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  • asombra: Sometimes the faux general looks almost convincing. Still, I prefer his Marjorie Stoneman Douglas mode, which is more honest.

  • asombra: Just another bad Negro unworthy of Massah Castro. Move along.

  • asombra: First, consider the source of the “criticisms.” They’re all screened, vetted and confirmed regime lackeys who...

  • asombra: Wait, isn’t that how Castro, Inc. portrayed Berta Soler in a cartoon?

  • asombra: How about we trade Bill Clinton for Gross? There could even be a Nobel Peace Prize in it for him.

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A few more items on Cuban Twitter omitted by the AP

Cuban spy Josefina Vidal gleefully greeting one of her easier marks And speaking of Cuban spies. In one of their many stories exposing this hideous (Cuba Twitter) scandal, the AP consults one of its favorite Cuban sources Josefina Vidal, introducing her as "director of U.S. affairs at Cuba's Foreign Ministry.""The ZunZuneo program shows once again […]

What Senator Patrick Leahy and the Associated Press aren’t telling you about Cuban Twitter

It’s not often that a U.S. government agency gets caught red-handed abiding by its charter and performing its publicly-avowed and legislatively-approved duties. But last week the AP “broke” a long and breathless story from Havana that nailed the USAID (United States Agency for International Development) for just that. In their own words, “a secret plan […]

How President Reagan handled U.S. hostages taken by terror-sponsoring regimes

On Dec. 20, 1983 (Ethiopian Communist dictator) Mengistu's thugs burst into meeting (CIA officer) Timothy Wells was holding in Adis Ababa, hog-tied wells and hauled him off... On Feb 4th, 1984 deputy director of the CIA Vernon Walters got off a plane in Addis Ababa and visited Mengistu in Asmara's Presidential palace. "The President of […]

Castro agents on Capitol Hill?

"(Cuban DGI agent) Teofilo Acosta boasted recently to a (U.S.)Congressional staffer that he 'had a number of Senators and Congressmen in his pocket." (Robert Moss, the London Daily Telegraph, September 3, 1979.) "(Cuban intelligence Cuban defector) Aspillaga told me that the DGI had enlisted two productive spies inside the State Dept. He said that sometime […]

Associated Press–a long and illustrious tradition of Cuba reporting.

(Top Left (on right) Julio 26 Agent Mario Llerena, who was also Herbert Matthews' contact and an AP stringer. Pic shows him fundraising for Fidel Castro in New York alongside (poor-sap) Manuel Urrutia in 1958. It was Llerena, who served as an AP stringer, who photo-copied over 3000 copies of Matthews" articles and mailed them […]

“Leahy The Leaker” was his nickname, helping terror-sponsoring dictators was his game

You'll note that Senator Patrick Leahy features prominently in every article on the Cuban Twitter "scandal." Our intrepid friends at Frontpage Magazine's Discover the Networks provide some fascinating background on the Senator: While serving as vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the mid-1980s, Patrick Leahy earned the nickname "Leahy the Leaker" because of […]

Does The Associated Press provide “full-disclosure” of it’s interviewees?

This afternoon the AP quickly cranked out a follow-up to it's blockbuster Cuba-Twitter story. In this one they seek reactions to the "scandal" from "random" Cuban-Americans, on whom they dutifully provide some background. Here's two of them: "What's the story? That the United States supports people's ability to access open media? ... We're talking about […]

WaPo calls Cuba “dumb” for not booting USAID after discovering Twitter/ZunZuneo scheme

Ana Belen Montes awarded certificate of distinction from CIA Director George Tenet 1997. Regarding the USAID Cuba-Twitter fiasco, one of the Washington Posts Cuba "experts"(not the one married to the daughter of Cuba's top KGB protege, another one named Adam Taylor) writes: Actions like this (the USAID Twitter fiasco) make Russia look smart for expelling […]

Russia’s Secret Police chief visits Cuba’s Secret Police Chief (for a refresher course? 2nd Honeymoon?)

Alexander I. Bastrykin was born in 1953 and earned his professional spurs after the KGB was dissolved. He now heads the "Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation" (also known as Russia's FBI.) The KGB's fine tradition, however, was kept very much alive in Cuba by many--including Manuel "Barbarroja" Piniero, the father of the wife of […]

“Hey? Where all the Cubans at?” (asks the New York Times while visiting Venezuela)

“Everyone knows that the Cubans control (Venezuela’s) military intelligence and police intelligence. They control the coordination of the armed forces. Such convictions are held by critics in both countries (Venezuela and Cuba) although they offer little hard evidence to back their suspicions.” (Victoria Burnett and William Neuman, the New York Times, March, 2014.) “This is […]

Armando Valladares channels Vito Corleone

"Listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, (dialogue) he's the traitor." "Venezuela's liberty is imperiled by one thing: "dialogue," synonimous with treason. Those who want dialogue ( a deal) simply want to save Maduro and his regime. Cuba is also asking for dialogue. It's a sign of their weakness." (Armando Valladares, El Universal, […]

The Invasion of the Cuba “Experts”–Then and Now (the case of Pedro Diaz-Lanz)

Top: An exasperated Pedro Diaz-Lanz testifying to a U.S Senate Committee, July 1959. Imagine if you will...trying to alert the leaders of the world's most powerful nation boasting the most lavishly-funded intelligence agency in human history employing the most highly-educated officials and analysts--imagine trying to convince such people that their most resolute and powerful enemies […]

Washington Post and NPR “reporter” Nick Miroff married to daughter of Cuban G-2 founder and KGB protege Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero

Wapo, NPR, etc. "reporter" Nick Miroff (who specializes in Latin America) and wife Camila Piniera Harnacker, (an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime.) NPR and Washington Post correspondent Mick Miroff also corresponds with the "Center for Public Integrity." Our mission: "To serve democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public […]

Is the U.S. State Dept. in cahoots with the New York Times AGAIN? (Babalu Blog All Along the Watchtower)

As already posted by the ever-vigilant princes keeping a view All Along the Watchtower here at Babalu Blog, the New York Times has gone on record: they find no more evidence of Cuban interference in Venezuelan affairs today than they found evidence of Communist sympathies in Cuba's leaders in 1959. Fine. We expect that. But […]

“Leave Che Guevara ALONE! (At Boston College tomorow night!) I MEAN it!!!

  "I don't like the sound of this....?"