Latrine Castronoid Update: Dilma apologizes — sort of — on eve of trial

Yes, she apologizes, but not for the corruption that has brought her to trial, or for the socialist policies that hurt Brazil’s economy.

She has only apologized for choosing the wrong  vice president and for cutting taxes instead of raising them.

Yes, it’s her vice president who is to blame for the “coup” that removed her from office.

And it’s those tax cuts she reluctantly agreed to that allowed greedy capitalists to wreak havoc on her socialist measures.

Her impeachment trial is expected to begin in a few days, on August 29.

From Breitbart:

Dilma Rousseff offered an uncommon mea culpa just days before she faces an impeachment trial, saying she made mistakes in choosing a running mate who turned against her and in adopting tax policies, which helped erode public finances.

Rousseff, 68, said her biggest political mistake was choosing as vice president Michel Temer, a constitutional lawyer who she now accuses of leading the push to topple her government through impeachment. Tax breaks that cost hundreds of billions of reais didn’t manage to prevent Brazil’s economic downturn on her watch, she said.

“The reduction of taxes for businesses didn’t result in gains for the whole economy,” she told foreign correspondents in Brasilia. “We weren’t able to transform those tax cuts into increased investments and demand.”

Rousseff has admitted generically to mistakes in the past but rarely identified specific policies that went wrong. Two days ago she sent a letter to the Senate in which she said “errors were committed,” but maintained that the impeachment process against her is an illegal coup. The Senate suspended her from office in May when it voted to open impeachment proceedings on allegations she illegally financed government spending.

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don’t cry for me, Argentina

News outlet focuses attention on Venezuelan beauty queen who hates Trump

Alicia Machado

Of course, if this beauty queen had declared admiration for Trump, her story would never get any attention whatsoever.

But she became a U.S. citizen in order to vote against Trump.

And the article makes it clear she’s not just voting for Hillary, but actively campaigning for her.

In flawless English, the beauty queen let the world know where she stands:

“I so proud and inspiration to be a U.S. Citizen! I’ll be Voting! All my power and my support become with my next President @hillaryclinton Miss Housekeeping and miss Piggy Can Vote @realdonaldtrump”

Yes, this is called news.  Some actually think it’s balanced reporting.

Wholesome girl body-shamed by Trump


Ex-Miss Venezuela, Who Claims Trump Called Her ‘Miss Piggy,’ Becomes U.S. Citizen in Time to Vote

This former Miss Universe says she’s becoming a U.S. citizen just in time to cast her vote — against Donald Trump.

Alicia Machado, the Venezuelan-born beauty contestant, says Trump accused her of gaining 40 pounds after being crowned Miss Universe in 1996 when she was 19 years old.

She claims Trump made her work out to drop the extra pounds, and called her “Miss Piggy” in private.

On Friday, she became a U.S. citizen in Miami and proudly held an American flag as she was sworn in.

She is urging her fellow Latin Americans to get out and register to vote.

“This is a very important election,” she said.

The 39-year-old is throwing her support behind Hillary Clinton.

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It’s rigged!

A month into his hunger strike, Fariñas close to death

The slow self-immolation of Coco Fariñas continues.

At this point, nearly twenty-four hours after he was taken to a hospital, it is proving difficult to get an update.

Sources that normally email or tweet messages are silent.

The Sakharov Prize winner has refused food for 30 days.  It all began when he was arrested and physically abused.

Meanwhile, the tourists keep pouring in, and so do their dollars and euros.

From Translating Cuba:

Guillermo  Fariñas loses consciousness again, taken to hospital 

Lilianne Ruiz, 19 August 2106 — Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas had to be taken to the hospital again yesterday, at 4:40 in the afternoon The photo at the top of this post was taken several weeks ago but it shows how FANTU activists take him to the hospital.

As stipulated in the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikers, he was intravenously hydrated with saline solution. I want to clarify I am citing the Declaration of Malta because of one of the attacks of the regime’s trolls in the virtual forums that arise these days, it is a fact that Coco could not receive saline solution in a state hospital.

It is obvious that all the hospitals and polyclinics in Cuba are state owned, and that is one of the fatalities that many of us want to change, not only to improve the quality of medical services and make them accessible to everyone without discrimination, but also to put an end to this technology of Power that Foucault aptly defined as “Biopower,” and that allows the Cuban government to minutely control the population with disciplinary and regulatory effects.

In the Cuban context we must take into account the lack of a civic culture that affects even doctors and nurses in the healthcare system. According to the World Medical Association Declaration, “Physicians attending hunger strikers can experience a conflict between their loyalty to the employing authority (such as prison management) and their loyalty to patients. Physicians with dual loyalties are bound by the same ethical principles as other physicians, that is to say that their primary obligation is to the individual patient.”

We have to think of Cuba as a prison, a concentration camp, a decrepit experiment that all Cubans want to sweep away; but fear of reprisals makes them powerless to make political decisions; but it is not the case in homes, whose walls at least reflect the echoes of the protest. So when talking about state violence we have to include the coercion and the permanent propaganda in the media, which are a state monopoly. This is how totalitarianism works: it is made up of a network of anti-democratic institutions that make up the malignant machinery.

On another point, while writing this post I managed to talk to Coco in Tuesday, by phone. He could barely talk, it’s more exact to say that I managed let him hear me for a few minutes, to express all my support and solidarity.

However, I also told him that I will give thanks to God when he is back on his feet to continue fighting for freedom, for political freedom, like fundamental human rights, which we Cubans lack.

I compare this feat of Coco’s to swimming across the Atlantic, with the legitimate purpose of disarming a criminal government, before the incredulous eyes of the major stakeholders. Because, I believe that not only Cubans but the civilized world desire that Coco, or any opposition action in this non-violent struggle for freedom and democracy in Cuba, manages to disarm the so-called Cuban government, like a criminal who puts the social order in danger is disarmed in the dreamed-of Rule of Law.

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What, do you seriously think this has any effect on me?

Meet the white generals who run apartheid tourism and earn millions for Castro, Inc.

General Pérez Róspide in civilian garb

Basic information from Marti Noticias:

Meet Luis Pérez Róspide, one of the super-elites of the Castro Kingdom, who prefers to remain invisible to the outside world, but not to foreign investors in the apartheid tourism sector of Castro, Inc.

General Luis is the president of the military conglomerate known as Gaviota S.A., which is in charge of the largest and most lucrative slice of the apartheid tourism market in Castrogonia.

Yesterday we featured just a few of Gaviota’s apartheid resorts in Cayo Coco.  Today we can let you know that General Pérez Róspide — who is a youthful 73 years old — oversees an empire with 24,376 employees, over 55 hotels and 24,000 rooms, and a yearly income in 2015 of $650 million U.S. dollars.

The General has been a close associate of King Raul and King Emeritus Fidel since he joined their hide-and-seek game in the mountains back in 1959 at the age of 15.

He was sent to the Soviet Union at the age of 21 and returned to the Castro Kingdom as a military mechanical engineer with an expertise in armored vehicles.  In 1988 King Raul (then a mere prince) named him Director of the Military Industrial Union, and ever since then, he’s been in charge of running businesses for the military, despite the fact that he has no professional training in business or economics.

The General is rarely mentioned in the Communist party newspaper Granma or any other publications that cover the feverish activity of Castrogonia’s oligarchs.  And it is extremely difficult to find photos of him on the internet.

Latrine Junta on steroids: The old white men who own and run Castrogonia, and their one black token comrade.
General Pérez Róspide is only one of several members of the Castro military junta deeply involved in the island’s monopolies.  Another great magnate is Colonel Héctor Oroza Busutin, director of CIMEX, the monopoly that runs all imports and exports and oversees over a billion dollars in trade annually.  Finding his photo on the internet proved impossible.
One general with even more power than Pérez Róspide is Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas, president of the Grupo de Administración Empresarial S.A. (GAESA) de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, the military junta’s largest monopoly, which controls at least 70% of all businesses in Castrogonia.
general Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas
By sheer coincidence, by the way, the very fair-skinned and blue-eyed General Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas –who is also seldom photographed — just happens to be married to King Raul’s daughter Princess Deborah Castro Espín, whose brother Prince Alejandro Castro Espín is King Raul’s chief intelligence advisor and the most likely heir to the dynasty’s throne.
According to the Miami Herald,  this son-in-law of King Raul — one of the youngest oligarchs on the island — is in command of Cuba’s entire tourism industry.  and is also  “widely viewed as one of the most powerful and ambitious men in Cuba — smart, arrogant, frugal and a highly effective administrator of GAESA.”
Oh, but the incestuous fun doesn’t stop there, or stay contained on the island.  No.  Some of this incestuous Castronoid goop has spilled out onto the U.S.A.
A first cousin of General Rodríguez López-Callejas, a trained spy for the Castro regime, now lives in the United States and is one of the most prominent of “Cuba experts” quoted by the American news media.  His name is Arturo Lopez-Levy, who very conveniently switched one of his surnames so he wouldn’t be too easily recognized as King Raul’s nephew-in-law.
Although he loves to use the title “professor,” Arturo has never completed his Ph.D. and has only held temporary adjunct lecturer positions in the U.S.
Hoo-boy, Mildred, I swear, this is more fun than any reality show on TLC or MTV, or any of those networks that feature the antics of the dregs of humanity.
Cuba “expert” Arturo Lopez Levy, nephew-in-law to King Raul

Nicarrrrrrragua slips into Castronoid orbit, no one seems to care

castronoid copy cat

As Venezuela implodes and Castrogonia savors the benefits of the Normalization Circus, Nicaragua has been sliding down the repressive socialist path very rapidly.

And hardly anyone is paying attention.

How will we know when the bottom has been reached?

Not when Ortega is re-elected (yes, “elected”) president with his wife as vice-president.  That won’t be the ultimate sign of his apotheosis.

The ultimate victory will be achieved when American liberals return to trilling the “r” in Nicarrrrragua, as they used to do in the 1980’s, to show how cool they were and how much they loved the Sandinistas.

Back then, liberal/progressive/leftists would trill the “r” in Nicarrrragua, but not in Honduras, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, etc…

Only Sandinista Nicarrrrrrrrrrragua merited the trilled “r”.  Their inconsistency was astounding.

While they said Nicarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragua with abandon, the enemies of the Sandinistas were always the Contras, with a very soft American “r” rather than any trilled “r’s”.

And in the 1970’s, they took to saying “Chill-eh” rather than “Chilly” while the Castronoid Salvador Allende and his Communists were in power.

So, be on the lookout for that rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in Nicarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragua: it will mark the ultimate victory of Daniel Orrrrrrrrrrrrrtega.

Blood Brothers

From Marc Margolis at Bloomberg:

Nicaragua’s Once and Future President

Latin American diplomacy has had its hands full. With illega lmigrants streaming over borders, Colombia trying to close a contentious peace accord, and Venezuela’s economy and society imploding, it’s hard to know where to focus.

All the better for Daniel Ortega, the graying Marxist rebel-turned-supremo who has quietly transformed Nicaragua from a democratic promise to an almost intractable autocracy.

Thanks to Ortega, Nicaraguan democracy is now nearly an oxymoron. A decade of rules-rigging has neutered the political opposition, silenced critics, and stacked the country’s courts. Partly as a result,this year’s presidential election is Ortega’s to lose. Technically, there are other challengers on the Nov. 6 ballot, but that’s theater. The only political force that counts in Nicaragua is “Orteguismo.”

Such a brazen personalization of power seems out of date in Latin America, which despite a severe economic downturn is more democratic than ever. Kleptocrats are being brought to justice, free and fair elections are the rule across the hemisphere, and authoritarians are on the defensive.

And yet, until recently, Ortega’s power grab has drawn little more than a collective shrug.

 Given Latin America’s long tradition of noninterference in neighbors’ affairs, this is not entirely unexpected. And it’s hardly chivalry: Offering the rogue next door a pass is a down payment on diplomatic indulgences at home. This reciprocity gave former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez a freer hand to stifle dissent, bully businesses, and game elections — as long as Venezuelans were allowed to vote.
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Latrine impersonators of Gomez, Uncle Fester, and Morticia Addams, with Pugsley and Afro-Lurch in the background

Maduro promises a colossal purge in Castro colony of Caracastan

Nice Bolivarian Rolex on display, essential for purges

From ABC Spain (loosely translated):

Maduro promises he will make Erdogan’s purge in Turkey look like child’s play.

Fired up with revolutionary enthusiasm after his recent visit to his colonial masters in the Castro Kingdom, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has issued a Fidelista-style threat at anyone who dares to unseat him from the throne.

The threat involved a comparison between himself and President Erdogan of Turkey, who has violently removed all suspected opponents from the government, the military, the police, the universities, and the business community.

“Did you see what happened in Turkey?  Erdogan is going to look like an infant when compared to the Bolivarian Revolution if the rightists try to stage a coup,” said Maduro during a rally.

“Go ahead and try to do it,” he challenged the opposition.  “Here in Venezuela the working class and the people are united.  I want peace and dialogue, I want prosperity and we are going to prevail.”

Maduro warned that this was no idle threat. “I’m ready to do it, and I don’t care what the Organization of American States might have to say about it, or what the North American imperialists have to say either.”

Opposition to Maduro has intensified and coalesced over the past year, as the Venezuelan economy continues to deteriorate.  A coalition of opponents, the Mesa de Unidad Democrática (MUD — Democratic Unity Table) is promoting a referendum to remove Maduro from the presidency.

Read the whole thing HERE, in Spanish

So happy together at the Advanced Purges seminar …


Shocking! Trashy Third-World Cubans trash their own beaches


Cojímar beach, Cuba

Those damn Cubans!

Their island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and what do they do with them?

They fill them with trash.

And then, when some foreign reporter interviews them about this issue, what do they say?

They blame it on the deprivations they suffered during “the Special Period” in the 1990’s.

Yes, don’t you see?  Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cubans had good manners and self respect.

When the Soviet balloon popped, poof,  “national values disintegrated” because Cubans no longer had “subsidized plenty.”

Yes, never mind the ration books, the long lines, the scarcity of everything,  the executions, the prisons, the torture, the concentration camps, the forced labor, or the million Cubans who fled the island before 1991.

And never mind those Cuban beaches destroyed by pollution and neglect, which tourists never see. (Such as  Cojímar, photo above and article HERE).

No, never mind those.  Everything was peachy keen between 1959 and 1991.  The Revolution was a great success.  The Revolution itself has NOTHING to do with the “disintegration” of Cuban values.

Cubans became trashy because they no longer had a sugar daddy colonial power taking care of them.

Yeah.  Sure. That’s the moral of the story, and that’s why the story was written: to prove, once again, that Cubans are savages.  In this case, however, they are ignoble savages.

Damn Third World ingrates.  They have squandered the legacy of their beautiful “Revolution” simply because they lost their generous colonial overlords.

Yeah, just look at how awfully dirty the beach below is, which Associated Press, chose to highlight! (And compare with beach above, which AP doesn’t mention).

From Granma Lite (AP):

Cubans, tourists bemoan Cuba’s beaches getting trashed

Ms Hayde Lanza, her sister-in-law and their children left home in their swimsuits after breakfast, loaded with food, juice and bottled water. A 40-minute bus ride later they were staring at a turquoise sea riffled by a gentle Caribbean breeze — and a powdery white beach littered with food wrappers and aluminum cans.

“There are cardboard boxes and broken bottles,” Ms Lanza said. “In the water there’s cracker packages, plastic, everything. There’s no respect for the people who show up after you. Even right next to the trash cans there’s piles of trash on the ground.”

 Litter is a problem virtually everywhere in the world. But the trashing of Cuba’s world-class beaches by beachgoers themselves has become so extreme that tourists are complaining and Cubans bemoan it as a symptom of something amiss in a nation that’s long cherished cleanliness, order and mutual respect.

“No one has a sense of ownership, not of the environment, or of the beach or anything. People think, ‘This isn’t mine so it doesn’t matter if it’s dirty’,” said Ms Yanelis Silva, who was selling snacks, drinks and fried chicken at a beachfront stand on the eastern outskirts of Havana.

“It was really disappointing to get to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and find mountains of trash,” one tourist wrote on TripAdvisor about her time in Varadero, one of Cuba’s best-known resorts.

Particularly extreme during summer vacations, the beach trash problem fuels a widely shared Cuban belief that national values disintegrated during the post-Soviet economic collapse known here as the Special Period. For many Cubans who remember the Cold War decades of subsidised plenty, the economic deprivation that began in the 1990s caused permanent damage to standards of personal behavior in one of the world’s last communist-run societies.

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Cuban doctors partying at the beach

Quotes of the day from Cuban apartheid beach resort workers

Melia Cayo Coco: No Cubans allowed

Apartheid is alive and well — and thriving — in the Castro Kingdom

The exclusive apartheid resorts at Cayo Coco on the North-Central coast of Cuba are among the most profitable on the island.

The resorts are owned by the military enterprise Gaviota, which oversees multiple apartheid resorts and earns huge profits by paying very little to its Cuban employees.

Cayo Coco is a barrier island, much like Miami Beach.  Its offshore location makes it very easy for the Castro regime to control access to the hotels on the island, and to make it one of the most strictly segregated places in Cuba.

At the entrance to the only causeway that links the island to the mainland, police officers and military guards check every vehicle that enters and exits Cayo Coco very carefully, ensuring that the only Cubans allowed there are those who work for Gaviota.

Tryp Cayo Coco: No Cubans allowed

The place has been described as a “United Nations with no Cubans”: Europeans, Latin Americans, Canadians, Asians, Russians, etc… but no Cubans, except as laborers.  And among the laborers, very few are Afro-Cuban.

Working conditions are abysmal, but, given the fact that the entire country is a labyrinth of ruins and a hell-hole, the workers feel somewhat lucky to labor there as servants to well-heeled foreigners.

Employee 1 (driver of golf cart that ferries passengers around resort): “Most of us workers don’t like the way that we are treated.  Gaviota contracts foreign firms to run their hotels.  The salary is shit (una mierda).  I earn 500 pesos a year (20 US dollars) and since this is an all-inclusive hotel, tips are scarce.  The bellmen and the chamber maids earn more extra money than anyone else.  But it is better to work in a hotel than to be a policeman.”

Employee 2, Juana, chamber maid:  “We never receive a salary that is appropriate, given the number of tourists at this hotel.  It helps me that the guests tend to give me about three pesos for tips, and sometimes, as they are leaving, they give me some clothes or other items, but getting those out beyond the hotel is very hard.”

Pestana Cayo Coco: No Cubans allowed

Employee 3, a gardener:  “Most of the Cubans who work as managers have just changed their military uniforms for white or blue guayabera shirts and black trousers.  They get here from their military life thinking that hotels ought to be run like army camps.  In addition to treating us rudely, they act like pretentious lords.  I don’t leave this job because working in a hotel is better than having to harvest sugar cane.”

Emplolyee 4, bartender who –like most other employees — lives in Morón and has to spend about two hours a day commuting to his job at Cayo Coco. “Our work schedule is extremely demanding.  I work seven days in a row and then get three days off.  The management treats us with disdain.  Despite the success of the hotel, Gaviota doesn’t allow us or our families to use its facilities.  Even the food served to the workers is inferior to that of the guests: we get smaller portions and everything is poorly cooked.”

Cayo Coco: No Cubans allowed

Some of the most profitable apartheid hotels on Cayo Coco run by Gaviota are these: Memories Caribe Beach Resort, Meliá Cayo Coco, Meliá Jardines del Rey, Pullman Cayo Coco, Pestana Cayo Coco All Inclusive Beach Resort, Tryp Cayo Coco, Colonial Cayo Coco, Sol Cayo Coco, Playa Coco Star, Iberostar Mojito, Iberostar Cayo Coco and NH Krystal Laguna Villas & Resort.  These have a total of more than 6,700 rooms, and they are usually filled to capacity during peak season, which stretches for nine months, from September to May.

Check out the links if you’d like to do some vomiting today

Read more HERE (in Spanish, Marti Noticias)

Cuba for Cubans

As the pope blesses Fidel and Raul, the Castro regime steps up religious persecution in Cuba

Pastor Bernado de Quesada Salomon’s congregation worships outdoors after their church is demolished

Good luck finding any reports on this anywhere but in obscure web sites.

While the world’s press has been praising all of the “changes” brought about by the Normalization Circus, the Castro regime has been persecuting Protestant churches in Cuba.

All this as Papa Che poses with Fidel and Raul, smiling from ear to ear, brokering deals for King Raul, installing a new Archbishop of Havana who prays for the success of the so-called Revolution.

Not pretty.  Not pretty at all.  Disgusting, in fact.  But what is more disgusting, the destruction of churches, or the fact that the destruction is totally ignored by the world beyond Cuba?

1,400 Assemblies of God Churches Demolished, Confiscated by Cuba, Report Says

The U.K.-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide has recorded more than 1,600 religious freedom violations in Cuba in the first six months of this year, highlighting the communist government’s crackdown of churches, especially the beginning of a process which involves confiscation of 1,400 Assemblies of God churches.

The violations include demolition and confiscation of church buildings, destruction of church property, arbitrary detention and other forms of harassment, particularly the confiscation and seizure of personal belongings of religious leaders, according to the report, which adds, “Over 1,000 Protestant churches are still under threat of confiscation and have not had their ‘illegal’ status overturned.”

Since January 2016, the government has demolished four large churches linked to the Apostolic Movement, in three different parts of the country: in Camaguey and Santiago, and two in Las Tunas, the report says.

Fuertes Viento church in Las Tunas demolished April 2016

CSW found that each church demolition has followed a similar pattern: “police and state security agents block main roads surrounding the church, in many cases dragging pastors and their families out of bed in the very early hours of the morning, detaining them in separate police stations for the duration of the demolition.”

The report notes that Legal Decree 322 remains in effect. The legislation was announced on Sept. 5, 2014 and came into effect on Jan. 5, 2015, and was supposedly established to regulate private properties and enforce zoning laws. “However, it has been and is being used by government officials to seize church properties.”

In 2015 around 2,000 churches linked to the Assemblies of God denomination, the largest Protestant denomination in the country, were declared illegal by the government, the report says. At least 1400 of these church buildings, many of which are house churches, are “in the process of being expropriated by the government – despite the fact that the denomination has refused to sign the orders of confiscation.”

Much more HERE, continue reading for details

Double not-so-secret Plenary Indulgence
happy, happy Plenary Indulgence, with blessings

Jeb Bush and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: Obama’s Cuba Policy is Disastrous

From National Review

One Year Later: Assessing President Obama’s Failed Cuba Strategy

by Jeb Bush and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

One year ago this month, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Havana to celebrate the reopening of the U.S. embassy, 54 years after President Dwight Eisenhower severed diplomatic relations with Cuba’s Communist regime.

During the last year, we have seen President Barack Obama, his administration, and its extended echo chamber work exhaustively to portray the president’s misguided Cuba policy as a success. But the realities on the ground paint a different picture. We saw President Obama and Cuban leader Raúl Castro enjoy a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national baseball team with FARC terrorists in the stadium, host a jubilant joint press conference, and mingle with Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Leahy, and Charlie Rangel over a lavish state dinner at the Palace of the Revolution.

But today, despite the president’s promises to “engage and empower the Cuban people,” little has changed for those suffering under the Havana tyranny.

Dozens of protesters were arrested in Cuba just hours before President Obama’s arrival in Havana back in March. The Ladies in White, such as Berta Soler and Yaquelin Heredia Morales are still being harassed, beaten, and jailed. Sakharov Prize awardee Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas has been on a hunger strike for nearly three weeks to shine a spotlight on Castro’s human-rights abuses on the island. The regime controls the media and the Internet remains highly censored with little access to divergent views. Last month, the Obama State Department even admitted the dictatorship has failed to live up to the promises it made to broaden Internet access. At a meeting of the Cuban Communist party in April, Raul Castro denied Cuba was moving toward capitalism and continued to deride free markets and private-property rights. Elections remain far from free and democratic.

In fact, prominent leaders of Cuba’s peaceful opposition believe President Obama’s concessions to the Castro regime have been counterproductive to the fight for freedom. Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, also known as Antunez, and who spent 17 years in Castro’s gulags, has affirmed that “a vital segment of the Cuban Resistance” view the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement “as a betrayal of the aspiration to freedom of the Cuban people.”

Antonio Rodiles

Cuban pro-democracy advocate Antonio Rodiles, who has been arrested more than 50 times, believes repression by the dictatorship and its Communist apparatchiks is actually increasing. He recently said, “the regime is more legitimate after the change in relations with the U.S.,” adding, “Economic changes won’t bring political changes; now human rights and the promotion of democracy are not the priority of the discussion.”

As we assess the results of President Obama’s foreign-policy legacy, it is clear that Cuba, like Iran in recent nuclear negotiations, has received far more concessions from the United States than what we achieved in return. That shouldn’t come as a surprise — at every turn, the Obama administration has put politics over sound policy, pursuing photo-ops instead of pragmatic and tangible objectives.

Ultimately, the real test of the Obama administration’s rapprochement with the Castro regime is not whether President Obama’s legacy is burnished with dubious diplomatic achievements, but whether improved relations between Havana and Washington advance the cause of human rights and freedom for the Cuban people. The ongoing detention of pro-democracy advocates and continued human-rights abuses suggest the administration’s policy has failed this test.

Continue reading HERE

Wow! New York Times has some unkind things to say about Cubazuela



Wonders never cease.

But, maybe in this case, the “wonders” are due to expediency.

Things are so awful in Caracastan that even the NYT can’t avoid the awfulness of it all.

And, as all weasels are wont to do, the NYT is covering its derriere, reporting on the awfulness so that when Caracastan goes down in flames, it can’t be blamed for not having reported on the sparks that are igniting the final conflagration.

Lord have mercy.

Venezuelans wait in line for food

From the editorial board of Granma North (The Niuyortain)– the same gang that strained to make the Normalization Circus seem wonderful

A Looming Clash in Venezuela

Venezuela’s electoral commission signaled last week that a referendum that could oust President Nicolás Maduro will not be held before the end of the year. That was hardly a surprise, but it puts Venezuela on a dangerous — and avoidable — collision course.

Under their Constitution, Venezuelans can elect a new president if a referendum is held before Jan. 10. That would bring an overdue end to Mr. Maduro’s ruinous era. But if the vote happens after that date, and Mr. Maduro loses, his vice president would serve out the remainder of his term, which would keep the country’s corrupt and authoritarian ruling class in power until at least 2019.

Opposition leaders denounced the time frame, announced by the chief of the electoral commission, Tibisay Lucena, as a delaying tactic meant to protect her political patrons. They called for a mass demonstration on Sept. 1 to insist that the referendum take place this year. María Corina Machado, a prominent critic of the government, said it was time to resort to “civil disobedience.”


“We need to call things by their name: We face a corrupt, mafioso, militant dictatorship,” she said in a speech. “The regime is cornered, and it is acting in an unrestrained manner. We have a historic opportunity.”

Despair and hunger in Venezuela have deepened in recent weeks as food shortages have worsened and international efforts to bridge the political divide have failed. The crisis has begun to spill across borders. Thousands of Venezuelans have poured into neighboring Colombia in search of food, and a few have begun to take to the seas to escape their misery.

Continue reading HERE

Cuban Nosferatu and his Venezuelan Renfield

Castro State Security isolates Fariñas, takes over his cell phone

BREAKING NEWS from Cuba emailed by Martha Beatriz Roque
 Yesterday at noon State Security agents cut off service to Guillermo Fariñas and all who call his number are re-routed to State Security, where someone who pretends to be a dissident disseminates misinformation about Fariñas, saying that he has broken his hunger strike and is drinking juice and chicken broth. Whoever this is also says that he was weighed by a doctor and has gained one pound.

The real situation is that Fariñas has been isolated, cut off from the outside world.

Berta Soler and two other Ladies in White –María *Cristina Labrada y *Ariuska Gómez– tried to travel to Santa Clara to visit Fariñas, but all three were arrested and taken back to their homes.

Martha Beatriz Roque

Ay! Cuban Dissidents Ask Pope Francis to Intercede for Guillermo Fariñas

Good luck with this one, valiant crusaders.

Papa Che is on the side of the Castro dynasty, not on your side.

He has made that clear many times.

Besides, King Raul is more likely to listen to Kim Jung Un than to Papa Che.   He takes the pope for a fool and couldn’t care less what he begs for.

He’s already gotten so much from Papa Che — more than any mass murderer could ever hope for — that he’s not going to listen to any papal pleas on behalf of anyone who challenges his authority.

Assuming, of course, that Papa Che would make any such pleas, which is highly unlikely.

You Cubans in the Castro Kingdom are all chained together in the hold of that giant slave ship, and that is alright with Papa Che — peachy keen, in fact — and also with  Obama, Trudeau, Hollande, Merkel, May, Rajoy, Renzi,  Ban Ki-moon, Trump, Clinton, and just about 99.99 percent of the world’s population.

You deserve to be slaves because you are subhuman and the Castro dynasty is the best you can hope for, ever, forever and ever.  Per omnia saeculae saeculorum….you slugs….

Plenary Indulgence

From Translating Cuba:

In a letter to Pope Francis, eight activists from the Anti-Totalitarian Forum (FANTU) have asked “his Holiness to take an interest” in the condition of regime opponent Guillermo Fariñas after 27 days on hunger strike.

The signatories are appealing to the Bishop of Rome to “keep Fariñas in your prayers” and said that the 2010 recipient of the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought is risking his life to demand “compliance with Cuba’s existing laws to stop the violence of some Cubans against others.”

Guillermo Fariñas is in “critical condition” according to several reports issued on Monday afternoon by Jorge Luis Artiles Montiel, known as “Bebo,” a spokesperson for the well-known dissident during his hunger strike.

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Artiles Montiel told 14ymedio via telephone that Fariñas had slept “from the time the doctor left in the morning” until the afternoon visit of independent unionist Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, with whom he spoke for a few minutes.

The spokesperson for the FANTU leader said the opponent is now in a very delicate state in which “he sleeps for long hours, passes little urine and reports a lot of pain in his lower back and joints.”

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Double Secret Plenary Indulgence


Surprise! Castro regime reaffirms its total control of everything in Cuba

Long live the King who owns everything!… and all hail his neo-Nazi uniform!

Forget all the feel-good news about economic “reforms” in the Castro Kingdom, and about all those warm and fuzzy stories on “self-employed” Cuban entrepreneurs.

The Communist Party of Cuba announced on Tuesday 16 August a new series of economic rules designed to stifle the transition towards a decentralized economy.

The 275 rules listed in the Party’s latest announcement emphasize the everlasting permanency of an aggressive  centrally-run ecomony, with the military oligarchy remaining in charge of running it, down to the smallest details, forever and ever.

The ultimate objective of these new rules is to make it impossible for anyone, ever  — except for the Military Junta — to own anything or to have an income above the bare minimum dictated by said U.S.-backed Junta.

The new announcement — largely ignored by world’s news media and almost totally eclipsed by Madonna’s visit to the U.S.-backed slave plantation — also signals further attempts to block the establishment of real internet connections between the Castro Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever shall be…

The new rules say that internet service can only improve “gradually, according to economic possibilities.”

So, since all “economic possibilities” are now officially decreed to be solely under control of the Military Junta, the message is clear.

The oligarchs will remain in control of both the economy and of internet access, as well as of everything else, including all the corruption and under-the-table deals that make the oligarchs wealthier and wealthier, and ever more powerful.

Good luck finding any news stories that focus on this latest move by the Castro dynasty to remain in absolute control of every aspect of life in Cuba.

Normalization Circus, keeps on rolling along!   Viva el Circo.  Long live the Circus!

Read the whole story HERE in Spanish, via Marti Nocicias.

Status quo, nunc et semper, per omnia saeculae saeculorum


Coco Fariñas continues to starve himself to death, hardly anyone really cares….

It’s a lot like watching a perfectly avoidable car crash in slow motion and not being able to do anything to stop it.

Coco Fariñas should not be killing himself through this latest hunger strike of his, principally because his heroic gesture will be ignored and have no substantial impact whatsoever on the Castro regime.

King Raul will rejoice when this enemy of his is dead.  The world’s news organizations won’t waste any of their precious “feel-good-about-Cuba” space on this utterly sad spectacle.

Coco Fariñas does expose the hypocrisy that fuels the Normalization Circus , but the problem is that only a handful of human beings on earth care about his valiant self-immolation and its message.

This means that his imminent death will not at all change the world’s attitude toward the Castro dynasty.

What a world, what a world… as the Wicked Witch of the West said while she melted into a puddle…. What a world…..

What a world….yes, but, unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, valiant Coco will not be able to vanquish the Castro dynasty.

While Coco dies, slowly and painfully, Madonna dances on tables in a restaurant owned by the scions of the murderous U.S. -backed Military Junta and gets all the attention.

From Fox News Lateeeeeeeeen-oh:

Deteriorating health of Cuban dissident on hunger strike worries international observers

Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas is on the fourth week of a hunger strike, and his health continues to deteriorate, his mother told Fox News Latino in a telephone interview from Cuba.

Fariñas started his hunger strike in July, he told FNL last week, after he was beaten by Cuban police for inquiring about another dissident. Fariñas said that his condition for ending the hunger strike is that Cuban government stop beating dissidents who peacefully demonstrate for human rights.

The U.S. government, the Vatican, political leaders from around the world and Cuba policy groups have been monitoring Fariñas’ condition, well aware that a turn for the worse as far as his health could have far-reaching ramifications for the still-fragile restoration of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

The 54-year-old has lost about 30 lbs. and has low blood pressure, a slow pulse and reduced heart rate, according to his mother, Alicia Hernandez Cabeza, who is a nurse. Others who have visited the dissident have also described a decline in his condition.

“He needs help to get out of bed, he is extremely weak,” Hernandez Cabeza said Tuesday. “The injuries from the beating the police here put him through are slowly healing, but he is dehydrated and has muscle fatigue and is barely awake.”

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