Donald Trump-hater Julio Iglesias spits in the faces of the Cuban exiles who made him rich and famous


“I have sung many times in his casinos, but I won’t do it again. “Donald Trump  seems to be an asshole…He thinks he can fix the world forgetting what immigrants have done for his country. He is a clown!  And my apologies to clowns!” (Julio Iglesias 10/7/2015.)

“Used to be one couldn’t go to Cuba because in Miami they’d put a bomb for you. But now I see myself recording an “unplugged” in Cuba with many fine Cuban musicians.” (Julio Iglesias, 10/9/2015.)


As if to further insult the intelligence of anyone still listening to him, the interview in Spain’s El Pais where Iglesias gives vent to his cravings to visit the currently COOLEST place on earth for celebrities (Stalinist Havana) is titled:  “I don’t need to make myself cool.”



Che Guevara’s Death Anniversary–(It was 48 years ago today, Sergeant Teran taught Che Guevara to play: “what goes around comes around.”)


Forty eight years ago today, Ernesto “Che” Guevara got a major dose of his own medicine. Without trial he was declared a murderer, stood against a wall and shot. If the saying “What goes around comes around” ever fit, it’s here.

For many the questions remains: how did such an incurable doofus, sadist and  epic idiot attain such iconic status?


The answer is that this psychotic and thoroughly unimposing vagrant named Ernesto Guevara de la Serna y Lynch had the magnificent fortune of linking up with modern history’s top press agent, Fidel Castro, who — from the New York Times’ Herbert Matthews in 1957, through CBS’ Ed Murrow in 1959 to CBS’ Dan Rather, to ABC’s Barbara Walters, to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell more recently — always had the mainstream media anxiously scurrying to his every beck and call and eating out of his hand like trained pigeons.

Had Ernesto Guevara not linked up with Raul and Fidel Castro in Mexico city that fateful summer of 1955 — had he not linked up with a Cuban exile named Nico Lopez in Guatemala the year before who later introduced him to Raul and Fidel Castro in Mexico City — everything points to Ernesto continuing his life of a traveling hobo, panhandling, mooching off women, staying in flophouses and scribbling unreadable poetry.

Che’s image is particularly ubiquitous on college campuses. But in the wrong places. He belongs in the marketing, PR and advertising departments. His lessons and history are fascinating and valuable, but only in light of P.T. Barnum. One born every minute, Mr. Barnum? If only you’d lived to see the Che phenomenon. Actually, ten are born every second.


His pathetic whimpering while dropping his fully-loaded weapons as two Bolivian soldiers approached him on Oct. 8 1967 (“Don’t shoot!” I’m Che!” I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”) proves that this cowardly, murdering swine was unfit to carry his victims’ slop buckets.



Sting, the Anti-Apartheid Human Rights Activist, is anxious to upstage Anti-Apartheid Rolling Stones with first performance in Stalinist/Apartheid Cuba


According to source Dominic Miller, who long played back-up for Sting, the ex-Policeman is very anxious to scurry into Cuba and beat The Rolling Stones to their performance in Havana reportedly set for March 2016.


Sting is world renown as a “Human-Rights activist,” penning the song “They Dance Alone” to dramatize and popularize the cruelty of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship and the murders and tortures it supposedly visited upon innocent people.


Sting was also a headline act for 1988’s “Free Nelson Mandela” concert in Wembley Stadium which was broadcast to 67 countries to an audience of 600 million. (no word on whether black victims of the Castro Dynasty’s Stalinist-Apartheid regime, Oscar Biscet, Sonia Garro, Esusebio Peñalver, Orlando Zapata, Antúnez, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc…..tuned in.)



This concert-extravaganza for the convicted (by a an independent judiciary during a trial hosting multifarious international observers) Communist/terrorist was also hailed internationally as “Freedomfest,” “Free Nelson Mandela Concert” and “Mandela Day.” Throughout the concert/extravaganza the indignant performers and crowd hysterically denounced the cruelty of Botha’s Apartheid government in South Africa and the horrors it visited upon innocent people.


If these Havana concerts come to pass, the Human-Rights activists and peace-niks (Sting and the Rolling Stones) will help enrich a military dictatorship (the Castro dynasty’s) that jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror (including the world’s longest-suffering black political prisoners,) murdered more Cubans in it’s first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered Germans during his first six–and craved to start a worldwide nuclear war which would have incinerated tens of millions of innocent people.

Above items fully-documented here.



Julio Iglesias sputters that: “He’ll NEVER sing in a Trump Casino!” (but he always craved an invitation to sing in Stalinist Cuba)


The Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has said he will no longer perform in casinos belonging to Donald Trump because of anti-immigrant comments by the US presidential hopeful.

“I have sung many times in his casinos, but I won’t do it again. He seems to be an asshole,” Iglesias told the Barcelona-based daily newspaper La Vanguardia. “He thinks he can fix the world forgetting what immigrants have done for his country. He is a clown! And my apologies to clowns.”


As seen above, since 2009 (if not earlier) he’s been trolling for an invitation to perform from Cuba’s Stalinst regime.



Mick Jagger visits Havana (Rolling Stones may be preparing to play Cuba)


A friendly visit by the world’s top rock icon to the Stalinist nation that criminalized his music and herded many of its listeners into forced-labor camps at Soviet bayonet-point as punishment is being hailed by the official newspaper of the Stalinist regime today.

The Rolling Stones, renown for their tributes to black music and musicians, are reported to be planning a concert sponsored by the lily-white regime that jailed and tortured the most and longest suffering black political prisoners in the modern history of the Western hemisphere. This jailing and torture of blacks (especially women) continued during Jagger’s very visit.


Keith Richards and Ron Wood, the guitarists for the the world’s top rock group, proudly belonged to Artists United Against Apartheid and played on the group’s anti-Apartheid anthem titled: “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.” Sun City was a resort in segregationist South Africa during the 1980’s ( but this resort wasn’t itself subject to segregationist laws, by the way.) The guitarists seem thrilled to be planning a concert sponsored by Cuba’s Stalinist-Apartheid regime.


“Brown Sugar! how come you taste so good!–just like a Black Girl should!”


“Hear him whip the women just around midnight!….” (Most of Cuba’s dissidents nowadays are black, many of them women, like Sonia Garro pictured above. The Stalinist/racist regime proudly hosting the delighted Mick Jagger this week repeatedly sets their machete-wielding police on these black women to savagely beat them before arrest.)




Raul Castro thanks Obama for creating financial windfall from U.S. taxpayers to his Stalinist regime

“Oye, Bruno, mira que este Niche come-mierda me ha venido BIEN!”

In brief, amigos: the recent cash-flow from Obama’s U.S. to Castro’s Cuba exceeds Cuba’s subsidies from Venezuela ( as seen below)–and even exceeds what Castro used to get from the Russians!…

But PLEASE remember! According to the media the U.S. “embargos”–NAY–“Blockades(!!!)” poor innocent little Cuba….The charts below document this scandalous and media-hidden cash-flow (much of it from the U.S. taxpayer.)


(More detailed graph here.)

Amigos! Please stick with with for a second here…please! It’s something very important to your pocketbooks that isn’t being revealed by the mainstream media: Remesas totales refers to cash remittances overwhelmingly from the U.S. to Cuba by recent (and welfare-lavished) Cuban immigrants to the U.S.– money that’s wired from the U.S. to Cuba or carried back to Cuba on the “family-travel” loophole turned into a huge racket by Obama almost upon entering office. And note that those figures are from 2012-13–nowadays they’re much more scandalous ( at your expense.)

“We’re talking MUCHO DINERO! –and from YOU–my dear U.S. taxpayer!!!”

Many of these recent Cuban immigrants hop of the planes or boats and scamper straight to the State and Federal welfare offices to start filling out forms for their benefits–obviously at your expense. Some of us have heard, that the Stalinist regime even gives special classes to teach “refugees” how to fill out the forms, where the U.S. welfare offices are located in Miami, etc.

These “refugees” benefits can total $1200 a month, much of which is promptly sent to Castro via Western Union, etc…LE RRRRONCA!!!

In brief: This  financial windfall and lifeline for Castro resulted from Obama’s executive orders. So  tomorrow Obama could use his pen again and in five minutes begin BANKRUPTING the Castro regime. No one in recent history has held such a hammer over Castro…so how is Obama using this immense leverage?

No amigos, the only “refugee” racket nowadays isn’t in eastern Europe. It’s been on our own doorstep for years–but the Castro-friendly media hides it….


Raul Castro shakes hands and seals surrender with Obama, Sept. 2015 (and with CIA operative June, 1958.) “Same as it ever was….”

On left: Stalinist dictator Raul Castro shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama sealing a U.S. surrender that began when the Stalinist dictator kidnapped an American named Alan Gross and held him hostage.

On right: KGB-mentored communist terrorist Raul Castro shakes hands with U.S. CIA operative Robert Weicha in Oriente, Cuba. This handshake sealed a U.S. surrender that began when the communist terrorist kidnapped 47 American hostages from the Moa Nickel plant and Guantanamo base in Oriente. The KGB-mentored plan was to use the American hostages as human shields and blackmail the U.S. government into further pulling the rug out from Batista. The plan worked splendidly.

Indeed–BOTH plans worked splendidly.


“Those Americans are much like women. They have a masochistic streak. The more you slap them around, the more you get out of them.”( Brazilian President Janio Quadros–on left– circa 1961.)

All items above fully explained and thoroughly documented here.


“Moderate” Cuban-Americans and celebrity embargo opponents gleefully attend party/celebration hosted by Stalinist Dictator Raul Castro in New York

Castro threw an invitation only cocktail party-celebration at the Cuban embassy in New York today. On hand were many high-profile Cuba embargo opponents, from Medea Benjamin to Danny Glover from Harry Belafonte, to Elena Freyre. These folks sure appeared delighted and honored to be celebrating with Raul Castro.


Gosh? Here at Babalu we’re great puzzled by this? Gosh? Maybe these embargo opponents have actually been joking with us?

After all, we’re always reading and hearing how embargo-opponents are the most genuine Castro opponents. After all, “the embargo is Castro’s best friend” recites Hillary Clinton along with most embargo opponents. “The Castros secretly adore the embargo,” they always tell us. “Getting rid of it will quickly empower the Cuban people and sweep away the Castro dictatorship,” they always insist.

Gosh?…Maybe they’be been lying to us? Gosh? Maybe they’re the ones (not-so) secretly in love with Castro?

After all here’s how the media describes elated Castro party-goer Elena Freyre:

“But more moderate Cuban American voices have thrown their support behind the new travel boom. “The more people-to-people contact the better….The American people are the best salespeople for democracy,” said Elena Freyre, executive director of the Cuban Committee for Democracy. (ABC news describes Elena Freyre as a “moderate.”

“Elean Freyre is executive director of the Cuban Committee for Democracy, founded in 1993 by moderate Cuban-Americans. (NPR describes Elena Freyre as a “moderate” Cuban-American)

So please repeat after me, amigos: a moderate is someone who supports a Stalinist regime to the extent of excitedly attending its social events. A “hard-liner” is someone who supports democracy.

Also please repeat this after me, amigos: Anti-embargo people really and truly detest Castro and adore Democracy. It’s just that they’re much smarter than us hard-liners. They know that the Castro regime secretly loves the embargo. They know the best way to harm Castro is to remove the embargo.

The detestation these “moderate” and “anti-embargo” folks hold for Castro–the harm they wish upon him–is plainly evident in their faces while attending Castro’s invitation-only cocktail party-celebration in New York today.


A tale of U.S. policy towards two Narco-Traffickers (Manuel Noriega, Raul Castro)


Back in 1989/90 during “Operation Just Cause”,  26,000 U.S. troops invaded the sovereign nation of Panama, killed  350 Panamanians (both military and civilian) suffered  23 U.S. servicemen killed and 325 wounded. In the process they captured Panama’s sovereign head of state Manuel Noriega–then tried,  convicted and jailed him for drug trafficking.



“The case we have against Raul Castro right now (for drug-trafficking) is much stronger than the one we had against Manuel Noriega in 1988.” ( U.S. prosecutors in Florida to the Miami Herald, July 1996.)

“Federal prosecutors in Miami were prepared to indict Raul Castro as the head of a major cocaine smuggling conspiracy in 1993, but the Clinton Administration Justice Department overruled them, current and former Justice Department officials tell ABC News…”It was a major investigation involving numerous witnesses that was killed at the highest levels in Washington,” said a former Justice Department official with direct knowledge of the case.



“The U.S. prepares to vote AGAINST the U.S. at the United Nations” (this is NOT a quote from the Cheshire Cat or Mad Hatter)


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration may allow the U.N. to condemn America’s economic embargo against Cuba without a fight, The Associated Press has learned, an unprecedented step that could increase pressure on Congress to end the 54-year-old restrictions.

As it does every year, the U.N. General Assembly will vote as early as next month to demand the embargo’s end. But this time, U.S. officials told the AP that the United States could abstain instead of voting against the resolution as normally does….It is unheard of for a U.N. member state not to oppose resolutions critical of its own laws. And by not actively opposing the resolution, the administration would be effectively siding with the world body against the Republican-led House and Senate, which have refused to repeal the embargo despite calls from President Barack Obama to do so.

Jerry also appears confused…?

OK, ok–technically next week when all the cutthroats, frauds and thieves at the UN  vote almost unanimously to condemn the so-called U.S. embargo against Cuba (i.e. provisions against further enriching the Castro family’s business monopolies and further fleecing the U.S. taxpayer) the Obama administration’s UN apparatchiks will “abstain” from the vote.  Essentially they will  condemn the “embargo” (i.e. U.S. laws duly passed by the elected lawmakers of the American people.)

So–in international diplomatic circles–the net effect amounts to this post’s title.


Pope thanks Fidel Castro for: “his contributions to world peace in a world saturated with hate and aggression” (I am NOT making this up!)

From Cuba’s Communisty party paper today:

“During their meeting the Pope thanked comrade Fidel Castro for his contributions to world peace in a world saturated with hate and aggression.


“What?!” Khrushchev gasped on Oct. 28th 1962, as recalled by his son Sergei. “Is he (Fidel Castro) proposing that we start a nuclear war?! That we launch missiles from Cuba?!”


“Yesterday the Cubans shot down a plane (U-2 with) without (Soviet) permission. Today they’re preparing a nuclear attack!”

“But that is INSANE!..Remove them (our missiles) as soon as possible! Before it’s too late. Before something terrible happens!” commanded the Soviet premier.

“Of course I knew the missiles were nuclear- armed,” responded Fidel Castro to Robert McNamara during a meeting in 1992. “That’s precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them. And of course Cuba would have been utterly destroyed in the exchange.


“Hatred is the central element of our struggle!… Hatred that is intransigent…Hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him violent and cold- blooded killing machine…We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish socialism rivers of blood must flow.”…If the nuclear missiles had remained (in Cuba) we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!” (Che Guevara.))



Signs reading “Viva Cristo Rey!” adorn Pope’s Mass in Havana this morning under image of Che Guevara (do the sign carriers have a clue?)

“Viva Cristo Rey!” was what many of the Catholic youths murdered by the Castro regime’s firing squads yelled the instant before the bullets tore them apart. The cry from these valiant Cuban youths ( most in their early 20’s) finally got so unnerving for the firing squads that the Stalinist executioners started taping their mouths shut.

Raul Castro (who hosted the Pope at this mass) and Che Guevara ( whose visage formed the backdrop for the mass) were the most notorious executioners during the early years of the Cuban Revolution.


“The defiant yells (“Viva Cristo Rey!”—“Viva Cuba Libre!”) from the bound and staked martyrs “would make the walls of La Cabana prison tremble!” wrote eyewitness to the slaughter, Armando Valladares, who suffered 22 torture-filled years in Castro’s prisons and was later appointed by Ronald Reagan as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Given their defiance even during their last seconds alive, by mid 1961 the mere binding and blindfolding of Castro and Che’s murder victims wasn’t enough. Pope Francis’ gracious host this week now began ordering that the Catholic youths also be gagged. The shaken firing-squads demanded it. The yells were badly unnerving the trigger-pullers, you see.

So now, as Pope Francis’ gracious host’s henchmen yanked the young Catholic heroes from the cells, bent their arms back, and bound their hands, two more Communist guards came into play. One grabbed the struggling victim’s hair and jerked his head back, trying to steady him. The other taped his mouth shut.



Why do so many Popes visit Cuba? What’s the ‘freakin fascination?–CAN WE TALK?!

joan rivers

From the AP:

Francis is the third pontiff to visit Cuba in 17 years — a remarkable record for any country, much less one with such a small observantly Catholic community. Like the last two popes to visit Cuba, Francis has no meetings with dissidents.

An estimated 60 percent of Cuba’s 11 million people are baptized Catholic, the Church says, but fewer than 5 percent attend church, and a majority of Cubans are believed to follow Afro-Cuban religions.


“I mean…MORE POPES have recently visited Cuba–a nation with many more crypto-voodooists than Catholics– than have visited MEXICO! (with 97 million Catholics!) …CAN WE TALK?!

So in fact, the Popes’ motivation for visiting Cuba is no different from Beyonce’s, Conan O’Brien’s, Jack Nicholson’s, Oliver Stone’s, Penn’s, etc. etc. blah..blah..blah….


Just like Beyonce, Conan, etc….blah..blah the Popes get plenty of press and get to poke Uncle Sam in the eye. Recent Cuba-visiting Popes are no ‘freakin different from all those other publicity-hounding celebrity popinjays we love to bash here at Babalu…Asi que no JODAN!


“How many f—ing Cubans do these people think there are in the United States?”

Ann Coulter is under heavy media fire for an uncouth (and probably boozy) tweet where she implies that during the debate the Republican candidates were all pandering to Jewish-Americans.


Never mind that she’s among the most relentlessly pro-Israel pundits out there–and especially fond of Bibi Netanyahu.


And never mind that she was obviously referring to Jewish Republican donors rather than Jewish Republican voters, which are negligible in numbers.

Point is: The media is suddenly in an uproar because someone mentioned political pandering to a “small but powerful and well-heeled minority.”

Gosh?…but I hear and read Ann-Coulter type complaints from the media almost daily–but regarding a different “small but politically-powerful and well-heeled minority.” In fact I constantly read and hear from this same media that this minority–rather than being pandered to– should be forthrightly called-out, sandbagged and emasculated. Then I read and hear the media’s gleeful gloats when this “politically-powerful” minority seemingly gets sandbagged and emasculated, as in in recent U.S.-Cuba relations.

USA Today seems particularly incensed that Ann Coulter pointed out some political pandering by politicians to a politically-powerful minority.

(USA Today founder the late Al Neuharth in Havana with friends)

Gosh?…but some of us coulda sworn this sort of thing was pet peeve of USA Today itself? After all here’s USA Today’s very founder, Al Neuharth:

“A small number of powerful exiles in South Florida cow our politicians into keeping the crazy Cuban policy!” (Late media baron Al Neuharth in his USA Today, 2002.)

Among the shrillest Coulter-bashers on this issue  we find They’re all over Ann Coulter for pointing out political pandering.

Gosh?…here’s a article–that sure seems to me?–points out and bemoans the very thing Ann Coulter bemoaned this week, but regarding another group of pander-ees.


Change the terms “south Florida” to–say–“New York.” Change “Cuban-Americans” to “Jewish-Americans” and see how this Salon article–so perfectly acceptable in politically-correct circles–then reads….See what I mean?

Bandwith limitations restrict my listing of all media lamentations of pandering to “Right-Wing Cuban-Americans.” But –just for fun–here’s a few more:

“Cuba Policy isn’t made in Washington,” griped Bill Press in a CNN column. “It’s made in Miami by former Batista supporters who think they can reverse history!” (CNN’s Bill Press, 2002)

“Bush’s defense of the (Cuban) embargo serves a family voting bloc and little else!” ( Syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker, 2002.)

“Challenge the Cuba Lobby at your peril. In Miami, conservative Cuban-Americans have long presumed to be the sole authentic voice of the community, silencing dissent by threats and, occasionally, violence… The congressional wing of the Cuba Lobby, in concert with its friends in the executive branch, routinely punishes career civil servants who don’t toe the line.” (Dean of the American University School of Public Affairs and Council on Foreign Affairs senior fellow William LeoGrande in Foreign Policy Magazine, April, 2013)

During their Convention in 2004, America’s majority political party (Democratic) feted Michael Moore as their honored guest, seating him in a place of honor right next to Jimmy Carter. “Cuban-Americans,” wrote this honored guest for America’s majority party in his book “Downsize This,” “are responsible for sleaze and influence-peddling in American politics. In every incident of national torment that has deflated our country for the past three decades, Cuban exiles are always present and involved.”

And let’s not even get into Hillary Clinton’s recent Gusano-bashing as revealed in her e-mails and exposed here at Babalu.

All this takes talent, my friends. Around our domino tables we snicker derisively at those bumbling Trilateralists. Between handfuls of mariquitas we guffaw and slap our thighs at the incompetence of the Bilderbergers and Rothschilds. We Cuban-Americans are the Illuminati to beat all Illuminati, the slickest of the slick.

Finally it went to my head. How could it not? “That’s Right!–WE BAD!!!”


That’s Right!–WE BAD!!!–WE BAD