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  • asombra: The private motivational poster for team USA: “Keep calm and do what Obama wants; this is all about him anyway.”

  • asombra: Fidel’s revolution was a classic case of a bait-and-switch. Before 1959, his (public) focus was always on removing Batista...

  • asombra: Wait, Humberto, you’re anti-embargo? I’m confused.

  • Humberto Fontova: They knew I was anti-embargo, Asombra. That’s why they invited me. But they expected me to chant the typical...

  • asombra: Well, you know, contempt for Mexico is not exactly groundless…

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Posters of the day

On the eve of its second round of talks with the Castro regime, the U.S. negotiating team led by Roberta Jacobson has just revealed its motivational poster  At the very same time -- as happened with the historic speeches on December 17 -- the Ministry of  Truth in Havana released the Castro team's motivational poster

A formidable professor challenges academia’s Cuba myths

As swarms of termites gradually devour structures, leftist academics batty with false dreams of a communist utopia, have over the decades, one published paper at a time, devoured Cuba's history and created an Orwellian Castro propagandist version of Cuba before Castro. This academic corpus, though permeated with falsehoods, has provided the Castro dictatorship cover for […]

Photos of the day: Castroism at work in Venezuela

Young Venezuelans are paying the ultimate price for defying the Castro puppets who have enslaved and ruined their country. In the past week alone, six students have been killed by Nicolas Maduro's Cuban-trained riot police. They are: 18 Feb.--  José Daniel Frías Pinto & Julio Alejandro Adonis García 19 Feb --  Jhon Barreto Ramírez 23 […]

Castro dictatorship boasts of its total control of “normalization” talks with U.S.

The're calling the shots, and they want the world to know that. Aware of the fact that the U.S. negotiators will agree to just about any terms, Castro officials boasted yesterday of their all-or-nothing-at-all strategy. So, get ready for that total Castro victory over the U.S.  It seems inevitable. Read it and laugh (or weep, […]

On the “embargo” media favors boneheaded chants over research and analysis

"Please, Mr CATO expert...I'm falling asleep..Your chant belongs on Monty Python. Have you bothered looking at any of the abundant evidence accumulated against your boneheaded chant during the past--say--two decades or so?!" "Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time" (again with overwhelming evidence.) (Some of the chanting seen here. (evidence against […]

Swastikas: big problem. Images of Che: hey, no problem

A neighborhood in Sacramento, California,  is in turmoil over one pro-Palestinian resident who has bedecked his property with swastikas. Even worse, this story actually makes it to the tabloids.  It will soon enough surface in the major news media too. The response to these swastikas calls attention to the selective nature of American indignation. Back […]

Cuban-Americans: Who They Are and How They Are Perceived

Cuban-Americans, primarily those belonging to the Historic Exile (1959-1979), have been the target of insults lately after President Obama announced a new opening to Communist Cuba on December 17, 2014. They have been called all kinds of pejoratives – Batista sympathizers, inveterate hardliners, cavemen, reactionaries. They don’t deserve these slanderous labels. Those who mischaracterize them […]

Babalusian on Al-Jazzera tonight at 10:30

From our Guess-Who's-On-TV-Tonight department: If you have a chance, catch "Real Money With Ali Velshi" tonight, Feb 25, on Al-Jazeera America. The show airs at 10:30 pm Eastern Time.   Most major cable providers include Al Jazeera America in their lineup. A certain Babalusian will be on the show, discussing the subject of the billions […]

On the 5th anniversary of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Via Translating Cuba: On the 5th Anniversary of the Death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo The video above was published on the first anniversary of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo. Testimony from Abel Lopez Perez can be read here. A few days before the 3rd of December, Abel was transferred from the Provincial Prison of […]

Cuba’s new ‘electoral’ law: Same dog, same collar


Contradictions and lunacy abound in Obama’s policy towards Cuba and Venezuela

If you think President Obama's policies in the Middle East are an unmitigated disaster, take a gander of the huge mess he is making in Latin America. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Venezuela Proves Fallacy of Obama's Cuba Policy Today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry testified in two Senate hearings -- and contradicted himself. In […]

Cuba’s Venezuela: 14-year-old protestor shot and killed by Castro-controlled State Security forces

Via the AP in Fox News Latino: Tensions rise in Venezuela after 14-year-old protester is killed during clash with police A 14-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed Tuesday during a protest against the government of Nicolas Maduro in western Venezuela. Preliminary investigations suggest the school student, identified by the Associated Press as […]

Advice for those negotiating the U.S. surrender to the Castro regime

From The Heritage Foundation (abridged): Six Issues the U.S. Should Not Concede to Cuba During Normalization Talks By Ana Quintana The U.S. and Cuba will hold the second round of normalization talks on February 27 in Washington, DC. This follows the U.S.’s attempt in late January to negotiate the terms of reestablishing diplomatic relations with […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: 32 activists arrested for honoring memory of four Americans murdered by Castro regime

I think it is pretty safe to say that Obama's Hope and Change in Cuba is working about as well as his Hope and Change in the United States. Via Uncommon Sense: 32 Cuban activists arrested for trying to pay tribute to slain Brothers to the Rescue FANTU activists in Santa Clara (Photo via […]

Reports from Cuba: Do Cuba and the United States need to rebuild trust?

By Ivan Garcia: Do Cuba and the United States Need to Rebuild Trust? Fifty Cuban and foreign journalists attended the press conference that a delegation of congressional Democrats headed by Nancy Pelosi held on the afternoon of Thursday, February 19 outside the residence of Lynn Roche, the U.S. Interest Section’s public affairs officer. Nancy Pelosi, born […]