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  • Honey: Mr. Lizardo was on the Kelly file on Fox. A gentleman, quiet speaking and of conviction. “[Lizardo was] asked if [his] group...

  • antonio2009: Two other songs also apply to this sexagenarian: “The Fool on the Hill” by the Beatles and “El Bobo de la...

  • antonio2009: Carlos Montaner needs to look no further than Cuban history of the 19th century to discover the Cuban Holocaust of...

  • Luis3939: and know cubans in Hialeah sending free school uniforms to these children. Have some dignity people!

  • Humberto Fontova: An interesting question is could anyone but Batista have straightened out the political mess that was Cuba in 1933,...

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Senator Bob Menendez Delivers Again

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, delivered an outstanding and thorough speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate on April 7, 2014, on Cuba and Venezuela. I’ve often stood for the proposition that an enemy of my enemies is my friend – regardless of political affiliations or religious […]

The Winds of Change

The winds of change have reached the "Washington Post." Under the new ownership of Jeff Bezos, editorials and op-eds friendlier to the Cuban-American cause are now being published. In the past, it was a different ball game -- as op-eds from the like of Eugene Robinson were hostile to the restoration of democracy to Cuba. […]

Working As A Team

So very often, the majority of people that we come in contact with are driven by a “what’s in it for me” philosophy. Obviously, they have not read the writings of management guru John C. Maxwell, whose first indisputable law of teamwork is that “one is too small a number to achieve greatness.” If you […]

Great Advice For Those Who Dare To Underestimate The Cuban-American Vote

Cuba Nostalgia 2014

This year's Cuba Nostalgia will be celebrated on May 16-18 in Miami, Florida. The theme will be "we celebrate Celia." I like it like that! For additional information, click on

Drinking Cuba Libres with Bacardi Rum

Having lived in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for 48 years and having worked for the Federal Government for over thirty years, I learned the art of building coalitions to get things done. The only way to get anything done in this town is to get like-minded individuals together on the deal. There is no […]

Cuban-American in the Sochi Olympics

Cuban-Americans will have something to celebrate at the upcoming Sochi Olympics on February 2014. Cuban-American Eddy “The Jet” Alvarez got a spot in the U.S. Olympic speed skating team. Eddy was raised in Miami Beach.   For more on this story, click on

Richard Blanco, the First Hispanic Inaugural Poet

Richard Blanco – the first Hispanic, the first openly gay person, and the youngest person to be the U.S. inaugural poet. He was the inaugural poet for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration. For a brief seven minutes in January 2013, Blanco was center stage before a national TV, radio, and online audience of 20 million […]

I Feel Cuba Every Day

I have lived for 49 years in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, and Cuba has never left me. In the winter time, during all the desolation associated with the inclement cold weather, the snow, the trees without leaves, the lack of sufficient sunlight, Cuba is always on my mind. When I am in the mood […]

The Phantom of La Habana

Fidel Castro made his first public appearance in nine months at the opening of an art studio in La Habana. His emaciated features would make him a prime candidate for a portrait by El Greco – a famous painter of the late Renaissance Spanish art whose art works were famous for elongated twists and forms, […]

Senate Confirms a Cuban-American

The U.S. Senate confirmed Alejandro Mayorkas on Friday, December 20, 2013, to serve as the no.2 official in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. See

Socialismo o Muerte?

Ramón Sánchez Parodi , a long-time head of the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, indicated recently that the Cuban Government has given up on President Barack Obama to restore the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba. He’s even given up on the Democrats, and looked up to the Republicans to make it […]

Cuba Is Not The “World”

Here is the story of two Argentine students who visited Cuba recently during Human Rights Day. They got tired of seeing the surreal Cuba that most tourists – like Jay-Z and Beyoncé – love to brag about, and decided to see the real Cuba of the average population and human rights dissidents. For their curiosity, […]

Senator Ted Cruz Pays Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Here is what Senator Ted Cruz had to say about the passing of Nelson Mandela on December 5, 2013: "Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He stood firm for decades on the principle that until all South Africans enjoyed equal liberties he would not leave […]

Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco’s Journey Home To America

Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco talks about his experiences growing up as a Cuban-American, about excelling by belonging to two cultures.   To read up on his latest projects, click on