Bernie Sanders champions YUGE profits for greedy U.S. businessmen! (but only in Cuba)


While visiting Cuba last year Bernie Sanders’ slipped off his (figurative) jeans, sandals and Che Guevara T-Shirt–and slipped into an Armani suit and Rolex:

“American businesses are losing billions of dollars because of the economic embargo (of Cuba.) Meanwhile, Canadians and Europeans are creating jobs through their investments in Cuba.” (Bernie Sanders on a visit to Cuba in 2014.)

Above Bernie Sanders echoes the oft-chanted lament of his (supposed) enemies the Wall Street Journal and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Fidel WSJ

On left: In 1996 The Wall Street Journal throws a star-studded luncheon in honor of Fidel Castro, a Stalinist dictator who abolished private property. On right: Thomas Donahue President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on one of his frequent visits to Cuba chumming it up with the Stalinist dictator who burglarized and murdered U.S. businessmen.

We’re all familiar with the caricature of villainous U.S. business barons as described by leftists–as described (especially!) by the likes of Bernie Sanders and his followers. To wit: a heartless, cigar-chomping Yankee businessmen in cahoots with a sleazy, swarthy, mustachioed banana-republic dictator whose bejeweled wife and daughters own ten thousand pair of shoes –these greedy billionaire sleazebags exploiting and brutalizing third-world peasants in the name of obscene corporate profits and the latest model Mercedez Benz…

Well, if any business venture on earth epitomizes that timeless cartoon it’s EVERY foreign business venture in Castro’s Cuba.

You see, amigos: when a foreign businessman sets up shop in the Castro Family Fiefdom the “employees” (slaves) are chosen and assigned to him by the Cuban regime. The foreign businessman then pays the wages –not to the employees—but to the Castro regime, which sets their wages and dictates the payment schedule. The Stalinist regime then dribbles about .8% of the total to the employees (slaves), pocketing the rest. As dreadful as they make life for their subjects, the Red Chinese and Red Vietnamese regimes dictate nothing of the sort when hosting western companies as business partners.


“I’m outta here, Congressman! Come on…I’ll buy ya a beer….”


The Castros are SH*TTING Bricks! (Estan Cag*dos!) Because Both Cruz and Rubio have pledged to cut-off their Obama-Facilitated Life-Support


Both these Republican Presidential candidates have pledged to walk-back Obama’s gutting of the Sanctions-Against-the-Castro-Family-Crime-and Terror-Sponsoring-Syndicate (euphemized by the media as “Cuba Embargo.”)


In light of the info above both of these Stalinists are currently sh*tting bricks (estan cag*dos!)

For the benefit of our many and valued amigos who lead perfectly normal, happy and fulfilled lives outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto:

You see, amigos: Since taking office in 2009 Obama’s executive orders have opened up what amounts to the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate’s (euphemized as “Cuba” by the media) economic lifeline.


“Thanks, AMIGO!–WHEEEW! That was close!”

In fact, amigos: the annual cash flow from the U.S. to Cuba over the past 7 years exceed what the Soviets used to send annually to the Castro-Family-Crime Syndicate at the height of their sponsorship in the 1970’s and 80’s. This is no chump change–and much of it is at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

In fact, amigos:  some estimates put this Obama-facilitated $dollar lifeline (much of it at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer) as more vital to the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate than the cash-flow from their Venezuelan colony, which will probably be drying up–or shrinking–very shortly.


Remesas Totales refers to cash remittances to Cuba from Cubans living outside the captive island. The overwhelming majority of these remittances issue from the U.S. Obama’s executive orders made this lifeline possible (did I mention that much of it at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer?)  

Ventas de Turismo refers to tourism, a tidal wave of it from the U.S. over the past few years though it’s not technically called tourism. Pursuant to Obama’s executive orders it’s called “people-to people” travel. But it amounts to the identical thing Canadians and Brits do in Cuba–speaking of which: here’s Margaret Thatcher’s daughter Carol  in Havana, posing in front of “Revolutionary Hero!” (her words) Che Guevara.


As mentioned both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are pledged cut off this Obama-faciliated dollar lifeline to the Castros–and as you probably know one of them will probably be the Republican presidential candidate.  And as you probably know, Hillary Clinton is in  deep legal trouble….hence this post’s title.





How ’bout that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Michael Moore?


“In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades…Cuban exiles are always present and involved.”(Michael Moore, guest of honor at 2004 Democratic National Convention.)


Rubio laugh

Along with trashing Cuban-Americans in general, Michael Moore (guest of honor at the 2004 Democratic National Convention) targeted the Bay of Pigs Freedom Fighters for special scorn and derision–but perhaps a reminder of that freedom-fight is in order:

All volunteers, these Cuban freedom-fighters battled savagely against a Soviet-trained and led force 10 times theirs’ size, inflicting casualties of 20-to-1. “They fought magnificently—and they were NOT defeated!” stressed their trainer Marine Col. Jack Hawkins, a multi-decorated veteran of Bataan, Iwo Jima and Inchon. “They simply ran out of ammunition after being abandoned by their sponsor the U.S. Government.”

Then came the real heroics. Living under a daily firing squad sentence for almost two years these freedom-fighters refused to sign the confession damning the “U.S. Imperialists” (the very nation that betrayed them on that beachhead, as mentioned by Marine Col. Jack Hawkins!) “We will die with dignity!” responded the freedom-fighters second-in-command Erneido Oliva to his furious Communist captors, again and again and again.

Well…here’s what Michael Moore (did I mention that he was guest of honor at the 2004 Democratic National Convention?…feted in a box-seat next to Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter?)


…well…here’s what Michael Moore wrote about the Bay of Pigs  freedom fighters:

“Wimps!..that’s right wimps! These Cuban exiles, for all their chest-thumping and terrorism, are really just a bunch of wimps. …Ex-Cubans with a yellow stripe down their backs, and crybabies too.…..”



France Honors Raul Castro During State Visit Today

Today the French Government is honoring the totalitarian occupiers of Cuba.

Paris (AFP) – Cuba’s President Raul Castro began an official state visit to France on Monday, his first ever to Europe, which is being seen as a key step in rebuilding his island nation’s ties with the West.

The Cuban leader was welcomed under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris before being driven down a virtually deserted Champs-Elysees avenue, decked out in Cuban flags.


While we hardly honor the totalitarians who briefly occupied France, there is a popular word in the language of those erstwhile occupiers spelled: schadenfreude. Some might say it applies to this post.


Alas, the analogy is hardly perfect. Because in fact Cuba’s Stalinist occupiers have caused an enormously higher percentage of deaths among Cubans than the the Nazi occupiers caused among the French. To wit:

According to the Cuba Archive Project, the Castro regime – with firing squads, forced-labor camps, torture and drownings at sea – has caused an estimated 102,000 Cuban deaths. According to the Harper Collins Atlas of the Second World War, Nazi repression caused 172,260 French civilian deaths during the occupation. France was nation of 42 million in 1940. Cuba was a nation of 6.5 million in 1960. Do the math.

The seemingly outrageous and insensitive item mentioned above is fully documented here.



The “Cuba-Embargo” has saved the U.S. Taxpayer Mucho Dinero (“So you’re quite welcome!” say Cuban-American “hard-liners”)

(Rep. Dan Burton co-author of the phenomenally successful Helms-Burton Act (i.e. Cuba Embargo) appears delighted with his signed copy of a Babalusian’s book.)

Until quite recently the so-called U.S. embargo mostly stipulated that the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (called “Cuba” by the media) pay cash up front through a third–party bank for all U.S. medical and agricultural products; no Ex-Im (U.S. taxpayer) financing of such sales. This cash-up-front policy has kept the U.S. taxpayer among the few spared fleecing by the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (called “Cuba” by the media.)


Per-capita-wise, the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate qualifies as the world’s biggest deadbeat, with an uninterrupted record of defaults. Recently Europe’s “Paris Club” of Cuba creditors finally wrote off $11 billion’ the Castro Family Crime Syndicate (called “Cuba” by the media) stole (called “loaned” by the media) from them.

That’s on top of the $30 billion the Putin-KGB-Crime-Syndicate (called “Russia” by the media) “wrote-off” last year.

So U.S. taxpayers, if it’s true that “political pressure” by a “powerful” and sinister cabal of Cuban-American Republican string-pullers maintain the so-called embargo—-then, well…you are quite welcome! Glad we could help!


“Who’s Going to Watch a Debate Between the Two Cuban Guys?” (MSNBC’s Chris Matthews)’


“Who is going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?” the Hardball host said dismissively (after Trump dropped out of the Republican debate.) “Who is going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Who cares?…You know they’ve been fighting in this interleague fight over who is the hawkish guy, or whatever. Who is going to watch that Thursday night?” he asked.

Fun game: Replace Matthews’ term “Cubans” with ANY other nationality or ethnic group (“Two Mexican guys,’ “Two Jewish guys,’ “Two Syrians,’ “Two Italians”, etc.)…..

Can you IMAGINE(!!!) the HYSTERIA (!!!) from all along the watchtowers of Political Correctness!…here I’ll help:


But as usual (overwhelmingly conservative) Cuban-Americans are fair game for insults from the media, without the slightest peep of protest from the usual arbiters of political-correctness.




Follow Donald Trump’s Money Trail to Moscow (is Havana next?)


“Several large European investment groups have asked me to take the “Trump Magic” to Cuba. They have “begged” me to form partnerships to build casino-hotels in Havana. I had a choice to make: huge profits or human rights. For me, it was a no-brainer. To me the embargo question is no question at all. Of course, we should keep the embargo in place. We should keep it until Castro is gone.” (Donald Trump, June 25, 1999.)

“I think it’s fine. The concept of opening with Cuba is fine…but we should have made a better deal. (Donald Trump, Sept, 15, 2015.)

“Better Deal?” For whom?

In his book, “Blowing Up Moscow; The Secret plot to Bring Back KGB Terror,” the late KGB defector Alexander Litvinenko reveals that Al-Qaeda’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was trained by the KGB. Defector Litvinenko was blowing the whistle on Putin and his gang of criminal KGB chums–JUST as he was poisoned to death in London back in 2006.

Just this week an investigation by British authorities concluded that “President Putin ‘probably’ approved Litvinenko murder.”

Trump used the Twin Towers tragedy to great benefit against Ted Cruz in the latest debate. One very well-informed source claims the masterminds for the mass-murder of Americans in New York were trained by the very outfit where Trump’s newfound admirer Vladimir Putin proudly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

So can we PUH-LEAZE(!!!) stifle the “Trump as Hitler!” analogies? GEEEESH!…Hitler HATED Russian Communists and tried to DESTROY them!

barbarossa>moscow battle

Donald Trump–on the other hand–wants to beautify their cities and embrace them as business partners.



KGB Colonel Putin Flatters Donald Trump–Who Eats it Up! (Wonder why?)


“Ego-centric people who lack moral principles – who are either too greedy or who suffer from exaggerated self-importance. These are the people the KGB wants and finds easiest to recruit.” ( also to flatter and flummox.) KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, 1985.

“He is a bright and talented person without any doubt–an outstanding and talented personality.” (KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin publicly complimenting Donald Trump , Dec, 17, 2015)

“It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” (Donald Trump publicly responding to compliment from KGB  Col. Vladimir Putin, Dec. 18, 2015.)


Ya think Putin’s laughing WITH or AT him?


beck 3



Russia’s Putin probably approved London murder of ex-KGB agent Litvinenko: UK inquiry

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is: “NASTY GUY!”–But KGB Murderer Vladimir Putin is: “Highly Respected! I’m honored by his compliment!” (Donald Trump)

“It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond,” (Donald Trump responding to compliment from KGB Lieut. Col. Vladimir Putin, Dec. 18, 2015.)


The Soviet KGB (including its reign of terror under earlier monikers CHEKA, NKVD , etc.) tortured and murdered vastly larger numbers of people than did Hitler’s Gestapo and SS.  Vladimir Putin proudly rose to the rank of Lieut. Colonel within the KGB–modern history’s most murderous organization. Most of Putin’s KGB “service” was in East Germany where he worked hand in glove with the notorious STASI, which was the KGB’s star pupil and which they appointed as the hands-on tutors to Castro’s secret police.  Donald Trump is openly boastful of his endorsement from Vladimir Putin.

On the other hand, Donald Trump denounces U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as “a nasty guy.”

“Nastiness,” we must conclude, is in the eye of the beholder.

“Ego-centric people who can look into your eyes with angelic expression and tell you a lie–these are the most recruitable people for us; people who lack moral principles – who are either too greedy or who suffer from exaggerated self-importance. These are the people the KGB wants and finds easiest to recruit.” (KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, 1985.)

No, we’re not suggesting that Donald Trump has been “recruited” by the KGB, for crying out loud…We’re simply suggesting that somebody like Vladimir Putin probably has a  good clue about how to get on the good side of somebody like Donald Trump.

“He is a bright and talented person without any doubt–an outstanding and talented personality.” (Vladimir Putin complimenting Donald Trump , Dec, 17, 2015)


“Oye Humberto! Pero lo de este tipo Trump ya es un tremendo RELAJO!

“Dime Tu, Ted!..Oye! Y viste como falle ese tiro facilisismo al pato?..LE RRRONCA!

(And did you see me MISS that EASY  shot at the duck, Ted?!)


Was Ted Cruz Wrong? “New York VALUES Fidel Castro! (LITERALLY!) “THE TOAST OF MANHATTAN!”

Here’s some scenes from Fidel Castro’s visits to New York (Manhattan) in 1996 and 2000.  Only the ticker tape parade was somehow missing.


(Fidel overcome by the adulation of his many, many New York fans)


(Even New York’s Finest couldn’t resist mugging with the Stalinist who came within a hair of nuking their city. Charlie Rangel?….well you KNEW that!)

Fidel WSJFidelWSJ5

(Fidel feted by the Wall Street Journal–a VIP luncheon in honor of the Stalinist who abolished Cuban private property and TWICE tried to incinerate and entomb everyone in that ritzy Manhattan banquet hall. And that’s a smitten David Asman of Fox Business craving an autograph from the Stalinist who abolished Cuban private property, stole $7 billion from U.S. businessmen at Soviet gunpoint and tortured and murdered several U.S. citizens who resisted his burglary.)


“The Toast of Manhattan!” crowed Time magazine regarding Fidel Castro’s reception by Manhattan’s beautiful people on the Communist mass-murderer’s visit to New York in 1996.

“The Hottest Ticket in Manhattan!” also read a Newsweek story that week, referring to the social swirl that engulfed Castro in New York by the Manhattan media luminaries who barely escaped incineration by his hand.

First, there was a luncheon at the Council on Foreign Relations. After holding court there for a rapt David Rockefeller, along with Robert McNamara, Dwayne Andreas, and Random House’s Harold Evans, Castro flashed over to Mort Zuckerman’s Fifth Avenue pad, where a throng of Manhattan glitterati, including Mike Wallace, Peter Jennings, Tina Brown, Bernard Shaw, and Barbara Walters all jostled for a photo-op and stood in line for Castro’s autograph. Diane Sawyer was so overcome in the mass-murderer’s and warmonger’s presence that she rushed up, broke into that toothy smile of hers, wrapped her arms around Castro and gave him a warm smooch on the cheek.

“You people are the cream of the crop!” beamed the Stalinist/terrorist to the smiling Manhattanite throng he’d come within a hair of nuking.

“Hear, hear!” chirped the delighted Manhattanite guests, while tinkling their wine glasses in honor of the smirking agent of their near vaporization.


Everything above fully-documented here;


“Oye Humberto! Pero la verdad que: Le RRRONCA!!!”

“Got dat right, Ted!”

“Many Mexicans said they would vote for a NON-Latino OVER a Cuban-American” (Blabber-Mouth Washington Post spills the beans!)


“YOU! WASHINGTON POST! –are a BLABBER-MOUTH!!!” (Ralph Kramden)

” Mexicans who make up so much of the workforce said it would be far more meaningful to elect the first Mexican American president than the first Latino. Many said they would vote for a non-Latino over a Cuban American.”

In two days of interviews, not a single Mexican said he or she supported Rubio or Cruz, and even some Cubans said they don’t plan to support either Cuban American candidate. “No way” will Mexicans rally around presidential candidates just because they are Cuban, he said.

“Like oil and water” is how Alejandro Carrillo, a Mexican salesman, describes Mexicans and Cubans.

“Eighty percent of the Mexicans don’t like the Cuban people.”

A stunning revelation for most Americans, no doubt. ..”What?!But don’t Mexicans and Cubans have similar surnames?”

Sure–and don’t most Black Americans have similar surnames to (genuine) WASP-Americans? (Washington, Jackson, Jefferson, Smith, Jones, Franklin, etc.) But nobody equates the two culturally or politically– because they represent distinctly different racial groups–as do Mexicans and Cubans.

No me digas???!!!” (You DON’t say?!) Say Cuban-Americans and Mexican-Americans with an eye-roll  about the WAPO article.



Breaking: U.S. Enemy Cuba Caught Stealing Ultra-Sophisticated U.S. Missile Technology for Sale to Other U.S. Enemies


Actually that’s not quite the title of yesterday’s blockbuster report in the Wall Street Journal. Here’s the WSJ title: “Missing U.S. Missile Shows Up in Cuba.”

“An inert U.S. Hellfire missile sent to Europe (Spain) for training purposes was wrongly shipped from there to Cuba in 2014,” continues the WSJ, “a loss of sensitive military technology that ranks among the worst-known incidents of its kind. The unintended delivery of the missile to Cuba has confounded investigators and experts who work in a regulatory system designed to prevent precisely such equipment from falling into the wrong hands… Investigators are unclear if the incident was an error or the result of espionage. For more than a year, amid a historic thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, American authorities have tried to get the Cuban government to return the missile.”

The formerly missing missile, known as a Hellfire is a laser-guided, air-to-surface missile often fired from Apache attack helicopters and Predator Drones and has become “ an important part of the U.S. government’s antiterrorism arsenal,” according to the WSJ. In other words, it’s a hot item to get their hands for everyone from ISIS to Iran and from Syria to the Taliban.

Now let’s play a fun game and see if you concur with my choice for post title. The game is called “Connecting Da Dots.” Here’s some of the dots:

“Cuba is intelligence trafficker to the world,” stresses Lieut. Col. Chris Simmons, recently retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency and widely hailed as America’s top Cuba spycatcher. “Among many others, the U.S. military secrets stolen by Castro’s spies have been sold to former regimes in Iraq, Panama and Grenada, alerting these dictatorships to U.S. military plans against them and costing untold American lives.”

The Hellfire missile’s Excellent Adventure began in Orlando International airport where its manufacturer Lockheed-Martin shipped it to Spain for a NATO training exercise at the ROTA military base in southern Spain.

“In the most serious espionage case yet uncovered in Spain, prosecutors have charged five members of Spanish military intelligence and a businessman of spying for the Cuban government…Cuba’s Intelligence Directorate moved its main European base to Madrid in the early 1990s.” (Miami Herald Jan. 19, 1999.)

Much more here from our friends at Townhall.


Univision’s Mexican-born Jorge Ramos denounces Republicans Ted Cruz AND Marco Rubio for “betrayal!”


“Of course, most incomprehensible for many Hispanics is that the two Latino candidates, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, have taken such a harsh stance against immigrants who are here simply because they’re doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

Rubio and Cruz are struggling to see who can demonstrate the harshest opposition to offering undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship. Simply put: Rubio and Cruz don’t want new immigrants to have the same opportunities that their own parents had…There is no greater disloyalty than the children of immigrants forgetting their own roots. That’s a betrayal.”

joan rivers

Can we talk? In brief: Why do so many residents of the former Spanish Empire flock to the U.S.?

In fact, South and Central America had (and have) more natural resources than does North America. So why do “Hispanics” or “Latinos” or whatever the hell you wanna call ’em continuously flock into North America for jobs, for prosperity–in brief: for the pursuit of happiness?

The Rule of Law and individual liberty, that’s why. They’re not very good at that sort of thing in Spanish-speaking nations. One of the Spanish Empire’s most famous aphorisms regarding its administration   helps explain the issue: “obedezco pero no cumplo.” (I obey but don’t comply. )

In brief : the Rule of Law doesn’t mean the same thing in Latin America as it does in the Anglosphere. Oh sure, most “Hispanic” nations have absolutely lovely constitutions, many of them modeled on our own. It’s following the letter of their laws that proves damn near impossible down there. For instance:

You can make a good case that Batista’s 1952 coup was actually good for Cuba–economically-speaking. But it was still illegal. Maybe without the coup things would have turned out better in the long run?…I know…I know! We could get on this for HOURS! But bandwidth issues restrain us. Whatever. It’s hard to say for sure.

For all I know, Cruz and Rubio are oblivious to the phrase “obedezco pero no cumplo” and its historic ramifications for the fortunes of Latin American societies. But Jorge Ramos’s seems furious that these Republican candidates propose to uphold U.S. law. Where Jorge Ramos writes “immigrants,” constitutionalists properly see lawbreakers, criminals. Genuine immigrants follow U.S. law–as did Cruz and Rubio’s parents. Ramos makes no distinction between them and lawbreakers.

(For the sake of this discussion let’s defer a discussion of Rubio’s actual record on this issue and stick to Jorge Ramos claims that–based on his recent campaign declarations–Rubio’s position is identical to Cruz’.)

One-time amnesty proponent Rubio graciously granted Jorge Ramos several elegant interviews.


Trump had his goons pounce on Ramos and boot him from one of his speeches like a filthy wino who snuck into the building from a back alley through the service door.

Yet Ramos treats Rubio no differently from Trump–worse, actually: Trump’s a simple “bigot,” whereas Rubio’s a reprehensible “traitor!”

So instead of pandering to Jorge Ramos and his fan-base Cruz and Rubio should boast that they’re proud of their fealty to the U.S. Constitution and to the rule of law–they’re proud of fighting to keep the U.S. from becoming the very kind of a pesthole where Jorge Ramos and most of his fan base were born……“Obedezco Y TAMBIEN cumplo!”



“Not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba, OK? Just remember that.” (Donald Trump attacks Ted Cruz)

“I LOVE Dat movie! I seen it ten ‘freakin times! And I ain’t never seen no Cuban evangelicals in it!–So there, Ted Cruz!”


“Dem people don’t look like no evangelicals to me!  See what I mean Iowa delegates! So don’t let Ted Cruz snooker ya!”

Is Donald Trump now also a Cuba “Expert?” He certainly sounds stupid enough to qualify. To wit:

“You gotta remember. In all fairness, to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba, OK? Just remember that, OK? Just remember…When you’re casting your ballot, remember.” (Donald Trump, Dec. 29, Council Bluffs, Iowa.)

And this is the second time this month that Trump flaunts his expertise on Cuba’s ecclesiastical history to bash Ted Cruz.

For the sake of this discussion let’s gloss over Trump’s purpose for the imbecility. (But I’m guessing he meant to stir up the nativist and ignorant hayseeds who Trump reckons make up much of the Iowa ballot-casters against Cruz as a fake evangelical. They’re the ones who should feel insulted….whatever)

First off: Ted Cruz did not “come out of Cuba.” He “came out of “Canada, where he was born of an American-born mother of Irish-Italian ancestry who was married to a man who was born in Cuba and lived there until the age of 19.

Secondly: A fair number of Protestants DO INDEED “come out of Cuba.” By the mid 1800’s–though a formal Spanish colony–Cuba was already conducting more business with the U.S. than with Spain. Most of these U.S. business contacts were Protestant and their religious affiliation rubbed off on many of their Cuban friends and neighbors. Many Cubans–especially the rebel fighters against Spain–also associated the Catholic Church with Spanish colonialism. This meant the Protestant missionaries who flocked into Cuba from the U.S. in early 20th century found very fertile ground.

Let’s take some fairly well-known Cubans (albeit, only one appeared in Godfather II.)

Tomas Estrada Palma. He was Cuba’s first president and was a graduate of Cuba’s protestant schools and attended Protestant services.

Fulgencio Batista. He was Cuba’s last “President” and also a graduate of one of Oriente’s many Protestant grammar schools.  Yes the “U.S.-backed dictator” of media and Godfather II infamy even  attended protestant services as youth.

So the Cuban leaders who literally bracket Cuba’s history as an independent republic were both nominal Protestants.

Furthermore: A study estimates that south Florida alone has about 80,000 practicing Protestants of Cuban heritage.

But Trump didn’t see too many Evangelicals in Godfather II’s Cuba scenes. Probably that settled the issue for him.

I mean everybody who saw Godfather II knows what it was like when Castro took over,” NBC’s Chris Matthews, winner of the “David Brinkley Award for Excellence in Broadcast.”)

“All I know about Cuba in the 1950’s I learned from the Godfather II!” (Jon Stewart.)

Should we add Donald Trump to the distinguished roster above?



Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel returns early from “VACATION in Cuba,” reports media.



OK, here’s U.S. law again, in slightly bolder print:

Tourist travel to Cuba is prohibited under U.S. law for U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and others subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

Now here’s three very recent headlines:

“Mayor Emanuel to return from Cuban vacation on Tuesday afternoon.” (Chicago Tribune)

“Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will cut short his family vacation in Cuba and head home Tuesday..” (USA Today.)

“Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Monday he would cut his family vacation in Cuba…(Reuters)

In brief: No attempt whatsoever from public officials or the media to pretend that Obama’s Cuba policy is anything but a joke!