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  • asombra: I hope they keep all those black flags; it’s only fitting.

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End the travel restrictions for Cubans

Now that Bush is gone, and we have the Peace Messiah occupying the White House, Albor Ruiz' breathless anticipation of the lifting of all travel restrictions to Cuba is palpable.  He envisions a Cuba swarming with American tourists, never mind the recalcitrant anti-casto lobby. Sadly, he doesn't mention the millions of Cubans held captive on the island […]

At Least Congressman Meek Gets it When it Comes to Cuba

Read it here. And he ain't a right wing intransigent .... so what's wrong with the rest of the hard left?  Too much time on the bong? Well what do you expect from a bunch of wankers who seem to be more interested in the President's new dog.

How can we stand in the way of love?

After seeing this photograph, those of us still in favor of travel restrictions to Cuba must reconsider our position. How can we--in good conscience--deny the septuagenarian men of America the same chance to receive love from a young, black Cuban woman? I'm afraid we have been wrong all these years. We cannot stand in the […]

Senator Bob Menendez holding firm on Cuba

Senator Menendez said he would continue to use every available tool to preserve U.S. sanctions until political conditions change in Cuba, although he attributed much of his earlier ire to the fact that the provision had been inserted with no notice into an unrelated bill. "If you want to change Cuba policy, fine, let's duke […]

Continuing the struggle

Reading all the lies disseminated by the MSM, politicians, and Castro apologists in regards to Cuba's reality day-in and day-out can be frustrating. That we, those intransigent "hardliners," have been able to hold on to the truth and our integrity after 50 years of propaganda is amazing. And when I come across an editorial like […]

Give me your drunks, your horny, your untanned masses…

"Lift the travel restrictions," that's what all the opponents of the embargo and the hard-line against the murderous castro brothers say. Oh we'll be able to spawn change in Cuba if only we had more "people to people contacts" some say. Flood the island with tourists, blue jeans and rock and roll music, others say. […]