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  • asombra: Seven Cuban-Americans in Congress, including three senators, two of whom are running for POTUS. I’m reminded of a phrase...

  • asombra: If Bob Menendez, especially, doesn’t feel totally humiliated, he’s totally hopeless.

  • asombra: If Obama had cared one whit what any of these lawmakers thought, he would have at least had the courtesy of pretending to...

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We miss you, Celia. We miss your smile, your laughter, your love of life, your music, your inimitable voice, and your love of Cuba and her freedom. We miss your soul, your spirit and your AZUCAR!!!!

The Gentle, Loving “Nana”

I just had to share this incredible video. This little Peter Pan has his very own patient, attentive, and devoted "Nana"... You can see an extended version of this interaction (without the music bed) between the little boy and the Golden Retriever here. Recently there was the story of a lost 10 year old Down […]

The Beloved Christmas Carol Written During the Cuban Missile Crisis

I am not sure if anyone at Babalu has covered this before, but I had no idea. I admit to being one of those who simply took for granted one of my all time favorite Christmas carols had been written a century or more ago in some chilly New England loft or a dusty European […]

R.I.P., Dave Brubeck

I can credit the man who passed away today at 91, Dave Brubeck, with my discovery of jazz. Born out of a post-adolescent loathing and hatred of all things disco, I discovered an album at my local record store that I still have to this day: "Adventures in Time," a sort-of greatest hits two-record album […]

A Black Friday purchase?

Beatles audition tape discovered: The Beatles' audition tape famously rejected by a record executive in 1962 has finally been uncovered after 50 years. The fledgling group were told "they had no future in showbusiness" as guitar groups were "on the way out" following the audition. The decision by a Decca Records executive proved to be […]

RNC Convention Rocks On, and With Surprises

Concerned, but not dampened by Isaac, the RNC Convention has condensed the four days into three. This might just end up being a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. Great speakers from Ann Romney, several women conservatives, strong GOP state governors and the candidates Romney/Ryan ... ALL getting to the meat and bones of […]

Band On The Run: Two ‘Pussies’ Flee From Putin’s Russia

I am finding this a bit funny (funny, "ha-ha"). No doubt Vlad Putin is trying to bring Russia into some neo-Soviet system for a 21st century version of his beloved USSR. But the punk band, and it's peers, are seemingly of a socialist/communist mind set as well. "Collective"? This looks more like a battle of […]

“So You Blame It On Bush … ‘Cause The One You’ll Never Blame, It’s You…”

A toe-tapper from The Voters for the next couple months leading all the way up to the voting booth on November 6th ... That's November 2nd if you do exactly what you're told to do by Michelle Obama... Liberals may control the media, but we are taking the music BACK!! OFFICIAL music video - Blame […]

Raging Bull… UPDATED

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley It must be so very difficult for leftist limo-lib artists in this country. They have to straddle a very narrow, tissue paper thin line between pumping their collectivist ideological fist of resentment, disdain and revolt of capitalism in solidarity […]

We Will Remember The Way We Were…

Award winning composer Marvin Hamlisch has passed away. His list of hit movie and Broadway tunes are considered old standards now in American pop culture. Hamlisch won three Academy Awards, four Emmys, a Tony and three Golden Globes, but also wrote some of the most recognizable songs in modern entertainment history. When I heard on […]

El Maleconazo – a music video by Porno Para Ricardo

On this, the anniversary of el maleconazo (Aug. 5, 1994), it seems appropriate to share this Porno Para Ricardo song. Enjoy. If you're not sure what this maleconazo thing is, you can learn a bit at The Real Cuba.

Imagine That … John Lennon a Closet Republican

Duck because leftist/liberal heads are about to explode, and you don't want to get any of it on you ... John Lennon was a closet Republican, who felt a little embarrassed by his former radicalism, at the time of his death - according to the tragic Beatles star's last personal assistant. Fred Seaman worked alongside […]

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen

God rest you merry, Gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay, Remember Christ our Saviour Was born upon this Day. To save poor souls from Satan's power, Which long time had gone astray. Which brings tidings of comfort and joy. The Stories Behind The Best-Loved Songs of Christmas “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” was sung for hundreds […]

More “El Manisero”

Here's another great "El Manisero" video by way of Stan Kenton. I added it to this post I made awhile ago on the Cubanology Blog and which still gets many daily visitors. What an impact this great song has made on the world: I still can't get over the line, "SI TE QUIERES POR EL […]

Ignacio Berroa: Afro-Cuban Music Meets Jazz

Famous Cuban drummer Ignacio Berroa will have a free and open concert for kids in Newark Symphony Hall on Saturday 12:30P.M. Here's his bio: Ignacio Berroa has been recognized by many as one of the greatest drummers of our times. His numerous contributions to the American music scene have earned him a place among a […]