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  • Ziva Sahl: Beautiful Marc, your words express what all of us who love freedom, for all those who have waited, dreamed and hope for that...

  • asombra: Oh, this will get a response: Dear Ms. Paya: Thank you for your letter. The President understands he cannot please everybody,...

  • asombra: Courting dictators? Try dropping your pants and bending over, which is far more like it.

  • asombra: You know what bothers me most about the photo of Obama and Francis? That it is essentially the exact same photo we’d get...

  • asombra: There’s no telling what kind of cigar games, or their equivalent, JFK played with his little friends. The fact he was sold...

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Obama, Cuba and the next Alan Gross

Richard Miniter in Forbes: Obama, Cuba and the Next Alan Gross Who will be the next Alan Gross? Alan Gross was a humanitarian who was taken hostage to be used as a pawn by the Cuban dictatorship. It worked. This week, President Obama agreed to trade three Cuban spies, lift some travel and financial restrictions and […]

The real cost of Castro Inc.

When you do business with Cuba's Castro Mafia, expect to get ripped off. Via Fox Business News: The Real Cost of Castro Inc. There is a price that the Cuban regime will exact from American companies to do business there if U.S.-Cuba relations are fully normalized, a price that likely won’t benefit the country’s lower […]

Cuba’s new day was suppose to be about freedom, not an American president’s betrayal

Marc Masferrer in Uncommon Sense: Cuba's new day was suppose to be about freedom, not an American president's betrayal A new day for Cuba was not suppose to happen like this. A new day for Cuba was suppose to be marked by the demise of a dictatorship and the rise of democracy. The celebration, in […]

VOC: Obama Cuba decision “wrongheaded”

Victims of Communism (VOC) statement on US-Cuba relations: DECISION TO RECOGNIZE CUBAN GOVERNMENT WITHOUT ASSURANCE OF REFORM WRONGHEADED Washington D.C. – Executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Marion Smith today released the following statement on President Barack Obama’s plan to begin efforts to normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba: […]


On December 17, 2014, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker issued a press release on the President’s new Cuba policy where she stated that “Our policies have isolated Cuba from the United States, and they have failed to foster a more prosperous, free and democratic nation.” On December 17, 2014, President Obama announced his new […]

Surprise of the week: King Raul vows not to change anything at all

No surprise, really.  Just joking.  You know this already, but here is confirmation. Addressing his puppet National Assembly in Havana -- which consists of hand-picked members of the Communist Party who ran unopposed in a fake "eclection"-- King Raul calmed whatever fears they might have had of losing their privileged position by saying that absolutely […]

Soccer Mom and Joe Sixpack–here’s what it means to YOU!!!

"Sadly, President Obama made the wrong decision...The Cuban government will only take advantage to strengthen its repressive machinery, to repress civil society, its people and remain in power." (Berta Soler, leader of The Ladies in White, Cuba’s biggest dissident group.) "So what?," most respond. Indeed, let’s face it. Castro’s Stalinist regime has jailed, tortured and […]

Dominican Republic and Cuba: contrasting trajectories

Our friend Rolando Alum, Jr. (now in New Jersey) has once again published an excellent article, in Spanish in Cuba Encuentro comparing –or rather, contrasting— what he calls “the trajectory” of the Castro brothers’ Cuba with that of the post-Trujillo Dominican Republic. His table is quite telling regarding the civil and political liberties that Dominicans […]

President Obama’s ‘betrayal’ of Cuban democrats

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: President Obama’s ‘betrayal’ of Cuban democrats PRESIDENT OBAMA said he decided to normalize relations with Cuba because “we can do more to support the Cuban people and promote our values through engagement.” So it’s important to know the reaction of those Cubans who have put their lives on […]

Sen. Ted Cruz: Help the Cuban opposition, not the Castros

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in Time: Help the Cuban Opposition, Not the Castros Congress should reject President Obama’s latest bad deal In July 2013, I had the opportunity to speak with two prominent Cuban dissidents, Elizardo Sanchez and Guillermo Farinas. Both men had been supporters of the Castros—Sanchez as an academic, Farinas as a soldier—but […]

Current occupant of the White House imposes sanctions on Venezuela, no one pays attention….

The whole world seems to know that the current occupant of the White House offered Raul Castro an unconditional all-you-can-eat  Christmas smorgasbord of titanic proportions this past Wednesday. Hardly anyone seems to have noticed that on Thursday he  dropped a bag full of coals down Venezuela's presidential chimney. Yes, he called for a loosening of […]

The Cuban embargo was never meant to cause regime change

A small history lesson for the extremely and disturbingly large group of "experts," "journalists," and elected officials who fifty-plus years later, still do not know why the U.S. was forced to place an embargo on Cuba's criminal Castro dictatorship. By David Landau in The Daily Caller: The Cuban Embargo Was Never Meant To Cause Regime […]

Daughter of slain Cuban dissident leader writes Obama open letter on his unilateral concessions to Cuba’s apartheid regime

Rosa Maria Paya in The Washington Post: Here’s what Cuba really needs, Mr. Obama Rosa María Payá Acevedo is a member of the Cuban Christian Liberation Movement. Sr. Barack Obama President of the United States of America I am writing to you because I assume that goodwill inspired your decision to change U.S. policy toward […]

Reporter asks Sen. Marco Rubio idiotic question on Cuba, gets appropriate response

Via The Shark Tank: Epic Marco Rubio Smack Down of Reporter’s Question On Cuba I really don’t know how Senator Rubio contained himself during a press conference in Miami, when a reporter asked him how he could support his current position on Cuba. According to the reporter, who cited a recent Florida International University poll […]

Obama’s futile overtures to Cuba

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in The Washington Times: Obama’s futile overtures to Cuba Courting dictators won’t lead to democracy President Obama’s argument for unilaterally reversing U.S.-Cuba policy rests on the false premise that engagement with dictators and terrorists will somehow get them to change their ways. This irresponsible deal does not hold the Castro regime […]