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  • Rayarena: Of course, Ernesto Londoño whom as we all know is currently in Cuba and was tweeting about his wonderful visit to Granma...

  • La Conchita: ….and “the people” of Cuba, Geeee, I wonder what “people” they’re talking about?

  • Rayarena: Take a few days off DGI eavesdroppers! (Ernesto Londoño’s already securely in the bag!)–ROTFLMAO!

  • elemaza: I blame the Coast Guard and U.S Government ‘wet-foot/dry-foot policy.” No one who has managed to leave Cuba should...

  • asombra: But let “those people” get harmlessly rowdy over Fidel’s presumed demise, and see what the response is.

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Anti-Castro dissidents assaulted and stabbed at the home of Guillermo Fariñas

Disturbing news from Castrogonia. Let's hope this is not the start of some new approach to dissidents. From Capitol Hill Cubans: Castro Regime Operative Stabs Two "Ladies in White" Last night, a Castro regime operative forcefully entered the home of Cuban democracy leader and Sakharov Prize recipient, Guillermo Fariñas, and physically assaulted dissidents gathered there. Jose Alberto […]

Castro Kingdom’s Ministry of the Interior trashes trash collectors

Ever since 1959 nothing has worked well in Castrogonia, except for three things: propaganda, espionage, and repression. Trash collection has been a constant problem for over half a century, but in recent years this issue has become increasingly acute and ever more noticeable. Aside from turning non-tourist parts of Havana into stinking hell-holes, the garbage-clogged […]

Take a few days off DGI eavesdroppers! (Ernesto Londoño’s already securely in the bag!)

"You DGI eavesdroppers and stalkers have been working HARD lately companeros!" (say Raul and Ramiro.) "What with all these U.S. "People-to-People" visitors! Londoño's different. He self-programs...So take a couple days off...!" Though Thanksgivings was never a Cuban holiday, the DGI dept. charged with bugging, videoing and tailing VIP U.S. visitors (especially journalists) for potential blackmail […]

Daily Double: Chile joins Spain in Castronoid investment rush

Spanish politicians and businessmen are not alone in their search for a quick buck in Castrogonia. Chile has just sent a delegation to Havana to drum up business for Chilean investors. Are these people aware of the perils of investing in a totalitarian state that has abolished private property and imprisoned several foreign investors? Probably. […]

Are “people to people” exchanges with Cuba only for regime supporters?

Darryl Ferret, the son of former political prisoner Darsi Ferret who is now living in exile, was denied a visa by the US Interest Section in Havana, Cuba. He was invited by the organization "Conciencia Cívica", to participate in an academic event scheduled for December in Miami. The event is driven by the spirit of […]

New York Times “reporter” proudly tweets from Granma offices, boasts of carte blanche to publish more pro-Castro editorials

Ernesto Londoño -- the new kid on the New York Times's Castrogonia beat--  is making no effort to disguise the nature of his Thanksgiving trip to Havana. One of his recent tweets includes a photo of his real home office: the digital newsroom at Granma, otherwise known as The Castro Ministry of Truth. You've got […]

Reports from Cuba: Not many negro or mestizo businessmen in Havana

By Ivan Garcia: Not many negro or mestizo businessmen in Havana Just as with most successful businesses in Cuba, the owners of Leyenda Habana, an elegant restaurant in El Cerro, surrounded by ranch houses, are white. Two miles to the east of Leyenda Habana, in the poor and mostly black neighbourhood of San Leopoldo, the […]

Tweet of the Day – Viva communism! And my Mastercard…

By Cuban dissident journalist Yusnaby Perez: -¡Viva el comunismo!- gritaban sujetando la bandera cubana y en la otra mano un pasaporte extranjero y una MasterCard — Yusnaby Pérez (@Yusnaby) November 20, 2014 "Long live communism!" they yelled as they held up a Cuban flag while holding a foreign passport and a Mastercard in their […]

Update: The Adventures of Spanish Foreign Minister Margallo in Castro Wonderland

Excellent adventure: All is well, all is swell, all shall be well  for Castro's hell ABC Spain reports that Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo  gave a speech in Havana yesterday in which he lectured an audience of Castronoid diplomats and apparatchiks about the virtues of democracy and human rights. Margallo's speech to the Superior Institute […]

The Iran-Cuba-Venezuela Nexus

Mary O'Grady in The Wall Street Journal: The Iran-Cuba-Venezuela Nexus The West underestimates the growing threat from radical Islam in the Americas. Oranjestad, Aruba Regular readers of this column will remember that in July the U.S. asked local officials here to arrest Venezuelan Gen. Hugo Carvajal and to extradite him on suspicion of drug trafficking […]

Photos of the day: Escapees from Hell thankfully celebrate their good fortune

Basta!  Enough with the bad news and all the infinitely depressing images from Castrogonia. This is Thanksgiving week, and it's time to be mindful of all blessings received. These photos were sent to me by a friend.  They were taken on Saturday in Coral Gables, at the annual Pedro Pan reunion. I was so stunned […]

New York Times editorial board member visits Cuba

That´s right, New York Times editorial board member Ernesto Londoño, author of the recent articles campaigning for an end to the embargo, arrived in Cuba yesterday. He announced his visit with several posts on Twitter, including this invitation. Happy to be in Havana on a reporting trip. What issues are folks curious about? — […]

Repatriated balsero commits suicide in Cuban prison

Sad sad story. The original in Spanish (my translation) at Marti Noticias: Dario Andean Lion, 18, was found dead in his cell in the early hours of Tuesday. A young cienfuego, a deserter from the Cuban military service, committed suicide in the early hours of Tuesday at the military prison where he was held pending […]

Spain about to stab all Cubans in the back again……(but this time around it has a partner)

It looks as if Spain's Foreign Minister is about to make some deal with Raul Castro, not just on behalf of Spain and the European Union, but also on behalf of the current occupant of the White House. Get ready.  This tilt-a-whirl is about to start spinning. What better way to establish his "legacy" than […]

Reports from Cuba: Where there’s smoke

By Fernando Damaso in Translating Cuba: Where There’s Smoke For months Cuban authorities have been waging an intense campaign to end the blockade (or embargo) imposed by the US government against the Cuban government. Among Cuba’s demands are the release of three spies now serving time in US jails and removal of the country from […]