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  • antonio2009: According to Lt. Col. Chris Simmons, the WASP network consisted of some 40 Castro agents, not a dozen, including Cuban...

  • Honey: Mine, too. Although I also like a couple of others, too.

  • TWFKAP: This is why he’s my first choice. Hands down.

  • Honey: Not everyone gets it wrong. Here is a press release from Don Adams of the Independence Foundation in PhiladelphiaL Hi Janet, Many...

  • Honey: Add to this that Tauck Tours and now I see Roads Scholars are taking people on tours (expensive for the primitive conditions...

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Keep Ignoring This Particular Problem Until It Swims Up and Bites Us … Again

The MSM (and liberals with Twitter accounts) resorted to the typical template with last week's Washington DC Navy Yard mass murder shooting: First, get the facts completely wrong, even the person's name/identity ... Just be first with the dirt Second, continue to push the lie(s) because it fits the gun control agenda Third, barely, if […]

The Most Ignored Administration in History

For starters, Democrat strategist Pat Caddell gives his ideas on why Rep. John Boehner has done little to nothing on the Benghazi and IRS investigations of the administration: Mr. Caddell has back-up on his assertions... IBD: A Select Committee Needed In IRS, Benghazi Scandals Victor Davis Hanson @ NRO: Obama’s Watergates: Denial, evasion, “Let me […]

“Obama’s Castro-like speech, both in substance and length, bombs…”

As usual we must swim across the deep blue pond to get the honest reviews/reporting from the UK's non-Obama appeasing media. Here is the Telegraph's Nile Gardiner on Obama's long and inane speech from yesterday afternoon at Knox College, Illinois... Today’s speech at Knox College, Illinois, was supposed to be the president’s come-back moment, the […]

The Media’s Sloppy Racist Ways on Display … Again

"If there's anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you're out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me ... Please, I want to meet you." In the last week we have heard the tale of […]

Malfeasance: Subverting Democracy and The Republic from Within

Conservative radio host Michael Savage has been warning for years about "The Enemy Within". It is like a cancer ... by the time you actually see it and feel it you just might be in the end stage and dying... Obama and his team have subverted the government they pledged to serve. Truth is the […]

Best Pickings of The Day

American Thinker: "IRS Targeted Conservative Hispanic Outreach Group, Too" (More @ The Gateway Pundit) The Gateway Pundit: "Beck, Bachmann, Rand Paul, Mike Lee & Ted Cruz to Headline “Audit the IRS Rally” Wednesday in Washington DC" But hey, we are all just being paranoid and blowing that whole NSA spying on Americans all out of […]

Eager and Willing Bedfellows Now Complaining About the Lousy Sex…

The national politics editor for the (AP), writer Liz Sidoti, tries her hand at scolding Obama in the face of mounting scandals of government overreach and malpractice... WASHINGTON (AP) — As a candidate, Barack Obama vowed to bring a different, better kind of leadership to the dysfunctional capital. He’d make government more efficient, accountable and […]

“In the morning, those who have engaged in whorish behavior … are somehow astonished by a lack of respect”

Clark Whelton writes in "City Journal" about Obama's "Death by Media"... Through two presidential campaigns and Obama’s first term, mainstream editors, editorial writers, and journalists served as de facto auxiliaries for the White House press office. Certain that they were serving a noble cause, they soft-pedaled bad news about the economy and ignored or played […]

As The Worm Turns: Hey (AP), Who’s Your Messiah Now?

As if the IRS bombshell isn't bad enough, now comes word the Obama/Holder DOJ has swooped-in and scooped-up two months of cell phone records of reporters and editors of the news organization Associated Press ... secretly: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The […]

The Endangered MSM Plays Catch-Up on Benghazi While Acting as If It’s New News

DEVELOPING: The U.S. military has been put on alert because the security situation has deteriorated in Tripoli, and U.S. and other nations are pulling their government personnel in response. One more developing mention, Stephen Hayes is tweeting that more Benghazi whistleblowers are on-deck, including CIA officials. (popcorn please) The most transparent administration in U.S. history […]

The Rhodes to The Benghazi Cover-Up?

It's an interesting bit of twisted incest, if you will. Follow along... CIA career officials clearly and repeatedly identified Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda-linked Islamic terrorists as the culprits behind the murder of four Americans. Of course, this would cause embarrassment for the Obama team, especially in the few weeks before the election. They had […]

The MSM’s Silencing of The Lambs Again

“If Dr. Gosnell had walked into a nursery and shot seven infants with an AR-15, it would be national news and the subject of presidential hand-wringing.” – Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) The big question all week has been why the MSM news is not covering the murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Because shut up, […]

“Back in the USSR … You don’t know how lucky you are, boy … Back in the USSR”

Stalin did it. Mao did it. Castro did it. Chavez did it. Obama's former advisor Anita Dunn said it had to be done. And it is being done 24/7 with this administration. All fascist socialist/communist governments must disarm the mouths/minds and hands of the people they intend to dictate to. Hell, Barack Obama is downright […]

A Brit doing the job of the Yank MSM

(Picture via Instapundit) In the last four-plus years of Obama's occupation of the Oval Office he has, on more than one occasion, lamented his limited powers of being an elected representative at the mercy of the U.S. Constitution. Today was no different. From the 2008 democrat primary campaigns to now we have seen the vindictive […]

Hump Day Insanity: ‘The Kind of Madness We Haven’t Seen in a Long Time…’

They say it's not the fall that kills you ... It's the sudden stop at the end. Take some Dramamine because I believe we are about to hit Barack bottom. What the democrats and the liberal/leftist MSM in this country has not been able to do to destroy the GOP, the GOP has been able […]