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Event honoring Cuba´s Damas de Blanco in Los Angeles

I am thrilled that Ann Lau of the Visual Artists Guild is supporting human rights in Cuba. She is bringing Berta Soler, the leader of Damas de Blanco to Los Angeles to focus attention on the lack of freedom, violent repression, and the gross human rights violations by the Castro dictatorship against the people of […]

Watch live: A Conversation With Marco Rubio

Senator Rubio unveils The Rubio Doctrine for A New American Century, presided by Charlie Rose of CBS and PBS. Watch it live today at 3:30 p.m. ET, HERE: H/T: Team Marco California

The voodoo of Cuba’s economic reforms

By Jose Azel in the PanAm Post: Raul Castro and The Cargo Cult Chieftain Castro Will Never Make Wealth Fall from the Sky In March 2014, hoping to attract new investments, Cuba adopted a new foreign-investment law it described as “strategic and transcendental.” As of this writing — a year later — only one new […]

Reports from Cuba: The Forbidden Fruit for Cubans

By Isis Marquez in Translating Cuba: The Forbidden Fruit for Cubans Any farmer caught selling to the general population the strawberries that he cultivates will be fined 1000 CUP* (national currency) and have his land confiscated, Isis Marquez, Havana, 17 April 2015 – The strawberry is the forbidden fruit for Cubans. Its limited national […]

Cuba: Man murdered as Castro official opens fire on group attempting escape to freedom

Just days after Cuba is proclaimed a non-sponsor of terror, a Castro official opens fire on a group of friends planning to leave the island paradise. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Young Cuban Murdered for Attempting to Flee the Island President Obama says the Cold War is over, but the Castro regime hasn't gotten the memo. […]

Surprise! Obama’s Cuba kumbaya hasn’t stopped the beating and arresting of dissidents

It's Sunday, which in Cuba is also harass, beat and arrest members of the Las Damas de Blanco and dissidents day. Apparently the tyrant in Havana understands that Obama's "We will continue to try to lift up concerns around democracy and human rights" statement is just BS. Reports from Cuba via Twitter: #Cuba Régimen lanza […]

Artist Tania Bruguera, Cuba’s latest hostage

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo in PanAm Post: Performance Artist the Latest Hostage of the Cuban Revolution In Castro's Cuba, Giving Citizens a Platform to Speak Is a Crime On Monday, April 13, amid the Castro brothers’ dictatorship being given greater logistical and rhetorical support across the Americas, cities around the world joined in solidarity with […]

Breitbart retracts article, affirms Rubio’s position that he’ll end Obama amnesty

Yesterday a Breitbart Big Government published an article based on a mistranslation of Marco Rubio's statements in an interview with Univision's Jorge Ramos that caused quite a stir on social media. This morning they retracted that article: RUBIO AFFIRMS HE’LL END OBAMA’S EXECUTIVE AMNESTY; UNIVISION INTERVIEW MISTRANSLATED AUSTIN, Texas — In a Spanish language interview […]

Marco Rubio embodies the antithesis of Obama’s Cuba policy

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Obama's Cuba Policy Embraces the Past, Rubio's Looks to the Future Last Saturday, President Obama claimed that the United States was "moving forward" in its relationship with Cuba by embracing 83-year old dictator, General Raul Castro. Nothing could be more backwards. Two days later, a 43-year old Cuban-American, U.S. Senator Marco […]

Today’s Must-Read: The Obama Worldview and Cuba

By Mike Gonzalez in The Daily Signal: The Obama Worldview and Cuba “It is my strong belief that if we engage, that that offers the greatest prospect for escaping some of the constraints of the past. I think the Cuban people are extraordinary and have huge potential. And what’s encouraging is, is that the overwhelming […]

Wondering how Marco Rubio will handle hostile reporters?

Watch this interview by MSNBC’s Morning Joe, via Western Journalism:

Cuban artist El Sexto awarded 2015 Havel Prize

From Human Rights Foundation: 2015 Havel Prize Awarded to Girifna, Sakdiyah Ma’ruf, and El Sexto El Sexto, whose real name is Danilo Maldonado, is a Cuban graffiti artist and activist whose public work has turned him into a formidable dissident, evidenced by the ongoing repression he suffers at the hands of the Castro dictatorship. This […]

Note to Cuba tourists, check out the unspoiled abject poverty in eastern Cuba

This is the lead photo in a Mashable presentation titled Walking down the streets of unseen eastern Cuba. On the other side of Cuba, away from the bustling streets and antique cars that decorate Havana, exists a more peaceful, less-developed landscape that few Americans have seen. Many cite eastern Cuba’s role as the historical birthplace […]

Son of man murdered by terrorist hiding in Cuba speaks out – CORRECTED

Note the information provided in the comments section by Antonio2009. The headline should have read Son of man murdered by FLAN terrorists upset by Cuba's status change. "We're the most powerful country in the world, yet we can't negotiate. I'm not going to buy that two years down the road, these guys will be returned." […]

After Obama’s historic appeasement to the Castro dictatorship, what’s next for U.S. Cuba relations?

From our good friend José Cárdenas in InterAmerican Security Watch: Where Does U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Go From Here? With this week’s perfunctory delisting of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, it is clear President Obama can’t give away the store fast enough. The apparently antiquated diplomatic notion that when engaging an adversary you […]