El dia de la mujer 2016: There is nothing for women to celebrate in Cuba

Social media is full of posters and nice thoughts about International Woman’s Day.

My guess is that most people mean well but do not really understand the way that women live in many countries.

In Cuba, women can not vote in a free election, or work for an independent media, or read something other than the official state newspaper or travel freely.

Let’s remember the women of Cuba on a day like this.

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Let’s hope that Obama throws a better pitch in Havana


We hear that President Obama will catch an exhibition game in Havana.   The Tampa Bay Rays will visit the island during the president’s visit.

President Obama’s trip is caught up in the middle of a dissident controversy.

The trip will have serious consequences, specially for the future of the US-Cuba relationship.

The Washington Post threw a perfect strike yesterday:

So let’s be clear: Notwithstanding Mr. Obama’s expectation that Cuba will “be fun,” his visit will be an ignoble failure if he does not have a meaningful encounter with the island’s most important human rights activists.

The risk of such an outcome seems to be rising. Administration officials who said Mr. Obama would choose whom he met when he is on the island are now conceding that Cuban officials are trying to prevent him from seeing true opposition leaders. Instead they are proposing that Mr. Obama gather with regime-approved members of “civil society,” perhaps with a couple of moderate government critics mixed in. The disagreement reportedly contributed to a decision by Secretary of State John F. Kerry to cancel a preparatory trip to Havana last week.

We will watch and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I hope that someone else in the Obama delegation throws the first at the game.

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Cuba’s “flawed freedom ways”

According to a news report, Cuba will allow dissidents to travel overseas. However, there is a catch as one would expect from anything that comes from the Castro regime.

Cuba has given some prominent dissidents one-time permission to travel overseas, weeks before President Obama is expected to visit and call for greater freedoms in Cuba.

Officials contacted half a dozen dissidents who were imprisoned during a 2003 crackdown and released as part of a deal brokered by the Roman Catholic Church in 2010 and told them they could make one trip abroad, said Hector Maseda Gutiérrez, one of the dissidents. He turned down the offer because it excluded four other former prisoners, including José Daniel Ferrer, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

This is an insult to Cuban dissidents and those of us who love freedom.

First, a free country does not give dissidents “one time permission” to travel.   On the contrary, it lets them travel freely and to have contacts with international groups and media.

Second, the so-called permission should not exclude any prisoner of conscience.

Sadly, nothing has changed in Cuba except for the Castro family’s fortunes, political and economic.

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A Tale of Two Cruises…


Because they’ve been so-o-o-o-o much better off since Obama/Kerry lifted that evil US embargo on Castros’ Cuba paradise is just washing them out to sea, dontcha know…

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A “Legends of Pittsburgh Cruise” ship rescued 16 Cuban migrants who were found on a makeshift raft in the Gulf of Mexico Saturday afternoon.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison posted pictures on Instagram, showing the ships. His agent Bill Parise told KDKA that he snapped the pictures from his estate room.


Harrison also tweeted: “We just stopped for this boat with 16 people in the middle of the ocean. Waiting for coast guard…” he said. “16ppl, wild!!! @ Gulf of Mexico.”


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the US Coast Guard in Miami, which said that it was not involved in any rescue effort, made clear that Mr. Harrison was merely a photographer, played no role in the rescue and would likely not mingle with the migrants.

“There was a football player that was aboard the cruise ship who took some really good photos, but he wasn’t involved in the actual rescue. The Carnival cruise ship would never allow a passenger to engage with the migrants,” Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios said today.

He added that the migrants will be dropped off at immigration at the ship’s next port of call, which is Cozumel, Mexico. […]

Let’s see how long before Obama/Kerry sends them back to Fiddy and Raul.
Perhaps Barry can just take them back himself on his big upcoming visit to the Castro compound…

Obama talking GITMO before going to Cuba

Maybe President Obama should check out Donald Trump’s “The art of making a deal”. Trump is not my candidate but he knows how to negotiate, specially the part about putting all of your cards on the table in public.

We hear that President Obama will send another proposal to Congress about GITMO.

It makes no sense because he has not forced the Castro regime to give up anything in this new relationship.    In other words, GITMO for what in return?

Of course, where are you going to put the people in GITMO?   Nobody wants them. Democrat majorities rejected the idea of bringing them to the US.

So where are these people going to?   Many are going back to the fight.

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