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  • Gallardo: Asombra, this is what Clinton was occupied with (among other things) while 9/11 was being cooked under his nose. It was...

  • antonio2009: Here is what I wrote about the case in an encyclopedia http://www.latinamericanstudie pdf and...

  • asombra: With every anniversary of this outrage, my contempt deepens for those who actively supported it and the subsequent infamy of...

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Sunday in Cuba is for violent repression

This is the 23rd consecutive Sunday of escalating violent repression against peaceful dissidents in Cuba. Here's a sampling of reports from the island via Twitter this morning: @ivanlibre: #Cuba Este es el domingo #23 de arrestos, golpizas, vandalismo y terrorismo d estado contra oposici?n y @DamasdBlanco d Col? ... Leticia Ramos Cuba ?@LeticiaRHCuba2h #Cuba La […]

Castro’s mobs attacking dissidents in Cuba

In Spanish, but the images speak clearly:

The punishment for failure is death

Via Capitol Hill Cubans: A Cuban Connection to North Korea's Purges? Are the recent purges (executions) in North Korea's leadership punishment for getting caught smuggling weapons from Cuba? After all, Cuba's air force chief, General Pedro Mendiondo, was already "killed" in a mysterious car crash after the incident. It's clear Castro and Kim are trying […]

UNPACU releases statement on stoning incident

UNPACU: On December 12 this month, 23 activists were violently detained in the house of one of them. The political police entered violently. The population, seeing all these days cases of extreme violence of the police towards the human rights activists of the UNPACU in Santiago de Cuba, got mad and began stoning the policemen. […]

Who’s the imperialist bully in Latin America?

It's not us Yanks. Via Twitter: @pregANDREINA

From Cuba: Non-violence in the midst of madness

Via Translating Cuba, (In Spanish at the Facebook page of Por el levantamiento popular en Cuba): After the violent arrest of her husband, Antonio Rodiles, at the Human Rights Conference sponsored by Estado de Sats, Ailer Gonzalez chose a moment of non-violence in the midst of the madness. As children, still in their uniforms and […]

A new story about gay rights in Cuba

Really, it’s the same old story, but this saga of one gay man’s journey through arrest and internment in a “rehabilitation center” at age 15, in 1974, to his current position as a refugee in Ecuador at the mercy of a Castro ally, exposes the ugly truth about the regime's repressive anti-gay policies. Via MinnPost: […]

Agent Camilo, Castro henchman

Known to opposition members in Cuba as the most twisted and bloody of Raul Castro's henchmen, agent Camilo is famous for his multiple beatings inflicted upon the Ladies In White, and other peaceful opponents, his habit of pointing his gun at the head of his victims, and theft of their personal items. International tribunals generally […]

Rep. Albio Sires very disappointed with Obama after handshake with Castro

Max Pizarro at PolitickerNJ: Sires erupts on Obama after Castro handshake incident U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) wasn't happy with President Barack Obama for shaking the hand of Cuban President Raul Castro at a South African memorial service for the late Nelson Mandela earlier today. "I'm very disappointed that the President would shake the hand […]

Tourist response to info about human rights in Cuba: “Please don’t talk to me anymore.”

I received this question from Klout, asking me to respond to an inquiry from a reader whom I assumed was planning a visit to Cuba. What are some things to do in Cuba? My response: I don’t know why you’re visiting Cuba, an island suffering from 54 years of rule by a ruthless dictatorship that […]

Arturo Sandoval: I Have Fulfilled my Dreams

English translation of an excellent interview with Arturo Sandoval, from Ivan's File Cabinet: To speak about music in Cuba is an analogy. Cuba is the music. There are nice people, splendid weather, the smell of salty residue, and there’s always a reason to party. Other things, like the shrimp, tropical fruits, or beef are a […]

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” is coming to Los Angeles

It is perfect that the southern California Cuban community welcomes to Los Angeles a hero dedicated to Cuba's freedom, Jorge Luis Garcia "Antunez", and his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, founder of the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement for Civil Rights, as we commemorate the revered hero of Cuba's wars for independence, the great patriot and […]

Sen. Rubio calls on Obama Administration, international community to appeal for release of jailed Cuban rap artist

From the offices of Sen. Marco Rubio: Nov 06, 2013 Cuban Regime Must Free “El Critico” By Senator Marco Rubio It is with great concern that I call on the international community and the Obama Administration to appeal for the release of Cuban rapper Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, also known as “El Crítico” (“The Critic”), […]

Two UNPACU activists tortured in Cuba-Updated

I found this on Twitter, two hunger-striking human rights UNPACU activists being tortured in Cuba. Held in Cuba’s notorious prison punishment cells; beaten while tied in chains. BUSCO PERSONAS QUE SIENTAN ESTE DOLOR => Torturan, golpean y encadenan a dos presos de #UNPACU en Santiago de #Cuba — Alfredo d Jesus Viso (@AlfredoViso01) October […]

An interview with Mario Vargas Llosa

Enjoy, via The Daily Beast: The politics of Literature: An interview with Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa by Michael Moynihan Oct 10, 2013 7:21 AM EDT Why do intellectuals hate democracy? Was Borges a fascist? The contentious 2010 Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa talks to Michael Moynihan about the big questions in literature and politics. […]