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  • ranavy33: Great article, great translation.

  • asombra: His parents obviously followed the former fashion to give Cuban children Russian names. Sad.

  • asombra: Because little brown island people don’t deserve labor rights; they’re just there to do labor. If they want rights,...

  • La Conchita: Everything changed when the Soviets left. USA then didn’t care shit about Cuba. Then the Castro’s gave up all...

  • Rayarena: Asombra, the days of José Martí are long gone. In its place, you find either the Cubanoids whom as I have mentioned, pack the...

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Castro-friendly news agency almost admits its reporting on “reforms” was dead wrong…sort of….

There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe it's pretty clear. Reuters has just called attention to the fact that Cubans are fleeing their island prison in record numbers. The question is: why would they call attention to something that proves how awful life is in Castrogonia?   And […]

Huge propaganda score for Castrogonia: Cuban doctors being sent to epicenter of Ebola epidemic in Africa

UPDATE:  When this post went up on friday night, only a handful of news outlets were reporting on this propaganda scoop.   Twelve hours later, just about every major news bureau and newspaper is devoting attention to it.  This may turn out to be THE Cuba story of the year for the Castro-friendly news media. […]

Photos of the day: Castro’s urban reform, a half-century of genuine progress

Here we go.... More photos from Martha Beatriz Roque. Once again, the images are from Guanabacoa, formerly a middle class neighborhood in Havana, now just another Cuban sinkhole of destitution and despair. This is a dwelling in the heart of the capital city, not some rural hovel. It's the home of Felipe Ramírez Pérez, who is […]

Bad news from Caracastan: Inflation and shortages

Long live the Revolution! The Central Bank of  Venenozuela has just disclosed some vital and very depressing information concerning the economy of this Castronoid colony. The inflation rate for the month of August spiked at 63.4 %.   The cumulative inflation rate for the first eight months of 2014 stands at 39% The rate of shortages […]

Whip ‘em, whip ‘em good! (or Evo goes Devo): Bolivian Socialists lash out against ungrateful peasants

It looks as if Evo and his socialist lieutenants down Bolivia way have been watching too many Devo videos on You Tube and paying too much attention to the lyrics. Yeah!  Crack that whip!...  When the peasant vote goes wrong, you must whip 'em ...Whip 'em, whip 'em good, whip 'em into shape, get 'em […]

Cuban-American challenges liberal strategy for Hiss-panic vote

Mike Gonzalez, a Cuban-American, has exposed how liberals in the U.S.A. love  to scare Lateeeeen-ohs into stampeding into the corral prepared for them by the Democratic party. It's another of those sad truths that no one likes to face, least of all so-called Lateeeeeen-ohs.  It deserves to be called the liberal "Hiss-panic" strategy. Gonzalez thinks […]

Castrogonia’s parasitic economy: the sad truth about a nation of beggars and those who sustain them from abroad

Nothing really new here. We exiles know this has been going on for a long time. But hardly anyone else in the world is aware of how destitute Cubans are and how much they depend on relatives abroad. Some Revolution!  A once prosperous nation  is now an island prison inhabited by penniless parasitic beggars who […]

North Korea vies with Castrogonia for top spot as deadbeat nation

North Korea and Castrogonia are very similar countries.  It's not just the arms smuggling, political repression, endemic poverty, and dynastic rulerships that link the two rogue states: they also refuse to repay their creditors. A very old piece of news surfaced this week.   Back in 1974, as part of a Swedish campaign to improve […]

HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” becomes prequel to “Godfather II”

No story on American mobsters is complete without a trip to pre-Castro Cuba. "Boardwalk Empire," which has been set in the 1920's for the past four seasons,  begins its fifth and final season with mobster Nucky Thompson in Havana. What a wonderful way to reinforce the lessons every American, Canadian, European, Australian, Latin American, Asian, […]

Photo of the day: Testimonial to the glories of the Revolution

Venezuelan bishops condemn “Delegate’s Prayer” of Venezuelan Socialists

No surprise here. The top clerical authorities in Venezuela have thrown a wet blanket on the deification of the dead tyrant Hugo Chavez. What is surprising is that it took several days for the Archbishop of Caracas and his auxiliary bishops to issue a formal condemnation of the blasphemous "prayer" being promoted by Venezuela's Chavista […]

Miami PBS television station to air documentary on Cuban exiles TONIGHT at 8 pm

If you live in the Miami area and you haven't seen "Cubamerican" yet, set an hour aside at 8 pm, and set your recording device too, because you will probably want to return to this film over and over. This is a most unusual event, in and of itself: one of the very few programs […]

Maduro reveals plans to further Cubanize Venezuela

The strings that link Castronoid puppet Nicolas Maduro to Havana became a bit more visible yesterday. Having dismissed his entire cabinet last week, Venenozuelan president Nicolas Maduro addressed his nation yesterday to reveal the identity of his new ministers. He also announced the creation of "five revolutions" that will do away with the old "bourgeois" […]

Photo of the day: the unbearable nearness of Hell as viewed from the heavens

Here you go.... Good morning, boys and girls! Buenos dias!  (Pronounced "Boo-anus dee-ass".... in case you don't know because you are a non-Lateeeen-oh who never took Spanish in high school). This is what Florida and Cuba look like at night from up above, at an altitude of  200 miles or so. The photo was taken […]

Uh oh….Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse…

Let's see: what happened today? Another American beheaded on camera by ISIS.   Russians invading Ukraine.   Reports of an English town where over 1,400 children have been raped or sold into slavery by Muslim Pakistanis with the knowledge of local authorities who did nothing to stop the abuse because they didn't want to be […]