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  • Humberto Fontova: They knew I was anti-embargo, Asombra. That’s why they invited me. But they expected me to chant the typical...

  • asombra: Well, you know, contempt for Mexico is not exactly groundless…

  • asombra: Why do they have you on these shows only to wind up editing you out? Do they not vet ahead of time?

  • asombra: The bodyguard behind him, who looks aptly goonish, is his grandson (protecting the family business).

  • I R A Darth Aggie: Mexican flag & Che? I guess they’ve never read what he wrote about Mexicans and his…disdain? no,...

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On the “embargo” media favors boneheaded chants over research and analysis

"Please, Mr CATO expert...I'm falling asleep..Your chant belongs on Monty Python. Have you bothered looking at any of the abundant evidence accumulated against your boneheaded chant during the past--say--two decades or so?!" "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" (again with overwhelming evidence.) (Some of the chanting seen here. (evidence against […]

Who Dat Saying The New York Times Dislikes Cuban Exiles?

"The bride, Alicia Menendez, and groom, Carlos Prio-Odio, pose for a photo with parents and relatives at their reception." (Credit Cindy Karp for The New York Times) Here's a heart-warming human interest piece by the New York Times on the posh wedding of Alicia Menendez, (daughter of Senator Robert Menendez) and Carlos Prio-Odio (former campaign […]

John Stossel and his CATO Institute Cuba “expert” had NEVER HEARD of Ana Belen Montes!

"So what are you saying?....that Castro actually sends spies to the U.S.?!!" (Fox Business host John Stossel sneering at his guest Humberto Fontova.) "Have you guys bothered doing any actual research for this special program on Cuba?!" See part of the video here. To ameliorate the grotesque embarrassment of the host and his "expert" CATO […]

A Tale of Two Drug-Runners

Che Guevara’s daughter Aleida is in Canada this week whooping up president Obama’s opening to the Stalinist regime her father co-founded, and saying he’d certainly approve. She’s absolutely correct. Aside from her father, few people knew from first-hand experience how easily U.S. officials can be snookered. To wit: This week as Pelosi, etc. chum it […]

What’s Nancy Pelosi doing in Havana with Ronnie Wood?!

OOOPS! ..My mistake! Washington – Rep. Rosa DeLauro has left the bitter New England cold for Havana as part of a high-level delegation of congressional Democrats hoping to build on President Obama’s recent initiatives towards Cuba. The nine-member delegation, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, will meet with Cuban government officials, Cardinal Jaime Ortega […]

Aleida Guevara is absolutely CORRECT! (She says her dad would approve of the Obama-Castro deal)

"The daughter of iconic Cuban revolutionary Ernesto (Che) Guevara is in Vancouver for a weekend conference, and told CBC that she welcomes a détente between the U.S. and Cuba. "It is something that should have happened a long time ago," Dr. Aleida Guevara told CBC Radio's The Early Edition's Rick Cluff through a translator. "It […]

Media trumpets another MONSTROUS lie about Cuba (That by broadcasting from Cuba Conan O’Brien will be “making history!”)

"Late-night talk-show host Conan O'Brien just returned from Cuba where he filmed a segment for his March 4 show from Havana — the first time an American show has been allowed to visit the country since 1959.". "It's the first time a U.S. talk show has visited the country in decades." (Time magazine) The above […]

Rand Paul recommends that Cuban-American hard-liners visit Cuba (apparently to become as smart on Cuba as he and Obama are)

"I'm so SMART!" (Este tipo sera come-mierda o se hace?) "Some of those people who get very emotional about Cuba, it might be good for them to go visit Cuba." (Rand Paul in Sarasota today, when asked about his support of President Obama's "opening" to Cuba.) You see, Rand Paul (like a typical smarty-pants libertarian) […]

Why does the (“liberty-loving”) CATO Institute plug propaganda from a convicted Communist spy?

In 2001 the author (Ana Belen Montes) of the very 1998 Defense Dept. report flaunted above by the CATO Institute as proof that Castro's regime "poses no threat" was convicted of espionage--the same crimes as were Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. She sits in a maximum-security U.S. prison as I write. Only a plea-bargain spared her […]

Fun Tomorrow Night (Feb. 13th 9 PM ET) on John Stossel’s Rollicking and Top-Rated FoxBusiness show (we “discuss” the Cuba “embargo”)

John Stossel fulminates against any taxpayer bail-outs of banks and of politically-connected billionaires, especially the farm lobby---but he also fulminates against the Cuba "embargo." Hummmmm? Tomorrow night, Feb 13th (9 PM ET) him connect a few dots...let's say. (H/T to our friend Patsy Sanchez (Feliciano) for design of top pic.)

Spilling the beans on (quemando!) Arturo Lopez-Callejas (Artie Levy to you) at The Blaze

In readership The Blaze ranks near the top of political websites....just so you know. Today from our friends at the Blaze: During Brian Williams' visit to Cuba last month NBC introduced their frequent commentator-guest Arturo Lopez-Levy as “adjunct faculty at the [New York University] School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs.” True enough. But […]

Swiss-Leaks Reveals $84 million in illegal HSBC bank accounts by 70 Castroite Cubans

"You SORRY Chumps!!! In the history books you're all (Batista, Somoza, Trujillo, Perez-Jimenz) "U.S.-Backed brutal, filthy-rich, corrupt dictators." But we're selfless providers of free health-care and plucky nationalists--innocent victims of a brutal and witless economic blockade imposed by the same folks who BACKED you!" But in fact Cuban colony Venezuela holds the number 3 place […]

Primitive Pacific islanders (Tuvalu) appalled by incompetence of Cuba-trained doctors

Tuvalu strikes me as a charming place, with charming natives --whoops!..Is it OK to use that term (natives) nowadays? Well, sorry if I offended any rate, Tuvalu is a series of Pacific islands (atolls, actually) north of Fiji and is a former British possession formerly known as the Ellice Islands. Despite its charm, Tuvalu […]

Regarding Obama-Castro deal, Hollywood’s Cuban-Americans are very shrewd (career-wise)–Very ignorant or cowardly (otherwise)

When asked about associating with opinions like the ones espoused daily on Babalu Blog, Hollywood's Cuban-Americans--almost en masse, and very wisely--ran for cover. A couple (William Levy, Daisy Fuentes) shrewdly tip-toed around the issue and one (Andy Garcia) slithered away from commenting in any form. To wit: Oscar-nominated actor Andy Garcia, who was born in […]

Brian Williams didn’t invent NBC’s perfidy–not by a LONG SHOT!

NBC's Andrea Mitchell gives Cuban regime apparatchik and intelligence agent Gail Reed a propaganda platform introducing her as a "President of an an international non-profit corp!" Reporting from Havana last year NBC's Andrea Mitchell introduced her guest Gail Reed as "the international director of the nonprofit group Medical Education Cooperation." Reporting on Brian Williams visit […]