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  • asombra: If this pope ever expects my respect, he’ll have to come clean on Che Guevara–squeaky clean. That’s the only...

  • asombra: Repulsive as he is, at least Cardinal Ortega lives in the lion’s den and could all too easily be under blackmail....

  • asombra: Another vitriolic extremist foaming at the mouth, obviously, just like “those people.” Alas, this pope is plenty...

  • asombra: “Las palmas son novias que esperan,” wrote Martí, and the same is true of the land, the place, the natural Cuba. May...

  • asombra: Elián is lost, brainwashed by people who do it professionally and evidently effectively. That is fully the responsibility of...

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Clairvoyant on Communism: Jimi Hendrix. Four million Indochinese lives matter, John Lennon

"Pero que tipo mas descara'o!" (says the gentleman on the right. "Who knew my image made for great duck-hunting camo?!") "The Americans are fighting in Vietnam for freedom. As soon as they move out, they (the Indochinese) will be at the mercy of the communists. Of course, war is horrible, but at present it's the […]

Cuba Democracy programs–then and now…..

In 1957-58 U.S. Democracy programs for Cuba consisted of channeling U.S. taxpayer money to the folks above (KGB-linked Stalinists, Raul Castro and Che Guevara.) Above: 1.(Che Guevara and Raul Castro busily promoting Cuban democracy by putting to excellent use the state of the art radio equipment provided them by CIA operative Park Wollam. 2.) Democracy-promoter […]

Russian Reporter robbed in Baltimore (Boo-Hoo)

But while watching the robbery of this proud spokesperson for the heirs to the Soviet Empire, who can blame any Poles, Czechs or Lithuanians for laughing? While watching the attempted “nationalization” of this Russian crypto-communist’s property, who can blame any Hungarians, Ukranians or Latvians from snickering? While watching the brief “expropriation” of property from this […]

But remember: “Castro secretly favors the embargo–it’s his best friend…it provides him an excuse blah…blah…last thing he wants is more Americans traveling to Cuba…blah…blah”

Long outed Cuban agent-of-influence Julia Sweig of the Council on Foreign Realtions gave a talk last week where she disclosed the terms of the Obama-Castro Deal. (And who hereabouts can doubt that she was privy to all the inside stuff--from both sides?) "That deal was signed by the two presidents on December 17, 2014," she […]

Obama-Castro negotiations bear yet more fruit (for Castro)

Regarding Alan Gross' latest assignment please see here. "Do tell, Mr Karras. Do tell! Not only did we get our spies back. Best of all, we planted a new agent-of-influence in the U.S. to rival Peters and Sweig! (of course, it GREATLY helps to have a negotiating "opponent" like Obama!" "Julia, Phil...check your messages...better watch […]

The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal use Che Guevara picture to hail educational program for building “self-respect” among black kids

(Educational program beneficiary Rashawn Williams, above left, with father.) "The Negro is lazy and indolent and spends his money on frivolities and drink," from the diaries of the icon on the "self-respecting" black kid's t-shirt) From the WSJ article written by The Heritage Foundation's Stephen Moore: "The parents and students point out that the scholarship […]

Why are Communists so fond of Ron and Rand Paul?

Essentially, RT (Russia Today) TV is KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin's personal propaganda organ. Besides Castro's Granma and Cubadebate, Cuban exiles have no bigger media enemies in the world than Putin's RT tv. (OK,OK!--it's a close call between them and the New York Times and CNN!) Rand Paul's disdain for anti-Communist Cuban exiles has been pointed […]

Lucy’s revolutionary “interracial” marriage again makes headlines! (definition of marriage courtesy of a Harvard cum laude employed by Huffington Post)

  (Best of all: for their little "mulatto" (presumably?) son they cast a cajun from Lafayette La. named Keith Thibodaux!) "Lucille Ball had to fight the network to portray Lucy and Ricky's interracial marriage." "Lily Karlin graduated cum laude from Harvard University, where she studied English and creative writing. " "Le RRRRRRONCA!!!"

Female reporter from Putin’s RT-tv roughed-up and robbed by blacks in Baltimore (while reporting on “the oppression of innocent blacks in racist U.S.”)

("Te JODISTE, chica!" laughs SCOUNDREL(!!!) on top left) Like Cuba's KGB-founded media, KGB Colonel Putin's TV station (RT) in kleptocratic/communist Mother Russia loves to report on the "oppression of innocent blacks in the U.S." blah...blah... Well, while in this very process yesterday one of Putin's reporters (a female, no less) was robbed and beaten in […]

“Polls show that!”……blah…blah

We've all seen the "polls" that show "that 80-90 per cent"...blah...blah... "of Americans"...blah...blah..."support Obama's opening to Cuba"..."lifting the Cuba embargo"..."removal from list of terror-sponsors"....blah...blah. As if you can just walk down the street, ask around, and most Americans are fully-informed on this issue! Well, here's an item from our friends at PJ Media that probably […]

“Uncle Sam bullied the non-Communist (perhaps even anti-Communist!) Castro into arms of Mother Russia” (Claims former Reagan advisor!)

As Dave Barry used to say: "I SWEAR I am NOT making this up!" "Would Cuba have clung so tenaciously to dictatorial communism had Washington sought to engage — instead of isolate — Castro and the Cuban people?...Noticeably absent from Castro’s entire American tour (in April 1959) was any hint of admiration for, or association […]

New York Governor (Cuomo) and New York Mayor (Dinkins) champion a stringent embargo of South Africa

  "New York state should adopt a comprehensive and responsible strategy to demonstrate the abhorrence of our residents to the pernicious system of apartheid," ( Mario Cuomo, May 20, 1985.) New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo outlined in Albany a program to sell gradually up to $4.4 billion in state stocks and bonds in companies […]

For today’s Daily Double: “Who said it? Prominent Democrat or Cuban spy?”

Should this poor woman (Ana Belen Montes, above left) continue to suffer in prison for the “crime” of being a bit “ahead of the curve” on U.S. foreign policy? I mean, what’s a little military secret-sharing among friends? Her heart was clearly in the right place, Obama policy-wise. “She certainly meant well,” our president must […]

Are all Cuban-American voters imbeciles? Masochists? Are all Cuban-American elected officials scoundrels? Sadists? (Yes, implies The Washington Post)

The answer to this post's title is: no. Instead--as usual--the Washington Post is serving as a media auxiliary for the (Democratic party's) Bendixen & Haney Public Relations agency. In Florida (home to over 2/3 of America's Cuban-Americans) pro-Cuba embargo candidates win consistently and overwhelmingly. On top of this, Florida's legislature --almost en masse--recently condemned Obama's […]

“Diplomatic Breakthrough!” When a “new day dawned!” in U.S. relations with a former foe…

After years of stubbornly pursuing a clearly archaic and counterproductive foreign policy--and by virtue a very simple procedure--on August 15, 1945 Japan achieved a "diplomatic breakthrough!" with the U.S.!!! On December 17th, 2014--by virtue of almost the identical procedure as resorted to by Japan in August of 1945--the U.S achieved a "diplomatic breakthrough!" with Cuba!!! […]