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  • asombra: If this pope ever expects my respect, he’ll have to come clean on Che Guevara–squeaky clean. That’s the only...

  • asombra: Repulsive as he is, at least Cardinal Ortega lives in the lion’s den and could all too easily be under blackmail....

  • asombra: Another vitriolic extremist foaming at the mouth, obviously, just like “those people.” Alas, this pope is plenty...

  • asombra: “Las palmas son novias que esperan,” wrote Martí, and the same is true of the land, the place, the natural Cuba. May...

  • asombra: Elián is lost, brainwashed by people who do it professionally and evidently effectively. That is fully the responsibility of...

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“Why did Elian’s mother leave Cuba? She was living the good life.” asks ABC’s Jim Avila

"Why did Elian’s mother leave Cuba?” the furrow-browed Jim Avila asked the (then) NBC cameras in April 2000. “What was she escaping? By all accounts this young woman was living the good life.” "Would it occur to a presumably educated reporter to ask why someone tried escaping East Germany? Of course not. They’d be laughed […]

Ted Cruz Don’t Take No Mess! (He unleashes his inner Cuban –mando la prensa pal carajo!, but very elegantly, no griteria)

"Pappa Don't Take No Mess!" (and neither does Ted Cruz) From Real Clear Politic (no less!) Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in Beaumont, TX on Tuesday, May 19. He was asked repeatedly by Kevin Steele from KMBT-TV about the issue of gay marriage, to which Cruz responds by turning the tables. […]

“I consider Fidel Castro my father,” Elian Gonzalez (Rosemary’s Baby Alive and Well)

"I am his friend but above all I consider him my father, my grandfather,” (Elian Conzalez, May 20, 2015.) Which mother suffers most? Rosemary? Or Elizabeth Brotons? (Elian's mother.) For all their sacrifices--and all they knew during gestation--their babies now serve the same master.

Casualties in Waco’s “Biker Battle” twice those of Cuba’s “Battle of Santa Clara,” where commader Che “Blood ‘n Guts!” Guevara earned his eternal military fame!

The biker battle in Waco this week-end killed nine hoodlums. That's over twice as many killed in action as during the most celebrated and epic battle of the (media-concocted) "war" by (bogus) comandante Fidel Castro's (phony) guerrillas against Batista's (joke of an) army. But perhaps I'm a bit biased in these matters and have grown […]

The true horror of Castroism: Today’s ABC interview with (Brain-Dead) Elian Gonzalez

  Forget the crumbling buildings and trashy streets of Havana for a second. Above and below are scenes showing the true horror of Castroism: not what it does to a nation's infrastructure--but what it does to the mind and spirit of its subjects. From today's interview with Elian the Zombie: "To the American people, first […]

French Hospitality industry partners with Stalinists who occupy Cuba

In honor of the French hotel and liquor companies currently setting up a collaboration with the Stalinist occupiers of Cuba we offer clips of another occupation, where much of the French hospitality industry also collaborated...this seems only proper... "The French company Warwick International Hotels & Resorts (WIH) took its first steps in Cuban tourism with […]

Hidden camera captures the skepticism of hard-nosed investigative reporters from Washington Post reacting to Castro press-release in Havana

Does the Washington Post Believe in Faith-Healing? In fact, Hillbilly snake-handlers have better evidence for their beliefs than does the Washington Post for their faith in the claims of serial-liar Castro. Just ask any Cuba-watcher. You’d really, really hope that at this stage of the game most people—especially “ultra-educated” and ultra-skeptical Beltway reporters—would display a […]

“Brother Castro has found the cure for Cancer and Menningitis! Can we get a witness! Praise da LORD!!!” (according to the Washington Post)

From the Washington Post: " Americans could soon be thanking Fidel Castro for their revolutionary cancer drugs. Cuban immunologists made several other vaccination breakthroughs, including their own vaccines for meningitis B and hepatitis B, and monoclonal antibodies for kidney transplants.” All this is even more impressive considering the crippling embargo that America has imposed on […]

“Pope Backs Sanctions for South Africa” ( New York Times headline, Sept.11,1988) Consistency, Please, Vatican.

POPE BACKS SANCTIONS FOR SOUTH AFRICA--"At the start of a five-nation tour of Africa, Pope John Paul II today offered his approval of the strict economic sanctions against South Africa now under consideration by the United States Congress. He said such measures are morally acceptable as a last resort in the struggle against apartheid. (NY […]

A Post in Honor of France’s elected leader ( who partners with the Stalinist occupiers of Cuba)

France's elected leader and his business cronies are in Cuba this week partnering with the heavily-armed Stalinists who occupy Cuba and oppress the Cuban people. In honor of this event it seems only fair to post some poignant historical reminders.... But in fact the parallels between the totalitarian occupation of France and the totalitarian occupation […]

Raul Castro Ridicules Pope ( a reminder)

  When the cameras from the Castro-credited lapdog international media were rolling back in 2012 during the Pope's visit to Havana--Raul's reverence for his Holiness was on full display. But whoops! When he thought (perhaps after a snort or two that morning) that those cameras had turned-- the inner Raul bubbled forth, ridiculing the Pope […]

Valdimir Putin and Raul Castro embrace in Moscow (George Patton not impressed)

Stalinist Dictator Raul Castro is in Moscow this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Stalinist victory over Nazi Germany. One gentleman with a major hand in that victory came to rue the fruits of that victory. "We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them […]

Comedy Central’s token Latrine-oh (Mexican Al Madrigal) denounces Cubans as: “a snooty subset–the WASPS of the Latino world”

The gist of the skit was that Cruz and Rubio "aren't genuine Latinos and wont get much of the the latino vote blah...blah." Some documentary titled Our Time about the "growing political power of Latrine-ohs in the U.S. blah...blah" is in the works. Among the chummy and graciously outreaching cast of producers, there's Madrigal, second […]

“Mean ‘Ole Uncle Sam diplomatically snubbed and cruelly isolated poor little Cuba!!!” Right? ( Part XIV)

For years a bullying Uncle Sam imposed a mean 'ole diplomatic embargo on poor little snubbed and heartsick Cuba, right? But recently a newly enlightened U.S. announced a dramatic, inspiring and positively HEART-WARMING "diplomatic opening!!!" to poor little previously "diplomatically isolated" Cuba!!! Right? Well, turns out that there are no plans to increase the size […]

Being an “expert” on Cuba oil means never having to say “I’m sorry”–or ever being exposed as a scam-artist, except by Babalu Blog (Just ask Jorge Piñón)

"Mirror mirror on the wall who's the biggest swindler of all?" (asks Cuba oil "expert" Jorge Piñón, 2nd clockwise) Just today more proof appeared (as if Babalu readers needed any) exposing the "Enormous-Oil-Deposits-in Cuban-Waters" for the snake-oil traveling show it always was. Cuba confirmed oil deposits; U.S. companies uninterested "Despite the opening we haven't encountered […]