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U.S. Taxpayers are funding the production of Communist infommercials for Cuba’s KGB-founded and mentored media

(Note the: "Written by David Greene and Jasmine Garsd." Both are NPR employees.) NPR has really outdone itself with their last series of infomercials for Castroism. The propaganda value of these productions for the Stalinist regime is such that the Cuban media itself is running them. Entire story on NPR's latest here at Capitol Hill […]

On NPR’s Sycophancy for Castroism

"You IDIOT! You're supposed to be more subtle about this stuff!'re giving the scam away!" Even pinkos should be offended by NPR’s latest infomercials on behalf of the Castro-regime, if not by the content, then by the cartoonish and unprofessional presentation of the propaganda. See Spot run. See Dick and Jane play. “Good grief, NPR!” […]

“Before the revolution Cuba was as poor as Haiti” reports NPR

"GOOD BOY, NPR!"...Your Havana bureau is secure. You know how it goes. Usually when the foreign media interviews a Cuban "man-on-the-street" about conditions, they always add: "Fulano didn't want to give his name?" Or "Mengano didn't want to give his real name or his full name?" Well, here's one Cuban "man on the street" who […]

“Fidel Castro died” (and some time ago!) reports Breitbart News (no less!)

Amigos, just when you thought ignorance on Cuban matters could not possibly get more hilarious, one of Americas top conservative news sources reports that: Since Fidel Castro died and his brother Raul became the equivalent of President for life, Raul has been slowly moving to end the stigmatization of private property and market mechanisms as […]

“But we do business with CHINA!?….So why not Cu…”

"Ain't I brilliant!" In brief: record tourism=record repression. In brief: Every shred of observable evidence proves that travel to Cuba and business with its Stalinist mafia enriches and entrenches these KGB-trained and heavily-armed owners of Cuba’s tourism industry. Thus they remain the most highly motivated guardians of Cuba’s Stalinist and Terror-Sponsoring status-quo. Please note: there […]

Open Question for all Cuba “Experts”

As for “the embargo is Castro’s best friend because it provides Castro with a foil for his failures,” this meme ranks as the favorite talking point of Castro’s agents, on the payroll and off. Sadly, it’s widely believed by the superficially informed on Cuban matters. If Castro secretly favors the embargo, then why did every […]

Jose Mujica: “President Obama is seeking a meeting with Raul Castro.”

Uruguyan President (and former Castroite Terrorist) Jose Mujica recently met with both David Rockefeller and George Soros in New York. News come from the Uruguayan press that while attending a summit In Bolivia this week Uruguayan President (and former Castroite terrorist) Jose Mujica passed along an important message from President Obama to Raul Castro: reads […]

Hillary’s hideous gaffes on Cuba exposed outside the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto…

‘The Smartest Woman in the World’ Flunks Her Foreign Policy Exam...worse, the flunkie in this article’s title recently served as secretary of state! Back in the 1990’s when she served as first lady (co-president, some say) Hillary Clinton was widely known as “The Smartest Woman in the World.” Her husband supposedly coined the term, but […]

New “poll” regarding Cuba embargo by Florida International University inspires Rod Serling

"You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone.....The lawmakers shown below exist in that dimension--because according to poll after poll after poll by Florida International […]

“Cuba – Will it become the #1 Tourism Destination?” (was among the topics during the 14th Annual Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference, May 4-6, 2010)

Among the headline speakers at this Conference (along with Tim Ashby of the Council on Hemispheric Affaris) was Bill Clinton. Among the headliners within the Obama cabinet pushing to open U.S. tourism to Cuba was Hillary Clinton--as she herself boasts in her new book. Fascinating. (H/T to our old friend Carolyn Chester.)

“The embargo is Castro’s best friend,” Hillary Clinton at the CFR yesterday

“The embargo is Castro’s best friend,” Hillary Clinton chanted to an extremely friendly audience at the Council on Foreign Relations this week while citing and promoting her book Hard Choices. I write “friendly” because on top of David Rockefeller’s own affection for Fidel Castro, his CFR also houses as its “Senior Fellow and Director of […]

Carol Burnett Show? (Or Castro Julio 26 officials–after meetings with the CIA’s Cuba “experts”?)

Fans of the old Carol Burnett shows--and especially of the Tim Conway/Harvey Korman skits--will probably mistake these pics as coming from that show--where Carol, Tim and Harvey were famous for cracking up during the course of their skits. In fact, declassified CIA documents reveal that they show officials of Castro's Julio 26 Movement right after […]

The scam of a “Cuban Jewish Community”

The scam of a "Cuban Catholic community" as represented by Cardinal Jaime Ortega and succored from our shores by such as Archbishop Wenski is well known hereabouts. Why should the "Cuban Jewish Community" be any different? Why is everyone afraid to touch this opic? Well, here at Babalu no topic is taboo. To wit: I'm […]

Mr Fanjul Goes to Washington (Or Welcome to the Cuba Embargo Zone, part II)

In fact, Mr Fanjul has no need to go to Washington--Washington comes to him. Jefferson Smith would really have his work cut out for him nowadays... Top left: Pepe Fanjul (supposedly the "Republican" arm of the family) and chum Hillary Clinton. Imagine if you will...a place where every media mention of the Cuba Embargo also […]

TV’s first interracial marriage: I Love Lucy

Well, gang, it's official: I Love Lucy featured "TV's first interracial marriage."(Lucille Ball's with Desi Arnaz.) This according to FoxNews last week. “I Love Lucy” is applauded as the first program to feature an interracial couple on TV, and Lucille Ball has said that executives were hesitant to hire Cuban-born Desi Arnaz. Here at Babalu […]