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  • asombra: Yes, this is an old ploy at the Miami Herald, but nobody has to trick a “Latino” into dumping on Cubans–it...

  • asombra: I’m pretty shocked, but then again, she’s not black, “Latina” or transgender. And how the hell did such...

  • asombra: And Humberto, I’m surprised you weren’t arrested. That photo looks very transgressive, as they say in the art world.

  • asombra: Ms. Johnson, aka Goldberg, who fittingly based her stage name on a whoopee cushion (or so she tells it), is just being herself,...

  • asombra: Gusano, he’s a Dem from New Jersey, and he looks very much like a paint-by-numbers politician. Don’t waste your time.

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Remittances and Medicare fraud money to Cuba

Captitol Hill Cubans: Remittances Used to Launder Medicare Fraud Money to Cuba -- And It's Going to Get Worse at 11:24 PM Wednesday, February 25, 2015 The Obama Administration's recent policy changes now allow remittances to be sent through a general license, including to non-family members (even to complete strangers). In other words, there will […]

Paris Hilton: Example number 3,874,962 why tourists won’t bring change to Cuba

Paris Hilton, a National Humanitarian Medal recipient, is visiting Cuba and based on her Instragram photos, and Tweets she's having a great time. Loving Old Havana! \????/ So beautiful, & unique. ?? @ Cuba — Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton) February 27, 2015 She was was presented with American Humane Association's prestigious award, the National Humanitarian […]

A formidable professor challenges academia’s Cuba myths

As swarms of termites gradually devour structures, leftist academics batty with false dreams of a communist utopia, have over the decades, one published paper at a time, devoured Cuba's history and created an Orwellian Castro propagandist version of Cuba before Castro. This academic corpus, though permeated with falsehoods, has provided the Castro dictatorship cover for […]

The Castro brothers are serial violators of national sovereignty

In his column, Los Castro, Violadores de Soberanías, in Contacto Magazine, in Spanish, Roberto Alvarez Quinones perfectly nails the Castro dictatorship's blatant hypocrisy in demanding respect for Cuba's sovereignty. He succinctly reminds us that since 1959 the Castro's have intervened in the internal affairs of many other nations precisely to try to change their political […]

February 16th: Cuban opposition leader and former political prisoner Antunez in Los Angeles

Southern California Cubanos spread the word! Jorge Luis Perez Antunez and his wife Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera will be in Los Angeles for a very special event.

Cubans have the right to live in truth and liberty

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Timely words we Americans should act on as we commemorate Dr. King this holiday weekend. U.S. citizens have a long history of standing in solidarity with those oppressed […]

If you want to argue with a Cuban about Cuba…. be prepared

Awesome smackdown from AJ. Delgado. She's a proud Cuban-American from Little Havana, attorney, conservative commentator, blogger and author. Arguing with idiots about #Cuba Due to the Obama Administration’s renewal of diplomatic relations with Cuba, Cuba is back in the news. As usual, there is an alarming amount of misinformation — and stupidity — circulating that […]

“Where were the words about freedom, and liberty and human rights?”

There is one group of Cuban exiles especially aggrieved over Obama's announced new U.S. - Cuba policy. The surviving members of the La Brigada 2506. From The Guardian: Bay of Pigs survivors on US-Cuba thaw: 'Two American presidents betrayed us' It was presented to the world as a tearing down of barriers, a historic moment […]

VOC: Obama Cuba decision “wrongheaded”

Victims of Communism (VOC) statement on US-Cuba relations: DECISION TO RECOGNIZE CUBAN GOVERNMENT WITHOUT ASSURANCE OF REFORM WRONGHEADED Washington D.C. – Executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Marion Smith today released the following statement on President Barack Obama’s plan to begin efforts to normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba: […]

Dominican Republic and Cuba: contrasting trajectories

Our friend Rolando Alum, Jr. (now in New Jersey) has once again published an excellent article, in Spanish in Cuba Encuentro comparing –or rather, contrasting— what he calls “the trajectory” of the Castro brothers’ Cuba with that of the post-Trujillo Dominican Republic. His table is quite telling regarding the civil and political liberties that Dominicans […]

NY Times reporter returns from Cuba minus facts, intregrity

Capital Hill Cubans: A Discombobulated New York Times The New York Times' editorial writer, Ernesto Londoño, has written his first editorial since returning from a two-week trip to Cuba. (In case you missed the double-standards of Londoño's trip, click here.) His previous six editorials -- part of a self-admitted "lobbying campaign" by the NYT -- […]

Squeeze Castro Inc. Capone style with U.S. Treasury Department

Sadly, I believe that if there was any political will to bring down the Castro regime it would have been done if not in the early years of the regime, then certainly after the fall of Soviet Russia. The fact that there still exists a totalitarian nightmare ninety miles from our shore is an abomination, […]

Tweet of the day from Cuba

This photo from Yusnaby Peréz, perfectly illustrates Cuba's tourism: "Desde aquí arriba las ruinas se ven más bonitas"- decían los turistas. #Cuba — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) December 3, 2014 "From up here the ruins are more beautiful" - said the tourist

Reports from Cuba: An Old Castro Weapon Still in Operation

By Ivan Garcia in Translating Cuba: An Old Castro Weapon Still in Operation Renato’s family emigrated to the United States on October 3 but that did not stop them from having some weak communal soup, drinking cheap rum and dancing the timba on a block of Reparto Sevillano south of Havana on the night of […]

Chairman Menendez confirms commitment to a free Cuba

Must watch, Sen. Menendez remarks to U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, via Capitol Hill Cubans: