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  • Gallardo: Asombra, this is what Clinton was occupied with (among other things) while 9/11 was being cooked under his nose. It was...

  • antonio2009: Here is what I wrote about the case in an encyclopedia http://www.latinamericanstudie pdf and...

  • asombra: With every anniversary of this outrage, my contempt deepens for those who actively supported it and the subsequent infamy of...

  • Humberto Fontova: Another valuable Babalu exclusive (in English.)

  • asombra: Arenas wrote this soon after he managed to get the hell out of the Castro corral in 1980. The book “Necesidad de...

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Armando Valladares channels Vito Corleone

"Listen, whoever comes to you with this Barzini meeting, (dialogue) he's the traitor." "Venezuela's liberty is imperiled by one thing: "dialogue," synonimous with treason. Those who want dialogue ( a deal) simply want to save Maduro and his regime. Cuba is also asking for dialogue. It's a sign of their weakness." (Armando Valladares, El Universal, […]

The Invasion of the Cuba “Experts”–Then and Now (the case of Pedro Diaz-Lanz)

Top: An exasperated Pedro Diaz-Lanz testifying to a U.S Senate Committee, July 1959. Imagine if you will...trying to alert the leaders of the world's most powerful nation boasting the most lavishly-funded intelligence agency in human history employing the most highly-educated officials and analysts--imagine trying to convince such people that their most resolute and powerful enemies […]

Washington Post and NPR “reporter” Nick Miroff married to daughter of Cuban G-2 founder and KGB protege Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero

Wapo, NPR, etc. "reporter" Nick Miroff (who specializes in Latin America) and wife Camila Piniera Harnacker, (an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime.) NPR and Washington Post correspondent Mick Miroff also corresponds with the "Center for Public Integrity." Our mission: "To serve democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public […]

Is the U.S. State Dept. in cahoots with the New York Times AGAIN? (Babalu Blog All Along the Watchtower)

As already posted by the ever-vigilant princes keeping a view All Along the Watchtower here at Babalu Blog, the New York Times has gone on record: they find no more evidence of Cuban interference in Venezuelan affairs today than they found evidence of Communist sympathies in Cuba's leaders in 1959. Fine. We expect that. But […]

“Leave Che Guevara ALONE! (At Boston College tomorow night!) I MEAN it!!!

  "I don't like the sound of this....?"

El Salvador Joins Venezuela-FARC Axis–electorally

Hollywood tells us that mobsters hate commies. “I kill a communist for fun!” snarls narco-trafficking capo Tony Montana in Oliver Stone’s 1983 screenplay for Scarface. “For a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice!” In real life it doesn’t work that way. To wit: “Thanks to Fidel Castro,” boasted late FARC commander Tiro-Fijo […]

Council on Foreign Relations caught lying about Cuba-North Korea arms smuggling

"You Go Girl!" The Council on Foreign Relations, on the other hand, parroted the Castroite version of events almost instantly and almost word-for-word. Here’s Castro’s version of events: “The 508-foot Chong Chon Gang carried 240 tons of obsolete defensive weapons were to have been repaired in North Korea and returned to Cuba as part of […]

Andy Garcia channels Sweig, Peters and Lopez-Levy on embargo (we report, you decide)

Check out Larry King's first tweet on the list below: Here it is again: "The first guy who wants the embargo in place is Castro. So he can continue to point the fingers that we (the U.S.) are responsible....If America had lifted the embargo he'd have no one to point the finger at." (Andy Garcia […]

Halos yanked from Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and JFK next week at Boston College–no less! (Faculty already FURIOUS!!!)

Up there, even conservatives love Kennedy!...whoo-boy!--Should be fun.

“Come Together, right now…over Hemingway” Says Jim Mc Govern

Nothing says "people to people" travel like Hemingway sightseeing in Cuba. And nothing says: "Ka-Ching!--Ka-Ching!" to the Castro regime's coffers like Hemingway-tourism. One of Castro's best American friends is pretty upfront about it: "Hemingway has always brought people together," Jim McGovern said. "He transcends politics, and one of the points that I want to make […]

Welcome to the club, Venezuelan-Americans…

These pics comparing Time covers for the U.S. vs rest of world help explain the issue of American parochialism--which isn't a new one, and doesn't only affect news from Latin America. Though news from Latin America does often seem conspicuous by its brevity or absence, especially if it reflects badly on communists. Sometimes, when Emily […]

Now DON’T LAUGH!–but you know how the cash and credit-starved Castro regime secretly “LOVES” the embargo? Well…..

(Yes fellas...laugh. But who can really blame the "experts" for spouting such rib-rockers? The media dutifully spreads them. And nobody else really gives a shit.) Well it turns out the cash and credit-starved Castro-regime also abhors investments and remittances from Miami! I SWEAR I am not making this up: From a Reuters report on the […]

A plot by “Miami hard-liner” puppet-masters

The fix is in, amigos. No sooner had the Castro regime announced that "Miami Cuban hard-liners" are the "Skunks in the woodpile" The "scheming Elders of Zion," the "rottenness in Denmark" (so to speak,) behind the anti-Maduro campaign---no sooner had this been made known from Havana than a loud echo issued from Cuba "expert" quarters. […]

Oliver Stone snarls his WORST insult!

You people are: "Similar to the right-wing Florida Cuban exiles who’ve helped keep the US in a dungeon of ignorance!" raved Oliver Stone to his Facebook critics. For leftists its “right-wing lunatics spreading a dungeon if ignorance!” For normal folks it’s: “people who have actually experienced communism trying to circumvent communist propaganda as disseminated by […]

Official: Cuba conspired with North Korea to smuggle arms and with Cuba “experts” to lie about it