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  • antonio2009: According to Lt. Col. Chris Simmons, the WASP network consisted of some 40 Castro agents, not a dozen, including Cuban...

  • Honey: Mine, too. Although I also like a couple of others, too.

  • TWFKAP: This is why he’s my first choice. Hands down.

  • Honey: Not everyone gets it wrong. Here is a press release from Don Adams of the Independence Foundation in PhiladelphiaL Hi Janet, Many...

  • Honey: Add to this that Tauck Tours and now I see Roads Scholars are taking people on tours (expensive for the primitive conditions...

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“I’m against it!” (sputter enraged academics about allowing Humberto Fontova to appear on the academically-rigorous History News Network)

"They're AGAINST IT!" (allowing the reactionary, non-professor, chusma Fontova to appear in History New Network, dat is.) A choice comment by a History News Network reader: "Mr. Fontova has never received Doctorate degree, in Latin American studies (having American MA in any studies is the equivalent of knowing no more than just any well-read in […]

“N*gger!” taunted my Castroite jailers between tortures,” recalled the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner.“We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!”the Castroites laughed.

"N**ger!" taunted my jailers between tortures,” recalled the world’s longest suffering black political prisoner to this writer. "We pulled you down from the trees and cut off your tail!" laughed my torturers. For months I was naked in a 6 x 4 foot cell. That's four feet high, so you couldn't stand. But I felt […]

“Was JFK serious about toppling Castro? ” (asks the academically-rigorous History News Network–NO LESS!)

"I promise to deliver this flag to you in a free Havana! I will never abandon Cuba to Communism!" (JFK addressing Cuban freedom-fighters in Orange Bowl Dec. 29, 1962) Entire inflammatory article from HNN here. Le RRRONCA!!!

Wal-Mart Stops Selling Confederate Flag Merchandise (While Selling Mucho Che Guevara Merchandise)

This morning Wal-Mart announced they were yanking all items bearing the Confederate flag from their shelves. "We never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer,” stressed Wal-Mart spokesman Brian Nick. "We have taken steps to remove all items promoting the confederate flag from our assortment -- whether in our stores or on […]

Che Guevara Masoleum in Cuba racks up 4 million visitors– “They smile in your face–the BACKSTABBER!” (Fidel Castro)

(What they do) They smile in your face All the time they want to take your place The back stabbers... Che Guevara Masoleum Attracts 4 million Visitors. This week from Cuba's Granma: "According to Yaneski Gutierrez Fernandez, an expert employed by the complex, of the total number of visitors the monument has seen, 2,400,948 are […]

Peace and Love from Stella McCartney’s Party Icons

“Of course I knew the missiles were nuclear- armed. That's precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them." (Fidel Castro to Robert McNamara during a meeting in 1992.) * "If the nuclear missiles had remained (in Cuba) we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of […]

North Koreans finally found guilty and sentenced for smuggling Cuban arms (But no word from Media or their Cuba “Experts?”)

(The media's favorite "Cuba experts" Julia Sweig (on left) and Phil Peters perfectly parroted the Castro regime's propaganda line on the blatant arms smuggling. No follow-up from them or their media cronies has appeared now that the "hard-liner" (Babalu-blog) version of the smuggling has been completely vindicated.) From The Maritime Executive: The captain and first […]

When Sergio “Mr Haney” Bendixen’s (sham) election prediction cost him one million Dominican pesos

It's worse than we thought, gang. The leftist public relations agency (badly disguised as a polling agency) Bendixen & Amandi International seem to believe their own propaganda! To the point of putting their money where their mouths (poll results) are. This cost them big time in the Dominican Republic in 2012 where they had predicted […]

“All You Need is Love!” (Daddy’s Girl Stella McCartney’s “anti-cruelty” fashion-show celebrates Fidel Castro and Che Guevara)

"LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!" "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE--ALL TOGETHER NOW!" "LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED...LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!...LOVE is all you need...." With a little help from her friendly Dad (Paul) Stella McCartney has made quite a name for herself as an ultra-chic fashion designer. This week she introduced her spring line on Manhattan’s Elizabeth Street […]

In “Celebration” of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s birthday (June 14, 1928)

(Even when Che Guevara was alive, such olfactory protection was essential for all who got near him.) In fact Ernesto "Che" Guevara was NOT a medical-degreed fact he NEVER fought in anything properly describable as a "guerrilla war" fact--far from "brilliant" and "rebellious"--he was astoundingly STUPID and cravenly SUBSERVIENT (to Fidel Castro) fact--though Time […]

Hey Marco Rubio! I’ve got a fishing boat for sale! (and it’s approved by the New York Times!)

Our own Dr Carlos Eire already pointed out the absurdity of the New York Times' latest bashing of Senator Marco Rubio...Well! Just thought I could help! Le RRRRRRRONCA!!!

Fashion designer and vegetarian animal-rightist Stella McCartney (Paul’s daughter) promotes Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in fashion exibit

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is a vegetarian PETA spokesperson who denounces the killing (or collateral death) of any animal for the benefit of humans, whether it be to provide clothing or nutrition or medicine or (God-forbid!!!) fun AND delicious, genuinely organic meals... Here's her latest fashion exibit (H/T to our ZIVA) In case any Saturday […]

“Gosh! Those Americanos are so hard-working and friendly!” marveled the tens of thousands of Cuban vacationers about the natives in their U.S. vacation playground during the 1940′s and 50′s.

As mentioned hereabouts recently, in the 1940's and 50's the term "tourist playground" actually applied more to the U.S. for Cubans than to Cuba for U.S. citizens. Part of the reason is explained below: “One feature of the Cuban social structure is a large middle class," found a report from The Geneva-based International Labor Organization […]

HURRY, Historic Cuban exiles! Visit historic U.S. Route 66! And snicker at the quaint and friendly natives! Caught in a 1950′s Time Warp–before mass tourism ruins it!

In fact: in 1953, more Cubans (out of a total national population of barely 6.4 million) vacationed in the U.S. than Americans (out of a of total national of 167 million) vacationed in Cuba. ( full documentation for these seemingly preposterous figures found here.) So for Cubans during the 1950's, the U.S. was indeed a […]

Obama promotes a PLETHORA! of U.S./Cuba cultural exchanges!

“Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are our most effective propaganda” (Soviet KGB document, May, 20, 1981. Discovered and translated by Vladimir Bukovsky) The rapprochement between the two countries (U.S.-Cuba) is turning what was a small stream of artistic exchanges into a powerful river.( Jordan Levin, Miami Herald, June 6, 2015) Forging a new path to […]