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  • Rayarena: We’ve become a democracy in name only. We’re basically an authoritarian country with democratic trappings [run by...

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  • asombra: Seven Cuban-Americans in Congress, including three senators, two of whom are running for POTUS. I’m reminded of a phrase...

  • asombra: If Bob Menendez, especially, doesn’t feel totally humiliated, he’s totally hopeless.

  • asombra: If Obama had cared one whit what any of these lawmakers thought, he would have at least had the courtesy of pretending to...

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Interview with Antonio Rodiles at FWAM

Mauricio Claver-Carone interviews Cuban dissident leader and democracy activist Antonio Rodiles on his radio show, From Washington al Mundo. To listen to the interview click HERE.

Cuba Travel “Expertise” !!! (closely resembles Cuba Oil “Expertise”!!!)

(Cuba "Experts" Phil Peters and Jorge Pinon) "Obviously, there’s a very large pent-up demand, and a huge curiosity factor. One can easily imagine half a million or more visitors (from the U.S. to Cuba) in the first year. They would expand just as they did in the early 1990s..” (Cuba "Expert" Phil Peters, Oct. 2010) […]

Capitalist internet in a communist Cuba

It has taken about a week, but news agencies are finally coming around to realize what we and many others have been saying from the first day the Castro dictatorship announced it was providing "internet access" to regular Cubans: It is all a ruse. The exorbitant cost (one-week's salary for an hour of access) puts […]

Cuba admits Alan Gross is a pawn

Mary Anastasia O'Grady in the Wall Street Journal: Cuba Admits Gross Is a Pawn Is Washington engaged in a negotiation with Havana to try to free U.S. Agency for International Development contractor Alan Gross from a Cuban jail? If so, what's on the table? Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R., Fla.), Albio Sires (D., N.J.), and Mario […]

Building collapse in Trinidad, Cuba kills mother and daughter

Another building collapse in Cuba has tragically claimed the lives of a mother and daughter in the city of Trinidad. Cuban opposition group Cuba Independent and Democratic is reporting that Luisa M. Medinas and her 12-year-old daughter were killed when the building they lived in at 460 Antonio Maceo Street collapsed. Residents of the building […]

Ros-Lehtinen Meets with Venezuela Pro-Democracy Advocates and Calls for Release of Unjustly Held U.S. Citizen

Ros-Lehtinen Meets with Venezuela Pro-Democracy Advocates and Calls for Release of Unjustly Held U.S. Citizen “Under the Maduro regime, democracy is made a pathetic joke and Venezuelans continue to be deprived of their human rights” (WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the Middle East and North Africa Subcommittee, made the following statement […]

Look no further for proof of the collapse of Western civilization

  Ay, mami, esto si que indica el fin del mundo.... .... y.... mal rayo me parta.... juro que esto me da escalofrios..... Wanna know what kind of person loves to visit Cuba as a tourist? Look no further than this fine exemplar of Euro-decadence. Had he been born two or three decades earlier, the […]

Famous Charles Rangel / Fidel Castro Abrazo in Harlem

Now here's Congressman Charles Rangel FULMINATING in FAVOR of an embargo: "The U.S. has held ideals of freedom for more than 200 years and we should not tolerate their abrogation by any other country...In any business dealings with (South Africa) we become tainted by association. We urge a policy of comprehensive sanctions. Of total disinvestment, […]

Reports from Cuba: ETECSA, Internet and Cuban Society

By Anddy Sierra Alvarez in Translating Cuba: ETECSA, Internet and Cuban Society Some 0.004% of the Cuban population will connect to the Web. Starting on June 4, 2013, 472 people (maximum) will be the daily human traffic going to a NAUTA Internet cafe, approximately 0.004% of the Cuban population. The state-owned telephone company, ETECSA, is […]


Breath-taking perfection.… — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) June 2, 2013  

Sen. Marco Rubio: Cuba belongs on State Sponsors of Terrorism List

John Hudson in Foreign Policy: Rubio: Cuba belongs on the ‘state sponsors of terrorism' list In the face of mounting calls to remove Cuba from the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FLA) defended Foggy Bottom's recent decision to keep Cuba on the list, in a statement to The Cable. […]

Made in China

The humor of Santana in El Nuevo Herald:

Babalú Exclusive:
The Bay of Pigs: In defense of Truth and History – Part V

Part V of a Babalú exclusive report on the Bay of Pigs invasion by historian Diego Trinidad, Ph.D. ( Read Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV: The Bay of Pigs: In defense of Truth and History - Part V By Diego Trinidad, Ph.D. Incidentally, the final raid on the dawn of April […]

U.S. Treasury holding millions in Cuban funds

Why the Castro dictatorship in Cuba wants U.S. sanctions lifted. Reason #73: They want access to the hundreds of millions of dollars frozen in the U.S. they have not yet been able to steal. Via Capitol Hill Cubans: Treasury: $253 Million in Frozen Cuban Funds Last week, the U.S. Treasury Department released its 2012 Terrorist […]

Tampa, Cuba, and minding your own business

The group of elected officials and business leaders from Tampa who enjoyed a long weekend vacation in Cuba last week are back home after having a great time on the island prison. They no doubt received VIP treatment from their hosts, the Castro dictatorship, who led them like sheep through the island's Potemkin Village. Not […]