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“The struggle begins”: A book about Cubans in the US

Guest: Victor Andres Triay, author of "The struggle begins".  This is a Cuban story circa 1960-62. CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN: ;The struggle begins;: A book by Victor Andres Triay..... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) December 27, 2013    

A “Cubana” from Dixie who tells stories!

The Cuban American experience is diverse and very interesting. On one hand, there are those Cubans who stayed in South Florida and grew up there.  They attended schools full of other Cuban exiles.  They walked on streets beaming with "Cubanismo" or the smell of "cafe cubano".  They were never really separated from Cuba. On the […]

A good book for your children (and “nietos if you have any)

Cubans are such great story tellers.  I guess that's because we have so many good stories to tell! Why is that?  What makes Cubans such good storytellers? Maybe it's our Spanish heritage or something about the island that just brings out the "storyteller" in all of us. My friend Fernando Hernandez just published a book […]

CANTO TALK goes Babalu this weekend

We had a great time this weekend talking to some of our Babalu friends. On Friday, it was Fernando Hernandez, ("The Cubans") Regina Anavy ("Out of Cuba") and Jorge Ponce.  We discussed their books and Jorge's article about Hispanic Heritage month and the Obama administration; FRIDAY'S WRITERS: Regina Anavy, Fernando Hernandez & Jorge Ponce.... Listen […]

Audio treat – Silvio Canto Jr. talking about “Cubanos in Wisconsin”

Cubanos in Wisconsin, a wonderful book written by our friend Silvio Canto Jr., with the assistance of his son Gabriel, is a must have addition to your library. From the quiet Cuban town of Ciego to the bustling city of Havana, no Cubans were unaffected by Fidel Castro’s rise to power in the late 1950’s. […]

Brand new for your reading pleasure, “Cubanos in Wisconsin” by Silvio Canto Jr.

If you enjoy warding off chilly winter nights getting comfortable with a warm throw and a good read, I have a treat for you. Hot off the press, Cubanos in Wisconsin, by Silvio Canto Jr., is a delicious serving of Cubania and Americana. Our good friend Silvio Canto Jr., of Blog Talk Radio’s Canto Talk […]

“Memories from the Intolerant Tyrant”

Augusto "Gus" Venegas was on Blog Talk Radio with Tampa's Thomas Parisis on "Radio Libertad Por Cuba" the other day discussing his current book, "Memories from the Land of the Intolerant Tyrant" based on Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. Gus has become a Facebook pal of mine in recent weeks, so I thought I […]

Taiwan as a model for Cuba – panel discussions from the Cuba Transition Project

Back in February, the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies' Cuba Transition Project held some panel discussions on "Taiwan as a Model for Cuba's Future." It wasn't until now that they posted video of the event, which featured the following speakers: Dr. Jaime Suchlicki - Director, Institute for Cuban & Cuban-American Studies Mr. Ray H.W. […]

Today in Cuba news: Alan Gross wants ribs, a Cuban wrestler becomes a legend, Yoani remembers el maleconazo

NEWS Olympic triathlete Manny Huerta lives immigrant's dream He was born in Havana and speaks with a Cuban accent, but he is an American at heart and was proud to march with the U.S. team in in the opening ceremony. American man in prison in Cuba dreams of freedom, going to Cuban baseball game, eating […]

Listen in to “The Pope in Cuba” with Dr Carlos Eire

Tonight on Silvio Canto's Blog Talk Radio Show, Canto Talk,  Dr. Eire will discuss his letter regarding the Pope's visit to Cuba.  The call-in number is:  (646) 478-4933.  Click here to listen to the show. Update:  For those who missed it, no browsing required,  just click and play. Listen to internet radio with Silvio Canto Jr […]

Looking for a good read?

I was thrilled and honored when I received an email from the award winning Cuban-American novelist and playwright, Teresa Dovalpage, inviting me to review her soon to be published collection of short stories.   I'm so happy I accepted because I throughly enjoyed reading The Astral Plane: Stories of Cuba, the Southwest and Beyond, a collection of eight short stories, […]

Carlos Eire: Confessions of a Cuban exile who becomes a wayward historian

Carlos Eire discussing his latest book, "Waiting to Die in Miami" at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, Thursday, April 21 as part of the George Washington Forum on American ideas, politics and institutions.  It's fabulous, revealing, instructive, and heartbreaking. Take tissue. Thank you Carlos for sharing your Cuban soul, and bearing witness to Cuba's true […]

LA Book Event: Manuel Marquez-Sterling Cuba 1952-1959

 If you're in the LA area, you don't want to miss the esteemed Manuel Marquez-Sterling presenting his important and wonderful book, "Cuba 1952-1959 The True Story of Castro's Rise to Power." Where:  Eso Won Bookstore 4331 Degnan Blvd. LA. 90008 (323) 290-1048 When: Friday, November 19 2010, 7:00pm - 9:00pm  Introduction from the bookstore's website: […]

Cuban Miami – A Story Book

My family left Cuba in early 1961. My brother was on the first Pedro Pan flight in December of 1960. Happily, my family was only separated for a few very tense months. But we were part of the lucky few who managed to leave the country rather quickly. Once reunited, my father vowed we'd never […]

Cuba 1952-1959 Book Presentation in Miami

On Wednesday 27-January, Manuel Márquez-Sterling will deliver a talk in Spanish at the Miami presentation of his book, Cuba 1952-1959: The True Story of Castro's Rise to Power. His talk will be followed by a panel discussion with question and answer period, and book signing. Panelists are Marcos Antonio Ramos, Alberto Luzárraga, and Sylvia G. […]