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  • Humberto Fontova: Gosh but those stones and paths sure look fresh?! Something tells me this monument–like the one to the Maine in...

  • machete: 52924/memorial-day-pledge

  • Alberto de la Cruz: Obviously to enjoy the luxuries and “good life” the apartheid regime prohibits regular Cubans who live...

  • TWFKAP: Why would anyone with the handle “marielito” go back to a country that, in effect, kicked him out and called him...

  • Rayarena: Good Lord, we have completely lost Cuba. The country is being divided amongst all of the major world players, the US, China and...

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“Oye compay, que semana”: We talk Cuba with Jorge Ponce!

Jorge Ponce and I looked back at this big "semana" of Cuba news. It started with the handshake, talk of Dr Gross, calls for lifting the embargo, to more of Alberto's posts about human rights violations in the island. Even Elian made the news this week.  Wonder if someone told Elian that his mother died to […]

CANTO TALK goes Babalu this weekend

We had a great time this weekend talking to some of our Babalu friends. On Friday, it was Fernando Hernandez, ("The Cubans") Regina Anavy ("Out of Cuba") and Jorge Ponce.  We discussed their books and Jorge's article about Hispanic Heritage month and the Obama administration; FRIDAY'S WRITERS: Regina Anavy, Fernando Hernandez & Jorge Ponce.... Listen […]

Las Damas De Blanco letter to Raúl Castro

In a letter to Raúl Castro dated September 15, 2012 the Las Damas de Blanco demand an end to the unconstitutional violent repressive acts against Las Damas members and their families, including children, committed by the rapid response brigades,  sponsored by the Cuban State Asamblea Naciónal de Poder Polular of the Communist Party of Cuba […]

Procession of la Virgen de La Caridad del Cobre in Havana

Tissue warning, watch for the Ladies in White.  From Iván.

“Defecating on Fidel Castro’s Mother”

Capitol Hill Cubans: Cuban pro-democracy activists Gertrudis Ojeda Suárez and Yoandris Ricardo Mir are each facing two-year prison sentences. Their crime? "Defecating on Fidel Castro's mother." No joke. That's what the official documents stated at a judicial proceeding against them in the eastern town of Banes. The truth is that the couple hung anti-Castro signs […]

Protest in Havana for Laura Pollan

This was taken November 24, 2011 around 10:30 am, on the corner of 23 and L in La Habana. By marisolmarquez1: "Protesters were trying to express their ideas and support the "Damas de Blanco" and Laura Pollan. Everyone was supportive except for one lady who decided to rip the sign apart. The police also saw […]

Remembering Laura Pollán

I will forever hold in my heart the image of Laura Pollán, dressed in white, carrying gladiolus, leading the column of  Las Damas de Blanco. How many of us waited every Sunday for news of their weekly act of brave resistance, their peaceful, dignified walk down Havana’s 5th Avenue, as we prayed for their safety, […]

Ladies in White attacked again; demand change for Cuba

  Photo by Orlando Luis Pardo @OLPM Week after week the Las Damas de Blanco, the Ladies in White peacefully march in Cuba, and week after week, the criminal Castro dictatorship sends violent state sponsored mobs to terrorize them.  With impunity the Castro dictatorship is beating innocent women on the streets of Cuba.  Berta Antunez provided […]

Cuba: Laura Pollan, the Ladies in White – Freedom, Not Exile

Just released:  Powerful video interview with Ladies in White leader, Laura Pollan asking for support for true freedom for Cuba's political prisoners.  (Tissue warning) From Human Rights Foundation: