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  • marhare: “not to mention his internship where he won 9 cases before the Supreme Court” I really have doubts that any intern...

  • Rayarena: TWFKAP, I am in total agreement with you. He is brilliant and unflappable. I can’t remember who was it at Harvard that...

  • TWFKAP: The difference between Ted Cruz and the other victims of derangement syndrome mentioned is that he is unflappable. He is a superb...

  • antonio2009: She didn’t light up a cigar to be more authentic?

  • antonio2009: It has snowed so much in Boston this winter that Elizabeth Warren now claims that she is an Eskimo.

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Media Hunting Season on Ted Cruz Opens…

As if Ted Cruz didn’t already have enough against him media-wise (i.e. he’s a principled, brilliant and credentialed conservative both fiscally-- and even more odiously--socially)–on top of these offenses, he’s also half Cuban. Forget the liberal love chants to “ethnic diversity.” The Cuban ethnic brand has long flapped like a matador’s cape in front of […]

Whoopi Goldberg to Ted Cruz; “Are you talking for the Cuban or white side?”

"Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t resist the temptation to join the new “Ted Cruz birther movement” and went off on a nonsensical rant over whether Cruz talks for Cubans or “whites” when he speaks. “[Cruz is] one of the people that said, well, ‘the president, huh, you know, I want to see your birth certificate.’ And you’re […]

“People enjoy life in Cuba as in few other places.” (Time magazine March 26, 2015)

(I SWEAR I am not making this up) From Time magazine today: "Their country (Cuba) is poor and, without doubt, a security state, but also safe, literate and healthy. People enjoy life in Cuba as in few other places." But why pick on Time? A couple years ago Time's historic rival, Newsweek, hailed Cuba as […]

Polls of Cuban-Americans vs votes of Cuban-Americans (how to square them?)

"The Florida Senate is sending President Barack Obama a message that it opposes his decision to renew diplomatic relations with Cuba. The chamber voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to send a three-page letter to Obama and Congress that it is in"profound disagreement" with the decision in December to restore relations with the communist nation." The Florida Senate […]

More stuff that John Stossel cut from his special on Cuba….

As often mentioned hereabouts, my gig on John Stossel's show last month was drastically edited by Stossel's producers to tone-down my total "owning" of the show and the host's grotesque embarrassment. Here's yet another of the items that was completely cut out: "Here's what you guys don't seem to understand: the Castro brothers are no […]

“Don’t Shoot!”— Michael Brown, You Were No Che Guevara

"Looks like that negro spent all his money on frivolities and drink--just like I always said!" (Che Guevara.) As usual, what many “racists!” and “haters!” (i.e. normal Americans) suspected about Ferguson from the get-go proved true. Michael Brown was a serial thug, thief and a dope-fiend who –rather than meekly surrender-- attacked his would-be captor […]

“U.S. Praises Cuba’s Counter-Narcotic Cooperation, Criticizes Venezuela” (True headline!)

True headline explained here. HAVANA TIMES — The United States praised the Cuban government’s cooperation in the battle against drug trafficking while leveling harsh criticisms at Venezuelan authorities for their inefficiency in combatting the crime. Yes--it's a Madhouse and a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. But for Cuba-watchers at least it's consistent madness. To wit: […]

Author of “Jose Marti: A Revolutionary Life” (dutifully) bashes Babalu blog and reaffirms his esteem for a Castro spy

Lisandro Perez (above on right) was "accused of being a Castro spy" by none other than Chris Simmons. "I am thus obliged to many who read parts or all of the earlier work, including...Lisandro Perez.... Perhaps both the totalitarian Castro regime and those who despise it most fervently are approaching the end of their shelf […]

“Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US” (i.e. free stuff works!)

Just in from The Herald: Venezuela allies line up with Maduro on faceoff with US Leftist allies of Venezuela rallied behind embattled President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday in his faceoff with the U.S. government, which he has accused of trying to oust his socialist administration. In an emergency meeting of the ALBA bloc of regional […]

The Glazov Gang invites Babalusian to expose yet more Castroite/Media/Think Tank lies

Our friend Jamie Glazov who hosts the rollicking show The Glazov Gang lends his platform to fight the grotesque disinformation put out by the media and their "experts" regarding the Castro regime/Cuba embargo, etc. Video can be seen here.

Babalu outs yet another Cuba “Expert” (The Brookings Institution’s Richard Feinberg this time)

From Andres Oppenheimer in the Miami Herald this week: "Richard Feinberg, a former Clinton administration official who organized the first Summit of the Americas in 1994 and has been following these meetings ever since..“The summit’s centerpiece will be the embrace of Obama and Castro,” said Feinberg, who has been championing the cause of a U.S. […]

Try to see things our (Babalu’s) way–only time will tell if we are right or we are wrong”

Well, sure seems that a lot of prominent folks are finally seeing it Babalu's way, after seeing that time told it was the right way. To wit: Andy Garcia, Feb. 2014: Andy Garcia, Feb. 2014: WHOOPS! Now Andy Garcia in March 2015: "Right now, with the freedom to travel there and that feint economic opening, […]

Oh!…And by the way: Ted Turner owns TBS ( which airs Conan O’Brien’s show)

Republican vs Democratic Congressional nose-poking in Presidential diplomacy (a study in contrasts)

"If only the Republican Senators had followed up their letter to the terror-sponsoring Iranian officials this week with a friendly visit and a handshake! Perhaps then John Kerry would find an "utterly believable" precedent (as in one commemorated by photos) for the Republicans' actions. This precedent, of course, involves Democratic freshman Senator John Kerry, who […]

Grandstanding freshmen senators sticking their nose in Presidential foreign policy (Kerry vs Cotton)

"Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s in “utter disbelief” over the letter to Iranian leaders led by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and signed by 46 other Republican senators warning any Iranian nuclear deal reached with the U.S. could be revoked by the next president or modified by Congress. “This risks undermining the confidence […]