ukraine, some of our friends in Washington D.C. pose some excellent questions related to U.S. policies toward Russia and Castrogonia. From Capitol Hill Cubans Waiting for the Consequences at 11:21 AM Thursday, July 17, 2014 In a statement yesterday, […]

When evil prospers and monsters laugh: an ancient meditation

Psalm 73 1 Surely God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart. 2 But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold. 3 For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. 4 They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy […]

Experience the thrill of Schadenfreude on new people-to-people Cuban excursion !!!

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. And it's schadenfreude that drives the Cuban people-to-people tourist industry. Why else would anyone shell out six thousand dollars or so to visit a repressive hell hole where nearly every building is in ruins? Insight Cuba, one of the largest tour operators in this market, has announced […]

Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour joined by Chinese partner

This is boring news, but important. After sitting through the World Cup final game, Vladimir Putin met with the "president" of China and three other heads of state in Brazil, to further the cause of Russo-Chinese hegemony through a banking scheme. What does this have to do with Castrogonia? Everything. These two aggressive dictators --Putin […]

Update on the NBC Pedro Pan lie

"Proof" of CIA involvement found unconvincing by high court After my earlier post on NBC's irresponsible approach to the history of the Pedro Pan airlift, I received a wonderful surprise from a reader: access to legal documents that clear the CIA of involvement in the Pedro Pan airlift. Go HERE if you want to see […]

Castrogonian life: What happens when the government owns everything

A painful history lesson Cuban dissident Martha Beatriz Roque has launched a photo campaign to expose the many failures and abuses of the Castrogonian state. Many of her photos feature the dangerous deterioration of the country's housing. Here is a photo received today.  She entitled it "Life hanging by a little thread."  As she explains […]

NBC at it again, parroting lies about the Pedro Pan airlift…lies that reveal deep-seated prejudices

Yeah, yeah...of course, the Pedro Pan airlift was caused by the nefarious CIA through propaganda that fooled Cuban parents into unnecessarily thinking that the future of their children's lives was at serious risk. Yeah... sure.  Cuban parents were -- and still are -- as moronic and gullible as all Lateeen-ohs. Get ready to see more […]

North Korea and Castrogonia playing hide-the-weapons again?

Forget Gangnam Style.  How about Chong Chon Gang Style?  Or how about Mu Du Bong Style? Switch the  fancy footwork magnetic pole from South to North Korea, and down to Castrogonia too. The Kim dynasty and the Castro dynasty won't give up, just because one of their many illegal shipments got bushwhacked at the Panama […]

Putin’s Latrine-Palooza tour a huge success….. for Putin

As the United States continues its free fall into the pit of irrelevance, sinking lower and lower every day, the leader of Grand Putinia continues to lay his claim on the Western hemisphere. After visiting the Castro brothers, he flew to Nicarrrrrrrrrrrrrrragua (that's how American liberals have been pronouncing the name of that country since […]

From Puttanesca to Putin Asco

Bad sauce, any way you look at it.  Thank God for Italian food. It's one of the finest cuisines on earth.  And one of their greatest sauces is puttanesca, which contains the basic ingredients of tomatoes, olive oil, olives, capers, and garlic.  There are variations, but the basic recipe comes from southern Italy, and -- […]

El Putín, el Putón, y el Cabrón: Images of Putin’s inglorious visit to Castrogonia

In that land formerly known as Cuba, before the Castro demons showed up and turned the place into a living hell, magazines and newspapers used to print many caption-free or wordless cartoons, and for some reason usually felt compelled to label them  "sin palabras" (without words), as if that fact were not obvious. Anyway, here […]