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  • TWFKAP: This is why he’s my first choice. Hands down.

  • Honey: Not everyone gets it wrong. Here is a press release from Don Adams of the Independence Foundation in PhiladelphiaL Hi Janet, Many...

  • Honey: Add to this that Tauck Tours and now I see Roads Scholars are taking people on tours (expensive for the primitive conditions...

  • asombra: Given Che’s views on the legal system, what kind of lawyer would hang his photo in his office?

  • asombra: Didn’t Rousseau look pretty? Should have been a romance novelist and left it at that.

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Ted Cruz: “when the sheep are walking among coyotes, it pays to be cynical.”

Tell it like it is.  Don't mince words. Or, in Spanish: Habla sin pelos en la lengua (speak without hairs on your tongue). Any way you slice it, it's risky for any politician to be brutally frank. But Ted Cruz doesn't mind the risk.  Instead, he embraces it. Maybe that's what can happen when journalists […]

Ana Belen Montes, the spy unknown in Cuba

By Ivan Garcia: Ana Belen Montes, The Spy Unknown in Cuba In a maximum-security prison in Texas, more than 900 miles from Cuba, Ana Belén Montes, former Pentagon military-intelligence analyst, is serving 12 years, incarcerated with some of the most dangerous women in the United States. She shares a cell with a disturbed housewife who […]

Embassies in Cuba, the U.S., and Turkey

Lauzán: - Cuba reopens its embassy in the U.S.A. - The U.S.A. reopens its embassy in Cuba - Antonio Castro opens an "Interests Section" in Turkey

No, Mr. President, Castroite Cuba is not what change looks like

The Editorial Board of Investors Business Daily: No, Mr. President, Castroite Cuba Is Not What Change Looks Like Diplomacy: President Obama's much hailed "normalization" of ties with Cuba is anything but normal. Cuba is a top violator of human rights and the rule of law. Normal relations will just entrench the regime, not change it. […]

Ignoring human rights in Cuba

Elliott Abrams at The Council on Foreign Relations: Ignoring Human Rights in Cuba President Obama proudly announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba today–after a week of additional arrests on that island. Here’s the most recent story: “Police arrested Emilio García Moreira and Alexander Veliz García, along with 10 members of the Ladies in […]

Ay! Top Republican senator throws cold water on “normalization” circus fever

News media people around the world have caught "normalizaton" fever, and the only prescription seemingly available is upbeat articles about relations between the White House and the Castro dictatorship. Aww. Along comes a colossal party pooper: the Republican majority leader in the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell, who predicts that  U.S. legislators will reject anyone nominated […]

Reports from Cuba: I plead to Human Rights organizations on behalf of the slave labor in Cuban prisons

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba: I Plead to Human Rights Organizations on Behalf of the Slave Labor in Cuban Prisons The exploitation of man by the State Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, 17 May 2015 — If there were an indictment against Cuban government and its socialist process,among many other things, most of which are coincidentally human rights […]

“Normalization” will destroy paradise! Condescending bias and bigotry of New York Times on display again

Ouch.... Here we go again.  The New York Times seems to have an inexhaustible reserve of love for the Castro regime and its many accomplishments. In fact, that reserve is so vast, and the love so deep, that the Times can turn dross into gold, as in the article published today, which praises Castrogonia's extreme […]

Cuba’s Castros to Obama: Come on in, the blood is warm…

Pong: "Leave some room for the Pope."

Today’s Must-Read: 5 questions Obama must answer about the potential U.S. embassy in Cuba

Ana Quintana in The Daily Signal: 5 Questions Obama Must Answer About the Potential US Embassy in Cuba On Wednesday, President Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba have reached an agreement on reestablishing diplomatic relations. As part of his normalization bid with the Castro regime, the president has granted the dictatorship another in a series […]

Another surprise! Obama administration totally uninterested in quizzing Alan Gross

Whoa! It doesn't take a Hamlet to figure out that something is rotten in the kingdom of Obama. U.S. government officials have yet to ask Alan Gross any probing questions about his five years of imprisonment in the Castro dynasty's prisons. This makes no sense.  Could it be that the entire  Gross incident was part […]

Washington Post: Despite Mr. Obama’s ‘engagement,’ Cuba continues its repression

The Editorial Board of The Washington Post: Despite Mr. Obama’s ‘engagement,’ Cuba continues its repression IN ANNOUNCING the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Havana, President Obama said “nobody expects Cuba to be transformed overnight” by his policy of “engagement.” That’s just as well because in the first six months of Mr. Obama’s normalization of relations […]

Hope and Change in Obama’s Cuba: Star baseball player for Castro slave team defects

Obama's policy of Hope and Change towards Cuba's criminally repressive apartheid regime certainly has had profound effects across the island nation. Ever since America's first Black president became the first U.S. leader to coddle the hemisphere's only apartheid regime and completely surrender to their demands, Cubans are fleeing the island in record numbers. Hope and Change […]

Yet another surprise! To hell with “normalization”: Castro regime wants more concessions from U.S.A.

From our Surprise-Upon-Surprise Department: Aaaaaay!  "Embassies" are about to open in Havana and Washington D.C., but "normalization" is still a long way off, so says King Raul. The current occupant of the White House patted himself on the back continuously today, praising his push for full diplomatic relations as a historic moment. But King Raul […]

Cuban American lawmakers respond to Obama’s announcement to open embassy in Cuba on apartheid regime’s terms

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL): “Throughout this entire negotiation, as the Castro regime has stepped up its repression of the Cuban people, the Obama Administration has continued to look the other way and offer concession after concession. The administration's reported plan to restore diplomatic relations is one such prized concession to the Castro regime. It […]