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  • antonio2009: Here is the news coverage of when Elian was seized at gunpoint by 151 federal agents, including a dozen members of the...

  • asombra: It may be that practically anyone subjected to the intense, sustained, professional indoctrination Elian has been under since...

  • asombra: “No fresh ideas.” The point is not how fresh, but how sound and sensible. Fatuous cretin.

  • asombra: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who’s from NJ, has said he tried trading the “Cuban 5″ for Chesimard and...

  • asombra: Omar, he looks like what he was turned into: a Stepford Castroite.

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Lowest of the low: British welfare cheats use stolen funds to pay for lavish wedding in Castrogonia

Happy St. Patrick' Day ! We all know that human nature is flawed, and that if given the chance, most people will sink much lower than anyone ever expected. That's a lesson St. Patrick never tired of teaching to the Irish. Consider the case of this British couple -- one of whom has a distinctly […]

Absolute abasement and denigration: The high cost of “normalization” talks with the Castro regime

From Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuba Treating Obama Administration Like Pushovers Monday, March 16, 2015 Yesterday, a State Department delegation, led by Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere Roberta Jacobson, arrived in Havana for a third round of normalization talks. This is the second time that Cuba's regime hosts the talks. During the first […]

Shocking Surprise! Some in Miami don’t want the Cuban exile museum to have its own space

Ay!  Que sorpresa! Time to be shocked, shocked, just like Captain Renault in the film Casablanca. It looks as if the oligarchs of the city of Miami are not going to allow the Cuban Exile Museum to have its own parcel of land. Yeah.  It seems this museum will have to share its waterfront spot […]

Five news stories from Venezuela being ignored by U.S. negotiators in “normalization” talks with Castro regime

As the Obama-Castro romance continues to heat up -- with more "normalization" talks being held this week -- the Castro colony of Venenozuela seems to be vying for attention. So much is happening all at once in Caracastan that it's actually difficult to keep track of all the noteworthy news. Here are five of the […]

Monkey see, monkey do: European Union stokes its long-smoldering romance with Castro regime

Those once-crafty Europeans are not going to let the U.S. get all the good deals with the Castro regime. Or so they think. So, if the U.S. is negotiating with Castro, Inc., then they must do the same. Monkey see, monkey do. The Old World buffoons seem to think that Castrogonia is "strengthening its ties […]

Huevos! Nineteen Cuban officials steal eggs — 8 million of them — to sell on black market

This is socialism/ communism at its best. Those in charge of distributing eggs to the population cheat and steal in order to enrich themselves. Of course, these 19 suckers accused of "corruption" were just doing what everyone else does, but they must have angered someone who wasn't allowed to take a cut of their shady […]

NY governor Cuomo reminded of his duties as he prepares to visit Castrogonia

New York's governor Andrew Cuomo is getting ready for his first trip to Castrogonia. And a New York newspaper has reminded the liberal governor that there are still some local tri-state area criminals being sheltered by the Castro regime. Of course, it's not the New York Times.  Whadda ya nuts, or sompthin'? The editorial in […]

Aaaaaaay! Scary item of the day: Fidel Castro jug sells for $13,174

From the Paul Fraser Collectibles web site: An exceedingly rare Fidel Castro toby jug - thought to be one of only three ever produced - sold to an Australian bidder in Plymouth, UK in August 2012. The jug brought a record breaking £8,280 ($13,174) - the highest price ever achieved for a Royal Doulton character […]

Some apology! Venezuelan ambassador to O.A.S. doubles down on “squalid hollow heads” comment

Well... excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! Roy Chaderton, the Venezuelan ambassador to the Organization of American States issued a very equivocal apology yesterday for his comment regarding the "hollow" and "squalid" heads of those who oppose the Bolivarian Revolution. In case you missed it, Chaderton had said in a radio interview that bullets pass quickly through the  heads […]

Ay, Dios mio! Uh, oh! How do you spell “death-dealing faux pas” in La-treen-oh?

  Aaaeeeee-hooooo-waaaah!  Holy ordure! This is too awful to be true, but, unfortunately, it's all too true. Univision is responsible for creating an image of Lateen-ohs that most Americans find reprehensible.  And it's not just their telenovelas, it's the whole shebang, including "Sabado Gigante," which makes every Lateen-oh seem like some sub-moronic mutant. Now this. […]

Horror of horrors! Two Scandinavians in Cuba treated as Cubans by Castro police!

From Journalists Jaana Kanninen, from Finland and Jessica Stolzmann, from Sweden, were arrested last month in Havana, on February 3rd,  as they filmed a public anti-Castro-regime demonstration. Both of them have published an account of their harrowing experience on a Finnish website: These two journalists were working for National Finnish Radio and Television (YLE), […]

Weird history: Havana’s Kosher Butcher Shop

During the 1960's and 70's, it was rumored that the only Cuban business still in private hands was a kosher butcher shop in Havana. That butcher shop is still there and doing well.  Whether or not the butcher has really "owned" his shop is unclear, but he certainly has run the business by himself-- with […]

Gimme credit! Top Cuban “diplomat” Vidal reveals the Castro regime’s fondest wish

ABC News (U.S.)  has interviewed ex-spy Josefina Vidal, the "diplomat" in charge of the Castro regime's "normalization" negotiating team. True to form, the former espionage specialist put quite a spin on the "normalization" talks, lying about how much the U.S. and Castrogonia have in common,  emphasizing the fact that the U.S. must "respect" the Castro […]

Princess Mariela states the obvious: “Cuba and Venezuela, joined by one flag”

Here's a wonderful summary of the fine mess created by the current occupant of the White House in the south-of-the-border Castro-Bolivarian latrine From Capitol Hill Cubans The Worrisome Results of Obama's Cuba Policy March 10, 2015 In an official statement today, the Castro regime has reiterated unwavering support for its puppet regime in Caracas, amid […]

It’s complicated: Obama-Castro-Maduro ménage à trois turns sour

From our Colony of Caracastan department:  Oh, the pitfalls of polyamory! Venenozuelan dictator  Nicolás Maduro and his sidekick and most likely successor Diosdado Cabello threw a hissy fit yesterday in response to the ultra-light sanctions imposed on some of their government officials by the current occupant of the White House. These two top dogs of the Cuban […]