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  • asombra: Peñalver was also blacker than Mandela, just not the right kind of black.

  • asombra: Doesn’t Nosferatu look adorable? Isn’t this what every country should aspire to as its patriarch? Lord, the shame.

  • asombra: Cubans should stop expecting any better than this, because this is perfectly normal, strictly speaking. The longer we keep...

  • asombra: Actually, Batista, who was much more a man of the people than Fidel, tried and worked hard to look and act like a gentleman, and...

  • asombra: It’s not hard to manipulate those who practically beg for it, so if the manipulator’s halfway competent, it’s...

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Double standard photos of the day: Granma Lite (AP) takes cheap shot at Ted Cruz

How's this for a cheap shot? This photo of Ted Cruz was used in a recent Associated Press article. As Breitbart News observes: 'Imagine the outcry were he a Democrat. How many think pieces about violent imagery and responsible reporting would we see? How many more if he were a woman?' Worse than that, consider […]

Photos of the day: why megalomaniac dictators should stick to military uniforms

Holy smokes! Adolf in a kimono!  Rumor has it that this recently-discovered photo was intentionally hidden by the Führer. Our own Über-Führer (Maximum Leader) lacks the good sense to do the same. And, at least Adolf showed some good fashion sense, limiting his decorations to swastikas.  Our Über-Führer,  El Coma Andante, bedecks himself with capitalist logos and his […]

A Father’s Day Tribute

If my father were still alive today, he'd be 106 years old. Unfortunately, he died when he was only 67. If I were my dad, I'd only have three years left on earth. My father died of a heart attack when agents of the Castro regime came to cart away his possessions. "We're taking your […]

Duh! Visiting Castrogonia “before it changes” may involve some discomforts, warns Granma Lite (AP)

Granma Lite (Associated Press) has published a story by a prize-winning journalist in which potential travelers to Castrogonia are warned about the likelihood of discomforts. Awww. Poor souls.  They want to see the slave plantation in its full archaic splendor, but -- horror of horrors -- they may be subjected to some of the indignities […]

Non-Catholic churches still persecuted and harassed by Castro regime

A representative of Christian Solidarity Worldwide has written a very revealing letter to the Washington Post about religious repression in the Castro Kingdom. This letter highlights the different treatment received by Protestant churches in Cuba. Unlike the Catholic Church, which has made a deliberate and conscious decision to sell out to the Castro regime -- and […]

Tremendo pleito! Brawl erupts in Venezuelan market over rationed meat

From ABC Spain: Meat is rationed in Venezuela, along with other foodstuffs and products. When a shipment of meat arrived at a market --Central Madeirense de San Antonio-- in the state of Miranda, shoppers at the store began to clamor for their fair share of the shipment.  (As Cubans would say: "Se formó un alboroto.") […]

More crappy glamourista tourist drivel from Castrogonia

From our Severe Irritations department: Actress takes a vacation in a totalitarian hellhole where food is rationed for the natives. Actress complains about eating too much bread and pasta. Actress jokes about being pregnant with a "food baby" and tweets a photo of her distended belly. If this story doesn't prove how totally invisible and […]

Aaaay! Hyper-leftist Sean Penn gets dumped by his beautiful bride-to-be Charlize Theron

From our Schadenfreude Department: She's one of the most beautiful women in the world.  He's a great friend of every Latrine American dictator. Their romance is over. It's only worth mentioning here because Sean Penn has long been a source of irritation to all freedom-loving Cubans, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, Argentinians, Nicaraguans, etc... While Cuban dissidents […]

Reuters almost dares to speculate on dynastic succession within Castro family

All in the Family, Sort of... Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters) has dared to suggest that one of Raul Castro's sons may succeed his father as King of Castrogonia. But as soon as they mention the possibility, the writers of the article pull out some appropriate "Cuba experts" who vehemently deny any such dynastic plans. Funny, how […]

Iowa farmers itching to give away their produce for free to the Castro regime

Yeah.  Here we go again... An Iowa newspaper reports that Iowa farmers are super-excited about being able to sell more of their foodstuffs to the Castro regime. As always, the article says nothing about the fact that Iowa farmers have long been selling stuff to the Castro trade monopoly. The plain truth is very simple: […]

Putin steps up effort to stir up trouble in Raul/Barack romance

Good morning, good news! From our Once-and-Future Colonial Motherland department: Raul Castro's good friend Vladimir Putin is once again stealing attention from the current occupant of the White House. Obviously, he is trying to impress Raul and elicit feelings of jealousy from the Cuban monarch's new American paramour. And Czar Vlad seems to be succeeding, […]

Caracastan update: Alitalia cancels service to Venezuela

It looks as if Raul Castro has been teaching Nicolás Maduro to imitate him. Maduro --like his mentor -- refuses to pay what he owes. But, as is the case with some students, the lessons seem to have gone to waste. Unlike Raul Castro, Maduro has failed to capture the hearts and minds of capitalist business […]

Succinct summary of the betrayal of the Cuban people by the current occupant of the White House

"While you slept, the regime was conceiving their cleansing of the pro-democracy leaders to come. While you sleep, a second generation of dictators is planning with impunity their next crimes." -Rosa Maria Payá (address to U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 3 February 2015) From The Daily Signal Why US ‘Engagement’ With Cuba Has Been Deadly for […]

Cuban ex-prisoners of conscience to hold news conference in Miami on Tuesday 16 June

Miamians and people currently visiting Miami, please note: You have the chance to attend an important event.  See information below. Will any major news media send anyone to cover this press conference? You know the answer: Fuhgeddaboudit... ni se te ocurra...olvidatedeso... From Jorge Luís García Pérez “Antunez”: This Tuesday 16 June at 11 a.m., a group of […]

Best essay yet on bigotry displayed against Rubio by New York Times

Required reading. Below is a fragment of the most incisive and most beautiful essay on the recent attacks the New York Times tried to launch against Marco Rubio. It's a brilliant dissection that reveals the bigotry behind these failed hit pieces by Alan Rappeport, Steve Eder and Michael Barbaro. Kevin Williamson explains why these three wisenheimers […]