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  • antonio2009: Here is the news coverage of when Elian was seized at gunpoint by 151 federal agents, including a dozen members of the...

  • asombra: It may be that practically anyone subjected to the intense, sustained, professional indoctrination Elian has been under since...

  • asombra: “No fresh ideas.” The point is not how fresh, but how sound and sensible. Fatuous cretin.

  • asombra: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who’s from NJ, has said he tried trading the “Cuban 5″ for Chesimard and...

  • asombra: Omar, he looks like what he was turned into: a Stepford Castroite.

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“Carlos Eire has it ALL WRONG on the U.S.-Cuba-Venezuela menage-a-trois !” (says Washington Post’s Nick Miroff)

(Little detail about The Washington Post's Latin American correspondent (top left) that the Washington Post does not readily reveal: His wife is a Castroite academic apparatchik and daughter of (Manuel “Barbarroja” Piniero) the late founder--with the KGB--of Castro's Military-Intelligence G-2, responsible for the torture and murder of thousands upon thousands of Cubans....just thought our many, […]

For obvious reasons Cuban Intelligence has set up a bogus Twitter account titled @HumbertoFontova

Just a reminder, amigos. Twitter has not seen fit to heed my requests to eliminate the bogus twitter account using my name seen above and created by Cuban intelligence, anti-embargo activists and Cuba "experts" (but I repeat myself.) They even stole my picture for the "clever ruse." Matter was explained a few months back here. […]

“Why does this embargo debate ALWAYS start from–not one–but TWO false premises?”

"But the embargo hasn't worked. Castro's still there....the definition of insanity is doing the same thing...blah...blah...blah" "As usual, the very first sentence of this embargo debate contains TWO falsehoods "First off: The U.S. does NOT enforce anything remotely definable as an embargo against Cuba. "Secondly: The embargo's original goal was NOT regime-change!" My opening remarks […]

The Great and Powerful Oz advises ISIS (on how to get away with murder like Castro)

ISIS has MUCH to learn from Castro (propaganda-wise.) I mean, all you ever hear and read about ISIS in the U.S. media is about how they kill people...blah...blah...blah.... And yet ISIS provides free-health care for its subjects and suffers from a cruel "blockade" by an international bully! "In some areas under their control, the Islamic […]

Sen. Jeff Flake craves to bomb terrorists 6,000 miles away–but succor terrorists 90 miles away

“The death of Kayla Mueller—a Prescott native—can be laid squarely at the feet of ISIL. The best thing Congress can do now is authorize the mission against ISIL to let our allies and our adversaries know that we are united in our resolve.” (Sen. Jeff Flake) And the deaths of humanitarian workers Armando Alejandre, Mario […]

Conan O’Brien: Sniveling Comic Coward

"And not a word about us, do you hear, O'Brien?... "Oh, of course..of course, sir! Of course!...Our lips are sealed!" "Funny how that always happens. Take the “edgiest,” “snarkiest,” “cheekiest” most “irreverent” people around, from Sean Penn to Jack Nicholson, from Chevy Chase to Conan O’Brien. Put them in Stalinist Cuba (probably the most snarkworthy […]

Gosh? I wonder why the Castro regime gave Conan O’Brien the red-carpet treatment?

"You DA MAN!" (mutual thanks) "Gosh! After all, Conan did show the shelves in a Cuban grocery!...Gosh! He even showed old crumbling buildings in Havana!...That was BRAVE!" You'd be amazed at the reactions of many, many folks outside the Cuban-American informational ghetto to Conan's (hardly subliminal) Cuba travel ad. "So what was wrong with Conan's […]

Gosh! But Cuba looks like FUN! What an AWESOME place! I wanna go! Thanks for showing us, Conan!

Conan O’Brien declares his Cuba tourism ad: “A Snark-Free Zone!”

“I do not want this to be a snarky comedy take. And I don’t want to be political…Maybe it isn’t a bad form of diplomacy to send a comedian over. Maybe that’s not a bad first wave.” (Conan O'Brien) Funny how people who make a career from snarking --POOF!--dutifully switch it off, totally wimp out--when […]

Conan– “The Coward”– O’Brien pledges “no snarking” at Castro’s Cuba

"I felt really strongly that I do not want this to be a snarky American comedy take. I don't want this to be political.” (Conan O'Brien regarding his tourism ad for the Castro regime.) Funny how people who make a career from snarking --POOF! dutifully call it off-- totally wimp out!--when it comes to Castro's […]

Is another Paris Hilton porno video in the works? (Inquiring minds want to know–but Castro’s secret-police ain’t telling!)

"It was devastating because that was someone I was with for a few years. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that." (Paris Hilton reacting to the release of her famous sex video-- now available in home video!--after her attempted blackmailing. (Interview with the Daily Telegraph, July, 2014.) […]

Paris Hilton and Conan O’Brien do Havana! ( Welcome to Babalu’s new “Week-End Update!”

Amigos! Welcome to the premier of Babalu's spanking new "Week-End Update!" Even at its prime (and with all that cocaine) the crackerjack Saturday Night Night writing team never brainstormed anything half as hilarious as what the Babalu team finds in the news about Cuba almost daily. But all too often we laugh alone! So to […]

“But if we changed the onerous terms–we could sell Cuba a LOT more!” (says the Farm Lobby)

Best expose' ever written on the swinishness of the farm lobby--(written by a CATO INST. Senior Fellow!) Any and all who follow the Cuba embargo issue find the refrain making up title of this post everywhere--usually issuing from a farm-state legislator, a farm-state governor, or a farmer. To wit: "American farmers say the main barrier […]

On the “embargo” media favors boneheaded chants over research and analysis

"Please, Mr CATO expert...I'm falling asleep..Your chant belongs on Monty Python. Have you bothered looking at any of the abundant evidence accumulated against your boneheaded chant during the past--say--two decades or so?!" "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" (again with overwhelming evidence.) (Some of the chanting seen here. (evidence against […]

Who Dat Saying The New York Times Dislikes Cuban Exiles?

"The bride, Alicia Menendez, and groom, Carlos Prio-Odio, pose for a photo with parents and relatives at their reception." (Credit Cindy Karp for The New York Times) Here's a heart-warming human interest piece by the New York Times on the posh wedding of Alicia Menendez, (daughter of Senator Robert Menendez) and Carlos Prio-Odio (former campaign […]