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  • asombra: So you think Cardinal Ortega, who called us “gusanera,” got the message when he heard that psalm at mass? I...

  • asombra: Carlos, that psalm is too perfect to be a coincidence; thanks for sharing it. May God hear those Cubans who see themselves in it...

  • Rayarena: There are no dissidents in Cuba. As Jaime Ortega with the South American Pope’s blessing says: cosas de la gusaneria de...

  • asombra: Fidel cheese should be like blue cheese, but with black mold in it, and called “Bola de Churre.”

  • asombra: Are Cubans ever going to be duly ashamed of how seriously, INCREDIBLY badly they fucked up? Don’t bet on it.

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Will Joanne greet President Obama in Havana?

  (My new American Thinker post) According to news reports, the U.S. and Cuba will be opening embassies later this month.  We even heard a rumor that President Obama may travel to Havana to cut the ribbon. Will Joanne attend the ribbon cutting ceremony? We are talking about Joanne Chesimard, a fugitive from U.S. law enjoying life […]

Che & Walmart, US-Cuba talks, Puerto Rico and US-Brazil issues

Wednesday July 1: Che & Walmart, US-Cuba talks, Puerto Rico and US-Brazil issues.... .... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) July 1, 2015  

Justice Kennedy “y la tremenda corte”

Over the last 48 hours, our Supreme Court has turned into "La tremenda corte", as John Hindenraker posted: "Two hundred twenty-four years after the Constitution was ratified, Anthony Kennedy and four loyal Democrats have discovered, hidden somewhere in its provisions, a right to gay marriage. This so-called right, deemed “fundamental” by the five-justice majority, was […]

Memo to the race obsessed Democrats: Are you ready to cancel President Wilson’s party membership?

  Over the last few days, we've heard some rather silly things.    For example, someone called for the elimination of the movie "Gone with the wind" and another for taking down the Jefferson Monument. I'm not sure how you eliminate or delete a movie.   Are they going to make it illegal to own […]

Rubio vs The NY Times again

  Rubio vs The NY Times again....... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) June 10, 2015  

Senator Rubio and traffic violations

Senator Rubio and traffic violations....... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) June 8, 2015  

President Obama’s foreign policy, from Iran to Russia to China to Iraq to Cuba

Guests: Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, joins me for a review of President Obama's foreign policy......the Iran nuclear deal.......Ramadi and ISIS threatening an important dam...........Russia and Ukraine.......US-China tensions in international waters.......US-Cuba negotiations but what concessions is Cuba making?.......also President Obama said that we are more respected now than when he became president...... Also, Jorge […]

US-Cuba talks: It looks like a one way street to me

US-Cuba talks: It looks like a one way street to me......... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) May 24, 2015  

Marquette and some of the idiots teaching our kids today

We are happy to report that Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has removed the mural honoring the woman who killed a New Jersey state trooper.  This is the same person hiding from US law for years and living in the island with the blessing of the Castro dictatorship.    This is the latest from Milwaukee: […]

US-Latin America stories of the week with Fausta Rodriguez-Werts

Wednesday May 13: Argentina, Chile, Venezuela & other US-Latin America stories of the week...... — Silvio Canto, Jr. (@SCantojr) May 13, 2015  

Halperin vs Cruz, “Castro’s double life” plus US-Cuba talks with Jorge Ponce

Guest:  Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer and contributor to Babalu Blog, joins me for a look at the latest in US-Cuba talks......Raul Castro visits with Pope Francis and makes some rather remarkable remarks about his of an embassy in Cuba......a new book about Castro's wealth and our reaction to the Halperin-Cruz interview........Click to listen: […]

Mr. Halperin: Clinton’s likely VP choice ‘no habla Spanish tampoco’

Some in the media are really getting desperate or silly.    How else can you explain Mr Halperin's interview of Senator Cruz?   Click to read:

US-Latin America issues with Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz

GUEST:  Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz, editor of Fausta's Blog, joins me for a discussion of the latest US-Latin America stories of the week......We will look at the latest from the Mexican cartels......the new book about Fidel Castro and drug traffic...... Click to listen:  

Some non-legal thoughts about Baltimore and the officers.

I don't know how this will end.  At the same time, I hope that Baltimore's politicians are ready for the very real possibility that a jury may come back with an acquittal......Click to read:

Maybe Senator Reid meant to say that George Soros had not paid his taxes

  What do we have here?    Who forgot to pay his taxes? It’s Mr. George Soros: “George Soros may soon face a monumental tax bill — of nearly $7 billion — after years of playing hard-to-get with the IRS. Despite Soros having advocated for higher taxes on the wealthy, the liberal billionaire reportedly has delayed […]