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  • asombra: Can you say gerontocracy? I can, and spell it, too. And notice the token Negroes–in the back rows, of course.

  • asombra: In the photo with Smith, look how seedy, bogus and disreputable Fidel looks–a cheap, vulgar poseur. But yes, nearly all of...

  • Gallardo: Putting the Reagan era aside, USA has always been Castro’s best friend. The bloody con-artist owes USA for paving his way...

  • asombra: The New York Times is practically wetting itself over Castro, Inc.’s Ebola PR stunt. Same perverse shit, different day.

  • asombra: Myers looks like a snotty prick who tried to be too clever by half and was merely USED. Foolish tool.

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“Beam me up, Scotty!” (Pro-democracy protest-leader in Hong Kong idolizes Che Guevara!)

Che Guevara with idols Mao-Tse-Tung and Zhou-En-Lai Need more proof that Castro's propaganda-machine triumphed?...And that we're living in a place Lewis Carroll could never conjure for Alice to visit? See below. That's one of Hong-Kong's democracy protest-leaders Leung Kwok-hung: "I'm outta here, Scotty!"......."Le ZZZZZZUMBA!!!"

“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving next week, I want to be a part of IT! (Columbia Univ. in) New York, New York!”

For the YAF's 6th annual "No More Che Day" on Oct. 9th a particularly festive event will be featured at New York's Columbia University (a.k.a. "Commie Central" by many, and "Univ. of Havana, North" by Bill O'Reilly.) (Festivities commemorating Che Guevara's whacking will be held at Columbia Univ's Hamilton Hall, room 602 W 1130 Amsterdam […]

“The deception taking place in Cuba is beyond imagination,” Lee Hacker The Tokmakjian Group (National Post, Sept. 29th)

But what time period are you referring to, Mr Hacker? Do you mean in 1957 when the media (and their attendant "experts") assured us a combination Robin Hood/John Stuart Mill/Thomas Jefferson was in Cuba's mountains craving to topple a dictatorship and establish a Carbibbean Switzerland? Or do you mean in 2011 when the media (and […]

Any more questions…?

Senator Barack Obama, Southern Illinois University, Jan. 20, 2004. Any more questions why under President Obama the Cuba "embargo" means higher cash-flow from the U.S. to Cuba in 2013 than from the Soviets to Cuba in 1985? Any more questions why TWICE as many people (legally) visited Cuba from the U.S. in 2013 as visited […]

So Canada’s Cy Tokmakjian greatly valued “business by handshake…”

From Babalu Blog today: Canadian businessman Cy Tokmakjian (seen above shaking on deal with valued business partner) gets 15-year prison sentence in Castro Kingdom From Toronto's City Life Magazine (Oct 12, 2009): "Tokmakjian Group was conceived from childhood dreams and born via skilled experience. During a time when deals were sealed with a handshake, Cy […]

Ernest Hemingway’s Grandsons Continue Their Granddad’s Disgusting Legacy

"Look Dos, if you write negatively about the communists the reviewers will ruin you forever." (Ernest Hemingway to a disgusted John Dos Passos, as the latter--once a starry-eyed pinko--fled Republican Spain. Hemingway's friend Dos Passos had been horrified and thoroughly disillusioned by the Communist massacres Hemingway was dutifully covering up while dutifully shilling for the […]

Columbia University (NO LESS!) to Celebrate “No More Che Day” with “special” speaker

New York's Columbia University (also known as "Nangara Central" or America's top Communist hatchery) will celebrate the YAF-sponsored "No More Che Day" on Oct. 9 with a rollicking, no-holds-barred expose' on the sniveling coward, epic idiot and sadist...should be fun.... Oct. 9th, of course, is the anniversary of Che's whacking... "Le RRRRRONCA!!!"

Lieut. Col. Allen West swallows and parrots Democratic propaganda (regarding Bay of Pigs)

Recently here at Babalu we mentioned how the normally shrewd and brilliant Thomas Sowell fell for Castroite propaganda, due to its incessant repetition by the media, etc. Now comes the normally shrewd Allen West: "If Joseph Goebbels was around, he'd be very proud of the Democrat Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine...Let's be […]

Could today’s-type Media have helped save Cuba in 1957-59?

"Foreign reporters--preferably American--were much more valuable to us than any military victory. Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda." (Che Guevara, 1959) From Congressional hearings in 1960: Senator DODD. "Mr. Gardner,(former U.S. amb. to Cuba Arthur Gardner) do you have any idea why the United […]

First Amendment protection for Castro apparatchiks Buena Fe–but not for U.S. citizen Ted Nugent

Tonight some Castro-regime apparatchiks under the guise of musicians named Buena Fe perform in Miami-Dade County Auditorium. Many historic exile groups (including groups representing the longest suffering political prisoners in the modern history of the human race) have protested the blatant provocation from the Stalinist terror-sponsoring regime that tortured them--but to no avail. It seems […]

“People to People Travel?” or “American useful idiots, morons and scoundrels to KGB-trained indoctrinators travel?”

Cuba’s Intelligence services “will actively exploit visitors to the island” continues the report. “Intelligence officers will come into contact with the academic travelers (from the U.S.) They will stay in the same accommodations and participate in the activities arranged for the travelers. This clearly provides an opportunity to identify targets….Castro’s intelligence aggressively targets U.S. universities […]

“A lie told often enough becomes truth” – Vladimir Lenin.

"It was either Adolf Hitler or his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, who said that the people will believe any lie, if it is big enough and told often enough, loud enough." (Thomas Sowell, July 31, 2012) "The history of changes that turned out to be for the worse, even in countries that were pretty bad […]

Cuba’s “New Woman” at work–(La Candela!)

The term "Come-Mierda," hardly does justice to Quebec's Michel Beaudry (pictured above.) But hey--he was a Canadian tourist to Cuba! "My reservoir of sympathy for such people has shrunken to a greenish hog-wallow dotted with kerosene cans and old shoes." (I stole that from S.J. Perelman.) 'She lied all along': Quebec man claims Cuban marriage […]

Cuba (who imported Stalin’s judicial system as it functioned during the Great Terror) hosts “International Law Congress”

"Judicial Evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. We execute (and jail and torture and steal) based on revolutionary conviction." (Che Guevara, Feb. 1959.) From Castro's captive (literally!) media: A total of 21 countries will participate in the Law 2014 International Congress (Abogacia 2014) to run Sep. 17-19 at the Havana-based Conference Center, according to organizers. […]

Hemingway’s grandsons sign on as travel agents for Castro regime (which outlaws boat ownership and fishing for its subjects)

Ernest Hemingway's grandsons John and Patrick pose in publicity shot for a fishing tournament sponsored by a Stalinist regime that outlaws boat ownership and fishing for its subjects. And the Stalinist regime isn't very subtle about the issue either. From the KGB-mentored regime's captive (literally!) media: Havana, Sep 8.- Visiting Cuba, the grandchildren of US […]