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  • asombra: There’s a misspelling on that plaque. It should have read “Esta es tu caca, Fidel.”

  • asombra: Don’t worry. Castro, Inc. knows what it’s doing, and it knows its public.

  • asombra: Either these people are pitiful idiots or they think everyone else is.

  • asombra: Because, you know, Reuters cares SO much about Cubans, so it really “feels their pain.” Just like Clinton did.

  • asombra: Well, at least Batista didn’t run around in military garb, which he was more entitled to do than either Castro tyrant.

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“I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Fidel Castro.” (Israeli President Shimon Peres, Sept. 2010.)

On left: Granma Cartoon in 1983, (when the Soviet financial lifeline was secure and tourism and "cultural exchanges" to Cuba amounted to a pittance--that's an ape-like Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in the middle of the Star, btw) On right: Whoops! Now tourism and "cultural--especially religious--exchanges" are vital to regime coffers. Fidel Castro Denounces Palestinian […]

“Ha-ha! It was just another scam!” (About drilling for Cuban oil, finally admit the Russians).. “Really ain’t no oil there!”

("Cuban deepwater exploration projects have a high probability of success!!!") Cuba Oil "Expert" Jorge Pinon,(above left) May 18, 2011. From just last month: "The head of the Russian oil drilling consortium Rosneft accompanied Putin on the trip, and Cuban officials announced that the firm would help them explore for oil off the island's northern coast." […]

GET HUMBERTO FONTOVA!!!–STOP HIM!!! (shrieks Castro regime)

"GET FONTOVA!!!--DO YOU HEAR!!!...GET HIM!!!...He's REALLY DAMAGING OUR CAUSE!!!" "We're TRYING, BOSS!!!--We REALLY, REALLY ARE!!!" In their desperation, here's what Castro's minions are resorting to, even stealing and using my picture now: As mentioned: my true twitter handle is @hfontova. El Humberto Maximo @HumbertoFontova is a Castro agent. "I mean REALLY, Companeros? Stealing twitter pics […]

Cuba “Experts” on Alan Gross (from over three years ago, that is)

"Phil Peters, a Cuban analyst at the Lexington Institute, said Gross could face a quick trial, which would allow the Cuban government to present its case, and perhaps allow for a "political solution." "Wayne Smith, the former U.S. diplomat, says he expects Cuba to "do the right thing" and release Gross after the trial." "Phil […]

(Harvard Visiting Fellow) Jesse Ventura’s source of daily inspiration: Che Guevara

“I respect the fact that he would die for his convictions. So a mirror of Che Guevara has a profound place in my house. I’m not the least ashamed to say that when I go to wash my hands I look at Che,” gloats Jesse Ventura. Maybe it’s a coincidence that Jesse Ventura draws daily […]

Desperate Ñangaras still stalking me, now on Twitter

Hear Ye!--Hear Ye! Castro-regime apparatchiks, anti-embargo activists and Cuba "experts" (but I repeat myself) are posting on Twitter using my name. (see above.) Let it be known that : "it ain't me babe..a no, no, no it ain't me babe..." At least they're improving...a coupla years ago Castro's media ran an article accusing me of […]

Why Batista was overthrown but the Castros remain (by H.L. Mencken, 1930)

"It is a law of political revolution that the actual upset of a government is always preceded by concessions to the malcontent party. There has never been a successful revolution out of the clear sky. Always the doomed despot has prepared for it by making concessions to his enemies....what protects a despot so long as […]

Then shouldn’t the families of Orlando Bosch ( and Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Mario de la Pena, and Pablo Morales) sue Jesse Ventura? To “clear their names? And get an apology?”

Jesse Ventura schmoozing with Fidel Castro Minnesotan Jesse Ventura claimed that "American Sniper" Chris Kyle defamed him in his book by the same name. A Minnesotan jury recently agreed and the judge granted Ventura $1.8 million in damages. Navy Seal Kyle claimed that Ventura said the Navy Seals "deserve to lose a few" shortly before […]

Jesse Ventura tears up over (the selfless) Fidel’s feelings for his friend Che Guevara

“And I’ll tell you another thing that shows me a little bit more about Fidel Castro,” sniffled Jesse Ventura in an interview. “The main downtown building in Havana has this huge flat wall and it has got a huge portrait on it. It’s not Castro. It’s Che Guevara. The biggest photograph in downtown Havana was […]

Jesse Ventura “falls to pieces” when Fidel Castro “looks into his eyes.”

"Fidel Castro looked into my eyes and told me I was a man of great courage....Maybe he (Castro) saw a little of him in me.” >(Jesse Ventura) “What has (Fidel Castro) done that’s inhumane? They have the highest health care of any Latin American country....Castro never lied to me. My government has.” Jesse Ventura Le […]

Is Obama’s Justice Dept. afraid of what it might uncover while investigating the smears against Senator Menendez and Dr. Melgen?

Senator Menendez' crony Dr Salomon Melgen schmoozing at a Democratic fundraiser "When women kiss it always reminds me of prize fighters shaking hands." (H. L. Mencken) Or maybe Democrats shaking hands... "The true goal was to knock down Senator Menéndez,” Melgen told Oscar Haza. “First, that he not be re-elected, and second that he not […]

The strange bed-fellowship of American “libertarians” and Castro’s Agents

The Russian media's "go-to guy," for a soft-soaping of Putin, libertarian Ron Paul. Libertarian Jeff Flake at Havana's Hotel Nacional as an honored guest of the Castro regime On right, CFR head (and traditional villain of "paleo-libertarians") David Rockefeller manifesting one of his oldest and most cherished labors of love. An extremely well-funded campaign to […]

Is “Useful Idiot” too lame a term for Mexican-born Carlos Santana?

"Mexicans are nothing but a rabble of illiterate Indians." (Che Guevara) Tomorrow is Carlos Santana's birthday. So some of his sagacities hit the news-cycle. To wit: "The 60s were a leap in human consciousness. Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Mother Theresa - they led a revolution of conscience." A Message from […]

Hispanic Children Murdered on our Border—Media Silent

And all this desperation, death and horror to flee from a nation that experienced net immigration throughout the 20th Century, where boats and planes brought in many more people than they took out - except on vacation. (Despite what you saw in The Godfather, actually, in 1953, more Cubans vacationed in the U.S. than Americans […]

Putin Robbed Blind by Castros

We’re not accustomed to seeing Mr. Macho-Cool Vladimir Putin made an international jackass. But many Cuba-watchers snickered as the hapless Russian President met with the Castro brothers last week and “wrote off” their $32 billion debt to the Soviet Union. “That old thing? I never liked it anyway,” Cuba-watchers easily imagine Putin hissing through gritted […]