Spanish foreign minister: forget human rights, let’s do business!

Neocolonial handshake: let’s make a deal!

Here we go again. Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Spain’s foreign minister, is now in Havana, for a three-day visit.

Spain has played in leading role in convincing the European Union to ignore human rights violations in the Castro Kingdom.  And it continues to play that same role.

The old colonial masters of Cuba feel it is their duty to convince the European Union to ignore repression and the enslavement of the Cuban people.  According to Spain’s foreign minister — who has just reaffirmed his commitment to “tight relations” with the Castro regime — Spain has a “leadership mission” to fulfill due to “obvious historical, cultural and affinity reasons.”

Nonetheless,  the foreign minister was not greeted by any Castronoid officials when he stepped out of his Spanish Air Force plane, but rather by Spain’s ambassador in Havana.

During his previous visit in 2014 –when Spain was pushing hard for the EU to lift its sanctions on the Castro regime — King Raul refused to meet with the Spanish foreign minister.

Apparently, a speech delivered by the minister upon his arrival in Havana had angered King Raul, because it included oblique references to Spain’s transition to democracy in the late 1970’s after the death of dictator Francisco Franco.

Ay! Que falta de respeto!  Let’s see what happens this time.

Since the EU parliament has yet to ratify the lifting of sanctions against the Castro Kingdom, King Raul might decide to be more gracious.

Aaaah.  Enjoy your visit, foreign minister.  Slave plantations can be very lucrative, and so much fun to visit.  Ka-ching!  $$$$$$$$$$!!!  Mozo, apurate con ese mojito!  Hey boy, hurry up, where’s my mojito?

Why didn’t King Raul greet me at the airport?

From the Latin American Herald Tribune

Spanish Foreign Minister Says Spain Should Play Leadership Role in EU-Cuba Dialogue

Spain’s acting foreign minister said on Saturday that Spain “needs to play a leadership role” in negotiations between the European Union and Cuba stemming from an agreement to normalize relations.

“Spain is looking to accompany the rapprochement process between Cuba and the European Union. The agreement between the EU and Cuba has just been signed. Now the dialogue between the two sides continues and Spain must play a leadership role in that negotiation,” Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told members of the Spanish media.

Spain’s top diplomat stressed that his nation’s role in the Caribbean island’s current scenario “is what it’s always been: very close bilateral relations and a certain leadership mission in the European Union for obvious historical, cultural and affinity reasons.”

“A long time ago, the pope (John Paul II) said the world was opening to Cuba and Cuba was opening to the world. And little by little we’re seeing that that opening is occurring,” he added.

Garcia-Margallo arrived Friday night in Cuba for his second official visit to the island and will begin the official portion of his trip on Monday when he meets with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, and other ministers.

Negotiations for the new accord, signed in March, began in 2014 and were aimed at normalizing a relationship constrained since 1996 by the EU’s so-called Common Position, which made improved ties between the bloc and Havana contingent on democratization and respect for human rights on the Communist-ruled island.

The agreement still must be ratified by the European Parliament.

Spanish ambassador to Cuba greets Garcia-Margallo at Havana airport.

Dilmapocalypse update: Brazil’s interim president faces huge challenge

Hey, I’m not Dilma

Brazil’s interim president Michel Temer — a veteran 75-year-old politician of Lebanese descent — has inherited a huge mess.

Never mind the dysfunction, inflation, unemployment, corruption, and other such ills that follow in the wake of any socialist government.

Harvard’s Public Health Review has just called for the cancellation of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, due to the Zika virus epidemic.

If the Olympics are held in Brazil, claims an article in this Harvard journal, the Zika virus will spread to the whole world.

Zikapocalypse will dwarf Dilmapocalypse.  Global disaster, a pandemic sort of like the bubonic plague of 1349 or the Spanish flu of 1918.

Oh, and to think that the Olympics could have been awarded to Obamatown, better known as Chicago.

Plenty of Obamanoid dysfunction, corruption and unemployment there, but no Zika.  None at all.  Too cold.  And plenty of thick-crust deep-dish pizza for every visitor. Damn best pizza in the whole world.  Better believe it. And the place is home to about 3,000 ice-defying, pastelito-deprived Cuban exiles.

How is Brazil’s mess to be handled by Temer?  Time willl tell, for sure.

Gerontocracy: The new old man (75) and the old impeached Castronoid (68)


From the stiff upper lip gang at the BBC:

Rousseff impeachment: Temer calls for trust 

Brazil’s new interim President Michel Temer has addressed the nation after the Senate voted to back the impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff.

“Trust in the values of our people and in our ability to rebuild the economy,” Mr Temer said.

He has named a business-friendly cabinet that includes respected former central bank chief Henrique Meirelles as finance minster.

Ms Rousseff denounced her removal as a “farce” and “sabotage”.

Mr Temer was the leftist Ms Rousseff’s vice-president before withdrawing his party’s support in March. She has accused him of involvement in a “coup”.

After Wednesday’s all-night session that lasted more than 20 hours, senators voted by 55 votes to 22 to suspend her and put her on trial for budgetary violations.

In her final speech on Thursday afternoon, she again denied the allegations and vowed to fight what she called an “injustice” by all legal means.

Mr Temer, 75, has now taken over as president for up to 180 days – the maximum time allowed for the impeachment trial of Ms Rousseff, 68.

He said: “It is urgent to restore peace and unite Brazil. We must form a government that will save the nation.”

Stressing that “economic vitality” was his key task, he added: “It is essential to rebuild the credibility of the country at home and abroad to attract new investments and get the economy growing again.”

Continue reading HERE

Brazilian export not affected by Dilmapocalypse
Chicago delicacy immune to Zikapocalypse and Dilmapocalypse


Bolivarian death spiral: Opposition on the offensive

Gassing of opposition leader Capriles (center)

ABC Spain reports that Venezuelans opposed to Chavism aren’t giving up, despite the violence unleashed upon them on May 11th.

The dissident alliance Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (MUD) has called for a public demonstration this Saturday May 14, in support of the petition signed by over  one and a half million Venezuelans that calls for a recall referendum on the Maduro regime.

This week’s violent government response to demonstrations included the use of tear gas and pepper gas — and of other seriously vicious weapons — which left many protesters injured, including opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Bolivarian/Castronoid anti-dissident unit

Despite the threat of further violence, oppositon leaders have called for more demonstrations to continue until government authorities allow for a recall referendum on the Maduro regime.

So, things are looking up for Latrine America in two countries: Dilma impeached in Brazil, Maduro up for removal from office in Venenozuela.

Argentina has already rid itself of Castronoid leftism by means of an election.

Now, if only the same wave of common sense could sweep over Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and other countries where the Castronoid leftists are in control.

Never mind Cuba, at least for now.

It’s an official U.S.-backed dictatorship –untouchable –and also an officially cool place for all hip and beautiful people.

No, no, no… all is well…remain calm, carajo!… We’ve got the Kardashians and Chanel on our side!

Study finds drug use and socialism produce similar results

Here is some of the graphic evidence on the effects of prolonged drug use, as presented in a recent scientific study.

Here is some of the graphic evidence on the effects of prolonged socialism, as presented in a recent common sense study.






And… in case you’re slightly confused about the difference between U.S. Democrats and Socialists and socialism and communism, here is an easy-to-grasp graphic lesson from the genius think tank at People’s Cube

Dilma suspended, impeached

Not too happy

Is it correct to derive pleasure from the misfortunes of a Latrine socialist cretin who adores the Castro brothers, helps them stay on the throne, and emulates their behavior?

You betcha, if you enjoy seeing the friends of tyrants deposed.

Let’s hope she is permanently removed from office and that her successor takes a different approach to Latrine leftism.

so lovely

From the subtle masters of English prose at the BBC:

Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff to face impeachment trial

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is to face trial after the Senate voted to impeach and suspend her
Ms Rousseff is accused of illegally manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014, which she denies.

Senators voted to suspend her by 55 votes to 22 after an all-night session that lasted more than 20 hours.

Vice-President Michel Temer will now assume the presidency while Ms Rousseff’s trial takes place.

The trial may last up to 180 days, which would mean Ms Rousseff would be suspended during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which start on 5 August.

Ms Rousseff made a last-ditch appeal to the Supreme Court to stop proceedings, but the move was rejected. Her suspension brings an end to 13 years of the rule of her Workers’ Party.

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In charge: Michel Temer

Surprise! King Raul congratulates King Kim Jong Un

Copy cat

Yeah, this is quite a surprise…

King Raul of Castrogonia has reaffirmed his love and admiration for King Kim Jong Un.

Amazing!  Wonders never cease!

After holding a Communist Party congress that was nearly identical to that of King Raul’s –including the use of a business suit by the king — one would have expected a lawsuit for copyright infringement, or at least some pointed barbs about the Korean king’s tailor and barber, or about the male-to-female ratio in King Kim Jong Un’s Worker’s Party.

Yeah…monkey see, monkey do…except the North Koreans do actually try to dress like civilized folk.

Happy, happy congress!

From NK News:

Cuba congratulates Kim Jong Un after Party Congress
* N.Korea, Cuba maintain alliance despite diplomatic normalization between the U.S. and Cuba

The Communist Party of Cuba sent a congratulatory message to the North Korean leader on Tuesday, North Korea’s state news agency reported on Wednesday, despite Havana’s diplomatic normalization with the U.S. in 2014.

Other communist parties around the world sent the letters on the occasion of the Seventh Party Congress in Pyongyang. The event ended on May 9, designating Kim Jong Un as chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

“It expressed firm belief that the WPK and the Communist Party of Cuba would further strengthen the fraternal bonds and cooperation between the two countries on the road of building socialism in the future,” the letter reads, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The two countries have maintained close ties, sharing an anti-U.S. policy line for 50 years. The two countries established diplomatic ties in 1960 and have backed up the other’s positions in international society.

Continue reading HERE

No business suits, but same kind of party

Holy desecration! (Image of the day)



Desecrating posters that idolize the rape of any nation is a sacred act indeed.  The ultimate sacred act, the holiest act of love for one’s neighbor.

Sometimes, even in the most unlikely places, evil shows its face, and fervent acts of neighborly love can take place.

Above is a poster tacked on a bulletin board in a very picturesque New England town.

Someone dared to add some truth in advertising to the advertisement.

May all such posters everywhere receive the same kind of holy desecration.

And may all information sessions for such unholy trips be disrupted by freedom-loving opponents of rum punch, light Cuban fare, Latin dancing, repression, racism, and neocolonialism.

Flood of Cuban “refugees” pours into Texas

Cuban “refugees” in El Paso

As the clock continues to tick on the special  immigration status of Cubans, more and more of them are fleeing the island.

It won’t be long before the Normalization Circus opens a new act:  turning Cubans from refugees to mere “migrants.”

Texas is receiving a flood of Cuban refugees from Panama, via Mexico.   Panama has shut its doors to Cubans and is flying the thousands they have already taken in to Mexico, so they can cross the border into the U.S. and claim refugee status.

Not much attention is being paid to this story, largely because it complicates the rosy “normalization” narrative that American journalists have come to love so much.

Whether these Cubans understand the meaning of the term “refugee” is irrelevant.  U.S. immigration law considers them refugees.

One of those interviewed for the story below claims he is fleeing “political corruption” rather than repression.  By his definition, then –given the extent of corruption globally — everyone in the world can become a “refugee.”

This same man will most probably begin his yo-yo trips to Cuba –back and forth, back and forth — loaded with the sorts of goodies that fuel the political “corruption” he claims to have fled.

To underscore the difference between “corruption” and “repression” some photos of victims of Castronoid violence are included below.


Mario José Delgado: Victim of Cuba’s “political corruption”


Thousands of Cuban refugees expected to arrive in El Paso

The Houchen Center is getting ready to receive as many as 3,000 Cuban refugees, according to the center’s director Veronica Roman.

Roman got the call Saturday and picked up 50 refugees from an El Paso port of entry Tuesday after they had traveled for two days.

The refugees are expected to stay at the Houchen Center for the next couple of days as the center helps them get to their family members living in the U.S. or help find a place for them to go.

Some of the immigrants traveled from Cuba to South America and then to Mexico before arriving in El Paso.

A number of them were hungry. Roman said the center could receive hundreds more later in the week, including women and children.

She adds that this is the biggest group the center has ever had. She says they need the bare essentials to house them. “My volunteers are going on two hours of sleep. The community can help by donating food, clothes, blankets, diapers and baby food,” said Roman.

There’s no word yet on when the next group will be here

According to Roman, U.S. Customs and Border Protection determines whether immigrants can cross the border.

CBP says they’ve seen a large influx of Cuban immigrants along this part of the border.

They also said anyone who applies to enter the U.S. at the ports of entry from Juarez are processed.

One immigrant told KFOX14 a lot of Cubans are fleeing from political corruption in Cuba.

Continue reading HERE (bonus video report)

And, if you can’t get enough of this story, go HERE for another report with additional information.

Oswaldo Paya & Harold Cepero: victims of “political corruption”

Subliminal racism: Eco-Nazis fear increased farming in Cuba

Much more important than Cubans!  Save the reefs for tourists!  Prevent farming!

Imagine Cuba without the pink and green 1950’s cars.

Imagine Cuba with Starbucks on every corner, or McDonald’s, Burger Kings, and Wal-Marts.

Imagine a Cuba that produces enough food to feed all its people, with a surplus to export.

Oh my God, no!  What will happen to the noble savages?  What will happen to the nearly perfect Jurassic Park of the Cold War?

No, no, no, the civilized world must not allow Cuba to be wrecked!

So, let’s make sure Cuba can’t start farming again and providing enough food for its people, much less for people in other countries (which they could sell for profit).

No!  Cuba must remain unspoiled.  And it must keep importing over 80% of its food forever, for the sake of tourists and the environment!

Its noble savages won’t mind.  They are so noble, so, so noble, and so dimwitted that they won’t mind at all.  Hell, how could they even know what they’re missing, those pea-brained Caribbean subhumans?

Keep ’em Cubans where they belong:  posin’ for tourists in their degradin’ native costumes,  servin’ as sex slaves,  and waitin’ in line for their imported daily bread.


Save the Cuban mammies! Prevent farming!


Farming Could Spell Disaster for Cuba’s Coral Reefs
Unbridled agriculture, not tourism, could be the largest threat to Cuba’s coral reefs, say experts.

Last month, a 704-passenger cruise ship — the first to visit in almost forty years — pulled into Havana harbor, signaling a sea change in Cuba’s tourism industry. With the American embargo on the country lifting, droves of tourists will again be able to enjoy not just Cuba’s historic charm, but its abundant wildlands — including coral reefs that surround the archipelago.

And that has conservation scientists worried. The island nation is home to relatively pristine, Galapagos-like habitats like the Gardens of the Queen, a stunning coral reef teeming with rare species like the goliath grouper. And while policies that limit the impact of scuba diving, fishing and other activities are important, experts say that ensuring the long-term protection of Cuba’s coral reefs will come down to limiting the impact of another industry poised to flourish there: farming.

As the United States and Cuba normalize relations, agriculture on the main island is poised for drastic changes. In order to bolster food security and move towards self-sufficiency, Cuba wants to turn around its reliance on food imports, which currently account for 80 percent of its supply. Ensuring that agricultural growth is planned in a sustainable manner is a top priority among conservation scientists, and they hope it will be for the Cuban government, too.

Ideal sustainable farming for subhuman Cubans.  Keep it this way!

In three weeks, scientists from the University of Florida and the Nature Conservancy, an advocacy group, will meet with Cuba’s Ministry of Agriculture to discuss sustainable farming and limit the impact of agriculture on coral reefs. Research from the Caribbean has shown the two systems to be inextricably linked.

“The quality of the reefs can’t be separated from the land use,” said Luis Solórzano, executive director of The Nature Conservancy’s Caribbean program, who will be part of the envoy. “Tourism can concentrate in specific regions, but agriculture could be from north to south, east to west. That could have a much larger impact than tourism.”

Continue reading HERE, if you can stand any more of this neocolonialist ecobabble.

Yeah, baby, keep us in our proper place! Prevent farming!

Bolivarian socialism update: Venezuelans searching garbage for food

21st century socialism

From ABC Spain:

The economic crisis in Venezuela has reached a new low point: food has become so scarce that many Venezuelans are now pawing  through dumpsters and garbage bins in search of something to eat.

Meanwhile, Nicolás Maduro and his lackeys deny that there is a food crisis. 

Empty shelves are now the norm in supermarkets and small stores alike throughout the so-called Bolivarian republic.  The Univision television network has broadcast video footage of Venezuelans searching desperately for food in trash containers. See video below.

One Venezuelan interviewed said “Very soon there won’t be any cats or dogs left alive.”

Whole story HERE in Spanish. Haunting images of Venezuela’s Castro-style misery HERE.

American phone company establishes apartheid service in Cuba

Apartheid privilege:full service

Some mornings I wake up trying to figure out how it was that the men who ruled the old South Africa couldn’t figure out a way to make the world love their apartheid society.

Where did they go wrong?

The Castro Kingdom proves they must have goofed up somewhere along the way.

Castrogonia is a place with an apartheid society and a repressive monarchical regime far more violent and abusive than South Africa ever was, yet the world loves the place, even flocks to it.

Never mind that the Kingdom is ruled by old white men and that the island’s 75% “people of colour” are discriminated against in all professions save for sports.

Never mind that tourists and foreigners have rights and privileges denied to natives of the island, such as access to cell phone service and the internet.

Never mind that a third cell phone company has agreed to establish apartheid phone service in the Kingdom.  No one complained about the first two phone companies either.

Let’s go to Cuba, Mildred!  Quick, let’s hurry, before the place is spoiled!  Now we can use our T-Mobile phones while we’re there!

No full service for you, noble savages!

T-Mobile to Offer Phone Services in Cuba — for US Citizens Only

The telecommunications company T-Mobile announced Monday, May 9 that it has reached an agreement with the Telecommunications Enterprise of Cuba (ETECSA) to allow phone service and roaming on the island.

With this agreement, T-Mobile will offer a cheaper service for calls from the US to Cuba, as well as to American travelers who are visiting Cuba. T-Mobile customers will have access to Internet connection, text messages and calls starting this summer.

However, the only ones who will receive these benefits are US citizens. Despite improved relations between the two countries, Cubans living on the island are still restricted from certain communication both inside the island and with the outside world.

T-Mobile is the latest operator to offer roaming in Cuba, but it isn’t the first. Sprint andVerizon already offer the same package for their own user base.

Continue reading HERE.

No nuthin’ for you, goddamitt, ‘cept a thrashin ‘n a ride to the hoosegow!

Normalization update: Castro thugs savagely attack entire family

Rosa Escalona (left): victim of Castro brutality

From the magical land of Carnival cruises, Chanel fashion shows, Kardashian sleazefests, Fast and Furious movies, and fun in the apartheid sun.

More Castronoid Normalization Circus antics, from the Mother’s Day tent.

It seems fairly clear that Castro State Security has no fear whatsoever of negative reprisals from anyone, anywhere, least of all from the current occupant of the White House.

The thugs have been given a carte blanche by the U.S. and European Union and they are boldly stepping up their violence against all dissidents.

So, go ahead and enjoy yourselves, tourists, please.  Don’t let any of these dissidents get in the way of your selfies.  They’ll all be gone soon.

Aaah, nothing can top self-love. Never mind those pesky dissidents

Press release from the Cuban Democratic Directorate:

Castro thugs brutally attack dissident family: father critically injured, mother severely beaten, son’s skull fractured

Days after the Chanel fashion show in Havana, Rosa Escalona, member of “The Ladies in White”, a human rights group in Cuba, along with her husband and three sons were subjected to a savage beating by Castro thugs. All four family members suffered great bodily injury, with her husband Alberto Pedro Freire Leiva being the most critically injured. This unprovoked attack took place Sunday, May 8th in the city of Holguín, Cuba. The attack is part of a rising wave of violence by the regime against members of the opposition.

Rosa [who has previously suffered knife wounds and a broken ankle at the hands of Castro thugs] made the following statement by way of telephone to the Cuban Democratic Directorate:

“Yesterday I was detained as I was heading to church. I was once again threatened by members of the State Security who stated that they would “finish with me and my family”. Two men came out of Lenin Hospital with iron bars and proceeded to attack us. My 25 year old son’s head was broken in two places and he received a skull fracture, my two small sons received blows throughout their bodies and I sustained direct blows to my ribs and a broken head. My husband, Alberto Pedro Freire Leiva is currently in grave condition and it is not known if he will survive. His spleen was broken in two places and as a result, he has had massive internal bleeding with more than 1,000 millimeters of blood throughout his abdomen. My son Yunior Alberto Freire Escalona is under observation in neurosurgery where he might need to be operated. During the attack, one of the men disclosed knowing that I was a member of the “Ladies in White” and a counter revolutionary, he warned me to be very careful of him because when he catches me on the street again he will run me and my sons over with a truck.” – Rosa Escalona.

The Cuban Democratic Directorate “Directorio” denounces this vile attack and makes the Regime of the Castro brothers, the State Security, and all the Castro thugs that perpetuated this violent act responsible for anything happening to Lady in White Rosa Escalona and the members of her family.

Additional information from report in Marti Noticias:  Rosa Escalona and her family were on the way to the cemetery in Holguin on Mother’s Day, to place flowers on her mother’s grave when the attack occurred. Her two younger sons are aged 13 and 15.  The 13-year old was punched in the neck, the 15-year old was struck in the back with a metal pipe.  Rosa’s head injury required two stitches; her ribs and abdomen are severely bruised.  You can listen to Rosa Escalona’s report HERE (in Spanish)

Laughing even harder now….


Mother’s Day in Cuba: dissident mothers harassed, arrested, imprisoned

Adisnivia Dallet is arrested as she nears headquarters of Ladies in White

Happy Mother’s Day, Castro-style.

From Marti Noticias: The Ladies in White and activists from UNPACU (Unión Patriótica de Cuba) report a severe wave of repression this Sunday.

Dissidents have been using social media to report increased police activity and numerous arrests.

Some have already been arrested and are spending Mother’s Day in prison.  Others are unable to leave their homes and remain imprisoned within them.

View from Ladies in White headquarters

Dissident Iván Hernández Carrillo reports on Twitter that Berta Soler, leader of the Ladies in White, and her husband, ex-prisoner of conscience Angel Moya, were arrested this morning as soon as they emerged from their house in the Lawton neighborhood of Havana.

Martí Noticias was not able to reach anyone at the headquarters of the Ladies in White.  Meanwhile, dissident Zaqueo Báez, a member of UNPACU, was able to report that Castro regime security agents began to show up in great numbers yesterday around the headquarters of the Ladies in White., as well as around his own house in a different neighborhood.  He and his wife, María Josefa Acón, remain imprisoned in their own home: “We’ve been under surveillance since since yesterday and aren’t allowed to leave the house.”

You can listen to Zaqueo Báez’s full report HERE, in Spanish.

Báez also reports that the four UNPACU activists arrested last Sunday — Jaqueline Heredia Morales, Xiomara de las Mercedes Cruz Miranda, Yunet Cairo Reigada y Marieta Martínez Aguilera — have not yet been released.

Still in prison

Reports have also surfaced from the city of  Cárdenas, where three Ladies in White have been arrested: Leticia Ramos, Ramona Terrero and Odalys Hernández.

“They had barely stepped out a few meters from their door when the patrol cars arrived and they were arrested and hauled away,” reports Raudel Montes de Oca, the husband of LeticiaRamos, one of the women arrested.  You can listen to his report HERE, in Spanish.


American tourists make Cuba too expensive for Argentinians

Ugly Americans contemplate the pile of money they’ve just brought to Cuba

Uh, oh, here we go again. Those ugly Americans are making trouble again.  This time, they’ve put such a high demand on the Castro tourist industry that they’ve put travel to Cuba out of reach for travelres from poorer nations.

Damn Americans!

Never mind the fact that the Cuban Ministry of Tourism isn’t all that interested in issues of supply and demand, and that they know all too well that Americans will pay through the nose to go there, no matter how high the price.  No, never mind that.

And never mind the fact that Americans who go on “people to people” are not tourists.   Well… according to the Castro regime they’re not, anyway.  According to them, the Carnival cruise that docked in Havana this week wasn’t carrying a single tourist.

No, never mind any of that.  And never mind how Cubans are being exploited or repressed either.  Their destiny in life is to serve the needs of superior beings, and to keep all those old American cars painted in garish colors, especially in green and pink.

Superior beings in the land of noble savages

From Marti Noticias

No more flights to Cuba from Argentina.

Aerolinias Argentinas is suspending its two weekly flights to Cuba.

An airline spokesman said that “Cuba has ceased to be a cheap destination for Argentinians.”

The same spokesman said “the island has become a very attractive destination for Americans and is in high demand, so it is not as accessible as it used to be.”  In other words:  The flood of American tourists traveling to Cuba has changed the supply-and-demand ratio so much that prices have increased way too much.

So, yes, Mildred, the Normalization Circus is turning the Castro tourist industry into a very lucrative venture.  Maybe what “those people” in Miami were saying was true?  Maybe “normalization” is indeed enriching the Castro regime?

Imagine how expensive those apartheid resorts are becoming!  What will the Canadians and Europeans do now?  Might they be displaced by the pot-bellied, flip-flop-wearing Americans?

The last flight from Buenos Aires to Havana will take place on July 31.  Argentinians who had purchased tickets for later dates will have their money refunded.

Read the whole story HERE in Spanish
Very sad Argentinians  contemplate announcement of the end of flights to Cuba