The Council on Foreign Relations hatches yet another Cuba “Expert!” (So grab the popcorn! We’re gonna watch her EXPERT prognostications!)

Behold the eminent CFR expert’s expertise from last January–and in the eminently expert Fortune magazine no less!

For the U.S., most of the gains (from Obama’s new Cuba policy) will be concentrated in agricultural and telecommunications exports. The largest winners will be farmers in the Southeastern United states, whose proximity to Cuba make their poultry, fish, rice, and corn exports to Cuba especially competitive…All told, it could result in 6,000 new U.S. jobs…”

Here’s what actually happened:

– U.S. agricultural sales to Cuba have plummeted. Despite the Obama Administration’s easing of sanctions, U.S. agricultural exports to Cuba have precipitously declined by nearly 40% compared to last year — from $290 million to $160 million. In August 2015 alone, U.S. agricultural exports dropped 84% from $14.3 million in 2014 to $2.25 million, one of the lowest numbers since U.S. agricultural exports were first authorized in 2001.


Please read the eminent Ms Harris’ credentials carefully. Besides Cuban issues, they explain much about the crackerjack nature of current U.S. foreign policy.





The Hardest Working Blog on the Internet: Babalu Blog

jamesbrown2james brownBabalu1

Consider what (in addition to leftist bias and Cuba “expert” swinishness) we here at Babalu blog go up against daily.

In case you haven’t heard: of the top three Republican presidential candidates two are Cuban-American. And yet Cuban issues get nary a mention media-wise, debate-wise or campaign-wise. Check this out from Politico:

For many insiders, however, what’s been most intriguing is that Cuba barely gets a mention on the campaign trail, suggesting Republicans don’t think it’s a winning issue to push.

“Nobody brings it up. It doesn’t come up at one debate from a moderator,” Williams said. “If this (Cuba) had any vote traction (with Americans) whatsoever, somebody would be talking about it.”

And yet here at Babalu blog we sweat and slave away SOMEHOW making the Cuba issue relevant and interesting and educational to a very respectable number of otherwise disinterested Americans.


Did Babalu Blog Influence ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbon’s Performance in Havana?


Recently we quoted Billy Gibbons to the effect that he had three quitars specially -designed for his performance at last week’s Havana Jazz Festival:

“Last year, I was invited to perform at the Havana Jazz Festival…I said: ‘Gee, whiz, that’s a pretty lofty invitation!…John Bowen made three guitars for me, and on each instrument he plastered on the face of one of the three leaders of the Cuban revolution – Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos.”(ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Dec. 5. 2015.)

Very reliable sources tell us that Gibbons played no such guitars in Havana. These sources even sent us photos of his performances as proof:

“Did you do it for love? Did you do it for money? Did you do it for spite? Did you think you had to, honey? Who is gonna make it? We’ll find out in the long run.”



ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons to Play Havana Jazz Festival with customized guitars showing images of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

“But now I might be MISTAKEN!…hmmmm, hmmm, hmmmm!” (let’s hope so Billy.)

“Last year, I was invited to perform at the Havana Jazz Festival…I said: ‘Gee, whiz, that’s a pretty lofty invitation!…John Bowen made three guitars for me, and on each instrument he plastered on the face of one of the three leaders of the Cuban revolution – Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos.”(ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Dec. 5. 2015.)

So Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Billy Gibbons is over the moon with excitement about honoring the only regime in the history of the Western Hemisphere to criminalize Rock & Roll music. Rock and Roll legend Billy Gibbons will honor Cuba’s Stalinist regime with a performance at the Havana Jazz festival, a free tourism ad (i.e. the performance,) and with a special homage to the Stalinist leaders whose decrees outlawed Rock & Roll music and herded it’s young listeners into forced-labor camps for the crime of being Rock & Roll fans. (i.e. the hand-crafted guitars with the faces of the Stalinist mass-murderers and America-haters.)

The Stalinists who Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Billy Gibbons honors with special edition Rock & Roll guitars decreed it a criminal offense for Cubans to listen to all of Gibbons’ Rock heroes. Fidel Castro (who Gibbons honors with a special-edition guitar) even decreed that Cuban youths would be herded into Soviet-style forced labor camps at bayonet point for the specific crime of “Elvispresleyism” (i.e. the very lifestyle celebrated in most of ZZ Top’s music videos.)

But let’s face it: who gives a flying flip what Gibbons’ new icons did to Cubans? So let’s bring it closer to home for Gibbons, the Texas good ‘ole boy, flag-waver and troop-supporter:


“War against the U.S. is my true destiny,” (Fidel Castro April, 1958.)

“The U.S. is a vulture preying on humanity!” (Fidel Castro, 1959.)

“Of course I knew the missiles in Cuba were nuclear-armed. That’s precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them against the U.S.!” (Fidel Castro to Robert Mc Namara, 1992.)


“According to the book Honor Bound the tortures of U.S. POWs by Castro’s agents were “the worst sieges of torture any American withstood in Hanoi.” (Yes, Fidel Castro sent Cuban torture specialists to Hanoi specifically to torture U.S. POW’s to death. Fully documented here.)


*“The U.S. is the great enemy of mankind!” (Che Guevara, 1961.)

*“Against those hyenas there is no option but extermination!” Che Guevara, 1961.)

“We must keep our hatred (against the U.S.) alive and fan it to paroxysm!” (Che Guevara, 1965.)
“If the nuclear missiles had remained (in Cuba) we would have fired them against the heart of the U.S. including New York City. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.” (Che Guevara, 1962.)

Every item and quote above thoroughly-documented in these books:


The Castros’ Chilling Terror Plot for Manhattan on Black Friday 1962


On Nov. 17, 1962 J Edgar Hoover’s FBI cracked a plot by Cuban agents that targeted Macy’s, Gimbel’s, Bloomingdales, and Manhattan’s Grand Central Station with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The holocaust was set for detonation the following week, on the day after Thanksgiving. Macy’s serves 50,000 shoppers on that one day.

Many more hair-raising details about this terror plot are available in a special produced by Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV that can be seen here.


Back in 1962 the FBI relied heavily on “HUMINT” (Human Intelligence.) So they’d expertly penetrated the Black Friday plot, knew the plotters and had them tapped. One by one the ringleaders were ambushed and arrested. Had those detonators gone off, 9/11 might be remembered as the SECOND deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Jose Gomez-Abad and Elsa Montero were among the arrested ringleaders of the genocidal terror plot.

“Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad championed this project,” gushes New York Times contributor and former Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow Julia Sweig in the acknowledgements to her book, Inside the Cuban Revolution. “ In Cuba many people spent long hours with me, helped open doors I could not have pushed through myself, and offered friendship and warmth to myself during research trips to the island,” continues the paean by the CFR’s and the MSM’s  favorite Cuba “Expert” (Julia Sweig) to her dear friends and  professional collaborators, Elsa Montero and (the recently deceased) Jose Gomez Abad.


Julia Sweig (above,) by the way, along with her colleague Phil Peters, now “opens-doors” in Cuba for delegations of U.S. businessmen as a high-rolling “business consultant.”

Well? Why Not? Who in the U.S. has more intimate relations with the secret police and military that run the murdering terror-sponsoring Cuban regime? It’s a perfect fit.

Everything above is fully documented here:


This video of a speech at Washington D.C’s  National Press Club documents in detail Julia Sweig’s  intimate contacts with the plotters of the Manhattan Terror plot.



Syrian refugees today similar to Cuban refugees in 1960’s (claims NBC)


“Scenes above and below look identical to me!” says  Mexican-American editorialist at NBC.


From NBC:

Opinion: We Let Cubans In, Despite Fears Of Communist Threat

Republican presidential hopeful and Texas senator Ted Cruz has stated his opposition to allowing Syrian refugees in the U.S., saying it’s too much of a terrorist risk.

Rival GOP presidential hopeful and Florida Senator Marco Rubio said over the weekend that the U.S. won’t be able to take more refugees. “As I’ve said repeatedly over the last few months, you can have 1,000 people come in, and 999 of them are just poor people fleeing oppression and violence, but one of them is an ISIS fighter” – a terrorist.

This argument is particularly interesting given the personal storyline that both Republican candidates of Cuban heritage have used to sell their vision of the American Dream, which has involved their families’ and community’s exile from their native Cuba.

But what if instead of open arms we would have prevented Cuban families from coming to the U.S? As citizens of a country like Cuba, which was growing increasingly belligerent towards the United States, was the United States right to take a chance on them?

Never mind that the NBC analogy could not be more insane (for anyone actually familiar with cold war history.) To wit: far from presenting a terror threat to the U.S., it was some of these very Cuban refugees who risked their lives to gather the evidence and warn their U.S. hosts of the biggest military threat against them in history (Soviet Missiles in Cuba.) But never mind that.

You will be stunned to learn that the NBC contributor, Stephen A. Nuno, who authored the story disparaging Cuban refugees in general and Marco Rubio in particular is a Mexican-American, you know…the voter ethnicity that Marco Rubio is supposed to attract to the GOP.

Or so claim all those $300 an hour GOP election consultants and “experts.” “Hey! Rubio has a similar surname to Mexican-Americans!” advise these election “experts” during their $300 per hour consultation sessions. “It’s a slam dunk!–a no-brainer!”




Francois Hollande embraces godfathers of modern terrorism

“In France you will find a loyal ally,” (Francoise Hollande to terror-sponsoring Castro Brothers, May 11, 2015.)

Castro’s Cuba has helped train and fund practically every terror group in modern history–from the Weathermen to Puerto Rico’s Macheteros, from Argentina’s Montoneros, to Colombia’s FARC, from the Black Panthers to the IRA and from the PLO to AL Fatah.

“Of course I knew the missiles in Cuba were nuclear-armed. That’s precisely why I urged Khrushchev to launch them!” (Fidel Castro to Robert Mc Namara, 1992.)

“My dream is to drop three Atomic Bombs on New York City,” (Raul Castro, June 1960.)


“On Nov. 17, 1962, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI cracked a plot by Cuban agents that targeted Macy’s, Gimbel’s, Bloomingdale’s and Manhattan’s Grand Central Terminal with a dozen incendiary devices and 500 kilos of TNT. The explosions were timed for the following week, the day after Thanksgiving. Macy’s get’s 50,000 shoppers that one day.Thousands of New Yorkers, including women and children—actually, given the date and targets, probably mostly women and children—were to be incinerated and entombed.”

Everything above fully-documented here:



New York Times “Smears” Ted Cruz (by quoting Castroites–in Cuba!)


Ted Cruz’ father Rafael was not quite the anti-Batista rabble-rouser Ted claims in his book. So trumpets a gloating New York Times this week.

Yes, at 18 the elder Rafael Cruz was arrested by Batista’s police and roughed-up severely. But it wasn’t for gun-running, as he claims. And a (secret) Batista agent Rafael was trying to recruit to the Anti-Batista cause, didn’t snitch him out, as he claims.

Instead anti-Batista activist Rafael Cruz was arrested for possessing a gun–not for “running” it.

This–and I am not making this up!–constitutes the “red-meat SCANDAL!” trumpeted by the New York Times this week and picked up all over the MSM from Slate to the London Spectator.

(This same New York Times, by the way, was utterly silent in 2008 when a Democratic presidential candidate claimed his father (who in 1944 was 8 years old and a foreigner) had fought in the U.S. army during WWII. )

At any rate, the sources and witnesses consulted and quoted by the New York Times to “debunk” Rafael Cruz were all (somehow!) located and brought to the attention of the New York Times in Stalinist Cuba. Most of them were eager to give their full names and pose for pictures.

Not a single caveat appears anywhere in any of the major media outlets carrying this story to the effect that this type of “sourcing” might be questionable for any of the following reasons:

  •  The totalitarian regime which feted this New York Times reporter prohibits its subjects from talking to foreign journalists without regime permission.
  • The Stalinist regime which rolled out the red carpet for the New York Times reporter jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s during the Great Terror and murdered more political prisoner sin its first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered in its first six.
  • Any and all journalists who request a visa to visit Stalinist Cuba are carefully vetted by KGB-mentored secret police (and then carefully tailed by them.)
  • The U.S. Republican candidate besmirched by the sources (somehow!) located in Stalinist Cuba is a vocal opponent of the policy championed by the New York Times of circumventing the U.S. constitution in order to further enrich the Stalinist military clique that runs Cuba– and fetes New York Times reporters.

Not a single “intrepid investigative journalist” anywhere on earth adds a caveat that given any of the above items, the sources for the New York Times “expose” of Rafael Cruz could conceivably be suspect.


“To our American friend Herbert Matthews with gratitude. Without your help, and without the help of the New York Times, the Revolution in Cuba would never have been.” (Fidel Castro while pinning a medal on NYTimes reporter Herbert Matthews April, 1959)

“Much more valuable to us than military recruits were recruiting American reporters to export our propaganda.”(Che Guevara in his diaries.)



Secret Washington Post/Castro Connection Finally Exposed


The Washington Post’s chief Cuba correspondent Nick Miroff is married to an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime named Camila Pineiro Harnacker. She is the daughter of the founder of the Castro regime’s military intelligence and secret police services Manuel “Barbarroja” Pineiro.



Imagine a major story in one of America’s top newspapers on an island in San Francisco Bay named Alcatraz.

Now imagine that this story omits mentioning a prison.

For tens of thousands of Americans an equivalent story was published in the Washington Post last week by its chief Latin American reporter Nick Miroff. The “in-depth” article featured an islet off the southwestern coast of Cuba called The Isle of Pines, which hosted the biggest prison/torture and forced- labor complex for political prisoners in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Tens of thousands of American citizens of Cuban heritage had family members tortured there by Castro’s Stalinist regime. Some had their family members murdered there. Dozens of the surviving torture victims are U.S. citizens and live in the U.S. today. These heroes qualify as the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a period three times as long in Castro’s Gulag as Alexander Solzhenitsyn suffered in Stalin’s (8 years.) Several of these prisoners are black Cubans who suffered longer in Castro’s prisons than Nelson Mandela spent in South Africa’s (27 years.) Their (genuinely) inspirational stories of survival against unimaginable odds during multi-decade terms of forced-labor and torture in Castro’s Gulag all began at the Isle of Pines’ Presidio Modelo. Had they been victims of anyone but Castro their names and stories would be household knowledge worldwide via the MSM, Hollywood and the chat-show circuit.

Instead, no reader of the “in-depth” Washington Post story would have the slightest clue about any of the above items.

We can’t be certain why, but one sticking point might be that most of these victims were sent to Cuba’s Isle of Pines prison/torture/ forced-labor complex on the orders of the man ( Manuel Barbarroja’ Pineiro) who would become father-in-law to the Washington Post’s Nick Miroff, the author of the story on the Isle of Pines, whose wife (Camila Nanacker Pineiro) remains an active apparatchik of Cuba’s Stalinist regime.

Entire story here from our friends at Frontpage Magazine.


Washington Post’s Nick Miroff reporting for duty– Whitewashes Castro regime

On right: The Washington Post’s Nick Miroff. On Left: Miroff’s future father-in-law Manuel ‘Barbarroja” Piniero, with friend, collegue and fellow KGB-protege Che Guevara.)

Important Note on items the Washington Post zealously hides: The Washington Post’s Latin American correspondent Nick Miroff who authored a recent WaPo story on Cuba’s Isle of Pines is married to an academic apparatchik of the Castro regime named Camila Piniera Harnacker. She is the daughter of the founder of the Castro regime’s Military Intelligence service. This notorious KGB-protege, Che Guevara-chum and Stalinist torturer was named Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero. Like so many others in such sensitive positions within Stalinist regimes (indeed, like Che Guevara himself!) Piniero’s usefulness to his employers finally expired. In 1998 “Barbaroja” was offed in a “car accident in Cuba.”

In contrast his son-in-law’s usefulness as a propaganda operative for the Stalinist Castro regime continues.

Nick Miroff just ran a big story on Cuba’s Isle of Pines. This islet off the southwestern coast of Cuba  hosted Cuba’s infamous Presidio Modelo prison, which held almost 16,000 political prisoners during the early 60’s. Some of these prisoners qualify as the longest suffering political prisoners in modern history. Given “Barbarroja’s” position at the time, we have to assume  that many of these prisoners were  interrogated, tortured and sent there under orders of Nick Miroff’s future father-in-law. 


Many of these were black Cubans who suffered longer and much more horribly in Castro’s prisons than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa’s (relatively) comfy ones. < Naturally you’ve never heard of any of these long-suffering and heroic black Cubans in the U.S. media. Their heroism doesn’t fit the U.S. media’s narrative on the Cuban Revolution, you see.


You’d never know any of this prison history from Miroff’s “in-depth” story….Oh don’t get me wrong.  Miroff does mention the Presidio Modelo prison once situated on the Isle of Pines for political prisoners “was once Cuba’s most notorious penitentiary.” He even mentions a couple of the famous political prisoners.

The famous prisoners were Fidel and Raul Castro, you see.  And the prison’s “notoriety,” according to Miroff, owed to the administrations of Machado and Batista.

“He (Fidel Castro) shut down Presidio Modelo in 1966.”

That’s it. That’s Miroff’s only mention of any link between the Castro regime and the Presidio Modelo prison/torture/forced-labor complex. “Castro shut it down”–apparently revolted by its inhumanity, Miroff implies.

Never mind that during the Machado and Batista eras the prisoners contained in the Presidio Modelo constituted a miniscule fraction of the numbers later jailed and tortured in this notorious prison-torture-forced-labor complex by the man who would have been Nick Miroff’s future father-in-law.

Never mind that in 1961 Castro (probably after consulting with Nick Miroff’s future father-in-law) ordered tons of explosives placed under the prison and prepared to blow up the 10,000 political prisoners if the Bay of Pigs invasion showed any sign of succeeding. You’d think this positively Hitlerite (and fully-documented) datum would add some drama to the story, right?

Many of the prisoners sitting atop that massive powder-keg and slated for purely wanton mass-murdering (probably on the orders of Nick Mirroff’s future father-in-law) qualify as the longest suffering political prisoners alive today and could have been easily contacted in the Miami and New Jersey areas for interviews.  Right?

Not when you’re essentially a press auxiliary of the Castro regime, like Nick Miroff.


“Le RRRONCA!!!” 

Vagina Monologues performed in Havana where Eve Ensler meets Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela (Tortillera Flats II)

“I’ve long been an admirer of (Stalinist) Cuba, for what it represents. And I’ve always craved to perform my work here.”  (Eve Ensler–on right–as quoted yesterday in Castro’s captive media, after performing Vagina monologues and while hob-nobbing with Mariela Castro)


(For the benefit of our many and valued amigos who lead perfectly happy, normal and fulfilled lives outside the TALL walls and DEEP moat surrounding the tiny Cuban-American informational ghetto–and might be wondering about the “Tortillera Flats” added to this post title:


In jocose settings Politically-Incorrect Cubans use the Spanish slang term “Tortillera” much as Politically-Incorrect Americans jocosely use the term for those earthen barriers built to hold back water into which the little Dutch boy inserts his finger. In Louisiana we call them levees. In Holland it’s a different term …if you get my drift?)

By the way: Even Ensler’s now famous personage and her now famous The Vagina Monolgues have become probably the world’s most famous symbols for a campaign titled: “Stop Violence Against Women.”

The Stalinist,racist and sexist regime which Ensler honored with her visit and commentary this week-end is the Western Hemisphere’s top beater, torturer and jailer of innocent women.



“Nothing but refugee rumors” (this nonsense about Soviet Missiles in Cuba) “Cuban refugees are the ones putting out this stuff,” (POTUS John F. Kennedy, Oct. 15, 1962.)


“There’s fifty-odd-thousand Cuban refugees in this country, all living for the day when we go to war with Cuba. They’re the ones putting out this kind of stuff (about missiles.)”( a sneering President John F. Kennedy, Oct. 15th 1962.)

(These missiles are) “nothing but refugee rumors. Nothing in Cuba presents a threat to the United States. There’s no likelihood that the Soviets or Cubans would try and install an offensive capability in Cuba.” (a sneering National Security Advisor, McGeorge Bundy, on ABC’s Issues and Answers, October 14, 1962.)


For months prior to Bundy and Kennedy’s scoffing against the Cuban missile-mongers, dozens of young Cuban exiles had been risking their lives by infiltrating Cuba and bringing out eyewitness reports of what remains the biggest military threat to the U.S. in its history. In the process, some of these Cuban boys were also dying by firing squad and torture at the hands of Castro and Che Guevara’s KGB-tutored secret police.



“The Biggest Defeat in America’s History!” (U.S. military chief reacting to JFK’s “solution” to The Cuban Missile Crisis–53 years ago this week)


Forget the media/academia/Hollywood fairy tale. Here’s what America’s top military men and top conservative political figures were saying at the conclusion of the (so-called) Cuban Missile Crisis, where Khrushchev and Castro cowed a sniveling U.S. president who enjoyed an astronomical superiority in nuclear weapons over them:

“The biggest defeat in our nation’s history!” (Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis Lemay)
“We missed the big boat,” (Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff.)
“We’ve been had!” (Navy Chief of Staff George Anderson.)


“It’s a public relations fable that Khrushchev quailed before Kennedy. The Kennedy-Khrushchev deal was a deplorable error resulting in political havoc and human suffering through the America’s.” (Gen. Alexander Haig.)

“We locked Castro’s communism into Latin America and threw away the key to its removal!” (Barry Goldwater.)

“Kennedy pulled defeat out of the jaws of victory,” (Richard Nixon.)


“We ended up getting exactly what we’d wanted all along,” snickered Nikita Khrushchev in his diaries, “security for Fidel Castro’s regime and American missiles removed from Turkey and Italy. Until today the U.S. has complied with her promise not to interfere with Castro and not to allow anyone else to interfere with Castro. After Kennedy’s death, his successor Lyndon Johnson assured us that he would keep the promise not to invade Cuba.”



Cuba’s Health Care among BEST in WORLD! ( in 1958, that is)–now it’s WORSE than Samoa’s (literally!)


“Fidel Castro first and foremost is and always has been a committed egalitarian. He wanted a system that provided the basic needs to all — enough to eat, health care, adequate housing and education. Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education…We greeted each other as old friends.” (Jimmy Carter)


“Castro has brought great healthcare to his country” (Barbara Walters)

In fact: in 1958 (the year prior to the glorious revolution), Cuba ranked 13th from the top, worldwide with the lowest infant-mortality rate. This meant that robustly capitalist and immigrant-swamped pre-Castro Cuba had the 13th lowest infant-mortality rate in the world. This put her not only at the top in Latin America but atop most of Western Europe, ahead of France, Belgium, West Germany, Israel, Japan, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Today all of these countries leave Communist Cuba in the dust, with much lower infant mortality rates.

And even plummeting from 13th (Capitalist) to 47th (Communist), Cuba’s “impressive” infant mortality rate is kept artificially low by Communist chicanery with statistics and by a truly appalling abortion rate of 0.71 abortions per live birth. This is the hemisphere’s highest, by far. Any Cuban pregnancy that even hints at trouble gets “terminated.”

Oh, and regarding the post title where I claim that Castroite Cuba’s healthcare is “worse than Samoa’s.” I actually meant the nearby south Pacific island of Tuvalu’s.  Check this out for documentation.




Bernie Sanders–“Cubans never rose against Castro” (Really?–here’s a history lesson)

“In 1959 everybody was totally convinced that Fidel Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro…They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society…..So they expected this tremendous uprising in Cuba, but it never came.” (Bernie Sanders)

Regarding Bernie Sanders’ imbecility about the Cuban uprising “that never came:”

In fact, the only genuinely popular rebellion and genuine guerrilla war in Cuba during the 20th Century was waged against the regime co-founded by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara…but JFK’s Missile crisis “victory,” pledged to the Soviets that the U.S. immediately pull the rug out from under Cuba’s valiant and desperate freedom-fighters.


Brainstorming by America’s Best and Brightest: “Hey! I know! Let’s “nation-build” 8 thousand miles away at the places shown above!”


But heaven forbid we should try it 90 miles away at this place shown above.


Brainstorming by America’s Best and Brightest: “Hey! I know! Let’s lavish these “freedom-fighters!” 8 thousand miles away with arms and air cover!”

But these genuine freedom-fighters– who are fighting desperately 90 miles from our shores against a rabid and lifelong anti-American terrorist–let’s sell them down the river!

In fact, if Cuba’s anti-Castro rebels had gotten similar help from the U.S. as George Washington’s anti-British rebels got from France, some murderers and bandits named Fidel Castro and Che Guevara would get less Wikipedia space today than Pancho Villa. In fact, more French troops fought and died at Yorktown than did colonial rebels.

Raul Castro himself admitted (as documented in Enrique Encinosa’s invaluable book) that at the time of the Missile Crisis his troops and their Soviet advisors were up against 179 different “bands of bandits” as Castro labeled the thousands of Cuban anti-Communist rebels then battling savagely and virtually alone in Cuba’s countryside, with small arms shipments from their compatriots in south Florida as their only lifeline.

Kennedy’s Missile-Crisis deal with Khrushchev cut this lifeline. It’s a tribute to the power of Castroite mythology that even with all this information a matter of public record for almost half a century the academic/media mantra (gloat, actually) still has Castro,” defying ten U.S. Presidents!”

Instead Cuba’s owns sons were sandbagged by a U.S. President from “nation-building” in their own nation on America’s very doorstep—and where a free and prosperous nation that attracted waves of first-world immigrants had actually existed only years earlier.

Later U.S. Presidents sent hundreds of thousands of America’s sons across vast oceans to “nation-build” in places where “nation-building” had the same chance as a snowball in Hades.

All historical items above fully-documented here: