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  • asombra: We’re not getting this thing, and we’re underestimating Obama’s hand. Even if the “deal” were to...

  • asombra: If I have to choose between a relatively honest SOB and one that runs around in costume acting a role, it’s no contest.

  • asombra: Remember, boys and girls, it’s bad form to “want your stuff back” if it was stolen by a leftist robolution,...

  • asombra: Now, let’s not get “bombastic and vitriolic.” The point of these “negotiations” is pretty clear,...

  • asombra: I don’t mean to be ungracious, but I do wish all Cubans would stop calling Cuba’s dictator “General”...

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Daily Beast (no less!) hails Carlos Eire’s book as among “Top five on Cuba!”

"Le ZZZZZZUMBA!!!" Story here.

Canada’s Sun News Network TV calls it perfectly again ( “Castro’s Christmas present”)

Babalusian exposes details of hideous Obama-Castro deal on Canadian TV

"The verdict is long in: Record tourism to Cuba = Record Repression for Cubans." Video here.

USAID’s clumsy and irresponsible meddling in a sovereign nation got innocent South Africans ARRESTED!

In a recent BOMBSHELL (!!!) report here at Babalu we exposed how the high-handed and irresponsible busybodies at USAID repeatedly and secretly intervened in the internal affairs of the sovereign government of P.W. Botha in South Africa, squandering millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars seeking the blatantly imperialistic goal of regime-change. But miraculously, the Associated Press […]

Yankee Imperialist Bully !!! (USAID) SECRETLY funded Anti-Apartheid groups–trying to SECRETLY overthrow P.W. Botha’s legal and sovereign government!

BABALU BLOG HAS UNCOVERED DOCUMENTS SHOWCASING THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION'S MOST AGGRESSIVE AND INTERVENTIONIST COWBOY DIPLOMACY!!! To wit: During the 1980's the U.S. government was secretly and illegally funding secret and illegal groups in South Africa!!! The U.S. policy--as the document BOASTS!--was REGIME-CHANGE against the sovereign and legally-constituted government of South Africa!!! From the document: "U.S. […]

In fact (el tremendo bofe!) Russell Brand has much in common with his idol (el tremendo bofe!) Che Guevara

Thin skin and a totally atrophied sense of humor characterizes both. (De rigueur for leftists, you might say.) Former Mr Kate Perry (and current British multi-millionaire-comedian) Russell Brand devotes much of his new book and stage routine to denouncing capitalism. The book itself is titled “Revolution” and courageously confesses to the following: “I’m a big […]

Here’s one Cubiche who done Bad–REAL bad! (Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, who apparently misses Castro’s CDRs)

Cuban-born Austin police chief Art Acevedo wants residents to rat on their neighbors who like guns: "And that’s why it’s important for us as Americans to know our neighbors, know our families- tell somebody. If you know somebody that is acting with a lot of hatred towards any particular group- especially if it’s somebody you […]

Castro offered to sink Margaret Thatcher’s battleships during Falklands War

"I (Carol Thatcher) hoped to get a snap taken by one of my 15-strong cycling group standing by a wrought-iron image of the revolutionary hero Che Guevara." (Margaret Thatcher's daughter Carol on recent visit to Cuba.) From tape recordings on April 10, 1982: Cuban Ambassador to Argentina Emilio Aragones: "I want to be very clear. […]

Funny item from an era before they were known as ñángaras

In 1939, as reported by our own professor Tony de la Cova, the U.S. embassy in Cuba was greatly alarmed by the "pro-communist and anti-American" Batista...that he was an exceedingly shrewd politician (at the time) who saw no alternative to using the support of one of Cuba's largest, most popular, and best organized political parties […]

Miami Herald Educates Readers about Castro/Che Terrorism–(with interesting graphics)

Entire readable Op-Ed here.

Glenn Beck TV produces special on Black Friday Terror-Plot by Castro and Che against Manhattan’s biggest dept. stores (featuring Julia Sweig’s “good friends” Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad))

From the acknowledgments in Julia Sweig’s award-wining book, Inside the Cuban Revolution: “In Cuba many people spent long hours with me, helped open doors I could not have pushed through myself, and offered friendship and warmth to myself during research trips to the island…Elsa Montero and Jose Gomez Abad championed this project.” (That's Jose and […]

The New York Times’ reporter Ernesto Londoño’s (BUSY!!!) schedule on his Cuba visit revealed in smuggled pics!

Take a few days off DGI eavesdroppers! (Ernesto Londoño’s already securely in the bag!)

"You DGI eavesdroppers and stalkers have been working HARD lately companeros!" (say Raul and Ramiro.) "What with all these U.S. "People-to-People" visitors! Londoño's different. He self-programs...So take a couple days off...!" Though Thanksgivings was never a Cuban holiday, the DGI dept. charged with bugging, videoing and tailing VIP U.S. visitors (especially journalists) for potential blackmail […]

Che Guevara Groupie Russell Brand needs better staff…..

British vaudeville comedian Russell Brand needs better staff. He’s touring the U.S. promoting his book “Revolution” while impishly equating Che Guevara with Jesus Christ and Gandhi. The look on Brand’s face as he looked around crowd while detonating these "devilish" observations on Jimmy Fallon was pitiful—-in the most genuine sense of the word. Brand, you […]

Castro’s Wall Killed Multiple Times the Number of Freedom-Seekers as The Berlin Wall—and Still Stands

To lay eyes on the Berlin Wall provoked shame and horror in everyone. Here was stark and perfect proof of what divided the world at the time. No amount of paint or plaster to pretty it up could disguise what it was doing. President Reagan saw it and outspokenly called it out. Diplomatic pecksniffs be […]