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  • antonio2009: Two other songs also apply to this sexagenarian: “The Fool on the Hill” by the Beatles and “El Bobo de la...

  • antonio2009: Carlos Montaner needs to look no further than Cuban history of the 19th century to discover the Cuban Holocaust of...

  • Luis3939: and know cubans in Hialeah sending free school uniforms to these children. Have some dignity people!

  • Humberto Fontova: An interesting question is could anyone but Batista have straightened out the political mess that was Cuba in 1933,...

  • asombra: A related phenomenon is the demonization of Batista, who did FAR more harm to Cuba because of what he led to (Castro, Inc.) than...

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Holland-Cuba shipyard delivers patrol boat to Venezuela’s Coast Guard

Holland should be embarrassed. Under Cuba cooperation agreements between Cuba and Venezuela, Damex Shipyards announced the delivery of a new patrol boat to Venezuela's Coast Guard. The shipyard facility, located in Santiago de Cuba, is a license holder and after sales location for Damen Shipyards Holland. According to the article, this Damen designed line of […]

What the media didn’t tell you about Hillary Clinton’s Cuba Revelation

Capitol Hill Cubans: A Closer Look at Hillary Clinton's Cuba Revelation at 8:15 AM Monday, June 9, 2014 In her new book, "Hard Choices," former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reveals how late in her term (2012) she advised President Obama to reconsider the Cuban embargo. Of course, the whole premise is somewhat silly […]

Join the graffiti campaign “Por Otra Cuba”

Join today's collective graffiti project inside and outside the island, to support the campaign Por Otra Cuba/For Another Cuba, that two years ago demanded of Havana the ratification of the United Nations Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, signed at the UN in 2008. Text of the demand […]

Exposing the hypocrisy of the “reform” defenders

Capitol Hill Cubans: Where Are the "Self-Employed" and "Reform" Defenders? Over a dozen "self-employed" bike-taxis and horse carriage drivers have been arrested in the town of Cardenas, Matanzas, for protesting a decision by the Castro regime that prohibits them from transiting through main thoroughfares. (They can only use secondary and back streets.) Yet, the only […]

Kate Spade pimps Havana, ignores lack of human rights

Yet another sickening example of an elite retailer promoting tourism to the repressive police state that is Cuba. An insensitive privileged tourist gushes on about all the fun you can have in Havana while ignoring the repressive absence of human rights and suffering of the Cuban people. I also discovered that...Cuba is one of the […]

Dreams “Por Otra Cuba”

On the side of a handbag, the dream of "Another Cuba" lives.: From the Twitter account Ailer González Mena: Manana a grafitear Por Otra Cuba, por nuestros derechos por nuestros suenos #graffiticolectivopoc #ratificaPactosONU — Ailer González Mena (@ailermaria) June 7, 2014

Cuban Democracy Activists vs. Hillary Clinton

We know this isn't the first time Hillary Clinton sided with the repressive Castro dictatorship in opposing freedom; we will never forget her role in denying Elian Gonzalez his God given rights. Capitol Hill Cubans: Irony of the Week: Cuban Democracy Activists vs. Hillary Clinton This week, 574 Cuban democracy activists associated with the Civil […]

Cuba’s gangster government complains about lost revenue from “fraudulent” cell phone use

"The State monopoly ETECSA communications reported Thursday that a string of fraud, organized from abroad with the "complicity" of people in Cuba, is affecting the quality of cell phone service and causing huge economic losses to the regime." What a web of hypocrisy and thuggery. The billionaire boys club in Cuba, better known as the […]

About the Miami Herald’s pro-Castro sources

The Miami Herald story titled Groups Call for arrests in alleged Cuba plot provides a forum for pro-Castro anti-American radicals. Herald readers would be bettter served if the article's author, Juan O. Tamayo provided more background information on his sources for the article, Brian Becker and Gloria La Riva. Brian Becker is the leader of […]

About repealing the Cuban Adjustment Act

Is it time to repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act? Are Cubans arriving from the island still refugees, or are their motives for coming here no different than those immigrating from other poverty stricken countries? Does dictatorial imposed poverty qualify as political oppression? Are refugees who return to Cuba at first opportunity exploiting the CAA unfairly, […]

Leading Cuban dissident Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” arrested

#FreeAntunez From the Twitter of Martha Beatriz Roque: #Cuba arrestado en este momento Placetas V Clara Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez — Martha Beatriz Roque (@marthabroque) May 18, 2014

That terrorist icon “Che” on display in New Jersey high school

The controversial image appears to be a campaign poster promoting Ras Baraka, mayoral candidate and son of the late black radical poet and self-described “Third World Marxist-Leninist,” Amiri Baraka. Understandably, the New Jersey Cuban Community is insulted and outraged. New Jersey resident Luis Israel Abreu, a former Cuban political prisoner and executive director of the […]

Engagement with Cuba and those “reforms”

Engagement with Cuba, via trade and tourism will create a middle class, which in turn will create the necessary conditions for democracy. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, that mindset is endlessly espoused within articles and comments about Cuba in the media. It seems entrenched doctrine when it comes to U.S. Cuba relations, […]

2014 Bay of Pigs Commemoration in Los Angeles

Southern California Brigada 2506 heroes, members of the Junta Patriótica Cubana Regional California, community leaders, friends and family gathered at Mayumba Restaurant in Rosemead on April 13, to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the Bahía de Cochinos, the Bay of Pigs, with special guest, Maria Conchita Alonso. (In Spanish) Videos by Arturo Bueno

Cuba: Dr. Oscar Biscet brutally beaten, arrested – Updated

Dr. Oscar Biscet, physician, winner of numerous human rights awards, including the 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom, was arrested and brutally beaten earlier today. Just in on Twitter, from Dr. Biscet's wife Elsa Morejon: #Cuba @OscarBiscet fue brutalmente golpeado por policia politica cuando lo arrestaron, desconozco donde esta. @AnaJure_Oficial @CSW_UK — Elsa Morejon (@ElsaMorejon) February […]