Andres Oppenheimer claims the media treated Fidel Castro and Augusto Pinochet exactly alike.

subtitle: When being “even-handed” makes you ridiculous (the case of Andres Oppenheimer.)

“You’re sh*tting me, right, Oppenheimer?…I mean, you can’t possibly be serious..???”


“Of course I’m serious..”

“Contrary to what many right-wingers believe, the media’s allergy to calling the Castro brothers “dictators” does not result from an alleged leftist bias by journalists. The international media treated former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet with similar respect, until he died.” (Andres Oppenheimer, Aug, 12, 2015).


“Hey Keith! Check out the title of Oppenheimer’s prize-winning and widely-hailed book! It was PUBLISHED IN 1991!…Any wonder why Oppenheimer’s a big star at the Miami Herald?!”



Is poking fun of Obama now a crime in Cuba?



The Castros zealously and viciously guard the sanctity of their own names and legacies with penalty of prison, torture-chamber or firing-squad for any Cuban questioning its glories. Now the Castro family seems eager to guard the name and legacy of their main foreign benefactor (after Venezuela’s Maduro): Obama.

The Castroite “constitution” mandates 18 months in prison for anyone overheard cracking a joke against the Castros or Che Guevara. We haven’t (yet) heard of any amendments adding Obama to that list of communist saints, but given the club- and machete-swinging Stalinist police who descended on the Cubans (many black) peacefully marching this week—given this wave of terror against women peacefully marching with rosaries, flowers and Obama masks while quoting Martin Luther King, who knows?

Our friends at Frontpage Magazine help disseminate a few items not well understood outside of a few small ethnic enclaves in south Florida and northern New Jersey.



Alina Fernandez (Fidel Castro’s daughter) returns to her roots…

alina alina5alina12

BOSTON, Aug. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — After half a century, discussions are progressing to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba, including lifting the trade embargo. How will this affect the estimated $1.2 billion worth of trade opportunities with the U.S, particularly in the ag sector?

Alina Fernandez, daughter of Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader for nearly 50 years, will begin to answer this question during her keynote address at the 10th annual Oilseed & Grain Trade Summit, which will be held next month in Minneapolis, Minn. In her presentation “Unique Perspective on Cuba by Fidel Castro’s Daughter” on Wednesday, September 30 at 5:30 p.m., Fernandez will share insight on her very unique relationship with Cuba, the changes the nation has undergone in the past few decades, and the economic opportunities that lie ahead.

A strong advocate of her uncle Raul Castro’s regime, Fernandez will highlight the positive economic, political and agricultural changes in Cuba since his reign of power began in 2008. This includes presenting the details of the current agricultural relationship between the U.S. and Cuba, and what post-embargo Cuba might look like for U.S. agriculture.


The woman would never have anything to do with me. I tried to line up interviews with her for my books–nothing doing. Never got so much as a response…Now I see why….

Castro Agents stealing my identity on Twitter (Update)

A few months back I reported how my Twitter account had been hacked exactly as Cuban dissident Coco Farinas reported to El Nuevo Herald that his Twitter account had been hacked by Cuban Intelligence. The ruse was identical. The Castro agent announces that his spanking new account belongs to the “real” Farinas or Fontova, and instructs the public to stop following the old (the genuine account) because it belongs to an imposter. Here were the tweets by the Castro agent who called himself “El Humberto Maximo” and even stole my picture (a serious crime) for his twitter account:


(@hfontova is my REAL twitter account. @HumbertoFontova BELONGS TO THE COMMUNIST AGENT–just so you know)

Here Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas warns his followers about the Cuban intelligence ruse:


As mentioned, my hacker went so far as to steal my pictures for his bogus new Twitter account, a serious matter that was FINALLY (!!!) recognized as such by Twitter. But during Twitter’s confusion/investigation into this matter, my genuine Twitter account had been suspended for two months. I could not tweet any of my Babalu posts. Now it’s finally back.

Just for fun, I’d like to list some of the followers that my hacker and identity-thief (obviously a Castro agent of one degree or another) listed. These are some of the fine folks he found most valuable for his cause, hence for re-Tweeting:

twitter6twitter18 twitter7twitter8twitter10twitter11twitter12twitter14twitter17twitter25twitter27twitter29twitter30twitter31twitter33twitter34twitter36twitter35twitter37twitter38twitter32

Wittingly or otherwise all of the above were serving the cause of a Castro agent of influence found guilty by Twitter of the serious crime of identity theft and shut down.



Cuban, Russian, Chinese, North Korean intelligence agencies THRILLED (!!!) by prospect of U.S. companies “partnering” with Castro regime (here’s why)

beck 3

“WELCOME, Yankee businessmen AMIGOS!” (and oh…this welcome also applies on behalf of my many other amigos!)

Fascinating item in a recent article by The Palm Beach Post:

“Cuban Vendors U.S. businessmen may work with (in Cuba) may be fronts, or “cutouts,” for other foreign intelligence services such as those from China, Russia, Iran or North Korea. The capture and exchange of corporate confidential information is a lucrative business, so guard your files.”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”


“Welcome to Cuba!”

beck 3Pol-Incgif

(In brief: Moronic U.S. companies will make Cuba the world’s top business intelligence BAZAAR!!! ( in addition to already serving as military intelligence bazaar!) “LE RRRRONCA!!!”

(H/T our friends Chris Simmons and Matt Lawrence )

Jon Stewart –scammed by Castro agents (or was he?)


“All I know about Cuba in the 1950s I learned from the Godfather II!” (Jon Stewart, July 23, 2008)

“Raul Castro isn’t even Fidel Castro. He’s like Cuba’s Jim Belushi — he’s good, but he ain’t John.” (Jon Stewart, Dec 16, 2013)

(BTW, Jon Stewart is widely hailed as the TOP “news” source for Americans under 40.)

“I LOVE this book!” Jon Stewart gushed upon greeting author TJ English who a few years ago was publicizing his book titled, How the Mob Owned Cuba, and Lost it to the Revolution on The Daily Show.

“This is the TRUE story of Cuba!” continued the Peabody award winner (for meritorious public service), barely containing himself. “A fascinating book!” hailed Stewart.

Unknown to “The smartest guy in the Comedy Central room,” Stewart, the primary source for English’s book, cited no fewer than 72 times in quotes and footnotes, is an intelligence apparatchik of Castro’s totalitarian regime named Enrique Cirules.

In fact, Senor Cirules is an official of Cuba’s “La Casa de las Americas” agency that publishes and promotes the Castro regime’s propaganda in books and articles under the guise of “art.” In 1983, a high-ranking Cuban intelligence officer named Jesus Perez Mendez defected to the U.S. and spilled his guts to the FBI. Among his spillings we encounter the following: “The Cuban DGI (Directorio General de Inteligencia, Castro’s KGB-trained Secret service) controls Casa de las Americas.”

“We were hoping to have Senor Perez-Mendes on tonight to contribute his views on the veracity of your book’s claims, Mr. English,” would have been a properly snarky Stewart introduction to English. “But were thwarted upon discovering that he lives under FBI protection for fear of being assassinated by the KGB-trained folks who hosted you in Cuba and collaborated with you in writing the book!”

Instead, minutes into the interview and in response to another Godfather-ite cliché by the smug TJ English, Stewart– this winner of the Television Critics Association award for “Outstanding Achievement in News and Information,”– gushed: “WOW! So the Mob actually built Cuba’s economy! So it was actually worse than shown in Godfather II!”

I know, I know, “the Mob-run pre-Castro Cuba” meme is so entrenched into the worldwide media/Hollywood/academia Cuba narrative that perhaps we shouldn’t single-out Jon Stewart as a Castro dupe when so many other Castro dupes parrot the same propaganda every time Cuba hits the news cycle.

In fact, gambling made up a tiny portion of pre-Castro Cuba’s GDP. In fact, in 1955 ONE gambling casino in Las Vegas featured more gambling action than ALL of Cuba.

Also interesting: In 1953, more Cubans vacationed in the U.S. than Americans vacationed in Cuba. How could the wretched and brutalized residents of that plundered and impoverished nation (as the Boston Globe, New York Times, Hollywood, NPR, Jon Stewart, etc. depict it), have possibly pulled that off?

In fact, during that horrible period for Cubans (as depicted by Godfather II and Jon Stewart), not only did most Cubans voluntarily remain in Cuba despite open doors both from Cuba and into the U.S.—but the island’s standard of living attracted immigrants from both Europe and the U.S.

All “heresies” above are thoroughly documented here.


Will The New York Times now allow an actual Cuban exile (Carlos Eire) to comment on Castroism?


Believe it or not The New York Times actually besought commentary on Zimbabwe’s lions from an actual Zimbabwean who actually lived among lions! Then they actually published his opinions!…This is NOT a joke!

“In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions,” reads the title of a fascinating article by Goodwell Nzou, an African who grew surrounded by lions in the countryside of Zimbabwe. The New York Times (no less!) recently gave him this platform for his views on Zimbabwean lions. Granted, even with such a platform and background his views won’t hold a candle against those of Sharon Osbourne, Mia Farrow and Whoopie Goldberg–but here they are:

“Did all those Americans signing petitions understand that lions actually kill people? That all the talk about Cecil being “beloved” or a “local favorite” was media hype? In my village in Zimbabwe, surrounded by wildlife conservation areas, no lion has ever been beloved, or granted an affectionate nickname. They are objects of terror.”

What’s next? Asking a Cuban-exile for commentary on Castroism?


Possible–but they’ll only publish his commentary if he delivers the goods, parrots the company line. Just ask Dr Carlos Eire what happened when The New York Times besought his views on Fidel Castro.

“News of Fidel’s brush with death brought the news media to my door, literally and figuratively. The journalists were not alone. Even long-lost friends suddenly surfaced, eager to hear what I had to say about this turn of events.

Among those who came knocking, was the New York Times, asking if I would like to write an Op-Ed piece. It was an odd request. Out of all of the things that a Cuban exile might be asked to comment upon, such as the ailing Maximum Leader’s disdain for human rights, or the total ruin of the Cuban economy, I was asked to pass judgement on those fellow countrymen down in Little Havana who were celebrating Fidel’s demise by dancing in the streets.

The way the essay was pitched to me could not have been more offensive, or more revealing of deep-seated prejudices. “I can’t help but wonder if this is appropriate,” said the newspaper editor about the dancing in the streets, “since many of them were likely allowed to leave Cuba in the early 60’s with Castro’s blessing.” The ignorance and insensitivity revealed in that pitch was so staggering and appalling-so much in the same league as the Holocaust deniers or the clueless socialites in William Hamilton’s cartoons- that it caught me off guard.

But that was not all. The editor wanted to know what I would say, a priori.”

“Le ZZZUMBA!” (says the good professor)

South Florida’s “Hispanic” city of Doral Rejects Anti-Trump Resolution


“Lateeeeeno” solidarity in all its glory, gang:

“A resolution to condemn Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants failed Wednesday night to win approval of the city council in Doral, a city dominated by Hispanic immigrants and home to one of the billionaire businessman’s biggest resorts.

In a 3-2 vote, the councilmembers — all of whom are Hispanic — rejected the resolution proposed by city councilwoman and vice mayor Sandra Ruiz, a Mexican immigrant. Those voting against the resolution said they did not condone Trump’s comments, but did not want to politicize the council’s work.

For some odd reason the councilmembers who voted against it (Pete Cabrera, Ana María Rodríguez) are Cuban-American and the one who proposed it (Sandra Ruiz) is Mexican-American.

My guess is that vice mayor Sandra Ruiz had commissioned a Bendixen & Amandi poll on Cuban-American attitudes towards Donald Trump…or maybe a FIU poll.


My guess is these polls showed “MANY!”–perhaps even a “PLETHORA!”– of Cuban-Americans up in arms over Trump. And a “plethora” of heart-warming solidarity between these two brotherly “Hispanic” groups.




“Oye Jimi! Pero la verdad que a este Fontova LE ENCANTA JODER!”

“Got DAT right, Keith!”

“Nobody Listened ” To the Cubans warning for months about Russian missiles

This stuff is pretty well known hereabouts, and the author leaves out how Cubans–both recent refugees and courageous refugees launching raids from south Florida at the time–kept warning U.S. officials about what HAD to be missiles in Cuba–to no avail. But pretty good article by a U.S. military website:


The crazy story of how Russia snuck a vast nuclear arsenal onto America’s doorstep

….but the Russians had actually smuggled over 40,000 troops comprising seven missile regiments, two air defense divisions, a fighter aviation regiment with 40 jets, 23 nuclear-capable bombers, a helicopter squadron with 33 birds, 11 light transport planes, and four mechanized infantry regiments with three nuclear rocket batteries attached.

All of these assets were to employ and defend the 36 to 42 nuclear ballistic missiles, 92 nuclear cruise missiles, and six nuclear bombs deployed to the island. There were also another 24 ballistic missiles that never made it to the island.

How did the Russians get this vast nuclear arsenal 100 miles from America? They packed their men into 100 degree ship holds until some died of the heat and dehydration, cleverly hid missile components in civilian ships, and lied their asses off.

Much more from Babalu Blog here.


Is Babalu Blog really for “Rich, White Snobbish Cubans?”


Here at Babalu blog we’re often taken to task (mostly by Ñangaras) for being “an enclave of lily-white millionaire Cubans who lost our sugar plantations and gambling casinos to Castro’s revolution.” blah…blah….

Our lack of “cultural and racial sensitiviy” blah…blah…is often pointed out (mostly by Ñangaras.))

Well, this very week featured a news item which pitted (mostly) rich white urban people against (mostly) poor black rural people. So this Babalusian (who doesn’t claim to speak for all Babalusians) would like to dramatize his solidarity with the poor black folks.

You millionaire white women?…Know how you feel when a coyote snatches your adorable little poodle or kitty-cat? Well, some pet-owners on the outskirts of Hollywood reacted pretty forcefully:

latimesBarbaraWalters-214x300 Castro-babagifpariscuba

Well African women kinda feel kinda the same way when a lion snatches their child (or husband, or sister, or brother or grandfather, etc.)…comprende? Here’s how Africans have been dealing with their own “Cecil the Lions” for a very very long time:


And here’s how many African women react to a dead lion….comprende?


African lions are NOT “threatened or endangered” blah…blah…as animal-rightists and their media cronies claim…in many areas of Africa, in fact, the actual Africans regard lions -not only pests–but as menaces to their and their families’ lives…comprende?


Time Magazine furious with lion-hunter Dr Walter Palmer ( but hails Che Guevara as among its “Heroes and Icons of the Century!”)

How Time magazine feels about mass-murderer and nuclear war-monger Che Guevara


Take Time Magazine (please!) no, seriously. Let’s use Time as an exemplar of the mainstream media. They’ve run seven stories on the “slaughter” (their term) of Cecil the Lion by Dr. Walter Palmer.

This same Time magazine hails Che Guevara as among its “Heroes and Icons of the Century” alongside Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Frank, Andrei Sakharov, Rosa Parks and Mother Theresa. “People who exemplify courage, selflessness, exuberance, superhuman ability and amazing grace,” is how Time defines its Heroes and Icons.

Che Guevara co-founded a murderous Stalinist regime, personally tortured and murdered political prisoners, lived in Cuba’s most luxurious mansion, help convert a prosperous nation into a third-word hellhole and snuck away from his only brush with genuine combat whimpering, “don’t shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!” He’s a ringer for every standard set by Time, no? Moving on now….

How Time Magazine feels about lion hunter Dr Walter Palmer

fatal attraction

Our friends at Townhall help disseminate a few items not well understood outside of a few small ethnic enclaves in south Florida and northern New Jersey.


Hillary Clinton fell for it! (she believes Bendixen & Amandi polls!)

Hillary campaigns in Miami by bashing the (so-called) Cuba embargo! No doubt she consulted some polls about Cuban-American attitudes…wonder whose polls???

Wonder if she knows what happened to the last politican to fall for the polls by the public relations agency badly disguised as a polling agency named Bendixen & Amandi. We had great sport with that poor fool here recently.


“Saw DAT, Brian and Keith?!” (looks like they did)


“Saw DAT, Jimi and Keith?!” (looks like they did)


“Saw DAT, Don and Dino?!” (looks like they did)


A fascinating datum by Capitol Hill Cubans that might interest Hillary Clinton:

“Every single Cuban-American elected official — local, state and federal — of all political persuasions, support maintaining sanctions…no candidate who supports lifting sanctions has ever won statewide in Florida, including President Obama, who campaigned on his support for the embargo in 2008 and 2012.”


(Genuine) soccer rebel horrifies (genuine) establishment with his T-shirt (Franco!)

Portuguese Soccer star Nuno Silvo with his Franco T-shirt.

WHOOPS!…Somebody needs to talk to this boy! None of the “right people” saw this coming! Che Guevara, chico! CHE! CHE! CHE! THAT’S who hip soccer stars wear on t-shirts.. Whatsamatta wit-you!

The face a a TRUE rebel! Nobody has enraged the (genuine) establishment like Nuno Silva. According to Spain’s ABC the establishment is up in arms over Silvo’s gesture and want him silenced! Penalized! Sanctioned!'(naturally nobody is referring to Silvo’s “freedom of expression” or the lust by the “uptight establishment” to “censor” him.

Alas, pressure from “the establishment” from “the man” finally ended up cowering Silva into apologizing, claiming an apolitical personality and ignorance of recent of Spanish history.

(“Oye, Nuno! Get with the program, chico! Much better for your career!”) advises Diego Maradona

Lest we forget the Spanish Nationalists led by Franco were known in Western liberal circles as “rebels” as “insurgents.” They rebelled against the Spanish Government/establishment of the day….Well? In-your-face social rebellion anyone? GENUINE political and social iconoclasm anyone?


Nobody–but NOBODY!–so rebelled against the leftist pieties of his age and so rattled the politically-correct literary, social and political establishment of his time like Francisco Franco.

H/T our friend Arnaldo De Armas