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  • asombra: You think that maybe Obama is laughing at the American people? Or is that racist? But don’t get me wrong–I think he...

  • asombra: Cuba’s thrice-fraudulent dictator (who’s neither president nor general nor a Castro) is still enviable, in a sense:...

  • asombra: I hope they keep all those black flags; it’s only fitting.

  • asombra: When bitches look this nasty on the outside, can you imagine how they are inside?

  • asombra: It’s proper that the price is too high for average Cubans. Ice cream is decadent and bourgeois.

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The House’s Dirty 14 Who Opposed Sanctions On Venezuela – Revealed

For some reason, the media have been reticent about who the 14 members of Congress were who opposed sanctions on Venezuela's castroite Chavista regime. They passed, by a wimpy voice vote, but a letter shows that there were 14 members of the House on record as opposing them. The House sanctions in question weren't the […]

Chavez Dies For Socialism…

...but NOT as he would have wanted, going down in a blaze of glory like Che Guevara, perhaps in mortal combat with U.S. Marines. Nope, the Venezuelan dictator and Numero Uno fan of the bearded beast is going down at the hands of Castro's medical machine, helpless, in pain, taking orders from Cuban state doctors. […]

Yoani Sanchez Arrested: It Has Started

Castro's goons have struck out against Cuba's best-known blogger, Yoani Sanchez, whose evocative work about the hellish dreary realities of castro's Cuba have won her international awards. Up until now, it was baffling to many that she had never been arrested. That's changed with this arrest. And maybe that has something to do with the […]

Truth stranger than fiction?

From an actual July 2, 2007 Babalu post Was che another species? I leave you to decide. Today, Fontova has found that truth is truly stranger than fiction - the man who made the new ape movie really was inspired by the similarities between the apes and his hero: 'Rise of the Apes' Director: Film's […]

Chile Celebrates A Different Kind Of May Day

Everyone knows what castro's idea of May Day is - tanks, turbas, thugs and long, long, long speeches about dictatorship of the proletariat and yanqui imperialismo. It's hard to mess up a holiday to the extent he has. castro and Allende: Love But over in Chile, a nation that in 1973 escaped castro's grasp, fought […]

Hillary teams with Cuba for “free” Haiti castrocare

The U.S. and Cuba held a rare, unusual, unprecedented meeting over at the United Nations yesterday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Cheryl Mills was there, sitting down to talks with Bruno Rodriguez, the foreign minister of Cuba. It would be normal to think the topic of this meeting would be Cuba's political prisoners, given that […]

Singing Of Cuba Without Ever Seeing it

Music is a great uniter. It requires no wealth to make, and is loved by rich and poor alike. It cracks class barriers and makes all races beautiful. In the most oppressed slave societies, music is all they have. It unites because even if you don't understand the language, can't pronounce the name of the […]

Cheer Up, Israel. You’ve Got Company: Colombia

I got into a shouting match with a union thug today over Colombia. He ran a big famous labor union and screamed 'murder' to me as reason enough not to support the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, spouting one lie after another about Colombia's human rights record. I didn't want to be fed a load, so […]

So what’s the source of all the dead-castro rumors?

The dead-castro rumors are coming from somewhere. They seem to come every Friday night anymore, almost as if on some kind of pattern. castroites of course are prime suspects as leakers, desperate to give the Bronx cheer to the Miami Cubans who are always so disappointed when the monster doesn't die. They even have a […]

castro’s Mexican gas attacks

Anyone remember those strange attacks on Mexican natural gas pipelines that wrought havoc on central Mexico last month? A pathetic little leftist group called EPR said they did them in a bid to get their comrades out of jail in Oaxaca, a southern Mexican state where a leftist insurgency is festering. The EPR used to […]

Try again, chumps, it’s not proof of life

castroites must take the world for idiots because they're trying to fob off on us castro's version of pre-revolutionary history in some old tome as proof that their dictator is alive and well. Today they ran an essay purported to be by the bearded beast in today's Juventud Rebelion (in a dictatorship that kills youth […]

Hitting it on the head

For a long time, I've been concerned about Colombia. Here is it, best friend the United States has right now in Latin America and congressional Democrats are treating it like an enemy, slamming the door on free trade to this valued friend and the most important country out there opposing castro and Venezuelan dictator Oogo […]

Has Oogo let the cat out of the bag?

raul castro cannot stand the big lunkheaded Thug Of Caracas. Sure he likes his money, but Hugo Chavez's persona is a different matter. raul, after all, is a disciplined military man of sorts. He's also a Marxist ideologue, far more so than his evil bearded brother. While fidel is grandiose and theatrical, cold and calculating, […]

Fausta’s take on the bearded beast

Fausta Wertz, who's originally from Puerto Rico, has been monitoring the castroite press and has a very insightful take on the meaning of the monster's imminent passing. Read it here.

Who’s paying for this?

So the Cuban Five, the passel of malevolent castroite agents convicted in Atlanta for espionage against U.S. citizens who happen to live in Miami, are now getting yet another court appeal on Monday, this time claiming the prosecution was brimming with errors. They had no such objections when the trial was going on. They only […]