Trump is right that many do not believe the media

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We’ve heard a lot about the media’s problems.    However, the media’s credibility problems did not begin today.  The Gallup polls about the media tell you the same story over the last few years:

2004: Media Credibility Reaches Lowest Point in Three Decades

2015: Americans’ Trust in Media Remains at Historical Low

2016: Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

Love him or hate him, President Trump was correct when he told the media this week that the people do not believe them.  In fact, they trust him a bit more, according to another poll.

Polls aside, anecdotal evidence confirms that the public does not really trust the media.  Have you met anybody who thinks the media are truthful?  Have you really?

The media have themselves to blame here, and it really goes back to 2008 when they jumped on the Obama bandwagon.  It was like watching a bunch of teen girls at a Donny Osmond concert.

Yes, the media bias got Senator Obama elected and President Obama re-elected. The media got their man but lost a significant chunk of the nation watching reporters too eager to accept whatever story the White House was peddling.

Will the media get their credibility back?

I don’t know but they can start by bringing a little bit more fairness to their coverage.

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Your Valentine’s Day card to Iran will be “returned to sender”



We hope that you had a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

We warn you that you will be seeing that Valentine’s Day card sent to Iran in your mailbox with a big “Return to sender” on the front.

Unfortunately, no girl got flowers in Iran or no wife made some Valentine’s Day cookies. No way! In fact, it is illegal:

Iranian news outlets reported the police directive Friday warning retailers against promoting “decadent Western culture through Valentine’s Day rituals.” Police informed Tehran’s coffee and ice cream shops trade union to avoid any gatherings in which boys and girls exchange Valentine’s Day gifts.

The annual Feb. 14 homage to romance, which tradition says is named after an early Christian martyr, has become popular in recent years in Iran and other Middle East countries.

The backlash in the Islamic Republic is part of a drive against the spread of Western culture.

Saudi Arabia has also sought to stamp out Valentine’s Day but it’s celebrated widely in nearby places like Dubai.

A country that doesn’t tolerate Valentine’s Day? Welcome to Iran, or the country that we gave billions to under the expectation that there were reformers in the horizon.

Years ago, we saw this same regime kill its own people for calling for free and honest elections. Just a few days, they marched with “Death to America” placards.

We need regime change in Iran not more deals.

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An “extra loco” left losing it over Trump


Two weeks of Trump, and it looks to me that his critics have gone crazy, or “extra loco,” as my mother used to yell at us in Spanish when she thought we were acting strange.

Maybe this state of “extra loco” is a natural consequence of what happened on Election Night.  After all, most of these people thought Election Day was just a formality to Mrs. Clinton’s sweeping electoral victory.

And the media is even worse.

They’ve gone from eating out of Obama’s hand to biting Mr. Trump’s.

They’ve gone from silly poodles to pit bulls in a dogfight.

The media protected Obama, from “Fast and Furious” to the IRS to Benghazi, and now they want to tear up Trump over everything.

As you may remember, I did not start out as a Trump supporter.  However, I’m on his side now, especially after watching the other side freak out over everything.

Memo to anti-Trumpistas: Take a couple of aspirins with a glass water, and remember that you’ve got four more years of President Trump. Maybe eight years!

And it won’t look any prettier on Election Day 2018, with so many Democrats running in red states.

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Yes, there are some “very bad hombres” in Mexico

gun mexco cagle

Did he say it?    There is a story that President Trump told President Pena-Nieto that there are some “very bad hombres” on the border.

This is an account of the alleged incident:

“You have a bunch of bad hombres down there,” Trump told Pena Nieto, according to the excerpt given to AP. “You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”

No one is confirming anything.   However, you don’t need to be an expert on the US-Mexico border to know there are indeed many “bad hombres” running around.

Since 2006, when President Calderon employed the military to fight the cartels, it is believed that 80,000 people have been killed.    I have seen 100,000 in other sources!

Let’s put that figure in some context.    Mexico has a population of 100 million people.  It would translate into 240,000 in the US over a 10-year period.

We are not suggesting that President Trump sends troops to fight cartels.  However, he is exactly right that there are some “very bad hombres” killing a lot of innocent people south of the border.

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Neil Gorsuch, a judge who understands “judging”

Judge Neil Gorsuch (C) and his wife Marie Louise look on, after US President Donald Trump nominated him for the Supreme Court, at the White House in Washington, DC, on January 31, 2017. Trump named Judge Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan SMIALOWSKI

Our politics is getting sillier by the minute.  Democrats don’t show up for votes in the U.S. Senate.  People are marching against a Supreme Court nominee before he is named.

Let’s look at more silliness:

First, the New York Times beat the drums of “the stolen seat.”

What stolen seat?   Didn’t then Senator Biden (1992) and Senator Schumer (2008) say that the US Senate should not consider a nomination in the last year of a president?

Second, some Democrats are now saying that President Trump should not appoint a conservative judge because he is a plurality president.   So were  President Clinton and President Kennedy, but they put their people on the court.

Neil Gorsuch comes on the scene at a time when Democrats have little power but very loud supporters.  They’ve also been taking over by interest groups that only care about abortion, same-sex marriage, or men who want to use a woman’s bathroom. They’ve completely forgotten about the millions who live in the real world.

Time will tell, as it always does. So far, I am pleased that Judge Gorsuch said last night that he believes that legislatures, not judges, write laws.    Finally, a judge who understands “judging”.

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Our family never felt we had a ‘right’ to move to the US

statue of liberty

Our family came to the U.S. from Cuba in the fall of 1964. It was a process that took months, in part because we had to be “vetted” or acquire legal entry to the U.S..

We wanted to move to the U.S. and leave a communist regime. We also understood that the U.S. had the last word. In other words, we did not have a right to come to the U.S.

This is what makes these “marches” so strange, as Rich Lowry wrote:

Nowhere is it written that the United States can never tap the brakes on immigration. 

For much of the political class and for an inflamed left, any new restriction is tantamount to melting down the Statue of Liberty. 

This is an ahistorical attitude that desperately needs a corrective.

President Trump, in scattershot fashion, is setting out to provide one.

To be honest, the Trump order was poorly implemented and did open the door to Democrats looking for anything to criticize.  I hope that the White House learned its lesson and will be more careful in the future.

It’s easy to second guess but a brief speech to the nation would have made it a lot easier to process this order.   My guess is that most people watching the speech would have focused on the merits of the order rather than the very few cases at airports.

So where did we go from vetting is a reasonable thing, as my parents believed, to calling everyone a racist if you believe in reviewing procedures?

I am not sure, but somewhere along the way the Democrat Party was taken over by people who don’t believe in borders or understand national security.

My suggestion is that we send all of these protesters to Europe, especially the women, and give them a Refugee 101 class.

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Lopez-Rivera, the women march and other topics with Fausta Rodriguez-Wertz

Guest:  Fausta Rodriguez Wertz, the editor of Fausta’s Blog……….the Trump inauguration and the women marches…….President Pena-Nieto to meet with President Trump this month….a plane crash in Brazil….the Lopez-Rivera commutation……….and other stories   

Sorry Lopez-Rivera but Dr. Biscet is the real political prisoner


As some in the left cheer the commutation of Oscar Lopez-Rivera’s sentence, their romantic choice of a political prisoner in the U.S., a real political prisoner was arrested in Cuba.

We are talking about Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, the well known dissident who got in trouble with the Castro regime years ago when he refused to perform abortions.

This is a report from Cuba:

Dr Oscar Elias Biscet has been arrested by the Regime once again. Dr Biscet was last seen by his wife around noon today as he was headed for an internet venue.

According to neighbors, the Regime’s security agents mounted an operation near the intersection of 7ma and Santa Catalina in Havana, where they took him in the same police car used in his unlawful arrest last week, Patrol Car 228.

Shortly after leaving his home at noon his wife called his cell phone but calls were unattended.

After some inquiries neighbors confirmed the arrest and sting operation to his wife Elsa Morejon, who called me to inform us of the arrest.  He was released later this evening.

Dr Biscet is the recipient of the US Presidential Medal of Freedom and a Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

He has served approximately 12 years in prison, as a prisoner of conscience for his opposition to the Cuban regime. He is devout Christian and a committed friend of Israel.

We pray for Dr. Biscet’s safety.   Arresting dissidents and keeping the families in the dark is the way that the Castro regime intimidates Cubans in the island.

We call on President Obama to issue a statement before leaving office that this arrest is wrong and not in the spirit of “change”.   Or maybe better, Mr. Trump should halt all negotiations with Cuba until Dr. Biscet is released.

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Oscar López Rivera: President Obama’s obscene gift to the anti US left



The Manning story has been getting all the attention.   By the way, I don’t think that President Obama would have commuted the sentence if Chelsea was still Bradley.   In other words, this is preposterous pandering to transgender groups in the Democrat Party.   It’s easy to be cynical after eight years of President Obama.

Another story is getting less attention. I am talking about the case of Oscar López Rivera. His sentence was commuted, too.

Lopez Rivera was no such thing, as Matthew Hennessey wrote:

During the 1970s and 80s, López Rivera’s FALN placed more than 130 bombs in American cities. Their goal was to destabilize what they called the “Yanki capitalist monopoly” and achieve Puerto Rican independence. Their method was terrorism.


In 1974, the FALN began planting booby-trap bombs around New York. While most of these early explosions caused only property damage, the group’s clear intention was to kill and maim. In December 1974, an NYPD officer responding to a report of a dead body in an abandoned building on 110th St. was seriously injured by an FALN incendiary device.

In January 1975, a 10-pound dynamite bomb killed four people and injured dozens at Fraunces Tavern. The powerful blast was felt blocks away. In an eerie foreshadowing of 9/11, dust-covered victims staggered through downtown streets. The FALN quickly took responsibility for the deadly deed…

On Aug. 3, 1977, the FALN struck again in a coordinated attack in Midtown. An alert office worker at 342 Madison Ave., near 43rd St., noticed a suspicious package and evacuated the building. No one was hurt in the subsequent blast.

Workers at the Mobil Building at 150 East 42nd St. weren’t so lucky. An FALN bomb planted there killed 26-year-old Charles Steinberg. The building’s ground-floor windows blew out and several New Yorkers were critically injured by a shower of glass…

When López Rivera was arrested in 1981, the FBI found six pounds of dynamite and four blasting caps in his Chicago apartment along with numerous fake IDs. He was convicted in federal court of seditious conspiracy, violation of the Hobbs Act, illegal weapons possession, and interstate transportation of stolen motor vehicles.

In 1988, his original sentence was extended 15 years after authorities disrupted an escape plot that included a plan to murder prison guards.

In 1999, President Bill Clinton offered to commute the sentences of 16 imprisoned FALN members. Most accepted, but López Rivera choked on the condition that he renounce his terrorist past. 

In 1998, he’d told a reporter, “The whole thing of contrition, atonement, I have problems with that.”

This is a story of man who showed no remorse but rather stayed an angry man. His release will bring no satisfaction to law enforcement officers or their families. On the contrary, this release will raise questions about President Obama’s commitment to the men and women who risk their lives everyday to fight people like Lopez Rivera.

He continues to say that Puerto Rico is a U.S. colony.    

We do know that the international left has always seen Lopez Rivera as a political prisoner. The left regards him as a man who fought for his homeland’s independence. Yet, the people of the island have voted several times to maintain their special relationship with the U.S.    

What a disgrace, is all I can I say. My guess is that there are probably a couple more coming in the last 24 hours.

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Russia? What about Mexico intervening in the U.S. election?

(My new American Thinker post)

Back in 2006, Mexico had a very contested election. It went on for days. There were massive demonstrations about the results. In fact, president-elect Felipe Calderon had to be brought in through the back door to be sworn before stunned deputies. You can not make this up. It did happen amid what the NY Times headline called “catcalls”!

What would have been the reaction of Mexicans if a U.S. politicians (God forbid a former president) had made a video encouraging voters to go one way or another or calling the results illegitimate?

I know the answer. They would have screamed “intervention” and lots of other things. And they would have been right. No country should meddle in elections.

Now, let’s move to 2016 and all of the charges that Russia elected Donald Trump.

First, it is interesting that the Democrats claim that Russia interfered in the election and then tell us that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Are they saying that the Russians only intervened in “swing states” like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin?

Second, where is the Democrats’ outrage about a former president of Mexico making a video before and after the election?

Former President Vicente Fox (a man that I supported in 2000 as an agent of change) just released a video calling Mr. Trump illegitimate. It goes like this:

Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, shares his take on President-elect Donald Trump, and his threat to U.S.-Mexico relations. He says Trump is an “illegitimate president” who “didn’t win the general election.” Presumably, Fox is referring to the popular vote when he says “general election.”

“He’s got too many people against him and they have shown out on the street,” Fox said.

He continued: “But anyway, in Mexico, we can be rude also. We are strong now. We’re going to defend our people wherever they are. Inside Mexico, or outside Mexico in the United States. We’re not going to let this guy to offend them anymore. To offend the dignity, and to deny the enormous contribution they make to the U.S. economy.”

Isn’t that sweet? “El señor Presidente” Fox needs a class on constitutional law. Maybe he can take one from soon to be retired President Obama, who I understand taught such subjects years ago.

We honestly don’t know just what Russia tried to do with respect to our elections. Let me add that I am not a fan of Mr. Putin and wouldn’t put anything past him. Nevertheless, I doubt that anyone has the ability to fix election systems in 50 states. Even Putin can’t do that.

At the end, Mr. Putin did not make a video but Sr. Fox did. I would love to see one of reporters ask Mrs. Clinton about Mexico’s efforts to influence our election. It would also be a wonderful idea for one of Jorge Ramos’ segments on Univision.

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The Obama legacy: First it was the Cubans and now the Israelis


We would rather be talking about Nochebuena and the holidays. However, the Obama administration pulled an ugly one today, a very ugly one.

Sadly, it’s the Obama way. Yesterday Cuba and today Israel!

First, a little history. In 2012, President Obama ran for reelection on false premises. He took a hard line in public against the Castro dictatorship. In fact, he was negotiating with Cuba to put a US Embassy in the island.

I believe that Mr. Obama would have lost Florida if Cubans had known what he was doing in secret with the Castro dictatorship. After all, President Obama carried the state by 75,000 votes out of 8,5 million!

To date, the Cuba deal has been nothing but a legacy item. In other words, Cubans have no hope and nothing has changed.

Today, President Obama threw Israel under the bus at the United Nations: US abstains in key Israel vote, clearing way for condemnation of settlements.

Wonder how all of those Jewish voters in New York City and the US feel about that? Senator Schumer, the incoming US Senate Minority Leader, did not like it either, as we see in this tweet.

How much more can harm can this man do? He’s got 30 days left!

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