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  • Honey: Go Cruz!

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  • asombra: These “negotiators” fully reflect their boss, not to mention those who put him in office.

  • asombra: It’s all a done deal anyway–un pan amasado. This is just window dressing.

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Cigar Mike Meets President Obama

Throughout the years, I have met some interesting folks. I’ve met several famous politicians, governors, senators, congressmen, etc., I have also met some American Presidents as well, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.  Bush the Elder I met when he spoke at my University in 1988.  I met Bill Clinton, the candidate, […]

By Popular Request …

Capital Hill © 2009 by Michael A. Pancier, All Rights Reserved It’s been a while but I am glad to finally announce the debut of my photography website, Michael Pancier Photography.   Folks ask me all the time for prints and for my website. So thanks to fellow contributor and friend Claudia, who was kind enough […]

What About Global Warming?

Well infidels, I have returned. I went to Virginia in mid October to get foliage photos. This is what greeted me yesterday morning....Virginia is not supposed to get snow until November. I was in a winter wonderland out there. Yep, I got my winter shots in October. That's global warming for you. Shot at Shenandoah […]

A Little South Park Humor

Thank You TR

Speech by President Teddy Roosevelt made at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, on May 6, 1903: "In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which, so far as I know, is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. I want to ask you to do one thing in connection with it in […]

Challenge Question of the Day

I would love for anyone on the left, especially the buttmunches like Rep. Grayson to tell me, under which provision of the U.S. Constitution does Congress have the power to mandate that individuals purchase health insurance? Here's the text of the U.S. Constitution. And while sadly, the bill being voted on in the Senate Finance […]

Autumn in South Florida

© 2009 by Michael A. Pancier, All Rights Reserved Bahia Honda State Park - Florida Keys Enjoy ....

I’ll Take Manhattan

© 2009 by Michael A. Pancier, All Rights Reserved Just taking a break from the daily political crap. Here's a pic I took last week in midtown. Happy Columbus Day. Of course I can't figure out how if his last name was Colon, how the heck did they end up with Columbus?

Hey Mr. Peace Prize Winner, Even Lanny Davis Says You’re Wrong on Honduras

Interesting article in today's WSJ by Democrat Lanny Davis on the Honduras situation where he points out the idiocy of Obama and his Chavez dupes about their refusal to recognize the new freely elected government in Honduras following the November 2009 election: What's made the situation even more intractable is that the U.S., the OAS […]

Great Article on Gorky’s Trip and Performance in NYC

A fantastic article on the Tersites blog about Cuban Punk Rocker Gorky's trip and performance in NYC. This is very poignant: La gente entró hasta llenar la sala. Enrisco, organizador del evento, hizo la presentación. GA comentó con sorna que Enrisco había escrito aquel texto en cinco minutos… lo cual explicaba todos sus errores. La […]

While Everyone’s Out There Sleeping …

I'm at the beach to shoot the sunrise and an occasional model .... the joys of living in South Florida ....


It was only a matter of time with these wankers in control of the government .... and look whose name pops up again.... By Fabiola Moura Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Legislation to end a ban on Americans traveling to Cuba has enough support in the U.S. House of Representatives to win approval by year-end, said […]

Congress Does Not Have the Power to Mandate Health Care

Many times you hear El Presidente and the Congress saying that their Obamacare requirement that everyone have health insurance or pay a tax is like having auto insurance. Poor analogy Mcfly.  Auto insurance requirements are regulated by the States.  While the states may have the power to do this,  not so fast when it comes […]

Federal Judge Dismisses Frivolous Birther Lawsuit

Land Ruling - Rhodes v. Macdonald As I've written in earlier posts,  if you're gonna win the war, you cannot waste it by picking stupid battles wherein you're throwing rocks and bottles against targets of no significance.  You have to use your heavy artillery and go after battles where we are right and have the […]

It All Began Here … In Philadelphia

It's Constitution Day infidels.  The only thing I have sworn allegiance to in my life to protect.  The document which became the backbone for our nation came to life in this Hall, during a scorching summer.  It's brilliance is unmatched. It wasn't perfect; compromises had to be made.  Amendments had to be added.  But it's […]