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  • ranavy33: Great article, great translation.

  • asombra: His parents obviously followed the former fashion to give Cuban children Russian names. Sad.

  • asombra: Because little brown island people don’t deserve labor rights; they’re just there to do labor. If they want rights,...

  • La Conchita: Everything changed when the Soviets left. USA then didn’t care shit about Cuba. Then the Castro’s gave up all...

  • Rayarena: Asombra, the days of José Martí are long gone. In its place, you find either the Cubanoids whom as I have mentioned, pack the...

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First Amendment protection for Castro apparatchiks Buena Fe–but not for U.S. citizen Ted Nugent

Tonight some Castro-regime apparatchiks under the guise of musicians named Buena Fe perform in Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Many historic exile groups (including groups representing the longest suffering political prisoners in the modern history of the human race) have protested the blatant provocation from the Stalinist terror-sponsoring regime that tortured them--but to no avail. It seems […]

“People to People Travel?” or “American useful idiots, morons and scoundrels to KGB-trained indoctrinators travel?”

Cuba’s Intelligence services “will actively exploit visitors to the island” continues the report. “Intelligence officers will come into contact with the academic travelers (from the U.S.) They will stay in the same accommodations and participate in the activities arranged for the travelers. This clearly provides an opportunity to identify targets….Castro’s intelligence aggressively targets U.S. universities […]

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” – Vladimir Lenin.

"It was either Adolf Hitler or his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said that the people will believe any lie, if it is big enough and told often enough, loud enough." (Thomas Sowell, July 31, 2012) "The history of changes that turned out to be for the worse, even in countries that were pretty bad […]

Cuba’s “New Woman” at work–(La Candela!)

The term "Come-Mierda," hardly does justice to Quebec's Michel Beaudry (pictured above.) But hey--he was a Canadian tourist to Cuba! "My reservoir of sympathy for such people has shrunken to a greenish hog-wallow dotted with kerosene cans and old shoes." (I stole that from S.J. Perelman.) 'She lied all along': Quebec man claims Cuban marriage […]

Cuba (who imported Stalin’s judicial system as it functioned during the Great Terror) hosts “International Law Congress”

"Judicial Evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. We execute (and jail and torture and steal) based on revolutionary conviction." (Che Guevara, Feb. 1959.) From Castro's captive (literally!) media: A total of 21 countries will participate in the Law 2014 International Congress (Abogacia 2014) to run Sep. 17-19 at the Havana-based Conference Center, according to organizers. […]

Hemingway’s grandsons sign on as travel agents for Castro regime (which outlaws boat ownership and fishing for its subjects)

Ernest Hemingway's grandsons John and Patrick pose in publicity shot for a fishing tournament sponsored by a Stalinist regime that outlaws boat ownership and fishing for its subjects. And the Stalinist regime isn't very subtle about the issue either. From the KGB-mentored regime's captive (literally!) media: Havana, Sep 8.- Visiting Cuba, the grandchildren of US […]

You don’t need the Weathermen to know which way the wind blows (or to screen your Castroite spy recruits anymore)

From BLOCKBUSTER (!!!) book: “The terrorist offshoot from the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) known as The Weathermen and staffed most famously by Barack Obama’s future “neighbors” Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn served as the Cuban DGI’s U.S. recruitment officers at the time, which proved easy. In that heady Age of Aquarius hundreds of […]

NO?! Grab a STRONG drink and chair for this one! (“Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Brookings Institute”)

Cuba "expert" Chris Sabatini and "philanthropist" Carlos Saladrigas given a platform by an outfit even the New York Times denounces as a propaganda whore for foreign powers. The expose is titled: Foreign Powers Buy Influence at Think Tanks ..... And from the New York Times--no less! This means of course (you guessed it) that in […]

Fun Exercise! (Let’s Compare PBS’ treatment of Fidel Castro–to their treatment of Joe Mc Carthy and Augusto Pinochet!)

“Oye Fidel: If only I’d murdered thousands by firing squad and caused total of 102,000 of my countrymen to to die as a result of my “revolution”—which made my nation the suicide capitol of the Western hemisphere. If only I’d jailed and tortured more of my compatriots per-capita than Stalin did –all this while plunging […]

The FBI FINALLY catches up with Babalu Blog in detecting Cuban agents and recruitment ploys

According to a freshly-declassified FBI report published by Bill Gertz in the Washington Free Beacon, Cuba's intelligence services--sit down and grab a strong drink for this!--engage in the following: * “Academia has been and remains a key target of foreign intelligence services, including the [Cuban intelligence service],” the report concludes. * The targeting of American […]

“Batista killed 20,000 Cubans! Cuba’s poverty in the 1950′s rivaled that of any 3rd world country!”(gasps latest PBS special on Fidel Castro)

Other educational revelations from the PBS program: * "Cuba's poverty in the 1950's rivaled that of any 3rd world country." * It is estimated by his rivals that during Batista's reign more than twenty thousand political dissidents had been killed. * Fidel Castro attempted to make peace with the U.S.--but the U.S. refused so Castro […]

“Bachelors Degree in Tourism, a New Educational Offering in the University of Camagüey” (reports Castro’s castrati press)

"Hummmm?..Can't say that I remember any such degrees when Cuba was a "Tourist Playground?" When Cuba was a HUMILIATED(!!!) DISGRACED(!!!) and DEGRADED(!!!) "Tourist Playground" under "U.S.-Backed Dictator-Batista(!!!)"--were such disgraceful degrees offered in Cuba's many and easily-affordable institutes of higher learning?...Just asking...? A Bachelors Degree in Tourism, a New Educational Offering in the University of Camagüey

Yet more blatant plagiarism of Exposing the Real Che Guevara by another “libertarian”.

We encountered this issue a few months ago, amigos. The plagiarism this time involves a long video and podcast. And again this shameless plagiarist bills himself--SURPRISE!--as a "libertarian." This means ( again like Communists) that they reject (other people's) "intellectual property rights." This also means they can scam their brain-dead cult followers into marveling at […]

A smitten Diana Nyad honored with Castro-regime medal by Castro-family eunuch

Remember how her swims "had nothing to do with politics?"---just like the Juanes concert "had nothing to do with politics"? Juanes went on to sign the letter to "Free The Cuban Five. And now Diana Nyad swoons over an award personally pinned on her by the Castro family's eunuch (laughably nicknamed "Cuba's Vice President) Miguel […]

CRACKERJACK Guerrilla (Che Guevara) and CRACKERJACK Guerrillas (the Palestinians) brainstormed together!

"Only a few months following the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Ernesto “Che” Guevara visited Gaza on June 18, 1959, sharing resistance strategies with Palestinians involved in the anti-colonial struggle." Any more questions why the most humiliating (and hilarious!) military defeats in the annals of modern warfare have befallen Israel's enemies? Welcoming Che Guevara as […]