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  • asombra: “We look very, very bad.” Well, practically all of the rest of the world has looked worse for years, and now the...

  • asombra: Honey, if Castro had been right-wing, he’d have gone the way of Trujillo or Somoza long ago.

  • asombra: Photo caption: the Chinaman and the Chupacabra.

  • asombra: Perhaps I’ve become too cynical, but I’m increasingly put off by anything that looks or sounds like running after...

  • asombra: Carter is a vile, repulsive, sanctimonious fraud, but at least the American people didn’t re-elect him like Obama. In...

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Why Everything is Screwed Up and We’re Up the Creek Without a Paddle in One Sentence, Part 3

So, let's for one second imagine that you are a naturalized American citizen. That you're "Hispanic", as invented by Nixon in 1973. Let's imagine that you think that the immigration reform bill, as it appears to be shaping up, is simply a terrible idea. What does that make you? An employee of Grover Norquist's Americans […]

Why Everything is Screwed Up and We’re Up the Creek Without a Paddle in One Paragraph – Part 2

Fun Fact Of The Day: Mosque’s Are Off-Limits To Obama’s Snooping, Missed Boston Bombers... (Investors Business Daily) -- The White House assures that tracking our every phone call and keystroke is to stop terrorists, and yet it won’t snoop in mosques, where the terrorists are. That’s right, the government’s sweeping surveillance of our most private […]

Why Everything is Screwed Up and We’re Up the Creek Without a Paddle in One Paragraph

God bless Sultan Knish. The liberal Republican prescription is still to Outleft the left, adopting some of its more popular ideas and social policies in a more sensible fashion. And they have never understood that the strategy, even when it succeeds in the short term, is doomed. You don't win by making your enemy stronger. […]

Pray for Oklahoma

They Know You’re Reading This

Have the news reports of the excesses of power that our government has been engaging in bothered you? Read on. Twenty-five miles due south of Salt Lake City, a massive construction project is nearing completion. The heavily secured site belongs to the National Security Agency. "The spy center" -- that's what some of the locals […]

Jon… You Voted for The Idiot

Obama has now completely lost Jon Stewart. Pew Research Center reports that young people 18-29 tend to get their "news" from Comedy Central shows like Stewart's and The Colbert Report. Coincidentally, MSNBC censored Stewart's "praying at the mosque" segment of this skit.

Full Body Take Down

I've never heard of Rep. Mike Kelly before, but I want to hear more from him going forward. Bravo!

Holder Goes Full Rodney Witherspoon

Q; What do you get when you cross Rodney Dangerfield and Reese Witherspoon? A: Attorney General Eric Holder! Do you know I am the AG? I get no respect! Apparently, being asked direct questions about the discharge of his duties while an elected public servant is an affront to Holder's idea that he, and the […]

The Art of the Proper Arroz con Pollo – A Mother’s Day Story

The very best Calle Ocho eatery, in the heart of Little Havana, places an asterisk next to the menu listing of their world-renowned Arroz con Pollo*. *Our Arroz con Pollo is prepared to order, please allow our Chef the proper amount of time to create your selection. Feel free to inquire about the progress of […]

Tragedy of Biblical Proportions

First Castro and the diaspora, then Elián and the raid, and now this. Fire Quickly Extinguished at Enriqueta's Crews quickly put out a fire at Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop at 186 NE 29th St. Wednesday night, Miami Fire-Rescue said. Investigators said the fire appeared to have started in the kitchen of the iconic Cuban eatery, but […]

Eric’s on the Job

Eric Holder, the man who brought us Fast and Furious and the continuing Benghazi cover-up, issues a stern warning to Americans in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre: "Attorney General Eric Holder declared Monday that the Justice Department is on the lookout for acts of violence or discrimination that signal a backlash to the Boston […]

April 22, 2000

Luis sent me this essay on the Elian kidnapping and subsequent march on Calle Ocho. It was so perfect and heartfelt for the sad anniversary of that black day thirteen years ago that I asked for his permission to publish it. I think you will cry and feel a little pride in who and why […]

“Government Has Until Monday to Come Clean, or The Blaze Will Expose.” – Glenn Beck Declares War

An Indiscriminate Act of Human Decency

Maybe there is hope for us after all.

En el Tronco de un Árbol

Forty-five years ago. April 3rd. A young family boarded a plane in Varadero. Tired, hungry, scared, they walked the tarmac in a huddle. Tears fell, but no one looked back. Forty-five years ago. April 3rd. A lifetime, and then some. The Gonzalez family has grown, but we've never lost hope that our feet will once […]