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  • Gallardo: “Reforms” only Castro himself (a con artist and an egotistical FRAUD) and the subservient/leftist propagandists of...

  • TWFKAP: Until they rise up and free themselves from their jailers all this talk of a “constitution” is absolutely...

  • Honey: And how amusing that Kennedy’s reputation is lifted in praise for his courageous stand against missiles in Cuba, after he...

  • Honey: I left a comment there.

  • Rayarena: The worst thing about these photo-ops of fifo with foreign dignitaries is that they are supposed to show that the...

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Reports from Cuba: Towards a new constitution

By Rosa Maria Rodriguez in Translating Cuba: Toward a New Constitution A group of Cubans in Cuba and its diaspora agreed to promote a roadmap for a constitutional consensus. Organizations and public figures from different generations, all ideologies, religious creeds and interests, we believe it’s good that, first, we agree on what kind of constitution […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Maduro’s regime announces official rationing for Venezuela

Via Venezuela News & Views: Maduro's regime announces official rationing for Venezuela Nice workshop but the results are against any efficiency: rationing is announced. And we can announce fearlessly right now that the unavoidable black market will come with it. Things must be really bad, and prospects for improvement almost nil for the regime to […]

Postcards from Cuba: This car has got it all… except an engine

From our friends at Guamá:

Castro’s Spy, the CIA, John Kerry, and AP

Cliff Kincaid investigates the Associated Press' shameless shilling for the Castro dictatorship and the Castro regime's American lap dog, Fulton Armstrong. A very interesting and revealing report. Via Accuracy in Media: Castro’s Spy, the CIA, John Kerry and AP Special Report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism With wars raging in the Middle East, […]

A letter to Pope Francis from Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement

Via Post Revolution Mondays: Letter to Pope Francis from the Christian Liberation Movement Youth Havana, May 5th 2014 “Fear is ridiculous and it provides ammunition to the enemies of liberty.”- The Venerable Father Felix Varela Your Holiness, Pope Francis: We would like to thank you with utmost respect and kindness for taking time to read this […]

SHOCKING!: Cuba’s corrupt and criminal apartheid dictatorship fails to attract foreign investors

I am shocked, I tell you, shocked! Via Reuters: Cuba struggles to attract investors despite reforms Cuba has yet to attract new foreign investors despite launching two major initiatives in the past year, a sign of the lingering caution over doing business with the communist government and its own hesitancy to follow through on free-market-style […]

Moringapalooza Cretin Summit 2014: Caracastan’s Maduro visits his master Nosferatu in Havana

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's the stuff of nightmares. Nicolas Maduro paid a visit to Fidel Castro in Havana yesterday, to wish him a happy 88th birthday. The puppet ruler of Castrogonia's oil-rich colony of Caracastan proved himself as fawning a sycophant as the world has ever seen. Maduro gushed to reporters about the "energy," "vigor," and "clear […]

Welcome to the Cuba Embargo Zone

Imagine if you will, a place celebrated in every media venue--from movies to magazines--as a "U.S. tourist playground!" because it received 263,000 U.S. tourists (in 1957.) Now imagine if you will, a place described in every media venue as suffering a cruel and vindictive and archaic "blockade" by the U.S.--at a time it welcomes over […]

Reports from Cuba’s Venezuela: Is Populism beatable?

By Carlos Rangel in Caracas Chronicles: Is Populism beatable? Populism has been the driving force behind both our political landscape and our economic misfortunes. This trait has marked the misguided economic policies of several administrations, with Chavismo just exacerbating the problem. Because, in essence chavismo repeats a well’worn recipe: continue to fuel the spending binge, […]

Reports from Cuba: Private cafes near the airport closed

From 14yMedio in Translating Cuba: Private Cafes Near the Airport Closed Half a dozen privately-owned snack cars and restaurants across from Jose Marti International Airport Terminal 2 were ordered to cease operations despite meeting all the tax, commercial and health requirements imposed by law. The measure affects the large number of people who come to […]

The extinction of mules in Cuba

Santana in El Nuevo Herald: "The mules are becoming extinct." "Of course: Cows, pigs, and chickens have already become extinct."

The shamefulness and folly of ‘engagement’ with corrupt and repressive totalitarian regimes

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Historical Lessons from Engaging Totalitarians: Business and High Technology A look back over a shameful and overlooked history Over the past few months there has been a vigorous debate around continuing economic sanctions on the dictatorship in Cuba and a series of manufactured controversies surrounding democracy […]

Babalu called it from day one on Fox & Friends (Beyonce, Jay-Z trip to Cuba)

Wall Street Journal headline Aug. 21, 2014: "U.S. Treasury Clears Jay-Z and Beyoncé Trip to Cuba." Fox & Friends interview with Humberto Fontova April, 9, 2013. Brian Kilmeade: "Humberto. are you SHOCKED about this visit?" Hideous Hard-Lining Babalusian Reactionary: "No. Not at all. These things have been going on for decades." Gretchen Carlson: "Humberto, could […]

Google begins offering its Chrome internet browser in Cuba to surf nonexistent if not heavily censored web

Right on cue, the usual suspects (the Castro dictatorship's supporters, lobbyists, and useful idiots here in the U.S.) jumped up to applaud the news that Google was now offering its Chrome internet browser in Cuba. Although the internet is heavily censored on the island if you can manage to find any connectivity at all, they […]

Treasury Dept. investigation rules Beyoncé and Jay-Z vacation romp in apartheid Cuba was ‘legal’

A U.S. Treasury Department investigation into a vacation romp in communist apartheid Cuba by American music power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z was perfectly legal. Although Cuba's notoriously racist and repressive Castro dictatorship completely controlled the vacation itinerary of the two African-American musicians and led them by the nose from one propaganda photo op to another, […]