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  • Gigi: There go my purchases of Gucci parfum.

  • marielito: I was there 3 years ago as a tourist and that is the reality for those that go visit the island as tourists. And it could very...

  • asombra: If this pope ever expects my respect, he’ll have to come clean on Che Guevara–squeaky clean. That’s the only...

  • asombra: Repulsive as he is, at least Cardinal Ortega lives in the lion’s den and could all too easily be under blackmail....

  • asombra: Another vitriolic extremist foaming at the mouth, obviously, just like “those people.” Alas, this pope is plenty...

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Meanwhile, back in Caracastan: Top Venezuelan Dissident on Hunger Strike

It seldom achieves its intended end, but some valiant souls do it, anyway. Leopoldo Lopez, Venezuela's most prominent political prisoner, has begun a hunger strike. Countless Cubans have tried the same tactic and many of them have starved to death. Tyrants love to devour hunger strikers. Even worse, when all is said and done, the […]

Reports from Cuba: A deafening noise at Tania Brugeura’s door

By El Fogonero in Translating Cuba: A Deafening Noise at Tania Bruguera’s Door El Fogonero, 22 May 2015 – The Cuban dictatorship has been left without arguments, and so they do not dare to listen to Cubans, nor let them be listened to. The latest proof of this is what is happening right now to […]

The ‘real’ Cuba according to Gucci

According to Gucci, the real Cuba is not an island prison ruled by an ironfisted apartheid dictatorship that has been mercilessly enslaving millions and brutally imprisoning and assassinating its opponents for more than a half century. As far as Gucci is concerned, the real Cuba is a glamorous place where stunning models stand around a […]

A letter to Pope Francis on his role in supporting Cuba’s evil apartheid dictatorship

By Obie Usategui in the Canada Free Press: Letter to Pope Francis Your Holiness Pope Francis Apostolic Palace Vatican City 00120 Your Holiness: I am one of approximately one million Cubans, who, on a day like today, fled our homeland for good – a Caribbean island, who, discoverer Christopher Columbus, described as: “The most beautiful […]

China is building a new super-size port in Santiago de Cuba

It looks as if China is aiming to play a major role in the future exploitation of cheap Cuban labor and of the island's strategic location. Forget about the new port of Mariel, which is supposed to help Castrogonia attract more business.  A new super-port is also being built in eastern Cuba, in Santiago. And […]

Dissident punk-rocker Gorki Aguila arrested in Cuba for demanding release of imprisoned artist El Sexto

As they say, Hope and Change in Obama's Cuba. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuban Rocker Arrested for Demanding Release of Political Prisoner Cuban rocker Gorki Aguila, of the band Porno Para Ricardo, was arrested this afternoon after calling for the release of fellow artist and political prisoner, Danilo Maldonado "El Sexto." Aguila placed a poster […]

Reports from Cuba: When the victim’s time comes

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: When the victim’s time comes Since I became aware of the physical assaults and the corresponding arrests, an idea has remained fixed in my mind: “We have to expect this to happen in order for the international political community to understand that you cannot negotiate with totalitarian governments, that […]

“Why did Elian’s mother leave Cuba? She was living the good life.” asks ABC’s Jim Avila

"Why did Elian’s mother leave Cuba?” the furrow-browed Jim Avila asked the (then) NBC cameras in April 2000. “What was she escaping? By all accounts this young woman was living the good life.” "Would it occur to a presumably educated reporter to ask why someone tried escaping East Germany? Of course not. They’d be laughed […]

Photos of the Day – Never before seen aerial photographs of Cuba

Aerial photographs that are just close enough to capture the raw beauty of Cuba and just far enough to miss the squalor and misery of life under the jackboot of a murderous apartheid dictatorship. By photographer Marius Jovaiša (via Yusnaby Post): See more photographs HERE.

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship sent torturers to Vietnam to interrogate American POWs

Lest we forget how truly vile, evil, and brutal Obama's new best friends in Havana truly are... Dr. Larry Moore in The Paris Post-Intelligencer: Cuban torturers sent to Vietnam to ‘extract’ information from American prisoners It seems easy to find fault with the quick surprises foisted on the American public. Virtually overnight, President Barack Obama […]

Fraudulent elections held by Cuba’s apartheid dictatorship exposed by Czech NGO

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Czech NGO reports on rigged votes in Cuba that try to pass for elections No tangible results with Raul Castro's so-called "reforms"   Elections In Cuba: The Dictatorship Lives On Over the past few weeks, the international press has been all eager to inform the world that, for […]

Ted Cruz Don’t Take No Mess! (He unleashes his inner Cuban –mando la prensa pal carajo!, but very elegantly, no griteria)

"Pappa Don't Take No Mess!" (and neither does Ted Cruz) From Real Clear Politic (no less!) Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz made a campaign stop in Beaumont, TX on Tuesday, May 19. He was asked repeatedly by Kevin Steele from KMBT-TV about the issue of gay marriage, to which Cruz responds by turning the tables. […]

Absolute surrender to insanity: Boy Scouts of America ban squirt guns and water balloons

Okay.  This is it.  No further proof is needed to confirm the absolute collapse of Western Civilization. Those of us who live in what used to be Western Civilization are now living in a weak and extremely pathetic insane asylum. If you want to understand the larger context of the humiliating surrender to the Castro […]

Reports from Cuba: Deportees in their own country

By Reinaldo Cosano in Translating Cuba: Deportees in Their Own Country Cuban Apartheid, suffered by families who abandoned their homes and went to Havana in search of a new life, Reinaldo Emilio Cosano Alen, Havana, 15 May 2015 – Rodolfo Castro, from Santiago de Cuba, met with three other young men detained at the […]

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