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  • asombra: Alberto, your translation was fine. It’s a matter of nuance which doesn’t really translate. The point is that the...

  • asombra: If Ortega were sharper and more cunning, as opposed to a second-rate and relatively clumsy stooge, he’d feign a sober,...

  • Alberto de la Cruz: Asombra, that was the best translation I could come up with in my quick and dirty translation. If you have a better...

  • asombra: The actual wording he used was “la gusanera de Miami,” which is worse. He doesn’t even have the minimal...

  • asombra: Does Fidel look like a cheesy con artist or what? Sheesh.

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Engagement with Cuba and those “reforms”

Engagement with Cuba, via trade and tourism will create a middle class, which in turn will create the necessary conditions for democracy. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, that mindset is endlessly espoused within articles and comments about Cuba in the media. It seems entrenched doctrine when it comes to U.S. Cuba relations, […]

Breaking: Another American arrested in Cuba

The only people to people contacts tolerated in Cuba are those officially sanctioned by and controlled by the Castro dictatorship. We just learned via @AntunezCuba on Twitter, other opposition sources, and mutual friend Betsy Gonzalez, that Cecilia Rojas, an American citizen was arrested today in the town of Placetas. According to various sources she was […]

Cultural Exchange Sin Culture: Cuban Women Filmmakers in LA

A Cuban friend and I attended the USC portion of the Cuban Women Filmmakers U.S. Showcase tour last night. It was a mammoth display of shameless hypocrisy, the very pinnacle of castrolandia's atheist, godless twisted revolutionary culture, wrapped up in an ugly radical feminist package for dissemination in the U.S. On display were three Cuban […]

LA mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti sponsors Cuba propaganda event

Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti, a candidate for Mayor is endorsed by the LA Times, La Opinión, a long list of activist and labor organizations, politicians, entertainment industry professionals, and the California Director of Obama’s re-election campaign. It’s one thing when Sean Penn, a private citizen supports brutal dictators, but quite another when an […]

Remember Cuba’s American Hostage: Alan Gross

From our good friend,  Mauricio Claver-Carone in today's Wall Street Journal: Cuba's American Hostage The White House calls for the release of Alan Gross but puts scant pressure on Havana to let him go. Since December 2009, American development worker Alan Gross has been imprisoned by the Castro regime for trying to help Cuba's Jewish […]

Canada welcomes Cuban reforms

Of course they do, because: "Cuba is Canada's largest market in the Caribbean and Central American region, with two-way trade topping $1 billion in 2010. A Canadian oil and gas company, Sherritt International, is the largest foreign investor in Cuba." From this article wherein the Canadian minister for Latin America trips all over herself  trying to […]

Cuba tour would be a pyramid scheme if there were fewer suckers

If you love visiting Cuba why not join Club Cubano and start earning rewards-brought to you by Cuba Explorer: American Club members are credited in U.S. dollars... also doing business as Cuba Treks, specializes in Cuba tours for schools, in collaboration with: Asociación Cubana de Limitados Físicos y Motores Asociación de Pedagógos Casa del […]

Exporting Freedom to Cuba

Not much is uglier than people vacationing in a Potemkin village while ignoring  human rights atrocities  right under their noses.   However, I think Congressmen Jeff Flake and Charles Rangel naming a bill allowing  just that the "Export Freedom to Cuba Act," is an affront to all those in Cuba struggling for freedom.  Ugly Americans indeed. From The Hill:  Inspired […]

Cultural Exchange: Pedro Pan of California responds to Estela Bravo’s documentary

The Los Angeles Latin American Film Festival, in collaboration with the Si Cuba Festival, presented Estela Bravo's documentary, Operation Pedro Pan: Flying Back to Cuba. Estela Bravo, a New York native, has lived and worked in Cuba since 1963.  Her work includes the documentary Fidel, a total pro-Castro whitewash seen by useful idiots on Cuba’s "tourist indoctrination tour."  […]

Cultural Exchange II

In conjunction with the Si Cuba!  (Whose partner organizations include The Int'l Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 and SPARC) event at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Arturo Sandoval is in concert at the Hollywood Bowl with Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club featuring Omara Portuondo.  This special Cuban-themed evening of scorching rhythms […]

Paquito D’Rivera explains the twisted logic behind “Cultural Exchanges”

Thanks to the inimitable Paquito D'Rivera for shedding light on this phenomenon, because I've been unable to understand how it is beneficial for Americans to spend their hard-earned, and increasingly hard to acquire dollars on propaganda shows produced by tyrannical dictators who enslave their people and hate us. While it's easy to understand why the […]

Cuban church leader publishes letter denouncing persecution

Via our friends at Religión en Revolución:   For Immediate Release 16 February 2011 A respected Baptist pastor in Cuba has published an open letter denouncing government persecution targeting him and his church. Pastor Homero Carbonell, long-time leader of La Trinidad First Baptist Church in Santa Clara, and a high-level denominational leader, says he has been […]

Horns to Havana

Has a nice ring doesn’t it?   Considering Havana’s legendary influence on the success of American Jazz, it seems more than appropriate that since Cuba has become a third world country in dire need of well... everything, giving back sounds like a good thing.  Is it?  What criterion determines the selection process for which students are accepted into […]

A repeated lie is not change

“My policy toward Cuba will be guided by one word: Libertad. And the road to freedom for all Cubans must begin with justice for Cuba's political prisoners, the rights of free speech, a free press and freedom of assembly; and it must lead to elections that are free and fair.” – Obama speech to the […]

Planning a trip to Cuba?

Go, but be prepared to leave your rights at the border.  Via Capitol Hill Cubans: U.S. Public Official Detained in Cuba at 6:30 PM Friday, October 29, 2010 From WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee:  The chair of the Knox County Commission is glad to be back on American soil after being detained by Cuban Immigration officials.  The […]