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  • Honey: When Cruz does an interview,. he handles himself very well and he would do just as well in debates. He didn’t win so many...

  • asombra: Alberto, your translation was fine. It’s a matter of nuance which doesn’t really translate. The point is that the...

  • asombra: If Ortega were sharper and more cunning, as opposed to a second-rate and relatively clumsy stooge, he’d feign a sober,...

  • Alberto de la Cruz: Asombra, that was the best translation I could come up with in my quick and dirty translation. If you have a better...

  • asombra: The actual wording he used was “la gusanera de Miami,” which is worse. He doesn’t even have the minimal...

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Cuban-American Actress Dies at 55…

Elizabeth Peña has passed away at 55. At 5'2" the pint-sized beauty was a powerhouse on the screen and stage for 40 years, helping open the door for more Hispanic actors/actresses to follow. Makes sense, with her parents' background. The above photograph is a still from her scene in Andy Garcia's "The Lost City" where […]

Staged: The World of Ricky and Lucy

I saw this on Hollywood Babylon's Facebook page and had to share it. Isn't it so cool to see the stage lay-out of the "I Love Lucy Show"? What iconic TV pioneers and geniuses they were. Captioned as follows... Looking down on all the interior sets of the I LOVE LUCY show on the soundstage […]

To The Point: “I think ‘normalizing’ relations has a lot more to do with Cuba…”

I share this mostly because of an email exchange I had just last night with a friend who lives in San Fransisco. A few days ago my SF friend had sent out a group email with info on how you could help those who were dealing with the contaminated water in West Virginia. She fowarded […]

Cuban American Orestes Matacena working on a new movie project

It's always a pleasure to tell you about Orestes Matacena, a fellow "Cubano" who has been making and acting in movies for decades. His resume is very impressive: "Orestes first ventured into films at the age of six when he worked as an actor in "The Life of Billy the Kid," with a cast comprised […]

Una Noche: “I regard it as a bit of a miracle …”

NRO's Jay Nordlinger writes a rave review about "Una Noche", a rare realistic movie about the real Cuba under the Castros, and nails to the wall the prior Castro-sycophant filmmakers and celebrities that have whitewashed the truth for decades... Last week, I went to see a movie called Una Noche — a movie about Cuba. […]

The Castros’ Extra Large Buddy is Getting Un-Hitched

Michael Moore, the sworn champion of "the 99%" and insists the rich 1% must give up most of their wealth to the state, is about to attempt to keep his soon-to-be "ex" from taking him and his 1% multi-millions to the cleaners... FLINT, MI -- Flint's best-known power couple is apparently splitting with Michael Moore […]

Elitist, Happy Cuba Traveler “Shocked” at All The Backlash

Feh... Jessica Chasmar @ The Washington Times - Pop icon Beyonce called the amount of criticism she and husband Jay-Z faced for their vacation in Cuba “shocking” in an interview that aired Monday. “You know, it was such a beautiful trip. I met some incredible children. I visited some incredible entrepreneurs. I learned so much […]

New Cuba Sage: “I done turned Havana into Atlanta”

Last week it was the tale of two black women in Cuba. This week it's the tale of two rappers. Well, that was fast, huh? You wrote a real good rap song, real good rap song, Jay-Z. It's all about his trip to Cuba and his transforming and enlightening experiences there. Must've wrote it on […]

The ‘Fully Licensed’ Propagandists for Castro

When asked yesterday in the daily White House briefing about the controversial Jay-Z and Beyonce anniversary vacation to Cuba Obama's Press Sec. Jay Carney deflected responsibility to the Treasury Department... The Treasury Department "fully licensed" Beyonce and Jay Z's trip to Cuba, according to Reuters. "American pop star Beyonce and rapper husband Jay Z visited […]

Leno Knows…

I don't watch the late night TV offerings, so, I'm not that into the whole NBC vs. Leno vs. Fallon thing going on. But the word is NBC has a problem (now) with Jay Leno being too conservative. Yeah, right, given the Obama's have pretty much had the late Ed McMahon's seat over the last […]

The 85th Academy Awards: The Walking Dread

I stopped tuning-in for the Academy Awards back during Pres. George W. Bush's first term when antiwar/anti-reality-about-the-2000-election Florida recount Hollywood crowd just could not control themselves and be civil. During the two Bush terms Hollywood cranked out some of the worst antiwar and anti-U.S. troops movies that failed miserably at the box office, adding to […]

The Butcher of Germantown, a Hero of Hollywood and Sundance, Loses Another Patient

Does the world seem greatly overshadowed by evil ... upside down, inside out, and twisted in a painful contortion upon itself? As soon as the great leap for gun control in this country erupted a couple months ago after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, there came the outcry to stop the senseless deaths of […]

“The Americans” Meet Colonel Nathan R. Jessep

I haven't yet decided if I will give FX's "The Americans" any full attention. I have a hard enough time remembering to watch the one or two shows I do watch, and often times need to either wait for a re-showing on the network schedule, or find them on my cable company's "On Demand" or […]

Poll Dancing

With the 'violence' industry Hollywood screaming for gun control and castigating the NRA for standing up to the Obama/democrat grab for our Second Amendment rights comes a poll about who the people really, really like better... In the midst of a ferocious battle with the president over gun control in America, the National Rifle Association […]

Poli-toon of The Day: Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

(HT: Prof. Jacobson @ Legal Insurrection) Not only does arrogant Hollywood seriously believe they can preach gun banning/control to us, but they demand we stop pointing out all the violence promoted, glamorized, and widely sold in the entertainment industry's (their) finished products. But truth be told, it is not so much Hollywood's use of guns […]