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  • asombra: Given Che’s views on the legal system, what kind of lawyer would hang his photo in his office?

  • asombra: Didn’t Rousseau look pretty? Should have been a romance novelist and left it at that.

  • asombra: The Gross business was always dubious, and now it stinks like rotting fish. Whatever sympathy I had for the man is gone.

  • asombra: As for Whitehouse, he’s a classic condescending bigot. Jackass.

  • asombra: Schizophrenic? Try full of shit. A real schizophrenic has an illness he cannot help; the NYT is not even remotely that innocent....

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The empty promises of liberalism

Very good essay from a blog called "The Hispanic Conservative": [...] The liberals will court you by feigning empathy. Their hearts will apparently bleed for you. They will tell you that the lot of Hispanics is unfair and that you and they share a common threat- conservatives.  They will say that they care so much about […]

And Now Your Children … Hand Them Over, Please

George Will has written a scathing column on the nation's failed public schools that from K-12, and into "higher learning", have become factories of propaganda. Sounds like someplace else we are very familiar with, no? The real vocation of some people entrusted with delivering primary and secondary education is to validate this proposition: The three […]

This is why Hollywood is held in such contempt by conservatives

In October of 2008 I posted links to the YouTube videos of the documentary about the Weather Underground. It is a damning documentary that exposes these radical fro what they are. Today, from Michelle Malkin, we learn that a movie -- a hagiography -- is being released about these murderers and terrorists. Is it any wonder […]

And how many more like her are there?

Folks, I think you all know that on this blog we call it like we see it. I have felt for the longest time that we have to stop sugar-coating who these liberals and progressives are and call them what they are: marxists, socialists, and crypto-communists. Here is a case in point, via Trevor Loudon's […]

Hopeful Trees

Some years back I wrote a piece titled "Tirando Piedras" - Skipping Stones - about a young Cuban-American father's conflict with burdening his young Americanito son with all that is Cuba. I think about that story all the time. Grapple with it. While the handing down of our passions and memories about the real Cuba […]

The Absurdity of the “Gun Control” Language and The Assault on Our Intelligence

Obama repeated the gun-control meme about his intended gun control laws once again yesterday while flanked by the families of gun violence victims (and with bobble-head "Shotgun Joe Biden" by his side), "If it saves just one life..." ... One? Just "one life"? How incredibly absurd that reasoning is. Honestly, are thinking people in this […]

“That Would Infringe” – UPDATED: Sen. Rubio Signs Filibuster Pledge

UPDATE: Rubio signs onto letter promising filibuster on gun control legislation Below is an image copy of the letter Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio wrote and sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid regarding their strong defense of the Second Amendment... More at Sen. Marco Rubio's site here. Recently the […]

“The Constitution did not guarantee public safety, it guaranteed liberty…”

The longer this lopsided debate (I say 'lopsided' because those who can immediately, wrongly and unconstitutionally end it with one executive order are in near total power) the more the pro-Constitution voices state perfectly and eloquently the truth that keeps us free in the face of those voices that intend to make us less free […]

Repeat after me… (UPDATED)

I couldn't resist... *** This is just another example, among many others, of why the GOP is dead. Hey, remember that awesome CPAC speech by Mitch McConnell? The one where Mitch McConnell said — and I quote — “Obamacare should be repealed root and branch. And we’re not backing down from this fight.” And the […]

The individual and the collective: ‘the difference’

The always great Baldilocks has written a short but incisive essay about the importance of the individual in families. Read "The Difference." [...] But what made a Ben Carson or a Steve Jobs different from the children in the second video? What makes the children who grew up in the early 60s and prior without […]

Cruz Control and Powerless DiFi

Have you heard about how that horribly ignorant, misogynist upstart freshman Sen. Ted Cruz made veteran Sen. Dianne Feinstein feel patronized during their exchange yesterday in the Senate on her current attempt to take away our right to own guns by picking, choosing, and chipping away at the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution... Allahpundit […]

‘Stand on Principle’

Isn't it refreshing to hear a Republican -- a Senator, no less! -- echoing my mantra of "balls and principles" to a receptive audience? If conservatism is to survive, we need the cloning machines to start working right now: Rubio, Cruz, Rand. We need thirty three clones of each... On Wednesday night, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) […]

The NRA, the Klan, and, of course, Democrats

An important history lesson from the CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality: (H/T Miguel at

March 8, 1983

The "evil empire" is still with us to this day... More from Paul Kengor at American Spectator: Today, Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire speech turns 30 years old. It stands as one of the most memorable orations of the last three decades. It coined a phrase, a tag, a label — one that utterly fit. If […]

Black Flag

For Andrew I have writer's block. It's not that I can't find stuff to write about, but rather that everything that I write ends up in the recycle bin when I proof it. It ends up there not because it lacks substance or the delivery is less than what I set up as a standard […]