Hillary Clinton fell for it! (she believes Bendixen & Amandi polls!)

Hillary campaigns in Miami by bashing the (so-called) Cuba embargo! No doubt she consulted some polls about Cuban-American attitudes…wonder whose polls???

Wonder if she knows what happened to the last politican to fall for the polls by the public relations agency badly disguised as a polling agency named Bendixen & Amandi. We had great sport with that poor fool here recently.


“Saw DAT, Brian and Keith?!” (looks like they did)


“Saw DAT, Jimi and Keith?!” (looks like they did)


“Saw DAT, Don and Dino?!” (looks like they did)


A fascinating datum by Capitol Hill Cubans that might interest Hillary Clinton:

“Every single Cuban-American elected official — local, state and federal — of all political persuasions, support maintaining sanctions…no candidate who supports lifting sanctions has ever won statewide in Florida, including President Obama, who campaigned on his support for the embargo in 2008 and 2012.”


(Genuine) soccer rebel horrifies (genuine) establishment with his T-shirt (Franco!)

Portuguese Soccer star Nuno Silvo with his Franco T-shirt.

WHOOPS!…Somebody needs to talk to this boy! None of the “right people” saw this coming! Che Guevara, chico! CHE! CHE! CHE! THAT’S who hip soccer stars wear on t-shirts.. Whatsamatta wit-you!

The face a a TRUE rebel! Nobody has enraged the (genuine) establishment like Nuno Silva. According to Spain’s ABC the establishment is up in arms over Silvo’s gesture and want him silenced! Penalized! Sanctioned!'(naturally nobody is referring to Silvo’s “freedom of expression” or the lust by the “uptight establishment” to “censor” him.

Alas, pressure from “the establishment” from “the man” finally ended up cowering Silva into apologizing, claiming an apolitical personality and ignorance of recent of Spanish history.

(“Oye, Nuno! Get with the program, chico! Much better for your career!”) advises Diego Maradona

Lest we forget the Spanish Nationalists led by Franco were known in Western liberal circles as “rebels” as “insurgents.” They rebelled against the Spanish Government/establishment of the day….Well? In-your-face social rebellion anyone? GENUINE political and social iconoclasm anyone?


Nobody–but NOBODY!–so rebelled against the leftist pieties of his age and so rattled the politically-correct literary, social and political establishment of his time like Francisco Franco.

H/T our friend Arnaldo De Armas

Ah!–But THIS murderer of cute little lions is the toast of the Smart-Set!


Innocent! Cute! Snuggly! Lion murdered for machista gratification!– by a hero to millions of leftists!–who flock to the murderer’s shrine in Castro’s Cuba! (for a hefty fee, of course)–A shrine to this racist, misogynistic drunkard and his murder of hundreds of Innocent! Cute! Snuggly! animals right out of Disney cartoons! .. Where’s the OUTRAGE??!

Maybe since this lion-murderer was also a major fan of human-murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevara he gets off scot-free in the court of world opinion.

That he was also a full-fledged KGB agent never hurts in the court of world opinion either.


(On left) BAD! BAD! BAD! (on Right) Cool! Cool! Cool!
So Dr Walter James Palmer (on left), here at Babalu we offer you this free advice. Here’s a SURE cure for your current public relations woes:

*Start hailing Obama’s “diplomatic breakthrough!”
*Visit Cuba!
*If at all possible take some pics with Fidel or Raul–smiling, shaking hands!
*VOILA!!! You’re absolved!


And what’s with Hemingway’s fetish for hanging his hunting trophies on his wall?

As well known hereabouts, TRUE hunters wear them on their heads!

Truth by Nutty Babalusian miscreant about who helped put Castro in power ENRAGES(!!!) Academic Deans!





Castro’s worldwide fame, his Teflon-like immunity from criticism for his tens of thousands of murders and tortures, for his racism, sexism, lust for nuclear war, for converting a once prosperous nation into a festering, disease-ridden prison and pesthole that repels Haitians and drove over twenty times as many people to die escaping it as died attempting to escape East Germany (as documented by Dr Armando Lago)– all this issues mostly from Fidel Castro’s image as the victimized and plucky David against the bullying Yankee Goliath.

So you can imagine how the above documentation goes over with people genuinely interested in historical truth. To wit: My books on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara have been translated worldwide, and it’s a ritual by now during my interviews in places like Madrid, Sao Paolo or Warsaw. They always start with what most shocked the interviewer, usually going something like this: “Wait- a-minute?! You mean the U.S. actually helped Castro to power?! Then actually served (the Kennedy-Khrushchev pact) as his official bodyguard?! Protecting him from exile attacks?! You mean much of that stuff about hundreds of CIA assassination attempts against Castro is bunk?!”

“Well,” I reply. “You read the book. You saw the thorough documentation.” This “revelation” (regarded as such mostly outside Cuban-exile circles, btw. Most Americans of Cuban heritage have known all of this sordid history frontwards and backwards since roughly 1962) kicks the legs out from the Castro myth. The truth shatters the very foundation upon which his worldwide fame rests. Thus such reactions:

“Humberto Fontova’s book teaches us truths about Castro’s island that are very discomfiting for many intellectuals.” (Ana Botella Spain’s former First Lady while giving a book reading in Madrid, upon the release of “Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant” in Spain.)

“Reading this book caused my heart to race and bile to rise. Here in Bulgaria most the items disclosed by Humberto Fontova were completely unknown.” (Professor Todor Tanev, former Rector, Univ. of Sofia and currently Bulgaria’s Minister of Education.)

“Demystifies the image of one of the most controversial icons of the century. Using an entertaining polemical style, Humberto Fontova gives us a totally unknown face of Che Guevara,” (Livro e Tudo, Sao Paolo, Brazil, upon the book’s release in Portuguese)

And thus also the foaming-mouthed rage from the Castro regime itself: “Humberto Fontova’s books shamelessly libel our Revolution’s founders!” raves Cuba’s official paper, Cubadebate. “The terms “scoundrel” and “traitor” should precede every mention of Humberto Fontova!”

Entire article at History News Network can be read here.

National Review “scholar and expert” vs Babalu blog chusma and hard-liner (let’s see who won)

beck 3
Back in March of 2007 our friends at Frontpage Magazine featured a symposium on what Raul rule would mean for Cuba. The “panelists” were Humberto Fontova, Mario Loyola, Phil Peters and Julia Sweig. Let’s see how the predictions turned out, shall we?

By this stage of the game most folks hereabouts must know full-well who was drafting the “predictions” of symposium participants Julia Sweig and Phil Peters. So–mostly for fun– I’ll focus on the predictions for Cuba under Raul Castro by National Review’s Cuba “expert” Mario Loyola.

In addition to fun, these demonstrate the influence of Cuba “expertise,” on “respectable” and “scholarly” conservative circles. Look who sides with whom in this symposium…I mean, if National Review can fall for the disinformation parroted by Cuban agents-of-influence Sweig and Peters, who’s safe?

…In brief, it’s a jungle out there when it comes to Castroite disinformation, amigos. So you’d be well advised to stick with Babalu Blog. The best proof for this recommendation follows here:


Humberto Fontova: “No Glasnost in Cuba, that’s my reading. Perhaps a cosmetic shift from Stalinism to Khruschevism–but nothing on the order of Gorbachevism… Raul and his military cronies have been running Cuba–the nuts and bolts of the thing –for years already, and doing quite well in the process. That Cuba’s military robber barons would voluntarily upset their own apple carts, strikes me as extremely unlikely. There’s no incentive for it…As for Cuba’s immediate future, I’ll defer (with a heavy heart) to a Talking Heads lyric: “Same as it ever was.”

Mario Loyola: “Interestingly, the Communist icon to whom Raul has most approvingly referred is Deng Xiao-Ping in the 1970s. This suggests what many of us have suspected for a long time. Raul may be sanguinary, and corrupt, and not terribly smart –but at least he is much more practical than ideological or revolutionary….I continue to believe that the Helms-Burton legislation should be killed just on the grounds that it places an important area of foreign policy under the control of Congress…With Raul Castro and Carlos Lage at the helm, incremental reform is coming to Cuba…”

* “The portrait that appears of Raul is that he is not ideologically driven and is a communist mostly out of an apparent desire to be a good team player and a devoted little brother… The fact is that, as Ms. Sweig suggests, he has neither the charisma nor force of will to rule by the combination of repression and cult-of-personality that sustained Fidel’s absolute grip on power. Raul is not interested in absolute power”,

* “It is the things Raul needs to do in order to maintain his powers and comforts that will create opportunities for positive change in Cuba. If he tries to rely on repression and cult-of-personality, he is not likely to survive long.”

* “Having been raised in a Cuban family, and being a great lover of things Cuban in general, I am not afraid to point out some of the more unfortunate tendencies in the Cuban character. Among the most unfortunate are a great capacity for intransigence, and a great capacity for holding personal grudges until the end of time. Both tendencies are codified in Helms-Burton and forcibly made the basis of U.S. Cuba policy.”

* “Let us hope that current efforts to kill most of the Helms-Burton legislation prove successful quickly. Change could come very fast to Cuba — especially if change can manage to come to U.S. policy… Whatever the answer there, it seems likely that Cuban exiles are going to have to get over their personal animosity towards the communists.”


Julia Sweig: I have to say that my “take away” from this last round is a feeling of exhaustion. Mr. Loyola and Mr. Peters I think present the best path forward – realistic, humane, unsentimental even. Mr. Fontova’s obsessive focus on the Castro brothers is counterproductive.”

Humberto Fontova: “The focus on the Castro family strikes me as perfectly reasonable. The question in this symposium is “what’s next for Cuba?” Well, determining who now runs Cuba (Raul and his Military cronies) and looking at how they’ve behaved in the past as a clue as to how they’ll behave in the future strikes me as perfectly reasonable.

Some of my fellow panelists are often feted as honored guests of Cuba’s Stalinist regime and have many contacts within it. Their writings are often showcased by the official publications of Cuba’s Propaganda Ministry. These panelists have an obvious agenda regarding U.S.– Cuba policy…I scrounge and scrounge and scrounge for any evidence that Cuba is responding to the medicine prescribed by free-market ideologues and instead see the patient worsening.

“Typical Communist mismanagement,” say most about Cuba’s wretched economy. Actually, given the goals of Cuba’s nomenklatura, (undisputed political and economic power) the Cuban economy is expertly managed.”

Obviously I excerpted heavily. This is the age of twitter and Facebook after, all. For those who fear I may have placed statements “out of context” I invite them to read the entire thing here.

“Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova LE ENCANTA JODER!!!

Media darling Cuba “Expert” Phil Peters an accomplice of KGB-torturers?


Regarding Oswalda Paya’s death and Angel Carromero’s “confession,” here’s what the Human Right’s Foundation’s recent investigation concluded:

“With the publication of this thorough report, which brings to light evidence that has been purposefully obscured by Cuba’s repressive apparatus, HRF hopes to fill this vacuum and help the Payá family in their search for truth and justice…After analyzing all the evidence that emerged in the months that followed Payá’s death, HRF’s legal report concludes that Carromero was forced to record a self-incriminating video that was broadcast domestically and internationally, and that the Cuban prosecution ignored the complaints made by the Payá family and barred them from the court proceedings.”

Here’s what Phil Peters was parroting two years ago about this exact item:

“His (Carromero’s) conduct to date has frustrated those that most want to pin Paya’s death on the Cuban government, and the presentation of the case – slow, late, and piecemeal, with Modig consistently useless – has limited its impact.

Carromero and his companion Aron Modig….are out of danger and face no impediment to speaking out. No one has backed up the insinuation that their car was rammed and run off the road – not Carromero and Modig, nor the Paya family, nor Paya’s political associates, nor the Spanish and Swedish political parties that sent two young activists on an “assistance” mission that resulted in the death of two Cubans.

What could Carromero possibly remember now that he could not recall since last July, or in the weeks since his return to Spain? And what can we conclude from this collective silence, other than that it was a one-car accident, as Carromero said in Cuba?” (Phil Peters, March 7, 2013.)


As seen above, Phil Peters–by spreading the fruits of Carromero’s “confession”–acted as a full accomplice of Cuba’s repressive apparatus, the KGB-trained and mentored torturers who coerced that “confession.”


Now let’s fast-worked a few months from the Castroite farce of Paya’s death to the Castroite farce of the Chon-Chon Gang arms shipment. Here’s what the United Nations investigation concluded:

“A shipment of Cuban weapons to North Korea last summer violated the U.N. arms embargo on the Asian nation and showed a “comprehensive planned strategy to conceal” the cargo, a panel of U.N. experts has reportedly concluded.”

Here’s what Cuba “expert” Phil peters was parroting:

“What this incident says about Cuba is that there aren’t a lot of places where you can go to get these old airplanes and antiaircraft systems fixed.” (Phil Peters 7/19/2015)

In brief, independent investigations have devastated the Castro regime’s version of its arms shipments to North Korea and its version of Oswalda Paya’s death. This means that they have also devastated Cuba expert” Phil Peters version of these events. Will this affect Peters’ status among the worldwide media as an “impartial and sholarly expert” on Cuban matters?

Why did this “scholarly expert” (or so the media titles him) immediately parrot the Castro regime’s version of both these events? Shouldn’t a “scholarly expert” at least wait to see what independent investigators turn up?

As often pointed-out hereabouts for the benefit of Phil Peters, the proper forms are easily available and not all that difficult to fill out:


Any word lately from Obama’s Cuban-American friends? (Estefans? Mas?)

“I’m in with (Miami’s) IN crowd!”

Remind me again how all the Cuban-American beautiful people were right about Obama and the chusma intransigents wrong.

Remind me again how all their slobbering over him and campaigning and fund-raising for him gave them the “inside-track” to influence Obama on Cuba.

Acutally?….Who knows?…Maybe they did?

If not, we’d like to hear at least a peep from these fine folks who seemed so garrulous and defensive and cocksure and patronizing and condescending towards us Republican hard-liners on this issue a few years ago.



“Intelligence trafficker to the world” sets up shop in the nation’s capital.


“It [the Cuban embassy opening] is going to be a celebration on our part,” gushed Gustavo Machin, deputy director for U.S. affairs at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry. “Many Americans who have supported the Cuban Revolution will be among the 500 celebrants at the new Embassy.”

Despite the innocuous professional title the mainstream media insists on using for Gustavo Machin, he’s actually a KGB-trained Cuban spy who was burnt and booted from the U.S. back in 2003 shortly before the invasion of Iraq. He was among 14 other Cuban spies suspected of trafficking in U.S. military secrets (more on this shortly.)

The currently elated Machin was an accomplice of Castro’s master-spy Ana Belen Montes, who today serves a 25 year prison sentence after conviction in 2002 for the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department in modern history. Machin was neck deep in the same spying as his accomplice Montes, but enjoyed “diplomatic immunity,” which saved him from prison or the electric chair.

Now he’ll probably be visiting Washington, D.C. often “on business.” In fact it was Machin who conducted the recent “negotiations” with Obama’s team of crackerjack “negotiators” which led to this “diplomatic breakthrough” with Cuba. So who can blame him for celebrating?

“From Machin’s perspective, it would certainly be a Cuban spy-handler’s dream,” says retired Lt. Col. Chris Simmons, who helped nab both Montes and Machin along with 14 other Cuban spies and is widely hailed as America’s top Cuba spycatcher. “Hundreds of media, politicians, academics and Castro apologists all in one place at the same time. The DI (Cuba’s Directorio de Intelligencia) staff embedded within the Interests Section/Embassy will certainly be working overtime – I expect they also brought in temporary help within the “30-member delegation of diplomatic, cultural and other leaders” that arrived for the Embassy opening.”

“Cuba is intelligence trafficker to the world,” stresses Chris Simmons. Among many others, the U.S. military secrets stolen by Castro’s spies have been sold to former regimes in Iraq, Panama and Grenada, alerting these dictatorships to U.S. military plans against them and costing untold American lives.”

Our friends at Frontpage Magazine disseminate some vital information from our friend Chris Simmons that is not well understood outside of the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto.

“Le RRRONCA!!!” (says our friend Chris Simmons)

America’s TOP educator on Cuba visits Cuba! (Francis Ford Coppola)


I trust no one hereabouts will question my ranking of Francis Ford Coppola as America’s (perhaps the world’s!) undisputed champion of e-du-ma-ca-chion on pre-Castro Cuba? Some testimonials:

“All I know about pre-Castro Cuba I learned from The Godfather II.” (Jon Stewart, often touted as the top news source for young Americans)

“I mean everybody who saw Godfather II knows what it was like when Castro took over.” (NBC’s Chris Matthews, winner of the David Brinkley Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.)

Last week Cuba’s Stalinist regime feted one of their favorite adjunct propaganda apparatchiks.

On Tuesday, Coppola, who helmed the famous “Godfather” trilogy starring the iconic Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and Andy Garcia, visited Cuba’s International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de los Banos, or EICTV, which is west of Havana, according to EFE.

During his visit, he expressed his admiration for President Barack Obama and his happiness to see Cuba and the United States resuming diplomatic relations.

“I am very happy, I think it’s wonderful,” Coppola told EFE.

Thrilled to see tensions ease during his lifetime, Coppola further expressed his gratitude.

“I thought it was going to happen during the term of President (Jimmy) Carter (…) Now we have (Barack) Obama, in my opinion a great president, and I know he feels we should have relations with Cuba, and I repeat, I am happy that we are seeing it materialize,” he added.


“Fidel, I love you. We both have beards. We both have power and want to use it for good purposes.” –Francis Ford Coppola.Quote fully documented in Fidel Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant)



Cuban Spies Get an Even Bigger, Better-Equipped Base in Washington


“Ahora SI, compañeros! Ahora SI que la cosa se pone BUENA!”

Granted, Obama administration spokespersons and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) describe this week’s event differently than does this column title. Something about a “Cuban embassy” formally “opening?” in “Washington, D.C. today?” If I read these things correctly?

Nonetheless, the people actually in-the-know about these matters are cutting through the crap and cutting to the quick. Let’s hear from them:

“It [the embassy opening] is going to be a celebration on our part,” said Gustavo Machin, deputy director for U.S. affairs at Cuba’s Foreign Ministry. “Many Americans who have supported the Cuban Revolution will be among the 500 celebrants at the new Embassy.”

Gustavo Machin, by the way, is a KGB-trained Cuban spy who was burnt and booted from the U.S. back in 2003 shortly before the invasion of Iraq. He was among 14 other Cuban spies suspected of trafficking U.S. military secrets (more on this shortly.)

The currently elated and exuberant Machin was an accomplice of Castro’s master-spy Ana Belen Montes, who serves a 25-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2002 for the deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department in modern history. Machin was neck deep in the same spying as his accomplice Montes, but enjoyed “diplomatic immunity,” which saved him from prison or the electric chair.

Now Machin probably be visiting Washington, D.C. often “on business.” In fact it was Machin who conducted the recent “negotiations” with President Barack Obama’s team of crackerjack “negotiators” which led to this “diplomatic breakthrough” with Cuba. So who can blame him for celebrating?

“From Machin’s perspective, it would certainly be a Cuban spy-handler’s dream,” says retired Lt. Col. Chris Simmons, who helped nab both Montes and Machin along with 14 other Cuban spies and is widely hailed as America’s top Cuba spycatcher.

“We are going to have diplomatic relations with the United States without having ceded one iota,” guffawed yet another Cuban spy this week.

This KGB-trained Cuban spy is also safely and comfortably back in Havana. But Gerardo Hernandez (this Cuban spy’s name) didn’t enjoy diplomatic immunity. Instead, back in 2001 he was convicted by a U.S. jury of espionage along with conspiracy to murder three U.S. citizens and sentenced to two life terms.

But Hernandez’ KGB-trained colleague Gustavo Machin made Hernandez’ unconditional release (along with that of three of his convicted Cuban spy-colleagues) part of the price Obama had to pay for the privilege of letting Cuba set up an elaborate spy center in Washington, D.C. this week.

No, amigos, the producers and writers of “The Pink Panther” and “Austin Powers” brainstorming together could not possibly make this stuff up.

Our friends at The Blaze help disseminate some items little understood outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto.



Look, honey: we’ve been shacked-up happily for years. Let’s just go ahead and finally get the mariage license, go through the ceremony–and make our families happy. No big deal.


Lest we forget: Only three years ago the U.S. Justice Department (Eric Holder) flew a KGB-trained Castro-regime torturer (Roberto Hernandez Caballero) to the U.S. at U.S.-taxpayer expense to help prosecute Luis Posada Carriles, a man who spent most of his adult life combating America’s enemies.

Does that sound like the behavior of “estranged” governments?…blah..blah…?

Does that sound like the behavior of a government that “diplomatically isolates” and “blockades” the other …blah….blah…?


On top of the above–and as we’ve often had sport with here at Babalu–for decades the U.S. has maintained the biggest and busiest foreign diplomatic presence in Cuba of any government on earth! Plus:

* The cash-flow from the U.S. to Cuba annually for the past few years is estimated at $4 billion. While a proud Soviet satrapy Cuba received $3-5 billion annually from the Soviets. In brief, almost every year since Obama took office more cash has been flowing from the U.S. to Cuba than used to flow there from the Soviets at the height of their Cuba-sponsorship.

* In 1957 (when Cuba was a “playground for U.S. tourists” we’re constantly told by the media) 263,000 people visited Cuba from the U.S. We all saw this in Godfather II, liberals’ top educational source on pre-Castro Cuba, right?

In 2014 (when Cuba was being diabolically “blockaded” by the U.S., according to the media) an estimated 650,000 people visited Cuba from the U.S. So under Obama twice as many people are visiting Cuba and dropping many more millions into Castro-regime coffers as in the 1950’s.

joan rivers

So can we please cut the crap and talk?

“We are all Donald Trump,” proclaims Hispanic Human-Rights Activist


The human rights activist mentioned in this column title is also a Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner. More fascinatingly still, he’s also black. Even more amazingly, he’s a foreign “Latino” human rights-activist from a nation where recent polls show over half the residents craving to emigrate to the U.S.

With this profile, what odds would Vegas give that he’s a current Donald Trump basher?

Instead Oscar Biscet (the activist’s name) is a Spanish-speaking Cuban dissident and current Trump backer, who seems to understand the English language better than many native-born, ruddy-cheeked, apple-pie eating Americans, from to Karl Rove Jeb Bush. He especially seems to understand the word “illegal.”

And regarding that poll showing half of Cubans currently crave to leave Cuba. This refers to a nation with a standard of living formerly higher than half of Europe’s and swamped with more immigrants per-capita (primarily from Europe) than was the U.S–which Cubans treated as their tourist playground.

Yes, The Godfather II notwithstanding, in 1953 –owing to Cuba’s large middle-class–more Cubans vacationed in the U.S. (then voluntarily returned home, despite U.S. visas being available to them for the asking) than Americans vacationed in Cuba. When my parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts said “Adios, America!” they weren’t referring to Ann Coulter’s great book. They followed up with: “next time we also plan to see Rock City and Ruby Falls!”

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate a few items little known outside of a few small ethnic enclaves in south Florida and northern New Jersey.


“Oye! Pero que tipo mas DESCARA’O(!) este Fontova(!!!) El sabe BIEN que a la gran majoria de los Americanos no les importa de nada los asuntos Cubanos–y menos todavia: noticias sobre todos esos “dissidentes.” (I mean WHO CARES?! We’ve got PLENTY enough problems here at home!) Asi que este Fontova–el muy SINVERGUENZA!–cuela mi nombre y el de Trump–(como ultimamente estamos siempre prominente en los noticias)–este Fontova cuela nuestros nombres en su articulo para atraer ( engañados!) a lectores norteAmericanos!…Entonces–ya cuando estan enganchados– descubren que el articulo se trata de un dissidente Cubano y de la gloria de la Cuba ante de Castro!….cosas que NADIE fuera de Miami le presta la menos atencion!…Pero que tipo mas DESCARA’O!” este Fontova!!!!!!


“Oye, Ann! La verdad que tienes razon, chica! Este Fontova es UNICO en su DESCARO! Que tipo MAS SINVERGUENZA!!! Yo mismo nunca habio oido hablar de este Oscar Biscet?… Pero la verdad que me parece como una persona inteligente, decente y valiente. Y esto de los turistas Cubanos a los Estados Unidos en los años 50?!… Yo nunca me lo pudiera haber IMAGINADO!”

Scholars AGHAST at TRUTH about Cuba–want troublemaker Fontova OFF THEIR CAMPUS!!!


Among the reactions to my article:


More Comments:


From the article published this week in History News Network:

President Obama’s latest kow-tow to Stalinist dictator Castro seems to violate U.S. law, as codified by the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (Libertad) Act of 1996 (Codified in Title 22, Sections 6021-6091 of the U.S. Code) To wit:

SEC. 201 (13) To consider the restoration of diplomatic recognition…when the President determines that there exists a democratically elected government in Cuba.

If this president has determined that there exists a democratically elected government in Cuba than we’re in worse trouble than even I thought.

Now let’s turn to Sec. 207, Settlement of Outstanding U.S. Claims to Confiscated Property in Cuba:

“The satisfactory resolution of property claims by a Cuban Government recognized by the United States remains an essential condition for the full resumption of economic and diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.”

You see, in 1960 Castro’s gunmen stole almost $8 billion (in today’s dollars) worth of property from U.S. businessmen at Soviet gunpoint. They tortured and murdered a few Americans who resisted. But Castro’s KGB-trained spies (the “diplomats” ours keep rolling-over for during “negotiations”) repeatedly laugh in the face of our “negotiators” when they deign to mention the unpleasant matter of compensation for these Castroite crimes. That such compensation is codified into U.S. law as a prerequisite for diplomatic recognition does not seem to diminish the volume of the U.S. negotiators’ slobbering or the tempo of their tail-wagging and leg-kicking when they get their bellies rubbed by the smirking Stalinist thieves.

In brief, if this president considers the spectacle of Communist thieves laughing in the face of cowering U.S. officials as a “satisfactory resolution” of property claims by U.S. citizens against those Communist thieves, then we’re in much, much worse shape than even I thought.

“But we do business with China!” comes the knee-jerk retort from Hillary Clinton, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Chamber of Commerce and Castro agents-of-influence (but I repeat myself.) Indeed we do. And among the many reasons for this (i.e. China—unlike Cuba– has a genuine private sector, on top of many goods Americans want and even need) –on top of this, in 1979 China settled up with the U.S. government on the property they stole from American citizens in 1949.

Have any of you knee-jerk Castro apologists bothered to research this crucial difference between China-trade and Cuba-trade? Didn’t think so. Here, I’ll make it easy for you.

Entire piece can be read here.



Che Guevara Hagiographer Jon Lee Anderson now Hagiographs Hugo Cancio

Miami-based Castro regime apparatchik Hugo Cancio with Havana-based Castro regime apparatchiks Ricardo Alarcon and Jaime Ortega

I trust no one hereabouts will question my straightforward classification of Hugo Cancio as the Castro regime’s chief apparatchik for cultural exchanges with the U.S.?…Good. Didn’t think so. Cancio himself seems proud of the title…OH!…and a reminder:

“Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are the most effective propaganda” (Soviet KGB, May, 20, 1981)


Jon Lee Anderson who–in collaboration with the Castro regime and while living in Cuba–composed the official hagiography of the Castro-regime apparatchik Che Guevara has just focused his hagiographic talents at The New Yorker on yet another Castro-regime apparatchik. This one is named Hugo Cancio.

From Anderson’s Che hagiography:



Oh!….and in between these hagiographies Jon Lee Anderson “interviewed” and hob-nobbed with Yoani Sanchez at Colombia’s Hay Literary Festival.

From Che Guevara to Yoani Sanchez to Hugo Cancio…And why not? After all: “Everything within the Revolution, nothing outside of it.” (Fidel Castro June 16, 1961.)

“Ya este Fontova me tiene un poco J*DIDA!”

Discovery’s Shark Week Visits Cuba ( but–for ONCE in its long history–finds NO shark-attack victims?!)


The Discovery Channel (like ISIS) well knows that nothing cranks up viewer ratings like blood and gore. Indeed, Discovery’s immensely popular Shark Week grew to its “Megalodon” dimensions while employing a simple—but foolproof –principle: stress shark-attacks, shark-attacks, shark-attacks. To wit:

“Getting attacked by a shark just might be the scariest event in nature!” gasps a Discovery Channel narrator and beams a Discovery Channel headline all during Shark Week.

“Top Twenty Shark Attack Stories!” Discovery’s website promotes with 19 different videos.

“Are North Carolina Beaches Safe?” asks a Discovery news headline this week.

“Searching for Monstrous Sharks Near Cuba,” is how ABC headlined last week’s Discovery program titled “Tiburones de Cuba.” (Cuba’s Sharks)

“Seventy years ago, a great white measured at 21-feet long (that’s almost literally Jaws himself) was captured off the coast of Cuba! The largest white shark ever caught, it was dubbed “El Monstruo.” Is how Yahoo TV headlines this week’s Discovery show.

And yet on this very blockbuster show focusing on an area of the world where anyone who turns off the Kardashians and actually thinks for a few seconds would quickly conclude must witness among the most shark attacks on earth—on this very program the Discovery producers do not mention a single shark molesting a single human being!

Here’s a show focusing on a place where showcasing dozens of shark attacks would not appear like the silly contrivance so much of Shark Week has become lately. And yet it’s precisely in Cuba that Discovery forsook its foolproof audience grabber!


Consequently one must conclude that Cuban DNA is a powerful shark repellent. I mean, no Cubans whatsoever seem to get bitten by sharks–ever!


For Cuba-watchers an explanation for this neck-wrenching and whiplashing 180 by Discovery’s producers DOES come to mind. To wit:

Upon viewing a Shark Week segment featuring shark attacks off Cuba some liberals who have briefly switched off The Kardashains might ask themselves:

“Gosh? But why is it that for over half a century so many thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Cubans have risked the “scariest event in nature!” in these waters simply to escape the free and fabulous healthcare the media keeps telling us is the primary feature of life in Castro’s Cuba?” Or they might ask themselves:

“Gosh? A couple years ago Newsweek Magazine hailed Cuba as “among the best countries in the world to live.” So why leave it?—especially when this escape involves your chances “the scariest event in nature!” Or they might ask themselves:

“Gee? On his recent and blockbuster special Conan O’Brien showed us that life in Cuba is basically one big party. So why leave such a continuously fun and happy place?—especially at the risk of being crushed by the jaws of “El Monstruo!”

“Australia recorded 56 fatal shark attacks between 1956 and 2008!” gasps Discovery’s Shark Week narrators on previous shows. “Find out what it’s like from people who’ve lived to tell the tale!”

“The Florida Straits probably record 56 fatal shark attacks every few years,” says Florida Key’s resident Matt Lawrence, who spent years flying rescue missions of desperate Cuban rafters.

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“Looks like this Fontova guy might actually know something about shark behavior? “Le RRRONCA!!!”