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  • asombra: Hillary looks exactly like Nurse Ratched in that photo. Pelosi, of course, looks lobotomized, as well she should.

  • asombra: It’s good to call out hypocrisy, but that won’t stop it if it’s so common it’s “normal.” The...

  • asombra: They look like trashy Russian women. Imagine that.

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On the persistent invisibility of Cuba’s historic political prisoners (the longest suffering political prisoners in modern history–The sequel to the 43,987th sequel)

In fact, many Cuban blacks suffered longer incarceration in Castro and Che’s dungeons and torture chambers than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa's (relatively) comfortable prisons. In fact, these Cubans qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history. Eusebio Penalver, Ignacio Cuesta Valle, Antonio Lopez Munoz, Ricardo Valdes Cancio, and many other Cuban blacks […]

“Slap My Hand, Black Soul Man!”

(From last Dec.) President Obama goes out of his way to greet the lily-white dictator whose regime jailed and tortured the most black political prisoners in the modern history of the Western hemisphere. Cuban black lynched by an all white Castroite firing- squad after "conviction" by all-white Castroite prosecutors. (while progressives worldwide CHEERED!!! themselves hoarse.) […]

Another Discovery Channel “Shark Week” without mentioning the Shark Attack capitol of the Westerm Hemipshere (maybe of the world)

"So I went in lower. The water all around the raft was turning red…the cloud spreading. Then I saw the shark—about the same length as the raft. The rafter was in fact a Cuban woman in her early twenties. Upon her rescue we found she had two bullet wounds in her legs from Castro’s frontier […]

Che Guevara in Ferguson….

“The Negro is indolent and lazy and spends his money on frivolities and drink." Che Guevara Scenes from Ferguson "demonstrations":

SOS to Saturday Night Live and John Stewart writers regarding Ferguson!

What's the slogan/chant at the Ferguson Demonstrations? "Don't Shoot!" right? What was Che Guevara's final plea upon his capture? "Don't Shoot, I'm Che!" What are the odds that the Ferguson demonstrators know this???????????????????????? Well look who's making the obligatory cameo at the Ferguson demonstrations (top picture.) Sometimes when a wiseacre comedian fails to provoke a […]

Please allow me to update the Newspeak dictionary

From Merriam Websters: Newspeak: "speech or writing that uses words in a way that changes their meaning especially to persuade people to think a certain way...propagandistic language marked by euphemism, circumlocution, and the inversion of customary meanings." When the Chief Executive of the multi-national corporation (Google) whose mission (mostly accomplished) is "to organize the world's […]

Welcome to the Cuba Embargo Zone

Imagine if you will, a place celebrated in every media venue--from movies to magazines--as a "U.S. tourist playground!" because it received 263,000 U.S. tourists (in 1957.) Now imagine if you will, a place described in every media venue as suffering a cruel and vindictive and archaic "blockade" by the U.S.--at a time it welcomes over […]

Babalu called it from day one on Fox & Friends (Beyonce, Jay-Z trip to Cuba)

Wall Street Journal headline Aug. 21, 2014: "U.S. Treasury Clears Jay-Z and Beyoncé Trip to Cuba." Fox & Friends interview with Humberto Fontova April, 9, 2013. Brian Kilmeade: "Humberto. are you SHOCKED about this visit?" Hideous Hard-Lining Babalusian Reactionary: "No. Not at all. These things have been going on for decades." Gretchen Carlson: "Humberto, could […]

“People to Sailfish” tours of Cuba, now apparently legal (Cuban-American proudly participates in Castro-regime’s Hemingway Billfish Tournament.)

Dr. Moisés Hernandez, (on far right, above) a Miami resident and the first Cuban-American to participate in a Hemingway tournament, fished aboard the boat that finished third in the Tag & Release category. At the awards ceremony, Dr. Hernandez thanked Commodore Escrich, noting that thanks to him he could now participate in the tournament. He […]

“Are all Cubans as strident as you are?” (Book TV to Babalusian at Miami Book Fair 2005)

Slow news day, gang. Alas, even after 8 years of "reforms" and "openings" and "rapproachement" blah...blah....I would not change a single word of my responses during this Book TV interview. Seen here:

Recent National Medal of Arts Winner (and Democrat) Linda Ronstadt Denounces Miami Cubans as “Closed-Minded Propagandists!”

"There should not be a question of legal or illegal immigration. People came and immigrated to this country from the time of the Indians. No one's illegal. They should just be able to come. We allow Cubans to come in and say that they're refugees. Well, in Cuba — I've been there, you know — […]

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Fidel Castro.” (Israeli President Shimon Peres, Sept. 2010.)

On left: Granma Cartoon in 1983, (when the Soviet financial lifeline was secure and tourism and "cultural exchanges" to Cuba amounted to a pittance--that's an ape-like Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the middle of the Star, btw) On right: Whoops! Now tourism and "cultural--especially religious--exchanges" are vital to regime coffers. Fidel Castro Denounces Palestinian […]

“Ha-ha! It was just another scam!” (About drilling for Cuban oil, finally admit the Russians).. “Really ain’t no oil there!”

("Cuban deepwater exploration projects have a high probability of success!!!") Cuba Oil "Expert" Jorge Pinon,(above left) May 18, 2011. From just last month: "The head of the Russian oil drilling consortium Rosneft accompanied Putin on the trip, and Cuban officials announced that the firm would help them explore for oil off the island's northern coast." […]

GET HUMBERTO FONTOVA!!!–STOP HIM!!! (shrieks Castro regime)

"GET FONTOVA!!!--DO YOU HEAR!!!...GET HIM!!!...He's REALLY DAMAGING OUR CAUSE!!!" "We're TRYING, BOSS!!!--We REALLY, REALLY ARE!!!" In their desperation, here's what Castro's minions are resorting to, even stealing and using my picture now: As mentioned: my true twitter handle is @hfontova. El Humberto Maximo @HumbertoFontova is a Castro agent. "I mean REALLY, Companeros? Stealing twitter pics […]

Cuba “Experts” on Alan Gross (from over three years ago, that is)

"Phil Peters, a Cuban analyst at the Lexington Institute, said Gross could face a quick trial, which would allow the Cuban government to present its case, and perhaps allow for a "political solution." "Wayne Smith, the former U.S. diplomat, says he expects Cuba to "do the right thing" and release Gross after the trial." "Phil […]